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M and M
Lemon Tree
Don't Give Me Up (1996)
M and M Crew
Electric Live (1990)
Forget About Fashion (1991)
Do What You Want (1991)
Move On (8th Dec 1995)
M Dacal
Bizarre Love Triangle (1994)
M Gi M
Be Good To Me (1995)
Eat & Run (1996)
A Dream Come True
Dreams (1997)
Keep Right Now (24th Sep 1994)
I Can Fly (29th Jan 1996)
Let Me Feel the Groove (28th May 1996)
Nice Warm (1997)
Right Now (23rd Jan 1995)
Cuckoo 4 Your Luv (25th Sep 1995)
Cuckoo 4 Your Luv (1995)
Lies In My Life (1995)
Mac Project
Everybody (1996)
Mach 7
Real Love (1994)
Dangerous (26th Oct 1994)
Alacazam (1995)
United States of Japan (11th Apr 1995)
I Think Of You (9th Feb 1995)
Think of You (22nd Feb 1996)
MAD (2)
Living In A Dream (28th Jul 1995)
MAD (3)
Todo Por Ti (1996)
Mad Angels
All My Love (1994)
We Can Make It All Right (1994)
Down Dedown (1996)
Label : DDM Records.
Mad Bob
Nightmare (1994)
Adelante (1994)
Label : General Bit.
Madame K
Stars (1995)
Borderline (1995)
Just Do It (1996)
Label : Joker/MCA.
I Feel Good (1994)
1.Do It, 2.Born In A Ragga Ridim, 3.I Feel Good, 4.Peace Love Unity, 5.Love Me, 6.It's A Day, 7.Dance Now, 8.Crying Rain, 9.Prva Dama, 10.Anjel, 11.Par bielych ruzi, 12.Ragga Dansa, 13.Requiem Pre Zuzanu, 14.Netreba, 15.La Bamba (live'86),
Space (1995)
1.Mystic Party, 2.Peace In My Soul, 3.Space, 4.Move To The Trance, 5.Love Is On The Way, 6.Africa, 7.Small Roulette, 8.Maduar Machine, 9.Prosba, 10.Afrika, 11.Mesacna Noc, 12.Mystic Party (Special Ragga Mix),
Ten (1996)
1.Hello, 2.Love, 3.Hafanana, 4.Move It, 5.Baby, 6.Nothing Will Bring You Back, 7.Jump, 8.Power Of Ecstasy, 9.Celebrate, 10.Nie ?a nevrati spa?, 11.Hello (easy mix), 12.Play That Game,
Hafanana - The Best Of (1997)
1.Hafanana, 2.Do It, 3.Mystic Party, 4.Anjel, 5.Space, 6.Hello, 7.Prosba, 8.Love, 9.Small Roulette, 10.I Feel Good, 11.Born In A Ragga Ridim, 12.Love Is On The Way, 13.Jump, 14.Love Me, 15.Move To The Trance, 16.Ragga Dansa,
La Chita (1997)
1.La Chita, 2.Party, 3.Freedom, 4.Crying rain, 5.the Beat, 6.No time, 7.Every man, 8.Ramaya, 9.I Wanna, 10.The Question is ..., 11.La Chita (House Mix), 12.Lucia, 13.Hladam,
La Chita (Hungarian release) (1998)
1.La Chita, 2.Party, 3.Freedom, 4.Crying Rain, 5.The Beat, 6.No Time, 7.Every Man, 8.Ramaya, 9.I Wanna, 10.Hafanana, 11.The Question is..., 12.La Chita (House Mix), 13.Summer '98 Mix (Hafanana, La Chita, Ramaya),
Walk This Way (2000)
1.Walk This Way, 2.If You, 3.Drivin' Away, 4.Posledne rano, 5.Start it Up Again, 6.Ty, 7.Tapee, 8.When The Light (Meets The Night), 9.When comes The Wind, 10.Too much, 11.Stretli sa priatelia, 12.Walk ths way (Acoustic),
007 (2007)
1.One Way Ticket 007, 2.Crying Rain 007, 3.Freedom 007, 4.Every Man... 007, 5.Start It Up Again 007, 6.Hafanana 007, 7.Hello 007, 8.La Chita 007, 9.Prosba 007, 10.I Feel Good 007, 11.Do It 007, 12.Anjel 007, 13.Mystic Party 007, 14.Space 007, 15.Ramaya 007,
I Feel Good (1994)
Do It (1994)
Mystic Party (1995)
Space (1995)
Small Roulette (1996)
Hello (1996)
Hafanana (1996)
The Last Morning (2000)
Walk This Way (2000)
Start It Up Again (2001)
Hafanana 2006 (2006)
One Way Ticket (2007)
Crying Rain 007 (2007)
Saturday Party Time (22nd Oct 2009)
On Bended Knee (1995)
Love Me
Live To Tell (1996)
Maggi (MJ)
Passion And Feeling (1995)
Magic Affair
Omen - The Story (1989)
1.In Nomine (Intro), 2.Das Omen (Teil 1), 3.Requiem, 4.Humunkulus (Men Of Glass), 5.The Beyond, 6.Carmen (Omen 2), 7.Fallen Angel, 8.Don't Fly Too High, 9.Heaven's Door, 10.Requiem (Instrumental Mix), 11.Humunkulus (Dub Mix),
Mystic Mountains (1991)
1.Welcome, 2.High On Mystic Mountain, 3.Lovin' You, 4.Awaken, 5.Spirits, 6.Atlantis, 7.Magic, 8.Love Town, 9.Mystery Of Mysteries, 10.Devil's Fight, 11.Welcome, 12.High On Mystic Mountain (Dub),
Omen... The Story Continues (1994)
1.The Commutation, 2.Omen III (Single Edit), 3.In The Middle Of The Night, 4.Homicidal, 5.Fire, 6.Water Of Sin, 7.Under the Sea, 8.Make Your Mind Up, 9.Give Me All Your Love, 10.Wonderland, 11.Thin Line, 12.Fall Out, 13.Fire (Trance Mix),
Omen... The Story Continues (Limited edition double CD) (1994)
1.The Commutation, 2.Omen III (Single Edit), 3.In The Middle Of The Night, 4.Homicidal, 5.Fire, 6.Water Of Sin, 7.Under The Sea, 8.Carry On, 9.Make Your Mind Up, 10.Give Me All Your Love, 11.Wonderland, 12.Thin Line, 13.Fall Out, 14.Fire (Trance Mix),
Omen... The Story Continues (Limited edition double CD) (1994)
1.Omen III (Tweek Dub Mix), 2.Give Me All Your Love (Plus Staples Mix), 3.Omen III (Magic Domingo Mix),
PhenOMENia (1996)
1.Stream of Life (Intro 1), 2.Break These Chains, 3.The Rhythm Makes You Wanna Dance, 4.Wait In Vain, 5.Love Will Find A Way, 6.World Of Freedom, 7.Magical Love Affair, 8.Can You Feel It, 9.Control Magic (Intro 2), 10.On The Other Side, 11.Energy Of Light, 12.Miracle, 13.Take Me Away (to Paradise), 14.Passion and Desire, 15.No Escape,
Omen (Sep 1989)
Omen II (Karma) (Nov 1989)
Lovin You (1990)
Requiem (1990)
Omen III (14th Jan 1994)
Give Me All Your Love (May 1994)
In The Middle Of The Night (16th Jul 1994)
Fire (29th Oct 1994)
The Rhythm Makes You Wanna Dance (7th Jul 1995)
Energy Of Light (16th Jan 1996)
World Of Freedom (25th May 1996)
Bohemian Rhapsody (8th Nov 1996)
Break These Chains (10th Mar 1997)
Night Of The Raven (26th Sep 1997)
Sacrifice (11th May 1998)
Miracles (2nd Mar 1999)
Fly Away (10th Dec 2003)
Stigmata (Of Love) (21st Oct 2008)
In The Middle Of The Night (1994)
Fire (1994)
Omen III (1994)
Give Me All Your Love (1994)
Omen III (The Cyber-Ремиксы:) (1994)
The Rhythm Makes You Wanna Dance (1995)
Energy Of Light (1996)
World Of Freedom (1996)
Omen III (the new mixes) (2008)
Magic E-motion
Magic E-Motion
Give Me What I Want
Magic Kefir
Best of 1994-98 (21st Feb 2007)
Tancolj (1994)
Az ido (1995)
A szel (1995)
Elmult a nyar (1995)
Hidd el (1995)
Hegyek kozott (1995)
Egjen a tuz (1996)
A lany nem rad var (1997)
Keso uzenet (1997)
Eletem a tanc (1997)
Feltamad a szel (1997)
Ohio (1998)
Alom (1998)
Magic Motion
The Magic Ride (1998)
1.The Magic Ride - Introduction, 2.Wonderland, 3.Show Me Heaven, 4.Lift You Up, 5.Tell Me Why, 6.Take a Ride, 7.Far Away, 8.Stay With Me, 9.Calling For You, 10.Don't Wanna Lose You, 11.Move My World, 12.Show Me Heaven, 13.Tell Me Why (Future Tone's Club Mix),
Don't Fly Away (1996)
If You Need Me (1996)
Wonderland (1997)
Good Love (1997)
Show Me Heaven (1998)
Magic Paper
Tonight Is The Night (1994)
Magic T Spark
Birthday (1994)
My Way (1994)
Penguin (1995)
Label : ADA Records.
Magic Vision
Stay Another Day (1995)
Here Comes The Hotstepper (12th Feb 1995)
All I Have To Do Is Dream (24th Apr 1995)
Have A Break (10th Jul 1995)
Nana Hey Hey (Goodbye) (10th May 1996)
You're Breaking My Heart (25th Jan 2001)
Label : Shift Music
Magik Brothers
Zodiac (2000)
Never (2004)
Magik Force
Body & Soul (17th Jun 1996)
Body & Soul '97 (16th Jun 1997)
Magnetic Pulstar
Pulse (1st Aug 1995)
Secret Love (18th Sep 1996)
Let Me Take You (30th Apr 1998)
Turn Away (1995)
Label: Dance Floor Corporation (DFC).
Maguire (Sean)
Sean Maguire (26th Nov 1994)
1.Someone To Love, 2.Love By Candlelight, 3.Take This Time, 4.My Heart Won't Let You Go, 5.No Choice In The Matter, 6.Suddenly, 7.As Soon As You Know, 8.The Sun Shines From You, 9.Devotion, 10.It's Always Christmas Time,
Spirit (3rd Jun 1996)
1.Good Day, 2.Treat Me, 3.You To Me Are Everything, 4.If You Really Care, 5.I'll Be Good For You, 6.If I Surrender, 7.Now I've Found You, 8.Your Love, 9.Don't Pull Your Love, 10.Sweet Town (Mister Cab Driver), 11.Where Do Broken Hearts Go, 12.Make It Right,
Sean Maguire Greatest Hits (18th Jun 1998)
1.Good Day, 2.Someone To Love, 3.You To Me Are Everything, 4.Take This Time, 5.Suddenly, 6.Now I've Found You, 7.Don't Pull Your Love, 8.Lean On Me, 9.Love By Candlelight, 10.The Sun Shines From You, 11.I'm The One For You, 12.Count On Me, 13.Party Zone, 14.Stay, 15.Devotion', 16.Good Day' (Motiv 8 Southside Dub), 17.You To Me Are Everything (Extended Re-Mix),
Someone To Love (14th Aug 1994)
Take This Time (30th Oct 1994)
Suddenly (13th Mar 1995)
Now I've Found You (12th Jun 1995)
You To Me Are Everything (6th Nov 1995)
Good Day (19th May 1996)
Don't Pull Your Love (22nd Jun 1996)
Today's the Day (17th Mar 1997)
Label : Parlophone.
Let's Go On Holiday (1995)
I Feel You (1995)
Producer : Luca Fattoretto.
