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R To R


My Romance (1995)

Label: 2XPAND.


Radio Deejay For Christmas


Song For You (1994)



EuroEnergy Group


Desires and Vampires (1986)

1.Desire, 2.Flight Of Fantasy, 3.Hey Hey, 4.Wacha Gonna Do, 5.Aliens, 6.Vampires, 7.Chance To Desire, 8.Friend, 9.Remix Of Desire,

2nd Album (1987)

1.Yety, 2.Aliens, 3.Woman, 4.Warrior, 5.So I Know, 6.Love Of My Life, 7.The Radiorama Mega Mix,

The Legend (1988)

1.Heartbreaker, 2.I Don't Wanna Lose You, 3.Bad Girls, 4.My Chery, 5.All Your Love, 6.Manitu, 7.A B C D, 8.Radiorama Sing The Beatles, 9.Fire, 10.Bye Bye Baby,

The Best Of Radiorama (Germany) (1989)

1.Chance To Desire, 2.Desire, 3.Hey Hey (Remix 89), 4.Flight Of Fantasy (Remix 89), 5.Aliens (Remix 89), 6.Vampires (Remix 89), 7.Yeti (Remix 89), 8.A B C D,

Four Years After (Japan) (1989)

1.Bad Boy You, 2.Baciami, 3.Daddy Daddy, 4.Flight Of Fantasy, 5.Body To Body, 6.Macho Man, 7.Silent Movie, 8.A Love Song, 9.Aliens (Remix 89),

The Fifth (1990)

1.Why Baby Why, 2.3,4 Gimme More, 3.My Only Truth, 4.Stand By Me, 5.Don't Go, 6.My Number One, 7.Top Model, 8.Baby Back, 9.A B C D (Edit 90), 10.Why Baby Why (Megatron Dance),

World Of Radiorama (1999)

1.Beautiful Man, 2.'Cause The Night, 3.Let Me Be, 4.Ninna Ninna Oh, 5.Di-Da-Di, 6.Give Me The Night, 7.Like An Angel, 8.Truly Eyes, 9.Yeti 2000, 10.Aliens 2000, 11.Touch Me Now, 12.Little Bird, 13.My Fantasy, 14.Ninna Ninna Oh,

Best Of Radiorama (2001)

1.Chance To Desire, 2.Desire, 3.Hey Hey, 4.Vampires, 5.Flight Of Fantasy, 6.Fire (7 Inch Edit), 7.Aliens, 8.Yeti, 9.ABCD, 10.Heartbreaker, 11.Baciami (Extended Version), 12.Megamix,

Yesterday Today Tomorrow (2002)

1.Total Eclypse Of The Heart (Factory Team Mix), 2.Eagle In The Sky, 3.Danger (Factory Dance Mix), 4.Nothing Can Keep Me From You (with Axel Force), 5.More Time (Factory Piano Mix), 6.Heaven, 7.My Chery (Remix), 8.Flight Of Fantasy (Remix), 9.Chance To Desire (Remix), 10.ABCD (High-Energy Speed Remix), 11.Desire (Airplay 2002 Extended), 12.Desire (Remix 2002 12"),

Yesterday Today Tomorrow (2002)

1.Why Baby Why (Radio Version), 2.3,4 Gimme Some More (Radio Version), 3.My Only Truth, 4.Stand By Me, 5.Don't Go, 6.My Number One, 7.Top Model, 8.Baby Back, 9.ABCD Edit '90, 10.Why Baby Why (Megatron Version),


Chance To Desire (1985)

Desire (1985)

Hey Hey (1986)

Vampires (1986)

Flight Of Fantasy (1986)

Aliens (1986)

Yeti (1987)

So I Know (1987)

Fire (1987)

Radiorama Sing The Beatles (1988)

ABCD (1988)

Heartbreaker (1988)

Medley Mix (1988)

Bad Boy You (1989)

Baciami (Kiss Me) (1989)

Daddy Daddy (1989)

Megamix (1989)

1,2,3 (1990)

Why Baby Why (1990)

Cannary The Canary (1990)

In Zaire (1990)

3,4 Gimme Some More (1990)

Come Back My Lover (1991)

Sugar Sugar Love (1992)

All Night Long (1992)

My Number One (1992)

My Only Truth (1992)

Aliens 2 (The Nightmare) (1992)

Your Love (1993)

It's A Lonely Wait (1993)

Little Bird (1995)

Let Me Be (1995)

Touch Me Now (1996)

Like An Angel (1996)

'Cause The Night (1997)

Di-Da-Di (1997)

Aliens 2000 (1998)

Give Me The Night (1998)

Beautiful Man (1998)

Ninna Ninna Oh (1999)

More Time (1999)

Nothing Can Keep Me From You (2000)

Danger (2000)

Total Eclipse Of The Heart (Feb 2002)

Heaven (May 2002)




Energetic Mix (1990)

The Rhythm, The Rebel (1991)

We Gonna Get (1991)

We've Got To Live Together (1991)

I Can't Believe (1992)

Just Take Me Higher (1993)

Move Up (1995)

Take Me Higher (1996)

Boom Boom Boom / Menergy (1996)


Raf G


Over & Over (I Feel Your Love) (1993)

Casanova (1995)




China Boy

You'll See (1996)

On And On And On (5th Jan 1997)

Broken Land (10th Feb 1997)

Little Girl (15th Jul 1997)




Eyajalua (1994)


Ralph Sheryl Lee


You're So Romantic (1984)

In The Evening (1984)

In The Evening (1996)

Evolution (1998)

Here Comes The Rain Again (1999)


You're So Romantic (1985)

In The Evening (1987)

In The Evening (the 90s Ремиксы:) (1993)

In The Evening (The Ремиксы:) (2004)




Light My Fire (1996)

Crying Out (1996)




Music Is My Life (29th Mar 1995)


Ravage (Odette)


Rhythm Is Melody (2001)


Ray and Anita


In Da Name Of Love (Jan 2010)

Still Unlimited (Aug 2010)


Razzle Dazzle


Pick Up The Fiddle (Pluck That Banjo) (1994)




Three Four Give Me More (Da Da Da) (1995)

Label : MCA




Radio Moscow (1995)

Label : Discomagic.


