eurodance slayder


Destiny (1995)
Bridge Over Troubled Water (8th Nov 1999)
Gimme Gimme Gimme (18th Apr 2000)
So Small (2nd Nov 2007)
Defying Gravity (20th Nov 2007)
Don't Stop The Music (20th Nov 2007)
Shut Up & Drive (20th Nov 2007)
Stronger (20th Nov 2007)
We Ride (18th Jan 2008)
One Night Only (22nd Feb 2008)
Alone (Eurotrance remix) (19th Mar 2008)
A Public Affair (27th Mar 2008)
Unfaithful (8th Apr 2008)
The Stars Are Blind (15th Apr 2008)
In The Evening (18th Apr 2008)
Just Fine (6th May 2008)
Be Without You (20th May 2008)
Faithfully (24th Jun 2008)
She Will Be Loved (2nd Dec 2008)
Come With Me (14th Jul 2010)
Records company : SAIFAM Publishing Group.

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