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I and I


Hey Mister (1995)

1.Intro, 2.Pocaluj Mnie, 3.Chce Zawsze (Byc Przy Tobie), 4.I Don't Need Your Love, 5.Nie Mam Glowy Do Kochania, 6.Dream, Dream, Dream, 7.Give You All My Love, 8.I And I, 9.Gra O Wszystko, 10.Feel The Rhythm, 11.To Be Your Fantasy, 12.Na Ma W Nas Milosci, 13.Yes, All Right, 14.Go Baby Go, 15.Hey Mister, 16.Ogien Serca, 17.Hey Mister (Maxi Version),

To Moglo Sie Wydarzyc (1995)

1.Tyle Mi Wystarczy, 2.To Moglo Sie Wydarzyc, 3.Blizej Siebie (Jump mix), 4.Zeby Zyc, 5.Ona Albo Ja, 6.Hej Kochanie, 7.Zostan Jeszcze Chwile, 8.To Nie Byl Sen, 9.Smiech I Lzy, 10.Co Sie Stanie, 11.Na Oslep Gnam, 12.Zapytaj Siebie, 13.To Moglo Sie Wydarzyc (remix), 14.Blizej Siebie (Original version), 15.Tyle Mi Wystarczy (maxi version),

Milosc Nie Konczy Sie (1996)

1.Intro, 2.Milosc Nie Konczy Sie, 3.Ten Jeden Raz, 4.Everyday, 5.Az Do Gwiazd, 6.Trace Glowe, 7.Mam Ochote Na Milosc, 8.Go Crazy, 9.Kochales ?, 10.Nasz Maly Raj 'Zawsze Ty I Ja', 11.Sprobuj Zmienic To, 12.Szczescie Nie Omija Nas, 13.Love Is Never-Ending Story, 14.Megamix (Pocaluj Mnie, Milosc Nie Konczy Sie, Chce Zawsze Byc Przy Tobie, Nasz Maly Raj),


I To I


You Give Me The Feeling (1994)

Label: Lowland Records.


Ian Lex



Blue Eyes (1989)

No More Tears (Enough Is Enough) (with Lisa) (1990)

On The Ground (1990)

Just Over The Time (27th Dec 1992)

What Is Love (1993)

I Wanna Be Your Man (1996)

I Believe In You (1997)

Let Me Take Your Love (1997)



Ian Rouge


My Life (1995)


Ian Van Dahl  


A.C.E. (2002)

1.Ian Van Dahl - Intro, 2.Reason, 3.After All, 4.Satisfy Me, 5.Will I, 6.Night On Java, 7.Try, 8.Lonely, 9.Be Mine, 10.Castles In The Sky, 11.Nothing Left To Say, 12.Tears, 13.Interlude, 14.Secret Love, 15.Tomorrow, 16.Run,

ACE Special Edition (2002)

1.Ian Van Dahl - Intro, 2.Reason, 3.After All, 4.Satisfy Me, 5.Will I (UK Radio mix), 6.Night On Java, 7.Try, 8.Lonely, 9.Be Mine, 10.Castles In The Sky (Radio mix), 11.Nothing Left To Say, 12.Tears, 13.Interlude, 14.Secret Love, 15.Tomorrow,

ACE Special Edition (2002)

1.Ian Van Dahl Medley (mixed by KCB), 2.Castles In The Sky (Coast 2 Coast rmx), 3.Castles In The Sky (Wippenberg remix), 4.Will I (Voodoo and Serano remix), 5.Reason (Dee Dee remix), 6.Reason (Daniel Allan remix), 7.Reason (Perfect Sphere remix), 8.Bonus videos,

Lost And Found (May 2004)

1.I Can't Let You Go, 2.Inspiration, 3.Where Are you Now, 4.Crying, 5.Crazy, 6.My Own, 7.Waiting 4 You, 8.Do You Feel The Same, 9.Come 2 Me, 10.Time 2 Go, 11.Rollercoaster, 12.Without You, 13.Believe, 14.Walking Away, 15.To Fall In Love, 16.State Of Mind


Castles In The Sky (2001) 

Will I (28th Nov 2001)   

Reason (2002)  

Try (24th Sep 2002)  