Reactor Project


Give Me Attitude (1998)


Read Kathy


Tonight (1996)


Real Dream


Gotta Find You (1994)

My Love 4 You (24th Sep 1994)

Change The Way (10th Jul 1995)


Real Hype


It's Raining Again

Jane Is Calling


Living In A Promised Land


Train Of Love (21st Jun 1996)


Real McCoy 


Singles Collection

1.It's On You (Albums version), 2.Automatic Lover (Trans euro mix), 3.Pump Up The Jam (Orginal rap version), 4.Run Away (Original rap version), 5.Get On Up (Album version), 6.Love And Devotion (Summer mix), 7.One More Time (Original radio mix), 8.Another Night (Album version), 9.Give A Little Love, 10.Come And Get Your Love (Long version), 11.How Deep Is Your Love (Album version), 12.Take A Look At Your Life (Album version), 13.Don't Stop (Single mix), 14.Ooh Boy (Extended single version), 15.It's On You (Allstars remix),

On The Move (1990)

1.On The Move (Intro), 2.Another Night, 3.Be Yourself, 4.Serious (featuring Diamond Ross), 5.McCoy's House (featuring Jay-Rapper), 6.Don't Stop (Acappella Version), 7.Pump Up The Jam (Original Rap Version), 8.She's Gone, 9.Get On Up, 10.Que Pasa, 11.I Owe You Nothin', 12.Cut The C, 13.Pump Up The Jam (US Remix), 14.Another Night (All-Stars Remix), 15.Undercover, 16.Don't Stop (Single Mix),

Space Invaders (29th Aug 1994)

1.Space Invaders (The Opening), 2.Automatic Lover, 3.Run Away, 4.24 Hours, 5.Love and Devotion, 6.Another Night, 7.I Want You, 8.Operator, 9.Streetfighter, 10.Out of Control, 11.Je Suis Amoureux, 12.How Deep Is Your Love?, 13.Another Night (US mix), 14.Megablast, 15.Space Invaders (The Last Crusade),

Another Night - US album (1995)

1.Another Night, 2.If You Should Ever Be Lonely (Deep In the Night), 3.Run Away, 4.Sleeping With An Angel, 5.Ooh Boy, 6.Love And Devotion, 7.Automatic Lover, 8.Operator, 9.I Want You, 10.Another night (US mix),

The Remix Album (2nd Jul 1996)

1.Another Night (Ragga II House Mix), 2.Come And Get Your Love (Junior's House Mix), 3.Love & Devotion (Limited Express Club Mix), 4.Run Away (Reel House Mix), 5.Automatic Lover (Lenny's House Mix), 6.Ooh Boy (Uno Clio Remix Edit), 7.Streetfighter, 8.Operator (Slash Brother's Mix), 9.Automatic Lover (B&B Mix), 10.Come And Get Your Love (NRG Extended Mix), 11.Je Suis Amoureux, 12.Love & Devotion (House Mix), 13.Another Night (Dance Mix),

One More Time - European Version (1997)

1.One More Time (Original Radio Mix), 2.Give A Little Love, 3.The Sky Is The Limit, 4.Tomorrow, 5.I Wanna Come (With You), 6.Love Almost Faded, 7.Party, 8.Take A Look At Your Life, 9.Love Save Me, 10.Love Is A Stranger, 11.Silly, 12.Look At Me, 13.Tonight, 14.(If You're Not In It For Love) I'm Outta Here, 15.Start Loving Me,

One More Time - US album (17th Aug 1997)

1.One More Time, 2.I Wanna Come (With You), 3.Give A Little Love, 4.(If You're Not In It For Love) I'm Outta Here, 5.Love Almost Faded, 6.Look At Me, 7.Love Save Me, 8.Take A Look At Your Life, 9.The Sky Is The Limit, 10.Love Is A Stranger, 11.Tomorrow, 12.Tonight, 13.CD-ROM Multimedia Presentation,

Love And Devotion (1998)

1.Space Invaders (The Opening), 2.Automatic Lover (Call for Love), 3.Run Away, 4.24 Hours, 5.Love and Devotion, 6.Another Night, 7.I Want You, 8.Operator, 9.Streetfighter, 10.Out of Control, 11.Je Suis Amoureux, 12.How Deep Is Your Love?, 13.Another Night (U.S. House Mix), 14.Megablast, 15.Space Invaders (The Last Crusade),

Platinum & Gold Collection (17th Jun 2003)

1.Another Night (Radio Mix), 2.Run Away (Single Version), 3.Come And Get Your Love (Single Mix), 4.Automatic Lover (Single Version), 5.One More Time (Single Mix), 6.I Wanna Come (With You) (Original Radio Edit), 7.(If You'er Not In It For Love) I'm Outta Here (Radio Mix), 8.Tonight (Album Version), 9.Love And Devotion (Airplay Mix), 10.Ooh Boy (Radio Edit), 11.Sleeping With An Angel (Single Fade), 12.Operator (Album Version),


