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Paganini (Giorgio)


When I Fall In Love (1994)

Here We Go (1994)

Everything (1995)


Page (Nathalie)


Come On (1996)

This Is The Time (1997)

Slow Down Boy (1999)


Pan Position


Baby We're Gonna Love Tonight (10th Feb 1993)

Elephant Paw (7th Jan 1994)

Jack Y'All (27th Sep 1994)

The Sound Of Now (10th Dec 1996)




I Will Be (1996)

Label : Dance Universal Experiment.




One Of A Kind (1993)

1.Intro: I'm Beginning To Fly, 2.Another Party, 3.Trust Me, 4.Going To The Top, 5.Come On And Do It, 6.One Of A Kind, 7.Get Your Chance, 8.Promise, 9.Dizzharmonie, 10.Join Me Now, 11.Something's Gone, 12.Trust Me (Club Extended), 13.Come On And Do It (The Funky Ride Version II),

Tell The World (1995)

1.Intro:The Outer reaches, 2.Don't You Know, 3.The Naked Sun, 4.Tell The World, 5.Love Is A Stranger, 6.Don't Let Me, 7.Take My Hand, 8.Can't Fake The Feeling, 9.Bedtime, 10.Work, 11.Rely, 12.Kalahari, 13.Don't You Know (Sir Family Extended),

Best Of Pandora (1997)

1.Trust Me, 2.Tell The World, 3.Come On And Do It, 4.Don't You Know, 5.One Of A Kind, 6.The Naked Sun, 7.Something's Gone (Ragga Dance Cut), 8.Take My Hand, 9.One Of Us, 10.Going To The Top, 11.Love Is A Stranger, 12.Get Your Chance, 13.Rely, 14.Come On And Do It (Rhythm Takes Control Mix), 15.Tell The World (Straight Outta Kalahari), 16.The Naked Sun (The Beduin House Camp), 17.Don't You Know (Peka P's Alternative Cut), 18.Something's Gone (Original Version),

Changes (1997)

1.It's Alright, 2.A Little Bit, 3.Single Life, 4.The Sands Of Time, 5.Anything, 6.Why, 7.Any Time Of Season, 8.Smile 'n' Shine, 9.If You Want It (Come And Get It), 10.Goin' On, 11.Love And Glory, 12.Waves Of Memories (Epilogue),

Changes (UK version) (1997)

1.Prologue: Echoes,, 2.It's Allright, 3.A Little Bit, 4.Single Life, 5.The Sands Of Time (UK Remix), 6.Any Time Of Season, 7.Why (UK Remix), 8.Smile N' Shine (UK Radio Mix), 9.Anything, 10.You'll Always Be The Love Of My Life, 11.If You Want It (Come On Get It), 12.Goin' On, 13.Love And Glory, 14.Waves Of Memories (Epilogue),

Hitbox (1998)

1.Don't You Know, 2.Show Me What you Got, 3.Smile 'n' Shine, 4.A Little Bit, 5.Tell The World, 6.Spirit To Win, 7.The Sands Of Time, 8.If This Isn't Love (What Is It), 9.Bright Eyes, 10.Single Life, 11.Love And Glory, 12.One Of Us,

This Could Be Heaven (1998)

1.Single Life, 2.Everybody's Living It up, 3.Shout It Out, 4.Show Me What You Got, 5.Great Life, 6.If This Isn't Love (What Is It), 7.This Could Be Heaven, 8.Let It Go, 9.The Love Of My Life, 10.Mr Right, 11.I'll Be There For you, 12.I Welcome You, 13.You Drive Me Crazy, 14.I Feel Free,

Blue (1999)

1.A Little Bit, 2.Act of Faith, 3.Angel, 4.Breathe, 5.Bright Eyes, 6.Freezone, 7.I Can Get It, 8.I Welcome You, 9.If This Isn't Love, 10.Kiss Me Goodnight, 11.Love Don't Need No Lies, 12.Mama, 13.Sayonara, 14.Single Life, 15.Smile 'N' Shine, 16.Tell Me, 17.The Love of My Life, 18.This Could Be Heaven, 19.You'll Be Alright,

Breathe (1999)

2.My Own Way, 3.You Don't Want To Know, 4.Tell Me, 5.Talk To Me, 6.Freezone, 7.Breathe, 8.Mama, 9.I Can Get It, 10.Love Don't Need No Lies, 11.A Broken Soul, 12.Act Of Faith, 13.Do You Want Me Back, 14.Sayonara, 15.This Could Be Heaven, 16.Tell Me, 17.The Love of My Life, 18.This Could Be Heaven, 19.You'll Be Alright,

Pandora Nonstop (1999)

1.This Could Be Heaven, 2.Show Me What You Got, 2.The Naked Sun, 4.Work, 5.Shout It Out, 6.One Of Us, 7.The Sands Of Time, 8.Tell The World, 9.You Don't Want To Know, 10.A Little Bit (Radio Version), 11.Love And Glory, 12.Single Life, 13.Freezone, 14.If This Isn't Love (What Is It), 15.You'll Be Alright, 16.Bright Eyes, 17.Smile 'n' Shine, 18.The Love Of My Life, 19.Love Is A Stranger, 20.Don't You Know (The Sir Family Extended),

No Regrets (2000)

1.No Regrets, 2.Will You Be There, 3.How Will I (Get Over You), 4.I Won't Look Back, 5.Midnight Sun, 6.Close To You, 7.On A Night Like This, 8.Finally, 9.Be My Man, 10.I'm Sorry, 11.Crazy Way About You, 12.Get Ready, 13.Every Night Is Friday Night, 14.Nature Of Love,

A Little Closer (2001)

