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Amber Undanced
This is Your Night (25th Nov 1996)
1.This Is Your Night, 2.Move Your Body, 3.Colour Of Love, 4.You Are The One, 5.One More Night, 6.Push It To The Limit, 7.Being With You, 8.Hold My Body Tight, 9.Can You Feel the Love, 10.Losing Myself in Your Love, 11.Let it Rain, 12.This is the Right Time, 13.This Is Your Night (House Mix), 14.Colour Of Love (House Mix),
Amber (21st Sep 1999)
1.Above The Clouds, 2.Love One Another, 3.Spiritual Virginity, 4.Object Of Your Desire, 5.Sexual (Li Da Di), 6.Without You, 7.I Found Myself In You, 8.If I'm Not The One, 9.Let's Do It For Love, 10.Don't Wanna Stop, 11.If You Could Read My Mind (Stars Of 54), 12.How Can I Tell You, 13.I'm Free, 14.Sexual (Li Da Di) (Thunderpuss 2000 Edit),
The Hits Remixed (7th Nov 2000)
1.Taste the Tears (Thunderpuss Original Mix), 2.Love One Another (Pathos Original Mix), 3.Sexual (Li Da Di) (Deep Dish Cheez Wiz remix), 4.Above the Clouds (Eric Kupper Remix), 5.If You Could Read My Mind (Eric Kupper Remix), 6.One More Night (Hani Remix), 7.7.This Is Your Night (Mousse T Remix), 8.Colour of Love (Mousset T Remix), 9.If You Could Read My Mind (Hec Hector Epic Piano Mix), 10.This Is Your Night (Junior Vasquez Sunday Night Bump Extended Mix), 11.Above the Clouds (Thunderpuss Remix), 12.Taste the Tears (Thunderpuss Remix), 13.Love One Another (Mystic Remix), 14.Sexual (Li Da Di) (Plasma Trance Mix),
Naked (20th Aug 2002)
1.Yes, 2.The Need To Be Naked, 3.Anyway (Men Are From Mars), 4.You're Sent From Heaven, 5.Dirty Thoughts, 6.He, 7.Sex Without Sex, 8.Love On You, 9.If There Would Be No Tomorrow, 10.Heavenly Proximity, 11.Sex & The City, 12.Don't Say Goodbye, 13.Sexual (Li Da Di) (Afterlife Chillout Remix), 14.The Smile Of My Child, 15.The Need To Be Naked (Thunderpuss Remix Bonus Track),
My Kind Of World (5th Oct 2004)
1.Crucified Solitude, 2.You Move Me, 3.Voodoo, 4.Same Old Paradise, 5.Sacrifical Lamb, 6.Private War, 7.When a Love Grows Cold, 8.Just Like That (Romeo and Juliet), 9.City of Pain, 10.You Kind of World, 11.More Time for a Child, 12.Don't Follow Me Home,
This Is Your Night (15th May 1996)
Losing Myself In Your Love (only in Japan) (1997)
Colour Of Love (5th Mar 1997)
One More Night (19th Sep 1997)
Do That To Me One More Time (16th Jun 1999)
Sexual (Li Da Di) (26th Apr 2000)
Love One Another (4th Sep 2000)
Above The Clouds (18th Nov 2000)
I Found Myself In You (23rd Apr 2001)
Yes ! (6th Aug 2001)
The Need To Be Naked (4th Jun 2002)
Anyway (Men Are From Mars) (14th Oct 2002)
You Move Me (Sep 2004)
Voodoo (2005)
Just Like That (10th Jan 2006)
Melt With The Sun (Nov 2006)
This Is Your Night 2008 (12th Feb 2007)
I don't Believe in Hate (Drip Drop) (21st Jul 2009)
This Is Your Night (1996)
Colour Of Love (1997)
Do That To Me One More Time (1999)
Above The Clouds (2000)
Love One Another (2000)
Love One Another (Remixes 1 Of 2) (2000)
Love One Another (Remixes 2 Of 2) (2000)
Anyway (Men Are From Mars) (2002)
The Need To Be Naked (2002)
Anyway (Steve Porter's Unreleased Mixes) (14th Jul 2003)