Pump Up The Jam Rap (Feb 1990)

It's On You (Apr 1990)

Don't Stop (Jan 1991)

Make A Move (17th May 1991)

Let's Talk About Love (20th Mar 1992)

No Showbo (11th Sep 1992)

Another Night (16th Jul 1993)

Automatic Lover (14th Jan 1994)

Run Away (7th Jul 1994)

It's On You Remix 94 (Sep 1994)

Love And Devotion (3rd Apr 1995)

Come And Get Your Love (29th Jun 1995)

Operator (1996)

Sleeping With An Angel / Ooh Boy (19th Feb 1996)

One More Time (29th Jan 1997)

I Wanna Come With You (25th Jul 1997)

(If You're Not In It For Love) I'm Outta Here (16th Sep 1997)

Pump Up The Jam Rap Remix '98 (9th Sep 1998)

It's On You '99 (19th May 1999)

Hey Now (17th Mar 2000)

Slave 2 My Feelings (2005)

4 The Lover (2006)

People Are Still Having Sex (2007)

Two Hearts (Nov 2009)


It's On You (The Re-Ремиксы:) (1990)

It's On You (1990)

Make A Move (Gypsy Man Remix) (1991)

Another Night (1993)

Automatic Lover (1994)

Run Away (1994)

Another Night US mix (21st Nov 1994)

Come And Get Your Love (1995)

Automatic Lover US mix (2nd Oct 1995)

I Wanna Come (With You) (1997)

One More Time (1997)


Real System


There Is No More Love (5th Dec 1996)


Real Words


Love Is The Key (1995)

My Baby Mine (1995)




Welcome To The Beat (17th May 1995)




Rebeca (1996)

1.Solo Amante, 2.Duro De Pelar, 3.No Hay Dos Sin Tres, 4.Espera, Chico Espera, 5.Piano Piano, 6.Corazon Corazon, 7.Callate Ya, 8.A Un Paso Del Fin, 9.Un Lugar Para Ti, 10.Mas Que Un Engano, 11.Un Llanto En Occidente, 12.Duro De Pelar (Nu-NRG mix),

Rebelde (1997)

1.Todos los Chicos Son Igual, 2.Si Tu Te Vas, 3.Al Cien Por Cien, 4.Dime Si Me Quieres9, 5.Mi Ciudad, 6.Locos Por Vivir, 7.Nada Me Puede Parar, 8.Mensajes de Amor, 9.Quisiera, 10.Mundo Feliz,

Grease En Espanol (1998)

Grandes Exitos (USA) (1999)

1.Duro De Pelar, 2.Dime Si Me Quieres (Rebeca), 3.Todos Los Chicos Son Igual, 4.Corazon - 3:55, 5.Vas A Ser Mi Amor, 6.Al Cien Por Cein, 7.Mas Que Un Engano, 8.Si Tu Te Vas, 9.Noches de Verano (Summer Nights), 10.Piano Piano, 11.Callate Ya, 12.Nada Me Puede Parar,

Brava (1999)

1.Yo Soy Buena, 2.Mi Forma de Vivir, 3.Brava, 4.Declaracion de Amor, 5.Lo Que Paso Paso, 6.La Cara Oculta, 7.Noche Caliente, 8.Tipico, Tipico, 9.Mas Grandes Que el Amor, 10.Fiesta en Soledad,

Supernatural (2002)

1.Tatuaje, 2.Eso No Es Amor, 3.Supernatural, 4.Eres Tu, 5.Tocame Donde Mas Me Duela, 6.Calor, 7.Sabado Noche, 8.Vive, 9.De Cara A La Pared, 10.Simplemente Amor, 11.Te Esperare,

Lo Mejor De Rebeca (2005)

1.Duro De Pelar (Africa 2005 Rmx), 2.Tatuaje, 3.Mas Que Un Engano, 4.Dime Si Me Quieres, 5.Corazon, Corazon, 6.Piano, Piano, 7.Si tu Te Vas, 8.Solo Amante, 9.Supernatural, 10.Duro De Pelar, 11.Mi Ciudad, 12.Tocame Donde Mas Me Duela, 13.Eso No Es Amor, 14.Nada Me Puede Parar, 15.Vive, 16.Calor (Remix), 17.Quisiera (duet with Franciska), 18.Te Esperare, 19.Todos Los Chicos Son Igual, 20.Mas Que Un Engano,


Mas Que Un Engano (1995)

Corazon Corazon (1995)

Callate Ya (1996)

Piano Piano (1996)

Duro De Pelar (1996)

Solo Amante (1997)

Todos Los Chicos Son Igual (1997)

Dime Si Me Quieres (1997)

Si Tu Te Vas (1998)

Brava (1999)

Mi Forma De Vivir (1999)

Lo Que Paso Paso (1999)

Yo Soy Buena (2000)

Tatuaje (2002)

Eso No Es Amor (2003)

Eres Tu (2003)

Calor (2003)

Duro De Pelar Africa Remix 2005 (2005)

Lo Prefiero (2006)

Que No Daria Yo (2006)

I Love You Mi Vida (2007)

Se Me Olvido (2008)

Amor Radical (2009)

Valentino Boy (2010)

Going You Loca (2010)


Record Take


Straight Ahead


Recover Project


Volume One (2008)

1.Sweet Dreams, 2.Mr. Vain, 3.Rhythm is a Dancer, 4.Rhythm of the Night, 5.Another Night, 6.What is Love, 7.More & More, 8.Everybody, 9.Piece of my Heart, 10.Celebration, 11.Let the Beat go on, 12.Light in the Sky, 13.Set the Groove on Fire, 14.Sweet Dreams (Secret layor rmx), 15.Sweet Dreams (Dirty boyz rmx),


