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Love And Extacy (1994) 
Produced by Tony Dawson-Harrison (more well-known as Captain Hollywood) together with Rico Sparx. Love & Exstacy was also released under the name D.Vision with other groupname and other mixes, and remixed by Antonio Catania and Ingo Kays.
Thanks to Vision
Heaven Help My Heart (15th Jan 1996)
Heaven Help My Heart released in 1996, was written & composed by Regis Ducatillon (SACEM France). Published by Polygram/ EAMS. Executive Producer : Latitude Records
Thanks to Dean M Nakanishi - Eurodance Rage
Alter Ego
America! (What Are You Doing?) (1993)
Dance (If You Cannot Dance) (1994)
Dance (If You Cannot Dance) (1994)
The female vocalist is Daisy Dee. Alter Ego is Gabriele Cerlini, more well-known as DJ Cerla. Alter Ego is the name of a disco in Reggio Emilia (Italy). A CD containing remixes by Two Men was released afterwards.

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