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Everybody Move (10th Sep 1994)

Label : Atomic Energy.




Odottanut oon (2006)

1.Viimein, 2.Valon Lapsi, 3.Isa, 4.Unohtaa, 5.Toiseen Maailmaan, 6.Et Hylkaa, 7.Odottanut Oon, 8.Sinulle, 9.Kun Surun Kohtaat, 10.Yhdessa, 11.Uudestisyntynyt, 12.Poika, 13.Ota Luoksesi,

Todellisuus (2008)

1.Sun Kanssas, 2.Viereesi Jaan, 3.Turhaa, 4.Kauanko Viela, 5.Todellisuus, 6.Sua Kaipaan, 7.Aina Lahellani, 8.Kuuletko, 9.Huomiseen, 10.Ikuisesti Sun, 11.Kotiin, 12.Huomiseen (K Remix), 13.Turhaa (K Remix), 14.Ikuisesti Sun (Mikko L Remix),

Trust (2010)

1.The Dream, 2.You Know It All, 3.Dark Land, 4.You Will Not Leave Me, 5.Who Cares, 6.Still With Me Today, 7.Give Me Wings, 8.I Belong To You, 9.Trust, 10.This Day,



Uudestisyntynyt (2006)

Kohti Unelmaa (23rd Aug 2009)




Wherever You Go (1994)




What Will I Do? (1995)

Love Me This Way (30th May 1997)

Label: Chin Chin Pum Music (SAIFAM).




Come Into My Life (1997)

1.Keep The Secret, 2.Come Into My Life, 3.Everyone Has Inside, 4.Suddenly, 5.Freed From Desire (Slow version), 6.Let A Boy Cry, 7.Summer Eclipse, 8.Dance Or Die, 9.Come Into My Life (edit), 10.10 O'clock, 11.Freed From Desire,

Ремиксы: (2000)

1.Freed From Desire 98 (Sleaze Sisters' Anthem Mix), 2.Come Into My Life (Sleaze Sisters' 7'), 3.Suddenly (Molella And Phil Jay Baby Mix), 4.Everyone Has Inside (M2 - Free Pass RMX), 5.Let A Boy Cry (Full Vocals Mix), 6.Freed From Desire (Da Loops Hype Mix), 7.Come Into My Life (Club Mix), 8.Everyone Has Inside (African Dream), 9.Let A Boy Cry (The Glittering Mix), 10.Freed From Desire (Allister's Full Vocal Mix), 11.Come Into My Life (MPJ Hammond RMX), 12.Everyone Has Inside (Joshua's List Mix),

Coming Into A Decade (18th Apr 2007)

1.Freed From Desire (Edit Mhz), 2.Let A Boy Cry (Edit Mix), 3.Come Into My Life (Molella And Phil Jay Edit Mix), 4.Suddenly (Radio Edit), 5.Everyone Has Inside (Edit Fm), 6.Freed From Desire (Full Vocals Mixx), 7.Let A Boy Cry (Full Vocal Mix), 8.Come Into My Life (Mollella And Phil Jay Mix), 9.Everyone Has Inside (Full Vocal Mix), 10.Freed From Desire (Mr. Jack Club Mix), 11.Let A Boy Cry (Motiv 8 Floor Mungus Vocal Mix), 12.Come Into My Life (Molella And Phil Jay Club), 13.Everyone Has Inside (Eiffel 65 Extended Ice Mix), 14.10th Anniversary Megamix (Edit), 15.10th Anniversary Megaremix (Edit),

Tough Love (2008)

1.Do It, 2.He's Not A Man, 3.Tough Love, 4.Faraway, 5.I'm The World, 6.Crying, 7.Freed From Desire (the Un-remix), 8.I See Through You, 9.You And Me, 10.Number 3, 11.She Really Wants To Try It, 12.DKOL (Differen Kind Of Love),


Everyone Has Inside (13th Feb 1996)

Freed From Desire (10th Jun 1996) 

Let A Boy Cry (4th Feb 1997) 

Suddenly (25th May 1997)

Come Into My Life (4th Nov 1997)

Galamegamix (27th Oct 1998)

Everyone Has Inside 2000 (4th Sep 2000)

Freed From Desire 2003 (11th Feb 2003)

Faraway (2005)

Tough Love (Aug 2008)


Freed From Desire (Mr. Jack's Club Mixes) (1996)

Freed From Desire (23rd Oct 1996)

Producer : M. Molella, Phil Jay




Music Is My Life (15th Apr 1994)


Game Boys


Move (1993)




Do You Want (1994)




Dance Bamboleo (1998)

1.Bamboleo (Radio Edit), 2.Bamboleo (Bambo Mix), 3.Bamboleo (Extended Mix), 4.Bamboleo (Full Moon Mix), 5.Vamonos (Single Mix), 6.Vamonos (Extended Mix), 7.Vamonos (Salsa House Mix), 8.Vamonos (Amnesia Hard Mix), 9.Vamonos (Frank's House Mix), 10.Te Quiero, Latina (Single Edit), 11.Te Quiero, Latina (Extended Version), 12.Te Quiero, Latina (Alternative Mix), 13.Te Quiero, Latina (Hard Dub Mix),