Sweet Dreams (3rd Jun 2009)




Do the Narrhalla Dance (9th Jan 1995)

Schokoflocken (22nd May 1995)


Red Cat


Everybody's Walking (3rd Jun 1994)


Red Garden


To The Moon And Back (1997)

High (7th May 1998)

A View To Kill (24th Mar 2004)

Hungry Like The Wolf (7th Feb 2008)

I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For (3rd Mar 2008)

Never Be Alone (15th Apr 2008)

And She Said (22nd Jul 2008)

Love Lockdown (23rd Oct 2008)

Boulevard Of Broken Dreams (8th Nov 2008)

In The Name Of Love (20th Nov 2008)

With Or Without You (20th Nov 2008)

True Faith (2nd Dec 2008)

Reach Up For The Sunrise (9th Dec 2008)

Notorius (1st Apr 2009)

How It Feels To Be Free (23rd Jul 2009)

Magnificent (25th Sep 2009)


Red Sun


Amaterasu (1996)

This Love (Aug 1996)


Red Velvet


Lady Don't Cry (6th May 1994)

Into The Night (20th Feb 1997)


Red Zone


Powerful Love (1995)

Gimme Love (1996)




Cotton Eye Joe - Sex And Violins (1995)

1.Cotton-Eye Joe, 2.Hittin' The Hay, 3.Riding Alone, 4.Wish You Were Here, 5.Mary Lou, 6.Old Pop In An Oak, 7.Nowhere In Idaho, 8.The Sad But True Story..., 9.Fat Sally Lee, 10.Shooter, 11.McKenzie Brothers, 12.Rolling Home, 13.Wild And Free, 14.Cotton Eye Joe (Slide to the Side Mix),

Sex & Violins (10th Feb 1995)

1.Cotton-Eye Joe, 2.Hittin' The Hay, 3.Riding Alone, 4.Wish You Were Here, 5.Mary Lou, 6.Old Pop In An Oak, 7.Nowhere In Idaho, 8.The Sad But True Story..., 9.Fat Sally Lee, 10.Shooter, 11.McKenzie Brothers, 12.Rolling Home, 13.Wild And Free,

Farm Out (2nd Oct 2000)

1.Intro - Fresh Pigs And More, 2.The Spirit Of The Hawk, 3.The Way I Mate, 4.The Devil Went Down To Georgia, 5.Hold Me For A While, 6.Boring, 7.Where You Gonna Go, 8.Maggie Moonshine, 9.Animal In The Rain, 10.Ranger Jack, 11.Get The Truck Loaded, 12.Message From Our Sponsors, 13.Is He Alive, 14.McKenzie Brothers II, 15.Bottleneck Bob 2000,

Best Of The West (18th Nov 2002)

1.Cotton-Eye Joe 2002, 2.Spirit Of The Hawk, 3.Old Pop In An Oak, 4.Wish You Were Here, 5.Are You Strong Enough, 6.The Way I Mate, 7.The Song Of Silence, 8.Love Me Or Leave Me, 9.Devil Went Down To Georgia, 10.Ride The Hurricane?s Eye, 11.Hold Me For A While, 12.The Chase, 13.Cotton-Eye Joe (Original), 14.Rolling Home, 15.Wild And Free,

Saturday Night Beaver (2010)


Cotton Eye Joe (6th Aug 1994)

Old Pop In An Oak (17th Nov 1994)

Wish You Were Here (6th May 1995)

Wild'n Free (4th Sep 1995)

Rolling Home (5th Dec 1995)

Riding Alone (11th Jun 1997)

The Way I Mate (Aug 1999)

The Spirit Of The Hawk (Feb 2000)

Hold Me For A While (21st Dec 2000)

The Chase (5th Nov 2001)

Cotton Eye Joe 2002 (21st Nov 2002)

Fe Fi (The Old Man Died) (2006)

Mama, Take Me Home (Mar 2006)

Anyway You Want Me (Mar 2007)

Looking For A Star (May 2007)

Football Is Our Religion (2008)

Desert Town (2009)

Devil's On The Loose (7th Jan 2010)


Cotton Eye Joe (The Armand Van Helden U.S. Ремиксы:) (1995)





Waves (1995)

Living In A Promised Land (1996)




Brace Your Body (1994)

Label : Red Hot Pepper Records.




Over And Over (15th Aug 1994)




Forbidden Opera (2004)

Forbidden Opera (2005)

1.L'Amour, 2.Hail Mary, 3.Impossible, 4.Tears of a clown, 5.European Anthem, 6.Everything, 7.If I Knew Then, 8.Oooh, 9.Forbidden Love, 10.Warrior, 11.Africa, 12.Mystery, 13.Healing, 14.Dream,


On The Park/Into The Groove (1985)

Locked In Your Heart (1992)

Hot (Wonderful World) (11th Jun 1993)

Come Along 4 A Ride (1995)


Reggy O


Move My Body (2nd Jan 1995)

Let The Music Play (25th Nov 1995)




Runaway (1995)




The Sparrows And The Nightingales (1996)

Solidarity (1997)




Play (1999)

1.Play, 2.Get Me, 3.Baby Love, 4.Blue, 5.Do Anything You Wanna Do, 6.Makin' Me Feel, 7.Ride Like the Wind, 8.Oh What A Day, 9.All About Love, 10.Don't Forget My Love, 11.I Don't Know, 12.Svalbard Theme, 13.Get Me (Club Mix), 14.Blue (Bigstone Strobe Mix),

