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Hot (2008)
1.Flying Away (Extended version), 2.In Light and Darkness, 3.What You Get Is What You See, 4.Don Juan and Lady K., 5.Crazy about you, 6.Baby I Know It, 7.Gotta get it right, 8.Summer Of Love, 9.Enjoy That, 10.One last kiss, 11.Disqo Dangerous, 12.Flying Away (Verse edit), 13.What you get is what you see (Extended version), 14.Rock my Cock, 15.Flying Away (Rap Radio Edit), 16.Flying Away (Extendet Verse Edit),
Get It While It's Hot (29th May 2009)
1.Flying Away, 2.In Light And Darkness, 3.Crazy About You, 4.I Wanna Ride It (Set Me Free), 5.My Angel Is You, 6.Phil, 7.Tonight, 8.Summer Of Love, 9.Gotta Get It Right, 10.What You Get Is What You See, 11.Disqo Dangerous, 12.Like A Flash, 13.In Light And Darkness (Cookiedealerz Remix Album Edit), 14.Flying Away (Extended Version), 15.Phil (Extended Version)
Thief Of Hearts
Flying Away (11th Jun 2007)
In Light And Darkness (16th Jan 2009)
Tonight (24th Apr 2009)
Kingdom Of Love (Nov 2009)

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