Secret Love (17th Jun 2003) 

I Can't Let You Go (20th Oct 2003) 

Where Are You Now (2004)

Believe (Sep 2004) 

Inspiration (26th Oct 2004)  

Movin On (14th Nov 2005)

Just A Girl (6th Jul 2006)


Ice MC    


My World (1990)

1.People, 2.Happy Weekend, 3.Rainy Days, 4.Prayer, 5.Italiano Ragga, 6.People (Dub Reprise), 7.Don't Forget Me, 8.Baby, 9.Funkin' With You, 10.I Love You, 11.I Go Crazy,

Cinema (19th Mar 1990)

1.Cinema, 2.Scream, 3.Peace, 4.Gone With The Wind, 5.Dolce Vita, 6.Easy, 7.I'm Sad, 8.OK Corral, 9.Rock Your Body, 10.Laika,

Ice'n Green (1994)

1.It's A Rainy Day, 2.Labba Ling, 3.Take Away The Colour, 4.Think About The Way, 5.Look After Nature, 6.Run Fa Cover, 7.Russian Roulette, 8.The Britaican, 9.Dark Night Rider, 10.It's A Rainy Day (Happy man radio mix), 11.Funkin' With You, 12.Afrikan Buzz, 13.Think About The Way (Pumped club mix), 14.Easy, 15.Cinema,

Ice'n Green the Remix Album (1995)

1.Take Away The Colour ('95 Reconstruction), 2.Megamix (Robyx mega-a-mix), 3.It's A Rainy Day (Jules & Skins Stormy house vocal mix), 4.Think About The Way (Noche de luna mix), 5.Russian Roulette (Long version), 6.Dark Night Rider (Extended mix), 7.It's A Rainy Day (Ferrari mix), 8.Think About The Way (Pump up club mix), 9.Labba Ling (Club mix), 10.Take Away The Colour (F, 11.It's A Rainy Day (Christmas remix), 12.Megamix (Premier Ice-a-mix),

Dreadatour (1996)

1.Give Me The Light, 2.New Style 2000, 3.The Vibe, 4.Skit 1 (Landlady), 5.Music For Money, 6.In The Sun, 7.Freaky Flow, 8.Skit 2 (Tarzan), 9.Tarzan, 10.Never Stop Believing, 11.Skit 3 (Supermarket), 12.Tell Me, 13.Anything Can Happen, 14.Double Or Quits, 15.It's Up To You/Take Control, 16.On The Scene, 17.Nothin' But Time, 18.Skit 4 (Outro),

Greatest Hits & Megamixes (30th Jun 1998)

1.Megamix, 2.Easy, 3.Take Away the Colour, 4.Think About the Way, 5.Cinema, 6.Dark Night Rider, 7.It's a Rainy Day, 8.Scream, 9.Russian Roulette, 10.Britaican,

Discomania (unofficial) (2001)

1.Think About The Way, 2.It's A Rainy Day, 3.Russian Roulette, 4.Run Fa Cover, 5.Give Me The Light, 6.Take Away The Colour, 7.The New Style 2000, 8.Never Stop Believing, 9.Anything Can Happen, 10.Super Megamix,

Ice MC: Disco Collection (2002)

1.Laika, 2.Scream, 3.Easy, 4.OK Corral, 5.Dolce Vita, 6.Gone With The Wind, 7.Cinema, 8.Think About The Way, 9.It's A Rainy Day, 10.Russian Roulette, 11.Run Fa Cover, 12.Give Me The Light, 13.Take Away The Color, 14.The New Style 2000, 15.Never Stop Believing, 16.Anything Can Happen, 17.Super Megamix,

Cold Skool (2004)

1.Ice Is Great (skit), 2.So Excited, 3.My World, 4.China China, 5.Angel, 6.Wake Up, 7.Ordinary Day, 8.Music In My Ear, 9.It's A Miracle, 10.Ice MC's Shoes (skit), 11.Miss you so, 12.Elastica, 13.Big hummer, 14.Nothing To Say, 15.Never Be Over, 16.Lady Marianne, 17.Crazy December, 18.I've Got The Music (skit)


Easy (Oct 1989)

Scream (1990)

OK Corral (1990)

Megamix (1990)

People (1991)

