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Alice Deejay 

Who Needs Guitars Anyway ? (Apr 2000)
1.Back In My Life, 2.Better Off Alone, 3.Celebrate Our Love, 4.The Lonely One, 5.Who Needs Guitars Anyway?, 6.Will I Ever, 7.Elements Of Life, 8.Fairytales, 9.Waiting For Your Love, 10.No More Lies, 11.I Can See (See It In Your Eyes), 12.Everything Begins With An E, 13.Got To Get Away, 14.Alice Deejay,
Better Off Alone (May 1999) 
Back In My Life (11th Jan 2000)
Will I Ever (29th May 2000)
The Lonely One (11th Sep 2000)
Life With Me And You (2001)
Celebrate Our Love (Jan 2001)
Who Needs Guitars Anyway / Megamix (Jun 2001)