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It's About Time (1995)

1.Intro, 2.Feel So Good, 3.It's About Time, 4.Party's Not Over, 5.Give Me Your Love, 6.Take Me Away, 7.No Drugs, 8.Be Bob A Lula, 9.Forever, 10.Our Love Is Coming Together, 11.Dancer's Theme, 12.It's About Time (Blue bubble remix), 13.Take Me Away (Cream Clinic jungle mix), 14.Be Bob A Lula (Optical 2), 15.Outro,

The Riddle (1996)

1.Gimme Gimme, 2.Move Your Body, 3.The Look, 4.The Riddle, 5.Going To The Top, 6.Love Just Give It To Me, 7.Move Closer, 8.Ooh La La, 9.Cool Lover, 10.Shining Star, 11.Take Me Higher,


The Riddle

Forever (1995)

It's About Time (1995)

Give Me Your Love (1995)

Feel So Good (1995)

Be Bop A Lula (1995)

Move Your Body (1996)

The Look (1996)

Gimme Gimme (1996)

Feel So Good v2 (29th Feb 1996)

Ooh La La (1997)

Cool Lover (1997)

Fact Of Fact (Mar 2003)

Yellow Sky (May 2003)


Waldo's People


Waldo's People (1998)

1.U Drive Me Crazy, 2.I Dream, 3.Let's Get Busy, 4.Watcha Gonna Do, 5.Remind Me, 6.Rain, 7.Runaway, 8.Don't Stop Movin, 9.Give It Up, 10.Pray,

No Man's Land (2000)

1.No-Man's-Land, 2.Bounce (To The Rhythm Divine), 3.1000 Ways, 4.Wild Wild Thing, 5.Rock The World, 6.Remedy, 7.I'm Alive, 8.Mindblower, 9.Fire, 10.Disconnected, 11.No-Man's-Land (JS16 vs. Darude remix), 12.1000 Ways (JS16 vs. Darude remix),

Greatest Hits (11th Jun 2008)

1.Back Again, 2.Emperor's Dawn, 3.1000 Ways, 4.Bounce (To The Rhythm Divine), 5.No-Man's-Land, 6.U Drive Me Crazy, 7.I Dream, 8.Remedy, 9.Disconnected, 10.Wild Wild Things, 11.Feel So Good (2008 Version), 12.Move Your Body, 13.Cool Lover, 14.Give Me Your Love, 15.It's About Time,

Greatest Hits (11th Jun 2008)

1.1000 Ways (JS16 vs. Darude), 2.U Drive Me Crazy (JS16 Sound Design), 3.No-Man's-Land (JS16 vs. Darude), 4.I Dream (Screamer Mix), 5.Bounce (Subliner's Trance Edit), 6.Back Again (Extended), 7.Feel So Good (Optical 2 House Remix), 8.Move Your Body (JJ's Club Mix), 9.Ooh-La-La (Fatback Funk Remix), 10.Cool Lover (Soundfreak Late Night Mix),

Paranoid (4th Feb 2009)

1.See the Light, 2.Lose Control, 3.New Vibration, 4.Dangerous, 5.Ride the Tide, 6.World Empire, 7.Paranoid, 8.Fallen Angel, 9.Life, 10.I'll Be Waiting, 11.Emperor's Dawn (2009 Edit), 12.Back Again (2009 Edit),


U Drive Me Crazy (20th Mar 1998)

Let's Get Busy (20th Jun 1998)

I Dream (20th Oct 1998)

1000 Ways (7th Feb 2000)

No-Man's Land (8th May 2000)

Bounce (To The Rhythm Divine) (30th Aug 2000)

Back Again (19th May 2008)

Lose Control (25th Mar 2009)

New Vibration (8th Jun 2009)

I Wanna Be A Rockstar (May 2010)




Runaway From You (1995)




Ain't No Time To Waste (15th Oct 1994)


Wand And Storm HQ


Do Ya Wanna Party (9th Oct 1995)




Cartas De Chica Misteriosa (1998)

1.Seras Tu, 2.Los Chicos, 3.Quien Sabe, 4.Dimelo, 5.Cartas De Chica Misteriosa, 6.Dulce Amor, 7.Dias De Escuela, 8.Sofia, 9.Planeta Azul, 10.Siempre, 11.Cartas De Chica Misteriosa (Dance),


Seras Tu (1998)

Members: Gaby, Karla, Daniela, Grisell and Dany. Their first and only album was produced by Pablo Pinilla. The album contained some nice eurodance tracks, as well as some ballads.


