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F and F


Feeling Your Love (1993)

Get Your Freedom (28th Mar 1994)




The Race Must Go On (1995)




You Know What I Want (24th Mar 1995) 




This Is The Night (1998)


This Is The Night (1998)


Face II Face


I Want You (1994)

You're Livin' In My Heart (1994) 


I Want You (Apr 1994)

Label: Blow Up/Intercord

Producers : the Wild Boys + OPT


Face Look


Don't Stop Baby (1995)


Fact Or Fiction


Warning (1994)

Let Me Be Your Girl (1996)

Label : Intense records.


Factual Beat


Groove Your Soul (1995)

1.Intro, 2.I Believe, 3.Give Me All Your Love, 4.All I Wanna Do, 5.Don't Leave Me Crying, 6.Anywhere, 7.Groove Your Soul, 8.Love (Edit), 9.Never Let You Go, 10.I'm On My Knees (On My Way), 11.To The Rhythm, 12.Be Free, 13.All I Wanna Do (Remix),


I Believe (1995)


Fairy Tale


Dream (1995) 

Time (1996)

Label : UCA




World Of Music (1993)

Label : Extreme Records


Falchi (Anna)


Pium Paum




Sarah's Night (1995)




Get Your Kicks (1985)

1.Chinese Eyes, 2.Colder Than Ice, 3.Get Your Kicks, 4.L.A.D.Y.O, 5.Get Lost Tonight, 6.Slice Me Nice, 7.Check It Out, 8.Blood And Honey, 9.In Shock,

Contact (1986)

1.Reaving Queen, 2.I Don't Want To Go, 3.Bolero, 4.Feedback Feedback, 5.Save The Moment, 6.Lady Of Ice, 7.Girl Don't Let Me Down, 8.Latin Fire, 9.After Midnight,

Flames Of Love (1988)

1.Flames Of Love, 2.Moscow's Calling, 3.I Can't Live Without You (Lonely Nights), 4.What's Your Name What's Your Game, 5.Bodyguard, 6.Spy In The Night, 7.Tonight The Devil Wins My Soul, 8.Blue Eyed Lady, 9.China Blue, 10.Turbo Dancer Remix,

Gold (1988)

1.Flames Of Love, 2.Fools Cry (new), 3.Lady Of, 4.L.A.D.Y.O., 5.Bolero, 6.China Blue, 7.Save The Moment, 8.Slice Me Nice, 9.Chinese Eyes, 10.Check It Out, 11.Latin Fire, 12.Get Lost Tonight, 13.Come Inside, 14.After Midnight,

Gold Remix (1988)

1.Flames Of Love, 2.Slice Me Nice, 3.Lady of Ice, 4.After Midnight, 5.China Blue, 6.L.A.D.Y O., 7.Fools Cry, 8.Come Inside, 9.Check It Out, 10.Come Inside, 11.Check It Out, 12.Bolero (Hold Me In Your Arms Again), 13.Turbo Dancer Remix, 14.Chinese Eyes, 15.Get Lost Tonight, 16.Latin Fire,

All My Loving (1989)

1.Angel Eyes, 2.A Voice In The Dark, 3.Pure Love, 4.Don't Fight With The Moon, 5.Ways Of Love, 6.Sail Away, 7.Running Man, 8.My Emotional Way, 9.All My Loving, 10.Seven Seens, 11.Stand Up For Love, 12.Luxury Life,

Five (1990)

1.When Guardian Angels Cry, 2.Like You, 3.Second Hand Paradise, 4.All We Need Is To Believe, 5.Island Of Dreams, 6.Love Never Dies, 7.Bride In Black, 8.It's Only Loneliness, 9.Sainte-Marie De La Mer (Stop It Right Now), 10.In The Rain Again, 11.Lost In Love, 12.C'est La Vie,

Six : Deep In My Heart (1991)

1.Fools Cry/Whenever Fools Cry, 2.Deep In My Heart/In My Heart, 3.Flames Of Love/Love Flames, 4.Running Man/The Man, 5.I'm Free/Freedom, 6.Slice Me Nice/S.L.I.C.E., 7.Love In Japan, 8.No More Sin, 9.Cool Jerk, 10.Soul For Sale, 11.Promised Land, 12.Deep In My Heart/No More Sin/Love In Japan medley, 13.It's The Same Old Song, 14.Push And Shove Of Love, 15.Flames Of Love/Love Flames (Karaoke-Party-Instrumental), 16.Fools Cry/Whenever Fools Cry (Karaoke-Party-Instrumental), 17.Running Man/The Man (Karaoke-Party-Instrumental),

It's Me (1994)

1.Flames Of Love, 2.Fools Cry, 3.Lady Of Ice, 4.Slice Me Nice, 5.Chinese Eyes, 6.Bolero (Hold Me In Your Arms Again), 7.When Guardian Angels Cry, 8.Bride In Black, 9.C'est La Vie, 10.No More Sin, 11.Cool Jerk, 12.My Emotional Way, 13.Running Man, 14.Deep In My Heart, 15.Long Way To Paradise (new), 16.Wait By The Radio (new),

Golden Hits (1994)

1.Flames Of Love, 2.Lady Of Ice, 3.Slice Me Nice, 4.Chinese Eyes, 5.Bolero, 6.Colder Than Ice, 7.Bodyguard, 8.Get Your Kicks, 9.China Blue, 10.Latin Fire, 11.Check It Out, 12.Blood And Honey, 13.Reaving Queen, 14.After Midnight,

Blue Planet Zikastar (1995)

1.In The Shadows Of The Night, 2.Blue Planet, 3.Prince Of Darkness, 4.Moochild, 5.Again & Again - You Believe In Love (Video Version), 6.Live My Life, 7.Human Lover, 8.Saramoti (Siegfried and Roy - Master Of The Impossible), 9.Fly Away, 10.I Can Give You Love, 11.Vanity Fair, 12.Out Of My Mission, 13.Reach Out For The Stars, 14.Magic, 15.The Big Dust, 16.Again & Again, 17.In The Shadows Of The Night (Reprise),

Christmas In Vegas (1996)

1.Mirage, 2.Snowwhite Tigers, 3.Jingle Bells And Candy Cane, 4.The Diceman, 5.Snowflake, 6.(In This) Silent Night, 7.I'm Goin' Back, 8.Wish Upon A Star, 9.Can't Help Falling In Love, 10.Snowman, 11.Voices From Heaven, 12.Goodnite Las Vegas,

Colours Of Life (1996)

1.Deep Blue Sky, 2.Road To Avalon, 3.Love Is The Anchor, 4.Way Of Freedom, 5.Memories (Live - Unplugged In Moscow), 6.Colours Of Life (So In Love), 7.Peace And Harmony, 8.Money, 9.It's Love, 10.Changing My Ways (You Got Me), 11.Give A Little Bit, 12.Saying Goodbye,

Best Of (1998)

1.Mega-Mix '98 (Single Version), 2.Slice Me Nice, 3.Lady Of Ice, 4.Chinese Eyes, 5.Flames Of Love, 6.Latin Fire, 7.Bolero, 8.China Blue, 9.Get Lost Tonight, 10.Check It Out, 11.After Midnight, 12.Chinese Eyes (Original Hit Version), 13.Lady Of Ice (Original Hit Version), 14.Slice Me Nice (Original Hit Version), 15.Mega-Mix '98 (Maxi Mix),