I Want You Now (Oct 1995)
Major T
Keep The Frequency Clear (14th Mar 1994)
I Can Only Give You My Heart (5th Sep 1994)
Tell Me Why (5th May 1995)
Dicky Down (19th Apr 1996)
Keep The Frequency Clear (1994)
Dance Group
Happiness (30th Jun 1999)
Shake And Dance (2002)
Set Me Free (1994)
MaMa Nation
Don't Make Me Wait (1993)
Down Under (1995)
Wish You Were Here (1995)
Kung Fu Fighting (1996)
Stay (11th Sep 1996)
Mandolay (1997)
Dance (1994)
Turn Me On (1994)
I Don't Know (1995)
I Think And Feel (4th Apr 1995)
Shocked By The Rhythm (1996)
Many More
Dream On (1st Feb 1994)
This Time (Hamba Yoh, Hamba Yeh) (1996)
Marco Polo
Love Peace And Melody (1996)
1.Intro, 2.Melody House, 3.Thunderstorm, 4.Secrets, 5.Move Up Your Freedom, 6.Stay With Me, 7.Vibes Of Marco Polo, 8.Harder And Harder, 9.Power Of Violin, 10.Living For Fantasy, 11.Love Peace and Melody, 12.Outro,
Deep Adventure (1994)
Living 4 Fantasy (1995)
Oporticus (24th May 1996)
Love Peace and Melody (7th Nov 1996)
Let There Be Snow (12th Oct 1998)
Love Spy / Back To Spy
Maria Lisa
You Make Me Feel (1996)
Dreaming Of You (1996)
Find A Way (1997)
Let It Hit Ya (1998)
Just For The Night (1998)
Marie Anett
Be The One (8th May 2000)
Um Lotty Da (1st Dec 1999)
1.Dream Lover, 2.Um Lotty Da, 3.Stay Away Too Long, 4.Limit Of Love, 5.She Knows You're Lyin', 6.Strut, 7.Gotta New Love, 8.Love Is A Way Of Life, 9.Kyrie, 10.Try Some Love, 11.Best Friend For Life, 12.Um Lotty Da (Vanilla Mix),
Under Her Covers (1st Jul 2000)
1.Foolish Games, 2.The Last Song, 3.Ti Amo, 4.Do Ya Wanna Dance, 5.Fly, 6.Rocket To Your Heart, 7.Sisters Are Doin' It For Themselves, 8.Shame, 9.Get Up, 10.Ti Amo (Ballad),
The Mixes (2001)
1.Trance I, 2.Totally Fabulous (R, 3.Totally Fabulous (Leonard Trujillo), 4.Totally Fabulous (A la Mode), 5.Totally Fabulous (Original Club Mix), 6.Sisters Are Doin' For Themselves (Rios/Mayfield), 7.Sisters Are Doin' For Themselves, 8.Sisters Are Doin' For Themselves (PMS), 9.Dream Lover (Brutal Bill), 10.Dream Lover (Velvet Mix), 11.Dream Lover (Rios/Mayfield), 12.Dream Lover (Leonard Trujillo), 13.Dream Lover (Mechanized Mix),
Ti Amo (1996)
Do Ya Wanna Dance (1st Jun 1997)
The Silent Night (11th Nov 1997)
Dream Lover (Jan 1998)
Totally Fabu (7th Jul 1998)
Um Lotty Da (15th Sep 1998)
Sisters Are Doin' It For Themselves (21st Jan 1999)
Mumbo Jumbo (2001)
Records company : MRK records.
Marina (2)
Entender El Amor (1997)
Chocolate Cafe (2000)
Copa De Champana (3rd Sep 2001)
Marky Mark
EuroDance Member
Music for the People (1991)
1.Music for the People, 2.Good Vibrations, 3.Wildside, 4.Bout Time I Funk You, 5.Peace, 6.So What Chu Sayin, 7.Marky Mark is Here, 8.On the House Tip, 9.Make Me Say Ooh!, 10.I Need Money, 11.The Last Song on Side B,
You Gotta Believe (1992)
1.The Crisis, 2.You Gotta Believe, 3.Gonna Have a Good Time, 4.Loungin', 5.Don't Ya Sleep, 6.I Want You, 7.The American Dream, 8.The M, 9.Get Up (The Funky Bunch Theme), 10.Super Cool Mack Daddy, 11.I Run Rhymes, 12.Ain't No Stoppin' The Funky Bunch, 13.Last Song on Side B Pt 2: Go On, 14.The Solution,
Good Vibrations (1991)
Wildside (1991)
I Need Money (1991)
Peace (1991)
You Gotta Believe (1992)
Gonna Have A Good Time (1992)
On The House Tip (1992)
No Mercy (The Fist Of The Tiger) (1995)
Hey DJ (1996)
Feel The Vibe (1997)
Best Of My Love (Jul 1997)
No Mercy (The Fist Of The Tiger) (1995)
Hey DJ (1997)
Mars Plastic
What You Wanna Be (24th Jun 1992)
Find The Way (8th May 1993)
Model With Me (19th Jan 1995)
Wonderland (30th Jun 1995)
Dancing With Tears In My Eyes (2003)
Marsh (Sally Anne)
In The Summertime (1995)
Windmills Of Your Mind (1996)
Marte Lee
I Need Your Body (1996)
Martin (Angela)
Moon Moon / Woe Is Me
New Style Romance (1992)
Reach Out (1993)
Change Your Love (1994)
Just A Runaway (1994)
Tough Girl (29th Apr 1994)
Happy People
Another Chance
Get Up And Do It (1993)
Everybody Say Yeah (1994)
Label : New Meal Power (SAIFAM).
Marvellous Melodicos
Sing Oh (15th Jul 1994)
The Sun + The Moon (1995)
Over The Rainbow (1995)
Mary Jay
Hey, Call Me Now (12th Dec 1994)
Mary L
Call Me
This Is The Night Baby (1995)
Label : State & Street (SES).
Marzal Digital Project
Just Can Get Enough (1995)
Dreams & Dreams (1996)
U Don't Have To Say U Love Me (29th Apr 1994)
Let's Spend The Night Together (11th Jan 1995)
U Don't Have To Say U Love Me (1994)
Let's Spend The Night Together (1995)
Anymore (1995)
Label : ZAC.
Masha (2)
Just For Me (1995)
Mason (Vanessa)
EuroDance Member
Du & Ich (22nd Jan 2000)
It's My Life (24th May 1993)
Touch Me (25th Mar 1994)
Touch Me RMX'95 (11th May 1995)
Sailing (15th Oct 1996)
Run To Me (10th Dec 1996)
I Hate Myself For Loving You (1997)
So So So Long (23rd Jun 1997)
Black Eyed Boy (3rd Nov 1997)
Square Room (1998)
It's My Love (6th Jul 1998)
Inside Of Me (27th Jul 1998)
Liar (8th Mar 1999)
Massiah (Zeitia)
EuroDance Member
(Homegirl) Sing The Blues (1992)
Feel My Love (1992)
This Is The Place (1994)
Sexual Prime (1996)
A little love (1996)
Sexual Prime (1996)
Sixties Styla (1994)
1.Wipe Out, 2.Peter Gunn, 3.Wooly Bully, 4.Don't You Just Know It, 5.You Gotta Dance, 6.Topsy, 7.Bulldog, 8.Wipe Out (Slow Mix), 9.Peter Gunn (Extended Mix), 10.You Gotta Dance (Extended Mix),
Seventies Styla (1995)
1.This Flight Tonight, 2.Spirit in the Sky, 3.Barracuda, 4.Sabre Dance, 5.School's Out, 6.Jeans On, 7.Mamy Blue, 8.Mama Loo, 9.Loop di Love, 10.Foe Dee Oh Dee, 11.Theme, 12.Barracuda (Slow Mix),
Wipe Out (1994)
Master and Seven
The Power Of Dreams (2nd Jul 1994)
Master B
So Far Away
Dancing In The Night (1996)
Master Beat
Rakkaus Antaa (1995)
Master Mind DJ
Hello Vicky
It's A Party (1st Jul 1994)
Label : Aries records.
The Masterboy Family (1991)
1.Dance To The Beat (remix), 2.Indian Grave, 3.Pump It Up, 4.Masterboy Theme, 5.Summer-Night, 6.I Need Your Love, 7.Shake It Up And Dance (remix), 8.Keep On Dancing, 9.Cause We Do It Again, 10.Twilight Zone, 11.Dance To The Beat (rap version),
Feeling Alright (16th Jul 1993)
1.Fall In Trance, 2.M.B.O.Y. (Give It Up), 3.Feel My Life, 4.Hey, Hey, Hey (You Around Me), 5.Where Are You Now Boy, 6.Reach Out - I'll Be There, 7.Fall In Trance (organ mix), 8.Come On Come On (I Feel Inside Me), 9.Cause We Do It Again ('93 version), 10.Masterboy Theme (The second), 11.Welcome To The Future Of Paradise, 12.Fall In Trance (remixed by Bass Bumpers), 13.Everybody Needs Somebody,
Different Dreams (28th Oct 1994)
1.Waterfall (Intro), 2.Different Dreams, 3.I Got To Give It Up, 4.Everybody Needs Somebody, 5.Is This The Love, 6.Masterboy Theme (The Third), 7.And I Need You, 8.Feel The Heat Of The Night, 9.Do You Wanna Dance, 10.No Way Out (Outro), 11.I Got To Give It Up (Guitana Mix), 12.Feel The Heat Of The Night (Shark Mix),
Generation Of Love (27th Oct 1995)
1.Intro, 2.Give Me Your Love, 3.Anybody (Movin' On), 4.Baby Let It Be, 5.Land Of Dreaming, 6.Masterboy Theme (The Third), 7.Generation Of Love, 8.Feel The Fire, 9.Get It On, 10.Feel The Force (House version), 11.Generation Of Love (Fly Away remix), 12.Anybody (Movin' On) (F,
Colours (26th Oct 1996)
1.Intro, 2.Show Me Colours, 3.Ocean Bizarre, 4.La Ola Hand In Hand, 5.Mister Feeling, 6.I Want To Break Free, 7.Children Of The Night, 8.Dreams Within A Dream, 9.Just For You, 10.Energy, 11.Mister Feeling (Fresh Remix Maxi), 12.Outro, 13.Baby Let It Be,
Best Of limited edition (2000)
1.Feel The Heat 2000, 2.Porque Te Vas, 3.Generation Of Love, 4.Land Of Dreaming, 5.I Like To Like It, 6.I Got To Give It Up, 7.Is This The Love, 8.Everybody Needs Somebody, 9.Anybody (Movin' On), 10.Different Dreams, 11.Feel The Heat Of The Night, 12.El Ritmo, 13.Masterboy Theme, 14.Dance To The Beat, 15.Shake It Up And Dance, 16.Mister Feeling, 17.Show Me Colours, 18.I Want To Break Free, 19.La Ola Hand In Hand, 20.Nights On Broadway, 21.Just For You,
Best Of limited edition (2000)
1.Intro, 2.Anybody, 3.Generation Of Love, 4.Feel The Heat Of The Night, 5.Is This The Love, 6.I Got To Give It Up, 7.Different Dreams, 8.Show Me Colours, 9.Feel The Heat 2000, 10.I Like To Like It, 11.Dance To The Beat, 12.Porque Te Vas, 13.Mister Feeling, 14.Land Of Dreaming, 15.Outro,
Best Of (3rd Jul 2000)
1.Feel The Heat 2000, 2.Porque Te Vas, 3.Generation Of Love, 4.Land Of Dreaming, 5.I Like To Like It, 6.I Got To Give It Up, 7.Is This The Love, 8.Everybody Needs Somebody, 9.Anybody (Movin' On), 10.Different Dreams, 11.Feel The Heat Of The Night, 12.El Ritmo, 13.Masterboy Theme, 14.Dance To The Beat, 15.Shake It Up And Dance, 16.Mister Feeling, 17.Show Me Colours, 18.I Want To Break Free, 19.La Ola Hand In Hand, 20.Nights On Broadway, 21.Just For You,
The Heat Of The Night (28th Mar 2001)
1.Land Of Dreaming, 2.Show Me Colors, 3.Feel The Heat Of The Night, 4.I've Got To Give It Up, 5.Anybody, 6.Ocean To The Beat, 7.Keep On Dancing, 8.Summernight, 9.Everybody Needs Somebody, 10.Is This The Love, 11.Do You Wanna Dance, 12.Feel My Life 13, 14.Welcome To The Future Of Paradise,
Greatest Hits Of The 90s And Beyond (3rd Oct 2005)
1.I Got To Give It Up, 2.Feel The Fire, 3.I Need A Lover Tonight, 4.Anybody (Movin' On), 5.Feel The Heat Of The Night 2003, 6.Show Me Colours, 7.El Ritmo, 8.Land Of Dreaming, 9.I Like To Like It, 10.Generation Of Love, 11.Is This The Love, 12.I Want To Break Free, 13.Masterboy Theme, 14.Ride Like The Wind, 15.Feel The Heat Of The Night, 16.Mister Feeling, 17.Nights On Broadway, 18.Shake It Up And Dance, 19.Different Dreams, 20.Porque Te Vas, 21.Masterboy Theme,
Greatest Hits Of The 90s And Beyond (3rd Oct 2005)
1.Intro, 2.Anybody, 3.Generation Of Love, 4.Feel The Heat Of The Night, 5.Is This The Love, 6.I Got To Give It Up, 7.Different Dreams, 8.Show Me Colours, 9.Feel The Heat 2000, 10.I Like To Like It, 11.Dance To The Beat, 12.Porque Te Vas, 13.Mister Feeling, 14.Land Of Dreaming, 15.Outro,
US Album (US only - for download) (2006)
1.Intro, 2.Everybody Needs Somebody, 3.I Got to Give It Up, 4.Feel The Heat, 5.Land of Dreaming, 6.Generation of Love, 7.Dreams Within a Dream, 8.Nights On Broadway, 9.Just for You, 10.Children of the Night, 11.Mister Feeling, 12.Show Me Colours, 13.Anybody, 14.I Want to Break Free, 15.Outro,
The Best (Russia) (2006)
1.Feel The Heat Of The Night, 2.Generation Of Love, 3.Anybody, 4.Dance To The Beat, 5.Shake It Up And Dance, 6.Is This The Love, 7.I Got To Give It Up, 8.Mr. Feeling, 9.Show Me Colours, 10.Land Of Dreaming, 11.Porque Te Vas, 12.Just 4 You, 13.I Need A Lover Tonight, 14.Feel The Heat Of The Night 2003, 15.Different Dreams, 16.Everybody Needs Somebody, 17.Ice Ice Baby, 18.Say Yeah, 19.Lucky Lie,
Dance To The Beat (Jan 1990)
Shake It Up And Dance (Nov 1990)
Cause We Do It Again (1991)
Masterboy Theme (1991)
I Need Your Love (Jul 1991)
Noche Del Amor (1992)
Keep On Dancing (Mar 1992)
Fall In Trance (Jul 1993)
Everybody Needs Somebody (Aug 1993)
I Got To Give It Up (Sep 1993)
Feel The Heat Of The Night (24th Jun 1994)
Is This The Love (21st Oct 1994)
Different Dreams (Dec 1994)
Megamix (Apr 1995)
Generation Of Love (2nd Jun 1995)
Anybody (Movin' On) (18th Sep 1995)
Land Of Dreaming (8th Jan 1996)
Baby Let It Be (May 1996)
Mister Feeling (15th Jul 1996)
Show Me Colours (Oct 1996)
Just For You (27th Jan 1997)
I Want To Break Free (Apr 1997)
La Ola Hand In Hand (6th Jun 1997)
Nights Of Broadway (Jan 1998)
Dancing Forever (Aug 1998)
Porque Te Vas (28th Jun 1999)
I Like To Like It (30th Nov 1999)
Feel The Heat 2000 (16th May 2000)
Ride Like The Wind (27th Feb 2001)
I Need A Lover (26th Sep 2002)
Feel The Heat Of The Night 2003 (2003)
Dance To The Beat (1990)
Shake It Up And Dance (1990)
Everybody Needs Somebody (1993)
Fall In Trance (1993)
I Got To Give It Up (1994)
Feel The Heat Of The Night (1994)
Feel The Heat Of The Night (re-re-mix) (1994)
Is This The Love (1994)
Anybody (Movin' On) (1995)
Generation Of Love (1995)
Land Of Dreaming (1996)
Mister Feeling (1996)
Show Me Colours (1996)
Rhythm's In Your Mind (26th Jan 1994)
I Wanna Know (9th Jan 1995)
Live It Up (1996)
Masters Of Vision
Good Thing (1996)
Mata Hari
Spy In The Name Of Love (1995)
Love Peace And Harmony (13th May 1997)
I Wanna Lose My Mind (1995)
Mato Grosso
2016 (1993)
1.Intro, 2.Jungle, 3.Thunder, 4.Talk Down, 5.Titanic, 6.Space Overdrive, 7.2016 Fall-Out, 8.Neverland, 9.Feel The Beat (Remix), 10.Woodanga, 11.Jungle (1993 House Mix), 12.Finale,
Neverland (1991)
Thunder (1991)
Neverland Remix 92' (Jul 1992)
Feel The Beat (Sep 1992)
Jungle (Oct 1992)
2016 (Apr 1993)
Love (Dec 1993)
Mistery (18th Apr 1994)
Pyramid (Nov 1994)
Moai (Mar 1995)
Stonehenge (Oct 1995)
Destiny (Jun 1996)
Cliffs Of Moher (Oct 1996)
Can You Feel It (15th Dec 1993)
Take A Piece Of Your Heart (29th May 1995)
Can You Feel It (1994)
Can You Feel It (1994)
Matthiesen (Kai)
EuroDance Producer
Feel Me Tonight (1995)
Libertango (1997)
Label: Interstate.