Warm Up


Take Me Up (9th May 1995)


Washington (Sarah)


Careless Whisper (1993)

I Will Always Love You (1993)

Everything (1996)

Heaven (1996)

All I Need (1998)


Everything (A&G Mixes) (1996)

Heaven (Jazz'n'Groove / Fathers of sound mixes) (1996)

Label : Almighty Records. Produced by Martyn Norris and Richard Cottle.


Washington (Tina)


The Album

1.The Season Of Love (Radio Version), 2.Love Me (Radio Version), 3.Love Is All Around (Dance Mix), 4.Conga (Piano Beat), 5.Sailing (Slow Version), 6.Love Me (RMX), 7.Eat The World (Extended), 8.Living A Dream (Dream Version), 9.Games People Play (Radio Version), 10.Baby, I Love Your Way (Radio Version), 11.The Season Of Love (Club Mix),

Mad About The Boy (2003)


What Is Love (1994)

Baby, I Love Your Way (1994)

Love Me (1995)

Washington EP (1995)

The Season Of Love (1995)

Games People Play (1995)

Love Is All Around (1996)




Run To The Future (1994)

Run To The Future Rmx 00 (2000)


Wave Kid


Baby I Need Your Lovin' (1995)




Lovin' Times (3rd Nov 1999)

Like An Angel (15th May 2000)

Radio Heaven (22nd Jan 2001)

Mornings (9th Nov 2001)

The Love Of Yesterday (2003)

In Your Eyes (2006)


Wedge (Cliff)


Angel Eyes (1999)

Lady Of The Night (2000)

By Surprise (2001)

Love In Your Heart (2002)

Is This A Game (2003)

Only One Day (2007)

Touch Me (2009)


Week end


Tell You Why (24th Jan 2000)


Weeks (Michelle)


Don't Give Up (1st Jan 1993)

Step Out Of Faith (5th Mar 1999)

Can You Handle It (4th Feb 2000)

Gotta Keep Tryin (10th Mar 2000)

Follow Your Dreams (26th May 2000)

Rejoice (10th Oct 2000)

So Happy Together (2002)

The Light (13th May 2002)  

Movin On (2003)

A Purpose (15th Jul 2007)


Wesley John


Lover Why (1996)

Words Of Humanity (1997)

Behind The Mask (1998)

I Can Love Forever (1998)


Lover Why (1996)

Label : Space Records/ Arcade Music


West Inc


Set Your Body Free (1993)

You Are My Lover (1994)

Rhythm Takes You Higher (14th Apr 1994)

I'm Gonna Get You (Anyway) (18th Nov 1994)

Mr Livingstone (7th Mar 1995)

Bright Eyes (5th Jul 1995)

Key Of Life (1996)

The Wonder (14th May 1998)


I'm Gonna Get You (Anyway) (1994)

Mr Livingstone (1995)




Whigfield (12th Jun 1995)

1.Think Of You (Radio Edit), 2.Another Day (Nite radio mix), 3.Don't Walk Away, 4.Big Time, 5.Out of Sight, 6.Close To You, 7.Sexy Eyes, 8.Ain't it Blue, 9.I Want To Love, 10.Saturday Night (Radio Mix), 11.Megamix, 12.Think Of You (David Club mix), 13.Another Day (Club Remix),

Let's Whiggy Dance (Sep 1995)

1.Think Of You, 2.Another Day, 3.Don't Walk Away, 4.Big Time, 5.Out Of Sight, 6.Close To You, 7.Sexy Eyes, 8.Ain't It Blue, 9.I Want To Love, 10.Saturday Night, 11.Another Day (Club Remix),

Whigfield Megamixes (1996)

1.Intro, 2.Saturday Night (Nite mix), 3.Think Of You (Extended Mix), 4.Another Day (Vocal Flav Mix), 5.Another Day (French Mix), 6.Saturday Night (DeepNite mix), 7.Close To You (DownTown Remix), 8.Big Time (Summer Zone Remix), 9.Big Time (Intoxication Mix), 10.Think Of You (DMC Mix), 11.Saturday Night (Dida Mix), 12.Big Time (Dancing Divaz Mix), 13.Last Christmas, 14.Another Day (U, 15.Sexy Eyes (Extended LP Vers, 16.Ricks Mega Mix (Single Vers, 17.I Want To Love (Yakoo Boyz 7 Mix),