Blue Planet (1998)

1.Long Way To Paradise (Remix '99), 2.In The Shadows Of The Night, 3.Blue Planet, 4.Prince Of Darkness, 5.Moonchild, 6.Again & Again - You Believe In Love, 7.Live My Life, 8.Human Lover, 9.Sarmoti, 10.Fly Away, 11.I Can Give You Love, 12.Vanity Fair, 13.Out Of My Mission, 14.Reach Out For The Stars, 15.Magic, 16.The Big Dust, 17.In The Shadows Of The Night - Reprise, 18.Wait By The Radio,

Hit Party (1998)

1.Flames Of Love (Bass Up Version), 2.Blue Eyes And A Broken Heart (new), 3.Fools Cry, 4.Slice Me Nice, 5.Bolero, 6.Lady Of Ice, 7.When Guardian Angels Cry, 8.Chinese Eyes, 9.C'est La Vie, 10.No More Sin, 11.Cool Jerk, 12.Running Man, 13.Deep In My Heart, 14.Deja Vu (new), 15.Promised Land, 16.Magic Of Your Mind (new), 17.To The Music Hitmakers, Part One (new), 18.Back For Good (Karaoke Version) (new), 19.Flic Flac (new), 20.Flames Of Love '98 (MC's Radio Mix),

D.I.S.C.O. (1999)

1.D.I.S.C.O. (Lust For Life) (feat. Lyane Leigh), 2.How Do You Feel Right Now ?, 3.Japanese Girl, 4.When Clowns Cry, 5.Try My Love Again, 6.Cirque De La Lune, 7.Come Back And Break My Heart, 8.On Fire, 9.Everlasting Dance, 10.When Fancy Is Crying, 11.Flames Of Love, 12.Come Back And Break My Heart (Trance Version), 13.D.I.S.C.O. (Lust For Life) (Extended Version), 14.How Do You Feel Right Now? (Extended Version),

Strip Down (2000)

1.Gimme A Sign, 2.Senorita, 3.Strip Down, 4.Dreams Come True, 5.We Can Move A Mountain, 6.I Love You... What's You Name ?, 7.How Do I Feel ? (feat. Linda Jo Rizzo), 8.I Need You, 9.Rumble In The Jungle, 10.What Kinda Horny (Medley), 11.I Can't Forget You, 12.A Neverending Ride,

Locomotion (2001)

1.A Voice In The Dark, 2.Die For You, 3.Fools Cry, 4.Pretty Woman, 5.Sail Away, 6.Keep On Going, 7.Why Oh Why, 8.Love Has Called Me Home, 9.Locomotion, 10.Saltimbanco, 11.All My Loving, 12.Wear My Ring Around Your Neck, 13.Na Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye (Maxi Cut),

Fancy For Fans (2001)

1.Slice Me Nice (S.L.I.C.E.), 2.Fools Cry (Whenever Fools Cry), 3.When Guardian Angels... Rap, 4.Flames Of Love (Love Flames), 5.Deep In My Heart (In My Heart), 6.Na Ma Na Na Hey Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye (new), 7.Running Man (The Man), 8.I'm Free (Freedom), 9.Deep In My Heart/No More Sin/Love In Japan (Medley), 10.Love In Japan, 11.Push And Shove Of Love, 12.Soul For Sale, 13.It's The Same Old Song, 14.Mega Mix Maxi Version (Slice Me Nice, Running Man, Fools Cry, I'm Free, It's The Same Old Song, Love In Japan, Flames Of Love, Soul For Sale, Push And Shove Of Love),

Best Of... Die Hits Auf Deutsch (17th Feb 2003)

1.Feuer & Eis (Slice Me Nice), 2.Hor Den Bolero (Bolero), 3.Stimme Der Nacht (Voice In The Dark), 4.Flammen Der Liebe (Flames Of Love), 5.Es Sah Ein Knab' Ein Roslein Steh'n (Die For You), 6.Er Weint (Fools Cry), 7.Doch Ich Habe Dich Geliebt (Anyway On My Mind), 8.Gefuhle Aus Eis (Lady Of Ice), 9.Angel Blue (Verlor'n Im Paradies) (Running Man), 10.Stern Der Einsamkeit (When Guardian Angels Cry), 11.Go West (West Ist Uberall) (Go West), 12.Wo Geht's Zum Paradies? (Long Way To Paradise), 13.Na, Na, Hey, Hey, Goodbye (Na, Na, Hey, Hey, Kiss Him, Goodbye), 14.Auf Der Reise (Save The Moment),

Greatest Hits (2004)

1.Dragostra Din Tei, 2.A Voice In The Dark, 3.Fools Cry, 4.Pretty Woman, 5.Sail Away, 6.Why Oh Why, 7.Locomotion, 8.Na Na Na Na Hey Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye, 9.Slice Me Nice / S.L.I.C.E., 10.When Guardian Angels...Rap, 11.Flames Of Love / Love Flames, 12.Love In Japan, 13.Soul For Sale, 14.No More Sin, 15.Cool Jerk, 16.Promised Land, 17.It's The Same Old Song, 18.Die For You, 19.Wear My Ring Around Your Neck, 20.All My Loving,

Voices From Heaven (6th Dec 2004)

1.Voices From Heaven, 2.Snowwhite Tigers, 3.Still In The Mood For Christmas, 4.Jingle Bells And Candy Canes, 5.Snowflake, 6.Silent Night, 7.Snowman, 8.I'm Goin' Back, 9.Diceman, 10.Can't Help Falling In Love, 11.Mirage, 12.Voices From Heaven (Reprise),

Fancy presents retro 80's (2007)

Forever Magic (2008)

1.I Love You (Show Introduction), 2.Lyubvi Pojar / Flames Of Love, 3.I Can Give You Love, 4.Love Has Called Me Home, 5.Forever Magic, 6.For One Night In Heaven, 7.Little Juliet, 8.I'm Melting Your Heart, 9.I'm Your Bodyguard, 10.Moonlight, 11.A Voice In The Dark (Version 2008), 12.My Way (5:19), 13.O Mio Babino Caro,


Bolero (Hold Me In Your Arms Again)

Fools Cry Rap (Whenever Fools Cry)

D.I.S.C.O. (Lust for Life)

Slice Me Nice (1984)

Chinese Eyes (1984)

Get Lost Tonight (1984)

L.A.D.Y.O (1985)

Check It Out (1985)

Lady Of Ice (1986)

Latin Fire (1987)

China Blue (1987)

Flames Of Love (1988)

Fools Cry (1988)

No Tears (1989)

Running Man (1989)

Angel Eyes (1989)

When Guardian Angels Cry (1990)

When Guardian Angels... Rap (1990)

No Way Out (1993)

Love Has Called Me Home (1993)

Long Way To Paradise (1994)

Beam Me (1994)

Again & Again (1995)

Shadows of The Night (1995)

I Can Give You Love (1995)

The Big Dust (1996)

Deep Blue Sky (1996)

Colours of Life (1996)

Flames of Love (1998)

Flames of Love '98 (1998)

Megamix (1998)

Slice Me Nice '98 (1998)

Come Back And Break My Heart (1998)

Long Way To Paradise '99 (1998)

How Do You Feel Right Now? (1999)

We Can Move A Mountain (2000)

Megamix 2000 (2000)

Na Ma Na Na Hey Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye (2001)

Pretty Woman (2002)

Hor den Bolero (2003)

For One Night In Heaven (2008)


Fanny Flow


Kiss Of Life (1995)

Label : Stockholm Records.