1.I Need To Know, 2.Don't Worry, 3.Every Second Beat (Duet with Eric Martin from Mr. Big), 4.Anyway, 5.Come A Little Closer, 6.I Found Love, 7.Believe In Me, 8.Insanity, 9.Will You..., 10.U Can't Beat This, 11.Now, 12.Push,

Won't Look Back (2001)

1.I Won't Look Back, 2.Don't Worry, 3.I Found Love, 4.Every Second Beat (Duet with Eric Martin from Mr. Big), 5.Come A Little Closer, 6.When I'm Over You, 7.Crazy Way About You, 8.I Need To Know, 9.Nature Of Love, 10.Believe In Me, 11.Anyway, 12.I'm The Better Woman,

Greatest Hits & Ремиксы: (Mar 2004)

1.Trust Me, 2.Come On And Do It, 3.One of A Kind, 4.Something's Gone (ragga dance cut), 5.Tell The World, 6.Don't You Know, 7.The Naked Sun (radio edit), 8.One Of Us (radio edit), 9.Trust Me (deeply short mix), 10.Come On And Do It (the funky ride version II), 11.One Of A Kind (naked eye remix), 12.Tell the world (birch 'n' Chris remix), 13.The naked sun (the beduin house camp), 14.Don't You Know (clock's ten to two radio mix), 15.Don't You Know (Man city vocal), 16.Come On And Do It (rhythm takes control mix), 17.Something's Gone (orbital trance edit), 18.Something's Gone (original version),

9 Lives (2005)

1.A Love Like This, 2.I'm Confused, 3.Runaway, 4.Girl In A Daydream, 5.Tomorrow comes too soon, 6.Best Friends, 7.I'll Be Gone, 8.You, 9.Don't Worry, 10.Chapter One, 11.You & I, 12.Invisible Girl, 13.I'm The Better Woman,

Celebration (28th Nov 2007)

1.On a Night Like This (JS16 L8 Nite Radio Edit), 2.One Of a Kind (Koyra's Electro Mix), 3.One Of Us (Vinylshakerz 101 Mix), 4.The Naked Sun (Desert Heavy Rock Mix), 5.Come On And Do It (Playmaker's Do It Mix), 6.Tell the world (Pitchtunes vs. Playmaker Radio Edit), 7.Trust Me (Vasco & Millboy Radio Edit), 8.Don't You Know (Soundcruisers' Radio Edit), 9.Don't Worry (Worry Free Mix), 10.The Sands Of Time (Flamenco edit), 11.On a Night Like This (Playmaker's Mix), 12.Come On And Do It (JS16 Do It Mix), 13.Don't Worry (Blue House Effect In Effect Mix), 14.Don't You Know (Magic Mitch & Dj Nico Reagaton Mix), 15.Tell the world (Groove Maniax Casablanca edit), 16.Trust Me (Vasco & Millboy Extended),


Trust Me (1993)

Tell The World (1994)

Come On And Do It (1994)

Something's Gone (1994)

One Of A Kind (1994)

One Of Us (1995)

Don't You Know (1995)

The Naked Sun (1995)

A Little Bit (1996)

Smile'n Shine (1997)

The Sands Of Time (1997)

Single Life (1997)

Show Me What You Got (1997)

Spirit To Win (1998)

This Could Be Heaven (1998)

U Drive Me Crazy (1998)

Mr Right (1998)

Bright Eyes (1998)

No Regrets (1999)

You'll Be Allright (1999)

Don't Worry (2001)

I Need To Know (2001)

I Won't Look Back (2002)

You (Mar 2003)

Don't Worry (Jun 2003)

I'm Confused (2004)

Trust Me (2006)

Don't You Know 2007 (4th Feb 2007)

Tell The World 2007 (22nd Aug 2007)

On A Night Like This (Nov 2007)

Kitchy Kitchy (2009)

You Believed (May 2010)


Panel 4


Say Dance! (29th May 1993)


Pann Dora


Do You Remember (1997)


Paparizou (Helena)

EuroTrance Member


Proteraiotita (Apr 2004)

1.Katse Kala, 2.Proteraiotita, 3.Anditheseis, 4.Anamniseis, 5.Aksizei, 6.Taksidi Gia To Agnosto, 7.Galana, 8.(Eheis Kairo Na Fereis) Louloudia, 9.Stin Kardia Mou Mono Thlipsi, 10.Zise (Viva La Vida Loca), 11.I Soi Sou Zari, 12.M'agaliazei To Skotadi, 13.Matia Kai Hili, 14.Mesa Sti Fotia Sou, 15.Anapadites Kliseis, 16.Treli Kardia, 17.Anapadites Kliseis (SMS Remix),

My Number One (2005)

1.My Number One, 2.Let's Get Wild, 3.The Light In Our Soul, 4.O.K, 5.I Don't Want You Here Anymore (Anapandites Klissis), 6.A Brighter Day (Andithessis), 7.If You Believe Me (Anamnissis), 8.Katse Kala (Behave Yourself), 9.Trelli Kardia (Crazy Heart), 10.Aksizi (It's Worth It), 11.Stin Kardia Mou Mono Thlipsi (Sorrow In My Heart), 12.Taksidi Ya To Agnosto (Trip To The Unknown), 13.Louloudia (Ballad Version) (Flowers), 14.My Number One (Chris The Greek Panaghi Remix),

Proteraiotita Second edition (2005)

1.My Number One, 2.O.K. (English Version), 3.Let's Get Wild, 4.The Light In Our Soul, 5.I Don't Want You Here Any More (Anapantites Kliseis), 6.A Brighter Day (Antitheseis), 7.If You Believe Me (Anamnisies), 8.Louloudia (Ballad Version), 9.To Fos stin Psixi (The Light In Our Soul), 10.O.K. (Greek Version), 11.My Number One (Karaoke),