Vamonos (Hey Chico Are You Ready) (1st Jul 1996)

Te Quiero Latina (18th Oct 1996)

Bamboleo (27th Jun 1997)

La Vida Bonita (25th Jun 1998)

Kalimba De Luna (15th Jun 1999)

Imagine (28th Jan 2000)


Garden Eden


Lemon Tree (9th Apr 1996)

The Model (14th Nov 1996)

Das Modell (19th Dec 1996)

Label : Intercord Tontrager GmbH.


Gardner (Paula)


Move Your Body (8th Apr 1994) 




Keep Cool Cat (20th Nov 1995)

1.Cool Cat, 2.Music Takes Control, 3.Are U Ready For Love, 4.Hold On To Your Dreams, 5.Come Into My Life, 6.Party Of Love, 7.Follow The Stars, 8.Getting High, 9.Dancehall Fiesta, 10.Catwalk, 11.Party Of Love (House mix),


Cool Cat (8th May 1995)

Party Of Love (20th Nov 1995)


Cool Cat (1995)


Gast (Peter)


Music's Always Got Me Crazy (1994)


Gate To Africa


Yuwaja (1994)

Label : Paramusic records.


GE Con-X-ion


Gotta Have The Music (30th Aug 1995)





Yo Te Siento Asi (1994)

I Feel You Tonight (1st Jun 1994)

Quiero Volar (1995)

Power Of Goodbye (1996)

Batufest / Como El Viento (29th Jan 1996)

Alma Latina (1997)




Unity (21st Oct 1994)

1.Everybody (Coming On Strong), 2.Together, 3.Come On, 4.Everybody, 5.Get Back, 6.You Got Love, 7.Activated, 8.Koko Koko, 9.Unity (Original Mix), 10.Love Power, 11.Unity (Power Remix),


Unity (1992)

Love Power (1993)

Together (1994)

Boom Boom Down (1995)

Label : Extreme Records.


General Base


First - 2nd Edition (1993)

1.Intro, 2.Back Again, 3.In Trance, 4.Poison, 5.First, 6.Apache, 7.Peace, 8.Just Hold On, 9.Time Out, 10.Marilyn Monroe, 11.Bidi, 12.Mein Gott, 13.Poison (Paradise Radio Edit), 14.Apache (Interactive Remix), 15.Base of Love (Radio Logic Edit),

First (21st Jun 1993)

1.Intro, 2.Back Again, 3.In Trance, 4.Poison, 5.First, 6.Apache, 7.Peace, 8.Just Hold On, 9.Time Out, 10.Marilyn Monroe, 11.Bidi Bidi Do You Wanna Dance, 12.Mein Gott,


Mein Gott, Es Ist Voller Sterne (Sep 1991)

Back Again (Oct 1992)

In Trance (28th Mar 1993)

Apache (12th Jun 1993)

Base of Love (12th Apr 1994) 

Poison (10th May 1994)

I See You (7th Feb 1995) 

Rhythm and Drums (1996)

Thank U (For Your Love) (29th Jan 1996) 

On & On (24th Feb 1997)

Base Of Love Rebased (13th Nov 2003)


Back Again (1992)

Apache (Interactive Remix) (1993)

In Trance (1993)

Poison (1993)

Base Of Love (1994)

I See You (1995)

I See You (Second Remix Edition) (1995)

Thank U (For Your Love) (1996)

On & On (1997)


Generate People


Only You (2nd Sep 1993)


Genius Force


Give Love (1994)




The First Touch (1995)

1.Feel What You Feel, 2.World Of My Fantasy (Part I), 3.Moving, 4.The Rhythm Of Love, 5.The First Touch, 6.Deep Sensation, 7.Lost Paradise, 8.I'm Watching You, 9.Don't Push Me, 10.Rave Station, 11.Dream Of My Heart (The Golden Stag Edit),


The Rhythm Of Love (1995)

I'm Watching You (1995)

World Of My Fantasy (1995)

The First Touch (1996)



Get Ready


Come On

Wild Wild West (1995)


Get Ready! 