Secret Liar (8th Jan 1995)

Seven (21st Apr 1995)


Fantasy Dreams


Don't Break My Heart (1997)


Fantom 2


Zoryani Viyni (1996)

1.Intro, 2.Dvoe, 3.Ya Dosyagnu, 4.Khmari, 5.Tam De Ptakhi, 6.Teritorya A, 7.Fonograma Tchasu, 8.Zaryani Viyni, 9.Ne Vtratchai Nadyi,

Bez Kontrolu (1997)

1.Bez Kontrolu, 2.Dvoe, 3.Intro, 4.Kapitoshka, 5.Mayzhe Real, 6.Podivis', 7.Quatro, 8.Tam De, 9.Tam Ti Naydesh, 10.Viter, 11.Khto Ti, 12.Ya Dosyagnu, 13.Zoryaniy Viter, 14.Zoryaniy Viter (instrumental mix),







I Said No (1996)




High Energy (8th Sep 1997)

Label : Dance Factory.


Fast Forward


One More Time (1995)

Never Felt This Way (28th Jan 1997)




Dam Dam Dam (Is The Rhythm Of Magic) (1995) 

Label : BMG




Tu Veux Ou Tu Veux Pas ? 

El Sol Me Quema 


El Sol Me Quema 




Only For You (1997)

So In Love With You (1997)

Night Fever (1997)




Loving You (1995)


FB Machine


Heaven (1994)

You've Got To Fight (1994)

Make Me Feel Allright (1994) 

Movin Non Stop (1995)

Space Love (1995)

Shock Me Baby (1995)

Label : DDM. Producers: M. Marcolin, T. Giupponi, G. Del Barba, L. Verzeletti.


Feel Good


I Really Love You (1995)


Feel Real


Abra Cadabra (1994)




Label: Discomagic Records.




#1 (29th Mar 1993)

1.Fastslow, 2.Fools In Love, 3.You Gotta Work, 4.Stars, 5.Don't You Want Me, 6.It Will Make Me Crazy (Mmmm mix),


Don't You Want My Love

Don't You Want Me (14th Sep 1992)

It Will Make Me Crazy (26th Oct 1992)

FastSlow / It's Me (1993)

Stars (3rd May 1993)

Don't You Want Me '95 (31st Jul 1995)

Don't You Want Me '97 (20th Sep 1996)

Don't You Want Me 2001 (23rd Apr 2001)




Amore (1998)




Party Time (1992)




Touch Me (All Night Long) (1995)




Nie Chce Odejsc (1995)

Label : Blue Star.


Feroldi Pierre

EuroDance Member


Movin Now (1990)

The Beat (1990)

Get Away (1991)


Ferrari (Lolo)


Dance Dance Dance

Don't Leave Me This Way

Airbag Generation (1996)  

Set Me Free (2000)




Right Now (1994)




Fey (21st Mar 1995)

1.Bombon, 2.Gatos En El Balcon, 3.Fiebre Del Sabado, 4.La Soledad Me Matara, 5.Media Naranja, 6.Me Enamoro De Ti, 7.Dos Corazones, 8.Tirando A Matar, 9.Bailando Bajo La Lluvia, 10.La Noche Se Mueve, 11.Como Pan Y Chocolate, 12.La Noche Se Mueve (Remix), 13.Media Naranja (Version Trance), 14.Me Enamoro De Ti (Version Mix),

Tierna La Noche (5th Nov 1996)

1.Muevelo, 2.Te Pertenezco, 3.Bajo El Arcoiris, 4.Desmargaritando El Corazon, 5.Bailando Sola, 6.Azucar Amargo, 7.Popocatepetl, 8.Las Lagrimas De Mi Almohada, 9.Subidon, 10.Un Poco Loco, 11.Tierna La Noche,

Canta Con Sony Pistas (1997)

1.Bombon, 2.Gatos En El Balcon, 3.La Noche Se Mueve, 4.La Soledad Me Matara, 5.Dos Corazones, 6.Media Naranja, 7.Bailando Bajo La Lluvia, 8.Me Enamoro De Ti, 9.Tirando A Matar, 10.Fiebre Del Sabado, 11.Como Pan Y Chocolate,

El Color De Los Suenos (3rd Nov 1998)

1.Cielo Liquido, 2.La Madrugada, Tu Y La Radio, 3.Ni Tu Ni Nadie, 4.La Espuma De Los Dias, 5.Diselo Con Flores, 6.Canela, 7.Vuelve, 8.El, 9.Almibar, 10.No Tengo Novio, 11.El Color De Los Suenos, 12.De Corazon A Corazon, 13.Flor De Un Dia, 14.Iye,

Me Encanta Panasonic (1999)

1.Azucar Amargo, 2.Muevelo, 3.Media Naranja, 4.Gatos En El Balcon, 5.Subidon, 6.Bajo El Arcoiris, 7.Me Enamoro De Ti, 8.La Noche Se Mueve, 9.Popocatepetl, 10.Bombon, 11.Bailando Bajo La Lluvia, 12.Ni Tu Ni Nadie,

Exitos (2000)

1.Media Naranja, 2.Azucar Amargo, 3.Diselo Con Flores, 4.Gatos En El Balcon, 5.Bajo El Arcoiris, 6.El, 7.Me Enamoro De Ti, 8.Subidon, 9.Te Pertenezco, 10.Ni Tu Ni Nadie, 11.Fiebre Del Sabado, 12.Canela, 13.La Noche Se Mueve, 14.Cielo Liquido, 15.Muevelo, 16.Mega Mix,

Coleccion De Oro (22nd Jan 2002)

1.Muevelo, 2.Te Pertenezco, 3.Bajo El Arcoiris, 4.Desmargaritando El Corazon, 5.Bailando Sola, 6.Azucar Amargo, 7.Popocatepetl, 8.Las Lagrimas De Mi Almohada, 9.Subidon, 10.Un Poco Loco, 11.Tierna La Noche,

Vertigo (21st May 2002)

1.Dime, 2.Se Lo Que Vendra, 3.Vertigo, 4.Noche Ideal, 5.Romeo & Juliet, 6.Loca Por Amarte, 7.Vienen Y Van, 8.Alma Gemela, 9.Gritalo, 10.Siento Caer, 11.Siento,

Vertigo (21st May 2002)

1.Show Me, 2.The Other Side, 3.Vertigo, 4.Dressing To Kill, 5.Romeo & Juliet, 6.Ambition, 7.That's What Love's All About, 8.Come And Go, 9.The Way You Love Me, 10.Dark Angel, 11.Say It Again, 12.To Be Honest, 13.Follow Me Down, 14.Siento,

La Fuerza Del Destino (5th Nov 2004)