Cinema (Jan 1991)

Happy Weekend (15th May 1991)

Rainy Days (3rd Mar 1992)

Take Away The Colour (18th Sep 1993)

Think About The Way (18th Mar 1994) 

It's A Rainy Day (30th Aug 1994) 

Run Fa Cover (1995)

Bom Digi Bom (1995)

Bom Digi Bom (Think About The Way) (1995)

Take Away The Colour '95 (9th Feb 1995)

Megamix (Apr 1995)

Funkin' With You (1996)

Russian Roulette (1996)

Give Me The Light (6th May 1996) 

Music For Money (9th Sep 1996)

Let's Take It Easy (12th Oct 1997)

Energy (1998)

Busy Body (1998)

Think About the Way 2002 (7th Jun 2002)

It's A Miracle (10th Jun 2004)

My World (17th Dec 2004)


Easy (Attack remix)  

Easy (1990)

OK Corral (the cotton remixes) (1990)

Scream (1990)

Happy Weekend (1991) 

People (1991)

Take Away The Colour (1993) 

It's A Rainy Day Christmas Mix (25th Nov 1994)

Ice 'N' Mix Triple Set Remixes (19th Mar 1995)

Ice 'N' Mix Triple Set Remixes (19th Mar 1995)

Ice 'N' Mix Triple Set Remixes (19th Mar 1995)

Give Me The Light (1996)


ID Control


Who Are You (8th Feb 1994)


Who Are You (1994)




Keep On To The Rhythm (1994)




Easy Love (1994) 

Harmony (1995)

Hand (11th Aug 1999)

Label : DDM Records.


II Future


Confusion (1997)


Il Maestro


Il Nuovo Stile (20th Nov 1995)




I've Never Been In Love (1993)

Queen Of The Night (1994)

Show Me Your Love (1995)




Must Be Love (1994)




Veni Vidi Vici (1st Jun 1995)

1.Introductio, 2.Nostra Culpa, 3.Veni Vidi Vici, 4.Exodus, 5.Agnus Dei (Conquest of Space), 6.Amor Infinitus (Don't Fade Away), 7.Phantasia (Fantasy Beast Reality), 8.Octopus, 9.Luna Noctis (A Promise of Eternity), 10.Manuela & Michael ID, 11.Quo Vadis, 12.Finis, 13.Samples of Imperio,

Return To Paradise (2nd Sep 1996)

1.Intro, 2.Atlantis, 3.Wings Of Love, 4.Secrets Of Life, 5.Cyberdream, 6.Kill Me (With Your Love), 7.There Is A Dream (Part 1), 8.The Night Is Magic, 9.Brainstorm, 10.There Is A Dream (Part 2), 11.Never Go Away, 12.Return To Paradise


Veni Vidi Vici (1st Jun 1994)

Quo Vadis (19th Jan 1995)

Nostra Culpa (17th May 1995)

Amor Infinitus (26th Oct 1995)

Cyberdream (29th Mar 1996)

Atlantis (30th Jul 1996)

Return To Paradise (12th Nov 1996)

Wings Of Love (14th Mar 1997)

Voices Of Eternity (2001)


In Colour


I Wanna Give It To You (1996)

Label: Dancing Shoes.




It's A Shame (1994)

Revolution (1995)

Only The Good Die Young (1995)

Paradise (28th Aug 1995)




Hold Me (6th May 1996) 




Dance To The Rhythm (1995)

Come Back And Stay (1995)

Label: Twelve Seventeen/Mercury.


Increase Joy


Feel The Magic (22nd Oct 1993)

Coming On My Side (1994)

I Need Your Love (1995)

Producers : Franco Diaferia and Roberto (aka Roby) Fontolan.




