eurodance slayder

2 Unlimited  

Get Ready (24th Feb 1992)

1.Get Ready For This, 2.Twilight Zone, 3.The Magic Friend, 4.Contrast, 5.Rougher Than The Average, 6.Workaholic, 7.Delight, 8.Get Ready For This (Rio & Le Jean remix), 9.Twilight Zone (Instrumental), 10.The Magic Friend (Instrumental), 11.Rougher Than The Average (Instrumental), 12.Workaholic (Instrumental), 13.Delight (Instrumental), 14.Desire, 15.Eternally Yours,

No Limits (10th May 1993)

1.No Limit, 2.Tribal Dance, 3.Mysterious, 4.Faces, 5.Maximum Overdrive, 6.The Power Age, 7.Break The Chain, 8.Kiss Me Bliss Me, 9.Throw The Groove Down, 10.R.U.O.K., 11.Let The Beat Control Your Body, 12.Invite Me To Trance, 13.Where Are You Now, 14.Shelter For A Rainy Day,

Power Tracks (Japan) (1994)

1.No Limit (Rio & Le Jean remix), 2.Get Ready For This (800 mix), 3.The Magic Friend (Rio & Le Jean remix), 4.R.U.O.K., 5.Workaholic (Hardcore remix), 6.Twilight Zone (Rapping rave version), 7.Tribal Dance (Extended), 8.Mysterious, 9.Faces (Trance-automatic remix), 10.The Power Age, 11.Juliana's Global Dance Network mix,

The US Remixes (very limited edition) (1994)

1.Throw The Groove Down (Album Rap Version), 2.Throw The Groove Down (Album No Rap Version), 3.Throw The Groove Down (12" Club mix), 4.Throw The Groove Down (Defstrumental mix), 5.Throw The Groove Down (Euro Extended mix), 6.Throw The Groove Down (House Mix), 7.Throw The Groove Down (D.S.K. Du Du Vocal mix), 8.Throw The Groove Down (Roach's Ultimix), 9.Throw The Groove Down (Roach's Ultidub), 10.Throw The Groove Down (Voice Of The Underground mix), 11.Throw The Groove Down (Monster mix), 12.Throw The Groove Down (Nite Beat Club mix), 13.Throw The Groove Down (Doctor's In The House dub), 14.Throw The Groove Down (11 Minute excursion), 15.Throw The Groove Down (Mixmaster's Jazzvibe), 16.No Limit '94 (Planet Beats), 17.No Limit '94 (Planet N.Y. Mix), 18.No Limit '94 (Planet Miami mix), 19.No Limit '94 (Freestyle Drumappella), 20.No Limit '94 (Cultured Club mix), 21.No Limit '94 (Cultured Dub mix),

Sin Limites (1994)

1.Caras, 2.Deja El Ritmo Controlar Tu Cuerpo, 3.A Toda Maquina, 4.Ritmo Tribal,

Real Things (6th Jun 1994)

1.The Real Thing, 2.Do What I Like, 3.Here I Go, 4.Burning Like Fire, 5.Info Superhighway, 6.Hypnotised, 7.Tuning Into Something Wild, 8.Escape In Music, 9.Sensuality, 10.No One, 11.Face To Face, 12.What's Mine Is Mine, 13.Nothing Like The Rain, 14.The Real Thing - Tribal Edit,

Hits Unlimited (30th Oct 1995)

1.Do What's Good For Me, 2.No Limit, 3.Get Ready For This, 4.Twilight Zone, 5.No One, 6.Jump For Joy, 7.Tribal Dance, 8.The Magic Friend, 9.Workaholic, 10.Let The Beat Control Your Body, 11.Nothing Like The Rain, 12.Spread Your Love, 13.The Real Thing, 14.Here I Go, 15.Maximum Overdrive, 16.Faces, 17.Radio Megamix,

II (20th Apr 1998)

1.Wanna Get Up, 2.The Edge Of Heaven, 3.Never Surrender, 4.Closer 2 U, 5.Back Into The Groove, 6.Someone To Get There, 7.I Am Ready, 8.Move On Up, 9.Let's Celebrate, 10.Be Free Tonight, 11.II Unlimited Megamix, 12.2 Unlimited Multimedia,

Best Unlimited (Jan 1999)

1.Wanna Get Up, 2.No Limit, 3.Get Ready For This, 4.Let The Beat Control Your Body, 5.The Edge Of Heaven, 6.Jump For Joy, 7.Closer 2 U, 8.Back Into The Groove, 9.Workaholic, 10.Never Surrender, 11.Tribal Dance, 12.Twilight Zone, 13.The Real Thing, 14.Wanna Get Up (Sash ! Edit), 15.The Edge Of Heaven (Sharp Funky Driver Remix), 16.II Megamix,

Nonstop Mix Best (Apr 1999)

1.Get Ready For This (800° Remix), 2.Twilight Zone (Rapping Rave Version), 3.The Magic Friend (Rio & Le Jean Remix), 4.Workaholic, 5.Delight, 6.Tribal Dance (Extented), 7.Wanna Get Up (Sash ! Extented Remix), 8.Move On Up, 9.The Edge Of Heaven, 10.Let's Celebrate, 11.I'm Ready,, 12.Never Surrender, 13.Be Free Tonight, 14.No Limit (Rap Edit), 15.Let The Beat Control Your Body, 16.The Real Thing,

Greatest Hits Remixes (2001)

