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S Moore


Touch Me (3rd Dec 1993)

Everyday (1994)




Set Me Free (24th May 1994)




Hallo (1996)

The Way (1997)

Gonna Get Your Love (1999)




Sabrina (24th Sep 1987)

1.Boys, 2.Hot Girl, 3.Get Ready, 4.Kiss, 5.Sexy Girl, 6.Kiss Me, 7.Lady Marmalade, 8.My Sharona, 9.Da Ya Think I'm Sexy,

Something Special (1988)

1.Multimegamix, 2.My Chico (P.W.L. Remix), 3.Boys (Summertime Love), 4.Hot Girl (Dub Version), 5.Lady Marmelade (Extended Version), 6.All Of Me (P.W.L. Remix), 7.The Sexy Girl Mix For Boys And Hot Girls, 8.My Sharona (Extended Version),

Super Sabrina (1989)

1.Like A Yo Yo, 2.All Of Me, 3.Doctor's Orders, 4.Funky Girl, 5.My Chico, 6.Pirate Of Love, 7.Guys And Dolls, 8.Sex, 9.All Of Me (Boy Oh Boy) (Remix), 10.My Chico (Extended Version),

Over The Pop (1991)

1.Yeah Yeah, 2.Vola, 3.Dirty Boy Look, 4.With A Boy Like You, 5.Yesterday Once More, 6.Shadows Of The Night, 7.Afraid To Love, 8.Promises In The Dark, 9.You Can Get It If You Really Want, 10.Love Dream, 11.Domination, 12.Love Is Like Magic,

Maschio dove sei (1996)

1.Maschio Dove Sei, 2.Palpito d'amore, 3.Fatta e Rifatta, 4.Cuore, 5.Nonva, 6.La Porta e' Sempre la', 7.Alice Rivivra', 8.Messico, 9.Tango Italiano, 10.Gioco Perverso,

Numeri (1996)

1.Numeri, 2.Maschio Dove Sei, 3.Palpito d'amore, 4.Fatta e Rifatta, 5.Cuore, 6.Nonva, 7.La Porta e' Sempre la', 8.Alice Rivivra', 9.Messico, 10.Tango Italiano, 11.Gioco Perverso,

Boys (1997)

1.Boys, 2.Like a Yo Yo, 3.Sexy Girl, 4.All of Me, 5.Funky Girl, 6.Doctor's Orders, 7.My Chico, 8.Pirate of Love, 9.Guys and Dolls, 10.S E X,

A Flower's Broken (1999)

1.Shallala, 2.Jimmy, 3.I Love You, 4.Diamond In The Sand, 5.I Want You, 6.You Oughta Know, 7.Flowers Broken, 8.Love Is All There Is, 9.Russian Lover, 10.Never Too Late, 11.Flowers Broken (last mixed),

Erase / Rewind official remix (3rd Oct 2008)

1.All Of Me, 2.Sexy Girl, 3.Funky girl, 4.My Chico, 5.Sex, 6.Boys, 7.Erase Rewind, 8.Hot Girl, 9.Gringo, 10.Born To Be Alive, 11.Like A Yo Yo, 12.Angel Boy, 13.I Love you (RMX),

Erase / Rewind official remix (3rd Oct 2008)

1.No Matter what you say, 2.Skin on skin, 3.Mama said, 4.Now is the time, 5.Don't want to be falling in love, 6.You lie to me, 7.Maybe your love, 8.Goodbye baby, 9.Yes, 10.Stay a While, 11.Shooting the red light, 12.Brand new Way, 13.Deep Water,


Guys And Dolls

Pirate Of Love

Sexy Girl (1987)

Boys (1987)

Hot Girl (1988)

Lady Marmelade (1988)

Voulez-Vous Coucher Avec Moi ? /Kiss (1988)

All Of Me (1988)

My Chico (1988)

Like A Yoyo (SAW Remix) (1989)

Sex (1989)

Gringo (1989)

Doctor's Orders (1989)

Siamo Donne (1991)

Cover Model (1991)

Shadows Of The Night (29th Jun 1991)

Yeah Yeah (19th Dec 1991)

Rockawillie (22nd Apr 1994)

Boys '95 (1995)

Angel Boy (17th Jan 1995)

Fatta E Rifatta (1996)

I Love You (1999)

Boys Boys Boys (8th Jul 2003)

I Feel Love (2005)

Erase Rewind (2009)

Call Me (16th Jun 2010)




Sadie (1996)

1.Are You Ready?, 2.All Night Long, 3.Feels So Good, 4.Dedicated To You, 5.Satisfy, 6.Stop Holding Back, 7.I'm Not Asking For Much, 8.Lovin' You Lovin' Me, 9.Step Into The Light, 10.When You Were Mine, 11.Just Can't Get Enough,


Dedicated To You (9th Oct 1995)

Just Can't Get Enough (10th Apr 1996)

All Night Long (13th Dec 1996)




Love Is All We Need (15th May 1995)


Safety House


Come On Baby (1994)


Salinas (Joy)


Joy Salinas (1991)

1.The Mystery Of Love, 2.Tears Are Falling, 3.When I'm With you, 4.Groove My Lovin', 5.Come To My World, 6.Rockin' Romance (Blackbox rmx), 7.Passage Of Your Dreams, 8.Stay Tonight, 9.Truth Is The Answer,

Bip Bip (1993)

1.Comin', 2.I'm A Lady, 3.Give A Little Love, 4.Bip Bip, 5.Take Sometime, 6.You're Gonna Make Me Love Somebody Else, 7.Hands Off, 8.Man Of My Dreams, 9.No Guarantees, 10.Talk To Me, 11.Nothing's Impossible To Do, 12.People Talk,

Dream In Paradise (1996)

1.Dream In Paradise (sunlight mix), 2.Give Me A Break (extended vrs.), 3.Gotta Be Good (Get fair mix), 4.Do You Wanna Break Down, 5.Come With Me, 6.Deputy Of Love, 7.Callin You Love, 8.Let Me Say I Do, 9.Show Me The Light, 10.Dream In Paradise (Moonlight mix),


Paris Nights (1989)

Rockin Romance (9th Apr 1991)

The Mistery Of Love (12th Nov 1991)

Stay Tonight (25th Apr 1992)

Bip Bip (8th May 1993)

Hands Off (18th Sep 1993)

People Talk (7th Jan 1994)

Gotta Be Good (17th Jun 1994)

Calling You Love (19th Jan 1995)

Let Me Say I Do (12th Apr 1995)

Deputy Of Love (18th Dec 1995)

Give Me A Break (18th Nov 1996)

Dream In Paradise (20th Feb 1997)

I Can't Stop (14th Apr 2003)




No More I Love You's

The Reason (1998)

Thanks to Abelito




When I Look Into Your Eyes (14th Oct 1994)

The Rain (15th May 1995)

Love Train (25th Sep 1995)

I Can't Get You (10th Oct 1997)

It Was Him (6th Sep 1999)


When I Look Into Your Eyes (1994)

When I Look Into Your Eyes (Special Italo Ремиксы:) (1994)

Members : Samira Besic (singer), V. Lindner, Douglas John Wilgrove (producer)

Artists and groups featuring Samira:

Bongo Beat - Do What You Want (1993)

GE Con-X-ion - Gotta Have The Music (1995)

Markus Engel - Definition Of Life (2009)

Maxx - Get-A-Way (1993)

Slam - We Get Around (1994)


Sampson PM


Listen To My Heartbeat (1990)

1.Special Disc, 2.How I Miss You (Airplay Club Mix), 3.Tell Me Why, 4.Girl, Gonna Rock Your World, 5.I Wanna Be Your Lover Again, 6.We Love To Love, 7.Listen To My Heartbeat, 8.Come Together, 9.Nobody's Gonna Love You, 10.Hot Bodies On The Beach, 11.What Is Love (No Secrets), 12.We Love To Love (Mosaic Club Mix), 13.Note,


We Love To Love (1990)

How I Miss You So (1990)

You're The Only One For Me (1992)

Ain't Over Now (1994)

Real Name: Mychal Sampson


Sanders (Kim)


Pretty On Edge (2nd Jun 2003)

1.Something About You, 2.Always Here Without You, 3.Out Of Line, 4.Satisfy You, 5.Tricky, 6.Running, 7.Sunburned, 8.Better Than That, 9.You Don't Do Shit For Me, 10.I Hate Myself, 11.Still You, 12.Reason, 13.Release,

A Closer Look (6th Nov 2009)

1.Aphrodite, 2.If you don't..., 3.In between, 4.The moment, 5.Somebody said, 6.Take me, 7.Truth is..., 8.Vanilla, 9.Come over, 10.Girl of mystery, 11.Wearing wings on my house, 12.Ladies man, 13.What love would do, 14.Yellow mondays,


Full Time (1991)

Show Me (21st Apr 1993)

Tell Me That You Want Me (7th Jan 1994)

Ride (4th Oct 1994)

Jealousy (19th Mar 1996)

Food For Thought (19th Mar 2001)

Something About You (22nd Apr 2003)

Tricky (21st Jul 2003)


Show Me

Tell Me That You Want Me (1994)

Jealousy (Underground Mixes) (1996)




Colours (1998)

1.Take My Heart, 2.Africa, 3.Whenever You Need Me, 4.Dancing On The Beach, 5.Step (Intro), 6.Step Into The Music, 7.Dreamin' Of You, 8.Close To You, 9.Shout Everybody!, 10.Holiday, 11.Show Me, 12.Right Here Right Now, 13.Secret,


Secret (1996)

Dancing On The Beach (18th May 1997)

Holiday (1998)

Show Me (1998)

Africa (9th Nov 1998)

Whenever You Need Me (1999)




Bad Boy (28th Sep 1995)

Cf. Chambers (Sandra)


Sandy C


Words Of Love


Cf. Chambers (Sandra).




Such Is My World (1995)


Sangster (Jackie)


Knocking On Wood (29th Aug 2002)

Artists and groups featuring Sangster (Jackie)

Adrian & Alfarez - What's Going On (1995)

Culture Beat - Can't Go On Like This (2004), Insanity (2001), Mr Vain Recall (2003), Your Love (2008)



Dream House Group


Gangsta's Paradise (1995)

Killing Me Softly (1996)

Bohemian Rhapsody (1996)

Don't Speak (1997)

Find A Way (1998)

Label: Worldbus Records.




Eu sei Tu es (25th Mar 1998)

1.Eu Sei, Tu es, 2.Rumos da Verdade, 3.Es Demais, 4.Nao da P'ra Viver Sem Ti, 5.Sem Conseguir Entrar em Ti, 6.Happy Maravilha, 7.Tropic lia Caliente, 8.Gosto Que Tu Gostes, 9.Foi Assim Que Descobri, 10.Em Preto e Branco, 11.So a Ti, So a Ti, 12.Eu Sei, Tu es... (Club Remix), 13.Eu Sei, Tu es... (The Jashook Piano Version),

Sem Limite (27th Apr 1999)

1.Tudo P'ra Te Amar, 2.Sem Oasis Para Amar, 3.Quero Te Mais, 4.Nao Sei Como Saber, 5.Falesia Do Amor, 6.Happy Maravilha '99 (feat Whigfield), 7.Cor D'Amnesia, 8.Meu Lugar, Meu Mundo, 9.Ja Nao!... Ja Nao Posso Mais, 10.Incrivelmente Apaixonante, 11.Tudo P'ra Te Amar (Power House Remix), 12.Tudo P'ra Te Amar (Summer Club Mix), 13.Tudo P'ra Te Amar (DJ Jas Hook Remix),

Voar (31st May 2000)

1.A Voar (Em Ti), 2.Quero Tudo (E Muito Mais), 3.Castelos Na Areia (Funny Game), 4.Es Um Delirio, 5.Ver O Que Tu Ves, 6.No Teu Universo, 7.Quando O Amor Chega (Chega Ao Coracao), 8.Estou Fora De Mim, 9.Sempre, Sempre Iguais, 10.Renascer Em Ti, 11.A Voar ''Em Ti'' (Powered by DJ Lucana), 12.A Voar ''Em Ti'' (Powered by DJ Jas Hook), 13.Megamix,

Reflexus (12th Jun 2001)

1.Intro (Welcome to the World of Dance), 2.Quero Ser... (Tudo P'ra Ti), 3.Vou Amar-te Sem Destino, 4.E Bom ... Es Tu!, 5.So Um Gesto Teu, 6.Ja Nao Da P'ra Esperar, 7.Coracao Nao Chora, 8.Espelho De Agua, 9.Magia De Amar, 10.No Calor Do Desejo, 11.Love Dance (Amor No Ar), 12.O Lado Oculto De Ti, 13.Seducao (Feel The Beat), 14.Vontade de Esquecer, 15.Fala-me Ao Coracao, 16.Quero Ser... ''Tudo P'ra Ti'' (Powered by DJ Lucana),

4 Dance (12th Jul 2002)

1.Vou Entrar No Teu Olhar, 2.Meu Sonho Es Tu (So Tu), 3.I Want You Anyway, 4.Es Minha Magia, 5.Desejo Azul, 6.'Dei A Volta' Ao Mundo, 7.So Eu Sei (Bongo Version), 8.Vou Nas Asas De Um Sonho, 9.Tu Vais Ser Quem Eu Quero Ter, 10.So Te Quero, So Te Adoro, 11.Luz No Teu Silencio, 12.Sinto No Ar Teu Olhar, 13.I Want You Anyway (DJ Lucana Club Extended),

Boogie Woogie (2nd Jul 2003)

1.Boogie Woogie ''The Song'', 2.Gosto De Amar, 3.Tudo Em Ti Tudo em Mim, 4.Pedacos De Tempo, 5.Razao De Ser ''Para te Amar'', 6.Eu Sei, Tu Es..., 7.Nao Da P'ra Viver Sem Ti, 8.Es Demais, 9.Tudo P'ra Te Amar, 10.Falesia Do Amor, 11.Quero Te Mais, 12.A Voar ''Em Ti'', 13.Castelos Na Areia ''Funny Game'', 14.Quando O Amor Chega ''Chega Ao Coracao'', 15.Quero Ser ''Tudo P'ra Ti'', 16.Vou Entrar No Teu Olhar, 17.Vou Nas Asas De Um Sonho,

2 Beat (29th Apr 2005)

1.Intro, 2.Amor Em Qualquer cor, 3.Dalay Lama, 4.Raggajam, 5.Viajar No Pensamento, 6.Tu Es O Que Eu Mais Quero, 7.Sei Que Vai Acontecer, 8.Es Tudo O Que Eu Quero Ter, 9.Amar Contigo (O Segredo Da Paixao), 10.Templo Do Sol, 11.O Tempo Que Te Dou, 12.Num Gesto De Amor, 13.I Run To You... I'm Loving You, 14.Dalay Lama (Techmix), 15.Dalay Lama (Dubmix),

8 (3rd Jul 2006)

1.Intro, 2.Ja nao tens nada a ver, 3.Nao estas aqui, 4.Poder ver-te outra vez (aqui), 5.Ser loucura em ti, 6.Naveguei nos teus sonhos, 7.Es meu sol!! .. (es paz), 8.Estar onde nao estou, 9.No teu vazio..., 10.Luz do meu segredo, 11.Es quem eu quero mais, 12.Quando eu te abracar, 13.Nesta danca… (louca), 14.Quero perder-me em teu olhar, 15.Pecado real, 16.Ja nao tens nada a ver (Lucana Remix),

Hit Singles – Best Of (Aug 2006)

1.Tudo p'ra te amar, 2.Raggajam, 3.Quando o amor chega, 4.Falesia do amor, 5.Gosto de amar, 6.Break my Stride, 7.Eu sei, tu es..., 8.Quero-te mais, 9.Nao da p'ra viver sem ti, 10.Quero Ser, 11.Castelos na areia, 12.Boogie Woogie, 13.A voar, 14.Razao de ser, 15.Es demais, 16.Templo do Sol, 17.Happy Maravilha, 18.Dalay Lama, 19.Vou entrar no teu olhar, 20.Vou nas asas de um sonho,

Elements (13th Jul 2007)

1.Eu quero saber (se sou amor ou ilusao), 2.Por um mundo melhor (vamos lutar), 3.Vou mudar (por ti), 4.Lagrimas de amor (esquecidas), 5.Eu sei (que te quero), 6.Tu es minha vida (eu sei), 7.No frio do meu corpo, 8.Em ti, quero estar, 9.Nao quero mais fugir (de ti), 10.Como se voasse (nas asas brancas de um anjo), 11.Foste magia (em mim), 12.O tempo passa (em mim), 13.Eu quero saber (se sou amor ou ilusao) (Mix),

Virtual (13th Jun 2008)

1.So eu te quero, 2.O amor que ha em nos, 3.Es quem eu sempre quis, 4.O adeus no teu olhar, 5.Foste mesmo so tu, 6.Junto de ti, 7.Sem te ter aqui pra mim, 8.Sempre no teu corpo, 9.Saber se es real, 10.Fui eu que nao quis o amor, 11.Perdida no meu mundo, 12.O nosso lugar de emocoes, 13.Um anjo de asas brancas, 14.So eu te quero (Remix),

Xplosion (4th Jul 2009)

1.Eu sem ti... (Alma perdida), 2.Vou despertar em ti, 3.Na alma do amor, 4.Vou escrever o que perdi, 5.Na magia do luar, 6.Abri a porta do teu ser, 7.Let's go to party, 8.Es um anjo (em mim), 9.Quis sofrer no fim, 10.Quero ser igual a ti, 11.Sem tu estares aqui, 12.Preciso de ti (eu sei), 13.O meu mundo es tu (es um sonho),

Play (22nd Jun 2010)

1.Tudo de mim para ti, 2.O mundo so pra nos, 3.So uma noite contigo, 4.Sem ti, e o meu lugar, 5.Quero sentir teu amor, 6.Perdidos no olhar [Feat. Shila], 7.Livro de segredos, 8.Leva-me contigo (num sonho), 9.Ja nao sei de mim (sem ti), 10.Fugir de ti (e esquecer), 11.Fiz de ti minha ilusao, 12.Es brilho no meu ser, 13.So uma noite contigo (Remix),


Eu sei, tu es... (1998)

Nao da p'ra viver sem ti (1998)

Es demais (1998)

Tudo pr'a te amar (1999)

Falesia do amor (1999)

Quero-te mais (1999)

A voar (2000)

Quero tudo (2000)

Castelos na areia (2000)

Quando o amor chega (2000)

Quero ser (2001)

Espelho de agua (2001)

Vou Amar-te Sem Destino (2001)

Vou entrar no teu olhar (2002)

Meu sonho es tu (2002)

Vou nas asas de um sonho (2002)

I want you anyway (2002)

Boogie Woogie (2003)

Gosto do amor (2003)

Dalay lama (2005)

Tu es o que eu mais quero (2005)

Raggajam (2005)

Ja nao tens nada a ver (2006)

Es meu sol (2006)

Pecado real (2006)

Poder ver-te outra vez (2006)

Eu quero saber (2007)

Por um mundo melhor (2007)

Lagrimas de amor (2007)

So eu te quero (2008)

Sem te ter aqui pr'a mim (2008)

Junto De Ti (Num Gesto De Amor) (2008)

Eu Sem Ti... (Alma Perdida) (2009)

Na Alma Do Amor (2009)

Vou Escrever O Que Perdi (2009)

Tudo de mim (Para ti) (2010)




Beat Of The Night (1989)

Time Goes On (1989)

Love Is Like A Replay (1990)

Time Of Change (1994)

Hold Me Tonight (1998)

Label : Asia Records (SAIFAM).