Calling You (2001)

1.Calling You, 2.Ordinary Love, 3.Wings Of Love, 4.Say Yeah!, 5.Say I'm The One, 6.Neverever Stop, 7.Front & Back, 8.Be My Love, 9.Bring It Back, 10.Calling You (Love Design Remix), 11.Say Yeah! (Mystery Mix),


The Key To My Heart

Say Yeah

U R My Dream (Jul 1996)

Get Me (1999)

Blue (Jun 1999)

Makin' Me Feel (2000)

Calling You (2001)

Wings Of Love (2001)

Say Yeah (2001)

Say I'm The One (7th May 2001)


Reset (2)


You Got The Key (10th Mar 1997)

Egyptian Lover (29th May 1998)


Reunion Of Dance


The Rebirth of Tonight (18th Aug 2006)




Ecstacy (1988)

Rock Oops (1990)

I Need A Fix (1990)

Extrasyn (1991)

Don't Beg For Love (1992)

Dance (1993)


Rhythm and Dance Machine


Feel The Beat (1993)

Never (1st Jul 1994)

Somewhere In The World (3rd Apr 1995)


Somewhere In The World (1995)


Rhythm Reaction


You're Not Alone (1998)


Ricardo Da Force


Why (19th Jun 1996)

(aka Richie Lyte)




Set Me Free (1994)

Label: Fresh Music.




Love (23rd Apr 1996)


Rimini Project


Dance Balance (2000)

1.Movin' Around, 2.Boys, 3.Can I Have This Dance, 4.Wake Up (The La Da Di Song), 5.Away, 6.Bom Digi, 7.Sounds Good, 8.To Limit, 9.Forever, 10.SOS, 11.Wake Up (The La Da Di Song), 12.Sounds Good,

Remixed (2001)

1.Movin Around (Bertelson Mix), 2.Bum Digi, 3.Wake Up, 4.Scream My Name, 5.Movin Around (Moonchild Remix), 6.Sounds Good, 7.Away (Trance Version), 8.Can I Have this Dance (Dub House), 9.Movin Around (Club Mix), 10.Dance Balance Megamix, 11.Wake Up (Marshmallow Edit),

Heartbeats (2002)

1.Another Night, 2.Fall In Love Fall In Pain, 3.Hi We Are Rimini Project, 4.I Call The Sun, 5.I Remember You Like Yesterday, 6.It's My Life, 7.Movin Around (The Dome Edit), 8.No More Goodbye, 9.Scream My Name, 10.Think About The Way, 11.To Be Or Not To Be, 12.Up And Away,


Wake Up (2nd Nov 2000)

Sounds Good (2001)

Scream My Name (Oct 2001)

Movin Around (3rd Dec 2001)

To Be Or Not To Be (23rd Mar 2002)

No More Goodbye (23rd Sep 2002)

I Remember You Like Yesterday (15th Apr 2003)

Sometimes When We Touch (1st Mar 2004)

A Day in the Sun (Sep 2004)

The Plan (1st Apr 2008)


Rio and Mars


Climb Any Mountain

Say Sorry

Boy I Gotta Have You (13th Jan 1995)

How Deep Is Love (22nd Sep 1995)

Gimme Gimme Gimme (13th Sep 1996)

I Don't Wanna Lose You (6th Mar 1998)

Love You Forever (Jul 2000)


Rios de Gloria


Rios de Gloria (1996)

1.Aire, 2.Agua Caliente, 3.Si O No, 4.Quedate Conmigo, 5.Ya Te Olvide, 6.Yo Tambien Necesito Amar, 7.Debe Ser Feliz, 8.Amor Eterno, 9.Me Enamoro De Ti, 10.Lo Que Necesitas Es Amor, 11.Toma Una Decision, 12.Solo Por Ti,

Dos (1999)

1.El Deseo Es Un Volcan, 2.Secuestrame, 3.Como Te Va El Amor, 4.Prohibido Tocarte, 5.Cuando Mueves La Cintura, 6.Ni Un Millon De Besos, 7.Made In Spain, 8.Sabor A Caramelo, 9.Frena O Acelera, 10.Vuela, 11.Dejame Llorar, 12.Como Sabre (Come Eaprei), 13.Nada Contigo,

Desafiame (2000)

1.Desafiame, 2.No es pescado, 3.Atrevete, 4.Por ti y por el, 5.Obsesion, 6.Comete mi cuerpo, 7.TQ, 8.Perdoname, 9.Ven, 10.Calor, 11.Duele, 12.Desafiame (Latin version),

Rios De Gloria (2000)

1.El Deseo Es Un Volcan, 2.Cuando Mueves La Cintura, 3.Agua Caliente, 4.Lo Que Necesitas Es Amor, 5.Aire, 6.Sabor A Caramelo, 7.Made In Spain, 8.Quedate Conmigo,

12 Exitos De Oro (2001)

1.Aire, 2.El deseo es un volcan, 3.Si o no, 4.Me enamoro de ti, 5.Yo tambien necesito amar, 6.Agua caliente, 7.Cuando mueves la cintura, 8.Debe ser feliz, 9.Ni un millon de besos, 10.Secuestrame, 11.Como te va el amor, 12.Dejame llorar,


Si o no


Agua Caliente

El Deseo es un volcan


Como te va el amor

Made in Spain

Comete mi cuerpo


Sabor A Caramelo

Ya Te Olvide

Me Enamoro De Ti

Desafiame (2000)

Quiero (2010)


El Deseo es un volcan (2000)




Hot Passion (1996)

The single was featured on the compilation TJSB, vol 1 released on the 24th September 1996. Risque also did Ремиксы: of the single Satisfy My Love (by Sabrina Johnston) in 1999 and In The Music (by Deepswing) in 2000.