Get Ready! (1996)

1.Diep, 2.Niet Naar Huis, 3.Laat, 4.Rots, 5.Eenzaam Meisje, 6.Ze Wil Me Niet, 7.Vuur, 8.Wachten Op Jou, 9.Nooit Meer Alleen, 10.Verlangen, 11.Wie Zal Ze Kiezen ?, 12.Dance Across The Floor, 13.Get Ready Megamix,

Go For It! (1997)

1.Dromen, 2.Marjolijn, 3.Verliefd, 4.Zilveren Vleugels, 5.Gebroken Hart, 6.Engel, 7.De Goede Fee, 8.Geef Me Tijd, 9.Altijd Alleen, 10.Stop... Ou Encore, 11.Droom Gestolen!, 12.Koel Hart, 13.Weg, 14.Samen,

Apollo (1998)

1.Apollo 69, 2.Eigen Zin, 3.Zeemeermin, 4.Happy End, 5.Dat Heerlijke Gevoel (Dat Liefde Heet), 6.Het Wordt Me Teveel, 7.Ruimtemissie, 8.Rebelle (Success), 9.Eenvoudige Jongen, 10.Ikaros, 11.Requiem 1998, 12.Johnny & Ellen, 13.Zwarte Panter,

The Mission (1999)

1.I Still Luv U, 2.A Girl Like You, 3.Over And Over, 4.Skin Connection, 5.Halfway There, 6.Silent Like The Rain, 7.If Ever You Need Somebody, 8.You Mean Everything, 9.Mine O Mine, 10.One More Try, 11.Gonna Kiss (Every Little Bit Of Your Body),

Ga Door - Het Beste Van Get Ready! (2000)

1.Diep, 2.Laat, 3.Vuur, 4.Wachten Op Jou, 5.Dromen, 6.Marjolijn, 7.Geef Me Tijd, 8.Samen, 9.Requiem 1998, 10.Happy End, 11.Eigen Zin, 12.Zeemeermin, 13.Ga Door, 14.Klaar,

Incognito (2002)

1.Incognito, 2.Kom Nu Maar, 3.Jij Bent Gek, 4.Beats Of Love, 5.Pegase (The Flying Horse), 6.Dichtbij Jou, 7.Jij Bent Mijn Ster, 8.Meer En Meer, 9.Seeing Is Believing, 10.City, 11.Hou Het Stil,


Diep Zo Diep (1996)

Laat (1996) 

Deep (So Deep) (2nd Sep 1996)

Vuur (Diep In Mij) (7th Oct 1996)

Wachten Op Jou (25th Nov 1996)

Dromen (1997)

C'Est Toi Que Je Suis (1997)

Stop... Ou Encore (1997)

Right Here Waiting (20th Jan 1997)

Marjolijn (21st Jun 1997)

Samen (24th Nov 1997)

Happy End (1998)

Requiem 1998 (31st Mar 1998)

A Girl Like You (31st May 1998)

Eigen Zin (28th Sep 1998)

Zeemeermin (23rd Nov 1998)

I Still Luv U (16th Feb 1999)

Skin Connection (21st Jun 1999)

Silent Like The Rain (27th Sep 1999)

Every Time I Think Of You (2000)

Halfway There (2000)

Ga Door (Oct 2000)

Beats Of Love (2002)

Kom Nu Maar (2002)

Jaleo (Jun 2006)

Vrij (17th Jun 2007)

Diep 2009 (10th Aug 2009)


Get The Real Power


In The Heat Of The Night (1995)


Get Wet


Angel (1995)

Something Unreal (1996)


Getz (Stella)


Forbidden Dreams (24th Jun 1994)

1.She Getz Away With It, 2.Yeah Yeah, 3.Forbidden Dreams, 4.Dr Love, 5.I Can't Stand The Rain, 6.Sweet As Candy, 7.All In All, 8.Friends, 9.Waiting For My Baby, 10.Never 2 Late, 11.Energy, 12.Forbidden Dreams, 13.Dr Love (remix),


Forbidden Dreams

Dr Love (17th May 1994)

Yeah Yeah (7th Sep 1994)

Friends (1995)

All In All (2nd Jan 1995)

Get A Grip (1996)

Ta-Di-Di-Boom (18th Mar 1996)


Yeah Yeah (1994)

All In All (1995)


Gi and Pi


I'm In Extasy (1994) 

Label: Dig It International Records.


Gibbs (Michael J)


Save My Soul

Back To Heaven (30th Jan 1995)




It's My Life (18th Apr 1995)  


Gigi d'Agostino 


A Journey Into Space (1994)

1.Noise Maker Theme, 2.The Mind's Journey, 3.Daniele Gas - Panic Mouse, 4.Daniele Gas - Giallone Remix, 5.Daniele Gas - Meravillia, 6.Daniele Gas - Creative Nature Vol. 1, 7.Panic Mouse (Stress Mix), 8.Creative Nature Vol. 1 (Adam & Eve), 9.The Mind's Journey (Brain Mix),

GiGi d'Agostino (1996)

1.Gigi D'Agostino, 2.Emotions, 3.Before, 4.Angel's Simphony, 5.Sweetly, 6.Love & Melody, 7.My Dream, 8.Strange, 9.Purezza, 10.Fly, 11.Elektro Message, 12.Singin', 13.Free, 14.Gigi's Violin, 15.Another Theme, 16.Special Track, 17.Melody Voyager, 18.Harmonic, 19.Song For My Future Wife,