Dream House Group


Lovin' You (8th Apr 1996)

You (1998)


Sarah (2)


Heart Of Fire (1995)

No relationship with the French artist Sarah.

Thanks to Emperor Absolutus


Sartorello Forniture


Move Baby Move (1994)

Mr Saxophone (1996)




It's My Life (30th Jun 1997)

1.It's My Life, 2.Encore Une Fois (feat. Sabine Ohmes), 3.Ecuador (feat. Rodriguez), 4.Mighty Break, 5.The Final Pizzi, 6.Cheating Twister, 7.Stay (feat. La Trec), 8.Sweat, 9.Hoopstar, 10.It's My Life (NBG Remix), 11.Encore Une Fois (Future Breeze Mix), 12.Ecuador (Bruce Wayne Remix),

Life Goes On (17th Aug 1998)

1.La Primavera, 2.Mysterious Times (feat. Tina Cousins), 3.Move Mania (feat. Shannon), 4.Colour The World (feat. Dr Alban), 5.The Trip (feat. Inka), 6.Non Existant Nothing, 7.Intercontinental Invaders, 8.It's My Life Part II, 9.Life Goes On, 10.Little River, 11.Bocaraton, 12.Oliver Momm's Sash! Hit Mix,

Life Goes On (3rd Dec 1998)

1.La Primavera, 2.Mysterious Times (feat. Tina Cousins), 3.Move Mania (feat. Shannon), 4.Colour The World (feat. Dr. Alban), 5.The Trip 1.03 (feat. Inka), 6.Non Existant Nothing, 7.Intercontinental Invaders, 8.It's My Life Part II, 9.Life Goes On, 10.Little River, 11.Bocaraton, 12.Oliver Momm's Sash! Hit Mix,

Life Goes On (3rd Dec 1998)

1.La Primavera (Original Extended Mix), 2.La Primavera (Oliver Momm Remix), 3.Mysterious Times (Maxi Version), 4.Mysterious Times (John B. Norman Mix), 5.Mysterious Times (Todd Terry's Club Mix), 6.Move Mania (Original Extended Mix), 7.Move Mania (Morel & Bristol Da Boom Mix), 8.Colour The World (Original Extended Mix), 9.Colour The World (Dario G X-Tended Mix),

Trilenium (3rd Apr 2000)

1.Rock The Block, 2.Adelante, 3.With My Own Eyes, 4.Show Me The Right Way, 5.Le Soleil Noir, 6.Just Around The Hill, 8.Tell Me Now, 9.Trilenium, 10.Halleluja, 11.Together Again, 12.Destination Unknown, 13.Multiply Teaser, 14.My Kind Of Blues, 15.Chill Out No,

Best Of - Encore Une Fois (13th Nov 2000)

1.Encore Une Fois (Future Breeze Edit), 2.Ecuador, 3.Stay, 4.La Primavera, 5.Mysterious Times, 6.Move Mania, 7.Colour The World, 8.Adelante, 9.Just Around The Hill, 10.With My Own Eyes, 12.11, 13.Sweat, 14.Little River, 15.Multiply Teaser, 16.Together Again,

Best Of - Encore Une Fois (13th Nov 2000)

1.Oliver Momm's Hitmix,

S4! (29th Oct 2002)

1.Ouverture, 2.Ganbareh, 3.I Believe (feat. T.J.Davis), 4.The Sunset, 5.The Secret (feat. Sarah Brightman), 6.Run (feat. Boy George), 7.Rainforest, 8.Nessun Dorma, 9.Luna LLena (feat. La Isla), 10.Habibi, 11.Peace Of Mind (feat. Kirstin), 12.Baila Loca, 13.Stop Pushin' (feat. Marvin Broadie), 14.S 4 Sash, 15.The Walk, 16.Don't Be So Rude,

10th Anniversary (2007)

1.It's My Life, 2.Encore Une Fois, 3.Ecuador, 4.Stay, 5.La Primavera, 6.Mysterious Times, 7.Move Mania, 8.Colour The World, 9.Adelante, 10.Just Around The Hill, 11.Ganbareh, 12.Run, 13.I Believe, 14.Ecuador reloaded 2007, 15.Ecuador 2007 Samba edition, 16.The Secret 2007, 17.Now It's Time, 18.Just Around The Hill (Unreleased new trance chill out version), 19.Club Dance only,

Encore une Fois Greatest Hits (19th May 2007)

1.Encore une Fois, 2.Ecuador, 3.Stay, 4.La Primavera, 5.Mysterious Times, 6.Move Mania, 7.Colour the World, 8.Adelante, 9.Just Around the Hill, 10.With My Own Eyes, 11.It's My Life - Sash!, Lappessen, Sascha, 12.Sweat, 13.Little River, 14.Multiply Teaser, 15.Together Again - Sash!, Alisson, Thomas, 16.Oliver Momm's Hitmix V. 3.0: Encore une Fois,

Encore une Fois Greatest Hits (19th May 2007)

1.Intro - Sash!,, 2.Mysterious Times, 3.Move Mania, 4.Move Mania, 5.Ecuador, 6.With My Own Eyes, 7.Colour the World, 8.Stay, 9.It's My Life - Sash!, Lappessen, Sascha, 10.Ecuador, 11.Encore une Fois, 12.La Primavera, 13.Adelante, 14.Just Around the Hill, 15.Colour the World,

The Best Of Sash! (2008)

1.Encore Une Fois, 2.Ecuador, 3.Stay, 4.La Primavera, 5.Mysterious Times, 6.Move Mania, 7.Colour The World, 8.Adelante, 9.Just Around The Hill (Dance Radio Edit), 10.With My Own Eyes, 11.Ganbareth, 12.Run, 13.I Believe, 14.It's My Life, 15.Raindrops (Encore Une Fois) (Kindervater Edit), 16.Raindrops (Encore Une Fois) (Fonzerelli Re-Work), 17.Just Around The Hill,

The Best Of Sash! (2008)

1.Ecuador (Javi Mula & Joan Reyes Remix), 2.Ecuador (Will Bailey & Calvertron Remix), 3.Ecuador (Bad Behaviour Remix), 4.Stay (Cedric Gervais Vocal Remix), 5.Stay (Fonzerelli Re-Work), 6.Stay (Bass Slammers Remix), 7.La Primavera (Static Shokx Remix), 8.La Primavera (Twocker's Popcorn Remix), 9.La Primavera (3style Remix), 10.Mysterious Times (7th Heaven Remix), 11.Mysterious Times (Spencer & Hill Remix), 12.Mysterious Times (Sound Selektaz Club Mix),

Life Is A Beach (2010)


It's My Life (May 1996)

Encore Une Fois (10th Feb 1997)

Ecuador (22nd Apr 1997)

Stay (3rd Sep 1997)

La Primavera (12th Feb 1998)

Mysterious Times (23rd Jun 1998)

Move Mania (21st Oct 1998)

Colour The World (Jan 1999)

Adelante (21st Oct 1999)

Just Around The Hill (3rd Apr 2000)

Trilenium (24th Apr 2000)

With My Own Eyes (28th Aug 2000)

Ganbareh (1st Jul 2002)

Run (4th Sep 2002)

I Believe (10th Mar 2003)

Ecuador 2005 (2005)

Ecuador 2007 Reloaded (2007)

Raindrops (Encore Une Fois Pt. II) (2008)

Ecuador 2009 (2009)

Mysterious Times 2009 (4th Sep 2009)

All Is Love (2010)




Land Of Promise (1995)

Label : Domino Records.




With You (1995)




To The Moon (1994)

Label : Basix.



HiNRG Group


Tonight (1984)

1.Radio, 2.A Love Again, 3.Fugitive, 4.Tonight, 5.Only You, 6.Turn Around, 7.Don't Cry Tonight,

Greatest Hits (1989)

1.Ten Years Ago (Dub Intro), 2.I'm Loosing You, 3.Goodbye, 4.Jane, 5.I Just Died In Your Arms, 6.Still I'm Loving You, 7.So Close, 8.Ten Years Ago, 9.A Love Again (Remix), 10.Don't Cry Tonight, 11.Radio, 12.Only You, 13.Time, 14.Love Is Death,

Savage (1994)

1.Strangelove, 2.Don't Cry Tonight (E.U.R.O. Mix By Lee Marrow), 3.I'm Loosing You, 4.Goodbye, 5.Don't You Want Me (Radio Version), 6.Only You (Tech Mix By Lee Marrow), 7.I Just Died In Your Arms, 8.Don't Leave Me, 9.A Love Again, 10.Don't You Want Me (Ice Original Mix), 11.Don't Cry Tonight (Rap Mix By Ice MC), 12.Only You, 13.Don't Cry Tonight (Voice Mix), 14.Don't Cry Tonight (Original Version),

Gold (1994)

1.Don't Cry Tonight, 2.Only You, 3.Radio, 4.A Love Again, 5.Fugitive, 6.Time, 7.Computerized Love, 8.Celebrate, 9.Love Is Death, 10.I'm Loosing You, 11.So Close, 12.Goodbye, 13.I Just Died In Your Arms, 14.Don't Cry Tonight - Rap, 15.Don't Leave Me '94, 16.Only You '94, 17.Strangelove,


Don't Cry Tonight (1983)

Only You (1984)

Radio (1984)

A Love Again (1984)

Time (1985)

Celebrate (1986)

Love Is Death (1986)

So Close (1988)

I'm Loosing You (1988)

Goodbye (1989)

I Just Died In Your Arms (1989)

Don't Cry Tonight '89 (1989)

Don't Leave Me (1990)

Something/Strangelove (1993)

Don't You Want Me (1994)

Twothousandnine (2009)

See Roberto Zanetti

Thanks to DJ Stakan


Savoir Faire


Chanson D'Amour (1994)

Label : Italian Style.




Come Into My Life

Music Takes You Higher (17th Oct 1994)

Winner Of The Game (16th Oct 1995)

What's Your Face (1997)

Rapper : Peter D Moore

Producer : Axel Breitung.




Get Your Love (1998)

Here We Go (1998)




Remix '92 mini album (5 tracks) (1992)

1.Just Can't Get Enough, 2.On The Road Again, 3.Chica Boom, 4.I Want My Freedom, 5.Take Me Away Now,


Take Me Away Now (1990)

Chica Boom (1991)

Just Can't Get Enough (1991)

On The Road Again (1991)

Shake It Up (1992)

Take On Me / Tell Me (1st May 1994)

You Got Me Burning Up (26th Sep 1994)

Dance With Me (4th Oct 1995)




Don't Break My Heart (1995)




Gun Shy (1997)

1.Gun Shy, 2.Pure, 3.A World Outside, 4.All I Want, 5.Love To Hate You, 6.Big Area (Club remix), 7.Kill Me Dearly, 8.Your Swaying Arms, 9.Love To Hate You (70's Remix),


Gun Shy (1994)

Big Area (1995)

Pure (1995)

Love To Hate You (1996)

All I Want (1996)

Your Swaying Arms (1997)

Kill Me, Dearly (1997)

Label: Bit Music




Take Me Up (1998)




I'm A Scatgirl (1996)

Scatgirl is a cover of the famous hit Scatman.


Scatman John


Best Of

1.Scatman (Ski-Ba-Bop-Ba-Dop-Bop), 2.Everything Changes, 3.Everybody Jam!, 4.Mambo Jambo, 5.Message to You, 6.Scatman's World, 7.Hi, 8.Scatmusic, 9.The Invisible Man, 10.Stop the Rain, 11.Quiet Desperation, 12.(I Want to) Be Someone, 13.Shut Your Mouth and Open Your Mind, 14.Sing Now!, 15.U-Turn, 16.Ballad of Love,

Scatman's World (1995)

1.Welcome To Scatland, 2.Scatman's World, 3.Only You, 4.Quiet Desperation, 5.Scatman, 6.Sing now, 7.Popstar, 8.Time (Take Your Time), 9.Mambo Jambo, 10.Everything Changes, 11.Song Of Scatland, 12.Hi Louis, 13.Scatman (Game Over Jazz), 14.Scatman (Spike Mix),

Scatman's World (10th Jul 1995)

1.Welcome To Scatland, 2.Scatman's World, 3.Only You, 4.Quiet Desperation, 5.Scatman, 6.Sing now, 7.Popstar, 8.Time (Take Your Time), 9.Mambo Jambo, 10.Everything Changes, 11.Song Of Scatland, 12.Hi Louis, 13.Scatman (remix),

Everybody Jam! (1996)

1.Stop The Rain, 2.Everybody Jam (Single Mix), 3.The Invisible Man, 4.Let It Go (Album Version), 5.Message To You, 6.(I Want To) Be someone, 7.Scatmusic, 8.Shut Your Mouth And Open Your Eyes, 9.(We Got To Learn To) Live Together, 10.Ballad Of Love, 11.People Of The Generation, 12.Lebanon, 13.U Turn, 14.Everybody Jam (Club Jam), 15.Paa Pee Poo Pae Po, 16.I'm Free, 17.Jazzology, 18.PriPri Scat (Radio Edit), 19.Su Su Su Super Kirei (Radio Edit),

Everybody Jam ! (25th Nov 1996)

1.Stop The Rain, 2.Everybody Jam, 3.The Invisible Man, 4.Let It Go, 5.Message To You, 6.(I Want To) Be someone, 7.Scatmusic, 8.Shut Your Mouth And Open Your Eyes, 9.(We Got To Learn To) Live, 10.Ballad Of Love, 11.People Of The Generation, 12.Lebanon, 13.U Turn, 14.Everybody Jam (Club Jam),

Take Your Time (1999)

Listen To The Scatman (as John Larkin) (2000)

1.Well You Needn't, 2.Lady Bird, 3.A Foggy Day, 4.So What, 5.Makin' Whoopee, 6.Just Friends, 7.You Stepped Out Of A Dream, 8.Ain't Misbehavin', 9.Last Night I Dreamed, 10.Have You Met Miss Jones, 11.Softly As In A Morning Sunrise, 12.Listen To The Scatman,

The Best Of Scatman John (2nd Oct 2002)

1.Scatman (Ski-Ba-Bop-Ba-Dop-Bop), 2.Scatman's World, 3.Only You, 4.Scatmambo, 5.Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest World, 6.Scatmusic, 7.Ichi Ni San...Go, 8.Everybody Jam!(Single Jam), 9.Su Su Su Super Ki Re I(Radio Edit), 10.Pripri Scat (Radio Edit), 11.Jazzology, 12.Let It Go, 13.Mambo Jambo, 14.The Chickadee Song (Album Version), 15.U-Turn, 16.Message To You, 17.(I Want To) Be Someone, 18.Take Your Time, 19.Song Of Scatland, 20.Love Me Tender (L.A.Unplugged mix),


Scatman (Ski-Ba-Bop-Ba-Dop-Bop) (29th Nov 1994)

Only You (Japan) (1995)

Life is Fantastic (1995)

Scatman's World (19th Jun 1995)

Song Of Scatland (17th Nov 1995)

Scat Paradise (16th Dec 1995)

Su Su Su Super Kirei (1996)

Pripri Scat (1996)

Megamix (Apr 1996)

Everybody Jam! (30th Oct 1996)

The Invisible Man (May 1997)

Let It Go (23rd May 1997)

Scatmambo (Patricia) (24th Aug 1998)

The Chickadee Song (1999)

Take Your Time (30th Jun 1999)

I Love Samba (7th Jul 1999)

Ichi Ni San... Go (23rd Sep 1999)

Take Your Time - Second Edition (20th Jan 2000)

Producer : Antonio Catania


Scavo (Federico)

EuroDance Producer


Ipnotic (1997)

The First (2002)

Through The Fire (2005)

Respect (2006)

U (17th Jul 2006)

Tama (2007)

Corda (28th Jul 2008)

Mantice (2009)

Let's All Chant (7th Apr 2010)


Schleh (Tommy)


Hits and Ремиксы: 2001 - 2006 (2005)

1.Love Message, 2.Revolution, 3.Magic Summer Night, 4.No Limit On The Beach, 5.Welcome To The Club, 6.Highway To The Sky, 7.Wonderland, 8.Open Your Mind, 9.Dreaming For A Better World, 10.Riddim,

Hits and Ремиксы: 2001 - 2006 (2005)

1.Love Message (Tune Up! Vs. DJ Manian Remix), 2.Revolution (Tune Up! vs. Cascada Remix), 3.Magic Summer Night (Cascada vs. Plazmatek Remix), 4.No Limit On The Beach (Axel Coon Club Remix), 5.Welcome To The Club (Pulsedriver vs. Rocco Remix), 6.Highway To The Sky (Megara vs. DJ Lee Remix), 7.Highway To The Sky (Sven-R-G vs. Bass- T Remix), 8.Open Your Mind (DJ Shah Remix), 9.Open Your Mind (Pulsedriver vs. Rocco Remix), 10.Dreaming For A Better World (DJ Shah Late Night Mix),

The Fan Album (19th Oct 2007)


Dreaming For A Better World (1st Mar 2000)

Welcome To The Club (1st Oct 2001)

Open Your Mind (18th Mar 2002)

Highway to the Sky/Miami Bass (25th Nov 2002)

No Limit (On The Beach) (1st Sep 2003)

Magic Summer Night (16th Aug 2004)

We Call It Revolution (2005)

Love Message (4th Nov 2005)

Ride On A White Train (Jul 2006)

Never Stop This Feeling (18th Jun 2007)

Another Day Another Night (15th May 2009)




Coming (1994)

Stop The War (1995)

Everybody Get Down (1996)

Feel Like Dancing (1997)



Hardcore Group


And The Beat Goes On (3rd Mar 1995)

1.Different Reality, 2.Move Your Ass, 3.Waiting For Spring, 4.Endless Summer, 5.Cosmos, 6.Rhapsody In E, 7.Hyper Hyper, 8.Raving In Mexico, 9.Beautiful Vibes, 10.Friends, 11.Faster Harder Scooter,

And The Beat Goes On (10th Jan 1996)

1.Different Reality, 2.Move Your Ass, 3.Waiting For Spring, 4.Endless Summer, 5.Cosmos, 6.Rhapsody In E, 7.Hyper Hyper, 8.Raving In Mexico, 9.Beautiful Vibes, 10.Friends, 11.Faster Harder Scooter, 12.Endless Summer (Spanish Version), 13.Move Your Ass (Men Behind Remix),

