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Power Of Love (1995)
(Wondercat/ M. Boscolo/ L. Moretti)
Not to be confused with Angelina, an American artist produced by Upstairs Records, who released a whole album freestyle/R&B oriented.
The single Power Of Love was produced, arranged and mixed by El Zigeuner, Mr. Max, Luca Moretti and Steffano Lucconi. The original release was on vinyl in Italy by Volumex / Dancework S.R.L. in 1995. Later it was licensed and released on CD single by ZYX in 1995. The CD single is very hard to find but it was definitely worth it, since it has 6 tracks on it and every single one of them is outstanding ! This is an absolute must-have for any eurodance collector.
Thanks to Dean M Nakanishi - Eurodance 'N Other Stuff