1.Mujer Contra Mujer, 2.Aire, 3.Barco A Venus, 4.Hoy No Me Puedo Levantar, 5.Me Cole En Una Fiesta, 6.Cruz De Navajas, 7.Un Ano Mas, 8.La Fuerza Del Destino, 9.Ay Que Pesado, 10.Los Amantes, 11.Me Cuesta Tanto Olvidarte, 12.Busca Algo Barato,

20 Exitos Originales (5th Jul 2005)

1.Azucar Amargo, 2.Muevelo, 3.Fiebre Del Sabado, 4.Cielo Liquido, 5.Media Naranja, 6.Diselo Con Flores, 7.Bajo El Arcoiris, 8.La Noche Se Mueve, 9.Ni Tu Ni Nadie, 10.Gatos En El Balcon, 11.El, 12.Te Pertenezco, 13.Canela, 14.Subidon, 15.Me Enamoro De Ti, 16.Bailando Sola, 17.Poco Loco, 18.Popocatepetl, 19.Tierna La Noche, 20.Se Lo Que Vendra,

Antologia (2006)

1.Muevelo, 2.Subidon, 3.Media Naranja, 4.Ni Tu Ni Nadie, 5.Se Lo Que Vendra, 6.Me Enamoro De Ti, 7.Tierna La Noche, 8.Bajo El Arcoiris, 9.Diselo Con Flores, 10.Canela, 11.Cielo Liquido, 12.Popocatepetl, 13.Gatos En El Balcon, 14.El, 15.La Noche Se Mueve, 16.Las Lagrimas De Mi Almohada, 17.Te Pertenezco, 18.Fiebre Del Sabado, 19.Azucar Amargo,

Siempre Rebelde (2006)

1.Muevelo, 2.Bajo El Arcoiris, 3.Fiebre Del Sabado, 4.Media Naranja, 5.Te Pertenezco, 6.Azucar Amargo, 7.Me Enamoro De Ti, 8.Ni Tu Ni Nadie, 9.Cielo Liquido, 10.La Noche Se Mueve, 11.Un Poco Loco, 12.Popocatepetl,

Faltan Lunas (21st Jul 2006)

1.Y Aqui Estoy, 2.Me Has Vuelto Loca, 3.Como Un Angel, 4.Faltan Lunas, 5.Tres Razones, 6.La Ultima Gota, 7.Solo Por Bailar, 8.Entre Dos, 9.Yo Decido, 10.Volar Otra Vez, 11.Si Tengo Miedo,

Best Of Fey (2007)

1.Faltan Lunas, 2.Hoy No Me Puedo Levantar, 3.Yo Decido, 4.Y Aqui Estoy, 5.Barco A Venus, 6.Como Un Angel, 7.Me Cuesta Tanto Olvidarte, 8.Donde Quiera Que Estes, 9.Cruz De Navajas, 10.Si Tengo Miedo, 11.Entre Dos, 12.Aire, 13.Un Ano Mas, 14.Tres Razones, 15.La Ultima Gota, 16.Solo Por Bailar, 17.Ay Que Pesado, 18.La Fuerza Del Destino,

10 De Coleccion (19th Jun 2007)

1.Azucar Amargo, 2.Muevelo, 3.Bajo El Arcoiris, 4.Te Pertenezco, 5.Tierna La Noche, 6.Desmargaritando El Corazon, 7.Ni Tu Ni Nadie, 8.Subidon, 9.Popocatepetl, 10.Un Poco Loco,

Lo Esencial (5th Aug 2008)

1.Azucar Amargo, 2.Muevelo, 3.Bailando Sola, 4.Cielo Liquido, 5.Media Naranja, 6.Diselo Con Flores, 7.Bajo El Arcoiris, 8.La Noche Se Mueve, 9.Ni Tu Ni Nadie, 10.Gatos En El Balcon, 11.El, 12.Te Pertenezco, 13.Canela, 14.Subidon, 15.Me Enamoro De Ti,

Dulce Tentacion (28th Apr 2009)

1.Provocame, 2.Dulce Manzana, 3.Lentamente, 4.Adicto A Mi Cuerpo, 5.Cicatrices, 6.Sirena De Cristal, 7.La Viuda Negra, 8.La Fragilidad, 9.Dolera, 10.Borrando La Historia, 11.Volviendo A Empezar, 12.Cicatrices Remix (Jose ''Spinnin'' Cortes),

Sweet Temptation (28th Apr 2009)

1.Games That You Play, 2.Sweet As Si, 3.Let Me Show You, 4.Guilty Pleasure, 5.Monsters, 6.In Your Dreams, 7.Devil's Angel, 8.Loneliness, 9.No More Lies, 10.Your Game Is Over, 11.Sweet Agony,

Lo Esencial De Fey (5th Aug 2009)

1.Azucar Amargo, 2.Ni Tu Ni Nadie, 3.Gatos En El Balcon, 4.Cielo Liquido, 5.El Color De Los Suenos, 6.Las Lagrimas De Mi Almohada, 7.Subidon, 8.Bombon, 9.Bailando Sola, 10.La Noche Se Mueve, 11.La Espuma De Los Dias, 12.Popocatepetl, 13.Dos Corazones, 14.Diselo Con Flores, 15.Un Poco Loco, 16.La Madrugada, Tu Y La Radio, 17.Vuelve, 18.Me Enamoro De Ti (Version Mix),

Lo Esencial De Fey (5th Aug 2009)

1.Media Naranja, 2.Muevelo, 3.Me Enamoro De Ti, 4.Fiebre Del Sabado, 5.Desmargaritando El Corazon, 6.El, 7.Canela, 8.La Soledad Me Matara, 9.Como Pan Y Chocolate, 10.Tierna La Noche, 11.No Tengo Novio, 12.Te Pertenezco, 13.Almibar, 14.Bajo El Arcoiris, 15.Tirando A Matar, 16.Bailando Bajo La Lluvia, 17.Azucar Amargo (Bitter Sugar), 18.La Noche Se Mueve (Remix),

Lo Esencial De Fey (5th Aug 2009)

1.La Fuerza Del Destino, 2.Se Lo Que Vendra, 3.Me Cuesta Tanto Olvidarte, 4.Siento, 5.Y Aqui Estoy, 6.Dime, 7.Barco A Venus, 8.Romeo & Juliet, 9.Como Un Angel, 10.Vertigo, 11.Un Ano Mas, 12.Alma Gemela, 13.Entre Dos, 14.Noche Ideal, 15.Vienen Y Van, 16.Loca Por Amarte, 17.The Other Side (Se Lo Que Vendra), 18.Media Naranja (Version Trance),



Fey (EP) 

Interpretando Exitos De Mecano (EP) 

One Suitcase 

Media naranja (1995)

Gatos en el balcon (1995)

Me enamoro de ti (1995)

La noche se mueve (1996)

Bailando bajo la lluvia (1996)

Fiebre del sabado (1996)

Azucar amargo (1996) 

Muevelo (1996)   

Te pertenezco (1997)

Popocatepetl (1997)

Subidon (1997)

Bajo el arcoiris (1998)

Las lagrimas de mi almohada (1998)

Ni tu ni nadie (1998) 

Desmargaitando el corazon (1999)

Diselo con flores (1999)

Cielo liquido (1999)

Canela (1999)

El (1999)

No tengo novio (1999)

Se lo que vendra (2002)

Noche ideal (2002)

The Other Side (2002)

La fuerza del destino (Nov 2004)

Barco a Venus (Feb 2005)  

Me cuesta tanto olvidarte (Jul 2005)

Como un angel (2006)

Y aqui estoy (Jul 2006)

Cicatrices (8th Sep 2008)

Lentamente (10th Feb 2009)

Provocame (12th Jun 2009)


Azucar amargo 




Times And Times (1995)


Fields (Linda)


Moonlight Mirage

We Can Make It

I Wanna Give You My Life (1983)

Tears (1984)

Ave Maria (1991)

In The Summertime (1992)

Shame Shame Shame (11th Jan 1995)


Fifteen Of May



Once A Dream 

Label : BIT Music.