Sexy Eyes - The Album (1996)

1.Don't Walk Away, 2.Big Time, 3.Out Of Sight, 4.Close To You, 5.Sexy Eyes, 6.Ain't It Blue, 7.I Want To Love, 8.Saturday Night, 9.Another Day (Nite Mix), 10.Think Of You (Diva 2 Club Mix), 11.Last Christmas,

Super Box - Super Hits (1997)

1.Think Of You, 2.Another Day, 3.Big Time, 4.Close To You, 5.Sexy Eyes, 6.Ain't It Blue, 7.Saturday Night, 8.I Want To Love, 9.It's Alright, 10.Last Christmas, 11.Junto A Ti, 12.Gimme Gimme,

Super Box - Remix Collection (1997)

1.Another Day (Nite Mix), 2.Think Of You (Divaz Club Mix), 3.Saturday Night '97 (Club Mix), 4.Gimme Gimme (Gimme Extended Mix), 5.Sexy Eyes (David's Epic Experience), 6.I Want To Love (Extended Original Mix), 7.Close To You (Down Town Remix),

Whigfield II (10th Nov 1997)

1.Givin' All My Love, 2.No Tears To Cry, 3.Baby Boy, 4.Tenderly, 5.What We've Done For Love, 6.Lover, 7.Gimme Gimme, 8.Whiggy Wiggle, 9.Forever On My Mind, 10.Through The Night, 11.Summer Samba, 12.Saturday Night '97, 13.Last Christmas, 14.Mega Ricks Mix Whigfield Ремиксы:,

Whigfield Ремиксы: (1998)

1.Intro, 2.Saturday Night (Nite Mix), 3.Think Of You (Extended Mix), 4.Another Day (MS Whigfield Mix), 5.Another Day (French Mix), 6.Saturday Night (Deep Nite Mix), 7.Close To You (Downtown Remix), 8.Last Christmas, 9.Big Time (Summer Zone Remix), 10.Big Time (Intoxication Mix), 11.Think Of You (DMX Mix), 12.Saturday Night (Diva Mix), 13.Big Time (Dancin'divaz Mix), 14.Last Christmas (remix), 15.Another Day,

Whigfield III (7th Sep 2000)

1.Be My Baby, 2.Much More, 3.Unbelievable, 4.Lost In You, 5.Makin' My Day, 6.Outside, 7.Upon A Star, 8.All Your Love, 9.Mi Amor, 10.Waitin' For Saturday, 11.Doo Whop (album), 12.Whigfield Megamix,

Greatest Hits (2001)

1.Saturday Night, 2.Sexy Eyes, 3.Another Day, 4.Think Of You, 5.Big Time, 6.Much More, 7.No Tears To Cry, 8.Be My Baby, 9.Baby Boy, 10.Gimme Gimme, 11.Tu Seras Mi Baby, 12.Doo-Whop, 13.Making My Day, 14.Whigfield Megamix,

Eurodance (Canada only) (2001)

1.Much More, 2.Doo-Whop, 3.Sexy Eyes, 4.Givin' All My Love, 5.Baby Boy, 6.Lover, 7.Gimme Gimme, 8.Forever On My Mind, 9.Be My Baby, 10.All Your Love, 11.Lost In You, 12.Waitin' For Saturday Night, 13.Unbelievable, 14.Upon A Star, 15.Mi Amor, 16.Mega Mix 2000, 17.Doo-Whop (Rivaz Tune Remix), 18.Much More (Echotest Radio Remix),

Whigfield III CD 1 (23rd Feb 2001)

1.Be My Baby, 2.Much More, 3.Unbelievable, 4.Lost In You, 5.Makin? My Day, 6.Outside, 7.Upon A Star, 8.All Your Love, 9.Mi Amor, 10.Waitin For Saturday, 11.Doo Whop (Abm),

Whigfield III (Asian Edition) CD 2 (23rd Feb 2001)

1.Doo Whop (Abm Extended - Original), 2.Doo Whop (Rivaz Tune Club), 3.Doo Whop (G. Side Extened), 4.Be My Baby (Edit House Mix), 5.Be My Baby (Extended House Mix), 6.Be My Baby (B.O.S. Mix), 7.Be My Baby (Tequila Dub), 8.Tu Seras Mi Baby (Spanish Version), 9.Whigfield Megamix (Think Of You, Another Day, Saturday Night, Sexy Eyes & Be My Baby),

