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J and Scott


I Gotta Feel It (1994)


J Family


We Gotta Have Love (1994)

Take One Step (1995)


J Latino


Sexxx Plastixxx (1994)

Label: City Limits




Move It Baby (1996)

Burning Through The Night (1996)

Believe In Love (1997)

No More (1999)


Jackie O 


Bitch (2000)

1.Bitch 2000, 2.Save Tonight, 3.Glorious, 4.That Don't Impress Me Much, 5.When You're Gone, 6.Breakfast At Tiffany's, 7.One Of Us, 8.Don't Be Stupid (You Know I Love You), 9.I Try, 10.Whatever, 11.No Data,

Bitch - in The Mix (2000)

1.Bitch (intro), 2.Glorious, 3.Breakfast At Tiffany's, 4.Save Tonight, 5.One Of Us, 6.That Don't Impress Me Much, 7.Don't Be Stupid (You Know I Love You), 8.When You're Gone, 9.I Try, 10.Whatever, 11.Bitch, 12.Wonderwall,

Handbag Heaven:Back To Bitch (9th Oct 2007)

1.Let Me Entertain You (Anthem Radio Edit), 2.Suddenly I See (Anthem Radio Edit), 3.I Don't Feel Like Dancin' (7' Almighty Mix), 4.Get It On (12' Definitive Mix), 5.Glorious (Radio Mix), 6.Save Tonight (Radio Edit), 7.Before He Cheats (12' Definitive Mix), 8.(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction (Definitive Radio Edit), 9.When You're Gone (Radio Mix), 10.Breakfast At Tiffany's (Wayne G's 12' Mix), 11.Bitch (7' Rippin' It Up Mix), 12.Wonderwall (Attitude 12' Mix),

Handbag Heaven:Back To Bitch (9th Oct 2007)

1.I Don't Feel Like Dancin' (12' Almighty Mix), 2.Suddenly I See (12' Anthem Mix), 3.Let Me Entertain You (12' Anthem Mix), 4.Get It On (12' Definitive Mix), 5.Sing (Club Mix), 6.Don't Cha (12' Anthem Mix), 7.Glorious (Club Mix), 8.That Don't Impress Me Much (Club Mix), 9.Breakfast At Tiffany's (Club Mix), 10.It's My Life (Club Mix), 11.Don't Be Stupid (You Know I Love You) (Full Metal Club Mix), 12.Save Tonight (Club Mix), 13.Light My Fire (Club Mix), 14.Filthy/Gorgeous (Almighty Anthem Mix), 15.(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction (12' Definitive Mix), 16.When You're Gone (Club Mix), 17.Before He Cheats (12' Definitive Mix), 18.One Of Us (Captivate Mix), 19.I Believe In A Thing Called Love (Almighty Anthem Mix), 20.I Try (Almighty Club Mix), 21.Whatever (Rippin' It Up Mix), 22.I'm Gonna Getcha Good (Club Mix), 23.Bitch (12' Rippin' It Up Mix), 24.Wonderwall (Attitude 12' Mix),

Handbag Heaven:Back To Bitch (9th Oct 2007)

1.Suddenly I See (12' Anthem Mix), 2.I Don't Feel Like Dancin' (12' Almighty Mix), 3.Let Me Entertain You (12' Anthem Mix), 4.Sing (12' Club Mix), 5.Don't Cha (12' Anthem Mix), 6.It's My Life (12' Club Mix), 7.Filthy/Gorgeous (12' Almighty Anthem Mix), 8.One Of Us (12' Captivate Mix), 9.I Believe In A Thing Called Love (12' Almighty Anthem Mix), 10.I'm Gonna Getcha Good (12' Club Mix), 11.That Don't Impress Me Much (12' Club Mix),

Handbag Heaven:Back To Bitch (9th Oct 2007)

1.Glorious (12' Club Mix), 2.Save Tonight (12' Club Mix), 3.When You're Gone (12' Club Mix), 4.Light My Fire (12' Club Mix), 5.Bitch (12' Rippin' It Up Mix), 6.Don't Be Stupid (You Know I Love You) (12' Poptastic Club Mix), 7.(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction (12' Definitive Mix), 8.I Try (12' Almighty Club Mix), 9.Whatever (12' Rippin' It Up Mix)


Wonderwall / Live Forever (19th Apr 1996)