Tell Me Where You Go (1997)


Fire Brigade


Burning Love (22nd May 1995)




The Menace Of Ratman (6th Feb 1998)

1.Believe In Fireman, 2.Memories, 3.Super Hero, 4.Only With You (Not Without You), 5.Crazy, 6.My Best Day, 7.Everybody Needs Somebody, 8.Marvellous World, 9.Everybody Says Oh Oh Oh!!!, 10.Baby, Don't Cry, 11.Another One,


Super Hero

Believe In Fireman (1996)




Mad World (1997)




Gonna Get You Feel (1993) 

U Got The Feeling (1994)


First Base 


The EP (Apr 1999)

1.Follow Me, 2.Love is Paradise, 3.Can You Keep A Secret ?, 4.Heavenly, 5.Follow Me RMX,


I Must Awake

Love is Paradise (1995)

Heavenly (1996)

Can You Keep A Secret ? (Apr 1997)

Follow Me (1999)

Producer : Mike Wonder


Fish In Zone    


My Old Way (1996)

1.Baraka (Hebrew Version), 2.Hot Blood (Hebrew Version), 3.Porque Te Vas, 4.Feel The Rhythm (Hebrew Version), 5.No More, 6.Tranzorna, 7.Magical Dream (Hebrew Version), 8.Perfect World, 9.Don't Go (Hebrew Version), 10.Odyssey, 11.Feel The Rhythm (Club Mix), 12.Strength To Carry On, 13.My Old Way (Radio mix), 14.Don't You Break (My Heart), 15.Feel The Rhythm (Radio Remix),


Feel The Rhythm (1994)

My Old Way (1995)

Strength To Carry On (1995)


Fishbone Beat


Always (1992)

Je Le Fais Express (Satisfy) (1993)

Feel It (1993)

Save The Planet (1994)

We Will Fly (1995)

Goza Goza (1995)


Save The Planet (1994)

Label : Next Records (Energy Srl)


Fisher (Wanda) 


Sauna (28th Oct 2008)

1.Ahora, Ahora, Ancora, Ancora, Ancora, 2.Calling You, 3.Alone, 4.Amado Mio, 5.Comme Toi, 6.Cocktail D'Amour, 7.Pour Toi Qui M'Aimes, 8.Castigo, 9.I Need You Tonight, 10.Senza Freni,

Euroqueen - back To The 90s (2009)

1.Meteor Man (Tony Carrasco Remix), 2.I Wanna Feel The Music (Dabliu Effe Club Mix), 3.I Wanna Feel The Music (Felix Remix), 4.Ride, 5.Ride (Vocal Power Mix), 6.Che Calor (Ride Spanish Version), 7.Call Me (Helixia Club Mix), 8.Wuthering Heights (Tony Carrasco Remix), 9.Automatic Lover, 10.Spacer, 11.Chariot (Rap Mix), 12.Tell Me (Extended Mix), 13.Call Me (Original), 14.Hombre,


Meteor Man (1993)

Chariot (26th Nov 1993)

I Wanna Feel the Music (1995)

Ride (1995)

Until I Die (2009)

Produced by DDM .


Fits Of Gloom


Differences (9th Apr 1991)

What You Like (1992)

To Love (6th Feb 1993)  

Heaven (29th Oct 1993) 

The Power Of Love (29th Aug 1994)

Return To Me (1995)

Childhood (1998)




Never Gonna Give You Up (1993)

Seize The Day (29th Nov 1993)

Laura Palmer's Theme (1994)

Jingo (Mar 1994)

This Is The Way (May 1994)




Next Time (I Promise) (10th Jul 1994)

Producer, writer : Nosie Katzmann




You've Got The Music (9th Jan 1995)

In The Middle Of The Night (6th Jun 1995)


In The Middle Of The Night (1995)




Flexxibility (1994)

1.Wake Up, 2.Runner-Up, 3.Flexxible, 4.The Good, The Bad And The Ugly, 5.Breakout, 6.On The Run, 7.Bass Nation Check Point, 8.Jackpot, 9.Replay, 10.Automatic System, 11.Captive In The Past, 12.Go To Sleep,


Wake Up (1993) 

Flexxible (1994)

The Good, The Bad And The Ugly (1994)

Runner-Up (1994) 

Spider (1995)

Shake You All (1996)


Wake Up (1993)

Members and rappers : Chris (Christian) Ljung, Malvern Mandengu

Co-writers and producers :  Jan Nordlund, Johan Lagerlof

Location : Solna, Sweden

Label : Stockholm records




I Like It The Way (1996)




Ever More

Don't Stop

Stay With Me (1995)




Don't Leave Me Waiting (1993)

Got To Get Over (1996)


Flower Factory


(Feel) My Body (1994)

Label : Wicked & Wild (WW 1013). Vocalist : Jasmine.




Feel The Rhythm (1994)




Take Me Higher (1994)

Let The Rhythm Flow (1995)

Real name : Franco Mosca


Focus 1


Yes, Yes, Yes (1996)


Folcker (Jessica) 


Jessica (1998)

1.Tell Me What You Like, 2.I Do, 3.How Will I Know (Who You Are), 4.Goodbye, 5.Falling In Love, 6.Tell Me Why, 7.Turned And Walked Away, 8.A Little Bit Longer, 9.If I ever See Heaven Again, 10.Anywhere Is Paradise, 11.Private Eye, 12.Ain't Nothing Going On But The Rent (bonus track), 13.Just Wanna Be With You,

Dino (2000)

1.To Be Able To Love, 2.Missing You Crazy, 3.Crash Like A Wrecking Ball, 4.Tonight, 5.If I Was Your Girl, 6.I Know Love, 7.Been and Gone, 8.Love You Like A Fool, 9.Punk, 10.Miracles, 11.Wish I Were The One, 12.Dis-Moi Pourquoi, 13.Lost without your love (bonus track), 14.I don't wanna talk about it (bonus track), 15.Love you for all time (bonus track),

Pa Svenska (2005)

1.Du Kunde Ha Varit Med Mig, 2.Vad Gor Jag Nu, 3.Lat Mig Alltid Minnas Dig Sa Ha, 4.Nar Du Vander Dig Bor, 5.Om Detta Ar Ditt He, 6.Nu Och Ha, 7.Om Du Vill In I Mitt Liv, 8.Kom Till Mig, 9.Midnatts Langtan, 10.Vad Gjorde Jag Fe, 11.En Annan San, 12.Om Natten (bonus),

Skin Close (30th May 2007)