Mauri (Graciela)
Graciela Mauri (1988)
1.Contigo, 2.Quien De Los Dos, 3.Te Encontrare, 4.Misterio, 5.Oasis, 6.No Puedo Mas, 7.Vuelve Por Favor, 8.Distraido, 9.Amiga Mia, 10.Me Enamore,
Entre Tu Y Yo (1989)
1.Entre Tu Y Yo, 2.Por Primera Vez, 3.Amor De Verdad, 4.Volando Entre Nubes, 5.Te Extrano Irremediablemente, 6.Supersticiosa, 7.Sin Compromiso, 8.Recuerdos, 9.Yo Soy Free, 10.Cuando Es Amor, 11.Vete Ya,
Graciela (1996)
1.Intro, 2.Quien Lo Hara, 3.Desde Siempre, 4.Como Me Es Dificil, 5.Demasiado Tarde, 6.Es Amor, 7.Sin Parar, 8.Dejate Ir, 9.Dios En Mi, 10.No Se Como Olvidarte, 11.Imaginando,
A Mi Manera (1998)
1.Cuentame Otra Historia, 2.Entre El Miedo Y El Amor, 3.Las Dos Caras Del Amor, 4.A Mi Manera, 5.Ana, 6.A Nadie Mas, 7.Mentiras, 8.Una Amiga De Verdad, 9.Angeles Sin Cielo, 10.El Final,
El Cubo De Donalu (2005)
1.Aludonalu, 2.Ninos Como Tu, 3.A Mover, 4.Quiero Saber, 5.Juegas Conmigo, 6.Tu Imaginacion, 7.Mi Mama Me Mima, 8.Soy Espejo Y Me Reflejo, 9.La Playa, 10.Pronto Volveremos, 11.Megamix De Guayo, Tijo Y Piolo, 12.Data,
Sin Parar
Quien Lo Hara
Cuentame Otra Historia
A Mi Manera
A Nadie Mas
No Puedo Mas
La Cosa Mas Bella (1996)
Label : Max Music.
Max Impact
Love And Desire (1994)
Talking About It (1994)
Label : X-Plode.
Max Mad Feat KS25
Don't Let Me Down (1995)
Party Your Body (12th Sep 1994)
Party Your Body (1994)
Move Your Body (1994)
You Set My World On Fire (1996)
In Your Eyes
Label : Second Label.
To the Maxximum (1994)
1.To The Maxximum Part I, 2.To The Maxximum Part II, 3.No More (I Can't Stand It), 4.No More, 5.I Can Make You Feel, 6.Getaway, 7.Suddenly, 8.Heart Of Stone, 9.Fight, 10.Voodoo Child, 11.You Can Get It, 12.Ritmo De La Casa, 13.Do You Want Me, 14.Should I Stay, Should I Go, 15.I Want You, 16.Maxximum Extasy, 17.The Maxx Experience,
Power Of Love
Get-A-Way (1st Nov 1993)
No More (I Can't Stand It) (1st Mar 1994)
You Can Get It (12th Sep 1994)
Let's Go (Apr 1995)
I Can Make You Feel Like (26th May 1995)
Move Your Body (26th Oct 1995)
Get-A-Way (1993)
Get-A-Way (UK Ремиксы:) (1993)
No More (I Can't Stand It) (UK Ремиксы:) (1994)
No More (I Can't Stand It) (19th Jun 1994)
You Can Get It (Ремиксы:) (Nov 1994)
May 23
Get Out Of Here (1995)
Label : Dig it.
May Day
Everybody Moves
Don't Break My Heart (1995)
May Day (2)
Noc sa Tobom
Feel Good (1993)
M-Usic (1994)
Maya (2)
Mirame (1995)
Stranded (1995)
Mazelle (Kym)
EuroDance Member
Brilliant ! (1989)
1.Useless (I Don't Need You Now), 2.Got to Get You Back, 3.Never in a Million Years, 4.Wait, 5.Treat Me Right, 6.Don't Scandalize My Name, 7.Was That All It Was, 8.Love Strain, 9.Can't Make Nobody Love You (bonus track), 10.Crazy 'Bout the Man (Krazy Club Mix) (bonus track),
Crazy (1989)
1.Love Strain, 2.No One Can Love You More Than Me, 3.This Love Will Never Die, 4.Don't Scandalize My Name, 5.Wait, 6.Just What It Takes, 7.Treat Me Right, 8.Was That All It Was, 9.Don't Make Me Over, 10.Got To Get You Back, 11.Crazy 'Bout The Man, 12.Never In A Million Years, 13.Useless (I don't Need You Now), 14.Can't Make Nobody Love You,
Brilliant ! (1991)
1.No One Can Love You More Than Me (Boilerhouse Mix), 2.Useless (I Don't Need You Now), 3.Don't Scandalize My Name (US Remix), 4.Skin I'm In, 5.Love Strain, 6.If It's Love You Want, 7.Never In A Million Years (Doc & Jamie's Remix), 8.Crazy 'Bout The Man (The World Remix), 9.Was That All It Was (Def Mix Edit),
The Gold Collection (1996)
1.Woman Of The World, 2.No One Can Love You More Than Me, 3.Useless (I don't need you now), 4.Don't Scandalize My Name, 5.Love Strain, 6.Never In A Million Years, 7.Was That All It was, 8.If It's Love You Want, 9.Skin I'm In, 10.Crazy 'bout The Man, 11.This Love Will Never Die, 12.Wait, 13.Just What It Takes, 14.Got To Get You Back,
The Pleasure Is All Mine (2005)
1.Tears, 2.Let The Sunshine In, 3.On My Own, 4.Love Magic, 5.Feel Like Dancing, 6.Diamond Life, 7.You Don't Know Me, 8.Searching For The Golden Eye, 9.Let Your Will Be Done, 10.Young Hearts Run Free, 11.Let Yourself Go, 12.I Love To Love,
Taste My Love (1988)
I'm A Lover (1988)
Useless (I Don't Need You Now) (1988)
Wait (1989)
Got To Get You Back (1989)
Love Strain (1989)
Was That All It Was (1989)
Missing You (1990)
Useless '90 (1990)
Don't Scandalize My Name (1991)
No One Can Love You More Than Me (1991)
Woman Of The World (1991)
Love Me The Right Way (1992)
No More Tears (Enough Is Enough) (1994)
Gimme All Your Lovin' (1994)
Love Me And Leave Me (1995)
Young Hearts Run Free (1996)
Love Me The Right Way '96 (1996)
Big Baby (1997)
Quality (1997)
Have A Nice Day (1997)
Free Gay And Happy (1997)
A Place In My Heart (1998)
Love Me The Right Way '98 (1998)
Truly (1999)
Perhaps (2000)
Dance Little Dreamer (2001)
Feel Like Dancin' (2003)
Don't Bother Me (2004)
Love Magic (6th Dec 2004)
Searching For The Golden Eye (DJ Chus 2005 Mixes) (13th May 2005)
On My Own (18th Jul 2005)
MC Beat Box
Dance & Dance (1994)
MC Bla
Got To Move
Get Ready
MC Claude
No Lies (6th May 1994)
MC Eric
Gain Some Knowledge (1991)
Jealous / R U Conscious (as Me One) (1991)
MC Erik and Barbara
U Can't Stop (1995)
1.U Can't Stop (Radio edit), 2.I Love This Game, 3.Save The Jungle, 4.I Wish An Another Day, 5.Forever Friends, 6.My Dream, 7.I'm Free, 8.Ked Prede Laska, 9.Be Happy, 10.Summer Nights '95, 11.U Can't Stop (7" Mix),
Second (1996)
1.It's Your Day, 2.Dancing Queen, 3.Never Gonna, 4.Living In a World Of Love, 5.Hey You, 6.'Cause I Love You, 7.Good Vibrations, 8.I Like It, 9.Got To Be Friends, 10.I Don't Wanna Lose You, 11.Fire For Love, 12.See The Light, 13.Sen,
U Can't Stop 96 Version (1996)
1.U Can't Stop (Radio edit), 2.I Love This Game, 3.Save The Jungle, 4.I Wish An Another Day, 5.Forever Friends, 6.My Dream, 7.I'm Free, 8.When Love Is Calling, 9.Be Happy, 10.Summer Nights '95, 11.Hideaway, 12.Let The Party Go On, 14.Anjel II, 15.Ked Prede Laska,
Second And More (1997)
1.Dancing Queen (My Funk Mix), 2.It's Your Day (7" Mix), 3.Here I Come, 4.Never Gonna, 5.'Cause I Love You, 6.She's Faithful, 7.I Don't Wanna Lose You, 8.Hey You, 9.I Like It, 10.Raise Your Hands, 11.Come On Baby, 12.Good Vibrations, 13.It's Your Day (Album Version), 14.Living In A World Of Love, 15.Dancing Queen (Album Version), 16.Sen,
Gold - Zlat? Hity (1999)
1.Sugar Sugar, 2.Summer Nights '99, 3.Ja Ta Velmi Chcem, 4.Kiss Me Honey, 5.Dancing Queen, 6.I Can't Be With You, 7.Anjel II, 8.I Love This Game, 9.I'm Free, 10.It's Your Day, 11.Never Gonna, 12.Sen, 13.Ked Pride Laska, 14.Save The Jungle, 15.Hey Man, 16.Tajne Miesto, 17.U Can't Stop, 18.Summer Nights '95, 19.Sugar Sugar '99 (Unplugged),
Ked Pride Laska (2004)
1.Summer Nights, 2.U Can't Stop, 3.Save The Jungle, 4.I'm Free, 5.Anjel II, 6.Kei Pride Laska, 7.Dancing Queen, 8.It's Your Day, 9.Never Gonna, 10.Good Vibrations, 11.Sugar Sugar, 12.Sen, 13.Ja a Velmi Chcem, 14.Tajne Miesto, 15.I Love This Game, 16.Forever Friends, 17.'Cause I Love You, 18.Let The Party Go On,
I'm Free (10th Jun 1995)
U Can't Stop (Jul 1995)
Summer Nights '95 (27th Nov 1995)
Save The Jungle (19th Feb 1996)
It's Your Day (19th Aug 1996)
Dancing Queen (14th Oct 1996)
Never Gonna/Sen (9th Dec 1996)
Sugar Sugar 2000 (2000)
Producer : Julius Kineek
MC Fear
Temptation (1993)
Label: Out records.