Breakfast At Tiffany's / One Of Us (8th Nov 1996)

Bitch (15th Aug 1997)

Whatever (13th Mar 1998)

Save Tonight (4th Sep 1998)

When You're Gone / Breakfast At Tiffany's '99 (15th Jan 1999)

That Don't Impress Me Much (1st Oct 1999)

Don't Be Stupid (You Know I Love You) (17th Mar 2000)

Glorious (2nd Jun 2000)

It's My Life / I Try (18th Aug 2000)

Sing (2nd Jul 2001)

Light My Fire (2002)

I'm Gonna Getcha Good (Nov 2002)

I Believe In A Thing Called Love (2004)

Don't Cha (2005)

Filthy / Gorgeous (2005)

Don't Feel Like Dancin' (2006)

Get It On (9th Oct 2007)

I Can't Get No Satisfaction (9th Oct 2007)

Let Me Entertain You (9th Oct 2007)

Suddenly I See (9th Oct 2007)

Before He Cheats (9th Oct 2007)




I Got What It Takes

1.Don't Let Me Down ., 2.Never, 3.Give It Up, 4.One More Time, 5.Sweet Caress, 6.I Got What It Takes, 7.I Want U Back, 8.Nothin's Gonna Stop, 9.Someday, 10.I'll Be, 11.Piu Bella Cosa, 12.This Is The Night, 13.Try My Love, 14.Don't Let Me Down (Dance Radio Mix),

I Got What It Takes (1999)

1.Answering Machine, 2.Don't Let Me Down, 3.One More Time, 4.Piu Bella Cosa, 5.Never, 6.Sweet Caress, 7.I Got What It Takes, 8.Have A Party, 9.I Want You Back, 10.This Is The Night, 11.Give It Up, 12.Try My Love, 13.Encore Une Fois, 14.Interview, 15.One More Time, 16.I'll Be (Bonus),

Entends-tu Mon Coeur (26th Oct 1999)

Album de Noel (Christmas album) (10th Oct 2000)

1.Vive le vent, 2.Hark The Herald Angels Sing, 3.Minuit Chretien, 4.Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas, 5.Noel blanc, 6.Joy To The World, 7.L'enfant au tambour, 8.Sainte Nuit, 9.Joyeux Noel, 10.Wonderful Nights, 11.Jingle Bells, 12.O Holy Night, 13.Entends-tu mon coeur (Version Latino),

Seize The Day (2003)

1.Look Who's Crying Now, 2.Seize The Day, 3.Rescue Me, 4.Undecided, 5.Next In Line, 6.Don't Waste My Time, 7.Need You Tonight, 8.Broken Love


This Is The Night (1997)

Try My Love (31st May 1997) 

Give It Up (1998)

Don't Let Me Down (2000)

Encore Une Fois / One More Time (2000)




Always (1996)




What's The Way To Your Heart (7th Oct 1996)

Thinking About You (20th Feb 1997)


Jam and Spoon 


Breaks Unit 1

1.Missunderstanding Drums, 2.Al. B. Free Drums, 3.My House Is Your House, 4.Senegal Pow Wow, 5.African Burrundi Percussion, 6.Let's Get Wicked, 7.Groove Club, 8.Dentist Dance, 9.No Charlie Drum, 10.Mr. Todd Teroy, 11.What's Going On, 12.Two Horse Town Breaks, 13.How About Love, 14.Me & U, 15.E.Express Yourself,

Tripomatic Fairytales 2001 (10th Nov 1993)

1.Heart Of Africa, 2.Odyssey To Anyoona, 3.Two Spys In The House Of Love, 4.Stella, 5.Neurotrance Adventure, 6.Operating Spaceship Earth, 7.Zen Flash Zen Bones, 8.Who Opened The Door To Nowhere, 9.Right In The Night (Fall In Love With Music), 10.Muffeled Drums, 11.Path Of Harmony, 12.Paradise Garage, 13.Earth Spirit, 14.Stellas Cry,

Tripomatic Fairytales 2002 (10th Nov 1993)

1.Hermaphrodite, 2.N.A.S.A. Noctural Audio Sensory Awakening, 3.LSD Nikon, 4.The Future Is In Small Hands, 5.Salinas Afternoon, 6.V. Angel. Is Calling, 7.Words And Dana, 8.Ancient Dream, 9.I Saw The Future, 10.Castaneda Future Illuminations, 11.Secret Kind Of Love, 12.World Of X-T-C,