Our Happy Hardcore (28th Mar 1996)

1.Let Me Be Your Valentine, 2.Stuttgart, 3.Rebel Yell, 4.Last Minute, 5.Our Happy Hardcore, 6.Experience, 7.This Is A Monstertune, 8.Back In The UK, 9.Hysteria, 10.Crank It Up, 11.Bonus CD-ROM Multimedia & Game Part,

Our Happy Hardcore (21st Aug 1996)

1.Let Me Be Your Valentine, 2.Stuttgart, 3.Rebel Yell, 4.Last Minute, 5.Our Happy Hardcore, 6.Experience, 7.This Is A Monstertune, 8.Back In The UK, 9.Hysteria, 10.Crank It Up, 11.Back In The UK (Long Version), 12.Back In The UK (Tom Wilson Remix), 13.Let Me Be Your Valentine (Commander Tom Remix), 14.Eternity, 15.Rebel Yell (Extended Mix),

Wicked ! (24th Oct 1996)

1.Wicked Introduction, 2.I'm Raving, 3.We Take You Higher, 4.Awakening, 5.When I Was A Young Boy, 6.Coldwater Canyon, 7.Scooter Del Mar, 8.Zebras Crossing The Street, 9.Don't Let It Be Me, 10.The First Time, 11.Break It Up, 12.CD-ROM full video of I'm Raving,

Wicked ! (18th Dec 1996)

1.Wicked Introduction, 2.I'm Raving, 3.We Take You Higher, 4.Awakening, 5.When I Was A Young Boy, 6.Coldwater Canyon, 7.Scooter Del Mar, 8.Zebras Crossing The Street, 9.Don't Let It Be Me, 10.The First Time, 11.Break It Up, 12.Back In the UK (Radio version), 13.Rebel Yell (Radio edit), 14.Let me be your Valentine (Edit), 15.I'm raving (DB 600 remix),

Age Of Love (25th Aug 1997)

1.Introduction, 2.The Age Of Love, 3.She Said, 4.Fire, 5.Dancing In The Moonlight, 6.Forever (Keep Me Running), 7.Hit The Drum, 8.Don't Waste No Time, 9.Tonight, 10.Return Of The Future, 11.Leave In Silence,

Age Of Love (22nd Sep 1997)

1.Introduction, 2.The Age Of Love, 3.She Said, 4.Fire, 5.Dancing In The Moonlight, 6.Forever (Keep Me Running), 7.Hit The Drum, 8.Don't Waste No Time, 9.Tonight, 10.Return Of The Future, 11.Leave In Silence, 12.Fire (D.O.N.S. Burn Rubber Mix), 13.Fire (Clubbheads Remix), 14.Choir Dance, 15.Hyper Hyper (Live),

Rough And Tough And Dangerous (1998)

1.Hyper Hyper, 2.Move Your Ass, 3.Friends, 4.Endless Summer, 5.Back In The UK, 6.Let Me Be Your Valentine, 7.Rebel Yell, 8.I'm Raving, 9.Break It Up, 10.Fire, 11.The Age Of Love, 12.No Fate, 13.Fire (Live), 14.Rebel Yell (Live), 15.Break It Up (Live), 16.The Age Of Love (Live),

Rough And Tough And Dangerous (1998)

1.Vallee De Larmes, 2.Rhapsody In E, 3.Move Your Ass (Ultra-Sonic Remix), 4.Friends (Ramon Zanker Remix), 5.Across The Sky, 6.Endless Summer (Datura Mix), 7.Back In Time, 8.Unity Without Words Part 2, 9.Euphoria, 10.Let Me Be Your Valentine (Commander Tom Remix), 11.B-Site, 12.I'm Raving (Taucher Remix), 13.Fire (DONS Burn Rubber Remix),

No Time To Chill (20th Jul 1998)

1.Last Warning, 2.How Much Is The Fish?, 3.We Are The Greatest, 4.Call Me Manana, 5.Don't Stop, 6.I Was Made For Lovin' You, 7.Frequent Traveller, 8.Eyes Without A Face, 9.Hands Up !, 10.Everything's Borrowed, 11.Expecting More From Ratty, 12.Time And Space,

No Time To Chill (20th Jul 1998)

1.Vallee De Larmes (Axel Coon Remix) (Previously Unreleased), 2.I Was Made For Lovin' You (Previously Unreleased Mix), 3.I'm Raving (Previously Unreleased Remix), 4.How Much Is The Fish? (Extended Fish),

No Time To Chill (21st Oct 1998)

1.Last Warning, 2.How Much Is The Fish?, 3.We Are The Greatest, 4.Call Me Manana, 5.Don't Stop, 6.I Was Made For Lovin' You, 7.Frequent Traveller, 8.Eyes Without A Face, 9.Hands Up !, 10.Everything's Borrowed, 11.Expecting More From Ratty, 12.Time And Space, 13.How Much Is The Fish? (Extended Fish), 14.How Much Is The Fish? (Clubfish), 15.We Are The Greatest (Extended), 16.Sputnik,

Back To The Heavyweight Jam (1999)

1.Keyser Soze, 2.Watch Out, 3.Faster Harder Scooter, 4.Well Done Peter, 5.Fuck The Millenium, 6.The Revolution, 7.Psycho, 8.The Learning Process, 9.I'll Put You On The Guest List, 10.Main Floor, 11.Kashmir, 12.No Release,

Sheffield (26th Jun 2000)

1.MC's Missing, 2.Don't Gimme The Funk, 3.I'm Your Pusher, 4.Where Do We Go ?, 5.Sexdwarf, 6.She's The Sun, 7.Space Cowboy, 8.Never Slow Down, 9.Down To The Bone, 10.Summerwine, 11.Dusty Vinyl, 12.Cubic,

We Bring The Noise (11th Jun 2001)

1.Habibi Halua, 2.Posse (I Need You On The Floor), 3.Acid Bomb, 4.We Bring The Noise, 5.R U Happy?, 6.So What'cha Want, 7.Burn The House, 8.Chinese Whispers, 9.Aiii Shot The DJ, 10.Transcendental, 11.Remedy, 12.Devil Drums,

Sheffield (21st Oct 2001)

1.MC's Missing, 2.Don't Gimme The Funk, 3.I'm Your Pusher, 4.Where Do We Go ?, 5.Sexdwarf, 6.She's The Sun, 7.Space Cowboy, 8.Never Slow Down, 9.Down To The Bone, 10.Summerwine, 11.Dusty Vinyl, 12.Cubic, 13.I'm Your Pusher (Extended), 14.I'm Your Pusher (P.K.G. Mix),

Push The Beat For This Jam (2002)

1.Ramp! (The Logical Song), 2.Aiii Shot The DJ, 3.Posse (I Need You On The Floor), 4.She's The Sun, 5.I'm Your Pusher, 6.Fuck The Millenium, 7.Faster Harder Scooter, 8.Call Me Manana, 9.We Are The Greatest, 10.I Was Made For Lovin You, 11.How Much Is The Fish ?, 12.Sputnik, 13.Greatest Beats, 14.Bramfeld, 15.Monolake, 16.New Year's Day, 17.Firth Of Forth, 18.Sunrise (Ratty's Inferno), 19.Siberia,

Push The Beat For This Jam (2002)

1.Habanera (Big Room Mix), 2.No Pain No Gain, 3.Loud And Clear, 4.Am Fenster, 5.Ramp! (The Original Club Mix), 6.I'm Your Pusher (Airscape Mix), 7.Faster Harder Scooter (Signum remix), 8.Ramp! (Starsplash Mix), 9.Posse (Live), 10.Faster Harder Scooter (Live), 11.Aiii Shot The DJ (Live), 12.Call Me Manana (Live), 13.How Much Is The Fish ? (Live),

Pushing The Beat - Scooter Best Of (2002)

1.Nessaja, 2.Aiii Shot the DJ, 3.Posse (I Need You on the Floor), 4.I'm Your Pusher, 5.Fuck the Millenium, 6.Faster Harder Scooter, 7.Call Me Manana, 8.We Are the Greatest, 9.How Much Is the Fish, 10.Greatest Beats, 11.New Years Day, 12.Sunrise (Ratty's Inferno), 13.Habanera (Big Room Mix), 14.No Pain, No Gain, 15.Loud and Clear, 16.Monolake, 17.Firth of Forth,

Encore Live & Direct (13th May 2002)

1.Posse (I Need You On The Floor), 2.We Bring The Noise, 3.R U Happy ?, 4.Aiii Shot The DJ, 5.Faster Harder Scooter, 6.I'm Raving, 7.Call Me Manana, 8.Fuck The Millennium, 9.Am Fenster, 10.Eyes Without A Face, 11.No Fate, 12.How Much Is The Fish ?, 13.Ramp (The Logical Song), 14.The Age Of Love, 15.Fire, 16.Endless Summer, 17.Hyper Hyper, 18.Nessaja,

Push The Beat For This Jam - Singles 1994-2002 (29th Jul 2002)

1.Hyper Hyper (Video edit), 2.Move Your Ass (Video edit), 3.Friends (Video edit), 4.Endless Summer (Maxi version), 5.Back In The UK (Radio version), 6.Let Me Be Your Valentine, 7.Rebel Yell (Radio version), 8.I?m Raving, 9.How Much Is The Fish?, 10.Fire, 11.The Age Of Love, 12.No Fate, 13.The Logical Song, 14.Posse (I Need You On The Floor), 15.Call Me Manana (Heavy Horses Radio edit), 16.Fuck The Millenium (Single version), 17.Aiii Shot The DJ, 18.Faster Harder Scooter, 19.Nessaja (Radio edit),

24 Karat Gold (4th Nov 2002)

1.Nessaja, 2.Ramp (The Logical Song), 3.Aiii Shot The DJ, 4.Posse (I Need You On The Floor), 5.She's The Sun, 6.I'm Your Pusher, 7.Fuck The Millenium, 8.Faster Harder Scooter, 9.Call Me Manana, 10.We Are The Greatest, 11.I Was Made For Lovin You, 12.How Much Is The Fish ?,

24 Karat Gold (4th Nov 2002)

1.No Fate, 2.The Age of Love, 3.Fire, 4.Break It Up, 5.I'm Raving, 6.Rebel Yell, 7.Let Me Be Your Valentine, 8.Back in the UK, 9.Endless Summer, 10.Friends, 11.Move Your Ass, 12.Hyper Hyper,

The Stadium Techno Experience (31st Mar 2003)

1.Ignition, 2.Maria (I Like It Loud), 3.Weekend, 4.Take A Break, 5.Pulstar, 6.The Night, 7.Roll Baby Roll, 8.Level One, 9.Like Hypa Said, 10.Liquid Is Liquid, 11.A Little Beat Too Fast, 12.Soul Train,

Mind The Gap (Basic version) (Nov 2004)

1.Killer Bees, 2.One (Always Hardcore), 3.Shake That, 4.My Eyes Are Dry, 5.All I Wanna Do, 6.Panties Wanted, 7.Trance-Atlantic, 8.Stripped, 9.Suavemente, 10.The Chaser, 11.The Avenger's Back,

Mind The Gap (Standard version) (Nov 2004)

1.Killer Bees, 2.One (Always Hardcore), 3.Shake That!, 4.My Eyes Are Dry, 5.All I Wanna Do, 6.Panties Wanted, 7.Trance-Atlantic, 8.Stripped, 9.Suavemente, 10.The Chaser, 11.The Avenger's Back, 12.Trip To Nowhere (Bonus), 13.Multimedia Part (Shake That! video + making of + interview + photos),

Mind The Gap (Deluxe version) (Nov 2004)

1.Killer Bees, 2.One (Always Hardcore), 3.Shake That!, 4.My Eyes Are Dry, 5.All I Wanna Do, 6.Panties Wanted, 7.Trance-Atlantic, 8.Stripped, 9.Suavemente, 10.The Chaser, 11.The Avenger's Back, 12.Trip To Nowhere (Bonus),

Mind The Gap (Deluxe version) (live in concert) (Nov 2004)

1.Intro, 2.Maria (I Like It Loud), 3.eekend!, 4.Friends, 5.Waiting For Spring, 6.Let Me Be Your Valentine, 7.Faster Harder Scooter, 8.Break It Up, 9.Frequent Traveller, 10.How Much Is The Fish?, 11.Nessaja, 12.Jigga Jigga!, 13.Hyper Hyper,

Who's Got the Last Laugh Now (4th Nov 2005)

1.Lights Out, 2.Hello! (Good To Be Back), 3.Privileged To Witness, 4.Rock Bottom, 5.The Leading Horse, 6.Take Me Baby, 7.Apache, 8.See Me Feel Me, 9.Unity Without Words pt.3, 10.Everlasting Love, 11.Seven Bridges, 12.Mesmerized,

Excess All Areas (4th Jul 2006)

1.Intro, 2.Hello! (Good To Be Back), 3.I'm Raving, 4.Apache Rocks The Bottom, 5.The Leading Horse, 6.Shake That, 7.Panties Wanted, 8.Weekend, 9.Stripped, 10.Maria (I Like It Loud), 11.The Chaser / Jigga Jigga!, 12.Nessaja, 13.One (Always Hardcore), 14.Fire, 15.Hyper Hyper, 16.Move Your Ass,

The Ultimate Aural Orgasm (9th Feb 2007)

1.Horny in Jerichoong 1, 2.Behind The Cow, 3.Does The Fish Have Chips, 4.The United Vibe, 5.Lass Uns Tanzen, 6.U.F.O Phenomena, 7.Ratty's Revenge, 8.The Shit that Killed Elvis, 9.Imaginary Battle, 10.Scarborough Affair, 11.East Sands Anthem, 12.Love Is An Ocean,

The Ultimate Aural Orgasm - DeLuxe edition (9th Feb 2007)

1.Horny in Jerichoong 1, 2.Behind The Cow, 3.Does The Fish have Chips?, 4.The United Vibe, 5.Lass Uns Tanzen, 6.U.F.O Phenomena, 7.Ratty's Revenge, 8.The Shit that Killed Elvis, 9.Imaginary Battle, 10.Scarborough Affair, 11.East Sands Anthem, 12.Love Is An Ocean,

The Ultimate Aural Orgasm - DeLuxe edition (9th Feb 2007)

1.Aiii Shot The DJ (Live version), 2.Am Fenster (Live version), 3.Trance-Atlantic (Special Live version), 4.Fire (Full Length Live version), 5.Apache (Flip&Fill UK Mix), 6.Behind The Cow (3 AM Mix), 7.Behind The Cow (The Video), 8.Behind The Cow (Making Of), 9.Photos, 10.Band Interview,

Jumping All Over The World (30th Nov 2007)

1.The Definition, 2.Jumping All Over The World, 3.The Question Is What Is The Question?, 4.Enola Gay, 5.Neverending Story, 6.And No Matches, 7.Cambodia, 8.I'm Lonely, 9.Whistling Dave, 10.Marian (Version), 11.Lighten Up The Sky, 12.The Hardcore Massive, 13.The Greatest Difficulty,

Jumping All Over The World - Whatever You Want (3rd Oct 2008)

1.The Definition, 2.Jumping All Over The World, 3.The Question Is What Is The Question?, 4.Enola Gay, 5.Neverending Story, 6.And No Matches, 7.Cambodia, 8.I'm Lonely, 9.Whistling Dave, 10.Marian (Version), 11.Lighten Up The Sky (New Version), 12.The Hardcore Massive, 13.The Greatest Difficulty, 14.Weekend (by Bloodhound Gang), 15.Was kostet der Fisch? (by K.I.Z.), 16.Beweg dein Arsch (by Sido), 17.Hyper Hyper (by Modeselektor feat. Otto von Schirach), 18.I'm Raving (by Jan Delay & Moonbootica), 19.Aiii Shot The DJ (by Andreas Dorau), 20.Friends (by Klostertaler),

Under The Radar Over The Top (2nd Oct 2009)

1.Stealth, 2.J'adore Hardcore, 3.Ti Sento, 4.State Of Mind, 5.Where The Beats..., 6.Bit A Bad Boy, 7.The Sound Above My Hair, 8.See Your Smile, 9.Clic Clac, 10.Second Skin, 11.Stuck On Replay, 12.Metropolis,


Vallee De Larmes (9th Feb 1994)

Hyper Hyper (15th Jun 1994)

Move Your Ass (20th Jan 1995)

Friends (11th May 1995)

Endless Summer (20th Jul 1995)

Back In The UK (14th Nov 1995)

Back In Ireland (20th Dec 1995)

Let Me Be Your Valentine (29th Feb 1996)

Rebel Yell (9th May 1996)

I'm Raving (19th Sep 1996)

Break It Up (21st Nov 1996)

Fire (1st Apr 1997)

The Age Of Love (11th Aug 1997)

No Fate (1st Dec 1997)

We Are The Greatest / I was Made For Loving You (5th Jun 1998)

How Much Is The Fish? (8th Jun 1998)

Call Me Manana (8th Jan 1999)

Faster Harder Scooter (23rd Aug 1999)

Fuck The Millennium (22nd Nov 1999)

I'm Your Pusher (29th May 2000)

She's The Sun (14th Aug 2000)

Posse (I Need You On The Floor) (2001)

Sunrise (Here I Am) (5th Feb 2001)

Aiii Shot The DJ (13th Aug 2001)

Living On Video (5th Sep 2001)

Ramp (The Logical Song) (10th Dec 2001)

Nessaja (14th Mar 2002)

Nessaja (8th Apr 2002)

Weekend (27th Feb 2003)

The Night (23rd May 2003)

Maria (I Like It Loud) (11th Jul 2003)

Jigga Jigga (8th Dec 2003)

Bramfeld (2004)

Shake That (4th Oct 2004)

One (Always Hardcore) (6th Dec 2004)

Suavemente (7th Mar 2005)

Hello! (Good To Be Back) (14th Oct 2005)

Apache Rocks the Bottom (30th Dec 2005)

Behind The Cow (19th Jan 2007)

Lass Uns Tanzen (23rd Mar 2007)

The Question Is What Is The Question? (Aug 2007)

And No Matches (23rd Nov 2007)

Jumping All Over The World (1st Feb 2008)

I'm Lonely (18th Apr 2008)

Jump That Rock (Whatever You Want) (26th Sep 2008)

J'adore Hardcore (14th Aug 2009)

Ti Sento (2nd Oct 2009)

The Sound Above My Hair (27th Nov 2009)

Stuck On Replay (12th Mar 2010)




El Ritmo

Let The Music (2nd Aug 1995)




Wait For You (1995)

Label : Muzic Without Control Records




Babe, (I Love You)

You Make Me Feel (1993)


Secret Art


Keep Your Love Alive


Secret Dream


Call Of The Wild (27th Apr 1994)


Secret Love


Don't Fly Away (1995)


Secret Power


Let Me Down (6th May 1994)

Label : DFC Records.