Thanks to reBeL




We Can Shine Through The Sky (1995)


Riverside People


Welcome To The Riverside (15th Jan 1995)

Fantasy Dancing (13th Feb 1995)

You Got To Move (13th Oct 1997)

Come To The Riverside '99 (1999)




Another Illusion (1995)

Label : Crash records




Rob'n'Raz Featuring Leila K (1990)

1.Acozawea, 2.Got To Get, 3.On Tour, 4.Just Tell Me, 5.Human Drummer, 6.It Feels So Right, 7.From Scratch, 8.Rok The Nation, 9.Do Something Nice, 10.Love 4 Love, 11.Fonky Beats For Your Mind, 12.Dance The Fonk, 13.Mind Expander, 14.Rok The Nation (Funk-E Drummer Mix), 15.Got To Get (Stones Nordik Swing Theory),

Clubhopping-The Album (1992)

1.Clubhopping, 2.In Command, 3.Love You Like I Do, 4.6 Minutes (Dennis Pop Remix), 5.Bite The Beat, 6.Destiny (Legacy Of Sound Remix), 7.Big City Life, 8.Hush Little Baby, 9.Higher, 10.Come Along Come Along, 11.Microphone Flex, 12.Clubhopping (Legacy Of Sound Remix),

Spectrum (1993)

1.House Of Power Theme, 2.Power House, 3.In Command (Radio edit), 4.Got To Get (feat. Leila K.), 5.Clubbhopping (Legacy of Sound radioremix), 6.Bite The Beat, 7.Hush Little Baby, 8.Big City Life, 9.Microphone poet (feat. Papa Dee), 10.Rok the nation (feat. LEILA K.), 11.In this war (in the name of love), 12.Higher, 13.6 Minutes (Denniz Pop remix), 14.Come Along Come Along, 15.Love You Like I Do, 16.Clubbhopping (original version), 17.In Command (Indee's H-way judgement mix),

Clubhopping-The Album (International Edition) (1993)

Circus (1996)

1.Take A Ride, 2.Whose Dog Is Dead (someone is sleeping), 3.Throw Your Hands In The Air, 4.Tell Me What You Like, 5.Times Been Taken, 6.Johanna, 7.It's All Good, 8.Rich And Famous, 9.DJ B.U.N, 10.Spice For The Flavour, 11.Mona Lisa,


Competition Is None (26th Sep 1988)

Microphone Poet (1989)

Got To Get (1989)

Just Tell Me (1990)

It Feels So Right (1990)

Rok The Nation (1990)

Clubhopping (1992)

Bite The Beat/6 Minutes (1992)

Higher (1992)

Love You Like I Do (1992)

Big City Life (1992)

Dancing Queen (1992)

In Command (1993)

Power House (1994)

Mona Lisa (1995)

Whose Dog Is Dead (Someone's Sleeping In My Bed) (1995)

Mona Lisa (1995)

Take A Ride (1996)

Throw Your Hands In The Air (1996)

The Snake (Jul 2005)


Got To Get (1989)

Rok The Nation (1990)


Robert J Group


I Believe In Your Power (1994)


Roberts (Jody)


My Beating Heart (1996)

This Land (1996)


Robey B


Try Jah Love (4th Sep 1995)

I Got A Good Thing (1998)




Juliet (1996)

Flames Of Love (1997)


Robinson (Gale)


Burning Up (1991)

Love Joy & Passion (1996)

Watcha Gonna Do (1996)

I Feel Love (22nd Oct 1996)


Robinson (John)


Survivor (May 1995)

1.Espangna, 2.Keep On, 3.Anything 4 U, 4.Yeah Yeah Yeah, 5.Aptiva (Jungle Latina), 6.Hold On, 7.Time, 8.Give It To Me, 9.Java Jungle, 10.Gotta Be There, 11.Everybody,

The Best Of John Robinson (Feb 1996)

1.Tokyo, Go!, 2.Jealousy, 3.Java Jungle, 4.To Be Free, 5.Everybody, 6.I Gotta Move, 7.Justify, 8.Everybody's Loving, 9.Born To Rave, 10.Aptiva (Jungle Latina), 11.Gotta Be There (Cappella Mix), 12.Keep On, 13.Jealousy '96, 14.Tokyo, Go (Hands In The Air Mix),

John (25th Sep 1996)

1.Everybody's Loving (Dream House Mix), 2.Be My Baby!, 3.I Want Your Lovin', 4.Are U Ready 4 Me?, 5.Feel So Good, 6.Another Love (Part I), 7.Don't Give Up, 8.Can I Kick It?, 9.I Believe, 10.Can U Feel It?, 11.Can I Kick It? (Extended Mix), 12.Another Love (Part II),

Seven (22nd Oct 1997)

1.Evolution (Instrumental), 2.Everything's Gonna Be Alright, 3.Baila Baila, 4.Reach Out (Radio Mix), 5.All Over The World, 6.Night On Fire, 7.Get Away, 8.Give Me Your Love, 9.Love Revolution, 10.Evolution (Reprise), 11.Can U Feel It? ('97 Pumped Up Mix), 12.Everything's Gonna Be Alright (Space Baby Mix), 13.Reach Out (Full On Club Mix), 14.All Over The World (Extended Mix),



Jealousy (1993)

To Be Free (1993)