Kaleidoscope (18th Jun 1997)

1.Garden Of Eden, 2.Kaleidoscope Skies, 3.Guiding Light, 4.Warm Dead Dog, 5.Flame, 6.You Got To Get In, 7.To Get Out, 8.Kiss Away, 9.Usual Suspect, 10.El Baile, 11.So Called Techno Track, 12.Suspicious Minds, 13.Mark Runs The Voodoo Down, 14.Don't Call It Love, 15.I Pull My Gun Once, 16.I Pull My Gun Twice [edit],

Tripomatic Fairytales 3003 (5th Jan 2004)

1.Moment Gone (featuring Plavka), 2.Cynical Heart (featuring Jim Kerr), 3.Set Me Free (featuring Rea), 4.Mirror Lover (featuring Dolores O'Riordan), 5.Bianche Le Mie Mani (featuring Tricky), 6.None Of This (featuring Xavier Naidoo), 7.Vata (featuring Shweta), 8.So Sweet (featuring Virginia), 9.Butterfly Sign (featuring Plavka), 10.Something To Remind Me (featuring Midge Ure), 11.Mary Jane (featuring Marc Gardener), 12.Why ? (featuring Rea), 13.Blue Moon Tidal (featuring Plavka), 14.Junoon (featuring Shweta & Mike Romeo), 15.Be Angeled (featuring Rea),

Remixes And Club Classics (18th Sep 2006)

1.Age Of Love - The Age Of Love (Watch out for Stella Mix), 2.Moby - Go (Jam & Spoon Delirium Mix), 3.Dr. Alban - Hello Afrika Remix (Tech-Makossa-Mix), 4.Giorgio Moroder - The Chase (Jam & Spoon Club Mix), 5.Quincy Jones - Back On The Block (Club Trip Part One), 6.Pet Shop Boys - Yesterday, when I was mad (Jam & Spoon Mix), 7.Frankie Goes To Hollywood - Relax (Jam & Spoon Trip-O-Matic Fairytale Mix), 8.Enigma - Age of loneliness (Jam & Spoon Remix), 9.Marilyn Manson - The Nobodies (Burn 36 Mix), 10.You Gotta Say Yes To Another Excess / Great Mission,

Remixes And Club Classics (18th Sep 2006)

1.Follow me!, 2.Odyssey to anyoona, 3.Can you feel it, 4.My First Fatastic F.F., 5.I Pull My Gun Once, 6.I Pull My Gun Twice, 7.Stella (Original Mix), 8.Be.Angeled - Tribute to Mark Spoon (Loveparade-Mix 2006), 9.Hispanos in space


Tales From A Danceographic Ocean/Stella/Keep On Moving (1st Apr 1992)

Stella (May 1992) 

Right In The Night (Fall In Love With Music) (10th Oct 1993)  

Find Me (Odyssey To Anyoona) (10th Jul 1994)

Angel (Ladadi O-Heyo) (10th Mar 1995) 

You Gotta Say Yes To Another Excess (14th Mar 1995)

Kaleidoscope Skies / I Pull My Gun... (9th May 1997)

El Baile (19th Sep 1997)

Don't Call It Love (14th Apr 1998)

Stella 1999 - 1992 (How Stella Got Her Groove Back) (21st Jul 1999) 

The Chase (2000)

Be.Angeled (30th Apr 2001) 

Cynical Heart (Dec 2003)

Set Me Free (Apr 2004) 

Mary Jane / Vata (18th Aug 2004)

Butterfly Sign (Sep 2004) 

Club Classics 1 (20th Apr 2007)

Club Classics 2 (20th Apr 2007)


Jam Be


Like The Way I Do (14th Feb 1995)

Label: Grooveline Productions. Records company : ZYX.


Jam El Mar


Paradise Programme (1991)

1.Welcome To The Paradise Programme, 2.New Jerusalem (7" Mix), 3.The Rain (12"), 4.Deep Green (LP Edit), 5.Praying To The Virus (Moody Mix), 6.Paradise Programme (12" CUT), 7.Get Into The Grid (Album Mix), 8.Total War (12" Vocal), 9.Paradise Infinity (7" Version), 10.Power Ending, 11.The Rain (12"), 12.Praying To The Virus (Club Mix), 12.Get Into The Grid (12" Dub), 13.Total War (12" Bonus Snares)


Movin' Higher

The Race Must Go On

I Wish Upon A Star/I'm Flying/Feel The Power (1992)


Jam the House



Call Me (1993)

Music Drives Me Crazy (20th Oct 1994)




Up And Down (1993)

Label: ZYX Music.


