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H and M


Snowline (Good Vibration) (1993)


H2 Blond


Body Talk (19th Sep 1994)

Label : Phonogram/Mercury




Spirit Of The Night (13th Feb 1995)




The Album (14th Sep 1993)

1.What Is Love, 2.Life, 3.Yeah, 4.Come Back (Love Has Got A Hold On Me), 5.I Miss You, 6.What Is Love, 7.Stir It Up, 8.Sing About Love, 9.Mama's House, 10.Rock My Heart, 11.Tell Me Where It Hurts, 12.Shout, 13.Life (Everybody Needs Somebody To Love),

The Drive (23rd Jun 1995)

1.Fly Away, 2.I Know, 3.Breakaway, 4.Lover Be Thy Name, 5.Waiting For A Better World, 6.Give It Up, 7.Catch A Fire, 8.Desert Prayer, 9.The First Cut is The Deepest, 10.Baby Don't Go, 11.Freedom Is, 12.Another Day Without You,

Let's Do It Now (28th Mar 1998)

1.Let's Do It Now, 2.You're Taking My Heart, 3.Touch, 4.Who Do You Love, 5.What About Me, 6.Satisfaction, 7.Make Me Believe, 8.I'll Do For You, 9.Bring Back My Memories, 10.Don't Cut The Line, 11.I'll Wait For You, 12.Mr President,

All The Best His Greatest Hits (30th Aug 1999)

1.What Is Love (Original 7" Mix), 2.Life (Radio Mix), 3.I Miss You (Radio Edit), 4.Rock My Heart (Radio Mix), 5.Mama's House, 6.Fly Away (Radio Edit), 7.Stir It Up, 8.Who Do You Love (Matrix Radio Edit), 9.Catch A Fire (Radio Edit), 10.What About Me (Radio Version), 11.You're Taking My Heart (DJ Stevie Steve's Radio Edit), 12.Lover Be Thy Name, 13.Come Back (Love Has Got A Hold On Me), 14.Shout (Album Version), 15.What Is Love (Tod Terry's TNT Radio Edit '99), 16.What Is Love (Mosquito Headz Millenium 7" Mix), 17.In The Mix,

My Face (3rd Sep 2001)

1.Bounce, 2.Deep (Radio version), 3.You've Got The Music, 4.Gotta Be, 5.Push Push, 6.Man On The Moon, 7.It's Not Fair, 8.Love Is Blind, 10.Man Of Me, 11.Bit Of Angel, 12.Heaven, 13.Deep (Live version), 14.Miss Joan,

Love Makes (21st May 2002)

1.Miss Joan, 2.You've Got The Music, 3.Gotta Be, 4.Love Makes, 5.It's Not Fair, 6.Deep, 7.Love Is Blind, 8.Show Me Your Dreams, 9.Heaven, 10.Man Of Me, 11.Bit Of Angel, 12.Bounce, 13.Man In The Moon,

Love Makes (re-release) (6th Sep 2004)

1.Miss Joan, 2.You've Got The Music, 3.Gotta Be, 4.Love Makes, 5.It's Not Fair, 6.Deep, 7.Love Is Blind, 8.Show Me Your Dreams, 9.Heaven, 10.Man Of Me, 11.Bit Of Angel, 12.Bounce, 13.Man In The Moon,

Hit Collection Vol.1 (10th Jan 2005)

1.What Is Love, 2.Sing About Love, 3.Life, 4.I Miss You, 5.Rock My Heart, 6.Give It Up, 7.Come Back, 8.Fly Away, 9.Catch A Fire, 10.Stir It Up, 11.Freedom Is, 12.I'll Do It For You, 13.The First Cut Is The Deepest, 14.Touch, 15.Yeah, 16.Mr. President,

Hit Collection Vol.2 - The Very (10th Jan 2005)

1.Mama's House, 2.Satisfaction, 3.Let's Do It Now, 4.Desert Prayer, 5.Baby Don't Go, 6.Bring Back My Memories, 7.Lover Be Thy Name, 8.I'll Wait For You, 9.Don't Cut The Line, 10.Shout, 11.Make Me Believe, 12.What About Me, 13.Tell Me Where It Hurts, 14.Waiting For A Better World, 15.You're Taking My Heart, 16.Who Do You Love,