1.No Limit (RM radio edit), 2.Twilight Zone (R-control mix), 3.Get Ready For This (K-groove mix edit), 4.Maximum Overdrive (KC radio mix),, 5.Let The Beat Control Your Body (I.O. Sonic remix), 6.Workaholic (B4's Reconstruct mix), 7.Tribal Dance (Almighty mix radio), 8.The Real Thing (B4 za beat single mix), 9.The Magic Friend (MST radio mix), 10.Delight (PKG remix edit), 11.No Limit (Starfighter vocal edit), 12.Twilight Zone (DJ jean edit), 13.Get Ready For This (Sunclub radio mix), 14.The Magic Friend (3 drives on a vinyl radio edit), 15.No Limit (Razor & guido remix), 16.Twilight Zone (Sharp maniac remix),

No Limit - Complete Best of (3rd Mar 2003)

1.Wanna Get Up, 2.Edge of Heaven, 3.Never Surrender, 4.Closer 2 U, 5.Back into the Groove, 6.Someone to Get There, 7.I Am Ready, 8.Move on Up, 9.Let's Celebrate, 10.Be Free Tonight, 11.2 Unlimited Megamix, 12.No Limit (Automatic Remix), 13.Twilight Zone (Rapping Rave Version), 14.Get Ready for This (Rio & Jean Remix '92), 15.Let the Beat Control Your Body (X-Out in Trance Remix),

Very Best of (25th Aug 2003)

1.No Limit (Rap Version), 2.Twilight Zone, 3.Get Ready For This, 4.Workaholic (Vocal Edit), 5.Tribal Dance (Single Version), 6.The Real Thing, 7.Let The Beat Control Your Body (Single Version), 8.The Magic Friend (Single Version), 9.Maximum Overdrive (Single Version), 10.Do What's Good For Me, 11.Wanna Get Up (SASH Radio Edit), 12.Here I Go (Single Version), 13.Faces (Single Version), 14.No One, 15.The Edge Of Heaven (Sharp Funky Driver Remix Edit), 16.No Limit (2003 Version), 17.Twilight Zone (Rave Version), 18.Get Ready For This (Orchestral Mix), 19.Workaholic (Extended Mix),

Very Best of (25th Aug 2003)

1.No Limit, 2.Get Ready for This, 3.Twilight Zone, 4.No One, 5.Tribal Dance, 6.Magic Friend, 7.Workaholic, 8.Let the Beat Control Your Body, 9.Jump for Joy, 10.Do What's Good for Me, 11.Maximum Overdrive, 12.Faces, 13.Nothing Like the Rain, 14.Spread Your Love, 15.Real Thing, 16.Here I Go, 17.Hits Unlimited Megamix,

Trance Remixes (Dec 2003)

1.No Limit (Moon Project Mix), 2.Twilight Zone (PK Hard Trance), 3.Tribal Dance (Tribal Trance Mix), 4.Maximum Overdrive (KG Hitman Remix), 5.Get Ready For This (Yves DeRuyter Remix), 6.Let The Beat Control Your Body (Mistral Remix), 7.Workaholic (K-Groove Trance Mix), 8.The Real Thing (Trance Mix - Edit), 9.The Magic Friend (Black Joker Trance Mix), 10.Maximum Overdrive (Horny Horns Vocal Radio), 11.No Limit (PUSH Trancendental Mix), 12.Twilight Zone (PK Hard Trance Remix), 13.Twilight Zone (R-C Extended Club Mix),

The Complete History (2004)

1.Tribal Dance (Rap Edit), 2.No Limit (Radio Edit, 3.The Real Thing (Radio Edit), 4.Faces (Radio Edit, 5.Twilight Zone (7' Vocal, 6.Maximum Overdrive (Radio Edit, 7.Let The Beat Control Your Body (Airplay Edit, 8.Get Ready For This (Radio Edit, 9.No One (Radio Edit), 10.Shelter For A Rainy Day (Extended Mix), 11.Desire (Album Version, 12.Eternally Yours (Album Version), 13.Tribal Dance 2.4 (Revil O. Rmx), 14.No Limit 2.3 (Master Blaster Rmx), 15.Murphys Megamix (Faces), 16.Faces (Breakbeat Rmx),

The Hits (Feb 2006)

1.Tribal Dance, 2.No Limit (No rap), 3.The Real Thing, 4.Faces, 5.Twilight Zone, 6.Maximum Overdrive, 7.Let The Beat Control Your Body, 8.Get Ready For This, 9.No One, 10.Shelter For A Rainy Day, 11.Desire, 12.Eternally Yours, 13.Tribal Dance 2.4 (Revil O. Rmx), 14.No Limit 2.3 (Master Blaster Rmx), 15.Murphys Megamix part 2, 16.Faces (Automatic Breakbeat Rmx),


Throw The Groove Down (US only) ()
Get Ready For This (1st Sep 1991)    
Twilight Zone (13th Jan 1992) 
Workaholic (21st Apr 1992) 
The Magic Friend (3rd Aug 1992)  
No Limit (18th Jan 1993)  
Tribal Dance (26th Apr 1993)   
Faces (20th Aug 1993) 
Maximum Overdrive (8th Nov 1993) 
Let The Beat Control Your Body (21st Jan 1994)  
The Real Thing (9th May 1994)   
No One (19th Sep 1994)
Kids Like You And Me (1995)
Here I Go (6th Mar 1995)  
Nothing Like The Rain (6th Jun 1995)  
Do What's Good For Me (28th Sep 1995)   
Jump For Joy (22nd Jan 1996)  
Spread Your Love (29th Apr 1996)
Wanna Get Up (16th Mar 1998)    
The Edge Of Heaven (15th May 1998) 
Never Surrender (19th Aug 1998)
No Limit 2000 (4th Apr 2000)
Twilight Zone 2000 (8th Sep 2000)
Get Ready For This (Deruyter remix) (May 2001)
Get Ready For This (Robbie Riviera remix) (Aug 2001)
No Limit 2.3 (10th Jul 2003)
Tribal Dance 2.4 (Nov 2003)


Get Ready For This (1991)
Twilight Zone (1992)