Tokyo Go (1994)

Time (1995)

Everybody's Loving (1995)

Can I Kick It (1996)

I Believe (5th Dec 1996)

Everything's Gonna Be Alright (1997)


Rocco (Linda)


Fly With Me (12th Jun 1996)




Higher (14th Dec 2004)

1.Perfect Moment, 2.To Love You More, 3.I Love You Always Forever, 4.You're Still The One, 5.Think Twice, 6.I Love You, 7.If I Where You, 8.Bring Me To Life, 9.(Something Inside) So Strong, 10.Higher And Higher, 11.Higher, 12.My Imagination, 13.No One Can Touch Us, 14.Everything To Me,

Higher (the mixes) (14th Dec 2004)

1.You're Still The One, 2.To Love You More, 3.Oops... I did it again, 4.I Love You, Always Forever, 5.I Am, 6.Chains, 7.I'm Your Angel, 8.Mouth, 9.Think Twice, 10.If I Were you, 11.How Do I Live, 12.Perfect Moment, 13.Higher & Higher, 14.Born To Make You Happy, 15.Higher, 16.Love Is A Battlefield, 17.Bring Me To Life, 18.(Something inside) So Strong,


I Love You Always Forever (1994)

Think Twice (23rd Feb 1995)

Chains (7th Nov 1995)

Love Is A Battlefield (1996)

Mouth (1997)

You're Still The One (1998)

I'm Your Angel (11th Dec 1998)

How Do I Live (26th Feb 1999)

Perfect Moment (23rd Jul 1999)

Born To Make You Happy (17th Mar 2000)

Oops I Did It Again (29th May 2000)

Eternal Flame (3rd Aug 2001)

There You'll Be (22nd Sep 2001)

Bring Me To Life (2003)


Rochelle (2)


Praying For An Angel (1994)

Holding On To Love (1995)

Nene (1996)


Rocko T Bello


Don't Let It Slip Away

Merry Go Round

Day Break




Free Your Soul (1995)

Flight 777 (1995)

Heaven Or Hell (1995)




Now I'm Singing... And The Party Keeps On Rollin' 1 (6th Dec 1999)

1.Introducing Theme, 2.Make My Day (Now You Know, 3.You Make Me Feel Like Dancin, 4.Luv U More, 5.Now It's The Time, 6.Ole Ole Singin Ole Ola, 7.It's a Fine Day, 8.I Keep On Rollin', 9.Dear Jessie, 10.Rollergirl, 11.Licht Und Farben, 12.Goodbye, 13.Dear Jessie (green court mix), 14.Luv U More (Mark'oh rmx),

Now I'm Singing... And The Party Keeps On Rollin' (2000)

1.Introducing Theme, 2.Make My Day (Now You Know), 3.Luv U More, 4.Dear Jessie, 5.You Make Me Feel Like Dancin, 6.Now It's The Time, 7.Ole Ole Singin Ole Ola, 8.It's a Fine Day, 9.I Keep On Rollin', 10.Rollergirl, 11.Licht Und Farben, 12.Goodbye (outro), 13.Eternal Flame (dance version), 13.Luv U More (12"brock mix), 14.Eternal Flame (luv version), 15.Dear Jessie (mark 'oh' luv song remix), 17.Eternal Flame pv,


Dear Jessie (26th May 1999)

Luv U More (19th Oct 1999)

You Make Me Feel Like Dancing (2000)

Eternal Flame (14th Mar 2000)

Superstar (29th Aug 2000)

Close To You (21st May 2001)

Geisha Dreams (5th Apr 2002)




La Tormenta (1994)

Mescalina (1994)

Label : Reflex records.



EuroDance Member


No Honey

Hungry For Love. (1994)


Ronny Money


Ula La (1992)

Money's Back (1993)

Again And Again (1994)

Don't You Know (1995)


Room 4 2


The Album (10th Jul 1994)

1.Can We Party, 2.Turn Yourself In, 3.Tell Me, 4.Colourblind World, 5.Everybody Is Looking For Love, 6.Over You, 7.Dance And Move, 8.I'm The One (You Want), 9.Get Up And Dance, 10.Baby He's Mine (The Room Overture), 11.Expressions, 12.Fading Away, 13.In My Room, 14.Colourbild World (Full Color Mix),


Over You (9th Jan 1993)

Baby He's Mine (17th Apr 1993)

Colourblind World (18th Dec 1993)

The Rhythm Of Life (1995)

U Can't Run, U Can't Hide (1997)




Take Me Higher (1994)


Ross (Lian)


The Best Of And More (25th Jul 2005)

1.Say You?ll Never, 2.Fantasy, 3.Scratch My Name, 4.It?s Up To You, 5.Neverending love, 6.Oh Won?t You Tell Me, 7.Do You Wanna Funk, 8.Feel So Good, 9.Say Say say, 10.Neverending Love, 11.Don?t Go Away, 12.You?re My Heart, You?re My Soul, 13.One More Chance, 14.Hello It?s Me,


Scratch My Name

Fantasy (1985)

Say You'll Never (1985)

Saturday Night (1985)

It's Up To You (1986)

Neverending Love (1986)

Do You Wanna Funk (1987)

Oh Won't You Tell Me (1987)

Say Say Say (1988)

Feel So Good (1989)

Fantasy 93 (1993)

Keep This Feeling (4th Jun 1994)

Fantasy 98 (15th Jun 1998)

Fantasy 2004 (2004)

I Wanna (28th Feb 2005)

Never Gonna Lose (9th Dec 2005)

Producer : Dieter Bohlen




Lovedream (1996)




Pinky Pink

Pretty Little One From America

Take Somebody

Jump (11th Sep 1992)

Magnification 7 (23rd Nov 1992)

Pump It Up (1993)

Let The Music Play (14th Sep 1995)




Esorcismo Contro Satana E Gli Angeli Ribelli (1995)

Label : Drohm.