Rock My Heart (25th Jan 2005)

1.What Is Love (Mosquito Headz Millenium 7' Remix), 2.Rock My Heart (Extended Mix), 3.Fly Away (Extended Version), 4.over By Thy Name, 5.Another Day Without You, 6.ome Back (Love Has Got A Hold On Me), 7.Yeah, 8.tir It Up, 9.Tell Me Where It Hurts, 10.Mamma's House, 11.Sing About Love, 12.When The Feeling's Gone, 13.The First Cut Is The Deepest, 14.Who Do You Love (Dance Force Remix), 15.Life (Album Remix), 16.Megamix (What Is Love/ Life /I Miss You),

What Is Love (1st Jul 2005)

1.What Is Love, 2.Catch A Fire, 3.Lover Be Thy Name, 4.I Miss You, 5.The First Cut Is The Deepest, 6.Mr. President, 7.Tell Me Where It Hurts, 8.Make Believe, 9.Sing About Love, 10.Another Day Without You, 11.I Know, 12.Don't Cut The Line, 13.Give It Up, 14.Come Back (Love Has Got A Hold On You),

Pop Splits (18th Jul 2005)

1.Spaceman, 2.Catch U If I Can, 3.Missionary Man (feat Della Miles), 4.Shout, 5.Return Her Love, 6.It Was Nice, 7.Lay Your Head, 8.What In The World, 9.Not In My Bed, 10.All I Want Is You, 11.High On You, 12.Fallen Angel,

Crucified (2008)


Waiting For A Better World 

Another Day Without You 

What Is Love (18th Jan 1993) 

Life (20th Jul 1993)   

I Miss You (30th Oct 1993) 

When The Feeling's Gone (1994)

Rock My Heart (7th Mar 1994) 

Stir It Up (25th Apr 1994)

Fly Away (17th Apr 1995)

Catch A Fire (24th Jul 1995)

Lover Be Thy Name (23rd Oct 1995)

Break Away (1996)

What About Me (1st Aug 1997)

Who Do You Love (12th Jan 1998)

You're Taking My Heart (20th Apr 1998)

What Is Love (The Millenium mixes) (2nd Aug 1999)

Deep (3rd Aug 2001)

Love Makes (4th Mar 2002)

What Is Love 2003 (19th Jun 2003)

Spaceman (Jul 2005)

Missionary Man (2nd Sep 2005)

Follow Me (2007)

I Love The 90s (2008)

You Gave Me Love (26th Mar 2010)

Musical team : Dee Dee Halligan, Junior Torello

Real name : Nestor Alexander Haddaway

Born 1966, Tobago, West Indies.


Hagen (Natascha) 


Rockabilly Madel (1991)

You & You (Jan 1997)  

Calling You (Sep 1997)

My Heart Will Go On (Feb 1998)

Sweet La La Love (Jun 2000)

Que Sera (Jan 2001)

Without You (Feb 2002)  

Hero (Jul 2002)

Love Keeps Us Together (6th Mar 2003)




What A Feeling

Eye Of The Tiger (1995)


Hale (Brenda)



Pillow Talk (1989)

Hey Mr. Love (1992)


Hamilton Louise


Don't Leave Me (11th Aug 1995)

Label : Expanded music.




Hamlet (1996)

1.Summernight Party, 2.Swedish Fantasy, 3.Hand in Hand, 4.Discodancer, 5.Free, 6.Feelin' So High, 7.I Gave You All, 8.Without You, 9.Hamlet, 10.Swedish Fantasy (G-Remix), 11.Feelin' So High (Garage Edit), 12.Summernight Party (Club Trax), 13.Swedish Fantasy (Henry's Special), 14.All Nations All Friends.mp3,

Rock Da Box (1997)

1.Summernight party, 2.Swedish fantasy, 3.Hand in hand, 4.Disco dancer, 5.Free, 6.Feeling so high, 7.Without you, 8.I gave you all, 9.Hamlet, 10.All nations all friends, 11.Feeling so high (garage edit), 12.Summernight party (happy summer mix), 13.Hand in hand (Bluebubble mix)


Swedish Fantasy (1997)

Feeling So High (1997)

Hand in Hand (1997)

Disco Dancer (1997)

Summernight Party (18th Jun 1997)


Hand In Hand For Children


Children (Apr 1996)

Children Need A Helping Hand (22nd May 1997)

Go Hand In Hand For Christmas Day (Dec 1997)

Children Of The World (23rd Nov 1998)

Future In Your Hand (3rd Dec 2001)

Never Give Up (25th Nov 2002)


Handed (Laura)


Without You (1996)


Hands Of Belli


74-75 (4th Sep 1995)




Love (11th Jun 1994)

Label : SIL.