1.Never Wanna Lose You, 2.Hot Night, 3.Voices Of Today (Feat. Youssou N'Dour), 4.Snowflakes, 5.Lost In Your Eyes, 6.Desperately, 7.Always Something, 8.Spell I'm Under, 9.Me Against The World, 10.On The Run, 11.You Belong To Me, 12.Spell I'm Under Part. II,


How Will I Know (Who You Are) (1998)

I Do (1998)

Tell Me Why (1998)

Tell Me What You Like (1st Jul 1998)

Goodbye (1999)

To Be Able To Love (2000) 

Lost Without Your Love (2000)

Miracles (2001)

Crash Like a Wrecking Ball (2001)

En annan sang (2005)

Du kunde ha varit med mig (9th Feb 2005)

Om natten (1st Mar 2005)

Vad gor jag nu (4th May 2005)

When Love's Comin' Back Again (15th Mar 2006)


Fonell (Franky)


If U Believe (1994)

Never Forever (26th May 1995)

Come On Dance With Me (1996)

Baby, I Miss You (1996)

Real name : Franco Stia




Me And You (1995)

Baby I Need Your Love (1995)

Memories (1996)


Food 4 Feet


Do You Feel (1994)

Do It (1994)

Label: Massive Music


Foort (Stanley) 


You Got Me Going Crazy (24th Jun 1991)

Heaven Is Here (4th Feb 1994)

Pump (15th Aug 1994)

Love Makes The World Go Round (7th Nov 1994)

Find You Anyway (10th Jul 1995)

You Make Me Believe In Magic (16th Jan 1996)


Heaven Is Here (1994)

Find You Anyway (1995)

Love Makes The World Go Round (1995)


Ford (Penny) 


Pennye (1984)

1.Feel The Music, 2.Uh,Oh,I Made A Mistake, 3.Change Your Wicked Ways, 4.Serious Love, 5.Don't You Know That I Love You, 6.Ready For Love, 7.Dangerous, 8.Never Let You Go, 9.Spend My Time With You,

Penny Ford (1993)

1.Day Dreaming, 2.I'll Be There, 3.Nevertheless, 4.Wherever You Are Tonight, 5.Father Time, 6.Lose Control, 7.This Love, 8.Under Pressure, 9.All I'll Be, 10.Insane, 11.Send for Me,


Change Your Wicked Ways (1984)

Dangerous (1985)

Oh, Oh, I Make A Mistake (1985)

Daydreaming (1993)

I'll Be There (1994)

Under Pressure (1994)




Take A Ride In The Sky (16th May 1995)

Label : ZAC Music.




Keep On Loving Me (1995)




You Make Me Feel (1994)


Four AM


Stayin' Alive (We All Need Love) (1995)

Label : RCA


Fourteen 14


Heart's Dream

Don't Leave Me (27th Sep 1994) 

Goodbye (19th Jun 1995)

Another Crack In My Heart (9th Jul 1996)  

Everytime We Touch (1997) 

All I Have To Do Is Dream (22nd Mar 1999)

A Night In Paradise (27th Jul 1999)

Down Down (4th Dec 2000)


Fox (Diana) 


Running On Empty (30th Jul 2002)

1.Running On Empty, 2.Where Are You Now, 3.Sail Away, 4.Lucky Star, 5.Breathin', 6.Dancing With Tears In My Eyes, 7.Rhythm Of My Heart, 8.My Last Goodbye, 9.Lies, 10.Without You, 11.Take Me Up To Heaven, 12.Angels Talkin', 13.I Feel So Much Love, 14.Baby Don't Go, 15.Lonely,


Running On Empty (2000)

Sail away (2001)

Lucky Star (2002)

Take Me Up To Heaven (2002)

Where Are You Now (2003)

Mein Herz ist angekommen (11th Aug 2006)

Wann bist Du bereit (12th Jan 2007)

Eins, Zwei, Drei (Ciao-Ciao und Goodbye) (1st Jun 2007)

Ich Warm Mich Bei Dir auf (19th Oct 2007)


Where Are You Now (2003)


FPI Project  


Rich In Paradise (21st Jun 1991)

1.Going Back To My Roots, 2.For Your Love, 3.African Beat, 4.Everybody (All Over The World), 5.We Got The Sound, 6.Let's Go, 7.I Can Feel, 8.Dancin' Feet, 9.Change It, 10.Risky, 11.Going Back To My Roots (Rich In Paradise), 12.Vae Victis, 13.Everybody (All Over The World) (Brown Mix),


The Paradiso EP 

Rich In Paradise (1989)

Risky (1990) 

Everybody (All Over The World) (13th Oct 1990)  

Vae Victis (1991) 

Let's Go (13th Oct 1991) 

Feel It (1992) 

Megamix (23rd Jan 1993)

Come On (And Do It) (28th Apr 1993) 

Going Back To My Roots (1994)  

Disco This Way (7th Jan 1994) 

Yes We Could (18th Jan 1995)

Tell Me Why (13th Jul 1995)

Be Thankful (For What You've Got) (1997)

Rich In Paradise 99 (1999)

So Everybody (22nd Jul 2008)


Yes, We Could (1995)


FR Connection


Listen Up (11th Jun 1993)

Without Your Love (1994)

All My Love (28th Jun 1995)

Exactly What You Want (30th Oct 1996)


Listen Up (1994)




Toca (2001)

1.Toca's Miracle, 2.Everytime You Need Me, 3.Reach Out, 4.You Are Alive, 5.Move On, 6.Do You Really Want To Feel It, 7.Magic, 8.Everybody Knows, 9.Take My Hand, 10.Outlast, 11.Toca Me, 12.Enhanced Section including the video for Toca Me, Toca's Miracle, and Everytime You Need Me and an exclusive screensaver,

Embrace (2002)

1.Time And Time Again, 2.Embrace Me, 3.Say That You're Here, 4.How Do You Feel, 5.Take This World For Real, 6.Free Your Mind, 7.Who Needs A Reason, 8.Only You, 9.Why, 10.Just Like A Teardrop, 11.Maybe It's You, 12.Risk My Soul, 13.Say That You're Here (Riva Vocal Version), 14.Embrace Me (Wippenberg Remix), 15.Time And Time Again (Extended Mix), 16.Embrace Me (Duderstadt Radio Remix),


Toca Me (18th May 1999) 

Toca's Miracle (15th May 2000)  

Everytime You Need Me (2001)  

You Are Alive (8th Oct 2001) 

Say That You're Here (2002)

Embrace Me (Jun 2002)

Time And Time Again (Sep 2002)  

Man In The Moon (27th Feb 2003) 

Radio Waves (Mar 2006)

Deeper (2007)

Toca's Miracle 2008 (31st Mar 2008) 

Memory (Oct 2008) 

Forever And A Day (27th Nov 2009)




Far Away (1995)


Frank and Bory


Always (1995)


Franky Gee


Wolly Bully (as MC Franky Gee)

Oh Well

Rapper of Captain Jack.


Free 2 Dance


Piece Of Heaven (1996)

The single was produced by Axel Breitung, Maik Karsten & Peter Seidl and written by Axel Breitung. The CD included a Radio Edit, a Club 12" Mix, and a House Mix. The female vocalist was Christiane Eiben.