The Greatest Hits (1997)

Gin Lemon EP (1997)

1.Gin Lemon, 2.Terapia, 3.Tutto Bene, 4.Locomotive, 5.Rumore Di Fondo, 6.My Dimension, 7.Bam, 8.Gin Tonic, 9.Psicadelica, 10.All In One Night, 11.Wondering Soul, 12.Living In Freedom, 13.Music (An Echo Deep Inside) (Remix),

L'Amour Toujours (1999)

1.Another Way, 2.L'Amour Toujours, 3.Elisir, 4.The Riddle, 5.La Passion, 6.The Way, 7.Star, 8.Bla Bla Bla (Dreammentenza Mix), 9.L'Amour, 10.Music, 11.Passion, 12.Bla Bla Bla,

L'Amour Toujours CD 2 (1999)

1.La Danse, 2.Movimento, 3.La Marche Electronique, 4.Cuba Libre, 5.My Dimension, 6.The Riddle (Instrumental), 7.Tekno Jam, 8.Coca E Avana, 9.Bla Bla Bla (Dark Mix), 10.Elektro Message, 11.Fly,

Tanzen (18th Apr 2000)

1.The riddle (Club Mix), 2.Your Love, 3.Passion, 4.Coca & Avana, 5.Bla-Bla-Bla (Dark Mix),, 6.Star, 7.Another Way, 8.A-A-A, 9.Acid, 10.One Day, 11.Movimento, 12.The riddle (J&B Original Dub Mix), 13.Bla-bla-bla (Abbentenza in FM Mix),

Techno Fes (20th Nov 2000)

1.L'amour Toujours, 2.Campane, 3.La Danse, 4.Another Way, 5.La Marche Electronique, 6.Spostamento, 7.Your Love (Elisir), 8.Video Another Way,

Techno Fes 2 (26th Feb 2001)

1.Amorelettronico, 2.La Passion (Medley With Rectangle), 3.Un Giorno Credi, 4.Souvenir, 5.You Spin Me Round (Like A Record), 6.Le Serpent, 7.L?Amour Toujours, 8.Sattosopra, 9.Baci & Abbracci, 10.Tecno Fes11. Tanzen, 11.La Passion (Medley With Rectangle), l Programmino di Gigi D'Agostino (2003)

Underconstruction: Silence EP (2003)

1.Silence, 2.Complex, 3.Sonata, 4.Apache, 5.Ripassa, 6.Son, 7.Pop Corn, 8.Percorrendo,

The Greatest Hits (20th Sep 2007)

1.Noise Maker Theme, 2.Sweetly, 3.Happily, 4.This Song Tears Easily, 5.This Mind's Journey (Pattern), 6.Panic Mouse Vrs 1 (With Daniele Gas), 7.Giallone Remix (With Daniele Gas), 8.Meravillia (With Daniele Gas), 9.Creative Nature Vol. 1 Vrs 1 (With Daniele Gas), 10.Creative Nature Vol. 1 Vrs 2 (With Daniele Gas),

Suono Libero (Jul 2008)

The Very Best Of (30th Oct 2009)

The Essential Gigi D'Agostino (27th Nov 2009)

1.Casa Dag, 2.Stay, 3.Con Te Partiro, 4.Moonlight Shadow, 5.Those Were The Days, 6.Elisir, 7.Fly, 8.Thank You For All, 9.Semplicemente, 10.Lo Sbaglio, 11.I Wonder Why, 12.Luce, 13.Io Vorrei Non Vorrei Ma Se Vuoi, 14.Inventi, 15.Wellfare, 16.Un Giorno Credi, 17.L'Amour Toujours,


Sweetly (1995)

New Year's Day (1996)

Fly (1996)

A Journey Into Space (1996)

Gigi's Violin / Elektro Message (1996)

Angel's Symphony (wtih R.A.F. By Picotto) (1996)

Rumore Di Fundo (1997)

Psicadelica (1997)

Music (And Echo Deep Inside) (1997)

Gin Lemon (1997)

Elisir / Your Love (1998) 

Cuba Libre (1998)

Bla Bla Bla (1999)

The Riddle (1999) 

Another Way (2000)

La Passion (2000) 

Tanzen (2000)

Super (2001)

Un Giorno Credi (2001)

L'Amour Toujours (21st Aug 2001)

Silence (2003)

Con Il Nastro Rosa (23rd Mar 2004)

Gigi?s Good Night (3rd May 2004)

Silence Underconstruction 2 (3rd May 2004)

Soleado (with Molly) (Jul 2004)

Summer Of Energy (with Datura) (25th Sep 2004)

Welfarre (2005)

I Wonder Why (2005)

Ripassa (2006)


Gilly B


Tonight (27th Nov 1995) 

Label : Domino records.