Happy Ones


Dreaming (9th Oct 1995)

Label : Ra.Re


Happy Project


Time (1996)

U Should Be Dancin' (1996)




Musical Dance EP

Just One Look (1995)

1.Can You Feel The Love Tonight, 2.With One Look, 3.Beauty And The Beast, 4.From A Distance, 5.Colours Of The Wind, 6.I Dreamed A Dream, 7.When You Tell Me That You Love Me, 8.If You Really, 9.On My Own, 10.I Still Believe, 11.I Will Always Love You, 12.Licence For Lovers, 13.Greatest Love Of All, 14.The Phantom Of The Opera, 15.Harajuku's Theme (Instrumental),

Musical & Disney Gala (24th Feb 1998)

1.This Is The Moment, 2.Can You Feel The Love Tonight, 3.With One Look, 4.Beauty And The Beast, 5.I Dreamed A Dream, 6.Someone Like You, 7.Someday, 8.When You Tell Me That You Love Me (A Tribute To Diana Ross), 9.Colors Of The Wind, 10.On My Own, 11.I Still Believe, 12.If You Really, Really Love Me,

Best Of Dance Mixes (16th Sep 2002)


Phantom Of The Opera (8th May 1992)

Phantom Of The Opera 94 (7th Mar 1994)

On My Own (20th May 1994)

Can You Feel The Love Tonight (10th Nov 1994)

Colors Of The Wind (22nd Aug 1995)

Beauty And The Beast (1996)

Someday (13th Sep 1996)

This Is The Moment (26th Nov 1997)

To Love You More (26th Nov 1999)

Phantom Of The Opera 2000 (4th Dec 2000)




Feel It


Harris (Paul)


Music Of Your Mind (1994)

Shine On Me (1994)

Love Song (5th Jun 1996)


Harris (Tina) 


I Must Not Be Kinky (1991)

Everything's Gonna Be Alright (as Sweetbox) (1998)

Love Makes The World Go Round (2003)

1.Ohh Baby, 2.Crush On You, 3.Who's That Guy, 4.I Feel You Feeling Me, 5.Apartment 424, 6.Falling 4 U, 7.Do You Love Me, 8.Can I Be Your Sunshine, 9.My First Love, 10.On My Mind (feat Kevin Tyson), 11.Love Makes The World Go Round, 12.Do You Really Want To Hurt Me, 13.I'll Do 4 U (feat Kevin Tyson), 14.Still-In-Love (feat Damon Elliot), 15.I Tried, 16.Ooh Baby (Royal Philharmonic Symphony orchestra mix), 17.Do You Really Want To Hurt Me (Classic mix), 18.Crush On You (Buckhead bangers mix), 19.Who's That Guy' (Raw flava remix),


Harrow (Den)


Overpower (1985)

1.Bad Boy, 2.Overpower, 3.Future Brain, 4.Make Ends Meet, 5.Mad Desire, 6.Charleston, 7.Feedback, 8.Jade (I Wanna Be There), 9.Broken Radio,

Day By day (1987)

1.Day by day, 2.Don?t Break My Heart, 3.Catch The Fox (Caccia Alla Volpe), 4.Don?t Forget (To Buy This Record), 5.Dangerous, 6.Tell Me Why, 7.Energy Rain, 8.Hold On Tight, 9.High Dee Ho,

Lies (1988)

1.You Have A Way, 2.Lies, 3.My Time, 4.Waiting For The Sun, 5.Bring Me To Life, 6.We Need To Be Together, 7.I Wanna Go, 8.I Love The Night, 9.Born To Love (Dance Version), 10.Thank you D,

The Best of Den Harrow (1989)

1.Holiday Night, 2.I Wanna Go, 3.Lies, 4.Charleston, 5.Bad Boy, 6.Energy Rain, 7.Don?t Break My Heart, 8.My Time, 9.Catch The Fox (Caccia Alla Volpe), 10.Day By Day, 11.Future Brain, 12.Thank You D, 13.Mad Desire,