MC Fixx it
Let's Move (1990)
Rock The Discotex (1990)
You Can Love It / Bring It Back (1991)
Set Me On Fire (1996)
MC Major
Show Me The Way (1st Mar 1995)
MC Mystery
Take My Breath Away (Na Na Na Na Na Na) (1995)
Label : Strictly Dance Recordings
The Night Is Mine (1995)
Label : ARS Productions
McDonald (Carin)
Together (1993)
McFarlane (Rachel)
Lover (2005)
Me and My
Me & My (1996)
1.Touch Of Your Love, 2.Dub-I-Dub, 3.Baby Boy, 4.Lion Eddie, 5.I Belong To You, 6.Waiting, 7.Magic Love, 8.So Many Times, 10.Show Your Love, 11.Show me, 12.You & I,
Me & My (1996)
1.Baby Boy, 2.Lion Eddie, 3.I Belong To You, 4.Waiting, 5.Magic Love, 6.Dub-I-Dub, 7.So Many Times, 8.Close, 9.Show Your Love, 10.Show me, 11.You & I,
Waiting (16th Jan 1997)
1.Waiting (Flex Remix), 2.Waiting (Original Mix), 3.Dub-I-Dub (Diddy's Radiant Radio Mix), 4.Baby Boy (Flex Club Mix), 5.Lion Eddie (Extended Version), 6.Lion Eddie (Club Remix), 7.Touch Of Your Love (Extended Version), 8.Touch Of Your Love (Club Remix), 9.Dub-I-Dub (Karaoke Version), 10.Baby Boy (Karaoke Version), 11.Lion Eddie (Karaoke Version), 12.Touch Of Your Love (Karaoke Version),
Let The Love Go On (1999)
1.I'm On My Way, 2.Loving You, 3.I'm Going Down, 4.You Left Me (with Pipe from the Wailing Souls), 5.Let The Love Go On, 6.Take Me Back, 7.That's The Way Life Is, 8.Every Single Day, 9.So Many Men, 10.You Do That Thing,
Let The Love Go On (27th Jan 1999)
1.I'm On My Way, 2.So Many Men, 3.Loving You, 4.That's The Way Life Is, 5.Take Me Back, 6.You Left Me (with Pipe from the Wailing Souls), 7.Let The Love Go On, 8.I'm Going Down, 9.Every Single Day, 10.You Do That Thing, 11.Loving You (US radio edit),
Fly High (26th Feb 2001)
1.Fly High, 2.La La Superstar, 3.Sleeping My Day Away, 4.Can't Forget The Past (Da Dap), 5.Secret Garden, 6.No Way, 7.If I Was Your Lover, 8.The Sweetest Melody, 9.What Am I Gonna Do, 10.Take My Heart, 11.Crazy, 12.Fly High Goodbye,
The Ultimate Collection (26th Mar 2007)
1.Dub-I-Dub, 2.Baby Boy, 3.Lion Eddie, 4.Magic Love, 5.Waiting, 6.I Belong To You, 7.Touch Of Your Love, 8.Let The Love Go On,
Dub-I-Dub (14th Aug 1995)
Baby Boy (11th Nov 1995)
Lion Eddie (20th Mar 1996)
Touch Of Your Love (7th Aug 1996)
Waiting (1997)
Let The Love Go On (1999)
Loving You (1999)
Every Single Day (1999)
So Many Men (1999)
Fly High (2000)
Sleeping My Day Away (2001)
La La Superstar (2002)
Too Much Christmas (Nov 2007)
Produced by EMI-music
Me and You
Tell Me
Eternal Love (26th Jul 1996)
Medina (Carol)
Secret Fantasy (1996)
1.Secret Fantasy, 2.Tell Me That You Love Me, 3.And The Song Goes, 4.Wait Till My Heart Finds Out, 5.Love Me Just Enough, 6.You Never Done It Like That, 7.Sooner Or Later Medely, 8.Story Story, 9.Love Is On The Way, 10.You Don't Know(Where My Lips Have Been), 11.I Had A Dream (L.A Cool Mix), 12.Tell Me That You Love Me (Riprock'n'dash Mix),
The Tears I Cry (1989)
And The Song Goes... (1994)
I Had A Dream (1994)
Tell Me You Love Me (1995)
You Don't Know (Where My Lips Have Been) (1995)
Let The Music Play (1995)
Never Done It Like That (1996)
Secret Fantasy (1996)
Wonder Woman (theme Song) (1997)
One Day Of Kisses (1997)
It Hurts Like Hell (2006)
Meet The Beat
Show Me Your Love Tonight (1995)
Power Of Dancing (12th Apr 1994)
Into The Fire (2nd Sep 1994)
Power Of Dancing '97 (1st Apr 1997)
Electric Operator (15th May 1998)
Power Of Dancing 2000 (6th Dec 1999)
Mellgren (Kajsa)
Angel Eye (1995)
Northland Wonderland (1993)
1.Free, 2.Take Me Away, 3.I Wanna Dance, 4.Feel Your Body Movin'(Euroremix), 5.Funk Time, 6.So Good, 7.Dum Da Dum, 8.Wondering, 9.Come Together, 10.We're Down With The Dragons, 11.Feel Your Body Movin' (Locational), 12.I Wanna Dance (Tom Droid vs,
The Return (1995)
1.Climb Any Mountain, 2.Give It Up (For The Melodie), 3.Bomba Deng, 4.Livin' in The Jungle, 5.The Light, 6.Anyone Out There, 7.Heaven, 8.Vibe, 9.Mr Harmony, 10.Safe Sex, 11.Dum Da Dum (UK Remix), 12.Give It Up (For The Melodie) (Doug's Clubmix),
The Ultimate Experience (1997)
1.The Ultimate Experience, 2.Melody, 3.Real Man, 4.Move On, 5.Embrace The Power, 6.Give Me Back Your Love, 7.Lose Control, 8.Walking Thru Fire, 9.Fake, 10.No!, 11.Mush It Up, 12.Phenomenia, 13.Give Me Back Your Love (808 Remix),
Feel Your Body Movin' (1992)
Take Me Away (1992)
I Wanna Dance (1993)
Dum Da Dum (1993)
Free (1994)
We're Down With The Dragons (14th Jun 1994)
Give It Up (For The Melodie) (4th Nov 1994)
Anyone Out There (10th Feb 1995)
Climb Any Mountain (19th Apr 1995)
Living In The Jungle (1996)
Bomba Deng (11th Nov 1996)
Embrace The Power (1997)
Fake / Give Me Back Your Love (1997)
Real Man (13th May 1997)
Move On (1998)
Fake (1998)
Dum Da Dum 2009 (Oct 2009)
Shaieo (1995)
Label : GBEX (Exex Records).
Flash In The Night (5th Sep 1994)
Producers : B. Marissal, B. Van Garsse, M. Nachtergaele
Hot Shot (1996)
Label : Reputation Records. Producer : Bobby Orlando.
My Life Is In Your Hands (1996)
Voices (1997)
Label: Sony Music Entertainment.
Memory Of Sound
Maniac (1995)
Men Behind
Feel The Life (23rd Dec 1993)
How Can I? (7th Sep 1994)
Feel The Life (1993)
How Can I? (1994)
Mendy Lee
You (Find Me Another Man) (1987)
Wishing On A Star (1988)
Euphemia (Sep 1991)
State Of Mind (Dec 1992)
Keep On (Groovin) (Oct 1993)
You Got Me Burnin' Up (1994)
You Got Me Burnin' (28th Nov 1994)
Back In Time (1995)
My Love (Apr 1995)
Voices (1996)
Mystery Of Love (12th Aug 1997)
People (2nd Apr 1998)
Waitin' For Love (1999)
Superstition (1999)
Simple Man (2004)
Simple Song (2004)
State of mind II (2008)
Yerba De Ibiza (2008)
The Beat Of The Bee (Apr 2009)
You Got Me Burnin' (1994)
Fly (With Me)
Vaffanculo (1995)
Show Me Your Body (Gimme Some) (Apr 1996)
Moonlight Shadow (1997)
Lunes, Martes (1996)
Label : Bit Music.
Your Music Is A Show (25th Mar 1996)
I Believe In Tomorrow (1995)
Label : Blackbeard records
Slow Down (26th Jun 1995)
City Of Sin (25th Jan 1999)
Don't Let This Feeling Pass (1995)
So Good (1993)
The Seed Of Hapiness (1993)
I Want You (1995)
MI Projekt
Believe In Love (1993)
Label: Octagon Records.
Mia Minx
Open Up Your Heart (1997)
Your Love Is The Key (1998)
Whenever U're By My Side (1998)
If Tomorrow Never Comes (1999)
Kriminal Love (1994)
Rape Me (9th Sep 1994)
Love Is History (17th Feb 1994)
Label : Jive.
Chip I (1992)
Chip II (1992)
Chip III (1992)
I Didn't Know What To Expect (23rd Nov 1995)
Cosmic Evolution (Part 1) (1998)
Cosmic Evolution (Part 2) (1998)
Burning Big Star (1999)
Sundancer (2001)
Polar Trax (2002)
I Didn't Know What To Expect (1994)
Estrella De La Noche (24th Sep 1994)
Fascinated (22nd Jan 1996)
Label : Da Music.