Into The Night (1996)


Gina G 


Fresh (1997)

1.Ooh, 2.Fresh, 3.Ti Amo, 4.Every Time I Fall, 5.Follow The Light, 6.Gimme Some Love, 7.Rhythm Of My Life, 8.Missin' You Like Crazy, 9.I Belong To You (Radio Edit), 10.Higher Than Love 11,

Album Remix (1998)

1.Ooh, 2.I Belong To You (12" Extended), 3.Fresh (Bayside Vocal Club Mix), 4.Gimme Some Love (Metro's "Summer" Rmx),, 5.Ti Amo (Bayside Boys Club Rmx), 6.Higher Than Love (Motiv8 Rmx), 7.Every Time I Fall (Eurobeat Rmx), 8.I Belong To You (Phat 'N' Small Rmx), 9.Gimme Some Love (Hysteric Rmx), 10.Ti Amo (Metro's "Summer" Rmx),

Get Up & Dance (2005)

1.Heaven, 2.Shock To My System, 3.Where Would You Be Know, 4.Tease, 5.Into The Night, 6.Stuck On You, 7.Walking In The Rain, 8.Girl In Trouble, 9.Little Black Book, 10.Kinky, 11.Get Up, 12.Sticks & Stones, 13.Sun Goes Round The Moon, 14.Flashback, 15.Ooh Aah Just A Little bit,


Ooh Aah...Just A Little Bit (13th Jun 1996)

I Belong To You (25th Oct 1996)

Gimme Some Love (1997) 

Fresh (10th Mar 1997)

Ti Amo (7th Jul 1997) 

Every Time I Fall (4th Nov 1997)

Heaven / Ooh Ah Just A Little Bit 2004 (Jun 2004)

Tonight Is The Night (3rd Oct 2005)




I Need You Babe (1999)


Giorgilli (Vanni)


Time Is Over (2000)

Hevenu Shalom (2001)

Sonora (2003)




Secrets Of The Heart (1994)

1.Secrets Of The Heart, 2.More Time, More Love, 3.Techno Romance, 4.Digital Dream, 5.Turn Around, 6.You Better Stop, 7.Let's Go Out, 8.I Need Your Love,


Hold Me Now (1996)


Giovanna (2)


Spray Color Frambuesa (1996)

1.Tu Y Yo (Lineas Paralelas), 2.Cara O Cruz, 3.La Curiosidad Mata A Los Gatos, 4.Otra Noche Sin Dormir, 5.Hasta Manana, 6.Por Jugar Con Fuego, 7.Marco, 8.Caradura, 9.Sere Tu Chica, 10.Pienso En Ti (A Todas Horas), 11.Mariposas En La Cabeza,


Hasta Manana

Tu Y Yo (Lineas Paralelas)




Talking About A Revolution (26th Sep 1995)

Labels : Drohm in Italy, Intercord in Germany, Toronto-Underground in the USA.




Gitanica (1994)

Label : Extreme records.




Drive Me Away


Glamour House 


We Must Believe (1994)

Label: Sacred Records.


Glori (Lori) 


My Body & Soul (1992)

My Body & Soul (9th Aug 1994)

Come Set Me Free (17th Oct 1997) 

Side By Side (25th Jan 1998)

Show Me The Way (2006)




Power Of Love (1995)

Label : Discomagic




I'm Gonna Be (1997) 

Label : ARS Productions / DUE / BOY Records

Thanks to reBeL




I Lift My Cup (To The Spirit Divine) (1992) 

Carry Me Home (1994)

Young Hearts (1995)




Let's All Chant (1994)

Are You Ready (1995)


Let's All Chant (1994) 


Go Ahead!


Dance Fever 

You Got To (Feel The Night) 


Go Green


Don't Dance Dirty With Me (24th Apr 1995)

Label : Deep Groove BMG.


Go! Sister Dreams


Imagination (1995)




Dance Of The Goblins (1996)


God's Groove


Elements Of Nature (10th Oct 1994)

1.Intro, 2.Back To Nature, 3.We Can Fly (Prayer 5), 4.Into The Blue, 5.Experience Of Truth, 6.Voices From The Sky, 7.Prayer 8, 8.Falls, 9.Back To Nature (Pure Hemp Mix), 10.Elements Of Nature, 11.Outro,


Prayer One / Two (1992)

Prayer Three / Four (1992)

Prayer 5 (We Can Fly) / Prayer 6 (15th Dec 1992)

Prayer Seven (Voices From The Sky) / Prayer Eight (2nd Oct 1993)

X-Mas Theme 1 (1st Dec 1993)

Back To Nature (27th Jun 1994) 

Rain Falls (14th Aug 1995)

Into The Blue (8th Nov 1995)


Into The Blue (1994)




The Sexual Album (1992)

1.Sexual, 2.Lingerie, 3.X-Rated, 4.Cleopatra, 5.Erotic, 6.In My Bed, 7.Boyz, 8.Je T'Aime, 9.She's Wild, 10.Sexual (Practice Safe Sex Version),


Sexual (1992)

In My Bed (1992)

Get Loud (Racism Beat It) (1993)

In My Bed (1993)

Je T'Aime (1993)

Tapdancer (I Wanna See You Mooove) (1994)

Spirits In The Night (1995) 

Label: B&B Records.