Maxi Greatest Hits (1991)

1.To Meet Me (12" version), 2.A Taste Of love (12" version), 3.Future Brain (US remix), 4.Bad Boy (12" version), 5.Don?t Break My Heart (12" version), 6.Broken Radio (remix), 7.Re-Catch The Fox (Remix), 8.I Wanna Go (album verision), 9.Holiday Night (12" version), 10.I Love The Night, 11.Dangerous, 12.Make Ends Meet (from 12" Bad Boy 1985), 13.Groove Don?t Break My Heart,

I, Den (1996)

1.I Feel You, 2.The Universe Of Love, 3.Don?t Break My Heart, 4.A Taste Of Love, 5.Future Brain, 6.Mad Desire, 7.Take Me, 8.Tomorrow Is Another Day, 9.Catch The Fox, 10.Bad Boy, 11.A Taste Of Love (remix ?97), 12.The Universe Of Love (Extended mix), 13.I Feel You (Extended mix),

Back From The Future (1999)

1.Italian Megamix, 2.Don?t Break My Heart, 3.Mad Desire, 4.Bad Boy, 5.Future Brain, 6.Catch The Fox, 7.Charleston, 8.European Megamix, 9.Let Me Go, 10.Go Away, 11.The Ones, 12.Darlin?, 13.Livin? 4 U, 14.Give You My Love, 15.Don?t Break My Heart (Club radio edit), 16.Let Me Go (Club radio edit)


To Meet Me (1983)

A Taste Of Love (1984)

Mad Desire (1985)

Future Brain (1985)

Bad Boy (1985)

Overpower (1986)

Charleston (1986)

Catch The Fox (1986)

Don't Break My Heart (1987)

Tell Me Why (1987)

Day By Day (1988)

Born To Love (1988)

You Have A Way (1988)

Lies (1988)

My Time (1988)

Holiday Night (1989)

Take Me Back (1989)

Ocean (1991)

All I Want Is You (1992)

Real Big Love (1992)

Take Me (1994)

The Universe Of Love (1994)

You And The Sunshine (1994)

Tomorrow Is Another Day (1995)

I Need A Lover (1995)

I Feel You (1996)

Future Brain?98 (1998)

Don't Break My Heart 2000 (2000)

Composers : Roberto Turatti, Miki Chieregato, H.T.Beecher, M.Natale, S.Melloni, M.Farina, F.Serra, A.Bindella...


Hascakova (Barbara) 


Barbara (1997)

1.Hlas (11.12.1979), 2.So tell me, 3.Ty si slnko, ja som dazd, 4.To co je vzacne, 5.Los rayos de la luna, 6.Si jediny, 7.Srdce, kotva, kriz, 8.Calling my angel, 9.Moj svet, 10.High and high, 11.Believe, 12.Som tu, 13.Par noci, 14.Startling numero,

Ver, Ze Ja (1997)

1.Hral na trubku, 2.Sme iba my, 3.Tajny dotyk, 4.Alan, 5.Reflection Of My Heart, 6.Ver, ze ja, 7.Posledny tanec, 8.To nie je zle, 9.Nestaci milovat, 10.Len tak-tak, 11.Laska je blizko, 12.V mojom uzemi, 13.Moj Exupery, 14.Blizky neznamy (piesen pre Leona),

Moje naj... (2002)

1.Hral na trubku, 2.Srdce, kotva, kriz, 3.Ty a ja, 4.Tajny dotyk, 5.To co je vzacne, 6.Alan, 7.Ty si slnko, ja som dazd, 8.Nech zije kralovna, 9.Anjel II, 10.Nestaci milovat, 11.Los rayos de la Luna, 12.Posledny tanec, 13.Buvaj dieta krasne, 14.Ked pride laska, 15.Si jediny, 16.Sen,

Secrets of Happiness (2003)

1.You are the King of my heart, 2.Only we are here, 3.I still love you, 4.The song about us, 5.I remember the time, 6.I would be so happy, 7.It is worth it, 8.We are free (09-11-2001), 9.Until I can go back, 10.You will not!, 11.You know very well, 12.Cause I, 13.Rose in a paradise, 14.Secrets of happiness,