Whigfield III (Asian Edition) Video CD (23rd Feb 2001)

1.Video Be My Baby, 2.Video Givin? All My Love, 3.Video Baby Boy, 4.Video No Tears To Cry, 5.Video Gimme Gimme, 6.Video Sexy Eyes, 7.Video Big Time, 8.Video Saturday Night, 9.Video Close To You, 10.Video Another Day, 11.Video Think Of You, 12.Video Last Christmas,

Whigfield IV (13th May 2002)

1.Gotta Getcha, 2.Amazing And Beautiful, 3.Beep Beep, 4.Boys Boys Boys, 5.Fantasy, 6.Candy, 7.I Knew People, 8.My Love Is Gone, 9.Get Get Get, 10.Take Me to The Summertime, 12.Welcome To Fun, 13.Fun Fun, 14.Every Single Day And Night, 15.Tomorrow,

Was A Time (2004)

1.Was A Time, 2.Amazing And Beautiful, 3.Beep Beep, 4.Boys Boys Boys, 5.Fantasy, 6.Candy, 7.I Knew Before, 8.My Love's Gone, 9.Get Get Get, 10.Take Me To The Summertime, 11.Outside Life, 12.Welcome To Fun, 13.My My, 14.Every Single Day And Night, 15.Tomorrow, 16.Gotta Getcha,

Waiting for Saturday - Her Greatest Hits (26th Apr 2004)

1.Saturday Night, 2.Another Day, 3.Sexy Eyes, 4.Summer Samba, 5.Through The Night, 6.Be My Baby, 7.Doo Whop, 8.Gotta Getcha, 9.Amazing And Beautiful, 10.Get Get Get, 11.My My, 12.Tenderly, 13.Close To You, 14.Tomorrow, 15.Waitin' For Saturday,

X-Tremely Fun - Workout with Whigfield (9th Aug 2004)

1.Was A Time, 2.Sexy Eyes, 3.Saturday Night, 4.Gotta Getcha, 5.Another Day, 6.Waitin' For Saturday, 7.Tomorrow, 8.Be My Baby, 9.I Want To Love, 10.Much More, 11.Think Of You, 12.Summer Samba,

Greatest Remix Hits (26th Apr 2006)

1.Saturday Night (Abigail's Party Remix), 2.Was A Time (Favretto Remix), 3.Gimme Gimme (American Cut), 4.Think Of You (David Remix), 5.No Tears To Cry (Original Extended), 6.Sexy Eyes (David's Epic Experience), 7.Givin' All My Lovin' (Alesis Extended Mix), 8.Gotta Getcha (Extended), 9.Much More (DJ Nukk Extended), 10.Whigfield Megamix, 11.Close To You (Downtown Remix), 12.Doo Whop (Rivaz Tune Club), 13.Gimme Gimme (Original Vox Extended), 14.Was A Time (Yagor Mix),

All In One (Oct 2007)

1.Think Of You, 2.Another Day, 3.Right In The Night, 4.Was A Time, 5.Close To You, 6.Saturday Night, 7.Rainbow, 8.Gotta Getcha, 9.No Tears To Cry, 10.Sexy Eyes, 11.Givin' All My Love, 12.Out Of Sight,


It's Allright

Another Day (23rd Jun 1994)

Saturday Night (11th Jul 1994) 

Think Of You (5th May 1995)

Megamix (5th May 1995)

Big Time (17th Jul 1995)

Close To You (Nov 1995)

Last Christmas (10th Nov 1995)

I Want To Love (28th Feb 1996)

Sexy Eyes vol 1 (29th Mar 1996)

Sexy Eyes vol 2 (29th Mar 1996)

Gimme Gimme (11th Nov 1996)

Baby Boy (23rd Jul 1997)

No Tears To Cry (17th Oct 1997)

Summer Samba (1998)

Giving All My Love (Jul 1998)

Be My Baby (3rd May 1999)

Doo Whop (13th Apr 2000)

Much More (6th Dec 2000)

Gotta Getcha (27th May 2002)

Amazing And Beautiful (23rd Sep 2002)

Saturday Night 2003 (13th Feb 2003)

The Battle Mix (2nd Nov 2003)

Was A Time (Apr 2004)