Proteraiotita Third edition (2005)

Iparhi Logos (2006)

1.Gigolo (greek version), 2.The game of love (greek version), 3.Yparhei logos, 4.Mambo, 5.Paradeigmatos hari, 6.O ti axizei einai oi stigmes, 7.Pote xana (Greek Version of Let Me Go), 8.Meres aiones, 9.Se poion na miliso, 10.Parapono aimovoro, 11.Panta se perimena (Idaniko Phili), 12.Anoixan oi ouranoi, 13.Asteria, 14.You set my heart on fire,

Iparhi Logos (2006)

1.An eihes erthei pio noris, 2.Pou piye tosi agapi, 3.Me theloun ki alloi (Greek Version of Heart of Mine), 4.Typseis (you set my on fire), 5.Pote s' ena adio, 6.Just walk away (live), 7.Don't speak (live), 8.Crazy (live), 9.Like a prayer (live), 10.Why? (live), 11.Smooth operator (live), 12.Can't help falling in love (live), 13.Outside (live), 14.To fos stin psyhi - the light in our soul (live), 15.Yparhei logos (remix),

The Game of Love (25th Oct 2006)

1.Gigolo, 2.Somebody's Burning, 3.The Game Of Love, 4.Mambo, 5.Carpe Diem, 6.Teardrops, 7.Let Me Let Go, 8.Heroes, 9.It's Gone Tomorrow, 10.Heart Of Mine, 11.You Set My Heart On Fire, 12.Voulez-vous, 13.Seven Days, 14.Oti Axizi Ine I Stigmes,

Vrisko To Logo Na Zo (May 2008)

1.I Kardia Sou Petra, 2.Koita Mprosta, 3.Porta Gia Ton Ourano, 4.Poios, 5.Agapi San Listeia, 6.Mathe Prota Na agApas, 7.Eisai I Foni, 8.Pirotexnimata, 9.Den Tha Mai Edo, 10.Papeles Mijados (feat.Cambao), 11.To Xeis I Den to Xeis, 12.Mi Mou Milas Gia Antio, 13.To Fili Tis Zois,

Giro Apo T'Oneiro (29th Mar 2010)

1.San Kai 'Sena, 2.An Isoun Agapi, 3.Psahno Tin Alitheia, 4.Girna Me Sto Htes, 5.Tou Erota To Aima, 6.Oneiro (Chemical), 7.Filarakia, 8.Stin Korifi Tou Kosmou, 9.Thalassa (Feat. Giorgos Sabanis), 10.Den Allazo, 11.Pothoi (Siga Psithirista), 12.Tha 'Mai Allios,


Anapantites Kliseis /Treli Kardia / Brosta Ston Kathrefti (Dec 2003)

Antithesis (2004)

Katse Kala (2004)

My Number One (31st May 2005)

The Light In Our Soul (Jul 2005)

A Brighter Day (Sep 2005)

Mambo! (Nov 2005)

Heroes (2006)

Gigolo (15th Nov 2006)

Phos (2007)

Min Fevgis (Apr 2007)

To Fili Tis Zois (Sep 2007)

Pirotehnimata (2008)

Porta Gia Ton Ourano (8th Apr 2008)

I Kardia Sou Petra (21st Jul 2008)

Tha 'Mai Allios (May 2009)

Psahno Tin Alitheia (2010)

An Isoun Agapi (28th Feb 2010)




Change Your Mind (10th Oct 1994)




Do I Do (What I Do For Love) (10th Jun 1994)

Label : ZYX




Paradisio (1997)

1.Bailando, 2.Planeta De Amor, 3.Dime Como, 4.Bandolero, 5.Sentimental, 6.Never Again, 7.Get Up Baby, 8.Vamos A La Discoteca, 9.Paseo, 10.No No No Llores No, 11.Bailando (2 Fabiola Ibiza Remix), 12.Vamos A La Discoteca (Remix), 13.Bandolero (U.S. Power-Club Remix), 14.Bailando (Discoteca Remix),

Discoteca (Remix Album) (1999)

1.Vamos A La Discoteca (Shash Remix Radio Edit), 2.Bandolero (Mosso Latin Edit), 3.Dime Como (The U.M. Radio Remix), 4.Paseo (Remix 99), 5.Bailando (Original Discoteca Drum Mix), 6.Vamos A La Discoteca (Mosso Edit Mix), 7.Bandolero (Discoteca Action Remix Short Version), 8.Paradisio Non Stop Mega Mix (Bailando, Dime Como, - Vamos A La Discoteca, Paseo, Get Up Baby, Bandolero, Sentimental), 9.Vamos A La Discoteca (Original Club Extended Mix),


Un Clima Ideal (Apr 1994)

Bandolero (Sep 1996)

Bailando (Sep 1996)

Vamos A La Discoteca (Jun 1997)

Dime Como (Oct 1997)

Paseo (Jun 1998)

Samba Del Diablo (26th Jul 1999)

Propaganda (Jul 2000)

Vamos A La Discoteca 2001 (2001)

Luz De La Luna (2003)

Bailando me dices adios (11th May 2009)

Bailando (Me Dices Adios) 2010 (2010)


Dime Como (1997)


Paris Underground


Passion (Move Around) (1993)

Set Me Free (1995)


Parker Paul


Too Much To Dream (1983)

1.Love's On The Line, 2.Shot In The Night, 3.Too Much To Dream, 4.Baby You Can Have My Lovin' Anytime, 5.Travelin' Man, 6.Nighthawk, 7.Right On Target,

Destiny (1995)

1.It's Your Destiny, 2.Time After Time, 3.Wicked Game, 4.Riders On The Storm, 5.Right On Target, 6.With Or Without You, 7.In My Wildest Dreams, 8.Drive, 9.I Will Do Anything (Set Me Free), 10.Love In The Shadows, 11.Philadelphia Medley,