James (Donna)


High On Love (22nd Jun 1996)


James (Shannon)


Because I Love You / That's Hard To Make (1994)

Far Away (20th Mar 1995)


Jamie Dee   


Different Moods (1991)

1.Memories Memories, 2.This Love Won't Do, 3.Dreaming, 4.Qualified, 5.Two Time Baby, 6.Reckless Loving, 7.On The Double, 8.Baby My Heart Goes, 9.Special Love, 10.Burnin' Up,

Don't Be Shy (1995)

1.Don't Be Shy, 2.So Good, 3.Scream And Shout, 4.Dreaming Blue, 5.I've Got My Love, 6.It's All Over, 7.People, 8.The Best Of You, 9.Got to Keep On, 10.Mystery Of Love, 11.Memories Memories (Saxomatic mix), 12.Get Ready (Mojacar Radio Edit), 13.Don't Be Shy (Phil Clary and Paul Micioni club mix),

The Best Of (1995)

1.Don't be shy, 2.Reckless loving, 3.Dreaming blue, 4.Memories memories, 5.On the double, 6.It's all over, 7.Dreaming, 8.Scream and shout, 9.The best of you, 10.Got to keep on, 11.Two time baby, 12.Special love, 13.Mystery of love, 14.Burnin' up, 15.Don't be shy (Club remix), 16.Dreaming blue (Club remix)


Burnin' Up (1991)

Memories Memories (1991)

Two Time Baby (1992)

Get Ready (1993)

Don't Be Shy (3rd May 1994)

People (Everybody Needs Love) (16th Sep 1994) 

So Good (20th Mar 1995) 

Dreaming Blue (14th Sep 1995)

U (20th May 1996)


Memories Memories (1991)

Don't Be Shy (1994) 

Label : X-energy.




Inspiration (1998)

1.Inspiration, 2.Love.Com, 3.Be My Baby, 4.Tomb Raider, 5.Over & Over, 6.Coming Back, 7.Feel The Power Of Love, 8.Never Say Never, 9.Lost, 10.Love Lift Me Up, 11.Loveline, 12.Don't Break My Heart, 13.Deeper Love, 14.By My Baby (Euro mix)


You And Me Together (1995) 

Farewell My Summerlove (1996)

Love.Com (1998)

Feel The Power Of Love (1999)




100 % (1995)

1.Intro, 2.Do The Dance (Polish version), 3.Posse Boy (Polish version), 4.Bimbo, 5.Mother Earth, 6.Let Me Love You, 7.Evolution Dance, 8.Eternal, 9.Welcome To Cybernet, 10.IRQ 47, 11.Sex bonus track, 12.Do The Dance (Super version), 13.Do The Dance (English version), 14.Posse Boy (English version), 15.Welcome To Cybernet (Naked), 16.IRQ 47 (Assembled version)


Posse Boy

Do The Dance \ Do You Wanna Stay (1994)




You Gotta Set Me Free (30th Sep 1994)




Janomix & Grupo Inedito - 1990 - 1996 (1996)

1.Nena Quebrada (Techno remix), 2.Baila Sin Parar (Original demo), 3.No Me Hagas Sufrir (Euro remix), 4.No Estoy Ni Ahi! (Demo tape), 5.Solo Tu (Original), 6.Techno Sound (Extended), 7.Quiereme (Original), 8.How Does It Feel (Demo tape), 9.Techno Sound (Fitness mix), 10.Nena Quebrada (Original mix),

Plastic Beat (1999)

1.Pop Corn '99 (Kingsley), 2.The Same Beat, 3.Come One And Come On!, 4.Gimme A Loop, 5.Aerolove, 6.Technosound '99, 7.What Up Dady, 8.Ignition (A Trip To The Love), 9.Santiago Terremoto, 10.The Beat


No Me Hagas Sufrir

Techno Sound

Nena Quebrada (1995)


JAP Davis


Walking On Air (1994)

Black And White (6th May 1994)


Walking On Air (6th Dec 1994)


Japanese Dance


Japanese Dance (23rd Sep 1993)

Yoko Dance (1994)


Jay Jay Okocha


I I Am Am J J (20th Sep 1994)


Jay Sex


Yes, I Wanna Dance (18th Sep 1993)

Moving My Hands (1994)

Celebrate (1994)

Forever (24th Jun 1996)

Label : DJ Movement records.