Think Of You 2007 (10th Dec 2007)

Right In The Night (May 2008)

Saturday Night (KLM Music Ремиксы:) (13th Jan 2009)

No Doubt (9th Dec 2009)


Saturday Night Holiday Ремиксы: (1994)

Another Day (1994)

Saturday Night remix '94 (1994)

Think Of You (The Dance Mixes) (1995)

Sexy Eyes (1998)

Producers : Davide Riva, A. Pignagnoli


White (Jessica)


Gimme More (1994)


White Widow


I Love The World (1997)

Spy (9th Dec 1998)


Who's Eddie


Take Me Up (1996)

Hot Stuff (Jun 1998)




Don't Give It Up (1995)




Black Velvet

Here Comes The Rain

Kind Of Magic

One Vision

Only You




Gimme Love Again (1st May 1993)

Victim (11th Sep 1993)

Only One (1994)

You Came (1994)

Come Into My Life (17th Feb 1995)

Future (14th Jun 1995)

In The Name Of Love (9th Sep 1997)

Little Angela (12th Feb 1998)

Fire On The Moon (8th Jun 1998)

Looking For Love (8th Dec 1998)

Tell Me What To Do (22nd Oct 1999)

I Can Hear Your Heartbeat (1st Aug 2000)

Produced by SAIFAM Publishing Group (label 21st Century)


Wild Card


Get Back (1994)


Wild (Tanya)


I Remember My Life (1994)




2 Become 1 (28th Jan 1998)

1.2 Become 1, 2.In My Arms, 3.Dance Into The Light, 4.My Body (Special duet with Cristina Dori), 5.When I Hear You, 6.One Of Us, 7.Love Makes Me Higher (with Tameka), 8.New Light (Special duet with Cristina Dori), 9.I Wanna See The Sun, 10.2 Become 1 (Alviz House Mix), 11.In My Arms (Factory Team Mix), 12.Wildside's Megamix,


Love Makes Me Higher (8th May 1993)

New Light (1994)

My Body (7th Jan 1994)

Heartbeat (Be My Baby) (18th Sep 1995)

I Wanna See The Sun (1996)

One Of Us (21st May 1996)

Dance Into The Light (10th Dec 1996)

2 Become 1 (28th May 1997)

In My Arms (30th Sep 1997)

Open My Door (13th Jul 1998)

Take A Chance (12th Jan 1999)

Nothing To Loose (14th Jun 1999)

Babe I Love Your Way (5th Oct 1999)

In My Heart In My Soul (11th May 2000)

Queen Of Love (2001)

Forever Forever Forever (11th Jan 2001)

The Winner Takes It All (Feb 2002)

I'll Be Your Light (2006)




Stay (24th May 1994)


Williams (Georgia)


Keep It Up (1994)

Label : Dig It International


Williams (Loree)


I Keep Loving You (10th Sep 1994)

Gimme Your Love (18th Nov 1996)


Wilson (Marc)


Taste of Luv

Locomotion (26th Sep 1994)

Feel My Body (24th May 1996)

C'est La Vie (3rd Feb 1997)

Make My Day (16th Feb 1998)


Wilson (Peter)


Follow Me (8th Oct 2007)

1.In My Dreams, 2.Follow Me, 3.Doin' Fine, 4.Best Years Of My Life, 5.Seven Sins, 6.Your Love Is My Light, 7.Wait By The Radio, 8.High On It, 9.I Love You Unashamed, 10.Don't Cry Tonight, 11.Chemical Reaction, 12.Love's Slipping (Through My Fingers), 13.Don't Go Away, 14.Best Love You Never Had, 15.Whisper To A Scream, 16.Rocket To Your Heart, 17.I Wanna Dance (2007 Remix), 18.I Love You Unashamed (Willie2400 Remix),


I Wanna Dance (Mar 1994)

Move (Dec 1994)

Into The Night (Oct 1995)

Endless Summer Days (1997)

Mama Told Me (15th Feb 1999)


Wilson-James (Victoria)


Perseverance (1991)

1.Through, 2.Bright Lights, 3.One World, 4.2nd Nature, 5.Angel Calling, 6.Woman Of Colours, 7.Perseverance Works, 8.Rest Of Your Life, 9.Future World, 10.Works (Instrumental), 11.Through (Classic Club Mix),

Colorfields (1997)