Christmas Album (2004)

1.Christmas Time, 2.Angels, 3.Ave Maria (by Shubert), 4.Joy To The World, 5.Oh Holy Night, 6.Xmas Time, 7.Hark The Herold Angels Sing, 8.Ave Maria, 9.Pie Jesu, 10.Jesus Light And Salvation, 11.Dream A Dream, 12.What Child Is This, 13.Ave Maria (by Bach), 14.Silent Night,

Me & My Music (2006)

1.Me & My Music, 2.Akoby Sa Nic Nestalo, 3.Before Your Love, 4.You're Calling, You Say, 5.One True Thing, 6.For My Girls, 7.Fly with Me, 8.Ak Chces, 9.It is Worth It, 10.About Life, 11.Ako Ziadna Ina, 12.Nech Stastie Mas, 13.Christmas Time, 14.Moj Exupery, 15.You will Not!, 16.Like Nobody Else, 17.The Light of My Life


Ty Si Slnko Ja Som Dazd (1997)




I Can't Stay Away From You (1996)


Head 2 Head


Love Taker (1994)

Label: Boy Records.


Head Over Heels


Don't Make Me Wait (1995)


Heaps Of Time


Die Macht (1995)

Label: Big Trax


Heart Attack


Get Me Going (4th May 1994) 

Move Me Stranger (9th Jan 1995)

I Was Made For Loving You (7th Nov 1996)

Eye Of The Tiger (25th Mar 1998)




Sweet Dreams

Don't Stop (1993)

Don't Go Breaking My Heart (1994)

Everlasting Love (1994)

Stay Another Day (1995)

Sugar Sugar (1996)

I'd Love You To Want Me (1996)

Alone (21st Apr 1997)

Baby Forever (26th Apr 1999)

Looking For You (22nd Jul 1999)

With Me (27th Mar 2000)

I'll Stand By You (2007)

Bye Bye (10th Jun 2007)

There Must Be An Angel (2008)

Don't Forget About Us (24th Jun 2008)

Superman (2009)

Behind (2009)

Blue (Da Ba Dee) (2009)

I Believe (21st Jan 2009)

Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart (22nd May 2010)

I Am (22nd Jul 2010)

Bang A Boomerang (28th Jul 2010)

Super Trooper (planned for 7th Aug 2010)

Production : SAIFAM Publishing Group.




U Gotta Feel The Rhythm (1996)


Heaven and Earth


Different Story (28th Oct 1996)

Thank God It's Friday (1998)

Label : Chin Chin Pum (Spain) in collaboration with SAIFAM.


Heavy Mental


Mentahsma (18th Mar 1994)


Hedin (Nana) 


Made In Sweden (1994)

The Explorer (1995)

Last Man Standing (1998)

Euro IV Ever (2001)


Fame 2000 (2000)

It's Raining Men (2004)

Wherever You Go (Mar 2005)

Nana Hedin was born on the 24th of May 1968 in Eskilstuna. She started singing at the very early age of 3, then as she was only five she did her first performance at the childrens' day Festival.




Zpoved (2000)

1.Zpoved, 2.O to nejde, 3.V napoji cinka led, 4.Pritele mas, 5.Doufam, 6.Zvedava, 7.Make-up, 8.Jenom kousek nestaci, 9.Fotka, 10.Holka tvrdohlava, 11.Neusinej, 12.Marne se divam,

Zlatej Dul (2002)

Bud A Nebo (2004)

Ja Jsem Porad Ja (2005)

1.Ja Jsem Ja, 2.Kure na grilu, 3.Ruce za hlavou, 4.Jen tak zit neumim, 5.Budem 100x krasnejsi, 6.Vim uz svy, 7.Primi zasah, 8.Tata se diva, 9.Uplne vsechno, 10.Tak se mi vtirej, 11.Fotka, 12.Ztraceny raj, 13.Kdyz se nacancam, 14.Slava blaznivym napadum, 15.Cesta kolem tela, 16.Skandal, 17.Ave maria, 18.Kdyz cowboy spi, 19.Tezko se loucim, 20.Do manzelskych posteli, 21.Saman bango hue,

Best 1982 - 2006 (1st Jul 2006)