Falling In Love With You (1996)




Nightfall (1997)

1.Love Takes Me Up, 2.With Or Without You (I Just Wanna Shine), 3.Woman In Love (Slow Groove Mix), 4.Everything To Me, 5.Nightfall, 6.Classical Feeling (Passion, Lust, Desire...), 7.Love Is Not A Crime, 8.Come Feel My Dance, 9.Wait Until Tomorrow, 10.Love Like Never Before, 11.Woman In Love (Dance Radio Mix), 12.With Or Without You (Blue Bubble Remix), 13.Love Takes Me Up (Chase Remix), 14.Te Amare (Por La Eternidad)


Love Like Never Before (1995)

With Or Without U (1996)

Love Takes Me Up (1996)

Woman In Love (1997)


Jean Jane


Take Me Up (1994)

Label : Discomagic 1994.




Whenever We Kiss (2001)


Jefferson Project 


All I Need Is The Night (1995)

You Got Me (9th May 1995)

Do It With Me (1996)

Believe In My Dreams (1996)

Inspiration (Jan 2010)




Gimme Your Love (1993)

Bang And Blame (1995)


Jenkins (Tommie)


Never Too Late (1992)

Who's That Girl (1993)

Don't Call It Destiny (1994) 

Let Me Be Your Love (25th Sep 1995)  

Oh Oh My Girl (21st Apr 1997)


Let Me Be Your Love (1995)




Why Did You Do It (1996)

Da Dee Da (21st May 1996)




Hot Love (1999)


Jenny and The Girls


Blond & Stoopid (1995)




Everybody Must Dance (1997)

Label : THe records 1997. Producer : Francesco Renna.




We Are The Power (26th Sep 1994)

Label : RCA/BMG Ariola




Tell Me The Secret (1995)




Bring On The Night

Show Me




Rain (27th Jun 2004)

1.How Long, 2.Head Over Heels, 3.I'll Get Over You, 4.Tell Me, 5.White Lies, 6.Silent Tears, 7.Stuck On You, 8.Rain, 9.What If, 10.Enchanted, 11.Look At Me Now, 12.Where Do I Go, 13.Dancing In The Dark


2 Vrienden (1985)

Look At Me Now (2003)

Regardez-Moi (2003)

Head Over Heels (2003)

Dancing In The Dark (2004)

Silent Tears (2004)

How Long (2005)

Over You (2006)

Show Me Heaven (2007)

Getting Out (2008)

Stop The Game (2008)

Can't Get Enough (2009)

Missing (Feb 2010)




Show Me The Way (1997)

Don't Tell Me Lies (20th Apr 1998)  

A Love 4 U (25th May 1999)




You Can Find Yourself (25th Apr 1994)

I Give You All My Love (1995)




I Need Your Love (6th Sep 1990) 

Keep Warm (1991) 

Never Give Up (27th Jan 1992)  

Feel The Rhythm (20th Feb 1993)

One More Time (21st Jan 1994)  

Wanna Be With U (1995)  


Keep Warm (1991)

Never Give Up (1992)

Feel The Rhythm (U.S.U.R.A. remixes) (1993) 

One More Time (The Microbots Mixes) (1994)

Keep Warm (1995)




Sweet Lady Night (The Special Edition) (1996)

1.Beat It (Radio Edit), 2.Beat It (Shocking Beat Remix), 3.Megamix, 4.My Radio (70 Extended Mix), 5.My Radio (Stay In Tune Radio Version), 6.Sweet Lady Night (Extended 70' Mix), 7.Sweet Lady Night (House Jump Edit Mix), 8.Sweet Lady Night (House Bump Extended Mix), 9.Sweet Lady Night (Magnificient 70's Mix), 10.Sweet Lady Night (MBRG Long Mix), 11.You And I '95 (Club Remix), 12.You And I (Radio Cut), 13.You Make Me Feel Good (Disco Mix), 14.You Make Me Feel Good (Vocal Remix '96)