Save The Human Race (1995)
Midnight Affair
Call Me Tonight (5th Aug 1994)
4 My Love
Mig-29 (1992)
I'm The King (1992)
Love Fantasy (1993)
War In Heaven (1994)
Promises (1995)
Attitude (1994)
1.Prologue, 2.Get Ready, 3.Attitude (CD Version), 4.Get On The Move, 5.P.F.B., 6.You & Me (Innocence), 7.Hold On, 8.All Or Nothin', 9.I Feel, 10.Set Me Free (Remix), 11.Lovin' You, 12.Get Ready (Cream Clinic's Club Mix), 13.All Or Nothin' (Dance Beat Club Mix),
Miisa (1995)
1.All Or Nothing, 2.How Will I Know, 3.Hold On, 4.Get Ready, 5.Hold Me Now, 6.Love Is, 7.Set Me Free, 8.Can't Give It Up, 9.Missing You, 10.Love Revolution, 11.Heart To Heart, 12.P.F.B., 13.Get On The Move (Bonus Track),
Upside Down (1991)
Hold On (1993)
Set Me Free (1993)
You & Me (Innocence) (1994)
Lovin U (1995)
All Or Nothing (12th Sep 1995)
Get Ready (1996)
How Will I Know (1996)
Miko Mission
The Greatest Ремиксы: Hits from 1981 to 1999 (1998)
1.How Old Are You? (TCP Latino Mix), 2.How Old Are You? (TCP Original Remix), 3.The World Is You (TCP Club Mix), 4.The World Is You (TCP Instrumental Mix), 5.Two For Love (TCP 98 Klub Mix), 6.Two For Love (TCP 98 Instrumental Mix), 7.Toc Toc Toc (Original Edit Mix), 8.I Like The Woman's Heart (Edit Mix), 9.One Step To Heaven (Original Edit Mix), 10.How Old Are You? (Original Edit Mix), 11.Strip Tease (Edit Mix), 12.The World Is You (Original Edit Mix), 13.Two For Love (Original Edit Mix),
Starman (1983)
The World Is You (1984)
How Old Are You (26th Oct 1984)
Two For Love (1985)
Striptease (1986)
Toc Toc Toc / I Like A Woman's Heart (1987)
I Believe (1988)
Rock Me Round The World (1989)
One Step To Heaven (1989)
I Can Fly (14th Jan 1994)
How Old Are You (31st Oct 1994)
Mr Blue (1995)
How Old Are You (2003)
Milcor Mind
Dancing In The Dark (1996)
Miles (Robert)
Dream House Group
Dreamland US version (1996)
1.Children (Dream Version), 2.Fable (Message Version), 3.Fantasya, 4.Landscape, 5.In My Dreams, 6.One And One, 7.Princess Of Light, 8.Fable (Dream Version), 9.In The Down, 10.Children (Original Version), 11.Red Zone,
Dreamland (30th Jul 1996)
1.Children (Dream Version), 2.Fable (Message Version), 3.Fantasya, 4.Landscape, 5.In My Dreams, 6.Princess Of Nights, 7.Fable (Dream Version), 8.In The Down, 9.Children (Original Version), 10.Red Zone,
Dreamland - The Winter Edition (1997)
1.One & One (Radio Edit), 3.Fable (Message Version), 4.Fantasya, 5.Landscape, 6.In My Dreams, 7.Princess Of Light, 8.4us, 9.In The Dawn, 10.Children, 10.Children, 11.Red Zone, 12.One & One,
In The Mix (1997)
23 AM (24th Nov 1997)
1.Introducing, 2.A New Flower, 3.Everyday Life, 4.Freedom, 5.Textures, 6.Enjoy, 7.Flying Away, 8.Heatwave, 9.Maresias, 10.Full Moon, 11.Leaving Behind,
Organik (2001)
1.TSBOL, 2.Separation, 3.Paths, 4.Wrong, 5.It's All Coming Back, 6.Pour Te Parler, 7.Trance Shapes, 8.Connections, 9.Release Me, 10.Improvisations P.1, 11.Improvisations P.2, 12.Endless,
Organik Ремиксы: (Nov 2002)
1.Paths (FSOL Cosmic Jukebox Mix), 2.Wrong (Alexkid May B Mix), 3.Pour Te Parler (Riton Re-rub Mix), 4.Release Me (Da Lata El Duderino Mix), 5.Pour Te Parler (Kuzu Mix), 6.Pour Te Parler (Fissure Mix), 7.Paths (KV5 Mix),
Organik Ремиксы: (Nov 2002)
1.It's All Coming Back, 2.Separation (2nd Gen Mix), 3.Connections (PunkA fro The Hackney Drive By Mix), 4.Improvisations Pt. 2 (Si Begg S.I. Futures Mix), 5.Improvisations Pt. 2 (The Fabrics Mix), 6.Paths (Robert Miles S:alted Mix), 7.Bhairav,
Miles_Gurtu (10th Feb 2004)
1.Golden Rust, 2.Soul Driven, 3.Wearing Masks, 4.Tragedy: Comedy, 5.Omen, 6.Loom, 7.Languages Of Conscious Thought, 8.Without A Doubt, 9.Small World, 10.Small World (Reprise), 11.Inductive, 12.The Big Picture, 13.Xenon,
Thirteen (planned for 13th Sep 2010)
1.Orchid Miracle, 2.Moving, 3.Somnambulism, 4.Everything Or Nothing, 5.Afterglow, 6.Deep End, 7.Black Rubber, 8.Miniature World, 9.Antimony, 10.Archives, 11.Voices From A Submerged Sea, 12.Nonsense, 13.The Wolf,
Ghost (1994)
Oxygen EP vol 1 (1994)
Soundtracks (1995)
Red Zone (1995)
Children (1996) 
Fable (24th May 1996)
One And One (17th Oct 1996) 
Freedom (17th Nov 1997)
Everyday Life (1998)
Full Moon (16th Jun 1998)
Paths (11th Jun 2001)
Improvisations part 2 (22nd Apr 2002)
Connections / Separations (27th May 2002)
Pour Te Parler / Wrong / Release Me (1st Jul 2002)
One And One (1996)
Freedom (Frankie Knuckles Edition) (1997)
Freedom (The RIP Mixes) (1997)
Pour Te Parler (16th Sep 2002)
Milk Inc
Apocalypse Cow French Edition (20th Mar 1998)
1.Free Your Mind (Roadrunner's 7' vocal Mix), 2.La Vache (Praga Khan Vocal Version), 3.La Vache (Vibro Dwarfs Remix Edit), 4.Cream, 5.Da Cause, 6.Inside Of Me, 7.Jesus Loves The Vache, 8.La Tetine, 9.On Your Own, 10.Positive Cowstrophobia, 11.Right There, 12.Sky Trance,
Apocalypse Cow (31st May 1999)
1.WOOW, 3.In My Eyes (Radio Edit), 4.Inside Of Me (Full Vocal Radio Edit), 5.Promise (Radio Edit), 6.On Your Own, 7.Saxy-Motion (Milk Inc, 8.Boy Meets Girl, 9.Cream, 10.Oceans (Album Mix), 11.Intrude (Milk Inc, 12.In My Eyes (Dj Philip Remix),
Apocalypse Cow Limited Edition (21st Nov 1999)
1.WOOW, 3.In My Eyes (Radio Edit), 4.Inside Of Me (Full Vocal Radio Edit), 5.Promise (Radio Edit), 6.On Your Own, 7.Saxy-Motion (Milk Inc, 8.Boy Meets Girl, 9.Cream, 10.Oceans (Album Mix), 11.Intrude (Milk Inc, 12.In My Eyes (Dj Philip Remix),
Apocalypse Cow Limited Edition (21st Nov 1999)
1.Losing Love, 2.Oceans, 3.Promise, 4.Videoclips,
Land Of The Living (10th Nov 2000)
1.Never Again, 2.Land Of The Living (Radio Mix), 3.Walk On Water (H2O Radio Mix), 4.Don't Cry, 5.Livin A Lie, 6.For No Reason, 7.Sweet Surrender (Feat. Tony Hadley), 8.Time Has Stood Still (Feat. John Miles Jnr), 9.Midnight In Africa (Feat. K-Lab), 10.Losing Love (Radio Edit), 11.Land Of The Living (Kevin Marshalls Trance Remix),
Double Cream (Singapour Edition) (2001)
1.In My Eyes (Radio Edit), 2.Wide Awake, 3.Never Again (Single Mix), 4.Land Of The Living (Radio Mix), 5.Walk On Water (H2O Radio Mix), 6.Don't Cry, 7.Livin' A Lie (Video Mix), 8.For No Reason, 9.Sweet Surrender (feat. Tony Hadley), 10.Time Has Stood Still (feat. John Miles Junior), 11.Midnight in Africa (feat. K-Lab), 12.Losing Love (Radio Edit), 13.La Vache (Regg & Arkin Radio Edit), 14.Inside of me (Full Vocal Radio Edit), 15.Promise (Radio Edit), 16.Saxy Motion (feat. DJ Wout), 17.Boy Meets Girl, 18.Oceans (UHT Radio Mix), 19.Land of the Living (Kevin Marshall's Trance Remix),
Double Cream - Best Of - videos (1st Nov 2001)
Double Cream - Best Of (1st Nov 2001)
1.Never Again (Single mix), 2.Land Of The Living (Radio mix), 3.Walk On Water (H2O radio mix), 4.Don't Cry, 5.Livin A Lie (video edit), 6.For No Reason, 7.Sweet Surrender (Feat. Tony Hadley), 8.Time Has Stood Still (Feat. John Miles Jnr), 9.Midnight In Africa (Feat. K-Lab), 10.Losing Love (Radio edit), 11.La Vache (Regg & Arkin radio edit), 12.In My Eyes (radio edit), 13.Inside Of Me (full vocal radio edit), 14.Promise (radio edit), 15.Saxy Motion (Feat. Dj Wout), 16.Oceans (UHT Radio Mix), 17.Land Of The Living (Kevin Marshall's trance remix),
Milk Inc (23rd Sep 2002)
1.Walk On Water (H2O Radio Mix), 2.Land Of The Living (Radio Mix), 3.Never Again (Single Mix), 4.Livin A Lie (Video Edit), 5.In My Eyes (Radio Edit), 6.For No Reason, 7.Sweet Surrender, 8.Time Has Stood Still, 9.Midnight In Africa, 10.La Vache (Regg & Arkin Radio Edit), 11.Oceans (Pulsedriver Radio Mix), 12.Losing Love (Radio Edit), 13.Inside Of Me (DJ Philip, Wout & Jan Remix),
Closer (6th Oct 2003)
1.The Sun Always Shines On TV (Full Version), 2.Shine On, 3.Time, 4.Goodbye Says It All, 5.I Don't Care, 6.Wish, 7.Closer, 8.Breathe Without You, 9.November, 10.Wide Awake, 11.Nothing To You, 12.Sleepwalker, 13.Blown Away, 14.Maybe,
Best Of Milk Inc. (Jul 2004)
1.In My Eyes, 2.La Vache (Praga Khan 7' Vocal Version), 3.Land Of The Living(Radio Mix), 4.Walk On Water (H2O Radio Mix), 5.Livin A Lie (Video Edit), 6.The Sun Always Shines On TV (Radio edit), 7.Sleepwalker (Radio Edit), 8.Oceans (Album Mix), 9.Never Again, 10.Inside Of Me (Full Vocal Radio Edit), 11.W.O.O.W., 12.Cream, 13.Sweet Surrender (feat. Tony Hadley), 14.Time Has Stood Still (feat. John Miles Jnr), 15.Promise (Radio Edit), 16.Midnight in Africa (feat. K-Lab), 17.Losing Love (Radio Edit),
Best Of Milk Inc. (Jul 2004)
1.Walk On Water (Flip & Fill Remix), 2.Walk On Water (Frank Trax Vs ORGAN Remix), 3.The Sun Always Shines On TV (Vandoren Og Van Hoyland Remiks), 4.In My Eyes (DJ Philip Remix), 5.Livin A Lie (Skitz Clubb Rmx), 6.Livin A Lie (Peter Luts Remix), 7.Wide Awake (Kevin Marshall Remix), 8.Sleepwalker (Expanded Mix), 9.Land Of The Living (Resonance Q Mix), 10.Land Of The Living (Flip & Fill Mix), 11.Land Of The Living (Coast To Coast Mix),
Closer (9th Aug 2005)
1.The Sun Always Shines On Tv, 2.Whisper, 3.Goodbye Says It All, 4.Wish, 5.Breathe Without You, 6.I Don't Care, 7.Time, 8.Closer, 9.Nothing To You, 10.Shine On, 11.November, 12.Wide Awake, 13.Sleepwalker, 14.Blown Away, 15.Maybe, 16.The Sun Always Shines On Tv (Original Extended), 17.The Sun Always Shines On Tv (Vandoren Remix), 18.Time (Kevin Marshall's Rewinded Mix),
Supersized (Sep 2006)
1.Run, 2.Tainted Love, 3.No Angel, 4.Go To Hell, 5.Answer Me, 6.It's Over, 7.Blind, 8.Fiction, 9.Breakin', 10.Remember, 11.Whisper, 12.Secret, 13.Morning Light, 14.Things Change,
Supersized Live Cd (30th Sep 2006)
1.Run, 2.Shine On, 3.Sleepwalker, 4.Losing Love, 5.No Music, 6.In My Eyes, 7.Whisper, 8.Time, 9.Land Of The Living, 10.Never Again, 11.Walk On Water Reprise, 12.The Sun Always Shines On Tv, 13.Breathe Without You, 14.Go To Hell,
The Best Of (28th Sep 2007)
1.Sunrise, 2.Run (Radio Edit), 3.Never Again (Single Mix), 4.Whisper (Radio), 5.Walk On Water (H2o Radio Mix), 6.Time, 7.Breathe Without You, 8.Inside Of Me (Full Vocal Radio Edit), 9.Sleepwalker (Radio Edit), 10.Livin' A Lie (Video Mix), 11.The Sun Always Shines On Tv (Radio Edit), 12.Land Of The Living (Radio Edit), 13.In My Eyes (Radio Edit), 14.Blind (Radio Edit), 15.Promise (Radio Edit), 16.I Don't Care, 17.Tainted Love (Radio), 18.Oceans (Uht Radio Mix), 19.No Angel (Radio Album), 20.La Vache (Praga Khan 7 Vocal Version), 21.Go To Hell (Radio Edit),
The Best Of (28th Sep 2007)
1.W.O.O.W., 2.Cowmen, 3.Positive Cowstrophobia, 4.Inside Of me (DJ Philip, Wout & Jan Remix), 5.In My Eyes (DJ Philip Radio Edit), 6.Oceans (Pulsedriver remix), 7.Walk on water (Peter Luts remix), 8.Never again (Penxten vs Vandueren remix), 9.Wide awake (Kevin Marshall remix), 10.Sleepwalker (DJ Philip remix), 11.The Sun Always Shines On TV (Vanduren & Vanhoyland remiks), 12.Whisper (Deep mix), 13.Saxy Motion,
The Best Of (29th Sep 2007)
1.Sunrise, 2.Run (Radio Edit), 3.Never Again (Single Mix), 4.Whisper (Radio), 5.Walk On Water (H2o Radio Mix), 6.Time, 7.Breathe Without You, 8.Inside Of Me (Full Vocal Radio Edit), 9.Sleepwalker (Radio Edit), 10.Livin' A Lie (Video Mix), 11.The Sun Always Shines On Tv (Radio Edit), 12.Land Of The Living (Radio Edit), 13.In My Eyes (Radio Edit), 14.Blind (Radio Edit), 15.Promise (Radio Edit), 16.I Don't Care, 17.Tainted Love (Radio), 18.Oceans (Uht Radio Mix), 19.No Angel (Radio Album), 20.La Vache (Praga Khan 7 Vocal Version), 21.Go To Hell (Radio Edit),
Forever (23rd Jun 2008)
1.Forever, 2.Tonight, 3.Race, 4.Waste Of Time, 5.Summer rain, 6.Sunrise, 7.Maniac, 8.With You, 9.Guilty, 10.Live Her Life, 11.Ouch Damn, 12.Invisible, 13.Perfect Lie,
Cream (24th Apr 1996)
La Vache (2nd Dec 1996)
Free Your Mind (21st Oct 1997)
Good Enough (1998)
Inside Of Me (20th Feb 1998)
In My Eyes (9th Dec 1998)
Promise (29th Mar 1999)
Oceans (27th Apr 1999)
Losing Love (12th Nov 1999)
Doe De Donna (2000)
Walk On Water (14th Apr 2000)
Land Of The Living (22nd Sep 2000)
Don't Cry (Mar 2001)
Never Again (11th Jun 2001)
Livin A Lie (2nd Jul 2001)
Wide Awake (3rd Nov 2001)
Sleepwalker (22nd Apr 2002)
In My Eyes (11th May 2002)
Breathe Without You (28th Oct 2002)
Time (5th May 2003)
The Sun Always Shines On TV (1st Sep 2003)
I Don't Care (9th Feb 2004)
Whisper (6th Sep 2004)
Blind (2nd May 2005)
Go To Hell (7th Oct 2005)
Tainted Love (9th Jun 2006)
Run (1st Sep 2006)
No Angel (8th Dec 2006)
Sunrise (22nd Jun 2007)
Tonight (22nd Oct 2007)
Forever (9th Jun 2008)
Race (11th Oct 2008)
Blackout (7th Jul 2009)
Guilty (22nd Dec 2009)
Storm (19th Feb 2010)
Chasing The Wind (9th Jul 2010)
Mimania (1998)
1.Nunca Se Sabe, 2.Las Mil Y Una Noches, 3.Muneca Rota, 4.Volver A Morir De Amor, 5.Amores De Hoy, 6.Mas Despacio, 7.Dos Amigas, 8.La Formula De Amor, 9.Cuando Late Mas Fuerte, 10.Mujer, 11.Rezo Una Oracion,
Volver a Morir de Amor (3rd Apr 1998)
Nunca Se Sabe (10th Jul 1998)
Mas Despacio (21st Apr 1999)
Las Mil Y Una Noches (3rd Dec 1999)
Mimmo Mix
Chains (1990)
My Way (1991)
All Your Love (28th Aug 1991)
I Wanna Be With You (1992)
Take My Body (5th Dec 1992)
Love Me Baby (19th Aug 1994)
Feeling (1995)
It's My Heart (1996)
Luv Found You (1996)
Label : Mercury IT.