Pomm Pomm (24th Sep 1993)

Come With Me (It's Alright) (16th May 1994)




We Fly So High (23rd Sep 1994)

U Keep My Heart (28th Oct 1994) 


Indian Fire


Hold Me (1994)

Try A Little Harder (1995)

Try A Little Harder '96 (1996) 




All I Need Is Love (1994)


All I Need Is Love (1995)


Indiana (2)


Una Scossa Al Cuore (1990)

Mac Arthur Park / Maradona (1993)

Let Me The Music Play (1994)

Tears On My Face (I Can See The Rain) (Jun 1995)

Together Again (Sep 1995)

I Wanna Be Loved (1996) 




Temptation (1991)

1.Temptation, 2.Let's Go Crazy, 3.Misery, 4.Tell Me, 5.Never Wanna stop, 6.Take It To The Top, 7.City Nights, 8.Kissing In The Moonlight, 9.If You Stop, 10.Temptation (Beatboxking's rave mix),

Together Tonight (1992)

1.Do You Want To Party, 2.Gimme What's Real, 3.In The Back Of My Mind, 4.I Need Your Love, 5.Rescue Me, 6.Together Tonight, 7.Mister Casanova, 8.Yesterday Is History, 9.Spend The Night With Me, 10.Just Do It (Whatever It Takes),

Best Of (1994)

1.Hollywood, 2.Save My life, 3.Disco Fever, 4.Temptation, 5.Gimme What's Real, 6.Misery, 7.Tell Me (remix single version), 8.Rescue Me (Remix single version), 9.Yesterday Is History (Total remix), 10.Let's Go Crazy, 11.Together tonight, 12.No Baby, 13.Temptation (extended total remix), 14.Gimme What's Real (extended total remix), 15.Alexandrie Alexandra,

Anywhere (1995)

1.We Belong Together, 2.Hearts On Fire, 3.Anywhere, 4.Two Hearts, 5.You Got (What You're Looking For), 6.Take Me Whide, 7.Party Going On, 8.Take Me High, 9.Tell Me How, 10.I'll Never Let You Go, 11.Everybody Move In/on, 12.We Belong Together (extended version), 13.Anywhere (extended version),

U And Me (1999)

1.Stuck On You, 2.Never Never, 3.Bamboo Boy, 4.Rush, 5.Our Love (You Love Me, I Love You), 6.You And Me, 7.Laisse Ton Coeur Agir, 8.Can I Make You Love It, 9.Mama Yo We, 10.You Make Me Feel, 11.Loly, 12.Get Me High, 13.Message For You (New Jack Version), 14.Do Da Bump, 15.Never, Never (Filter Radio Mix),

Indra (24th Apr 2006)

1.Oublie moi, 2.A Cause De Toi, 3.Another Reality, 4.Sois Beau Et Tais-Toi, 5.My Step, 6.Kiss Me, 7.Besoin De Vous (Duet With Frederic Lerner), 8.Let's Go Crazy, 9.Misery, 10.Gimme What's Real, 11.Temptation, 12.Ha... Ha... Ha I Love You, 13.Confusion ( I Gave You Everything), 14.My Step (Laura Mix),

One Woman Show (8th Feb 2010)

1.One Woman Show, 2.High Heels And Backwards, 3.Move In Time, 4.Upper Hand (Sexy Mama), 5.All I See Is You, 6.Only You, 7.Ladykilla, 8.A Dreamer's Song, 9.Bang, 10.Watch Him (As He Go-Go's), 11.When U're Gone, 12.Dance For Me


Let's Go Crazy (Feb 1991) 

Misery (Oct 1991)

Dance Maxi Mix (1992)

Temptation (Mar 1992) 

Tell Me (Jun 1992)

Gimme What's Real (Sep 1992)

Rescue Me (Apr 1993)

Yesterday Is History (Tomorrow Is A Mystery) (Jan 1994)

Hollywood (Mar 1994)

Save My Life (Oct 1994)

Anywhere (27th Jun 1995)

We Belong Together (24th Nov 1995)

Message For You (4th Apr 1997)

Never Never (21st Jan 1999)

Reggae Life (Oct 1999)

Besoin De Vous (11th Jan 2005)

Oublie-Moi (31st May 2005)

Sois beau et tais-toi (24th Apr 2006)

Upper Hand (Sexy Mama) (2009)




Infernal Affairs (1998)

1.Sorti De L'Enfer, 2.Voodoo Cowboy, 3.Kalinka, 4.L'Amour Est Interdit, 5.Destruction, 6.Your Crown, 7.Disc Jockey Polka, 8.Highland Fling, 9.Hammond Prince, 10.Loch Ness,

Remixed Affairs (1999)