You Make Me Feel Good (Oct 1992)  

Beat It (10th Jan 1994)   

You And I (2nd Oct 1994)      

Megamix '96 (1996)

My Radio (5th Mar 1996) 

Sweet Lady Night (5th Mar 1996)

Go On (20th Jul 1998) 

Deep In The Night (2nd Jul 1999)

You Got Me Dancing (28th Nov 2000) 

Make Me Feel (7th Dec 2001)

Hit My Heart (18th Nov 2002)

Label : X-energy. Producers : Davide Riva, A.Pignagnoli


JKP Project


Came Ta Party (1996)

If Ya Like Ta (3rd May 1996)




Come Into My Life (1995)

1.Come Into My Life, 2.The Motion, 3.Captivate Me, 4.Back 2 The Rhythm, 5.Dangerous, 6.Groovy Beat, 7.Don't U Want My Love, 8.Whenever You're Near Me (I Fall), 9.Gonna B With You, 10.Move Your Madness, 11.U Can Take Me Up, 12.Fading Love


Come Into My Life (17th Oct 1994)

Groovy Beat (1995)

Don't U Want My Love (1995)

Lift Me Up (2007)

Heaven Away (2008)


Jo Burg


Can't Stop Loving U (1997)


Jo Fox


The Feeling Has Gone 

Love At First Sight (1993) 


Jo Smith


It's All Right (1994)




One In One (1995)

Label: Kiwi Record.




(Always) I Will Love You 


Joan and John


Jungle (1995)

James ! (1995)


James ! (1995)




I Can't Live Without You (1994)

High (1995)

I'll Give You The Moon (1995)




I Got The Rhythm In Me (1995)


Joe Trend


Without U (1995)




Dam Dariram

Bye Bye Baby Balloon

No Nobody's Love


John The Whistler


It's Crazy (2000)

1.I'm In Love, 2.Tell Me, 3.She's My Girl, 4.Saturday Night, 5.It's Crazy, 6.Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You, 7.I Know, 8.Cheap Emotions, 9.Wild Wild Web, 10.Chain Reaction, 11.Shake It Up, 12.I'm In Love (bonus version)


I'm In Love (2000)

Tell Me (2001)




Pride (1996)

1.In My Dreams, 2.I Live For The Night, 3.Pride, 4.Out Of The Dark, 5.Gotta Be Myself, 6.Some You Win, Some You Lose, 7.Treat Me Right, 8.Drive Me Crazy, 9.Let The Spirit Move You, 10.Need You To Stay Tonight, 11.Out Of My Head, 12.Do What You Feel


Let The Spirit Move You 

In My Dreams (1996)

Pride (1996)

Do What You Feel (1996)


Johnny Dance


Johnny Dance (10th Jan 1995)

Label : Got It Records (GTR)


Johnson (David Michael)


I Say a Little Prayer (22nd Apr 1993) 

How Deep is Your Love (Nov 1993) 


Johnson (Marcia) 


Moonlight (1988)

1.Do it, 2.Walk in the moonlight, 3.Wanna make love to you, 4.Please don't leave me, 5.Don't be gone too long, 6.Nevertheless, 7.Once again I'm alone, 8.Come back tomorrow, 9.Finis


Got To Be Special (1992)  

Get On Up (1993)

Open Your Eyes (4th Oct 1994)


Johnson (Patty)


Shame, Shame, Shame

I'm In Love (1985)

Let Me Go (1993) 

I've Got The Feeling (1994)




Let's Go To Bahia (1996)


Joli (France) 


France Joli (1979)

1.Come To Me, 2.Let Go, 3.Don't Stop Dancing, 4.Playboy,

Tonight (1981)

1.This Time (I'm Giving All I've Got), 2.When Love Hurts Inside, 3.Tonight, 4.Stoned In Love, 5.The Heart To Break The Heart, 6.Feel Like Dancing, 7.Tough Luck,

Now! (1982)

1.Your Good Lovin, 2.Gonna Get Over You, 3.Can We Fall In Love Again, 4.I Wanna Take A Chance On Love, 5.Now, 6.I'm Still Thinking Of You, 7.I Need Someone, 8.Everlasting Love, 9.Gonna Get Over You (12' Mix), 10.Gonna Get Over You (Instrumental), 11.Te Olvidate (Gonna Get Over You) (Spanish Version),

Attitude (1983)