You Will Never Forgive Me (Dec 1995)


Goffin (Evi)


Into My Life (1999)

Turn You On (2001)


Gold and Diamonds


Waiting for The Night (1995)

Label : Reflex Records.


Gomez (Raquel) 


Funky (1993)

Man on the Moon (1995)

Over And Over (2nd Dec 2002)


Good 4 Us


Love And Understanding (15th Apr 1994)


Good Boys


Save Your Love (1996)

Label : Bit Music.


Good Fello's


Do What 'U' Like (1994)


Good Shape


Maniacs Of Love (1994)

1.Maniac In Love, 2.Take My Love, 3.I Will, 4.Give Me Fire, 5.Bang Your Head (Special edit mix), 6.Can't Stop, 7.Need You 4ever, 8.2nite 2nite, 9.King Of Your, 10.We Love You (We Want You), 11.Believe In You (Maniac In Love), 12.Dream The Dream,

Closer To You (1995)

1.Introspective, 2.Come To Me, 3.Stay The Night 3:36, 4.Never Gonna Give Up My Love For You, 5.Get Out Of My Way, 6.Sing Like The Children, 7.The World Is Changing, 8.Come Closer, 9.Don't Run Away, 10.Celebration, 11.Can't Get Enough Of You, 12.Believe In You And Me, 13.I Can Love You, 14.Come To Me (In Heaven), 15.How Are You, 16.I Will (Go To Germany), 17.Take My Love (Our Love '96),


Give Me Fire (1994)

Take My Love (31st Mar 1994)

King Of Your Heart (1995)

I Can Love You (1995)

Sing Like The Children (1995)

Stay The Night (1995)

I Will (25th Sep 1995)

Come Closer (1996)

Never Gonna Give Up (1996)

Take My Love 2008 (2008)


Take My Love (1994) 


Goodlitt (Melissa)


Let Your Love Flow (1994)

Female vocalist for the God's Groove project. She released a solo single as Melissa entitled Let Your Love

Artists and groups featuring Goodlitt (Melissa)

Now - Dance You Up (1993)


Gordon (Annerly)


Donna (1991)

Sexy Boy Sexy Toy (1991)

Downtown Rhythm (1992)

Hot 'N Ready (1992)

Take Your Time (1992)

Everybody Let's Dance (1993)

Up All Night (1993)

Planet Of The Warriors (1994)

You Will Be My Lover (1994)

On My Own (1994)

Say Yeah (2006)

On My Own 2006 (2006)




You Are The Best Thing (1995)




No One to Answer (1995)

1.Break Out, 2.Do U Wanna Love Me, 3.No One Does What You Do, 4.Sound Of Love, 5.No One To Answer, 6.Dance The Night Away, 7.So True, 8.Sunshine In Your Eyes, 9.I'm Loving You, 10.You Can Do Magic (remix), 11.No One To Answer (remix), 12.Break Out (Long version), 13.Dance The Night Away (Long version), 14.Sunshine In Your Eyes (Long version),


So True

I Get A Kick Out Of U

It's Alright With Me

No One to Answer (1995)

Break Out (1995)

Do You Wanna Love Me ? (1995)

You Can Do Magic (1995)

Christmas Time (1995)

Dance The Night Away (1996)

I Love The Nightlife (1998)




Graaf Sisters (1998)

1.Hold You, 2.You Got (What I Want), 3.Never Never, 4.I Wish, 5.Let It Be Forever, 6.Close To You, 7.Give It Up, 8.Hearbreaker, 9.Good Good Goodie Goodbye, 10.I Wanna Be Your Lover, 11.Outro,


You Got What I Want (1998)

Give It Up (5th Oct 1998)

Never Never (1999)

Heartbreaker (1999)




If I Could Fly (17th May 1996)

1.Not Over Yet, 2.Down to Earth, 3.If I Could Fly, 4.One Day, 5.You Don't Know, 6.Orange, 7.Hand in Hand, 8.Love Songs, 9.Don't Call Me (You're Not Mine), 10.Mineral, 11.Skin on Skin, 12.I Want To Live,


Not Over Yet (14th Mar 1995) 

I Want To Live (7th Jul 1995)

Skin On Skin (18th Jan 1996)

Down To Earth (29th Mar 1996)

If I Could Fly (15th Aug 1996)

Hand In Hand (1997)

You're Not Mine / Down To Earth (1997)

Not Over Yet 2000 (2000)

Not Over Yet 2003 (2003)




Don't Wait (1994)

Label : Red Bullet Records.