1.Destruction (Vocal Version), 2.Du Gamle Mane, 3.Groove Child, 4.Voodoo Cowboy (Infernal's Radio Club Mix), 5.Sorti De L'Enfer (Harmonika Radio Mix), 6.Your Crown (Pasta People's Whirl It Up Mix), 7.Highland Fling (DJ Rainbow Mix), 8.Voodoo Cowboy (Aliens Ate My C-C-Countryclub Mix), 9.Disc Jockey Polka (Live), 10.Kalinka (Live), 11.Re-Tape's Infernal Megamix, 12.Highland Fling (Infernal's Radio Club Mix), 13.Sorti De L'Enfer, 14.Voodoo Cowboy, 15.Kalinka, 16.Your Crown (Pasta People's Whirl It Up Mix),

Waiting for Daylight (2001)

1.Intro, 2.Serengeti, 3.Sunrise, 4.Turkish bizarre, 5.Humbled by nature, 6.Living under water, 7.Muzaik, 8.Adeel, 9.Electric midnight, 10.Desert poem, 11.Mizkett,

Muzaik (2001)

1.Muzaik, 2.You Receive Me, 3.Living Under Water, 4.Sunrise, 5.Let Me Hear You Say Yeah, 6.Adeel, 7.Kiss The Sky, 8.Humbled By Nature, 9.Serengeti, 10.Sunrise (Acoustic Version), 11.Mizkett,

From Paris to Berlin (2004)

1.Big Ride Fuckers (Intro), 2.From Paris To Berlin, 3.I Took A Ride (Fairytale) (feat Adam Powers), 4.Keen On Disco, 5.Cheap Trick - The Silent Movie (Intro), 6.Cheap Trick Kinda' Girl, 7.Ultimate Control (feat John Rock), 8.Vienna, 9.Dressed In Blue, 10.Careful With The Boys, 11.Deeper Still, 12.Bass Driven Music, 13.Balagan (Hava Nagila) (feat URI), 14.Banjo Thing (feat Red$tar), 15.Sunday Morning March,

From Paris to Berlin (28th Nov 2005)

From Paris To Berlin (2006)

1.From Paris To Berlin, 2.Self Control, 3.A To The B, 4.Ten Miles, 5.Hey Hello!, 6.I Won't Be Crying, 7.Fairtale, 8.Peace Inside, 9.Vienna, 10.Dressed In Blue, 11.Ultimate Control (feat John Rock), 12.Keen On Disco (Hit's N Run 12 radio mix), 13.Sunrise, 14.Careful With The Boys, 15.Cheap Trick Kinda' Girl, 16.Banjo Thing, 17.Sunday Morning March, 18.From Paris To Berlin (DJ Aligator club mix),

Electric Cabaret (11th Aug 2008)

1.Downtown Boys, 2.Whenever You Need Me, 3.Electric Light, 4.Punk Disco, 5.Burning Up, 6.Because Uhh, 7.Days Full Of Loving, 8.Silver Surfer, 9.Redefinition, 10.Dead Or Alive, 11.Back To Youth, 12.Mr Money, 13.I Feel Like Screaming, 14.Behind The Music,

Fall From Grace (planned for 27th Sep 2010)



Disc Jockey Polka 

Sorti de L'enfer (1997)

Highland Fling (1998)

Voodoo Cowboy (1999)

Your Crown (1999)

Serengeti (2000)

Sunrise (2000)

Muzaik (2001)

You Receive Me (2001)

Let Me Hear You Say Yeah! (2001) 

Banjo Thing! (Yeepeekayeah Muthafuckas) (2003)

The Cult of Noise (2003)

From Paris to Berlin (2004)

Cheap Trick Kinda' Girl (2004)

Keen on Disco (2005)

A To The B (Nov 2005)

Ten Miles (Apr 2006)

Self Control (10th Oct 2006) 

I Won't Be Crying (Feb 2007)

Downtown Boys (14th May 2008)

Whenever You Need Me (Aug 2008)

Electric Light (Dec 2008)

Love is All (10th May 2010)



Альбомы: (1999)

1.Come On And Dance, 2.Feeling Good (Extended), 3.Feeling Good, 4.Fly Away, 5.Happy, 6.Making Out, 7.Superman, 8.Take Control, 9.This Time It's For Real,

