eurodance slayder

2 Brothers on the 4th floor  

Dreams (Aug 1994)

1.Dreams (Will Come Alive), 2.Never Alone, 3.I Can't Believe It, 4.Let Me Be Free, 5.Feel So Good, 6.Do It, 7.Dance With Me, 8.Smile, 9.Can't Help Myself, 10.Turn Da Music Up, 11.Dreams (Twenty 4 Seven Trance Mix), 12.Never Alone (Beats 'R' Us Mix), 13.Turn Da Music Up (Beats 'R' Us Mix),

2 (Nov 1996)

1.Come Take My Hand, 2.There's A Key, 3.Fairytales, 4.One Day, 5.Fly (Through The Starry Night), 6.All I Wanna Do, 7.Mirror of Love, 8.Real-X, 9.Euro Megamix, 10.Happy Hardcore Megamix, 11.Come Take My Hand (Cooly's Jungle Mix), 12.Fairytales (Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo Rave Edit), 13.Mirror of Love (Mastermindz Freaky R&B Mix), 14.There Is A Key (Dance Therapy Remixx),

The Remixes Vol.1 (19th Jan 2010)

1.Never Alone (Beats 'R' Us Mix), 2.Dreams (Extended Version), 3.Fly (Atlantic Ocean Dance Mix), 4.Heaven Is Here (Olav Basoski Samplitude Remix), 5.There's a Key (Extended Version), 6.The Sun Will Be Shining (Mark Van Dale With Enrico Mix), 7.Let Me Be Free (Lick Mix), 8.Euro Megamix,

The Remixes Vol.2 (19th Jan 2010)

1.Come Take My Hand (Extended Version), 2.Fairytales (Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo Hardcore Mix), 3.Turn da Music Up (Beats 'R' Us Mix), 4.Mirror of Love (Extended Version), 5.Wonderful Feeling (Sunclub Mix), 6.Living In Cyberspace (Extended Version), 7.One Day (Lipstick Extended Mix), 8.Happy Hardcore Megamix,

The Remixes Vol.3 (19th Jan 2010)

1.Dreams (Twenty 4 Seven Trance Mix), 2.Where You're Going To? (Dance Therapy Clubmix), 3.Fly (Lick Mix), 4.Mirror of Love (2 Fabiola Clubmix), 5.Heaven Is Here (Olav Basoski Remix), 6.I'm Thinkin' of U (Dance Therapy Clubmix), 7.Real-X, 8.Come Take My Hand (Euro Trance Trip),

Best Of (19th Mar 2010)

1.Never Alone, 2.Dreams (Radio Version), 3.Turn da Music Up, 4.Fairytales (Radio Version), 5.One Day (Radio Version), 6.The Sun Will Be Shining (Radio Version), 7.There's a Key (Radio Version), 8.I'm Thinkin' of U (Radio Version), 9.Living In Cyberspace (Radio Version), 10.Heaven Is Here (Radio Version), 11.Do You Know? (Radio Version), 12.Mirror of Love (Radio Version), 13.Wonderful Feeling (Radio Version), 14.All I Wanna Do, 15.Let Me Be Free (Radio Edit), 16.Dance With Me, 17.Can't Help Myself, 18.Feel So Good, 19.Fly (Radio Version), 20.Come Take My Hand (Radio Version),


Can't Help Myself (Jan 1991)
Turn Da Music Up (30th Oct 1991)
Never Alone (3rd Dec 1993)
Dreams (11th Jul 1994)
Let Me Be Free (4th Nov 1994)
Fly (Through The Starry Night) (30th Mar 1995)
Come Take My Hand (4th Sep 1995)
Fairytales (Feb 1996)
Mirror of Love (Jul 1996)
There's A Key (Nov 1996)
Christmas Time (Dec 1996)
One Day (May 1997)
I'm Thinkin' of U (Jul 1997)
Do You Know (Mar 1998)
The Sun Will Be Shining (27th Nov 1998)
Heaven Is Here (5th Feb 1999)
Living In Cyberspace (29th Oct 1999) 
Wonderful Feeling (14th Jun 2000)
Shine Like A Star (Oct 2000)
Stand Up And Live (29th Jun 2001)
Never Alone 2004 (2004)
Never Alone 2 (2007)


Can't Help Myself (1990)
Can't Help Myself (1991)
Turn Da Music Up (The Ultimate Rave Mixes) (1992)
Fly (Through The Starry Night) (1995)