Thanks to Necronomic


Free and Happy


Feel It (1994)


Free Style


The Diver (Klinsmann Song) (1995)




Freebee (1996)

1.Wings, 2.True, 3.Runaway, 4.Let Love Begin, 5.Heaven, 6.Looking For An Angel, 7.back To The Days, 8.Stay With Me, 9.Don't Walk Away, 10.Sunny Feelings, 11.Baby Love, 12.Home Sweet Home, 13.Keep (Hold On To Me), 14.True (JJ's radio), 15.Free,

Freebee Russian version (1996)

1.Wings, 2.True, 3.Runaway, 4.Let Love Begin, 5.Heaven, 6.Looking For An Angel, 7.back To The Days, 8.Stay With Me, 9.Don't Walk Away, 10.Sunny Feelings, 11.Baby Love 15 Free, 12.Home Sweet Home, 13.Keep (Hold On To Me), 14.True (remix), 15.Free, 16.Amore,

Mega mix album (1999)

1.Wings (Radiomix Swemix), 2.Amore, 3.True (remixed by Solid Base), 4.Come Home Tonight, 5.Heaven (remixed by Sesam), 6.Stay With Me (Deep mix), 7.Let Love Begin (Gyr-8 radio mix), 8.Get It Out, 9.True (US clubmix), 10.Wings (YMI suburbian club mix), 11.Heavenly (club mix), 12.Get It Out (T.O.E.C. 12 mix),

Babe (1999)

1.I Can't Reach You, 2.I Wanna Be Loved, 3.My Baby Love, 4.When It's Over, 5.It's For Real, 6.Doctor Please, 7.Tell Me Tonight, 8.I Still Love You, 9.Baby Don't Go, 10.Stay True, 11.In Your Arms, 12.I Need Your Love,


Runaway (1996)

True (14th Aug 1996)   

Heaven (1997)

Let Love Begin (1997)

Wings (20th May 1997)

I Can't Reach You (1999)


French (Nicki) 


Secrets (1995)

1.Total Eclipse Of The Heart, 2.Did You Ever Really Love Me?, 3.Forever And A Day, 4.I'll Be Waiting, 5.Is There Anybody Out There?, 6.Never In A Million Years, 7.For All We Know, 8.Secrets, 9.Something About You, 10.Voice Of America,

French Revolution (1997)

1.Te Amo, 2.Don't Want To Be Alone Tonight, 3.Give It Up Now, 4.Through The Fire, 5.Hard To Say I'm Sorry, 6.Best Thing In My Life, 7.Wanna Know, 8.Worlds Apart, 9.All Night Long, 10.Baila Baila, 11.Faith, Hope And Honesty, 12.Te Amo (Spanish Version), 13.Give It Up Now (Extended Mix), 14.Te Amo (Pianoman Remix), 15.Total Eclipse Of The Heart (Milk Bar Mix),


Total Eclipse Of The Heart (1994)   

Did You Ever Really Love Me? (1995)

For All We Know (1995) 

Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree (1995)

Hard To Say I'm Sorry (1997)

Te Amo (1997) 

Don't Play That Song Again (2000)

I Surrender (2004)

Calling Out My Name (2005)

Total Eclipse Of The Heart 2006 (2006) 

Total Eclipse Of The Heart 2007 (2007)


Te Amo (the UK mixes) (1997)




Hold On (1997)


Fresh (Sydney)


House And Rhymes (1991)

1.Let's Get Started, 2.Drive Me Crazy, 3.You Rock The House, 4.Just Take Me Higher, 5.If It's Love, 6.Jumpin' And Pumpin', 7.Do You Want Love, 8.Sydney Fresh Mega Mix, 9.Feel The Bass,


The Party

Rhythm Typer 

The Party Just Began/I've Got A Feeling (1989)

Feel The Bass (1990)

Feel the bass/Move your body pt. 2 (1990)

If It's Love (1991)

Move Your Body (1991)

Feel The Love (1991)

Feel The Emotion (1994)

Devotion (1995)

Are You Crazy (1997)


Feel The Emotion (May 1994)


Fresh Trends


Carry Light To My Dreams / Love Is Like A Melody (2000)




Girl You'll Be A Woman Soon (1995)


Froggy Mix


No Naggin (2001)

1.No Nagging, 2.Beautiful World, 3.Disco Locomove, 4.Wake Up, 5.Love Loud, 6.Everybody Yeah, 7.Precious Thing, 8.You & Me, 9.Ya-Lala, 10.Music,

No Naggin (2002)

1.Intro, 2.Razzmatazz (Zen Radio Mix), 3.No Nagging (Zen Radio Mix), 4.So Hot, 5.What Can I Say, 6.Discolocomove, 7.Everybody Yeah!, 8.U and Me, 9.Precious Thing, 10.Wake Up, 11.Love Loud, 12.Razzmatazz (UK Radio mix), 13.Razzmatazz (Sakura mix), 14.Razzmatazz (Alex G Radio Mix), 15.No Nagging (Zen Club Mix),


Not An Illusion 

No Naggin (11th Sep 2001)  

Razzmatazz (2002)  

So Hot (2003)


Fuerte Ventura


I Want You (1995)


Full Effect


Make It Move (1994)


Full Speed


Star (14th Nov 1994)

Happy (5th May 1995)


Star (1994)


Fun 2 U


Inolvidable (10th Oct 1996)

My Little Flower (15th Jan 1998)

Walking On Music (15th Jul 1998)

I Wish I Could Fly (8th Mar 1999)

Here Comes The Rain (25th May 1999) 


Fun 4 Me


La Soledad (1994)

Se Fue (1994)

Amores Extranos / El No Esta Por Ti (1995)

Se Fue / Non Ce (22nd May 1995)

Te Pertenezco / Do You Know (1996)


Fun 4 You


I'm So Excited (1995)


Fun Factory    


Non Stop! The Album (1994)

1.Intro Jam, 2.Groove Me, 3.Take Your Chance, 4.Love Of My Life, 5.Close To You, 6.We Are The World, 7.Fun Factory's Groove, 8.Hey Little Girl, 9.Fun Factory's Theme, 10.Prove Your Love, 11.Pain, 12.I Miss Her, 13.Close To You (Ragga remix), 14.Take Your Chance (Take the remix),

Non-Stop (4th Nov 1994)

1.Intro Jam, 2.Groove Me, 3.Take Your Chance, 4.Love Of My Life, 5.Close To You, 6.We Are The World, 7.Fun Factory's Groove, 8.Hey Little Girl, 9.Fun Factory's Theme, 10.Prove Your Love, 11.Pain, 12.I Miss Her,

Close To You (1995)

1.Fun Factory's Intro, 2.Groove Me, 3.Take Your Chance, 4.Love Of My Life, 5.Close To You, 6.We Are The World, 7.Fun Factory's Groove, 8.Fun Factory's Theme, 9.Prove Your Love/Freestylin', 10.Pain, 11.I Wanna B With U,

Fun-Tastic (3rd Nov 1995)

1.Dreaming, 2.Celebration, 3.Doh Wah Diddy, 4.Oh Yeah Yeah (I Like It), 5.I Love You, 6.Don't Fight, 7.I Wanna B With U, 8.Together Forever, 9.Don't Go Away, 10.All for U (Close to You 2), 11.Be Good To Me, 12.Back In The Days,

