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Abrokwa (Nana)

Nana - The Album (19th May 1997)

1.Intro, 2.One Second, 3.Darkman, 4.Why?, 5.My Peeps, 6.Lonely, 7.He's Comin', 8.Darkman Reamaks, 9.Let It Rain, 10.1, 2, 3 Are U Ready?, 11.Mission (Booya),
Father (18th May 1998)
1.Father, 2.Do You Really Think You Know Me ?, 3.Remember The Time, 4.Nigga 4 Life, 5.Dreams, 6.Judgement Day, 7.Too Much Heaven, 8.You, 9.Pocket Full Of Memories, 10.That's The Way Life Goes, 11.God,
All Doors In Flight No.7 (19th Jul 2004)
12Y.O. (5th Sep 2008)
1.My Get Away, 2.Let It Rain '08 (feat. Braheem), 3.Booty Track, 4.Lonely '08, 5.Let'z Get It On (feat. Young Dee), 6.He's Comin '08 (feat. Braheem), 7.Gold Digger, 8.Remember The Time '08, 9.No Sun, 10.Darkman '08, 11.Lonely '08 (feat. Korekt - Romanian Version),
Stand Up! (Dec 2009)
1.Intro Stand Up!, 2.Lost In My Life, 3.The Storm, 4.Stand Up!, 5.Interlude The Light, 6.The Light, 7.Interlude Been Around The World, 8.Been Around The World, 9.Interlude Nightmare, 10.Got To Get Away, 11.The Ferry Man, 12.Interlude Still Lost, 13.Run Away, 14.Can You Hear Him Comin'?, 15.Sacrifice, 16.Run, 17.Why part 2, 18.Stand Up! reprise
Darkman (Nov 1996)
Lonely (7th Mar 1997)
Let It Rain (Aug 1997)
He's Comin' (1st Sep 1997)
Too Much Heaven (1st Dec 1997)
Remember The Time (Apr 1998)
Dreams (17th Aug 1998)
Father (16th Nov 1998)
I Wanna Fly (Like An Eagle) (15th Nov 1999)
Du Wirst Sehen (14th Apr 2001)
Butterfly/Ride With Me (12th Jul 2004)
Artists and groups featuring Abrokwa (Nana)
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