From Here To Eternity

Right On Target (1982)

Shot In The Night (1982)

Love's On The Line (1983)

Don't Play With Fire (1985)

One Look (1986)

Stranger In A Strange Land (1986)

Abracadabra (1992)

Wicked Game (1993)

With Or Without You (1993)

Can U Feel the Loving Coming (1996)

I Finally Found Someone (1997)


Party Nation


Machine Gun (16th Mar 1995)




Immer Bum Bum (1996)


Passion Club


Gotta Give My Heart (9th Sep 1994)


Passion Wave


Tell Me Why (1994)

Fly Away (29th Sep 1995)




My Fantasy (17th Apr 1994)

Here We Go (17th Oct 1994)




On Earth As it Is In Heaven (14th Nov 1994)




Love Me (Oct 1994)




Listen To Your Heart

The Rhythm Is Magic

Deja Que Mueva Mueva Mueva

Ciudado Con El Toro

Cosas Del Amor

Amor A La Mexicana

Porque Te Vas

Through The Fire

Come On Over

Thief Of Heart (1995)

How Can I survive (1997)

Never Never Never (1997)

Club Mambo (1997)

El Talisman (1997)

Ole (1999)

Born To Make You Happy (2000)




Voices In My Head (Nov 1997)




Come Back

Label : Selector


Paul Oscar


Stuo (1993)

1.TF-Stu?, 2.Stanslaust stu?, 3.Er ?etta ast?, 4.Partydyr, 5.Meira party, 6.Leitin a? professornum, 7.Sama hvar ?u ert, 8.Mmm, 9.Ljufa lif,

Palli (1995)

1.Fullt af ast, 2.Anyone who had a heart, 3.Corcovador, 4.?a? rignir latlaust a mig, 5.Sjaumst aftur, 6.Feel it, 7.Lose again, 8.The look of love, 9.Lush life, 10.Making love, 11.Here's to life,

Seif (1996)

1.Tokst, 2.Horf?u a mig, 3.Hvitt drasl, 4.Eg er bundinn fastur vi? ?ig, 5.R? eg vi? ro?ur minn, 6.Rafmagn og ljos, 7.Seif, 8.Stanslaust stu?, 9.Jafnvel ?o vi? ?ekkjumst ekki neitt, 10.In the land of make believe, 11.'onafngreint lag', 12.Horf?u aftur (Go?a nott),

Deep Inside (1999)

1.Deep inside, 2.Please, reject me (like my father did), 3.Better be good, 4.My best friend, 5.Make up your mind, 6.No one to love, 7.Then came you, 8.Enter me, 9.Round 'n' round, 10.I was born this way,

If I Won’t Sleep Tonight (2001)

The Lights At Home (2003)

Allt fyrir astina (2007)

1.Parti fyrir tvo, 2.Allt fyrir astina, 3.International, 4.Er ?etta ast?, 5.Kraftaverk, 6.Komdu til min, 7.?u komst vi? hjarta? i mer, 8.Penisillin, 9.Betra lif, 10.Nu passar allt, 11.Einhver elskar mig,

Silfursafni? (The Silver Collection) (11th Nov 2008)

1.Tf-stu?, 2.Partidyr, 3.Ljufa lif, 4.Bundinn fastur, 5.Minn hinsti dans, 6.Horf?u a mig, 7.Stanslaust stu?, 8.Jafnvel ?o vi? ?ekkjumst ekki neitt, 9.No one to love, 10.Deep inside, 11.Hold you (feat. Gusgus), 12.Allt fyrir astina, 13.International, 14.Er ?etta ast?, 15.?u komst vi? hjarta? i mer, 16.Betra lif, 17.Eg er eins og eg er, 18.Sama hvar ?u ert, 19.Astin dugir (me? unun),

Silfursafni? (The Silver Collection) (11th Nov 2008)

1.Ast vi? fyrstu syn, 2.Yndislegt lif, 3.Negro jose, 4.Cuanto le gusta, 5.Up up and away, 6.Barbarella, 7.Taumlaus transi, 8.Nu held eg heim, 9.O, hvilikt frelsi, 10.Sjaumst aftur, 11.Anyone who had a heart, 12.Songur herodesar, 13.R? eg vi? ro?ur minn, 14.Lose again, 15.The look of love, 16.Ensk manvisa fra 14. old, 17.Eins og er, 18.Nott, 19.Lilja, 20.?eim vorum sem eg kyssti, 21.Me? b?ninni kemur ljosi?, 22.N?turljo?, 23.A spaceman came travelling, 24.Go?a nott,


Allt fyrir astina (2007)

International (2007)

Sama hvar ?u ert (2008)


Pearl (1)


Rock With Me

Across The Universe

Celebrate (31st Oct 1994)


Pearl (2)


Summer Holiday (1995)

Kissing Like A Virgin (1996)


Pearl (3)


Go Higher (1996)

Whenever You're Around (1997)

Take On Me (1998)

Swing With Me (1998)

Another Night Without You (1999)


Pearl (4)


Neverending Story (Oct 1994)




Smile On Your Face (1994)

Blinded By The Light (1995)


Smile On Your Face (1994)

Blinded By The Light (1995)




Don't You Know (1995)




Take A Chance (7th Jul 1995)


Pentagon Spies


Lonely People


People Of The World


In Heaven No Limit (14th Jul 1994)


Perfect Beat


Perfect Beat (1995)




Save Me (1995)




The Heartbreak (1993)




Life (1995)

Label : Sound Power Records / Italian Style Productions.