World Of Dreams (16th May 1994)

Label : Logic Records / BMG




Time To Play

Make It Summer

Holiday Crime

Tonight (1995)

Summer Of Love (1998)

Kind Of Magic (20th Mar 2000)

Looking For Heaven (17th Nov 2001)

Can't get Over (2008)


Grimaldi (Sarah)  


Did You Love Me (1994)

I Will Find You (22nd Aug 2008)


Groove Corporation


Groovin To The Beat (4th Feb 1994)

Label: Extreme Records.


Groove Coverage 


Cover Girl (22nd Nov 2002)

1.Moonlight Shadow, 2.Million Tears, 3.You, 4.Last Unicorn, 5.Only Love, 6.God Is A Girl (Album Version), 7.Little June, 8.Far Away From Home, 9.Lullaby For Love, 10.Moonlight Shadow (Piano), 11.Beat Just Goes, 12.Are You Ready,

Best Of (2004)

1.Moonlight Shadow, 2.Poison, 3.God Is A Girl (Album version), 4.Runaway, 5.7 Years And 50 Days, 6.The End, 7.She, 8.Moonlight Shadow (Piano), 9.Remember, 10.Million Tears, 11.Beat Just Goes..., 12.Are You Ready, 13.Moonlight Shadow (Warp Brothers remix), 14.Poison (Friday Night Posse remix), 15.God Is A Girl (Alex Konrad remix), 16.The End (Special D remix),

7 Years And 50 Days (29th Mar 2004)

1.Poison, 2.7 Years And 50 Days (Radio Edit), 3.Remember, 4.Runaway, 5.I Need You Vs. I Need You, 6.The End (Radio Edit), 7.Force Of Nature, 8.When Life, 9.Home, 10.7 Days And 50 Days, 11.Can't Get Over You, 12.The End (Radio Edit), 13.Not Available,

Best Of Groove Coverage: The Ultimate Collection (2005)

1.Moonight Shadows, 2.She, 3.7 Years and 50 Days, 4.Million Tears, 5.God Is A Girl, 6.Runaway, 7.Far Away From Home, 8.The End, 9.Last Unicorn, 10.Poison, 11.Little June, 12.Not Available, 13.You,

Best Of Groove Coverage: The Ultimate Collection (2005)

1.Moonlight Shadow (Piano Ballad Version), 2.7 Years and 50 Days (Ballad Version, 3.God Is A Girl (Chillout Mix), 4.Runaway (Ballad Version), 5.Poison (Rock Mix), 6.She (Canadian Remix), 7.Runaway (Extended Version), 8.Poison (Friday Night Posse Remix), 9.She (Skam Remix), 10.Moonlight Shadow (Rocco Remix), 11.Poison (Tune Up Remix), 12.God Is A Girl (Axel Konrad Remix), 13.The End (Extended Version), 14.7 Years and 50 Days (Cascada Vs. Plasmatek Remix), 15.God Is A Girl (Extended Version), 16.The End (Special D Remix), 17.7 Years and 50 Days (Extended Version), 18.Moonlight Shadow (Extended Version),

Best Of Groove Coverage: The Ultimate Collection (2005)

1.Moonlight Shadow, 2.The End, 3.Poison, 4.7 Years and 50 Days, 5.Runaway,

Poison: The Best Of Groove Coverage (2005)

1.Poison (Friday Night Posse Remix), 2.Runaway (Special D Remix), 3.7 Years and 50 Days (Cascada vs. Plazmatek Remix), 4.Are You Ready, 5.Force Of Nature, 6.Only Love, 7.Can't Get Over You, 8.The End (Extended Mix), 9.God Is A Girl (Extended Mix), 10.Million Tears, 11.Little June, 12.Moonlight Shadow (Rocco Mix), 13.She (Skam Remix), 14.Poison (Tune Up Remix), 15.I Need You Vs. I Need You,

Greatest Hits (6th Jun 2006)

1.Poison, 2.7 Years & 50 Days (Radio Edit), 3.Can't Get Over You, 4.Force of Nature, 5.Home, 6.Remember, 7.Runaway, 8.She, 9.Little June, 10.Lullaby for Love, 11.Million Tears, 12.Moonlight Shadow, 13.Only Love, 14.7 Years & 50 Days (Album Version), 15.The End, 16.The End (Special D Remix),

21st Century (7th Jul 2006)

1.Summer Rain, 2.21st Century Digital Girl, 3.Never Ever Stop, 4.Holy Virgin, 5.Call Me, 6.What You C Is What You Get, 7.Angel From Above, 8.November Night, 9.When I Die, 10.On The Radio, 11.Rock, 12.When Love Lives In Heaven, 13.Moonlight Shadow, 14.Indonesia, 15.Let It Be,

Greatest Hits Album (23rd Nov 2007)

1.Because I Love You, 2.7 Years & 50 Days, 3.Million Tears, 4.God Is A Girl, 5.Summer Rain, 6.Moonlight Shadow, 7.Nothing Lasts Forever, 8.The End, 9.Little June, 10.Poison, 11.Runaway, 12.Last Unicorn, 13.Angel From Above, 14.Living On A Prayer, 15.Call Me, 16.Holy Virgin,

