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Q Beat


Heaven (1996)




Shake It (1994)


Q-Q Biko


Picture Of Me (1995)

Label: DDM.




Into The Light (1997)

1.Intro / Do You Want Me, 2.Natural High, 3.Heart Of Asia, 4.Lies, 5.Deliverance, 6.The Water Of Life, 7.The Power Of Love, 8.Symphonic, 9.Believe, 10.Promise Me, 11.Into The Light, 12.Let The Love, 13.Pressure, 14.Tonight, 15.Dreams,

Into The Light (1997)

1.Trip To The Hyperdome, 2.Power Of Love (Digital Boy Italian Rave Mix), 3.Let The Love (SB Mix), 4.Can't Get Enough, 5.I Love You (Baby), 6.Do You Want Me (Q-Tex Hardcore Mix), 7.Equazion 4 (Remix), 8.Equazion 8,


I Believe You

Equazion Part 11

Equazion Part 7

Equator EP (1991)

Natural High (1992)

Celebration (1993)

Equazion Part 3 (Corruption) (1994)

The Power Of Love (28th Mar 1994)

The man behind (The raving society) (Nov 1994)

Believe (24th Nov 1994)

Equazion Part 4 (1995)

Equazion Part 5 (1995)

Q-Tex EP (1995)

Do You Want Me (1996)

Let The Love (1996)

Equazion Part 6 (1996)

The Power Of Love '97 (1997)

Lies (1997)

Equazion Part 8 (1997)

Equazion Part 9 (1998)

Equazion Part 10 (1999)

Falling To The Earth / Take Me Up (1999)

Roll The Track / Ice Cold (2001)

The Power Of Love 2001 (2001)

Like An Angel / Feel The Beats Bang (2002)

The Reason / Fuck Your Style (18th Apr 2005)

Label : Evolution records




Freedom (Dec 1994)

1.Freedom, 2.Energy, 3.Virtual Reality, 4.Power Of Rez, 5.Ye Ha, 6.Feel So Good, 7.Electronic, 8.Ocean Of Dreams, 9.Just Dance (Italian Mix), 10.Feels Like Heaven, 11.Feel The Rush, 12.De-Ja-Vu, 13.Silence, 14.Whiplash, 15.Perfect Tekno, 16.Feel For Your Love, 17.Space Tripper, 18.Kick Some Bass, 19.Virtual Reality (Piano Mix), 20.Freedom (Instrumental),

Alien Child (24th Feb 1997)

1.Every Time You Touch Me (Album Mix), 2.Sianora Baby (Album Mix), 3.Teckno Power (Remix), 4.ESP, 5.Freedom 2 (Album Mix), 6.Electro Duck, 7.Power House (Remix), 8.The Machine (Album Mix), 9.Alien Child, 10.You Got The Power (Album Mix), 11.Metropolis (Album Mix), 12.Way Oh, 13.Happy Hardcore Freedom (Album Mix), 14.I Never Feel You (Remix), 15.Trance Power (Remix), 16.Tasman, 17.Progression (Remix), 18.Pizza Cat, 19.Clubbed Up (Album Remix), 20.The Dream,

Voyage (2nd Feb 1998)

1.The Awakening, 2.Transmission, 3.First Contact, 4.Reflections, 5.Zeta's Vision, 6.The Voyage, 7.Universal Quest, 8.Astral Warrior, 9.I Want You (Solar Mix), 10.Millenium Angel,

High On Life (14th Jun 1999)

1.Say You'll Be Mine, 2.I Only Want You, 3.Life And Love, 4.Beat Goes On, 5.Sunshine, 6.Walk Away, 7.Eternal Love, 8.Mind Body And Soul, 9.If You Were Mine, 10.Way You Move It, 11.High On Life, 12.Party Time People, 13.Say You'll Be Mine, 14.I Only Want You,

Freedom 2002 (2002)

1.Shape Shifter, 2.Virtual Reality, 3.Super Sonic, 4.Energy, 5.Boy In A Bubble, 6.Ocean Of Dreams, 7.Power Of Rez (DJ Crazy Remix), 8.Wahoo Little Baby, 9.Silence, 10.Tears Of An Angel, 11.Just Dance, 12.De Ja Vu (G.O.D.'s Remix), 13.Feel For Your Love, 14.Freedom, 15.Feels Like Heaven, 16.Emotion (M. Morales Remix), 17.Ibiza Nights, 18.Feel The Love, 19.Disco Land,

We Are All Stars (2008)

1.We Are All Stars, 2.Keep On Smiling, 3.The Darkness, 4.Freedom '08 (Bass slammer's remix), 5.Virtual reality '07 (Walker & Murray remix), 6.Whiplash '08 (DJ Bounce remix), 7.Fly away (vs David Moralee), 8.Whiplash - Project '04 (vs Exor), 9.The matrix (vs Sonic surfers),


Feel For Your Love (1993)

Phoebus EP (1993)

Kick Some Bass (1993)

Energy EP (1994)

Freedom (Jun 1995)

Every Time You Touch Me (Jan 1996)

You Got The Power (Jul 1996)

Freedom 2 (6th Jan 1997)

Say You'll Be Mine (8th Mar 1999)

Freedom 2003 (11th Aug 2003)

Virtual Reality '07 (2007)




Huvipuisto (1997)

Sa Oot Se Oikee (1997)




I Wanna Fly (1997)




Fly To The Sky (1995)




I Need Loving You (1992)

Let It Out (6th Feb 1993)

All I Want Is You (27th Oct 1994)

Memories (10th Mar 1995)




Sequenchial (1994)

1.Platform 9, 2.Feel It, 3.Theta State, 4.Dreams (Original Mix), 5.Redemption, 6.Global Harmony, 7.Hope, 8.Sounds for Jupiter, 9.Redemption (Ambient), 10.Dreams (Crunched Up Mix),

Consequenchial (2000)

1.Relaxing Signals, 2.Life's Little Pleasures, 3.Embrace The Sunshine, 4.Open Book, 5.Class 101, 6.Lone Ranger, 7.Infinite Hold, 8.Hooplarzaform, 9.Intensive Care, 10.Danger Man, 11.Never Say Goodbye,

Consequenchial - Remix bonus disk (2000)

1.Dreams 2001, 2.Embrace The Sunshine (Crazy Style Cut), 3.Keep Your Trip, 4.Birds Of Flight, 5.Lone Ranger (GENku - Godspell Dub), 6.Flashback '97, 7.Making It, 8.Dreams (Original Mix),

Dreams (2003)

1.Dreams (Original Version), 2.Be Good To Me (Our House Remix), 3.Global Harmony, 4.Feel It, 5.Theta State, 6.Hope (Club UK Mix), 7.Redemption (Olias Mix), 8.Sounds From Jupiter, 9.Dreams (Crunched Up Mix), 10.Platform 9 (Solar Flare),


Dreams (1993)

Feel My Love (1993)

Hope (1994)

Be Good To Me (22nd May 1995)

Dreams (96 Remix Edition) (5th Feb 1996)

Embrace The Sunshine (28th Jul 2000)

Dreams 2001 (16th May 2001)

Producer : C.J. Dolan.




Street Sales

See The Light (1997)


Quico M


Billie Jean (1996)