Peterson Patricia


Money 4 Me (1998)




Da Di Dam (1999)


Can We Talk

Satunalle / Vaatteet Vahenee




Give Me Your Love (2nd Dec 1994)

Label : Edel.




Everytime You Touch Me (1996)

Hold Me Now (1997)




At The Rate Of The Time (1993)

My Life Is Moving (1993)

The First Of My Love (1994)




Pharao (1994)

1.There Is A Star, 2.King Pharao, 3.I Show You Secrets, 4.World Of Magic, 5.Dance Of The Snake, 6.Eternity, 7.Gold In The Pyramid, 8.Beautiful Flower of the Bad, 9.We Got the Key, 10.It's Your Way, 11.Rave Like An Egyptian, 12.Christmasland, 13.I Show You Secrets (Unplugged version),

The Return (1998)

1.Intro, 2.I Wish I Could Fly, 3.Bellydancer, 4.Temple Of Love, 5.I Can't Wait, 6.It's A Wonder, 7.Rainmaker, 8.You Are My Man, 9.Valley Of Kings, 10.Once Upon A Time, 11.Love Is A Miracle, 12.Pick Me Up, 13.Back Home Again, 14.Silence Is Golden, 15.Dreams On Golden Wings, 16.Outro,


I Show You Secrets (Apr 1994)

There Is A Star (Sep 1994)

World Of Magic (Jan 1995)

Temple Of Love (Jan 1997)

Once Upon A Time (1st Dec 1997)


I Show You Secrets (The Secret Ремиксы: Of Pharao) (1994)

I Show You Secrets (remix 2) (1994)

There Is A Star (1995)


Phase 2 Phase


In The Power Of Love (29th Jan 1994)

I've Got The Feeling (1996)


Phase 2 Phase (2)


Will U Be Mine (26th Apr 1994)


Phase Generator


Suicide (Oct 1993)

Loving You (19th Nov 1993)

Nevermind (20th Oct 1994)

All I Wanne Do (5th May 1995)

Wonderful Life (5th Feb 1996)


Phase One


One More Night




Overnight (19th Mar 1996)




We Love The 90s (2009)


Phillips Alexia

HiNRG Group



Always Thinking Of You (1994)

1.Always Thinking Of You, 2.Stay With Me, 3.Leave Me Tomorrow Love Me Tonight, 4.I Need You, 5.How Much I Want You, 6.I Never Needed, 7.I Can't Survive, 8.Night Stalker, 9.Close Your Eyes (New Radio Mix), 10.All Broken Hearted, 11.Night Stalker (Club Mix),

Freestyle The Next Generation (with Marano) (1995)

1.I'll Be Waiting For You, 2.If We Never Say Goodbye, 3.I Wanna Love You Forever, 4.How Could U Love Me, 5.Summer Night (96), 6.I Want To Be With You Tonight, 7.Last Christmas, 8.Shooting Star, 9.Always Thinking Of You, 10.I'll Be Waiting For You (Hardcore mix), 11.If We Never Say Goodbye (Odeon mix), 12.I Wanna Love You Forever (Drop the bomb mix),


Be My Baby

Shooting Star

My Boy


You Know How Much I Want You

Summer Night

Always Thinkin Of You

I Can't Survive

How Could You Love Me

I Want To Be With You Tonight

I'll Be Waiting For You

I Wanna Know

Night Stalker/Leave Me Tomorrow (1994)

I Never Needed (1995)

Undercover Lover (1996)

All Broken Hearted ('96 mix) (1996)

You (1997)

If you Leave me Now (21st Aug 1998)

Dance With Me (1999)

Can't Stop (1999)




Your Lover (1996)

Don't Give Up (1997)




Singing The Blues (We Say Goodbye) (1995)

This Time (Beautiful Dream) (1996)

Nattens Anglar (The Angels Of The Night) (1997)




Tell Me Like It Is (1995)


Phuture Rhyme


New Phuture (1994)




I Got The Music In Me (2000)

1.I Got The Music In Me (DJ Uno Mix), 2.FBI (Prosecutor-Club Mix), 3.I'm A Believer (Maxi Version), 4.When I Lose Control (Extended), 5.Summer Of Love (Virtual Club Mix), 6.The Right Kind Of Luv (More Of That Glamour), 7.Cyberspace (Part II), 8.Star (Instrumental Mix), 9.Happy (Your Demo Mix), 10.FBI (CIA-Club Mix), 11.I Got The Music In Me (Original Club Mix), 12.I'm A Believer (12'' Remix),


I'm A Believer (17th Jun 1997)

FBI (1998)

I Got The Music In Me (6th Mar 2000)




Move In Time (1993)

Gift For Love (21st Jan 1994)

Comin Up (20th May 1994)

Label: New Meal Power (SAIFAM).




I Guess They Think That (1995)


Piece Of Cake


Run Away (1994)




Pin'Occhio Vai ! (1993)

1.Enjoy The Muzik, 2.Happy Gypsies, 3.Tu Tatuta Tuta Ta, 4.Bum Bum, 5.Tantra, 6.Pinocchio (Collodi rave mix), 7.Pinocchio vai !, 8.La Phata, 9.Pinocchio (Original version), 10.Tyrolian Groove, 11.Tu Tatuta Tuta Ta (Ho Bevuto Mix),


Pinocchio (Jan 1993)

Tuta Tuta Tutata (Jul 1993)

Happy Gipsies (1994)

Pin'occhio Vai! (Jan 1994)

Tyrolian Groove (Apr 1994)

Enjoy The Muzik (Apr 1994)

The Return (Oct 1994)


Pinocchio (1992)

Tu Tatuta Tuta Ta (1993)


Pink Caffeine


Take Me Higher


Pinna Roby

EuroDance Producer


My dad Is A Deejay (2006)

Run To You (2007)

Slave To Space (2008)

See Your Face (2009)




Celestial Flight (1993)

The Dream Is Just In My Mind (1994)

Russians (1995)

Our Life Our Nature (1996)

The Promise You Made (1997)

Label : Nacional/Bol records.


