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Alex Party 
Alex Party (21st Oct 1996)
1.Read My Lips, 2.Simple Things, 3.Spirit Of Love, 4.Don't Give Me Your Life, 5.I Am The One, 6.Wrap Me Up, 7.Cause I Can Do It (Right), 8.On My Mind, 9.What Fool Am I, 10.Once Upon A Time, 11.Alex Party (September Party),
Saturday Night Party (1993)
Alex Party (1993)
Alex Party 2 (Nu-Nu-Now) (1993)
Alex Party (Read my lips) (1993)
Don't Give Me Your Life (1994)    
Wrap Me Up (11th Sep 1995)
Read My Lips (1st Aug 1996)
Read My Lips Remix 97 (24th Apr 1997)
Simple Things (30th Oct 1997)
U Gotta Be (2000) 
You Can't Escape My Love (2000)
Don't Give Me Your Life (1994)
Wrap Me Up (1995)
Read My Lips (1996)

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