1.Ja jsem ja, 2.Kure na grilu, 3.Ruce nad hlavou, 4.Jen tak zit neumim, 5.Budem 100x krasnijsi, 6.Vim uz svy, 7.Primy zasah, 8.Tata se diva, 9.Uplni vsechno, 10.Tak se mi vtirej, 11.Fotka, 12.Ztraceny raj, 13.Kdyz se naeaneam, 14.Slava blbym napadum, 15.Cesta kolem tila, 16.Skandal, 17.Ave Maria, 18.Kdyz Cowboy spi, 19.Tizko se loueim, 20.Do manzelskych posteli, 21.Saman Bango Hue


Kdyz Se Nacancam

Kure Na Grilu (1982)

Give Me the Music (1995)

Ave Maria (1996)




Feel It Alright (1994)




Call Me (1995)

Label: Power Fly.


Hendrickx Sophie 


Love Is In My Dreams (1994) 

Keep Our Love Away (1994)

Heroes (1996)




Fingers (1995)

1.Right Type Of Mood, 2.Pick It Up, 3.Big Funky Dealer, 4.I Believe, 5.Rainbow Child, 6.Come Together, 7.The Skank, 8.Gangs To The Max, 9.Free, 10.Jessica, 11.Change


Pick It Up (7th Jul 1994)

Right Type Of Mood (6th Mar 1995)

I Believe (8th Jun 1995)

Big Funky Dealer (27th Sep 1995)

Rainbowchild (21st Nov 1995)

The Skank (1996)

Clap Your Hands (1996)


Heros (Rod)


Always (1994) 

Know By Now (1994)


Herrera (Lorena) 


Lorena Herrera (1996)

1.Tiri-Tiri, 2.Soy, 3.Olvidate, 4.Los Pecados De Amor, 5.Oh Yeah!, 6.Pim Pam Pum, 7.Esa Soy Yo, 8.Corazonadas, 9.Yo Vivire, 10.Soy (Remix),

Dame Amor (1997)

1.Ritmo Tequila, 2.Nunca Dejare De Amarte, 3.Desnudame El Alma, 4.Despacito, 5.Dame Amor, 6.Sienteme, 7.Eo Deseo, 8.Mas Alla Del Momento, 9.El Amor Que No Tiene Rival, 10.Los Magos De La Noche,

Aqui Estoy (2002)

1.Aqui Estoy, 2.Dejame, 3.Amame, 4.Abrazando Tu Recuerdo, 5.Oro Molido, 6.Callare, 7.Vamos A Darnos Tiempo, 8.Envidia Me Da, 9.Recuerdos, 10.Baila Mi Ritmo,

Sobrevivire (2004)

1.Sobrevivire, 2.Que Culpa Tengo Yo, 3.Dejame, 4.Mi Amor Por Ti, 5.Como La Flor, 6.Eres Mi Todo, 7.Que No Quede Huella, 8.De Que Me Sirve, 9.Obsesion, 10.Abrazame, 11.Abrazame (Remix),

Desnudame El Alma (30th Jun 2009)

1.Desnudame El Alma, 2.Gritaremos Ante El Mundo, 3.La Chica Espacial, 4.Sobredosis, 5.Ya, 6.Sexy Lover, 7.Sexy, 8.Dame Amor, 9.Solo Quiero, 10.Dentro De Ti


Yo Vivire

Ritmo Tequila

Dame Amor


Eres Mi Todo


Desnudame El Alma


Soy (1996)

Los Pecados De Amor (1996)




Go! (1991)

Came To Me (1993)

Can You Feel It (1993)

King Kong (1993)

Future Day (1994)

Label : DJ Movement.




Feel It (1993)

Let's Go To Heaven (20th May 1994)

Sweet Dreams (11th Jun 1997)


High and Mighty


Tell Me (30th May 1994)

Label : UCA.


High Score


Game Over (30th Sep 1996)


High Spirit


Start That Burning Move (23rd Sep 1994)

Mr Moon (14th Feb 2000)


High Spirits




High State Logic


If You Can Believe (1993)

Crime Of Passion (1994)

Nobody (1994)

Let Me Love You (1995)

It's A Strange Emotion (1996)

Label : DJ Movement records.