Naked In The Rain (2001)

1.Naked In The Rain, 2.Running Down This Door, 3.Better Times, 4.Sleeping My Day Away, 5.Young Free And Single, 6.Tears, 7.Hear Me Out, 8.Wild And Free, 9.Know My Name, 10.Stronger Than Before, 11.On My Own, 12.Ease Up Your Mind, 13.Take Me Back, 14.Groove Song


Happy (May 1998)

Feeling good (Sep 1998)

Makin Out (Dec 1998)

This Time It's For Real (Mar 1999)

Boys And Girls (Jun 2000)

1-2-3-4 (2001)

Sleepin My Day Away (2002)

Hear Me Out (2002)

Pink Panther (May 2003)


Infinity (2)


Baby Stay (1998)


Infinity (3)


In The Name Of Love (10th Nov 1994)

Timeless (1996)

I Wanna Be Free (1996)




Are U Ready (1991)

We've Got The Funk (1991) 

Look Up To The Sky (1994)


Inner Dream


Love Will Find A Way (6th Jul 1995)




Insane (1993)

Amar (1994)

Label: B4 Before.


Inside Out


Stay (All Life Long) (22nd Dec 1997)


Inside Out (2)


Dance (1994)

Lover (1995)

Will You (Still Love Me) (1995)

One Last Thing (1996)

Sing The Ecuador (1997)


Dance (1994)


Inside Out (3)


Out Of Reality (1993)




It's Not Over (1991)

Rock The Place (1993)

Label : Italian Style Productions.




Plastic Age (1980)

Dust In The Wind (1999)

Human Cry (1999)

Let Me Love (1st Feb 2000)

Save As A Prayer (2001)

State Of The Nation (3rd Jun 2002)

Wild Boys (2003)


Interface (2)


Nothing Matters (1996)


Interface (3)


Heat Of The Night (21st Jan 1995)




Piece Of My Heart (27th Dec 1995)

1.Intro, 2.Give Peace a Chance (Single Mix), 3.Six Days (Radio Edit), 4.I Can't Stop Loving You, 5.Love Sensation, 6.It's My Life, 7.Speaking With Angels, 8.I Know, 9.Peace To The Nation, 10.Piece of My Heart (Single Mix), 11.Honesty (Single Mix), 12.Trancemission


Honesty (19th Mar 1993)

Six Days (12th Apr 1994) 

Piece Of My Heart (10th Jul 1994)

Give Peace A Chance (28th Oct 1994)

All Together Now (5th Oct 1995)

Miracle Of Love (10th Jan 1996)

Real Love (11th Nov 1996)

Planet Love (22nd May 1997) 

Blow Your Mind (1st Sep 1997)

Piece Of My Heart remix (10th Jun 2003)




Feel It In The Air


International Groove


Time To Move (1995)




Dreamin' (Eya-Eya-Eya) (1995)




Colourblind (1994)




I Lift My Love (11th Feb 1996)


Invisible 2


Violencia (1994)




Human Control




Extasy (Will Bring Us Back Together) (1993)

Psycho (Get Out Of My Life) (1993)


IQ Check


Gotta Get It Groovin' (15th Jul 1994)


Ironic Beat


Move On, Groove On (1st Mar 1995)




Stay With Me (1994) 


Isa B


Good For You (1994) 


Isabel TB


Drop Your Mask (1997)




Hare Krishna (1994)




One Day (1995)

One Day was written by Wilko. Label: Aux-Out Records.


It Takes Two


I Need To Find Someone (1994)

Last Night A DJ Saved My Life (1995)

Would You Like To Be My Lover (1996)


It's 5 To 12


Survival Game (19th Feb 1995) 




The ABC Of Love




Love Me Forever (1995)

1.Love Me Forever, 2.Nie Jestem Twoja, 3.Soba Badz, 4.Luz Sobie Daj, 5.Zycie To Hazard, 6.Kto To Jest, 7.Milosc Tez Ma Sens, 8.Czy Znasz Dni, 9.Wstaje Nowy Dzien, 10.Zycie Jak Sen, 11.Pora Na Taniec, 12.Zycia Ocean

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