1.Walking Into A Heartache, 2.Nasty Love, 3.I Want You With Me, 4.Dumb Blonde, 5.Girl In The 80s, 6.Standing In The Shadows Of Love, 7.Mad About The Boy, 8.Inside My Mind, 9.Blue Eyed Technology, 10.You're Not Alone,

Witch Of Love (1985)

1.Does He Dance, 2.Give Me Your Love, 3.Party Lights, 4.Love Always Finds A Way, 5.Love's On Fire, 6.In The Darkness, 7.What About Me, 8.Attitude, 9.Witch Of Love,

Greatest Hits (1993)

1.Come To Me, 2.Don't Let Go, 3.The Heart To Break The Heart, 4.Feel Like Dancing, 5.Gonna Get Over You, 6.I Wanna Take A Chance On Love, 7.I'm Still Thinking Of You, 8.I Need Someone, 9.Everlasting Love, 10.Te Olvidare (Gonna Get Over You) (Spanish Version),

If You Love Me (1998)

1.I'll Be Loving You, 2.Girlfriend, 3.Save Me, 4.If You Love Me, 5.When I Fall In Love, 6.Forgive Me, 7.I Believe, 8.Promised Land, 9.Breakaway, 10.Touch, 11.Brother


Come To Me (1979)  

Feel Like Dancing (1980)

Gonna Get Over You (1981) 

Can We Fall In Love Again / Everlasting Love (1982)

Girl In The 80's (1983)

The Heart To Break The Heart (1983)

Blue Eyed Technology (1983)

Does He Dance (1985) 

Touch (1996)

Breakaway (1997)

Save Me (1998)


Touch (1996)


Jones (Alan)


Eyes Without A Face (1990)

Letter From My Heart (1992)

I Think We're Alone Now Medley With Will You Love Me Tomorrow (1993)

Can You Feel The Love Tonight (1994)

Circle Of Life (1994)

Wonderful Life (1995)

Heaven For Everyone (1995)


Jones (Amanda)


Jumpin Dancin Shoes (1997)


Jones (Lavinia) 


Visions Of Velvet Park (1995)

1.Sing It To You, 2.Change, 3.Good Times, 4.Velvet Park, 5.Moods, 6.The Sound Of Rain, 7.Love Is The Ritual, 8.Everybody's Got To Learn Sometime, 9.Feel The Love Inside ), 10.Words Of Superior, 11.Talk Of The Town, 12.The Lady Is A Tramp,

Chemistry (2005)

1.My man (radio edit), 2.Mama said, 3.Broken souls, 4.Children of the sun, 5.U rule, 6.My man, 7.Broken souls (Skiz Dub Mix feat. Edaniel Madera), 8.Nobody, 9.Chemistry, 10.Loveletters on labtop, 11.Oceano, 12.A man and a woman, 13.Broken souls (Gigajazz RMX), 14.Falling rain (Secret Window RMX), 15.Broken souls (His masters choice RMX), 16.My man (Untrue RMX), 17.Children of the sun (Audiohead RMX), 18.My man (GinaS RMX), 19.Children of the sun (The Headroom Project RMX),

Sire EP (2007)

1.Children of the Sun, 2.Lovin' U, 3.Chemistry, 4.Nobody, 5.Sire, 6.Neon,

@ngel (2007)

1.Jamais Oubliee (feat. Ziad), 2.@ngel, 3.Lynx, 4.Recurring Spirals, 5.Liebesakkord, 6.Warriors, 7.Ne-On, 8.ColourCreativity, 9.Passport, 10.Serafime, 11.Sire


Sing It To You (26th Sep 1994) 

The Sound Of Rain (16th Mar 1995)

Velvet Park (16th Nov 1995) 

Secrets (7th Jan 1997)

Sing It To You (part 2) (1998)


Jones (Tony)


Feel The Power (1994)


Jordan (Alison) 


Heart And Soul (1992)

Boy From New York City (17th May 1992)




Wastelands (1997)






Joy (2)


Weekend (Jan 1998)

The project featured Sandy Chambers. Label : Zeta.


Joy Vincent


Loving You (1995) 




Out of Reality (1995)

The Sun (1995)




I Can't Wait (27th Mar 1995)

This project features the voice of Rebecca.