No Reason (11th Feb 1994)




I'll Never Stop (1995)

I Feel Love (1995)

We Can Touch The Sky (1996)

Live My Life (1996)

Love Set Us Free (1997)

So Long (1999)




Sve Sto Si Znao, Zaboravi (1996)

1.Sve Sto Si Znao (Wave Rmx) (Everything You Knew), 2.A Sada Nema Te (Dance Floor Rmx) (And Now You're Gone), 3.Usred Noci (Radio Edit) (In The Middle Of The Night), 4.Daj Mali Sredi Se (Power Mix) (Calm Down, Little Boy), 5.Da Li Opet Lazes (Nrg Nord Rmx) (Do You Lie Again), 6.Sto Daje Ljubav (Euronrg Rmx) (What Gives Love), 7.Boli Me Uspomena (Euronrg Rmx) (Memory Hurts Me), 8.Crno Je (Japanese Flight Rmx) (It's Black), 9.Usred Noci (Nord Space Rmx) (In The Middle Of The Night),


Boli Me Uspomena (1997)




Everyboy's Free (1992)

1.Everybody's Free, 2.Faith, 3.You And Me, 4.Heart Is In Africa, 5.The Storybook Of Love, 6.Don't Play With Me, 7.Are You Ready To Fly?, 8.Lost In Your Ocean, 9.Hear Me Calling, 10.Love Breakdown, 11.Believe In Yourself, 12.Born To Love You,

Everyboy's Freestyle (1993)

1.Everyboy's Free (Source remix), 2.Believe In Yourself (rapinos Transylvanian sunset mix), 3.Born To Love Ya (Havana mix), 4.Love Breakdown (Stones club mix), 5.You And Me (Project Reese mix), 6.Are You Ready To Fly? (Phil Kelsey remix), 7.Don't Play With Me (Development corporation mix), 8.Faith (Tomahawk mix), 9.Love Breakdown (Stones late Night mix), 10.Faith (Dubmental),

Look No Further (1995)

1.I Love Music, 2.You Never Love The Same Way Twice, 3.This Time I Found Love, 4.Baby, 5.Look No Further, 6.Do You Believe, 7.Work Me, 8.If Love Is A Dream, 9.All That I Need, 10.Love Work, 11.I Can't Wait, 12.Losing My Religion, 13.I Love Music (remix), 14.Baby (remix), 15.You Never Love The Same Way Twice (remix),

Feelin' Good (1997)

1.Everybody's Free, 2.Born To Love You, 3.Are You Ready To Fly?, 4.I Can't Wait, 5.Work Me, 6.Free The Love, 7.I Love Music, 8.Lost In Your Ocean, 9.This Time I Found Love, 10.Faith,

Coming Home (1998)

1.Coming Home, 2.Don't Go Lose It Baby, 3.Pride, 4.Sundown, 5.Leave It To Me, 6.Rain Come Down, 7.You Make Me Feel, 8.Counting On Love, 9.Don't Stop The Lovin', 10.Just Like A Miracle, 11.Out Of My Mind, 12.Road To Bemba,

Best Of (2004)

1.Everybody's Free (To Feel Good), 2.Are You Ready To Fly, 3.Faith (In the Power of Love), 4.I Love Music, 5.This Time I Found Love, 6.You Never Love The Same Way Twice, 7.Baby, 8.Losing My Religion, 9.Don't Go Lose It Baby, 10.Sundown, 11.Rain Come Down, 12.Pride, 13.Live Another Life (with Plastic Boy),

Brand New Version (2nd Feb 2009)

1.Broken Stones, 2.Signs, 3.Step By Step, 4.Heard It All Before, 5.Brand New Version, 6.Until The End, 7.For Lovers, 8.Over Again, 9.Trust, 10.The Love That We Had, 11.Everybody's Free,


Don't Stop The Lovin'

Born To Luv Ya (Oct 1990)

Everybody's Free (Sep 1991)

Faith (In The Power Of Love) (Nov 1991)

Are You Ready To Fly (Feb 1992)

Love Breakdown (May 1992)

In 4 Choons Later (Megamix limited edition) (Aug 1992)

Born To Love You Remix 92 (Feb 1993)

Don't Play With Me (Oct 1993)

I Love Music (Feb 1994)

This Time I Found Love (Aug 1994)

You Never Love The Same Way Twice (8th Oct 1994)

Baby (Feb 1995)

Losing My Religion (Sep 1995)

Everybody's Free Remix 96 (27th Aug 1996)

Coming Home (13th Jun 1997)

Don't Go Lose It Baby (17th Feb 1998)

Friday Night (Nov 1998)

Everybody's Free 2000 (Nov 2000)

Everybody's Free Aquagen remix (May 2002)

Everybody's Free 2005 (vs DNF) (2005)

You Never Love The Same Way Twice 2005 (2005)




Don't Bring On The Night (23rd Nov 1994)

Gotta Get You Into My Life (1996)

Tell Me Why (13th Mar 1998)




Talk About (1991)

Run To Me (1991)

Love Will Make It Right (1992)

Find A Way (1994)

Feel So Good (1994)

Wanna Move Up (6th Nov 1995)

Label : Italian Style Records.


Ryan Paris


Ryan Paris (1985)

Best Of (2002)