To The Top (1994)
It's So Cool (1995)
Mind Affair
Love Is All Around (1994)
Label : Power Fly.
Mind Control
Feel The Rhythm (8th Nov 1994)
I'm Gonna Wait For Love (19th Jun 1995)
Mind Control is a German project of BMG Ariola.
Mind's Eye
Sunshine Forever (1995)
Trans Rainbow Xpress (1995)
Get In My Mind (1996)
Hey Boy (1996)
Ministry Of Sound
Let's All Chant (1994)
Nobody (1996)
Don't Wait (1994)
What's Up (13th Sep 1993)
I Feel Love (1994)
Without You (9th May 1994)
Mira (1995)
1.Rakkautta on, 2.Tahdon rakastella sinua, 3.Onpa iisi paiva, 4.Utopiaa, 5.On siita hetki, 6.Mun elamaa (Radioedit), 7.Lontoo, Helsinki, Amsterdam, 8.Sa saat mut sekoamaan, 9.Lupaathat mulle sen, 10.Elat formulaa, 11.Aika, 12.Tahdon rakastella sinua (Popjungle), 13.Mun elamaa (Clubmix), 14.Onpa iisi paiva (Tanssi-mix),
Miljoona Volttii (1997)
1.Muisti, 2.Miljoona Volttii, 3.Mr. Know It All, 4.Joskus Haluun Kaiken Unohtaa, 5.Ma Saan, 6.Paha, 7.Casanova, 8.Loydan Sut Taas, 9.Mietin, 10.Kevyesti Keskella Paivaa, 11.Uudet Tuulet Puhaltaa, 12.Missa Sa Oot (Duet With Therese), 13.Muisti (Reggae Mix), 14.Paha (Viidakko Mix), 15.Muisti (Dub),
Mun Elamaa (1994)
Onpa Iisi Paiva (1994)
Muisti (1997)
Paha (1997)
Label : AXR
Miracle Base
Show Me The Way (1997)
Give It Up For Love (1996)
Fiesta (Nov 1999)
1.Eldorado, 2.Vamos A La Playa, 3.Baila, 4.A La Fiesta, 5.Do It (Get Down On It), 6.Hola Hey, 7.Max, 8.Summertime, 9.El Ritmo Del Sol, 10.Special DJ, 11.Macho Man, 12.Try It Up, 13.Movie Star, 14.A La Fiesta (London Radio Edit),
Vamos A La Playa (Jun 1999) 
A La Fiesta (Nov 1999)
Eldorado (2000)
Bamba! (El Ritmo De Miranda) (2001)
Leave Me Now (1995)
Nirvana (1995)
Where Is The Love (1996)
An Angel (1996)
Yo Se Que Tu Volveras (1996)
Frenesi (1996)
A Contratiempo (1997)
Label : Moder Music.
Miss Jane
It's A Fine Day
Lalala (25th Apr 2000)
Miss Ketty
EuroDance Member
Don't You Want My Love (2004)
Electro Choc (2006)
Missing Heart
Mystery (2000)
1.Intro, 2.Tears In May, 3.Prison Of Passion, 4.Queen Of Light, 5.Save The Last Dance For Me, 6.In Aeternum, 7.Hearts Of Ice, 8.Fly Away, 9.Nights In Heaven - Days In Hell, 10.The Last Kiss, 11.Charlene, 12.A Heart Will Pass By, 13.Moonlight Shadow, 14.In Aeternum (Remix),
Wild Angels (29th Aug 1994)
Charlene (18th Nov 1996)
Moonlight Shadow (21st Jul 1997)
Tears In May (27th Mar 2001)
Think Twice (1995)
Your Loving Arms (1995)
Missing (1995)
You Are Not Alone (1995)
Because You Loved Me (1996)
You're Not Alone (1997)
My Heart Will Go On (1998)
Label : Max Music.
Mission Control
A Walk In The Park (29th Jul 1994)
Missis Scarlet
I Wonna Be With You (1994)
Mister X
Music Takes U Higher (1995)
Label : Echo Music
Vox Erotica (1992)
Who Killed JFK (1992)
XXX (1993)
Hymn (1995)
Label : ZYX
Okay (1998)
1.Okay, 2.Calling your name, 3.Make me free, 4.Mister-y, 5.Fantasy, 6.Wa doo mi doo wej, 7.Fantastic train, 8.Open your eyes, 9.I'm feeling so fine, 10.Give me your love, 11.Oh my love, 12.I wanna be all right, 13.Wind of your way, 14.What happend in my mind (baby, baby), 15.What happend in my mind (baby, baby) (live),
Wind Of Your Way (1997)
Daddy (6th Jun 1995)
Label Dig It International.
Insensitive (1995)
Mix Factory
Burnin' Like Fire (1992)
Take Me Away (Paradise) (1992)
Miracles (1993)
Runnin' (1995)
Mix Max
Happy Times (1995)
Mixed Image
I Got This Feeling (1994)
Can You Feel The Music (1995)
MK Project
Let The Music Play (1996)
Shining Ray (4th Apr 1995)
Label : Next Records
Stay (If You Love Me) (1995)
Mo Beat
Don't Call Dr.Mo (1st Mar 1996)
Label : ZYX
1.Super Gut, 2.It's Cool Man, 3.Ich Tarzan Du Jane, 4.Wer Hat An Der Uhr Gedreht, 5.Wissenwertes Uber Erlangen, 6.Eins Zwei Sauferei, 7.Herr Schenk, 8.Dudu Dada, 9.Oh Adele, 10.Der Toyota Rap, 11.Die Nacht Ist Nicht Allein Zum Schlafen,
Was Ist Das ? (7th Feb 1995)
1.Eins, 2.Hamlet, 3.Gema Tanzen, 4.Liebes Tango, 5.Fur Dich, My Love, 6.Hallo, Mo-Do, 7.Super Gut, 8.Das Konzert, 9.Eins, Zwei, Polizei, 10.Super Gut (rmx), 11.Eins, Zwei, Polizei,
Eins, Zwei, Polizei (16th May 1994)
Super Gut (27th Oct 1994)
Gema Tanzen (24th Apr 1995)
Sex Bump Twist (29th Jan 1996)
Eins, Zwei, Polizei Remix '99 (7th Jul 1999)
Superdisco (Cyberdisco) (24th Dec 1999)
Eins, Zwei, Polizei (Sep 2000)
Eins, Zwei, Polizei (1994)
Super Gut (1994)
Superdisco (Cyberdisco) (1999)
Modern Talking
HiNRG Group
Let's Talk About Love (1985)
1.Cheri Cheri Lady, 2.With A Little Love, 3.Wild Wild Water, 4.Just Like An Angel, 5.Heaven Will Know, 6.Love Don't Live Here Anymore, 7.Why Did You Do It Just Tonight, 8.Don't Give Up, 9.Let's Talk About Love,
The 1st Album (1985)
1.You're My Heart, You're my Soul, 2.You Can Win If You Want, 3.There's Too Much Blue In Missing You, 4.Diamonds Never Made A Lady, 5.The Night Is Your - The Night Is Mine, 6.Do You Wanna, 7.Lucky Guy, 8.One In A Million, 9.Bells Of Paris,
In The Middle Of Nowhere (1986)
1.Geronimo's Cadillac, 2.Riding On A White Swan, 3.Give Me Peace On Earth, 4.Sweet Little Sheila, 5.Ten Thousand Lonely Drums, 6.Lonely Tears In Chinatown 7, 8.Stranded In The Middle Of Nowhere, 9.The Angels Sing In New York City, 10.Princess Of The Night,
Ready For Romance (1986)
1.Brother Louie, 2.Just We Two (Mona Lisa), 3.Lady Lai, 4.Doctor For My Heart, 5.Save Me - Don't Break Me, 6.Atlantis Is Calling, 7.Keep Your Love Away, 8.Hey You, 9.Angie's Heart, 10.Only Love Can Break My Heart,
In The Garden Of Venus (1987)
1.In 100 Years, 2.Don't Let It Get You Down, 3.Who Will Save The World, 4.A Telegram To Your Heart, 5.It's Christmas, 6.Don't Lose My Number, 7.Slowmotion, 8.Locomotion Tango, 9.Good Girls Go To Heaven - Bad Girls go Everywhere, 10.In 100 Years (reprise),
Romantic Warriors (1987)
1.Jet Airliner, 2.Like A Hero, 3.Don't Worry, 4.Blinded By Your Love, 5.Romantic Warriors, 6.Arabian Gold, 7.We Still Have Dreams, 8.Operator Give Me 609, 9.You And Me, 10.Charlene,
Back For Good (1998)
1.Anything Is Possible, 2.I Will Follow You, 3.You're My Heart, You're My Soul, 4.We Take The Chance, 5.Angie's Heart (New version), 6.Atlantis Is Calling (New version), 7.Brother Louie (New version), 8.Cheri Cheri Lady (New version), 9.Geronimo's Cadillac (New version), 10.Give Me peace On Earth (New version), 11.In 100 Years (New version), 12.Jet Airliner (New version), 13.Lady Lai (New version), 14.You're My Heart You're My Soul (New version), 15.You're My heart You're My Soul (Original no, 16.You Can Win If You Want (New version), 17.You Can Win If You Want (Original no 1 mix '84),
Alone (1999)
1.You Are Not Alone, 2.Sexy, Sexy Lady, 3.I Can't Give You More, 4.Just Close Your Eyes, 5.Don't Let Me Go, 6.I'm So Much In Love, 7.Rouge Et Noir, 8.All I Have, 9.Can't Get Enough, 10.Love Is Like A Rainbow, 11.How You Mend A Broken Heart, 12.It Hurts So Good, 13.I'll Never Give You up, 14.Don't Let Me Down, 15.Taxi Girl, 16.For Always And Ever, 17.You Are Not Alone (Space mix feat,
Year Of The Dragon (2000)
1.China In Her Eyes, 2.Don't Take Away My Heart, 3.It's Your Smile, 4.Cosmic Girl, 5.After Your Love Is Gone, 6.Girl Out Of My Dreams, 7.My Lonely Girl, 8.No Face No Name No Number, 9.Can't Let You go, 10.Part Time Lover, 11.Time Is On My Side, 12.I'll Never Fall In Love Again, 13.Avec Toi, 14.I'm Not Guilty, 15.Fight For The Right Love, 16.Walking In The Rain Of Paris, 17.Fly To The Moon, 18.Love Is Forever, 19.China In Her Eyes (feat Eric Singleton),
America (2001)
1.Win The Race, 2.Last Exit to Brooklyn, 3.Maria, 4.SMS To My Heart, 5.Cinderella Girl, 6.Why Does It Feel So Good?, 7.Rain In My Heart, 8.Witchqueen Of Eldorado, 9.Run To You, 10.America, 11.For A Lifetime, 12.From Coast To Coast, 13.There's Something In The Air, 14.I Need You Now, 15.New York City Girl, 16.Send Me A Letter From Heaven,
Victory (2002)