Hit The Floor


Energizer (24th Jan 1994)

Love Generator (25th Jul 1994)


Hit'n Run


Jump '94 (1994)

Eye Of The Tiger (1995)




On A Ride (1998)

1.On a ride, 2.Space Invaders, 3.Sundance, 4.Boomerang, 5.California, 6.Partyman, 7.Doo Run, 8.True Love, 9.World Of dreams, 10.Mr Melody, 11.Be My Bodyguard, 12.Book Of Love,

Hit'n'hide (2000)

1.On Stage Tonight, 2.Come Come Come, 3.Kingdom Of Eternity, 4.Run Run, 5.If You Really Want Me, 6.I Don't Wanna Leave, 7.Whisper You're Mine, 8.Stay, 9.Lonely Raider, 10.Guardian Angel, 11.Say Goodnight, 12.Space Invaders (2000 Remix)



On A Ride (1997)

Sundance (1997)

Partyman (1998)

Book Of Love (1998)

Space Invaders (29th Jun 1998) 

World Of Dreams (1999)

Kingdom Of Eternity (1999)

Sundance (Johnny Jam & Delgado version) (Jun 1999)

Come Come Come (2000)




Melody Of Life (1996)

My First, My Everything! (1997)

Label: Dance Factory




Hithouse (1989)

1.Move Your Feet To The Rhythm Of The Beat, 2.I Felt Acid House Love, 3.The Deep Piano House, 4.I Don't Know (1018 mix), 5.Everybody (Got To Get Some), 6.I Like Hithouse (The Hithouse Theme), 7.Jack To The Sound Of The Underground, 8.R, 9.Blast Off, 10.Jack To The Sound Of The Underground (Meltdown mix), 11.Jack To The Sound Of The Underground (Acid mix)


Jack To The Sound Of The Underground (Dec 1988) 

Move Your Feet To The Rhythm Of The Beat (Mar 1989)

I've Been Waiting For Your Love (1990)

Jack To The Sound Of The Underground '94 (9th May 1994) 

A Bright Day (11th Jan 1995)

I've Been Waiting For Your Love (5th Oct 1995)




Show Me (Secret Dreams) (1995)

Liberty / Rhythm Is An Option (1996)

Label: Pure Records.


Holiday Up


Hey Hey Hey (1995)


Hollywood Extreme


Pray 4 Your Sex (24th May 1994)


Holy Moly


Feels Like I'm In Love (1996)




Can't Let Go (1994)

I Want You (Tonight) (1995)

A Whiter Shade Of Pale (1995)

Label : Discomagic.


Honey C


Stop The Disease (1993) 

Desire (1993)

Waiting (1994)

Stop (The Disease '97 Remix) (1997)




Future World (24th Jul 1996)


House Control


Calling The Night (1994)


House Corporation


House Of Hell (1990)

I Know I Can Do It (1990)

Jammin On The Dance Floor (1991)

Waste Your Time (1992)

I Let You Go (1993)

Don't You Want Me (1993)

Do You Want My Love (8th May 1993)

Bump (4th Sep 1993)

Label : Italian Style Records.


House Dee


Only For You (14th Jul 1994)


House Of Dreams


Here We Go (1996)


House Traffic


I Got You Run (9th Nov 1992)

Rock You (15th May 1993)

Everyday Of My Life (6th Mar 1995) 

Your Love Is Real (19th Feb 1996)

U (1998)

Let The House Fall Down (4th May 1998)




I Can't Go On (10th Apr 1993)

Get Me Into Your Heart (25th Mar 1994) 

Lonely Mind (2nd Jul 1994)

Beat It (19th Feb 1996)

You, Danger (Apr 1996) 

Dance Boom Boom (12th Jun 1996)

Lucky Love (21st Jan 1997)

Boys Boys Boys (Mar 1997)

Gimme Hope Jo'Anna (23rd Jun 1997)

Knowing Me, Knowing You (20th Nov 1997)

Saturday Night (1998)

You Get My Heart (22nd Mar 1999)

Life (5th Jan 2000)

Piece Of My Heart (19th Jun 2000)

Honey Honey (2nd Apr 2001)

Bossy (2008)

Vacation (3rd Jan 2008)

On My Own (7th Feb 2008)

Teardrops On My Guitar (27th Mar 2008)

Forgive (2nd Jun 2008)

Rush (16th Jun 2008)

Still Not Sorry (22nd Jul 2008)

Lovelight (14th Oct 2008)

Wonderful (9th Dec 2008)

You Belong With Me (15th Dec 2008)

Heavy Cross (2nd Dec 2009)

Ease On Down The Road (2010)

Make Me (5th Feb 2010)

Walk Right Now (4th May 2010)

Brass In Pocket (22nd May 2010)

Downtown (10th Jun 2010)




Don't Need Your Lovin' (1994)

All Of My Love (1995)

Crazy For Your Love (1996)

Label: Union




I Love You Tonight (1996)

Producer : Franco Diaferia. Label: Synth Records.