JT Company


You Got (18th Aug 1993)

Wet (10th Dec 1993)

Live My Life (11th Jun 1994)

Feel It (7th Apr 1995)

Baby Hold On (27th Nov 1995)

Wake Me Tonight (18th Apr 2000)




On My Mind

All Right (1996)

All I Want (1996)

Do It Right (2004)




Frankenstein (1995)


Jungle 5


Feel The Power (Of Love) (25th Mar 1994)


Junior Flex


Work That Love (1995)  


Jupa Jupa


Da Da Move (1995)




Thank You Baby (1994)

Destiny (1995)


Just Friends


Friends Forever (1996)

1.Ever And Ever, 2.Come Together, 3.Open Your Heart, 4.Anytime Anyplace, 5.Good Times And Bad Times, 6.Can't Stop The Rain, 7.Hello There, 8.I Saw Your Smile, 9.Reach Out, 10.Deep In My Heart, 11.Eight Days A Week, 12.I Miss You, 13.Just A Little Sign, 14.Friends, 15.The Present That I Want,

Friends Forever (29th Mar 1996)

1.Ever And Ever, 2.Come Together, 3.Anytime Anyplace, 4.The Present That I Want, 5.Open Your Heart, 6.Eight Days A Week, 7.Friends, 8.Good Times And Bad Times, 9.I Saw Your Smile, 10.Can't Stop The Rain, 11.Solo-title Daniel: I Miss You, 12.Solo-title Denise: Reach Out, 13.Solo-title Matthias: Deep In My Heart, 14.Solo-title Sabine: Just A Little Sign,

World Of Colours (17th Apr 1998)

1.What Can I Do, 2.Runnin' Around, 3.Don't Break My Heart, 4.Take My Heart, 5.Famous'98, 6.Don't Forget The Sunshine, 7.Love You More Than I Can Say, 8.What Is Love, 9.Good Girls, 10.World Of Colours, 11.What You Want Me To Be, 12.Dream, 13.Just Friends, 14.Strange World,

Ever and ever - Greatest Hits (29th Mar 1999)

1.What Is Love, 2.Ever And Ever, 3.Take My Heart (Catwalk Radio Remix), 4.Hello There, 5.Love You More Than I Can Say, 6.Anytime Anyplace, 7.To The Beach (A - Team Radio Edit), 8.The Present That I Want, 9.Runnin' Around (Special Fan Remix), 10.Friends, 11.Don't Forget The Sunshine (Radio Edit), 12.Don't Break My Heart, 13.Give Me Time To Remember, 14.World Of Colours, 15.What You Want Me To Be, 16.Move Ya, 17.Just A Little Sign, 18.Good Times And Bad Times


Ever And Ever (14th Sep 1995)

The Present That I Want (24th Nov 1995)

Friends (1st Mar 1996)

Anytime Anyplace (31st May 1996)

Hello There (25th Oct 1996)

One Of Us (1997)

What Is Love (12th Sep 1997)

To The Beach (1998)

Runnin' Around (18th Mar 1998)

Don't Forget The Sunshine (2nd Jun 1998)

Take My Heart (1st Oct 1998)


Just Luis  


Universal Love EP (1999)

1.Save My Life, 2.Universal Love (part I), 3.Universal Love (part II), 4.The Faith, 5.American Pie (remix 99), 6.You Got Me, 7.Good Thing, 8.The Number One, 9.Tune 2A, 10.I'm In A Heartache, 11.Just baby, 12.Don't ever Leave Me, 13.Walking Through The Rainbow, 14.Don't ever Leave Me (120 BPM)


American Pie (1995)    

I'm In A Heartache (1996) 

Freebaby (1996) 

The Faith (1996)

The Number One (1997)

Save My Life (1999)

America (2001)

You (2002) 

Free Your Mind (2003)

You Need Me (2007)

Fairytale Gone Bad (3rd Apr 2008)


American Pie (UK remixes) (1995)

American Pie (The Remixes) (1995)

American Pie (The 1997 Remixes) (1997)

You Need Me (2007)


JV Project



Joy (1994) 

Feel Allright (11th Feb 1994)




Son Of A Gun (18th Mar 1994)

You Belong To Me (21st Feb 1995)

Son Of A Gun '95 (31st Jul 1995)

There's Nothing I Won't Do (22nd Mar 1996)

Close To Your Heart (13th Dec 1996)

Restless (2004)

Producer, writer : Jake Williams