1.Ready For The Victory (Radio Version), 2.I'm Gonna Be Strong, 3.Don't Make Me Blue, 4.Juliet, 5.Higher Than Heaven, 6.You're Not Lisa, 7.When The Sky Rained Fire, 8.Summer In December, 9.Seconds To Countdown, 10.Love To Love, 11.Blue Eyed Coloured Girl, 12.We Are Children Of The World, 13.Mrs. Robota, 14.If I ..., 15.Who Will Love You Like I Do,
Romantic Dreams (13th Jan 2003)
1.Geronimo's Cadillac, 2.Doctor For My Heart, 3.Romantic Warriors, 4.The Night Is Yours - The Night Is Mine, 5.Diamonds Never Made A Lady, 6.Atlantis Is Calling (S.O.S. For Love), 7.Just We Two (Mona Lisa), 8.Heaven Will Know, 9.Sweet Little Sheila, 10.There's Too Much Blue In Missing You, 11.Hey You, 12.Give Me Peace On Earth,
Universe (28th Mar 2003)
1.TV Makes The Superstar (Radio Edit), 2.I'm No Rockefeller, 3.Mystery, 4.Everybody Needs Somebody, 5.Heart Of An Angel, 6.Who Will Be There, 7.Knocking On My Door, 8.Should I Would I Could I, 9.Blackbird, 10.Life Is Too Short, 11.Nothing But The Truth, 12.Superstar,
The Final Album (23rd Jun 2003)
1.You're My Heart, You're My Soul, 2.You Can Win If You Want, 3.Cheri Cheri Lady, 4.Brother Louie, 5.Atlantis Is Calling (S.O.S. For Love), 6.Geronimo's Cadillac, 7.Give Me Peace On Earth, 8.Jet Airliner, 9.In 100 Years, 10.You're My Heart, You're My Soul (New Version), 11.Brother Louie (New Version), 12.You Are Not Alone (feat. Eric Singleton), 13.Sexy Sexy Lover (Vocal Version), 14.China In Her Eyes (feat. Eric Singleton), 15.Don't Take Away My Heart (New Vocal Version), 16.Win The Race (Radio Version), 17.Last Exit To Brooklyn (Vocal Version), 18.Ready For The Victory (Radio Version), 19.Juliet (Radio Version), 20.TV Makes The Superstar (Radio Edit),
Nur das Beste: die Hits der 80 (8th Mar 2004)
1.You're My Heart, You're My Soul, 2.You Can Win If You Want, 3.Cheri Cheri Lady, 4.With A Little Love, 5.Let' s Talk About Love, 6.Lady Lai, 7.Atlantis Is Calling (S.O.S. For Love), 8.Brother Louie, 9.Geronimo's Cadillac, 10.You And Me, 11.Jet Airliner, 12.In 100 Years, 13.Locomotion Tango, 14.Slow Motion, 15.One In A Million, 16.Give Me Peace On Earth,
25 Years Of Disco-Pop (22nd Jan 2010)
1.You're My Heart, You're My Soul, 2.Cheri Cheri Lady, 3.Brother Louie, 4.Geronimo's Cadillac, 5.In 100 Years, 6.Jet Airliner (Radio Version), 7.You Can Win If You Want (Special Single Remix), 8.Just We Two (Mona Lisa), 9.Atlantis Is Calling (S.O.S. For Love), 10.Sweet Little Sheila, 11.One In A Million, 12.Give Me Peace On Earth, 13.Keep Love Alive (Long Vocal Version), 14.In 100 Years (Long Version - Future Mix), 15.Brother Louie (Metro Club Mix), 16.Lucky Guy (Special-DJ-Mix), 17.Your'e My Heart, Your'e My Soul (Paul Masterson's Extended Remix),
25 Years Of Disco-Pop (22nd Jan 2010)
1.TV Makes The Superstar (Radio Edit), 2.Sexy Sexy Lover (Vocal Version), 3.You're My Heart, You're My Soul (New Version), 4.China In Her Eyes (Vocal Version), 5.You Are Not Alone, 6.Brother Louie (New Version), 7.Don't Take Away My Heart (New Vocal Version), 8.Ready For The Victory (Radio Version), 9.Win The Race, 10.Last Exit To Brooklyn, 11.No Face No Name No Number, 12.Mystery, 13.Juliet, 14.Higher Than Heaven (U-Max Mix), 15.Space Mix '98,
You're My Heart, Your're My Soul (Sep 1984)
You Can Win If You Want (Mar 1985)
Cheri Cheri Lady (Sep 1985)
Brother Louie (1986)
Atlantis Is Calling (1986)
Geronimo's Cadillac (1986)
Give Me Peace On Earth (1986)
Jet Airliner (1987)
In 100 Years (1987)
Lonely Tears In Chinatown (1987)
Locomotion Tango (1988)
You Are Not Alone (28th Jan 1998)
You're My Heart, You're My Soul (Mar 1998)
Brother Louie'98 (Aug 1998)
Brother Louie'99 (1999)
Sexy, Sexy Lover (14th May 1999)
We Take The Chance (21st Dec 1999)
China In Her Eyes (1st Feb 2000)
Don't Take Away My Heart (2nd May 2000)
Win The Race (26th Feb 2001)
Last Exit To Brooklyn (30th Apr 2001)
Ready For The Victory (18th Feb 2002)
Juliet (29th Apr 2002)
TV Makes The Superstar (5th Mar 2003)
Mohammed (Gina)
Love Is All I See (1995)
Originale Musicale Radicale (1995)
Les Jeux Sont Faits (2001)
1.Whistle's Party, 2.Love Lasts Forever, 3.Discotek People, 4.Follow Me, 5.The World Of Genik, 6.Farilalilla, 7.Listen, 8.The One, 9.Can U Feel, 10.The Sound Of My DJ, 11.Genik, 12.Flash,
Made In Ialy (2004)
1.Desert Of Love, 2.Village Groove, 3.Tell Me, 4.Sunshine, 5.Baby, 6.The Gong Song, 7.Romance, 8.TVAB, 9.New Jam, 10.Hi, My Girl, 11.Forever Friends, 12.I Say Hello,
Revolution (21st Jan 1992)
Confusion (1993)
Change (15th Jul 1994)
If You Wanna Party (1995)
XS (1995)
See The Difference (17th Jul 1996)
It's A Real World (7th Jul 1997)
With This Ring Let Me Go (22nd May 1998)
Genik (11th Dec 2000)
Discothek People (30th Apr 2001)
The One (28th Jun 2001)
Love Lasts Forever (28th Feb 2002)
Baby (7th Mar 2002)
Whistle Party (15th Mar 2002)
TVAB (10th Jun 2002)
Magia (18th Sep 2002)
Baby (Mar 2003)
Desert Of Love (Sep 2003)
Tell Me (Jun 2004)
Sunshine (Sep 2004)
From Space To My Life (Jul 2006)
Love Resurrection (Nov 2006)
Originale Radicale Musicale (Jan 2007)
Atmosphere (Apr 2009)
Love With Me (20th Nov 2009)
Paradise (23rd Jun 2010)
Change (1994)
Love For Sale
One More Night
Don't Say Goodbye (26th Dec 1992)
Mona Dee
You Gotta See (1996)
Feeling Good (9th Jun 1995)
Label : DFC records
All I Need (1994)
Can You Feel My Heart (1995)
Don't Call Me Rough (11th Aug 1994)
Love'n'Kiss (Embrasse moi) (1994)
Call Me (1994)
Fly With Me (1995)
Morales (Elena)
Ole' Ole' (Music Is The Answer) (1998)
Moreno (Leila)
Meus Segredos (2002)
1.Meus Segredos, 2.Quem Quer Ficar Comigo, 3.Tanto Faz, 4.O Que Eu Quero, 5.Vida Nova, 6.It?s raining man, 7.Nao Tenho Hora Para Voltar, 8.I Have Nothing, 9.Amor Que Eu Nunca Vi, 10.Sweet Child O?Mine, 11.Quero Voce, 12.Primeira Vez, 13.Meus Segredos (Remix), 14.Primeira,
Censurado (2004)
Nao Tenho Hora Para Voltar
Primeira Vez
Se Rolar (Feb 2004)
Vem Dancar (Jun 2004)
In the Heat Of Love (1994)
I Love To Love (1994)
Colours of My Dream (19th Dec 1994)
Just Like A Game (23rd Jul 1995)
On The Run (17th Sep 1995)
Melodies (1st Feb 1996)
Can I Help You Baby (21st May 1996)
Take A Look (1997)
I Surrender (1997)
When I Dream Of You (28th May 1997)
Feel The Night Way (25th Feb 1998)
To My Heart (2nd Jul 1998)
Never Gonna Make (2nd Feb 1999)
Miracle Of Love (20th Apr 1999)
Now And Ever (23rd Jun 1999)
A Sign (25th Jan 2000)
Maybe A Lonely Night (21st Mar 2000)
Boys And Girls (18th Jan 2001)
Stop Loving You (2nd Feb 2001)
Another Night (2005)
That's What Love Is For (Oct 2008)
Killa (Oct 2008)
Turn It Into Love (2nd Dec 2008)
Morgano (Franca)
Here I Am (Here We Are)
One Way Street (18th Apr 1998)
Hra S Elanom (1993)
1.Nie Sme Zli, 2.Kralovna Bielych Tenisiek, 3.Aj Ked Bez Penazi, 4.Zalubil Sa Chlapec, 5.Mam Kym Nemam, 6.Smrtka Na Prazskom Orloji,
Trouble World (1996)
1.Move Your Body, 2.Say Yeah (Radio edit), 3.Trouble World, 4.Nostradamus, 5.Train To Santa Rosalia, 6.Super JX, 7.Skusis ?, 8.Touch Me (Feel Me), 9.Milujem, 10.Say Yeah (House mix),
Revolution (1998)
1.Intro, 2.Faster Baby Faster, 3.Inside My Soul, 4.Say Yea (Club Mix), 5.Pump This Party, 6.Fire In My Heart, 7.Sounds Good To Me, 8.Revolution, 9.Vibes, 10.Take Me To The Top (New Version), 11.So Romantic, 12.Satisfy My Love, 13.Outro - Making Of Fire My Heart,
So Romantic
Macejko (1993)
Papousek Kakadu (1993)
Hra s Elanom (1993)
Mandarinka Darinka (1994)
Porno Prachy Video (1994)
Oh Suzanna (1994)
Kokosova Laska (1995)
Edo (1995)
Move Your Body (1996)
Say Yeah (1997)
The Power Of Love (1996)
Do You Love Me (1996)
Label : Not Only Music.
Caught in A Dream (26th May 1995)
Come Back (In the kingdom of heart) (1994)
Label: Three Little Boys.
Mission (1992)
Rockin' For Myself (8th Jun 1994)
Don't Need Your Love (Break The Chain) (1995)
Break The Chain (6th Oct 1995)
Searching For The Golden Eye (9th Nov 1995)
Dreaming (1998)
More Than A Feeling (1998)
Continuum (5th Aug 1998)
Riding on the Wings (1999)
Riding On The Wings (re-release) (2005)
Rockin' For Myself (1994)
Motivate 8
Can You Feel (The Passion) (12th Jan 1994)
Label : UCA.