1.Find The Child (Dream Child Edit), 2.We Know Who We Are (Mr. C Progressive Mix Edit), 3.Colorfields (Radiating (Original) Version), 4.U Can't Hide, 5.Reach 4 The Melody (Alex Party Radio Edit), 6.Surrender (Datura Mix/Album Version), 7.Spectacular, 8.The Equation, 9.Happiness, 10.Movin' On (Original Version), 11.Open Ocean, 12.Reality (Ms V. 'Don't Worry' Edit), 13.Movin' On (Kumo Mix), 14.Reach 4 The Melody ('On Samba Trip' Remix),

Indestructible - The Complete VWJ (26th Mar 2007)

1.Through (Soul II Soul Mix), 2.Woman Of Colours (Soul II Soul Mix), 3.Whatcha Gonna Do (Third Ear Mix), 4.Rest Of Your Life (Soul II Soul Mix), 5.Good Vibrations (Third Ear Mix), 6.The Journey (Brooke & Trans Mix), 7.Swim With The Dolphins (Ralph Falcon Mix), 8.No Fear (Third Ear Mix), 9.Bright Lights (Nellee Hooper / Soul II Soul Mix), 10.Music Of Life (Rontom / Professor Stretch Mix), 11.Time 2 Stop Running (Mike McEvoy / Ernie McKone Mix), 12.Movin' On (Third Ear Mix), 13.Act Like That (Loot Mix), 14.Change My Life (Loot Remix), 15.Thoughts Of You (Barry Bee Mix), 16.I'll Be Your Friend,

Indestructible - The Complete VWJ (26th Mar 2007)

1.Reality (Basement Boys Mix), 2.Transcendental Rhythm (Chad Jackson Mix), 3.The Equation (Murk Mix), 4.Find The Child (Rontom / Professor Stretch Mix), 5.Change My Life (Ocean Bloem Mix), 6.Crash Landed (DAX Mix), 7.Circles Of Love (Mr. C Mix), 8.Fly Away (Interlude Mix), 9.Share Our Lives (Bhooka & T-Bone Mix), 10.Dare To Dream (Bhooka & T-Bone Mix), 11.Reach 4 The Melody (Boris Dlugosch Clubbers Vocal Edit), 12.Spellbound (Barry B Mix), 13.Yo' Freek (Soul-Tek Bella Lugosi Mix), 14.Find The Child (Indigo Crystal Child Mix), 15.I Need Someone (Ralph Falcon Mix),


Through (1991)

Boogie Wonderland (1993)

Reach 4 The Melody (1995)

Find The Child (1996)

Fandango (Oct 2000)

Yo' Freek (2007)


Find The Child (1996)



Winter (Leslie)


Different World (1997)

Label : Max Music (Spain)


Without Face


Boy At Night

Never Be (1995)

Label : Outlab records / Reflex.


Without Words


Assyrian (1991)

Hamen (1991)

Always And Forever (1996)

Producers : Bruno Guerrini & Sergio Nigro. Label : BWC Records.




In Our Dreams (1995)

Movin' Around (1995)

Be On A Star (1996)

Fantasy Of Love (1997)


Work No Work


Who Can It Be Now (29th Apr 1994)

Label : Replay


Wright (Natascha)


Free To Live It (2004)

1.Journey, 2.Your Love Is A Beautiful Thing, 3.To Be With You, 4.All I Want, 5.15 Minutes Of Fame, 6.nothing But Luv 4 U, 7.Good Love, 8.Free To Live It, 9.If It's A Crime, 10.Treat Me Bad, 11.Scandalous, 12.Why Not, 13.Forever Yours, 14.Fever, 15.I Miss You, 16.Take It Nice And Slow,

Let's Fly High Up In The Sky (2008)

1.Is You Is Or Is You Ain't, 2.As We Fall In Love Once More, 3.Sit And Wait, 4.This Time Next Year, 5.Nothing But Love, 6.Gentle Rain, 7.Anybody Seen My Baby, 8.On The Beach, 9.You Mean The World To Me, 10.Let's Fly High Up In The Sky, 11.If I Can't Have You, 12.My Cherie Amor,


Selfcontrol (1988)

Hot Stuff (1989)

Crazy Love (1991)

Wake Me (1992)

Watcha Gonna Do (1992)

Party Of One (28th Feb 1994)

Lovely Lie (15th Nov 1994)

Say You Think Of Me (24th Jul 1995)

To Be With You (2005)