Eleven (1995)

1.Wasting My Life, 2.Little Brother, 3.I Can't Stop Loving You, 4.Get Away, 5.Face, 6.Follow You, 7.Light, 8.Walk Away, 9.Things I Say, 10.Dance Across The Floor, 11.Follow You (Club Mix), 12.Wasting My Life (Club Mix),


I Can't Stop Loving You

Never Know How Much I Love You

Follow You (1995)

Light (1995)

Get Away (1996)

Wasting My Life (1996)

Can't Stop The World (Nov 2002)




I Will Always Love You (1993)

I Can Make You Dance (24th Oct 1994)

Label : Sony music/Dance Pool.




No Ecstasy Love (1994)




I Can Feel Your Body (I Need You Tonight) (1995)

Evviva A Vida (1997)

Paradise (1998)


Select All


Everybody Needs Love (1996)


Sensity World


Joey (1994)

Get It Up (1995)

X-Tasy In Paradise (1996)

The World Won't Stop (1996)

Such A Shame (2001)

Change My Life (2005)




Unreal (1994)

Run 4 Love (1995)

Make It Real (21st May 1996)

Give Me Back (10th Sep 1996)

Who Is Who (1998)

Stop The War (1999)

Hi-Nrg (vs DJ Alan Dexter) (2000)


Sentidos Opuestos


The Remixs

1.Historias De Amor (Radio Edit), 2.Historias De Amor (Club Mix), 3.Escribeme En El Cielo (Radio Edit), 4.Escribeme En El Cielo (Club Mix), 5.Tu Loco Amor (Extended Dance Dub), 6.Tu Loco Amor (Lite Remix 3), 7.Mirame (Remix), 8.Mirame (Extended Dance Mix), 9.Ardiente Tentacion (Remix), 10.?Donde Estan? (Remix), 11.Tu Y Yo (Dance Remix), 12.Amor De Papel (Extended Version Larga), 13.Amor De Papel (Soft Version Remix), 14.Eternamente (New Mix Pop), 15.Sonadoras (Hit Remix), 16.Historias De Amor (Instrumental),


Sentidos Opuestos (1993)

1.Historias De Amor, 2.No Se Que Me Gusta De Ti, 3.Atrevete, 4.Fuego En La Piel, 5.A Donde Vas Sin Mi, 6.Escribeme En El Cielo, 7.De La Mano Del Angel, 8.Duro De Pelar, 9.Cuando Suenas, 10.La Vida,

Al Sol Que Mas Calienta (1994)

1.Cuando La Pobreza, 2.Obsesion, 3.No Tengo Amor Para Ti, 4.Te Voy A Volver Loco, 5.Quisiera Estar Contigo, 6.Hecho Para Mi, 7.Bajamar, 8.Vuelve, 9.El Hombre Que Quiero, 10.Hey Tu, 11.Duele Pensar En Ti, 12.Ding Dong,

Viviendo Del Futuro (1996)

1.Tu, 2.?Donde Estan?, 3.Mirame, 4.A Donde, 5.El Dibujante, 6.Explosiones, 7.Entre Amigos, 8.Fuego Y Pasion, 9.Si Te Vas, 10.Mientame,

Viento A Favor (30th Jun 1998)

1.Tu Y Yo, 2.Amor De Papel, 3.En El Silencio, 4.Loco Amor, 5.Te Voy A Dejar, 6.Inexplicablemente, 7.Fiesta, 8.Mensaje Para Ti, 9.Sentidos Opuestos, 10.Ardiente Tentacion, 11.Oh Na Na Na,

Movimiento Perpetuo (24th Oct 2000)

1.Tu Loco Amor, 2.Esta Noche, 3.Hoy No Que Estas, 4.Eternamente, 5.Nada, 6.Promises, 7.Yo Por Ti, 8.Eclipse Total, 9.Asi Es Tu Amor, 10.Pero Por Favor, 11.Cuando Ella Me Amaba, 12.To Loco Amor (Extended Dance Dub), 13.Tu Loco Amor (Lite Remix 3),

En Vivo (2001)

1.Esta Noche, 2.Tu Loco Amor, 3.Nada, 4.Ardiente Tentacion, 5.Fuego Y Pasion, 6.Historias De Amor, 7.Tu Y Yo, 8.Mirame, 9.Escribeme En El Cielo, 10.Sentidos Opuestos, 11.Fiesta, 12.?Donde Estan?, 13.Amor De Papel, 14.Cuando La Pobreza, 15.Eternamente,

Historias De Amor-Lo Mejor De Sentidos Opuestos (10th Jun 2003)

1.?Donde Estan?, 2.Amor De Papel, 3.Escribeme En El Cielo, 4.Atrevete, 5.Tu Loco Amor, 6.Ardiente Tentacion, 7.Historias De Amor, 8.Cuando La Pobreza, 9.Bajamar, 10.Eternamente, 11.Mirame, 12.Fuego Y Pasion, 13.Fiesta, 14.De La Mano Del Angel, 15.Tu Y Yo, 16.Hecho Para Mi, 17.Obsesion, 18.Sentidos Opuestos,

40 Exitos (2005)

1.Historias De Amor, 2.Tu Y Yo, 3.Entre Amigos, 4.Fuego Y Pasion, 5.Hecho Para Mi, 6.El Hombre Que Quiero, 7.Tu Loco Amor, 8.No Se Que Me Gusta De Ti, 9.Atrevete, 10.Quisiera Estar Contigo, 11.Eternamente, 12.Ardiente Tentacion, 13.Te Voy A Volver Loco, 14.Cuando Suenas, 15.Mirame, 16.De La Mano Del Angel, 17.En El Silencio, 18.Tu, 19.Pero Por Favor, 20.Esta Noche,

40 Exitos (2005)

1.Amor De Papel, 2.No Tengo Amor Para Ti, 3.?Donde Estan?, 4.Duele Pensar En Ti, 5.Obsesion, 6.Sentidos Opuestos, 7.Vuelve, 8.A Donde Vas Sin Mi, 9.Bajamar (2003 Digital Remaster), 10.Te Voy A Dejar, 11.Hoy Que No Estas, 12.Eclipse Total, 13.Fuego En La Piel, 14.Escribeme En El Cielo, 15.La Vida, 16.Cuando La Pobreza, 17.Fiesta, 18.El Dibujante, 19.Si Te Vas, 20.Duro De Pelear,

Original Masters (15th Feb 2005)

1.Tu, 2.?Donde Estan?, 3.Mirame, 4.A Donde, 5.El Dibujante, 6.Explosiones, 7.Entre Amigos, 8.Fuego Y Pasion, 9.Si Te Vas, 10.Mienteme,

Original Masters (15th Feb 2005)

1.Tu Y Yo, 2.Amor De Papel, 3.En El Silencio, 4.Loco Amor, 5.Te Voy A Dejar, 6.Inexplicablemente, 7.Fiesta, 8.Mensaje Para Ti, 9.Sentidos Opuestos, 10.Ardiente Tentacion, 11.Oh Na Na Na,



Cuando La Pobreza



?Donde Estan?


Fuego Y Pasion

Tu Y Yo

Amor De Papel


Ardiente Tentacion

Tu Loco Amor



Yo Por Ti

Cuando Ella Me Amaba

Historias De Amor (1993)

Escribeme En El Cielo (1993)

Remix (1994)

A Donde (1997)



EuroPop Group


September (2004)

1.Same Old Song, 2.September All Over, 3.Get What You Paid For, 4.La La La (Never Give Up), 5.Mary Ann, 6.We Can Do It, 7.Can't Love Myself, 8.Star Generation, 9.Pretty World, 10.Love Thing, 11.Love For Free,

In Orbit (26th Oct 2005)

1.Intro, 2.Cry For You, 3.Looking For Love, 4.Satellites, 5.Flowers On The Grave, 6.It Doesn't Matter, 7.Sacrifice, 8.Good Times, 9.Midnight Heartache, 10.Sound Memory, 11.End Of The Rainbow,

Dancing Shoes (26th Sep 2007)

1.Candy Love, 2.Until I Die, 3.My Neighbourhood, 4.Can't Get Over (radio Edit), 5.Because I Love You, 6.Taboo, 7.Follow Me, 8.R.I.P., 9.Start It Up, 10.Just An Illusion, 11.Sad Song, 12.Freaking Out,

September (26th Feb 2008)

1.Cry For You, 2.Satellites, 3.Can't Get Over, 4.Flowers On The Grave, 5.My Neighbourhood, 6.Sad Song, 7.Until I Die, 8.Because I Love You, 9.Candy Love, 10.Taboo, 11.Looking For Love, 12.Midnight Heartache, 13.Freaking Out, 14.R.I.P.,

Gold (14th Nov 2008)

1.Cry For You (UK Radio Edit), 2.Because I Love You (JvD Radio Edit), 3.Can't Get Over, 4.Candy Love, 5.R.I.P., 6.Looking For Love (Album Version), 7.Satellites, 8.Flowers On The Grave (Album Version), 9.It Doesn't Matter (Album Version), 10.Sacrifice (Album Version), 11.Sad Song, 12.Freaking Out, 13.Taboo, 14.Midnight Heartache - Album Version), 15.Until I Die, 16.End Of The Rainbow (Album Version), 17.Because I Love You - Jazzy Candlelight Version, 18.Cry For You - Acoustic Mix (Candlelight Edit), 19.Satellites - Acoustic Mix,

Dancing in Orbit (2009)

1.Cry for You, 2.Looking for Love, 3.Can't Get Over, 4.Midnight Heartache, 5.Until I Die, 6.Sacrifice, 7.Satellites, 8.Follow Me, 9.Because I Love You, 10.Start It Up, 11.R.I.P., 12.Taboo, 13.It Doesn't Matter, 14.Sad Song, 15.Freaking Out, 16.Sound Memory, 17.Flowers on the Grave, 18.End of the Rainbow, 19.Satellites (Live Acoustic Version),

Cry For You (27th Jul 2009)


La La La (Never Give It Up) (2nd Jun 2003)

We Can Do It (3rd Nov 2003)

September All Over (18th Feb 2004)

All Over (20th Feb 2004)

Satellites (6th Jul 2005)

Looking For Love (19th Oct 2005)

Flowers On The Grave (1st Mar 2006)

It Doesn't Matter (May 2006)

Cry For You (29th Nov 2006)

Can't Get Over (20th Jun 2007)

Until I Die (7th Nov 2007)

Because I Love You (2009)

Until I Die (20th Jul 2009)


La La La (Never Give It Up) (2004)

Label : Stockholm Records AB




Ridin' High (1995)


Set Up And Dance


Say (1996)


Say (1995)


Seven Seas


Dreamin' On (1995)




I Wanna Give You Devotion (1995)

Sunshine (1995)


Sex Appeal


Peeping Tom (1999)

1.Peeping Tom, 2.Fragile Love, 3.Hanky Spanky, 4.It's Called Atlantis, 5.Here We Go, 6.Manga Maniac, 7.Total Eclipse, 8.Sex Is A Thrill With The Pill, 9.Baby I Miss You, 10.Mega-Mix, 11.Kids In America, 12.Hanky Spanky (Sextended Version), 13.Manga Maniac (Sextended Version),

Sensuality (30th Apr 2007)

1.Sensuality, 2.Let Me Feel Your Sexappeal, 3.Livin A Lie, 4.Love 2 Love, 5.Fly Away, 6.Love Me Or Leave Me, 7.Skin 2 Skin, 8.Fragile Love, 9.Kids In America, 10.Megamix v2.0, 11.Send Me A Message, 12.Do You Love Me,

Sensuality (Aug 2007)

1.Sensuality, 2.Let Me Feel Your Sexappeal, 3.Livin A Lie, 4.Love 2 Love, 5.Fly Away, 6.Love Me Or Leave Me, 7.Skin 2 Skin, 8.Fragile Love, 9.Kids In America, 10.Megamix v2.0, 11.Send Me A Message, 12.Do You Love Me,

Sensuality (Aug 2007)

1.Let Me Feel Your Sexappeal (Cc.K & ClubBazZ Remix), 2.Fly Away (S.e.x.tended Version), 3.Fragile Love (Spooky Dee/ Tom Razzle Remix), 4.Livin' A lie (S.e.x.tended Version), 5.Do You Love Me (Radio House Remix), 6.Let Me Feel Your Sexappeal (S.e.x.tended Version), 7.Kids In America (Freestyle Mix), 8.Love 2 Love (S.e.x.tended Version), 9.Fragile Love (Dub Mix), 10.Send Me A Messsage (S.e.x.tended Version), 11.Do You Love Me (S.e.x.tended Version), 12.Kids In America (Extended Freestyle Mix),

Sensuality remix album (5th May 2008)

1.Sensuality (BassUp! Remix), 2.Voodoo Queen (Album Version), 3.Love 2 love (Seventy4 Remix), 4.Sensuality (Addicted Craze Remix), 5.Skin 2 Skin (Club Mix – Radio Cut), 6.Livin A Lie (Scoon & Delore Remix), 7.Fly Away (Marc de Buur Remix), 8.Love 2 love (De Lorean Electro Mix - Vocal Edit), 9.Sensuality (Groove-T Remix – Album Edit), 10.Let Me Feel Your Sexappeal (Cc.K. & ClubBazZ Remix), 11.Skin 2 Skin (BassUp! Remix), 12.Love Me Or Leave Me (Groove-T Remix), 13.Sensuality (Kevin Stomper Remix), 14.Face 2 face (Album Version),

New Reflections (Feb 2010)

1.Dirty Talk(extended mix), 2.Do You Love Me (Radio House Re, 3.Fragile Love 2006, 4.Fragile Love 2010, 5.Gimme (Safer sex), 6.Hanky Spanky (Sextended Version), 7.I Can't Believe It, 8.Life Goes Down (rmx), 9.Manga Maniac (Sextended Version), 10.Peeping Tom 2010, 11.Sex On The Phone (Album Version), 12.Sex on the phone (rmx), 13.The power of love,

Peeping Tom Reloaded (26th Apr 2010)

1.Sex on the phone (D. Mand remix), 2.Fragile love (Bassreactor remix), 3.Hanky spanky (Amanii remix), 4.Sex is a thrill with the pill (Bassreactor remix), 5.Gimme (safer sex) (M&Ace remix), 6.It's called Atlantis (Ken Kay remix), 7.Fragile love (C-NRG Remix), 8.Sex on the phone -(Bootleggerz remix), 9.Manga maniac (Amanii remix), 10.I can't believe it (Beatbreaker remix), 11.Gimme (safer sex) (D. Mands electro bigroom mix), 12.It's called Atlantis (Illuminati remix), 13.Fragile love (Technorocker remix), 14.Peeping tom (RainDropz! remix),


Voulez-Vous Coucher Avec Moi (14th Mar 1996)

Life Goes Up - Life Goes Down (1997)

Dirty Talk (27th Jan 1998)

Sex Is A Thrill With The Pill (6th Jul 1998)

Manga Maniac (1999)

Hanky Spanky (Jul 1999)

Do You Love Me (6th Sep 2004)

Fragile Love (May 2006)

Let Me Feel Your Sexappeal (26th Feb 2007)

Sensuality (Sep 2007)

Skin To Skin (Sep 2007)

Voodoo Queen (4th Jul 2008)

Love2Love (28th Mar 2009)

Sex On The Phone (Aug 2009)

Gimme (Safer Sex) (Nov 2009)




Bye Love (1994)

Label: Propio Records.




Do It One More Time (1993)


Shagall (Channah)


You're My Day (1996)




I Don't Care (1998)


Shake The Stick


Give You Up (1995)




Don't Let Me Go (1995)




Close To Me (1995)

Label : Domino Records.




Wigwam (1994)

Label : WEA.




Shine On (1996)

Label : IDM (Italian Dance Machine)/Warner Music Italia Spa.




Let Me Touch Your Body (1993)

Label : Meet records




Inside My Blues (2008)

1.Sugar Daddy, 2.That's Just The Way It Is, 3.Misery, 4.A Good Man, 5.Bluesin, 6.Miracle, 7.I'm Coming Home, 8.Turn Me On, 9.Watch What You Say, 10.You Let Me Down, 11.A Real Woman, 12.Hold My Hand,


Do Me Boy (14th Jun 1994)

Your Love (1995)

Dream With Me (1995)

Just Because (1995)

Love Forever (20th Apr 1998)


Do Me Boy (1994)

Dream With Me (1995)

Your Love (1995)




Wanting You

Into My Life (13th May 1994)

It's Got To Be Love (21st Apr 1995)




Don't Leave Me Now


Sharada House Gang


Let's Down The House (1988)

It's Gonna Be Alright (1991)

Life Is Life (2nd Mar 1991)

House Legend (13th Mar 1992)

Passion (16th May 1992)

Let The Rhythm Move You (13th Mar 1993)

Dancing Through The Night (18th Oct 1993)

Keep It Up (8th Feb 1995)

You Are Deep In My Heart (17th Apr 1996)

Gipsy Boy Gipsy Girl (11th Jul 1997)




Pearls Of Peace (27th Feb 1995)




You Play (1994)

Label : Mister Owl.


Shaw (Charles)


I'm Feeling (29th Jul 1994)

Gotta Fever (1995)


Shawn (Pam)


Happy Monday (1996)




Always Forever (1997)




Baby Baby Baby

No Guarantee (2nd Jan 1995)


She's Ah Rebel


Piece Of My Heart (1995)




Do You Love Me (12th Oct 1995)

Label : Orbit records.




The Power Of Love (4th Apr 1996)

Tell Me Why (21st May 1996)


Shekoni (Kayo)


Kayo (1990)

1.Gimme Your Love, 2.Don't Leave Me, 3.Another Mother, 4.Am I The Same Girl, 5.So Fine, 6.Change Of Attitude, 7.Brother, 8.Tell Me, 9.Ya Ya In The Ladies Room, 10.Feel The Rhythm, 11.Running Man, 12.Stay, 13.Love For Fun, 14.No More,

Karleksland (1993)

1.Traffar Du Nan Annan (Traffar Du mig Aldrig mer), 2.Han Ska Bli min Man, 3.Om Natten, 4.Torka Dina Tarar, 5.Sommar, 6.Karleksland, 7.Stjarnljus, 8.Vart Du An Gar, 9.Finns Det Nan Darute?, 10.Alla Vill Till Himlen,


Hon Sa

Another Mother (1990)

Change Of Attitude (1990)

Brother (1990)

Gimme Your Love (1991)

Om Natten (1993)

Sommar/Vart Du An Gar (1993)

Karleksland/Stjarnljus (1993)

Torka Dina Tarar (1993)

Om Du Vill Ha Mig Som Jag Ar (1993)

Wannabe (Somebody Special) (1998)

If It Makes You Feel Good (2007)




I Feel Good (1993)




Remember The Time (1993)




Break Me Off

You're So Vain (9th Jul 1996)




You Know I Love You

By The Light Of Nature (12th Feb 1996)


Shirley Girley


Sugar Baby (1995)

Label: Wicked & Wild.