Pis Of Keik


Can You See Me (8th Jul 1994)




Love And Passion (1st Mar 1995)


Planet E


Take Me In The Sky


Planet Violet


Velvet Skies (2001)




Stay With Me

Here We Go Again (1991)

Wings Of The Dawn (1995)


Plastic Age


Glory Of Love (26th Apr 1994)

All Boys (27th May 1994)

World To Me (6th Jun 1995)




Plastico (1995)

1.Macho State, 2.Who Is My Friend, 3.We Don't Belong, 4.People, 5.Red Riders, 6.Breakfast in New York, 7.Stadium, 8.Educate the Fool, 9.Revolution Baby, 10.Communicate, 11.A.T.O.M.I.C.,


Communicate (1994)

Educate The Fool (1995)

Communicate '96 (1996)




Breakdown Funkytown

Do It To Me (25th Jun 1999)

Love And Heart (5th Oct 1999)

Take On Me (24th Oct 2000)




Plavkalicious (2009)

1.I'm A Woman, 2.Don't Get Attached, 3.Chasing An Illusion, 4.Be My Sundae, 5.String Of Pearl, 6.Read My Lipstick Lips, 7.Sugafunk, 8.Lovesick, 9.Flame, 10.Plavkalicious,


Maximum Motion (Feb 1994)




The Summer Is Magic (2nd Jul 1994)

1, 2, 3 (Train With Me) (10th Jul 1995)

I Love The Sun (11th Jul 1996)

Another Holiday (30th Jun 1997)

The Man I Never Had (29th Jun 1998)

The Summer Is Magic (29th Jul 2002)

The Summer Is Magic 2008 (2008)


The Summer Is Magic (1994)

1, 2, 3 (Train With Me) (1995)

I Love The Sun (1996)

Musical team : E. Asti, S. Carrara




3, 2, 1... Plaza (1990)

1.Hand In Hand, 2.Wie = Wie, 3.Yo-Yo, 4.O-Oh, 5.Ben Je Gek, 6.Hi-De-Ho, 7.Hey Hey Hey, 8.In The Jungle, 9.E Basta, 10.A-Ha,


YO YO (ten years ago) (1989)

O-oh (1990)

Hand In Hand (1990)

Hey Hey Hey (1991)

Hi-De-Ho (1991)

Samba (1991)

We Want More (1992)

Wild Is The Night (1994)

Do You Want Me (1994)

Hey Man (1995)

Come On Let's Go (1995)

I Save The Day (1997)

Summersnow (1997)


Plaza People


Show Me (1993)

To Be Free (1994)

Layla (1994)

Label: 21st Century records


Pleasure Beat


Hand In My Pocket (1996)

First Time (15th Feb 1996)




Coming Into My Life


Plus Staples


I Feel The Friction (19th Dec 1992)

We Got 2 Be (1993)

Gimme More Time (1994)

Move Allright (5th Nov 1994)




Show Me Love Show Me The Way (1994)


PO Box


Dancing (All Night Long) (29th Apr 1994)


Poco Loco


I'm The One (30th Aug 1995)

Come Everybody (11th Apr 1996)


Poco Loco Gang


Album (13th Jul 1999)

1.Let's Go To The Party, 2.Poco Loco, 3.Tropical Paradise (Na Na Na Hey Hey), 4.Feel The Summer, 5.Come Along, 6.Going Down To Cuba, 7.Set Me Free, 8.Feeling, 9.I'm Alive, 10.Touch The Sky, 11.Poco Loco (Exclusive Album Remix), 12.Let's Go To The Party (Exclusive Album Remix), 13.Tropical Paradise (Exclusive Album Remix), 14.Video Tropical Paradise,


The Fun Phenomenon

Poco Loco (7th Oct 1998)

Come Along (1999)

Let's Go To The Party (20th Jul 1999)

Tropical Paradise (4th Aug 1999)

Sunshine on a Rainy Day (2000)

Yaki Yo Yaki Ye (Oct 2000)

Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep (2005)




We Are Leaving (1995)

The Final Day (1995)


Polaris (2)


Frozen Luv (1994)




Entao Volta Baby (1999)




Together Forever (1995)

I Want You (26th Jul 1995)




Pompoos Is My Life (1994)

1.Overture, 2.Pompoos Part I, 3.King Of The Sun, 4.Liberty, 5.La Promenade Dans Les Trianons, 6.Tonight, 7.Inspiration Of The Sun, 8.I Want Your Love, 9.The End Of The Day, 10.Pompoos Part II,


I Want Your Love (1994)


Ponte (Gabry)

EuroPop Member


Gabry Ponte (2002)

1.The Man In The Moon, 2.Geordie, 3.Got To Get, 4.Sharm Cafe, 5.Time To Rock, 6.Always On My Mind, 7.Waterfall, 8.De Musica Tonante, 9.My Butterfly, 10.Le Voyage, 11.Memories, 12.Midnight, 13.Terra Libera,

Dottor Jekyll & Mister DJ (15th May 2004)

1.Figli Di Pitagora, 2.Depends On You, 3.Pump Up The Rhythm, 4.La Danza Delle Streghe, 5.La Bambolina, 6.You Will Believe, 7.A Silvia, 8.Dottor Jekyll & Mister DJ (Roberto Molinaro Concept), 9.Make Love To You, 10.Crazy, 11.Radioattivita, 12.Rocksteady Beat,


Got To Get (Don Don) (Jul 2001)

Geordie (2002)

