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Alisha (1986)
1.All Night Passion (Original Version), 2.Stargazing, 3.Baby Talk, 4.Too Turned On, 5.Boys Will Be Boys, 6.One Little Lie, 7.All Night Passion (Special Album Remix),
Nightwalkin' (1987)
1.Into My Secret, 2.Love You Up, 3.Girls Don't Lie, 4.Play With Boys, 5.Let Your Heart Make Up Your Mind, 6.Nightwalkin', 7.I Don't Know What Comes Over Me, 8.Do You Dream About Me, 9.Save a Little Love, 10.Into the Night,
Bounce Back (1990)
1.Wrong Number, 2.Everything You Do, 3.You've Really Gotten To Me, 4.Love Will Talk, 5.(Ain't No) Better Love, 6.Bounce Back, 7.Rescue Me, 8.Kiss Me Quick, 9.Don't Let Our Love Go, 10.I Need Forever
All Night Passion (1984)
Baby Talk (1985)
Stargazing (1985)
Too Turned On (1985)
Into My Secret (1987)
Let Your Heart Make Up Your Mind (1987)
Wrong Number (1990)
Wherever The Rhythm Takes Me (1996)
You Wanna Be A Star (Superstar) (1999)

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