Flying Away (1996)


Short (Maria)


Sha La La

Dances With Wolves (1991)

Change The Way (21st Jan 1993)

My Secrets (1994)

Had Enough (30th Nov 1994)

Bad Angel (1998)

Sunshine Of Your Love (1999)

Story Of My Life (1999)

Change The Way 2000 remix (2000)

Holiday (10th Jan 2006)

I Can Dance To Techno (20th Mar 2008)

Lost In The Night (25th Mar 2008)

Baby Baby Baby (25th Mar 2008)

May It Be (25th Mar 2008)

Return To The Innocence (2nd Apr 2008)

Another Devil (11th Apr 2008)

Bad Angel (11th Apr 2008)

Bambino (12th Apr 2008)

Colours In My Heart (21st Apr 2008)

Light My Fire (9th May 2008)

I Want Your Love (7th Jul 2008)




The Visitors


Silent Circle


Greatest Hits of the 80s

Number One (1986)

1.Touch In The Night, 2.Sib Dub Dua, 3.Dreams, 4.Hide Away - Man Is Comin'!, 5.Shy Girl, 6.Stop The Rain In The Night, 7.For You, 8.Give Me Time, 9.Moonlight Affair, 10.Anywhere Tonight, 11.Love Is Just A Word,

Best Of vol I (1991)

1.Touch In The Night, 2.Stop The Rain, 3.Hide Away - Man Is Comin'!, 4.I Am Your Believer, 5.Oh, 6.Danger Danger, 7.Love Is Just A Word (In My Life), 8.Time For Love, 9.Sib Dub Dua, 10.Dreams, 11.Shy Girl, 12.For You + Give Me Time, 13.Moonlight Affair, 14.Anywhere Tonight, 15.Forget The Stranger,

Best Of vol II (1993)

1.Hideaway - Man Is Coming (instrumental version), 2.Touch In The Night, 3.Moonlight Affair, 4.Love Is Just A Word (long mix), 5.Dreams, 6.Stop The Rain In The Night (No rain mix), 7.For You, 8.Give Me Time, 9.Sib Dab Dua, 10.Hideaway - Man Is Coming, 11.Anywhere Tonight, 12.Shy Girl, 13.Hit Mix (TV version 93),

Back (1994)

1.Prologue, 2.2night (Album Version '94), 3.Take A Chance, 4.Egyptian Eyes, 5.Just Another Moment, 6.Entrance, 7.Talk Is Cheap, 8.Hide In Your Shell, 9.Desire, 10.Every Move, 10.Tell Me Why, 11.Night After Night,

Back II (1997)

1.2night (remix), 2.Take The Chance, 3.Every Move Every Touch (club dance mix), 4.Entrance, 5.Egyptian Eyes (single edit), 6.Hide In Your Shell 7, 8.jUst Another Moment, 9.Talk Is Cheap, 10.Every Move Every Touch (album version), 11.Night After Night, 12.Tell Me why, 13.2night (single edit), 14.Desire,

Best Of vol III (1998)

1.2night (remix'98), 2.Touch In The Night, 3.Moonlight Affair, 4.Love Is Just A Word (long mix '98), 5.Take A Chance, 6.Stop The Rain In The Night (no rain mix), 7.For You, 8.Give Me Time, 9.Night After Night, 10.Dreams, 11.Hideaway - Man Is Coming (Coming man in the mix), 12.Shy Girl, 13.Anywhere Tonight, 14.Every Touch (remix'98),

Stories `Bout Love (1998)

1.Like An Ocean, 2.Love Can Last A Lifetime, 3.This Magical Moment, 4.Night Train, 5.One More Night (Extended Mix), 6.She's Got Me On The Phone, 7.I'm Just A Man In Love, 8.Be My Lover, 9.It's Not A Secret, 10.I Need A Woman, 11.Save Me, 12.I've Been Calling Just For You,


Greatest Hits

Hide Away - Man Is Comin'! (1985)

Touch In The Night (1985)

Stop The Rain (1986)

Love Is Just A Word (1986)

Time For Love (1986)

Danger Danger (1987)

Oh, Don't Lose Your Heart Tonight (1987)

I Am Your Believer (1989)

What A Shame (1989)

2night (1993)

Every Move, Every Touch (1994)

DJ Special Megamix - as limited CD/Vinyl (1994)

Every Move, Every Touch Remix (1995)

Egyptian Eyes (1996)

One More Night (1998)

Touch In The Night '98 (1998)

Night Train (1999)

I Need A Woman (2000)


Silent Running


Follow Me (1995)




Hooked On A Feeling (11th Nov 1994)

Empty Houses / Lettera Balla (7th Mar 1995)


Silicon Dream


The maxi singles collection vol 1

Time Machine (1988)

1.Time Machine (You Are The Master Of Time-Age), 2.Jimmy Dean Loved Marilyn - Film Ab (The Hollywood-Age), 3.Corleone Speaking (The Chicago-Age), 4.Holiday In St. Tropez - Eating Pizza In Ibiza (The Cola-Age), 5.Marcello The Mastroianni (The Fellini-Age), 6.Space Intro (The Age Of The First Cosmic Steps), 7.Andromeda (The Space-Age), 8.Albert Einstein - Everything Is Relative (The Age Of The Inventors), 9.Primaballerina (The Romantic-Age), 10.Don't Break My Heart (The Age Of Love), 11.Marcello The Mastroianni (Monster Mix), 12.Albert Einstein - Everything Is Relative (Russian Mix), 13.Jimmy Dean Loved Marilyn - Film Ab (Mix Cinemascope),


Albert Einstein - Everything Is Relative (1987)

Marcello The Mastroianni (1987)

Andromeda (1987)

Jimmy Dean Loved Marilyn - Film Ab (1988)

Ludwig Fun (1989)

Wunderbar (1989)

I'm Your Doctor (Ganz In Wei?) (1990)

Wanna Make Love (1991)

Marcello The Mastroianni '95 (1995)




Silja (1999)

1.L'affaire du mental, 2.Kamikaze, 3.C'est mon homme, 4.Tout va bien, 5.Contradictions, 6.J'arrete de fumer, 7.J'efface et j'oublie, 8.Roll the dice, 9.Rough Winds, 10.Ma demence, 11.J'efface et j'oublie (dub extended remix),


How Could I Find Love (1994)

Time For Eternity (1994)

Flesh & Fire (1995)

J'efface Et J'oublie (1998)

C'est Mon Homme (1999)

J'Arrete De Fumer (2000)

Musical team : R. Deseltz, I. Flex


Silver Pozzoli


Silver (1986)


Around My Dream (1984)

Step By Step (1985)

Mad Desire (1985)

From You To Me (1986)

Pretty Baby (1987)

Chica Boom (1987)

Cross My Heart (1987)

Take My Heart (1987)

Let Me Be Your Love (as Silver) (1988)

Love Is The Best (1988)

With Or Without You (1992)

Sing Sing Sing Along (30th Jun 1992)

Around My Dream (24th Apr 1993)

Don't Forget Me (3rd Jun 1994)




Do You Know (2001)

Step Back (10th May 2002)

Here In My Heart (2003)

Label : Hi-Bias Records. Distributor : EMI


Simmons (Charles)

EuroDance Member


State Of Mind (2000)

1.You Give Me A Kick, 2.Give It To Me, 3.Latenight, 4.I'll Be Around, 5.Do U Think Of Me,

State Of Mind vol 2 (2005)

1.State Of Mind, 2.I Promise You Now, 3.So Nice, 4.Tell Me What You Want, 5.Hands Up High, 6.I Can't Tell You Why,


You Can Count On Me


Simone Jay


The Way (2008)

1.Keep On Moving, 2.Baby's Got, 3.Little Boy Blue, 4.Look Here, 5.FInd A Way, 6.Crazy, 7.Tick Tock, 8.Some People, 9.Seek To Find, 10.Read The Signs, 11.Live Again,


Love Is The Key (1993)

Midnight (1997)

Wanna B Like A Man (4th Aug 1997)

Luv Thang (11th May 1998)

Good Times (15th Jul 1999)

Paradise (12th Oct 1999)

Give Me Love Love (2000)

Mum & Daddy (18th Feb 2003)


Simons Ingrid

EuroDance Member


I'm In The Mood (For Something Good) (1991)

1.In The Mood (For Something Good), 2.Now Love Me, 3.Blueshouse, 4.Try To Find Me Back, 5.No Time To Hesitate, 6.(We Gonna) Rock This House, 7.Love You Nights, 8.(I Wanna Be) Next To You, 9.Soultrain, 10.Hey B.B. Be Careful Out There In The Jungle, 11.Blueshouse Ballad,


(I Wanna Be) Next To You

Blueshouse (1990)

Soultrain (1990)

I'm In The Mood (For Something Good) (1991)

Country Roads (1999)




Komplikacijee! (1994)

1.Lima, 2.Na Dnu Mora, 3.Bas, 4.Mama Kukunka, 5.Ciganka, 6.Daj Do Dna, 7.Nocas, 8.Kapaljka, 9.Tvoji Novci, 10.Ja Cu Te Zapaliti, 11.Jos Jedan Dan, 12.Vjeuj U Sebe, 13.Passion,

Label: Croatia Records


Simply At Work


Come On (1995)


Simpson (Ron)


Is It Love? (1993)

Dance Now ! (1994)




Wish You Lot Of Luck (22nd Aug 1994)


Singleton (Eric)


Righteous Vibe (20th May 1994)

1.Tequila, 2.For The Love, 3.Give A Little Bit Of Lovin, 4.I Shot The Sheriff, 5.Tell Me Why, 6.Hang On Snoopy, 7.Funky Kiss, 8.Downtown Girl, 9.It's A Rap Thing, 10.Sweet Inspiration,


U R Everything

Tequila Rap Rise (1994)

Hang On Snoopy (1995)

Downtown Girl (1995)

Take 5 (23rd Feb 1998)

A Whole Lotta Love (2000)

Sexy Girl (18th Sep 2000)




Give Me Your Love (1995)


Sir Easy D


Easy (Say No) (1993)

Don't You Ever Stop (1995)


Sir Prize


Easy (Say No)

Time Is Alright For Love (1993)

Declaration (Dip Di Da) (29th May 1993)

No More Lonely Nights (20th Jun 1994)

Lullaby Of Love (7th Aug 1995)

Sing Along (1996)

Love Is The Answer (12th Feb 1996)

No No Te Vas (Spanish version) (1997)

Don't Go Away (20th Jun 1997)

Declaration '99 (16th Jul 1999)


Dip Dip Da! (Declaration Ремиксы:) (1993)

Time Is Alright For Love (17th Jan 1995)

Love Is The Answer (1996)




This Is My Life (13th Jul 1994)




Hey You (1994)

Label: Mister Owl Recordings.


Sistema Rosso


Crazy Feet (8th Jul 1993)

Higher & Higher (1994)


Six Sounds


I Love You (25th Sep 1995)

Label: Silos Records.




You Are My Lover (1995)




Feel My Riddim (1995)

Come Again (1996)

I Started A Joke (17th Jun 1996)

Label : Jive.


Sky Bazaar


Sunny Night (1994)


Sky Red


I Can't Let You Go (1995)

Labels : Blackbeard.




Dream In The Night (Oct 1995)




We Get Around (21st Mar 1994)

Back To Music (7th Nov 1994)

U Got To Know (Doodappenbadappen) (3rd Jul 1995)

Big Fun (1996)

Crazy (1st Mar 1996)

If I Had A Hammer (2nd May 1997)


Back To Music (1994)

U Got 2 Know (Doodappenbadappen) (1995)


Slam (2)


Don't Play Me Out (1994)

Take Your Time (1995)

Label: Great Dance Records.


Slam (3)


Call My Name (1994)


Slijngaard (Ray)


Three Times A Day (1997)

Do You Think I'm Sexy (1997)

Ex-rapper of 2 Unlimited




One Day (25th Feb 1993)


Sly G Mc


Feeling Of The Night (1994)

Label : 007 Records.





1.Butterfly, 2.Coconut, 3.Sweet Senorita, 4.Middle Of The Night, 5.Tic Toc, 6.Get Out, 7.Boys, 8.Mr Wonderful, 9.Knock Knock, 10.Comme Ci Comme Ca, 11.Happy In Love, 12.Butterfly (Pan Ace Radio Mix), 13.Butterfly (Anaconda Re-Mix),

Future Girls (2001)

1.Future Girls, 2.Doo Be Di Boy, 3.Hollywood, 4.Counting On You, 5.Dancing All Alone, 6.Together, 7.Heal My Broken Heart, 8.Kissy Kissy, 9.Love And Devotion, 10.Don't Let Go, 11.Dragonfly, 12.Do You, 13.Someday, 14.Dancing All Alone (Kimono mix),

Smile Paradise (2001)

1.Dancing All Alone, 2.Dancing All Alone (Kimono Mix), 3.Petit Love, 4.Doo Be Di Boy (Kcp Mix), 5.Butterfly, 6.Butterfly (Hyper K Mix), 7.Boys (Euro Mix),

Golden Sky (2002)

1.Domo Domo Domo, 2.Golden Sky, 3.Come Chameleon, 4.Ding Ding Dong, 5.This Is The Time (Eoo eoo), 6.Don't believe you're leaving, 7.First Time Lovers, 8.I'll Be There, 9.Smile, 10.Maybe, 11.Tokyo,

Party Around the World (Oct 2008)

1.Doki Doki, 2.Japanese Boy, 3.Temptation Islands, 4.Nothing's Missing (For Once in my Life), 5.Koko Soko, 6.Summer Party, 7.It's in Your Melody, 8.Chick Tricks, 9.Hummingbird, 10.Paradise, 11.Tomoe, 12.Around the World, 13.Heal My Broken Heart (Almighty Definitive Mix),


Kissy Kissy

Domo Domo Domo

Golden Sky

Butterfly (1998)

Coconut (1998)

Boys (1999)

Mr. Wonderful (1999)

Dancing All Alone (1999)

Doo Be Di Boy (2000)

Doki Doki (2008)

Butterfly 09 (2009)


Smith (Ann Marie)


(You're My One And Only) True Love (1995)

Alright / Stronger (1996)




The Best Attack!

1.The Power (7" Edit), 2.Ooops Up (7" Edit), 3.Cult of Snap (World Power Radio Mix), 4.Mary Had A Little Boy (Radio Edit), 5.Colour Of Love (Massive 7"), 6.Rhythm Is A Dancer (7"), 7.Exterminate (Endzeit 7"), 8.Do You See The Light (7"), 9.Welcome To Tomorrow, 10.The First The Last Eternity (Till The End), 11.World In My Hands (7" Mix), 12.Rame (Original Version), 13.Megamix (7" Edit),

World Power (14th May 1990)

1.The Power, 2.Ooops Up, 3.Cult of Snap, 4.Believe the Hype, 5.I'm Gonna Get You (To Whom It May Concern), 6.Witness the Strength, 7.Mary Had A Little Boy, 8.Blase Blase, 9.Only Human, 10.The Power (Jungle Fever Mix),

The Madman's Return (1992)

1.Madman's Return, 2.Colour Of Love (Massive Version), 3.Believe In It, 4.Who Stole It?, 5.Don't Be Shy, 6.Rhythm Is A Dancer, 7.Money, 8.See The Light, 9.Rhythm Is A Dancer (7" Edit), 10.Exterminate (Endzeit 7"), 11.EX-Terminator, 12.Keep It Up, 13.Homeboyz, 14.Sample City V 1_02,

Welcome To Tomorrow (1995)

1.Green Grass Grows (Earth Follows), 2.It's A Miracle (People Need To Love), 3.Rame (Beloved) (with Rukmani), 4.Dream On The Moon, 5.Welcome To Tomorrow, 6.World In My Hands (We Are One), 7.The First The Last Eternity (Till The End), 8.Waves, 9.Where Are The Boys Where Are The Girls, 10.It's Not Over,

The Attack! (The Ремиксы:) (1996)

1.The Power '96, 2.Exterminate (U, 3.Exterminate (Dsc, 4.Rhythm Is A Dancer (Roll On), 5.Ooops Up (Live At The Royal Albert Hall), 6.The Colour Of Love (Boilerhouse Club Mix), 7.Do You See The Light (Dance 2 Trance Mix), 8.Rame (Slomo Version), 9.Mary Had A Little Boy (Maestro Mix), 10.The First The Last Eternity (Till The End) (GDC Mix),

The Attack! (The Ремиксы:) (1996)

1.The Power '96 (Dub Edit), 2.Welcome To Tomorrow (v, 3.The First The Last Eternity (Till The End) (Lieb Mix), 4.The Colour Of Love (Smoove Version), 5.Cult of Snap (Ballroom Mix), 6.Rhythm Is A Dancer (12" Mix), 7.World In My Dub, 8.Ooops Up (Stonehouse), 9.Do You See The Light (Deep Ethno Mix), 10.Exterminate (DG Mix),

One Day On Earth (2000)

1.Master Plan, 2.Money Dance, 3.Hit Me On The Hip, 4.Angel, 5.Passion, 6.One Day On Earth, 7.Groove Sanctified, 8.TV, 9.SNAP! 4 Ever,

The Power of Snap - The Greatest Hits (11th Dec 2001)

1.Power, 2.Mary Had a Little Boy, 3.Rhythm Is a Dancer, 4.Exterminate, 5.Do You See the Light, 6.Oops Up, 7.Cult of Snap!, 8.Colour of Love, 9.Welcome to Tomorrow (Are You Ready?), 10.The First the Last Eternity (Till the End), 11.World in My Hands, 12.Rame, 13.Megamix, 14.Exterminate (A.C.H. 12' Version), 15.Power 96, 16.Rhythm Is a Dancer (12' Mix),

The Cult Of Snap 1990 - 2003 (14th Jul 2003)

1.The Power Of Bhangra (vs. Motivo), 2.Ooops Up (vs. Dj tomekk) feat. NG3, 3.Mary Had A Little Boy (vs. Milky & 2NF), 4.The World In My Hands (vs. Fu Tourist), 5.Exterminate (vs. Naidoo), 6.Colour Of Love (vs. Chris Zippel) feat. Youssou N'Dour, 7.Cult Of Snap (vs. Roy Malone), 8.Rhythm Is A Dancer 2003 (vs. CJ Stone), 9.When You're Near (vs.Twin), 10.Do You See The Light (vs. Plaything), 11.Rame (vs. Ron van Kroonenburg), 12.Green Grass Grows (vs. Martin Eyerer), 13.The First The Last Eternity (v. Tom Novy), 14.Welcome To Tomorrow (vs. Fragma), 15.Angel (Rays Of Light),

The Cult Of Snap 1990 - 2003 (14th Jul 2003)

1.Rhythm Is A Dancer, 2.The Power, 3.Mary Had A Little Boy, 4.Ooops Up, 5.Cult Of Snap!, 6.Colour Of Love, 7.Exterminate, 8.Do You See The Light, 9.The First The Last Eternity, 10.Believe The Hype, 11.The Power (Jungle Fever RMX '90),

