eurodance slayder

...With Love (Mar 2008)
1.Boy For The Moment (I Only Wanna Be With You), 2.Take Me To You Heaven (Single Version), 3.Summer In Your Eyes (Radio Edit), 4.Feel My Love (David Epic's Cut), 5.Maybe Maybe Maybe (Original Version), 6.Be My Baby (Club Edit), 7.No Longer Friends, 8.Stars Above, 9.There In Your Arms, 10.Never Ever Let You Go, 11.Back To You, 12.My Favourite Waste Of Time, 13.Take Me To Your Heaven (Club Remix), 14.Boy For The Moment (Extended Dance Mix), 15.Summer In Your Eyes (Deshore Remix), 16.Boy For The Moment (Overland Remix), 17.Megamix Of Hits, 18.Video: Take Me To Your Heaven, 19.Video: Summer In Your Eyes,
Be My Baby (Jul 2006)
Boy For The Moment (Nov 2007)
There In Your Arms (May 2008)