Music (with Mario Fargetta) (2002)

Time To Rock (10th Dec 2002)

Giulia (vs DJ Lhasa) (2003)

De Musica Tonante (2003)

The Man In The Moon (12th Jun 2003)

La Danza Delle Streghe (10th Dec 2003)

Figli Di Pitagora (4th May 2004)

Depends On You (27th Dec 2004)

Elektro Muzik Is Back (2006)

U.N.D.E.R.G.R.O.U.N.D. (2006)

La Liberta (24th Jul 2006)

Tech Noises In The Digital Age According To Gabry Ponte (Dec 2006)

The Point Of No Return (2007)

Love Songs In The Digital Age According To Gabry Ponte (Feb 2007)

I Dream Of You (Jun 2007)

Somebody Called Me (28th Apr 2008)

Vivi Nell' Aria (31st Jul 2009)

Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood (15th Feb 2010)

Love 2 Party (3rd Jun 2010)


Geordie (2002)


Pop Power Company


XL - Extra Large (24th Jun 1996)

1.Dzisiaj Slowa, 2.Everything We Do For Love, 3.Everything We Try, 4.Give Me Reason, 5.I Don't Won't, 6.I Feel Love, 7.I Want Fallow In Love, 8.I'm Hot For You, 9.Kolejny Dzien, 10.Letnia Milosc, 11.Mijamy Sie, 12.Take Me Higher, 13.Tancz I Skacz, 14.Zawolaj Mnie,

Their album XL was released under the label Koch International. It was half Polish, half English and contained excellent eurodance tracks, such as Mijamy sie, Kolejny dzien or Take Me Higher.

Thanks to Eric-X and Eurojonke




Every Little Time (1997)




Peace Love & Happiness (1994)

Label : Mid-Town Records.


Positive Connextion


Abacadabra (30th Apr 1994)

Label : Scorpio.


Positive Division


Movin' On (1994)

Got To Move It (10th Mar 1995)

Don't Let Me Down (20th May 1997)

Angel Of Love (28th May 1997)




Night Of Desire (1996)




In The Middle Of The Sun (1999)

Lullaby (1999)

I Don't Wanna Let You Down (2000)


Power Force


Let Me Dance (1993)


Power Melody


Stop The Rain (8th Jan 1994)


Power Nation


Calling You (13th May 1994)


Power People


Power To The People (1995)


Power Process


Satisfaction (24th Sep 1994)


Power Source


Cosmic Waves (Jan 1999)

1.Skywalker, 2.Vorlan, 3.Memory Bubbles, 4.Orient Express, 5.The X-Train, 6.Zahadoom, 7.Hyperspace, 8.Granada (Remix 98),


I Want You (1994)

Incubator (1995)

Imagine (1996)

Goaway E.P. (1996)

Granada (3rd Jun 1996)




Lonely (1996)

Label: Silos Records.




Star (1996)

1.Star, 2.Pump It Up, 3.Thank You, 4.Runaway, 5.Stressed, 6.Skin To Skin, 7.Can You Feel The Rhythm, 8.Turn It Up, 9.Ghostbusters '95, 10.Virtual Reality, 11.Hold On To Your Love, 12.First Time, 13.Most Wanted, 14.Skin To Skin (Rough Skin Remix),


Runaway (27th Feb 1995)

Most Wanted (1996)




Freedom Forever (12th Jun 1995)

Whenever You Want Me (30th Apr 1996)





It's Just A Party (1st Aug 1995)

Give Up (No More) (1996)


Prado (Sonia)


For Love (1994)




Love Is The Only Way (1996)


Press Twice


Don't Make Me Wait (1996)

Part Of The Secret (1996)

Label : K-tel.




Back To Life (2000)

1.Ouverture, 2.Voices, 3.I Wonder Why, 4.The First Picture Of You, 5. Gimme A Beat, 6. Let Me Stay, 7.Emergency 911 (Album version), 8.Goodbye Girl, 9.Tell Me Why, 10.Rock The Discothek, 11.Back To Life, 12.Sweet Love,

Bonjour EP (2001)

1.Bonjour (Club mix), 2.Bonjour (Radio edit), 3.It's Like, 4.Somebody, 5.I'm Your Deejay, 6.Time Goes Bye (E donstopstop mix), 7.Time Goes Bye (Live at Loveparade),


Emergency 911 (Aug 2000)

Get On Up (1993)

Anybody, Anyway (1994)

Don't Stop (1995)

Feel The Rhythm (1995)

Raise Your Power (1997)

Tell Me Why (1999)

Let Me Stay (Apr 2000)

Back To Life (May 2000)

Voices (Aug 2000)

Rock The Discothek (5th Mar 2001)

Let's Talk About A Man (Oct 2001)

In My Mind (2002)

We Rule The Danza (May 2002)

Voglio Vederti Danzare (2003)

Le Louvre (2004)

Right Here Waiting (2005)

Rockin' Deejays (2005)

Survival (21st Aug 2006)

Touch Me (12th Jul 2007)

I Believe (Feb 2009)

The Riddle (23rd Nov 2009)


Price (Alison)


It's Gonna Be Alright (1992)

I Need I Want (1993)

For Your Heart (2nd Oct 1994)

Label : Italian Style records


Price (Jamie)


Lies (10th Oct 1994)


Price (Roxanne)









Sound The Alarm (10th Feb 1995)




To Be Free (19th Jun 1995)

Label : Italian Style.