We Want Your Soul (Apr 2006)

The Power Greatest Hits (19th Oct 2009)

1.The Power, 2.Rhythm Is A Dancer, 3.Exterminate, 4.Welcome To Tomorrow, 5.The First The Last Eternity, 6.Do You See The Light, 7.Ooops Up, 8.Cult Of SNAP!, 9.Mary Had A Little Boy, 10.World In My Hands, 11.Colour Of Love, 12.Rhythm Is A Dancer (U Can Feel It) 2009 (Club Mix),

The Power Greatest Hits (19th Oct 2009)

1.Rhythm Is a Dancer 2009 (Armand Van Helden Remix), 2.Exterminate 2009 (Tom Novy Remix), 3.Welcome To Tomorrow 2009 (Tocadisco Remix), 4.Do You See The Light 2009 (Thomas Gold Remix), 5.Cult Of SNAP! 2009 (Matrix & Futurebound Remix), 6.The First The Last Eternity 2009 (Bass Slammers Remix), 7.Exterminate 2009 (Michael Gray Remix), 8.Rhythm Is A Dancer 2009 (Jens Kindervater 09 Remix), 9.Rhythm Is A Dancer (U Can Feel It) 2009 (Moam Remix), 10.SNAP! Megamix,


The Power (1989)

Ooops Up (Sep 1990)

Cult of Snap (Jan 1991)

Mary Had A Little Boy (Apr 1991)

Believe The Hype (Jun 1991)

Megamix (Sep 1991)

Color Of Love (Mar 1992)

Rhythm Is A Dancer (Jul 1992)

Exterminate (Mar 1993)

Do You See The Light (4th Jul 1993)

Welcome To Tomorrow (24th Jul 1994)

The First The Last Eternity (Till The End) (6th Feb 1995)

The World In My Hands (4th Sep 1995)

Rame (12th Feb 1996)

The Power '96 (14th Jun 1996)

Rhythm Is A Dancer '96 (9th Oct 1996)

Gimme A Thrill (29th May 2000)

See The Light 2002 (vs Plaything) (2002)

The First, The Last Eternity 2002 (vs. Tom Novy) (4th Feb 2002)

Rhythm Is A Dancer 2002 (8th Oct 2002)

The Cult of Noise (2003)

Rhythm Is A Dancer 2003 (27th Jan 2003)

The Power Of Bhangra (9th Jun 2003)

Ooops Up 2003 (Sep 2003)

Cult Of Snap Remix (27th Mar 2004)

Beauty Queen (15th Aug 2005)

We Want Your Soul (2006)

Excited (9th Dec 2006)

Jumping (2008)

Rhythm Is A Dancer 2008 (18th May 2008)

2009 remix EP (2009)


Rhythm Is A Dancer (1992)




Who's To Blame (1994)

Fire (1994)

Chrystal (1994)


Snowwhite And The Seven Sins


Beat Of My Heart (1995)

This project featured a female vocalist and samples of blues male vocals. Musical team : Rother, Geist, J.L. Hooker, Emrich. Beat Of My Heart was featured on the German compilation Danceworld in 1995.




Sodapop (1999)

1.Saturnight, 2.2 Cool 2 B Cool, 3.Hey You, 4.Happy People, 5.Summer Delight, 6.I Say I Do, 7.Dreamboy, 8.Forever, 9.Far Away, 10.Please Don't Tease, 11.Tell Me, 12.I Wanna Be, 13.One Day,

Popcorn (2000)

1.The Return, 2.Here I Am, 3.Paradise, 4.Handsome, 5.Lost In Space, 6.Summertime Love, 7.You've Got Mail, 8.Kokoliko, 9.I Guess I Fell In Love (Again), 10.I Believe, 11.Sing-Along-Song, 12.All Of My Life, 13.The Summer Medley,

Popaholic (2002)

1.Da' Return, 2.Hurricane, 3.Waiting For You, 4.I Wanna Hold You Now, 5.Born To Love You, 6.Next 2 Go, 7.So Good, 8.Mediterranean Boy, 9.My My Life, 10.Hush,


Forever (1998)

I Wanna Be (Mar 1998)

Summer Delight (Jun 1998)

Handsome (1999)

Hey You (1999)

2 Cool 2 B Cool (Jan 1999)


Soft Spot


The Edge Of Time


Soho Party


Pizza ! (1994)

1.Gyere Tancolj (Radio edit), 2.Dilis A Lany, 3.Repliji Velem, 4.Brutalis Szex, 5.A Szerelem Var, 6.Hideg Van, 7.Baby, Nem Kell Mas, 8.Visszavarlak, 9.Balatoni Nyar, 10.Gyere Tancolj (Fantasy mix), 11.Miert Nincs Nyaron Ho? (Soho radio edit), 12.Dilis A Lany, 13.Gyere Tancolj (Tribal clubmix),

Szallj (11th Sep 1995)

1.Intro, 2.Szallj! (Radio Edit), 3.Nem Kell A Szo, 4.Hol Az A Lany, 5.Nezz Az Egre (Radio Edit), 6.Hianyzol (feat. Peter Szolnoki), 7.Mozgasd A Testem, 8.Deep, 9.Varj!, 10.Emeld Fel A Kezed! (Radio edit), 11.Szallj! (Rave Nation Mix), 12.Nezz Az Egre (Extended Mix), 13.Emeld Fel A Kezed! (Piano Rmx),

Remix Album (24th Apr 1996)

1.Alom (Radio Edit), 2.Alom (Rave Blast), 3.Balatoni Nyar (Tihanyi Rave Mix), 4.Baby Nem Kell Mas (Darth Vader Rotterdam Mix) (Csaszar Elod Rmx), 5.Szallj! (Extended Mix), 6.Hianyzol (Speed Rmx), 7.Brutalis Sex (Private Jungle Mi), 8.Gyere Tancolj (Tommy Boy Remix), 9.Alom (Naksi & Dj Levi Dream Mix), 10.Alom (70'S Mix By Amadeus), 11.Megamix (Kovi Klub Koncert mix), 12.Megamix (KKKM Radio edit),

Discovery (7th Mar 1997)

1.Intro, 2.Kez A Kezben, 3.Party (Hey, Ho, Mindenki!!), 4.Legy Szabad, 5.Ibiza Cafe, 6.Utazas, 7.Neked Adom A Szivem, 8.Nem Szamit, 9.A Vilag Csak Veled Szep, 10.Miert Sirsz ?, 11.Kez a Kezben, 12.I Like D'N'B,

The Best Of (15th Oct 1998)

1.Az Ejjel Soha Nem Er Veget, 2.Baby Nem Kell Mas (98 new Version), 3.Gyere Tancolj (98 Infinity New Version), 4.Szallj (Original Long Mix), 5.Alom (Original Mix), 6.Hianyzol (feat.Szolnoki Peter), 7.Repulj Velem, 8.Balatoni Nyar (98 Rmx by Nagyemb), 9.Miert Nincs Nyaron Ho (feat.Csaszar Elod), 10.A Vilag Csak Veled Szep, 11.Kez A Kezben (Discovery mix), 12.Nem Szamit A Penz (New York remix), 13.Az ejjel Soha Nem Er Veget (Infinity mix), 14.Hideg Van (feat.St.Martin),


A Szerelem Var

Nem szamit a penz

Baby, Nem Kell Mas! (1994)

Gyere Tancolj (1994)

Kez A Kezben (1997)




Run To You (24th May 1996)


Solaris (2)


Puerta del Sol (1993)

Label: Outta Records.


Sold Out


Hey Hoh (1996)

Label: Dureco.


Solid Base


Finally (1996)

1.Into Deep (intro), 2.Together, 3.You Never Know, 4.Mirror Mirror, 5.Dancing With An Angel, 6.Let it All Be Sunshine, 7.Stars In The Night, 8.Fly To Be Free, 9.All My Life, 10.In Your Dreams, 11.Bom Bom Bam Bam Bay, 12.How Can We Survive, 13.Never Find A Love, 14.Mirror Mirror (Remix version),

Finally (Japanese release) (1996)

1.Into Deep, 2.You Never Know, 3.Mirror Mirror, 4.All My Life, 5.Dancing With An Angel, 6.Never Find A Love, 7.How Can We Survive, 8.Bom Bom Bam Bam Bay, 9.In Your Dreams, 10.Stars In The Night, 11.Fly To Be Free, 12.Together, 13.Let It All Be Sunshine, 14.Mirror Mirror (Remix Version), 15.You Never Know (Viennas Short Mix), 16.All My Life (Millon Mix), 17.Let It All Be Sunshine (Extended Mix), 18.In Your Dreams (Dance Mix), 19.Stars In The Night (Maximizer Mix), 20.Fly To Be Free (Extended Mix),

The Take Off (Japanese release) (1998)

1.Intro, 2.Sunny Holiday, 3.Katie, 4.Come'n Get Me, 5.Ohbladi Ohblada, 6.Mother Earth, 7.Trust, 8.Right Way, 9.C'est La Vie, 10.U Won't Forget Me, 11.Please Tell Me, 12.Diamonds Are Forever, 13.Ticket To Fly, 14.Don't Give Up, 15.Come'n Get Me (Pinocchio Remix), 16.Come'n Get Me (Kosmic Remix), 17.You Never Know (Peo De Pit X-10-Ded-Mix),

The Take Off (Aug 1998)

1.Intro, 2.Come'n Get Me, 3.Sunny Holiday, 4.Diamonds Are Forever, 5.Trust, 6.Katie, 7.Please Tell Me, 8.C'est La Vie, 9.The Right Way, 10.U Won't Forget Me, 11.Mother Earth, 12.Obladi Oblada, 13.Ticket To Fly, 14.Don't Give Up,

Express (1999)

1.Intro, 2.This Is How To Do It, 3.Set Me Free, 4.Come On Everybody, 5.Colours Of Your Dream, 6.Sha La Long, 7.Once You Pop (You Can't Stop), 8.Push It, 9.Fantasy, 10.Baila Bolero, 11.Stay With Me, 12.Love, 13.I Gotta Know, 14.Sha La Long (Extended Mix), 15.Come On Everybody (Extended Mix),

Express (Japan) (1999)

1.Intro, 2.Once You Pop (You Can't Stop), 3.Set Me Free, 4.Come On Everybody, 5.Colour Of Your Dream, 6.Push It, 7.Fantasy, 8.Sha La Long, 9.Baila Bolero, 10.Stay With Me, 11.I Gotta Know, 12.Sha La Long (Extended Mix), 13.Come On Everybody (Extended Mix), 14.Baila Bolero (Extended Mix), 15.Once You Pop(You Can't Stop) (Dj Zeb's Remix), 16.Sunny Holiday (Extended Mix),

Party Totale (2001)

1.I Like It (Airplay edit), 2.Come On Everybody (Airplay edit), 3.This Is How We Do It (Airplay edit), 4.Push It, 5.Sha La Long, 6.Baila Bolero, 7.Set Me Free, 8.Colours Of Your Dream, 9.Love, 10.Once You Pop, 11.This Is How We Do It (DJ Valium Remix), 12.Come On Everybody (Flim Flam Airplay Edit) + Multimedia part,

In Action (2002)

1.Perfect Melody, 2.I Like It, 3.You and Me, 4.This Is the Summer, 5.I Do, 6.This Beat of My Heart, 7.In or Out of Love, 8.Don't Make Me Wait, 9.Boogie Man, 10.Better Off Dead, 11.I Want Boys, 12.I See Love, 13.Hold On, 14.Obsession, 15.Perfect Melody (Extended Mix), 16.You and Me (Extended Mix), 17.This Beat of My Heart (Extended Mix), 18.I Do (Extended Mix),

In Action (23rd Jan 2002)

1.Perfect Melody, 2. I Like It, 3.You And Me, 4.This Is The Summer, 5.I Do, 6.This Beat Of My Heart, 7.In Or Out Of Love, 8.Don't Make Me Wait, 9.Boogie Man, 10.Better Off Dead, 11.I Want Boys, 12.I See Love, 13.Hold On, 14.Obsession, 15.I Like It (Earthquake Mix),

Greatest Hits (23rd Jan 2002)

1.You Never Know (Extended mix), 2.Sunny Holiday (Extended mix), 3.Once You Pop (You Can't Stop) (DJ Zeb's remix), 4.Sha La Long, 5.Push It, 6.This Is How We Do It, 7.Once You Pop (You Can't Stop), 8.Ticket To Fly, 9.Sunny Holiday, 10.Come'n Get Me, 11.All My Life, 12.Fly To Be Free, 13.Let it All Be Sunshine, 14.You Never Know, 15.Mirror Mirror, 16.Stars In The Night, 17.In Your Dreams, 18.Together, 19.U Won't Forget Me, 20.Fantasy, 21.Mother Earth,

Greatest Hits (with DVD) (14th Jan 2004)

1.Come'n Get Me, 2.Sunny Holiday, 3.Mirror Mirror, 4.Sha La Long, 5.This Is How We Do It, 6.Push It, 7.Ticket To Fly, 8.You Never Know, 9.Katie, 10.I Like It, 11.Fly To Be Free, 12.Let It All Be Sunshine, 13.Once You Pop, 14.Come On Everybody, 15.In Your Dreams, 16.Together, 17.U Won't Forget Me, 18.Fantasy, 19.You And Me, 20.Hold On,


Together (1994)

In Your Dreams (1994)

Dance To The Beat (22nd Apr 1994)

Mirror, Mirror (1995)

Stars In the Night (1995)

You Never Know (1996)

Let it All Be Sunshine (1996)

All My Life (1997)

Fly To Be Free (Oct 1997)

Mirror Mirror (1998)

Come'n Get Me (Apr 1998)

Sunny Holiday (Aug 1998)

Ticket To Fly (Oct 1999)

Once You Pop (You Can't Stop) (Oct 1999)

This Is How We Do It (20th Oct 1999)

Push It (Feb 2000)

Sha La Long (May 2000)

Come On Everybody (7th Jul 2000)

I Like It (20th Feb 2001)




Body And Soul (1996)

1.I Wanna Know, 2.Show Me Love Tonight, 3.Breakout, 4.Body And Soul, 5.Summer Nights, 6.Give It Up, 7.Baby So Happy, 8.Forever In Love, 9.The Music Comes Alive, 10.Dance With Me, 11.The Answer, 12.Turn It On, 13.Just Go Away, 14.Every Night, 15.Las Noches De Verano,


I Wanna Know (1994)

Show Me Love Tonight (1994)

Breakout (1995)

Summer Nights/Sous Un Ciel Etoile/Las Noches De Verano (1995)

The Music Comes Alive (1996)

Give It Up/Body And Soul (1996)

Come Back To My Heart (1997)

Tropicano Dancing (1997)

Where Are You Now (1997)

Sonny Baby (1998)

Back To You (1998)

Hear Me Out There (1999)




Come On (1991)

Rainbow (1991)

So Beautiful (1992)

Come On '93 (1993)

Love Can't Turn Around (1993)

Boom Baby Boom (1994)

Show Me Love (1st Feb 1995)

Lost Inhibitions (2002)

Midnight Waltz (2002)

Impakt (2003)

Solo are Mary Kiani & Stuart Crichton.

Thanks to Eurodance Rage and Vision




Yo Quiero Bailar (2001)

1.Yo Quiero Bailar, 2.Deja Que Mueva, Mueva, Mueva, 3.Que Viva La Noche, 4.Cuando El Sol Se Va, 5.En Tus Manos Me Destino, 6.La Mitad De La Mitad, 7.Mucho Por Vivir... En Gran Hermano, 8.Tequila, 9.Dejarre, 10.Mano A Mano, 11.No Tengas Miedo De Amar, 12.Yo Quiero Bailar (Extended version),


Dame Vida

This Is The Time / No Puedo Mas (1996)

Donde Vas (1996)

Deja Que Mueva, Mueva, Mueva (2001)

Yo Quiero Bailar (2001)

Que Viva La Noche (2001)

Dame Vida 2007 (2007)

Crazy For Love (2007)

Verano De Luna (2008)

Bajo La Lluvia (2008)

Amazing (2009)

Shining Girl (2009)


Sonic Beat


I Can Fly (14th Aug 1995)


Sonic Boom


Open Your Mind (23rd Jan 1995)

I Want Some Holiday (13th Jun 1995)


Sonic Surfers


Making Waves (1994)

1.Don't Give It Up, 2.Reach Out, 3.Don't Turn Your Back On Me, 4.Everybody!, 5.Beat Of Zen (V19, 6.Never Let U Down, 7.Take Me Up, 8.Having A Great Time, 9.Shine On, 10.Making Waves, 11.Tell Me (Album version), 12.Lost Without You, 13.We've Got To Hold On, 14.Tell Me (Don't Let Go mix), 15.Beat Of Zen (Original yang version), 16.Don't Give It Up (Future flash mix), 17.Everybody (Adrian's groove),


Beat Of Zen (1991)

Having A Great Time (1991)

Take Me Up (1992)

Shine On (1993)

My Sexuality (1993)

Tell Me / Making Waves (1994)

Don't Give It Up (8th Apr 1994)

Everybody! (11th Jul 1994)

Reach Out / Tell Me (29th Oct 1994)

Never Let U Down (1995)

Anything (1995)




Get Up And Dance (1995)

Keep On, Keep On Movin' (1995)

Label : Max Music/Five O'Clock.




