eurodance slayder


No Needs (Jul 2004)
Past, Present And Future (29th Jun 2006)
1.Everybody (Take Your Chance), 2.Say Your Name, 3.I'm Gonna Make You Mine, 4.Love Is The Power, 5.I can't Forget you, 6.No More, 7.You Don't Have To Be Afraid, 8.Escape From Reality, 9.You Gotta Fight Now, 10.Hold 'em Tight, 11.If You Wanna Get Freaky, 12.I Don't Wanna, 13.I'd Rather Be With You,
Self Control (4th Dec 2009)
1.Put Your Hands Up, 2.The Real Talk, 3.Moonlight, 4.Love Selecta, 5.Upside Down, 6.Interlude, 7.Fight For Revolution, 8.The Human People, 9.Words Can't Hurt Me, 10.Lose the pressure, 11.Make your move, 12.Let me be the one, 13.How I Feel, 14.Lose Control,
Don't Need Your Love (15th Jun 2004)
I Can't Forget You (10th Oct 2005)
I'm Gonna Make You Mine (Jan 2007)
Lose Control (4th Nov 2007)
I'm Burning (31st Mar 2008)
Put Your Hands Up (7th Dec 2008)
Moonlight (31st Oct 2009)
Producer & Rapper : Tony Alexander Entesarian (aka Alex)
Vocalists : Marwa Chebil, William Sandberg, Mikael S?fvestad, Pernilla Eriksson, Ellen Persson, Amelie Lundqvist.

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