Greatest Hits Album (23rd Nov 2007)

1.Moonlight Shadow (Pure & Direct Version), 2.She, 3.November Night, 4.Only Love, 5.Remember, 6.When Love Lives In Heaven, 7.Far Away From Home, 8.When Life, 9.Lullaby For Love, 10.You, 11.On The Radio, 12.21st Century Digital Girl, 13.I Need You (DJ Uhey Rmx), 14.21st Century (DJ Satomi Remix), 15.She (Skam Remix),

The Definitive Greatest Hits & Videos (2008)

1.Because I Love You, 2.Nothing Lasts Forever, 3.Living On A Prayer, 4.God Is A Girl, 5.On The Radio, 6.Moonlight Shadow, 7.7 Years and 50 Days, 8.She, 9.The End, 10.Runaway, 11.Angel From Above, 12.November Night, 13.You, 14.21st Century Digital Girl, 15.Poison, 16.Summer Rain, 17.Far Away From Home, 18.Million Tears, 19.Last Unicorn, 20.Holy Virgin,

The Definitive Greatest Hits & Videos (2008)

1.Because I Love You (Pop Ballad Mix), 2.Because I Love You (Original Extended), 3.God Is A Girl (Piano Ballad Mix), 4.God Is A Girl (Axel Konrad Remix), 5.On The Radio (Age Pee Remix), 6.On The Radio (Club Mix), 7.Moonlight Shadow 2006 (Josh Harris Remix), 8.7 Years and 50 Days (Cascade Vs. Plazmatek Remix), 9.She (Skam Remix), 10.The End (Special D Remix), 11.Runaway (Club Mix), 12.21st Century Digital Girl (Club Mix), 13.21st Century Digital Girl (Teenagerz Remix), 14.Holy Virgin (Techhouse Remix),

The Definitive Greatest Hits & Videos (2008)

1.Because I Love You, 2.God Is A Girl, 3.On The Radio, 4.Moonlight Shadow, 5.7 Years and 50 Days, 6.She, 7.The End, 8.Runaway, 9.21st Century Digital Girl, 10.Poison, 11.Holy Virgin,


Hit Me (3rd Jan 2001)

Are U Ready (5th Jun 2001)

Moonlight Shadow (19th Jun 2002)  

God Is A Girl (20th Sep 2002)

The End (28th Feb 2003)  

Poison (3rd Nov 2003)  

7 Years And 50 Days (5th Mar 2004)

She (15th Jun 2004)

Runaway (Oct 2004)

Holy Virgin (1st Aug 2005)

On The Radio (Jan 2006)

21st Century Digital Girl (26th Jun 2006)

Because I Love You (9th Nov 2007)


God Is A Girl (2002)

Poison (2003)


Groove Dealer


High Energy (12th Apr 1995)


Groove Department


Shadows Of The Night (1997)

Music Bang The Beat (1997)


Groove Empire 


Music Will Never Die (14th Apr 2009)




Come To Me (15th Oct 1994)

Midnight Dream (13th Jan 1995)

Ultimate (30th Jun 1997)

Bang To The Beat (6th Oct 2000)

Groovecult are DJ Biz & Michele Moretti.




The Anthem (2000)

1.You And Me, 2.Love Tonight, 3.Dance The Night Away, 4.Come And Get It, 5.Groovetek Anthem, 6.Loud, 7.You And Me (Tall tabla remix),




Mueve La Cabeza (1994)

Label: Discoid Corporation.


Gunther And The Sunshine Girls 


Pleasureman (2nd Jun 2004)

1.Golddiggers, 2.Ding Dong Song, 3.Teeny Weeny String Bikini, 4.Touch Me, 5.Pleasureman, 6.Crazy & Wild, 7.One Night Stand, 8.I'm Your Man (G.U.N.T.H.E.R.), 9.Naughty Boy, 10.Enormous Emotion (I love you), 11.Ding Dong Song (Soft care), 12.Bonus video: Ding dong song,

Pleasureman (2007)

1.Ding Dong Song, 2.Golddiggers, 3.Teeny Weeny String Bikini, 4.Touch Me, 5.Tuttifrutti Summerlove, 6.Pleasureman, 7.Crazy & Wild, 8.One Night Stand, 9.I'm Your Man (G.U.N.T.H.E.R.), 10.Naughty Boy, 11.Enormous Emotion (I love you), 12.Like Fire Tonight, Синглы:

Ding Dong Song (21st Jan 2004) 

Teeny Weeny String Bikini (5th May 2004)

Touch Me (Dec 2004)

Tutti Frutti Summerlove (2005)

Christmas Song (Ding Dong) (Dec 2005)

Like Fire Tonight (Mar 2006)

Suntrip (Jun 2007)