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49Ers (1989)

1.Touch Me, 2.I Need You, 3.I Will Survive, 4.Die Walkure, 5.Don't You Love Me, 6.How Longer, 7.Shadows (Remix), 8.Girl To Girl, 9.Die Walkure (Extended Remix), 10.Touch Me (Extended Hard Core Remix),

The Remix Album (1991)

1.I'll Survive (1991 Remix), 2.I Need You (Red Zone Remix), 3.Girl To Girl (Soul Remix), 4.Die Walkure (Remix 89), 5.Touch Me (Sexual Remix), 6.Don't You Love Me (Atomic Remix), 7.How Longer (Molella Remix), 8.Underground Megamix,

Playing with My Heart (12th Aug 1992)

1.Move Your Feet (Overture), 2.Got To Be Free, 3.The Message, 4.Every Beat Of My Heart, 5.Take Time, 6.Knock At Cage Of Love, 7.Move Your Feet, 8.Wild Town, 9.Keep Your Love, 10.Everything, 11.Walking Down,

Greatest Hits 1990-2002 (2004)

1.Don't You Love Me, 2.Touch Me, 3.I Need You, 4.Girl To Girl, 5.Believe In Me, 6.Move Your Feet, 7.Got To Be Free, 8.The Message, 9.Everything, 10.Keep Your Love, 11.Rockin'my Body, 12.Hangin'on To Love, 13.Loving You, 14.Baby I'm Yours, 15.I Got It, 16.Let The Sunshine In, 17.All I Want For Christmas Is You, 18.Taking My Heart,

Greatest Hits 1990-2002 (2004)

1.Move Your Feet (Fargetta Rmx), 2.Music Is Movin' (With Fargetta), 3.Lovin' You (House Mix), 4.Music (With Fargetta), 5.Baby I'm Yours (Van's Hard Radio), 6.Dancin' Throught The Night (As Sharada House Gang), 7.I Got It (Mauro Picotto Rmx), 8.You're Deep In My Heart (As Sharada House Gang), 9.My Heart (Take Love Dub), 10.Walk On Water (With Simone Angel), 11.Move Your Body (With Anticappella), 12.Music (Music Beat Remix With Fargetta), 13.Express Your Freedom (With Anticappella), 14.Move Your Body (Radio Rmx As Anticappella), 15.Don't You Love Me (Dj Herbie Rmx), 16.Touch Me (Mars Plastic Rmx), 17.I Need You (Fargetta Rmx),

Die Walk?re (Nov 1988)
Shadows (1989)
How Longer (1990)
Touch Me (Feb 1990) 
Don't You Love Me (Apr 1990)  
I Need You (1991)
Girl To Girl (1991)
Move Your Feet (17th Oct 1991)
Got To Be Free (7th May 1992) 
The Message (29th Jul 1992)
Everything (16th Feb 1993)
Keep Your Love (Jul 1993) 
Rocking My Body (1st Sep 1994) 
Hanging On To Love (26th Jul 1995)
Lovin' You (2nd Feb 1996)
Baby, I'm Yours (9th Apr 1997) 
I Got The Music (1st Dec 1997)
Let The Sun Shine In (Oct 1998)
My Heart (28th Oct 2002)
Touch Me 2010 (25th Jun 2010)

How Longer ()
Die Walk?re (1988)
Touch Me (1989)
Don't You Love Me (1990)
Girl To Girl (1990)
Move Your Feet (1991)
The Message (1992)
Everything (1993)