Moulligan Gerry
Lucky You (1994)
Juliet (1998)
Move 2 Groove
Let Me Be (17th Nov 1995)
Movement G
Fall Away Of Music (20th Dec 1994)
Label: ZYX
Romeo Ja Julia (1995)
1.Intro, 2.Mita Mielessa Liikkuu, 3.Ristnolla (Original Mix), 4.Eden, 5.Romeo ja Julia (Original Mix), 6.Voikukkaseppele, 7.7. Aalto, 8.4-Rivinen, 9.Nousin Kyytiin, 10.Valkoinen valhe (Sink Mix), 11.Alla Koivupuun, 12.Santa Maria, 13.Ristinolla (Grunge Mix),
Soittorasia (1996)
1.Intro II, 2.Prinssi, 3.Flavio, 4.Soittorasia, 5.Rakkaus Nukkuu, 6.Mika - Moverton, 7.Kierreportaat, 8.Kylma Cappuccino, 9.Paivakirja, 10.Missa Sa Oot?, 11.Vanha Suola, 12.Aikaa, 13.Romeo & Juliet (Major Mod Mix Original),
3. Aste (1997)
1.3.°, 2.Lahden, 3.Tellusnainen, 4.Pakolainen, 5.lla Kahden Auringon, 6.Ikavoin, 7.Olit Lainaa, 8.Liftarit, 9.Ding Dong, 10.Mombasa, 11.Eksynyt, 12.Kuun Pimea Puoli, 13.Lokakuu*Marraskuu (Almost[A]Live),
The 4th Dimension (2000)
1.The 4th Dimension, 2.Stay, 3.VoodooMan, 4.I'll Be Your Baby, 5.SOS, 6.No One To Blame, 7.Heart N' Soul, 8.You've Got To Hold On, 9.Close Your Eyes, 10.Better, 11.Say I Do, 12.Love Springs Eternal, 13.Never Say Never,
Irtokarkkeja – Makeimmat hitit (5th Mar 2008)
1.Ei kenenkaan maa (Radio Edit), 2.Cupido, 3.Romeo ja Julia (Radio Edit), 4.Missa sa oot?, 5.Tellusnainen, 6.Prinssi, 7.Soittorasia, 8.Lokakuu-marraskuu, 9.3.°, 10.Ristinolla (Grunge Mix), 11.Voodooman (Radio Edit), 12.Mombasa, 13.Alla koivupuun, 14.Flavio (Original Mix), 15.Lahden, 16.4-Rivinen, 17.Stay, 18.Never Say Never, 19.Romeo ja Julia (13 vuotta lihavampi),
Ei Kenenkaan Maa (8th Oct 2008)
1.Intro (Ei Kenenkaan Maa), 2.Ela Nyt, 3.Otanko Askeleen, 4.Omia Polkujaan, 5.Ei Kenenkaan Maa, 6.Tyhjenee Paa, 7.Rippi, 8.Lentoon, 9.Cupido, 10.Filminauha, 11.Asfaltti Liikkuu, 12.Ooppera, 13.Sanottava Hei,
Valkoinen Valhe (1994)
Romea Ja Julia (1995)
Risti Nolla (1995)
Alla Koivupuun (1995)
Romeo & Juliet (1995)
Prinssi (1996)
Soittorasia (1996)
Flavio (1996)
Missa Sa oot ? (1997)
Tellusnainen (1997)
Lahden (1997)
Mombasa (1998)
Voodoo (1999)
I'll Be Your Baby (1999)
Heart N' Soul (2000)
Love Springs Eternal (2000)
Ei Kenenkaan Maa (26th Nov 2007)
Cupido (9th Apr 2008)
Ela Nyt (11th Jun 2008)
Otanko Askeleen (29th Sep 2008)
Filminauha (23rd Feb 2009)
Moving Faders
Activated (1995)
You Can Dance (29th May 1995)
Touch Me (13th Oct 1994)
Get Ready (1995)
Mr Black
Two Can Play That Game (1994)
Mr French Junior
Don't Leave Me Alone
I Feel So Good (1994)
Mr Fuzz
Live it Up (1997)
Mr Ghana
Hold Me Tonight
Mr Happyman
Retro (2006)
1.Retro, 2.Las Mina Proovin Siis ka (Let me try as well), 3.Ipanema, 4.Kruiisime (Let's cruise), 5.Klubimeka (The Meka of the nightclubs), 6.Lovisuda (The heart of lion), 7.Lendaval Vaibal (On the flying carpet, 8.Dancehall (feat. Shamaan), 9.Skandinaavia Beib (The Scandinavian babe), 10.Pilvede peal (On the clouds), 11.Oos On Saladusi (There are secrets in the night), 12.Suveparadiis (The paradise of summer), 13.Las Mina Proovin Siis Ka (Originaal), 14.Lovisuda (Originaal),
Las Mina Proovin Siis Ka (2004)
Mr Jam
The Shining Light (1996)
1.The Shining Is Light, 2.Blond Thang, 3.Kiss Me On The Mouth, 4.The Way Love Goes, 5.Skyline Pigeon, 6.Celebration, 7.Kiss In The Night, 8.2 late 2 stay, 9.New Love Dimension, 10.Break It Up, 11.Celebration (Long Version), 12.The Way Love Goes (Long Version),
New Love Dimension (2004)
1.The Shining Light, 2.Blond Thang, 3.Kiss Me On The Mouth, 4.The Way Love Goes, 5.Skyline Pigeon, 6.Celebration, 7.Kiss In The Night, 8.2 Late 2 Stay, 9.New Love Dimension, 10.Break It Up, 11.Celebration (Long Version), 12.The Way Love Goes (Long Version), 13.Blond Thang (Long Version), 14.Kiss In The Night (Long Version),
Celebration (1996)
The Shining Is Light (1996)
The Way Love Goes (1996)
Cruisin' (2001)
Celebration 2005 (2005)
Label: Spotlight Records
Mr John
U Gotta Move Me (1995)
Get It On (1996)
It's Not Too Late (1996)
Time Is Ticking Away (1996)
Take Me Away (1998)
Mr Kash
Born To Love You (11th Nov 1994)
Mr Perfect
Surrender (1995)
Mr Polon
All Night Long (1994)
Mr President
Mr President (US album) (1995)
1.Intro, 2.Coco Jamboo, 3.Up'n Away, 4.Goodbye, 5.I'll Follow The Sun, 6.Show Me The Way, 7.I Love The Way You Love Me, 8.I Give You My Heart, 9.4 On The Floor, 10.Turn It Up!, 11.Gonna Get Along (Without Ya Now), 12.I Love To Love, 13.Believe, 14.Outro, Up' N Away (1995)
1.Intro, 2.Up'n Away, 3.4 On The Floor, 4.On My Mind, 5.I Believe, 6.Close To You, 7.Never Leave Me, 8.I'll Follow The Sun, 9.Easy Come, 10.Sweet Lies, 11.Close To Your Heart, 12.Gonna Get Along (Without Ya Now), 13.I Would Die For You, 14.Keep It Up, 15.Outro, 16.Up'n Away (Peter's Groove Away Mix),
Up'n Away - The Special Album (1995)
2.Up'n Away, 3.4 On The Floor, 4.On My Mind, 5.I Believe, 6.Close To You, 7.Never Leave Me, 8.I'll Follow The Sun, 9.Easy Come, 10.Sweet Lies, 11.Close To Your Heart, 12.Gonna Get Along (Without Ya Now), 13.I Would Die For You, 14.Keep It Up !, 15.Outro, 16.Coco Jamboo (Christmas version), 17.The Abba Medley,
We See The Same Sun (1996)
1.Intro, 2.Coco Jamboo, 3.Side To Side, 4.Goodbye, 5.I Give You My Heart, 6.Love Zone, 7.Show Me The Way, 8.Olympic Dreams (duo with Nino De Angelo), 9.You Can Get It!, 10.Don't You Ever Stop, 11.Turn It Up!, 12.I Love The Way You Love Me, 13.I Love To Love, 14.Where The Sun Goes Down, 15.Outro,
Coco Jamboo remix EP (21st Jun 1996)
1.Coco Jamboo (Radio version), 2.Coco Jamboo (Groove version), 3.Coco Jamboo (Mousse T's Club Mix -Radio Edit), 4.Coco Jamboo (Mousse T's Extended Club Mix), 5.Coco Jamboo (Put It On Another Version), 6.I Give You My Heart (Robin Master's Club Mix), 7.I Give You My Heart (Steven Edward Kick Drum Mix), 8.I Give You My Heart (Candy Station's President Mix), 9.Show Me The Way (Radio Version), 10.Show Me The Way (Extended Version), 11.Show Me The Way (Philharmonic Orchestra version), 12.The Abba Medley,
Nightclub (1997)
1.So They Set Off (Intro), 2.You Can Dance, 3.Hasta Manana, 4.I Won't Let You Down, 5.JoJo Action, 6.Love Zone, 7.Take Me To The Limit, 8.Happy People, 9.Where Do I Belong, 10.Gotta Get Up, 11.I Wanna Give My Love To You, 12.Take Your Chance, 13.Inline-Outline, 14.The Music Disappeared (Outro),
Coco Jamboo Xmas (1997)
1.Coco Jamboo Christmas, 2.Jojo Action (Radio Edit), 3.Jojo Action (Kraftwerk Mix), 4.Jojo Action (Jazzy Funky...), 5.Take Me To The Limit (Radio), 6.Take Me To The Limit (Extended), 7.Take Me To The Limit (House Version), 8.Take Me To The Limit (House inc.), 9.Where Do I Belong?,
Space Gate (1999)
1.Intro, 2.Space Gate, 3.All I Wanna Do, 4.When I Fall In Love, 5.Looking for You, 6.Simbaleo, 7.I Can't Get Enough, 8.FBI, 9.Love Takes Two, 10.Cachito Bandito, 11.Give A Little Love, 12.Everybody, 13.On And On, 14.Outro,
A Kind Of Best (2000)
1.Up'N Away 2k, 2.Gonna Get Along, 3.Show Me The Way, 4.Coco Jamboo, 5.Give A Little Love, 6.Take Me To The Limit, 7.Jojo Action, 8.Where Do I Belong?, 9.Ichi Ni San Go, 10.I?ll Follow The Sun, 11.Happy People, 12.I?ll Be Home On Xmas Day, 13.Simbaleo, 14.4 On The Floor, 15.Coco Jamboo (Stage 99), 16.I Give You My Heart, 17.I Give You My... Outro,
Forever And One Day (2003)
1.Constantly, 2.You're The One For Me, 3.Love, Sex & Sunshine, 4.Forever & One Day, 5.Every Little Move I Make, 6.Watch Out For The Summer, 7.You Are The Sun, 8.Show Me Love, 9.All In The Game, 10.Jack In The Box, 11.Smile, 12.Jippijaeo, 13.Let's Get It On, 14.Miracle, 15.Got To Get It, 16.Scream, 17.Recover, 18.Love, Sex & Sunshine (Karaoke Version), 19.Love, Sex & Sunshine (M Naruse & Tamekichi Sweet Beach Club Anthem),
Unreleased (28th Jul 2009)
1.Intro 1998, 2.Gonna Get Along, 3.I'll Follow The Sun, 4.Outcuts 01, 5.Up'n Away, 6.4 On The Floor, 7.Coco Latino, 8.Outcuts 02, 9.Christmas today, 10.Thank You for the Music (Abba Cover),
M.M. (23rd Aug 1993)
Up'n Away (15th Oct 1994)
I'll Follow The Sun (3rd Mar 1995)
4 On The Floor (9th May 1995)
Gonna Get Along (Without Ya Now) (8th Sep 1995)
Coco Jamboo (29th Mar 1996)
I Give You My Heart (26th Jul 1996)
Show Me The Way (8th Nov 1996)
JoJo Action (9th Jun 1997)
Take Me To The Limit (5th Sep 1997)
Where Do I Belong (8th Dec 1997)
Happy People (2nd Jul 1998)
Give A Little Love (26th Apr 1999)
Simbaleo (6th Aug 1999)
Up' N Away 2000 (2000)
Love Sex And Sunshine (Feb 2003)
Forever And One Day (30th May 2003)
Sweat (A La La La La Long) (2005)
Mr Signo
Loverboy (1994)
Feel So Real (1993)
Temptation (1994)
All I Need (1995)
MS Klang
Sign Of Love (1994)
Whatever (6th Jun 1995)
MT Production
Emergency (1994)
Label : PZ Productions/Underground Music Movement.
Let It Go (1997)
1.I'm Gonna Make You Love Me, 2.All I Wanna Do, 3.Let It Go, 4.Hurts to Say Goodbye, 5.I'll Be Alright, 6.Just for Tonight, 7.Love and Passion, 8.Maybe Tonight, 9.Never Let You Go, 10.Euro Nights, 11.I'll Be Alright (Extended Version),
Im Gonna Make You Love Me
Maybe Tonight
I'll Be Allright (12th Sep 1995)
Let It Go (13th Feb 1996)
Multi Cult
One Crazy World (1995)
1.One World, 2.Crazy World, 3.Beautiful Day (Orbital Night Mix), 4.The Way You Move, 5.Free Your Mind, 6.Magic Love, 7.Love Of My Life, 8.The Way To Your Heart, 9.I Wonder Why, 10..Acid Rain (Instrumental), 11.People Need Love, 12.Multimer (Instrumental),
Beautiful Day (1995)
Magic Love (1995)
Murble Jungle
The Beat Of The Night (19th Feb 1996)
Knockin' On My Door
Label : The Heart Of Music (THM).
Muzik Masters
Johnny Come Home (1996)
Doctor! Doctor! (1997)
Love To Hate You (1997)
Encore Encore (1996)
Lasting In Love (1994)
La Ola (1992)
1.Yo Te Quiero (New Version), 2.Dance To The Groove, 3.Fantasy, 4.Ritmo De La Noche (12'' Mix New Version), 5.I Feel Good, 6.La Ola (7'' Spanish Version), 7.Jingo (Crazy Mix), 8.I Can't Wait For Your Love, 9.Danza Sonada, 10.Hot Hot Hot, 11.Ritmo Rap, 12.La Ola (12'' Spanish Version), 13.I Like You,
Viva (1997)
1.Satellite Of Dreamers, 2.Into The Sun, 3.Endless Summer, 4.Barracuda, 5.In A Different World, 6.Vamos A Rio, 7.Everybody Salsa, 8.Brazil! Brazil!, 9.Corazon, 10.Ride On The Rhythm, 11.Viva El Verano, 12.Spirit Of Ibiza,
Ritmo De La Noche (1991)
Yo Te Quiero (1991)
La Ola (1992)
Spirit Of Ibiza (7th Jul 1995)
Viva El Verano (1997)
Mystic Eyes
Tell Me Why
Enough Of What I Need
A Mirage (1996)
Face To Face / The Rain (1996)
Give Me (15th Sep 1997)
Mystic May
Get Ready Baby! (1996)
Mystic Minds
Forever You (29th Nov 1996)
Baby (27th May 1994)
Label : Italian Style Records