eurodance slayder

Feel Good (19th Sep 1994)
1.Smells Like Teen Spirit, 2.Constant Craving, 3.Don't You Wanna Know, 4.How Can You Call It Love, 5.Losing My Religion, 6.Feel Good, 7.Stop The Hands Of Time, 8.Twist In My Sobriety, 9.Don't Tell Me Why, 10.What Goes Around Comes Around, 11.Could It Be Magic, 12.Smells Like Teen Spirit (Original Version),
Nightmoves (25th Dec 1999)
Home... Again (2007)
1.You Came, 2.90 Miles, 3.Songbird, 4.Better With You, 5.It's Not Me, 6.Wide Open, 7.Let It Go, 8.Home Again, 9.Pity The Fool, 10.Shine, 11.Let The Joy Rise
Constant Craving (1993)
Could It Be Magic (29th Oct 1993)
Losing My Religion (28th Jan 1994) 
Smells Like Teen Spirit (30th Mar 1994)  
Don't You Wanna Know (30th Oct 1994)
Constant Craving 95 (22nd Sep 1995)
Nightmoves (19th Sep 1996)
The Double Take EP (1997)
Let The Joy Rise (17th Mar 1999)
If It Don't Fit (29th Nov 2000)
You Set Me Free (16th Jul 2001)
Falling (2003)
Set Me Free (2004)
Artists and groups featuring Abigail
10 Monkeys - Lay Down
Love Decade - Decadance (album) (1996), I Feel You (1992)

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