Stay (1992)

Running So Hard (1992)

Gimme The Night (1994)

In The Night (Nov 1994)

Couldn't This Be Magic (1995)

Take It Or Leave It (1995)


Sor Ines


Sor Ines (1996)

1.Un Rayo De Sol, 2.Si No Tengo Amor, 3.Toca Mi Corazon, 4.Dime Senor, 5.Mi Himno (Yo Tengo Fe), 6.Dominique,


Dominique (1995)

Un Rayo De Sol (1996)




Do You Believe In Magic (20th Oct 1994)


Sotto Voce



1.Dreams (One Night), 2.Rome, 3.Wait, 4.Testimony, 5.Happy People (Maximillion Remix), 6.Big Piano, 7.Higher And Higher, 8.Big Blue Sky, 9.Rome (GYR-8 Mix), 10.Sotto Voce (The Whitehouse Remix), 11.Big Piano (Miami Hardfloor Remix), 12.Rome (The Spaceman Remix), 13.Sotto Voce,


Happy People

Big Piano


Dreams (1994)


Soul Dance Project


One Day (1993)


Soul Inc


Be My Baby (1992)

Don't You Leave Me (1994)

Come In My Selector (1994)




I Want Your Body (17th Oct 1994)

My System (31st Jul 1995)

My System '96 (9th Sep 1996)




Avalon (Jun 1998)

1.Fly With Me, 2.Avalon, 3.Dance All Night, 4.Year 2097, 5.In the Jungle, 6.All My Life, 7.Solar Wind, 8.Travel, 9.Zee Planet, 10.Fly With Me (Klub-a-Strophic Mix), 11.Avalon (Dream Club Mix), 12.Best Friends (Bonus Track),


Fly With Me


Dance All Night

Year 2097

Without You (I Feel Blue) (2003)

Bye (2004)


Sound Factory


Product (19th Jul 1994)

1.Product Sample, 2.Good Time (Pure Edit), 3.Take Me Back, 4.Deeper Yet, 5.Something For Your Mind, 6.Get On The Floor, 7.2 The Rhythm, 8.Come Take Control (Smooth), 9.In A Trance, 10.Take Me 2 The Top, 11.Force Of Power, 12.Temple Of Pleasure, 13.One Dream,


In a Trance

Take Me To The Top

Understand this Groove (1992)

Good Time (1993)

2 The Rhythm (27th May 1993)

Come Take Control (19th Sep 1994)


Sound Of RELS


Sound Of R.E.L.S. (25th Oct 1995)

1.Be With You, 2.Eee-Lie-Loe-Lie (If U Wanna Get), 3.Funk Around, 4.Ride On The Beat, 5.Prove Ya' Love, 6.Love Is The Powa!, 7.Feel The Groove, 8.Raising My Family, 9.I Like It, 10.Love Is A Flowa, 11.Be With You (Re-mix), 12.Eee-Lie-Loe-Lie (Jungo Powa Mix), 13.Love Is The Powa! (Backbeat Mix), 14.Love Is A Flowa (Hi Energy Mix), 15.Be With You (Sound Of C.L.U.B.), 16.Eee-Lie-Loe-Lie (Rave To The Rhythm Mix), 17.Be With You (Piano Groove Mix),

Crazy Music (18th Nov 1996)

1.Crazy music, 2.Can't wait, 3.We can dance, 4.Come to me, 5.Shaa daba dum, 6.It's all right, 7.Coma beat, 8.All the best girls, 9.Sun is shinin' all nite, 10.Up and down, 11.All the best girls (R.E.L.S. for the club), 12.All the best girls(JS 16 sound design), 13.Feel the groove (Full on vocal 7'), 14.Feel the groove (Monster dub), 15.Feel the groove (High on the disco fever),

Extra (other tracklisting) (1997)

1.Cowboys Ride Again, 2.Self Control, 3.I've Got, 4.Night People, 5.Rainbow, 6.Fluteman, 7.Can't Wait (The Singlemix), 8.Raising My Family '97, 9.Love Is The Powa! '97, 10.Princess, 11.We Can Dance (R.E.L.S. Smoove groove mix), 12.Can't Wait (Strictly club monster mix), 13.Cowboys Ride Again (Radio dance cut), 14.Princess (Club meets vocal), 15.Cowboys Ride Again (Full on vocal dance mix),

Extra (1998)

1.I've Got, 2.Raising My Family, 3.Love Is The Powa, 4.Self Control, 5.Princess, 6.Rainbow, 7.Night People, 8.We Can Dance, 9.Flute Man, 10.Cowboys Ride Again, 11.I've Got (Sound Electrified 129),


Self Control

Love Is The Powa! (14th Sep 1994)

Ee-Lie-Loe-Lie (If U Wanna Get) (31st May 1995)

Be With You (6th Oct 1995)

Raising My Family (6th Dec 1995)

Feel The Groove (21st Feb 1996)

All The Best Girls (21st Oct 1996)

Crazy Music (9th Dec 1996)

I've Got (1997)

Can't Wait (7th Apr 1997)

Cowboys Ride Again (20th Oct 1997)


Feel The Groove (1996)


Sound Of Seduction


Time Is Running Out (26th Oct 1994)

1.Caravan Of Love, 2.Ride On The Rythm, 3.Time Is Running Out, 4.Love 2 Love U, 5.Here's 2 U, 6.C.L.A.P. Your Handz, 7.Family Man, 8.(I Wanna) Ohh Ya', 9.Open Your Eyes! (Blindness Kills You), 10.Look What You're Doin' 2 Me, 11.It's A Family Thang, 12.Feel The Music, 13.All Right,

A Cosy Condition (25th Nov 1994)

1.Interlude, 2.Casey The Cosy, 3.Love's What I Want, 4.Queen Of Your Fantasy (Radio edit), 5.A Love Like 7, 5.Where's The Party (CLAP part II), 7.Hold On, 8.Magic, 10.Leave Me In Love, 11.Feel Like Dancin', 12.Elevation, 13.Conclusion, 15.Queen Of Your Fantasy (Original version), 16.CD Bonus track,

Welcome (1995)

1.Intro, 2.Welcome (Into My World), 3.We Could Have Been, 4.Until I'm Satisfied, 5.Wine And Dine 'Round 99, 6.Compared To A Dream (BEST thing), 7.Got To Believe, 8.The Debut, 9.Save That Summer, 10.Grab The Bull (By The Horns), 11.Magic '95, 12.Luv 2 Luv U (Remake), 13.Alright, 14.The Question?, 15.The Encore (S.O.S Welcomes The Sound Of Kashmir),

The Very Best Of (1996)

1.We Could Have Been, 2.Welcome (Into My World), 3.A Love Like 7, 4.Feel Like Dancin', 5.Clap Your Hands, 6.Until I'm Satisfied, 7.Save That Summer, 8.Queen Of Your Fantasy, 9.Caravan Of Love, 10.Casey The Cozy, 11.Bring Out The Sun, 12.Clap Your Hands (12'' mix), 13.Feel Like Dancin' (Club mix), 14.Welcome (Cutfather & Joe's disco mix ), 15.For You To Remember,


Feel Like Dancin' (1993)

Clap Your Hands (1993)

A Love Like 7 (1994)

Queen Of Your Fantasy (1994)

Caravan Of Love (1994)

Casey The Cozy (1994)

Bring Out The Sun (1994)

Love's What I Want (1994)

Until I'm Satisfied (1995)

Save That Summer (1995)

Welcome (1995)

We Could Have Been (1996)





Little Faith (20th Mar 1995)




People - The Album

1.Run A Way (Intro), 2.People, 3.She Hates Love, 4.Murder In Berlin, 5.Sound-Trax, 6.Luka, 7.The Pleasure, 8.Run A Way, 9.Another Day, 10.Sunday, 11.Greensland, 12.Si (Underwater), 13.I'm Sorry,

96-03 The Album (2003)

1.Hyperfolk, 2.Living In Your Head, 3.Run-Away, 4.Walking, 5.We Wanna Party, 6.Flow, 7.Surrender, 8.All Day All Night, 9.People, 10.Abracadabra, 11.Mirando El Mar, 12.Sing A Song, 13.Another Day, 14.Wonderful Life, 15.Surrender (Live Band Version), 16.Abracadabra (Live Band Version),

10 - The Album (96-06) (2006)

1.Surrender 2006 (DJ Piero Intro), 2.Another Day (D.O.N.S. Radio Mix), 3.People (Drum'n'Perc Edit), 4.Run-A-Way (Summer Shot Reprise), 5.Walking (Radio Edit), 6.Flow (Edit Flow), 7.Living In Your Head (Aeroflot Edit), 8.Hyperfolk (Struscio Radio Mix), 9.Abracadabra (Special Edit), 10.Can't Stop Dancing (Promo Cut), 11.I'm Not Scared (Promo Edit), 12.We Wanna Party (Radio Party), 13.All Day All Night (Beep Radio), 14.Shake Your Ass (Radio Edit), 15.Wonderful Life (Short Party), 16.Mirando El Mar (Radio Edit), 17.Sing A Song (Album Version), 18.Abracadabra (Live Band Version), 19.Surrender 2003 (Live Band Version), 20.Gala Freed From Desire (Soundlovers Remix), 21.Z100 Arrivarriva (Soundlovers Remix),

10 - The Album (96-06) (2006)

1.Surrender 2003 (MJ Carlo Iuorno's Muovipista Radio Edit), 2.Another Day (D.O.N.S. Dive Bomb In Motion Mix), 3.People 2002 (Radio Mix), 4.Run-A-Way 2003 (DJ KC Radio Edit), 5.Walking (All The DJ's Mix), 6.Flow (Extended Flow), 7.Living In Your Head (Aeroflot Mix), 8.Hyperfolk (Struscio Mix), 9.Abracadabra (Extended Play), 10.Can't Stop Dancing (Original Mix), 11.I'm Not Scared (Promo Mix), 12.We Wanna Party (Eh-Eh Oh-Oh Mix), 13.All Day All Night (Beep Mix), 14.Shake Your Ass (Shaker Mix), 15.Wonderful Life (Long Party), 16.Mirando El Mar (Mirando El Bar),


Run-Away (22nd Jul 1996)

People (2nd Apr 1997)

Another Day (16th Jun 1997)

Mirando El Mar (8th Jun 1999)

Surrender (30th Sep 1999)

Walking (2nd Nov 1999)

Wonderful Life (21st Jun 2000)

Abracadabra (28th Jun 2001)

Living In Your Head (29th Oct 2001)

Flow (15th Mar 2002)

We Wanna Party (30th Jun 2002)

Hyperfolk (1st Aug 2003)

Shake Your Ass (2004)

I'm Not Scared (Dec 2007)

My Body And Soul (9th Aug 2008)


Surrender (1999)


Soup De Loop


Brainspotting (1997)

1.Boom Let It Bounce, 2.Calm Before Storm, 3.Follow Your Heart, 4.Get Down Slam Bam Disco Jam, 5.Groove Is Just So Good, 6.High Her, 7.I Gotta Get Away, 8.JS With The G Mercedes, 9.Keep On Doin, 10.Love The Way, 11.Recycled Soup, 12.Stormy Weather, 13.This Is Soup De Loop, 14.Threesome For Those Who Represent, 15.What Was Said And Done, 16.What Was Said And Done (Remix),


Keep On Doing (1996)

Love The Way (1996)

What Was Said And Done (1997)

I Gotta Get Away (1997)




Fanatical (1993)

1.Fanatical, 2.Get Down! (Cos I'm In Love), 3.Take Me Up, 4.Stargazing, 5.The Way We Groove, 6.Utopia,

Fanatically Remixed (1994)

1.If You Believe, 2.The Dream, 3.Take Me Up, 4.Utopia, 5.The Way We Groove, 6.Fanatical, 7.Get Down, 8.Feel So Good, 9.600 Miles From Nowhere, 10.If You Believe, 11.The Winner Is,

Confession / The Dream (1995)

1.Confession (Radio Edit), 2.The Dream (Opus No. 2 - Liza Is Born), 3.Freak (The Sky Is The Limit), 4.Confession (Californian Whites Mix), 5.The Dream (Mile High Club Mix), 6.Quixotic,

Compilation (2000)

1.Fanatical (Southend Original Mix), 2.If You Believe (Southend & Ben Suthers Remix), 3.Take Me Up (Southend & Nik Fish Remix), 4.The Winner Is... (Southend & Nik Fish Original Mix), 5.Get Down (Mr & Mrs Chill Remix), 6.Utopia (Southend & Ben Suthers), 7.The Dream (Vision Four 5 Remix), 8.Skylark (Ben Suthers Remix), 9.Feel So Good (Pocket, Ben Suthers & William Bowden Remix), 10.Confession (Ben Suthers Remix), 11.Amerrycar (Head Affect Remix), 12.Weakness (Jad McAdam & Mr Chill), 13.Tall Story (Southend Original Mix),


600 Miles From a Nowhere (1992)

Take Me Up (1993)

Fanatical EP (1993)

Get Down (1993)

The Winner Is (1994)

Confession (1995)

If You Believe (22nd Jun 1995)

Skylark / Weakness (1996)

The Winner Is... 2000 (2000)

Buggin (2004)

To Deserve You (2004)

Der Grun Apfel (2009)


Space Company


The Night Is Calling (1994)


Space Master 


I Need You (9th Jul 1992)

Jumping To The Party (Jun 1993)

Step On (5th Apr 1994)

In The Name Of Love (19th Jan 1995)

World Of Confusion (2nd Apr 1996)

Hold Me Baby (3rd Mar 1997)

Everybody Sing (16th Jul 1997)

World Of Confusion 2008 (31st Jul 2008)


Space Mission


Red Martian (18th Apr 1995)


Space Pilots


Trip to Orion (1995)


Space Tribe


Better Be Alright (5th Mar 1994)

Label : DWA.




Sister Golden Hair (1994)




Sister Golden Hair (1994)

1.Sister Golden Hair (Radio Edit), 2.Universal Music, 3.Sol (LP Edit), 4.Persecution, 5.Don't Touch (Extended Mix), 6.Spanish Club, 7.Bring On The Night (Radio Remix), 8.Return To The Classics, 9.Celtic Magic, 10.1,2,3,4, 11.Skanner, 12.Sex-Panic,



Bring On The Night (1992)

Return To The Classics (1992)

Same Old Scene (1992)

Todo El Mundo Va A Vivir (1992)

Universal Music (1992)

1,2,3,4 (1993)

I Am An Android (1993)

Sex Panic (1993)

Sister Golden Hair (1993)

We Need A Friend (1994)

You Make Me Move (1995)

Suddenly (1997)

Such Is Life (1998)


Sister Golden Hair (1994)


Sparell Saunet


Faith (2000)


Erase Me (2000)




My Friend (1995)




Music That To Can Dance To - The Best Of (1990)

1.Music That You Can Dance To, 2.Rosebud, 3.Fingertips, 4.Change, 5.The Scene, 6.Shopping Mall Of Love, 7.Modesty Plays (New Version), 8.Let's Get Funky,

Gratuitus Sax And Senseless Violins (1994)

1.Gratuitous Sax, 2.When Do I Get To Sing My Way, 3.When I Kiss You (I Hear Charlie Parker Playing), 4.Frankly Scarlett I Don't Give A Damn, 5.I Thought I Told You To Wait In The Car, 6.Hear No Evil See No Evil Speak No Evil, 7.Now That I Own The BBC, 8.Tsui Hark (featuring Tsui Hark & Bill Kong), 9.The Ghost Of Liberace, 10.Let's Go Surfing, 11.Senseless Violins,

Plagiarism (1998)

12 inches mixes (1999)

1.All You Ever Think About Is Sex, 2.Beat The Clock, 3.Young Girls, 4.Cool Places, 5.Dance Godammit, 6.I Predict, 7.Modesty Plays, 8.Kiss Me Quick, 9.Pretending To Be Drunk, 10.The Number One Song In Heaven,

Balls (2000)

Lil' Beethoven (2002)

1.The Rhythm Thief, 2.How Do I Get To Carnegie Hall ?, 3.What Are All These Bands So Angry About ?, 4.I Married Myself, 5.Ride 'Em Cowboy, 6.My Baby's Taking Me Home, 7.Your Call's Very Important To Us. Please Hold, 8.Ugly Guys With Beautiful Girls, 9.Suburban Homeboy,


Door to Heaven

When Do I Get To Sing 'My Way' (1994)

(When I Kiss You) I Hear (1995)

Now That I Own The BBC (1996)

The Number One Song In Heaven (1997)




Chartbreaker (1993)

1.All That She Wants, 2.Would I Lie To You, 3.Bed Of Roses, 4.I Put A Spell On You, 5.I Am Alive, 6.Angel, 7.I'm Easy, 8.Hope Of Deliverance, 9.No Limit, 10.Alice In Fashionland, 11.I Feel You, 12.Can't Fight The Rhythm,


Get This Party Slammin'

Can't Fight The Rhythm (1993)




Free Your Soul (1995)


Speed Limit


Cry For Your Love (1995)

Don't Give Me Up (1996)

Paradise (1996)

Remember (1996)

EP (2004)




Chains Of Love (1994)

Label : WEA Musik GmbH




I'm Seeing You (1995)




Spirit (1994)

Choose Your Side (1994)

Wild Dance (1995)

Label : We Are. Spiritma are Carmelo Masi, Angelo Bellina and C. De Palma.




Splash (1991)

1.Freedom, 2.This Gotta Move 'Ya, 3.I Need Rhythm, 4.Dancin' On The Highway, 5.Joy And Pain, 6.Set The Groove On Fire (Cube Mix), 7.Spirit Of A Native Land, 8.Good Times, Bad Times, 9.Day By Day, 10.Let's Get Together, 11.I Need Rhythm (Rappin' Soultechno Remix), 12.Set The Groove On Fire (Dirt Mix),

Just A Party (1994)

1.All I Do, 2.Burning, 3.Got 2 Have Your Love, 4.Move To The Rhythm, 5.Whoopee, 6.Tell Me Why, 7.Come On, Back !, 8.Take Me To Paradise, 9.How Does It Feel, 10.Just A Party, 11.Got 2 Have Your Love (Groove Unit Dub),


I Need Rhythm (1990)

Set The Groove On Fire (1991)

Joy And Pain (1991)

Got 2 Have Your Love (1992)

Tell Me Why (1993)

All I Do (6th Jun 1994)

One More Dream (9th Mar 1995)




You Can Dance (1995)




Hide And Seek (2nd Sep 1998)




Drop Your Pants (1996)

1.Juke Box, 2.Blue Jeans, 3.Sweet Kisses, 4.Saturday Night, 5.Oweo, 6.Girls, 7.What Will I Do, 8.Bang Bang (Everytime You Want), 9.Holiday Love, 10.Tic Tac, 11.Roller Baby, 12.Scandy Randy, 13.Choo Choo Bubblegum, 14.To Be Continued,

Street Life (1998)

1.Street Jam (Part 1), 2.Get It Right, 3.Without You, 4.Crazy, 5.Wake Up, 6.Summertime, 7.Turn Me Upside Down, 8.Street Jam, 9.Boom Boom, 10.Be My Little Baby, 12.Beach Party, 13.Happy, 14.Sqeezer Party, 15.Wake Up (Bonus Mix), 16.Street Jam (Part 2),


Scandy Randy (4th Dec 1995)

Blue Jeans (French version) (1996)

Blue Jeans (5th Jun 1996)

Sweet Kisses (10th Aug 1996)

Saturday Night (29th Jan 1997)

Tamagotchi (Sep 1997)

Without You (Mar 1998)

Wake Up (6th Aug 1998)

Wishing You Were Here (1999)

This Summer (1999)

Remember Summertime (2001)

3 Times (25th Nov 2002)

Hot Ski Teeny (2nd Feb 2004)

Hot Bikini (Jun 2004)

Blue Jeans 2006 (2007)

Anybody (2008)

High Heels (14th Mar 2008)


St Etien


He's On The Phone (1995)


St James


I Would Die 4 You (1995)

Missing You (1996)

Do Anything (I Will) (1999)

What Is Love (2002)




Taki jestem (1994)

1.Intro, 2.Jezeli mozesz (taki jestem), 3.Po prostu taki sam, 4.Potrzebny mi Twoj wzrok, 5.Wstyd, 6.Polska '94, 7.Usta, dlonie, oczy, uda, 8.Cierpienie, bol, 9.Twoj znak, 10.Jezeli mozesz (taki jestem) bass version, 11.Jezeli mozesz (taki jestem) duma version,

1996 (1996)