HR Beat


Hok Baba Jimmy (1996) 

Label : Hawk Records.




It's A Strange Emotion (1996)


Hubo Bosss



Cool It (1996)

Angel (1997)

She Was Crying (1998)


Hugh K


Georgia On My Mind (17th Sep 1992)

Shine On (6th May 1993)  

One More Time (17th Jun 1994)

Unreleased Dubs (9th Oct 1995)

Higher (6th Feb 1996)




Hugo Rap (1994)

Hoppla Hugo (1995)

I Know It's Heaven (1995)

Show Me The Way (1996)




The Voice (1995)

Label : Reflex Records.


Human Nature


Beam Me Up (19th Dec 1994)




Do You Know My Name (2nd May 1994) 

Take Me To Your Heart (2nd Oct 1994)


Hunga Munga


I've Gotta Have Your Love (1995)


Hunt Lisa 


A Little Piece Of Magic (1989)Синглы:

Something Strong (1988)

Lady Marmalade (1990)

I Gave You All This Love (1991)


Huntington (Eddy)


Bang Bang Baby (1989)Синглы:

USSR (1986)

Up And Down (1986)

Meet My Friend (1987)

May Day (1988)

Physical Attraction (1989)

Band Bang Baby (1989)

Hey Senorita (1989)




Secrets (25th Mar 1994)

Miracle Of Love (10th Feb 1995)

These 2 singles were released under the Italian label Domino Records. Secrets was wirtten and composed by G. Trivellato, produced by G. Trivellato and G. Sacchetto, arranged by M. and F. Smania and Neuromancer, recorded and mixed at ladyland Recording stuido. Lisa F. was credited on this single.




I've Got To Dance (1992)

Bach Is Back (Jan 1992)

Starlight (1993)

Naked In The Rain (1994) 

My Life (1995) 

Bach Is Still Alive (1999)




Provocative (1995)

1.You Don't Know What I Want, 2.Find Another Way, 3.Dingabong, 4.You And I, 5.Hands Up, 6.All Of Your Dreams, 7.True Love, 8.Run Away, 9.Don't Want You To Go, 10.Promises, 11.Like It Fast, 12.Dingabong (Underground mix)


Run Away

True Love

You Don't Know What I Want (1995)

Set U Free (1996)

Hands Up (1996)

All Of Your Dreams (1997)


HYPE (2)


Pump This Party (1994)

Label : DMX (Discomagic).


Hype (3)



Thanks to Apho




Only Me (1995) 

U Got The Love (Aug 1996) 

Only Me (98 remixes) (1998) 




Lost In Space (1992)

1.Lost Memory's, 2.Space War's, 3.Planet To Planet, 4.Lost In Space, 5.Battle Of Time, 6.Wave Runner, 7.Last Fight, 8.Vocoder Dream, 9.Lost In Space (Remix), 10.Wave Runner (Dub)


Lost In Space (1992)

Moving Through The Night (22nd Sep 1994)

Label : ZYX


Hypnotic Beat


I Like Chopin (28th Aug 1995)

I Believe In Fantasy (16th Sep 1996)

Funky Divas (27th May 1997)

Ocean Of Passion (19th Jan 1998)

Label : Happy Music (distributed by Da Music)




We Can Make It (1995)

Get Into The Light (10th May 1996)




Take Me Higher (1991)

Love Nature (1991)

Energy Express (1992)

Do You Feel (1993)

Something About You (1995)

Label : DJ Movement records.




Midnight Hour (1993)

Call Me (15th Sep 1993)

(Oh Oh Oh There Is) Nobody (27th Jan 1994)

You're The One (10th Jan 1995)

Are You Man Enough (24th Apr 1996)