Prince Ital Joe feat Marky Mark


Life In The Streets (15th Oct 1994)

1.Life in the streets, 2.United, 3.Rastaman vibration, 4.Happy people, 5.To be important, 6.In love, 7.Babylon, 8.Love of a mother, 9.Into the light, 10.In the 90's, 11.Prankster, 12.Life in the streets,

The Remix Album (25th Aug 1995)

1.United (Damage Control mix), 2.Rastaman Vibrations (La Bouche mix), 3.Happy People (Bass Bumpers mix), 4.Babylon (Fun Factory mix), 5.Life in the Streets (G-String mix), 6.Babylon (Loop! mix), 7.United (The World's Address mix), 8.Happy People (Damage Control mix), 9.Rastaman Vibrations (House Groove mix), 10.Life In the Streets (AbbeyRoad mix), 11.No Mercy,


Can't Stop We (1993)

Happy People (29th Oct 1993)

Life in The Streets (29th Jul 1994)

United (28th Oct 1994)

Babylon (3rd Feb 1995)

Rastaman Vibrations (25th Aug 1995)


Happy People (1993)

Life in The Streets (1994)

United (1994)

Babylon (1995)


Prince Max Who


In My Life (1994)




All I Want

1.All I Want, 2.Alone, 3.Anything, 4.I Want You To Want Me, 5.Love Is A Stranger, 6.Lonely, 7.I Wish I Could Stay, 8.What Did You Say?, 9.Anytime You Need Me, 10.What's Going On?, 11.Whatever Makes Your Love Grow, 12.Sino Estas Aqui,

Princessa (1993)

1.Ensalza tu Amor, 2.Rojo y Llanto, 3.Tu estas Loco, 4.Mar y Sol, 5.Si no te decides, 6.Que te quiero, 7.Baila para mi, 8.Estuvo bien, 9.Dos Almas y un Destino, 10.Pasion, 11.Vende tu Alma, 12.Demasiado Tarde,

Calling You (25th Oct 1996)

1.Calling You (A Message From Love City), 2.Anyone But You, 3.Try To Say I'm Sorry, 4.Like A Nun, 5.Summer Of Love, 6.Seven Days A Week, 7.Baila Al Ritmo, 8.I Do What You Want Me To Do, 9.The Night, 10.He's On The Phone, 11.Do You Wanna Be Loved, 12.Again & Again, 13.Rompete, 14.Vivo, 15.Me Duelen Tus Mentiras, 16.Desnudare, 17.Duerme Junto A Mi, 18.Calor De Amor,

Princessa (1997)

1.Try To Say I'm Sorry, 2.Anyone But You, 3.Calling You (A Message From Love City), 4.Like A Nun, 5.Summer Of Love, 6.Seven Days A Week, 7.Baila Al Ritmo, 8.I Do What You Want Me To Do, 9.The Night, 10.He's On The Phone, 11.Do You Wanna Be Loved, 12.Again & Again, 13.Rompete, 14.Vivo, 15.Me Duelen Tus Mentiras, 16.Desnudare, 17.Duerme Junto A Mi, 18.Calor De Amor,

I Won't Forget You (1999)

1.I Won't Forget You, 2.Grand Design, 3.I Wanna Live With You, 4.(You Just) Believe In You, 5.I Was Wrong, 6.It Just Begun, 7.The Way The Story Goes, 8.Shut Up And Kiss Me, 9.So Many People, 10.Tell Her, 11.A Better Man, 12.Once In A Lifetime, 13.Snowflakes,

Remix Collection (16th Sep 2002)


Ensalza Tu Amor (1993)

Rojo Y Llanto (1993)

Anyone But You (1996)

Calling You (A Message From Love City) (1996)

Try To Say I'm Sorry (1997)

Vivo (1997)

Summer Of Love (1997)

Baila Al Ritmo (1997)

Snowflakes (1998)

(You Just) Believe In You (1999)

I Won't Forget You (1999)

All I Want (2005)


Rojo Y Llanto (1993)




Bonjour EP (2001)

1.Bonjour (Club mix + radio edit), 2.It's Like, 3.Somebody, 4.I'm Your Deejay, 5.Time Goes Bye (E donstopstop mix + Live at Loveparade),


Time To Unite (27th Feb 1995)

Do That Dance (14th Dec 1995)




Weird Life (1994)

Label : Jive.




Turn It Up (1996)


Project '96


Klimaty (1996)

1.Intro, 2.Klimaty (Boom Shaka Laka), 3.Pigula, 4.Tylko Ty, 5.Sloneczna Korona, 6.Rais Pancerfaust, 7.Pro '96, 8.Zapomnij, 9.Panie Kapitanie, 10.Sexy Boy, 11.Prezenterka, 12.Luv Story (Historia),


Project P


Time after Time (1993)

Forever Free (1993)

I Give You All My Love (14th Oct 1994)




The More You Live, The More You Love (1995)

The Promise (1995)

Running (1996)

Think (1996)




I Keep Calling You (3rd Apr 1994)




It's Gonna Be The Night (12th Jun 1995)




You Feel Emotions (1995)




Providence (1996)

1.Providance (Intro), 2.Sigue Asi, 3.Hay Que Olvidar, 4.No Es Amor, 5.Juntos Para Siempre, 6.Te Echo De Menos, 7.Decidi, 8.Sufrir, 9.Tenerte Y Quererte, 10.Siempre A Tu Lado, 11.Se Que Perdi,


Hay Que Olvidar


Siempre A Tu Lado

Dentro De Mi

Sigue Asi (1996)

Sufrir (1997)

Label: Max Music.




I Need Your Love (1994)

Feel It DJ (1995)

We Stay Together (1996)




Morning Fantasy (1995)

Saving You (10th Mar 1995)




Tell Me Why (1995)

Label: J.K.R. Records.


Public Art


I Wanna Feel The Music (1993)

River (Run Dry) (4th Nov 1993)

River II (15th Apr 1994)

River LP (10th Jul 1994)


Public Sun


Let's Do It (25th Apr 1995)