1.Jak W Niebie, 2.Chcesz Czy Nie, 3.Simona (Drunk Mix), 4.Przyjaciele, 5.Stay, Baby (Summer Love Mix), 6.Cholerny Czas, 7.Pa Pa Bra Pa Pa Pa, 8.Kim Dla Mnie Jeste?, 9.Taki Jestem (Cobra Mix), 10.Jak W Niebie (Extended Mix), 11.Stay, Baby (Fath, Cobra Mix), 12.Przyjaciele (Extended Mix),

Urodzilem sie aby grac (1997)

1.Urodzilem sie aby grac, 2.Kowbojskie zycie, 3.Dlaczego, 4.Tego wlasnie chcesz, 5.To wlasnie ja, 6.Nigdy, kochanie, 7.Masz jeszcze czas, 8.Nikogo nie ma (pomiedzy nami), 9.To byl blad, 10.Milosc jak ogien,

Mega Dance Mix (1997)

1.Tego Wlasnie Chcesz, 2.Nikogo Nie Ma (Pomiedzy Nami), 3.Dlaczego, 4.Chcesz Czy Nie, 5.Taki Jestem, 6.Kowbojskie Zycie, 7.Przyjaciele, 8.Tego Wlasnie Chcesz, 9.Jak W Niebie, 10.Tego Wlasnie Chcesz, 11.DJ Maxi Megamix Carnawal '98,

1999 (1999)

1.Stachursky 1999, 2.Ty i ja, 3.Gdy zaplaczesz, 4.Chlosta, 5.Zostanmy razem, 6.To nie boli, 7.Na dobre i na zle, 8.Uciekam stad, 9.Wigilia 1988, 10.Ostatni moj dom, 11.Czekalem na taka jak Ty, 12.Stachursky Mega Mix,

Moje najlepsze piosenki (1999)

1.Taki jestem (wersja 'amerykanska'), 2.Stay baby, 3.Pa pa bra pa pa pa, 4.Przyjaciele, 5.Jak w niebie, 6.Cholerny czas, 7.Chcesz czy nie, 8.Kim dla mnie jestes, 9.Nikogo nie ma (pomiedzy nami), 10.Urodzilem sie aby grac, 11.Milosc jak ogien, 12.Kowbojskie zycie, 13.Tego wlasnie chcesz, 14.Gdy zaplaczesz, 15.Zostanmy razem, 16.Ty i ja, 17.Czekalem na taka jak Ty, 18.This World Is Magic,

1 (1999)

1.Tak jak aniol, 2.Typ niepokorny, 3.Czuje i wiem, 4.Do konca moich dni, 5.Wierze, 6.Pamietam Ciebie z tamtych lat, 7.Dziewczece igraszki, 8.Tylko Ciebie naprawde kochalem, 9.Pozwol mi, 10.Dla Was,

Live 2001 (2001)

1.Typ niepokorny, 2.Wierze, 3.Gdy zaplaczesz, 4.Potrzebuje Cie, 5.Kowbojskie zycie, 6.Chcesz czy nie, 7.Czuje i wiem, 8.Do konca moich dni, 9.Czekalem na taka jak Ty, 10.Zostanmy razem, 11.Jump,

Final (2002)

1.Final, 2.Cud, 3.Kocham Cie, 4.Teraz juz wiem (co czuje), 5.Nie znamy sie, 6.I bede mial to wszystko, 7.Boze, dzieki Ci, 8.Nic o tym nie wiem, 9.Tylko ja, 10.Nie zostawiaj mnie, 11.Razem z nami, 12.Przeznaczenie, 13.Wilcze echa, 14.Samo zycie,

Moje najlepsze piosenki 2 (2003)

1.Taka jak Ty, 2.Typ niepokorny, 3.Nic o tym nie wiem, 4.Tego wlasnie chcesz, 5.Czuje i wiem, 6.Wigilia 1988 (1998), 7.To nie boli, 8.Wilcze echa, 9.Tam gdzie Ty, 10.Razem z nami, 11.Tak jak aniol, 12.Na dobre i na zle, 13.Do konca moich dni, 14.Pozwol mi, 15.Wierze, 16.Kocham Cie, 17.Nie znamy sie (juz), 18.Uciekam stad,

Trwam (2005)

1.Taki Raj (Kod: Raj), 2.Jestes Moim Przeznaczeniem, 3.Co Dzis Zrobic Mam, 4.Milosc I Wybaczenie, 5.Wszystko Dla Ciebie, 6.Zylem Jak Chcialem, 7.Skazany Na Zycie, 8.Caly Twoj, 9.Get Down, 10.Just Express,

Wspaniale polskie przeboje (28th Mar 2008)

1.Jedwab (Roze Europy), 2.Requiem dla samej siebie (2+1), 3.Hotel Twoich snow (Kombi), 4.Na falochronie (Emigranci), 5.Bez satysfakcji (Budka Suflera), 6.Za kazdy dzien, za kazdy szept (Jacek Skubikowski), 7.Nie wierz nigdy kobiecie (Budka Suflera), 8.Whisky (Dzem), 9.Obudz sie (Oddzial Zamkniety), 10.Kocham Cie (Chlopcy Z Placu Broni), 11.Zacznij od Bacha (Zbigniew Wodecki),

2009 (15th Jun 2009)

1.Zostan i badz, 2.I nie mow nic, 3.Jestem panem swiata, 4.Mit, 5.Nieodwracalnie, 6.Tylko Ty, 7.Wypad stad, 8.Jak magnezz, 9.Zabierz mnie stad, 10.Dosko, 11.Badz gotow, 12.Nadejdzie taki dzien,


Stay Baby (Jun 1995)

Cholerny Czas (Apr 1996)

Chcesz czy nie czerwiec (Jun 1996)

Burnin' Up (Jun 1996)

Nikogo nie ma (pomiedzy nami) (Dec 1996)

Milosc jak ogien (Mar 1997)

Kowbojskie zycie (Aug 1997)

Tego Wlasnie Chcesz (Dec 1997)

Gdy zaplaczesz (Oct 1998)

Zostanmy razem (Mar 1999)

Kim dla mnie jestes (Sep 1999)

Tak jak aniol (Apr 2000)

Czuje i wiem (Aug 2000)

Typ niepokorny (Jan 2001)

When She Cries (Feb 2001)


Stacks Of Joy


Joy- the '94 Mixes (25th Jul 1994)

Label : BMG




I Want Ya (1993)

Label : Extreme Records. All tracks by Davide Riva & Larry Pignagnoli.




Close Your Eyes


Star System


Why (1994)

Ring My Bell (1997)

It's Time To Party Now (3rd Mar 1997)

Label : Italian Style.


Starr (Tameka)

EuroDance Member


Going In Circles (1992)

Feel The Rhythm (1993)

Just For The Sex Of It (1998)



EuroPop Group


Keep On Moving (2005)

Higher (10th Aug 2006)

One More Time (Apr 2007)


Static O


Fill Me Up (1996)


Stay C


Turn Up The Music (Jul 1988)

Wanna Know Where The Groove Is (1992)

Wham Bam ! (26th Jun 1995)

Summer Holiday (1998)

Blue (Da Ba Dee) (1999)

Where Do We Go (2000)

Rapper of Twenty 4 Seven.


Steam System


Barraca Destroy (1993)

Label : Audiodrome.




Power Of Love (1995)

Records company Sony Music




Interactive Phrase Dance (5th Jun 1995)

Formula One (2nd Oct 1995)

Das Modell (23rd Oct 1996)

Energy (1997)


Stella (2)


You & Me (1996)


You & Me (1996)




Believe In Yourself (1993)


Stereo Agents


Do You Really Love Me (1993)

Make Me Fly (1993)

Label : Italian Style.




And The Beat Goes On (1994)




I Give You Fantasy




Lead Me Now (3rd Jun 1995)

Label : Five O'Clock.


Strictly MOR


Let The Music Play (1995)

Long Long Night (1995)




I Saw The Future (1997)

1.Intro, 2.I Have Peace, 3.I Saw The Future, 4.The Morning After, 5.Inspiration, 6.Come With Me, 7.U Sure Do, 8.Wrapped Inside The Rhythm, 9.My Love Is For Real, 10.Shut It, 11.No Compromise, 12.Live For Today,


U Sure Do (1994)

The Morning After (Free At Last) (1995)

Inspiration (1996)

My Love Is For Real (1996)

I Have Peace (1997)

U Sure Do'99 (1999)

U Sure Do 2006 (Apr 2006)


Sub Zero


Legalize (1994)

Feel The Vibe (14th Jul 1994)




Wanna B (1995)




Move It (24th Oct 1994)

Label : Dance Pool (Sony Music).




Teach Me (1994)




Bliss (Feb 2004)




Talk to Me (1995)

Label : Propio records.


Sultans Of Dance


Move Your Body

Dracula (1993)

Bismillah (Let's Dance Together) (1st Sep 1993)



Sun Box


I Feel (Light Is Blue Light) (1994)


Sun Only Project


Spirit Of Africa (1995)

Label : Hansa




Out Of Reality (1997)

1.Outside World, 2.La Musique (C'est Norte Drogue), 3.High Adventure (Sorounger Mix), 4.Cathedral, 5.Magic, 6.Smoke, 7.Outside World (Seismic Remix), 8.High Adventure (Marocco Club Mix), 9.Are We Out Of Reality?, 10.Outside World (Single Remix),

Lightyears (2001)

1.The Beginning, 2.Outside World, 3.Wake Up!, 4.Do It, 5.One Minute In Heaven, 6.Ten, 7.Solar Surfing, 8.Versus, 9.Purple, 10.High Adventures, 11.Outside World (Single Version), 12.Wake Up! (Single Version), 13.One Minute In Heaven (Single Version), 14.Do It (Single Version), 15.Versus (Single Version), 16.Dreams (Single Version), 17.Arms Of Heaven (Single Version),


Outside World (1994)

Outside World EP (1994)

Love Is Paradise (1995)

Arms of Heaven (1996)

Dreams (9th Jun 1997)

Lost In Music (1998)

Outside World (14th May 1999)

Versus (vs Tomcraft) (10th Jun 2000)

Wake Up (Sep 2000)

Do It (2001)

One Minute In Heaven (2001)

Watching The Stars (2003)




Heart beat (1995)

Sun Go Down On Me (1996)

Label : Wicked Rhythm.




2 The Top (Take Me Up) (1st Jun 1995)

Label: Koch. Female vocals were done by Gamze.




We Stay Together (1995)




Early In The Morning (1999)

Label : 21st Century records (SAIFAM).




True Love (2000)

Feelings (Oct 2000)

Never Love Again (2002)

Blue Eyes (2003)




Lover Of Mine

I Can Feel Your Love (1994)

Set Me Free (1995)




Surfin' (1996)




Move To The Rhythm (1995)


Super Lux


Check Out (1996)

Electricity (1996)

Emotion (1996)

Oviformia (1996)

The Best Of Superlux (2007)




Fly Robin Fly (1992)

Is It Love (7th Jan 1994)

Move To The Omen (1995)




Can You Read My Mind (4th Nov 1994)

Label : Edel records.




Do It 4 Luv (1995)

Produced by Franco Diaferia.




Dolce Vita (9th Jul 1996)

C'est La Vie (27th Jun 1997)

Cuba Limbo (1998)


Surama K


Yesterday & Today

1.My Heart Will Go On, 2.I Want You Into My Life, 3.Remember, 4.A Whiter Shade Of Pale, 5.Save Up All You Tears, 6.Breathe, 7.Hedoism, 8.Just Call, 9.Let It, 10.Together, 11.Bang Bang,


I Want You Into My Life

Save Up All You Tears (1997)

Remember (1997)




My Life (1995)


Susy Be


Tell Me (1998)

Label : DUE Records


Suzie Ann


Why? (1995)

Label : Discomagic




I Love My Life (1995)




On And On (19th Jul 1993)

Label : EDEL. A


Sweet Flowers


I've Gotta Feel You (10th Jul 1996)


Sweet Lies


Girls Just Want To Have Fun (1995)

Don't Look Back (1996)


Sweet Lies (2)


The Beast (of Prey) (1996)

Magical Feeling (1997)

Voodoo (1998)

One Night In Bangkok (2000)


Sweet Money


Go Now (1994)


Sweet Poison


The Power Of The Rhythm (1994)

Label: Dig It


Sweet Project


Feelings Of Love (1994)

Label : Domino Records.




Sweet Dreams (13th Apr 1994)




U & Me

Party (B-side ?)

Take Me To The Top (1995)

Talk To Me (1996)




Chances (2001)

1.Turn the Tide, 2.Skin, 3.Forgiven, 4.Forever In Love, 5.In Your Eyes, 6.Mystery Of Tomorrow, 7.The Smile Has Left Your Eyes, 8.The Edge of Life, 9.Angel On My Shoulder, 10.Secrets, 11.Turn the Tide (CJ Stone Remix), 12.Skin (Velvet Girl Remix),

Chances (2nd edition) (2001)

1.Turn The Tide, 2.Skin, 3.Forgiven, 4.Forever In Love, 5.In Your Eyes, 6.Mystery Of Tomorrow, 7.The Smile Has Left Your Eyes, 8.The Edge Of Life, 9.Angel On My Shoulder, 10.Secrets, 11.Turn The Tide (CJ Stone Remix), 12.Skin (Velvet Girl Remix), 13.Turn The Tide (Video Clip),

Chances (2nd edition) (2001)

1.Forgiven (Remixed Radio Edit), 2.Secrets (Remixed Radio Edit), 3.Turn The Tide (Acoustic Version), 4.Forever In Love (Acoustic Version), 5.Forgiven (Acoustic Version), 6.Turn The Tide (Airscape Mix), 7.Forever In Love (3 Drives Club Mix), 8.Forgiven (Oliver Lieb Mix), 9.Turn The Tide (Level Mix),

Little Things (Apr 2003)

1.Livin' My Life, 2.Why Worry, 3.Shallow Water, 4.Wild Horses, 5.Confused, 6.So Afraid, 7.Weeping Willows, 8.Never Ever, 9.Heal My Heart, 10.Little Things, 11.French Bonus Track (Turn The Tide),

Nighttime Calls (2nd Nov 2004)

1.Love Is An Angel, 2.Take Me Back, 3.Summer Solstice, 4.Who Am I, 5.Make It, 6.Drowning In My Tears, 7.Sympathy, 8.Changed, 9.Where Did The Love Go, 10.Fallin', 11.Tomorrow, 12.Don't Call Me, 13.Where Did I Go Wrong, 14.Sometimes,

Crossroads (19th May 2006)

1.Lay All Your Love On Me, 2.Why, 3.One Night Stand, 4.Dance with loneliness, 5.You and I, 6.Lovesong, 7.Half as much, 8.On My Own, 9.Seven Tears, 10.Keep your hands, 11.Except Me, 12.The End,

Best Of (The Hit Collection 2001-2007) (3rd Aug 2007)

1.Turn The Tide, 2.Skin, 3.Forgiven, 4.Forever In Love, 5.In Your Eyes, 6.Livin' My Life, 7.Why Worry, 8.Shallow Water, 9.Wild Horses, 10.Love Is An Angel, 11.Make It, 12.Take Me Back, 13.Lay All Your Love On Me, 14.Half As Much, 15.The One,

Best Of (The Hit Collection 2001-2007) (3rd Aug 2007)

1.Turn The Tide (CJ Stone Radio Edit), 2.Forever In Love (Green Court Radio Edit), 3.Livin' My Life (Groove Coverage Rmx), 4.Lay All Your Love On Me (Shaun Baker & Melino Rmx), 5.Why Worry (Noemi Rmx), 6.Love Is An Angel (Groove Coverage Mix), 7.Turn The Tide (Video), 8.Livin' My Life (Video), 9.Lay All Your Love On Me (Video), 10.Shallow Waters (Video), 11.Forgiven (Video), 12.Why Worry (Video), 13.Love Is An Angel (Video),

Sacrifice (12th May 2009)

1.I Hate You Now, 2.Sacrifice, 3.Easy Way Out, 4.One Of Us, 5.God's Mistake, 6.Rise Again, 7.Foreign Affair, 8.Time Won't Wait, 9.It Takes Two, 10.Hungry Heart, 11.Thank You, 12.Typical Guy, 13.How Could I Be So Wrong, 14.Too Much Love, 15.Music, 16.One World One Dream,

Decade - The Very Best Of (2010)

1.Turn The Tide, 2.Skin, 3.Forgiven, 4.Forever In Love, 5.In Your Eyes, 6.Livin' My Life, 7.Why Worry, 8.Shallow Water, 9.Love Is An Angel, 10.Take Me Back, 11.Lay All Your Love On Me, 12.Why, 13.Rise Again, 14.I Hate You Now, 15.Foreign Affair, 16.Music (RLS Radio Edit), 17.Say No, 18.It's My Life, 19.Turn The Tide (Acoustic), 20.I Hate You Now (Acoustic),

Decade - The Very Best Of (2010)

1.Wild Horses, 2.Make It, 3.One Night Stand, 4.One World One Dream, 5.Thank You, 6.It's My Life (Extended), 7.Love Is An Angel (Acoustic), 8.Sylver Hitmix,


Turn the Tide (2000)

Turn the Tide (16th Jun 2000)

In Your Eyes (2001)

Skin (12th Jan 2001)

Forever In Love (10th Apr 2001)

Forgiven (15th Oct 2001)

The Smile Has Left Your Eyes (2002)

Living My Life (2003)

Why Worry (2003)

Shallow Water (2003)

Wild Horses (Dec 2003)

Love Is An Angel (Aug 2004)

Make It (Feb 2005)

Take Me Back (19th Sep 2005)

Lay All Your Love On Me (28th Apr 2006)

One Night Stand (4th Aug 2006)

Why (13th Nov 2006)

The One (20th Jun 2007)

One World One Dream (28th Jun 2008)

Rise Again (10th Oct 2008)

I Hate You Now (13th Mar 2009)

Foreign Affair (12th Jun 2009)

Love Don't Come Easy (17th Aug 2009)

Music (Nov 2009)

It's My Life (13th Mar 2010)

Turn The Tide 2010 (11th Jun 2010)




Walking Away (1990)

Thank You (1990)

House Time (1991)

Rock The House (1991)

Breaking Down (1992)

Let's Get Together (1992)

Time Is Right (1993)

Listen Up (9th Oct 1993)

End Of Time (18th Mar 1994)

Label : Italian Style Records




Feel The Music (12th Apr 1996)




Only The Lonely (1997)




Must Be Love (7th Aug 1995)

Label : Xplode/Bellaphon.




I Got The Music (15th Apr 1994)

Love Is The Answer (2nd Jan 1995)

Stay Here In My Heart (5th Feb 1996)

Everyday (14th Dec 1999)




Move It Up (Gimme Your Lovin')

Believe In Yourself (1994)

Power Of Love (1995)

Be My Lover (1996)

Label : Edel Scandinavia.




Only 4 You