All Their Best (7th Nov 1996)

1.Celebration (Radio party vocal), 2.Don't Go Away (Radio walk), 3.Doh Wah Diddy (Dee dee radio), 4.I Wanna B With U (B on the air rap), 5.I Love You (Album version), 6.Pain (Feel the pain mix), 7.Close To You (Trouble mix), 8.Oh Yeah Yeah (I Like It), 9.Prove Your Love, 10.Love Of My Life, 11.Groove Me (Album version), 12.Take Your Chance (take the airwaves Mix), 13.Fun Factory's Theme, 14.Doh Wah Diddy (Doh wah nrg-Remix), 15.Celebration (Slam rap extended), 16.I Wanna B With U (Homegirls int, 17.Freestylin,

The Party - Nonstop Remix Album (24th Sep 1997)

1.I Wanna B With U, 2.Love Of My Life, 3.Don't Go Away, 4.Celebration, 5.Oh Yeah Yeah (I Like It), 6.Fun Factory's Theme, 7.Together Forever, 8.Doh Wah Diddy, 9.Fun Factory's Groove, 10.Close To You, 11.All For You (close To You, 12.Take Your Chance, 13.Groove Me, 14.Dreaming, 15.Don't Fight, 16.We Are The World, 17.Pain, 18.Prove Your Love, 19.Freestylin', 20.Fun Factory Mega-mix,

Next Generation (31st Mar 1999)

1.Party With Fun Factory, 2.Get The Rhythm, 3.House Of Love, 4.Next To You, 5.Sha-la-la-la-la, 6.Theme, 7.Take Me To The Limit, 8.Factory Of Fun, 9.Feel So Good, 10.Next Generation, 11.Baby Come Back, 12.I Wish, 13.Sing Along, 14.Fun Factory's Millennium Theme, 15.Party With Fun Factory (Long Party Mix), 16.Sha-La-La-La-La (Single Mix),

Next Generation 99 (19th Jul 1999)

1.House Of Love, 2.Party With (Cool Mix), 3.Take Me To The Limit, 4.Sha-La-La-La-La, 5.Baby Come Back, 6.I Wish, 7.Party Message, 8.Fun Factory 99, 9.Close To You, 10.Next To You Baby, 11.Ready To Flight,

ABC Of Music (21st Aug 2002)

1.I'll Be There, 2.Simple Song, 3.Crazy, 4.Tam Tam Taram Tam, 5.Don't You Want Me Baby, 6.I Swear, 7.Let It Happen, 8.Muchacho, 9.Fiesta De La Vida, 10.Self Control, 11.Everything I Do, 12.Everybody Let The Sunshine In, 13.I'll Be Good, 14.Drum Factory 2001, 15.Tam Tam Taram Tam (Dixie Club Version), 16.I'll Be There (Maxi Version),

Fun Factory! 10th Anniversary Greatest Hits (27th Feb 2006)

1.Celebration, 2.Don't Go Away, 3.Doh Wah Diddy, 4.I Wanna B With U, 5.I Love You, 6.Pain, 7.Close To You, 8.Oh Yeah Yeah (I Like It), 9.Prove Your Love, 10.Love Of My Life, 11.Groove Me, 12.Take Your Chance, 13.Fun Factory's Theme, 14.Doh Wah Diddy (Doh Wah Nrg Remix), 15.Celebration (Slam Rap Extended Version), 16.I Wanna Be With You (Homegirls Internet Remix), 17.Freestylin' (Bonus Track), 18.Close To You (Close To Ragga Remix), 19.I Love You (Short Edit),


Fun Factory's Theme (27th Apr 1992)

Groove Me (10th Oct 1993) 

Close To You (18th Mar 1994)

Take Your Chance (6th Aug 1994) 

Pain (16th Nov 1994)

I Wanna B With U (18th Apr 1995) 

Celebration (6th Sep 1995)

Doh Wah Diddy (30th Nov 1995) 

Don't Go Away (10th May 1996)

I Love You (5th Nov 1996)

Oh Yeah Yeah (I Like It) (May 1997)

Party With Fun Factory (29th Jun 1998)

House Of Love (Apr 1999)

Sha-La-La-La-La (21st Jul 1999)

Be Good To Me (29th Aug 2008)

Fiesta de Samba (2009)


Groove Me (1993)

Close To You (1994)

Doh Wah Diddy (1995)

Take Your Chance (1995)

I Wanna B With U (1995)

Close To You (New Ремиксы:) (22nd Mar 2003)

Musical team : Bulent Aris, R. Kesselbauer, Tony Cottura, R. Hardison

Vocalists : Balja, Marie-Anett Mey, Anett Moller


Fun Fun


Have Fun! (1984)

1.Give Me Your Love, 2.Sing Another Song, 3.Tell Me, 4.Living In Japan, 5.Color My Love, 6.Give A Little Love Again, 7.Happy Station,

Double Fun (1987)

1.Hit Mix, 2.Gimme Some Loving, 3.Could This Be Love, 4.Psychedelic Vision, 5.Baila Bolero, 6.Give Up Your Fight, 7.Lonely Feeling, 8.I'm A Believer,

The Best Of (1991)

1.One Day, 2.Baila Bolero, 3.Gimme Some Loving, 4.Color My Love, 5.Happy Station, 6.Capital Girl, 7.Give Me Your Love, 8.Could This Be Love, 9.Give Me Love, 10.Hit-Mix Medley,

The Best Of Fun Fun (1994)

1.Happy Station (Remix '94), 2.Baila Bolero (Remix '94), 3.Colour My Love (Remix '94), 4.One Day, 5.Give Me Your Love, 6.Psychedelic Visions, 7.Lonely Feeling, 8.I'm A Believer, 9.Tell Me, 10.Capital Girl, 11.Gimme Some Loving, 12.Hit Mix Medley,

Greatest Fun (1995)

1.Happy Station, 2.Give Me Your Love, 3.Sing Another Song, 4.Tell Me, 5.Baila Bolero, 6.Could This Be Love, 7.Give Up Your Fight, 8.Living In Japan, 9.Color My Love, 10.Gimme Some Loving, 11.Give A Little Love Again, 12.Hit Mix, 13.I'm A Believer, 14.Lonely Feeling, 15.Psychedelic Vision, 16.I'm Needing You, 17.Happy Station,


Happy Station (1983)

Color my love (1984)

Give Me Your Love (1984)

Living In Japan (1984)

Sing Another Song (1984)

Baila Bolero (1986)

Gimme Some Loving (1987)

Could This Be Love (1987)

Mega Hit Mix (1988)

Give Me Love (1989)

I'm Needin' You (17th Jun 1994)

Baila Bolero 2000 (2000)

Happy Station (vs Rico Bass) (29th Sep 2005)




What A Feeling (1997)

1.Oh What A Feeling, 2.Kung Fu Dancing, 3.China Girl, 4.Mallorca, 5.You Will Never See My Face, 6.That's Love, 7.Peking Theme, 8.Making Love In The Summer Rain, 9.Co Za Uczucie, 10.Tancz Ze Mna, 11.Chce Ciebie Kotku,


China Girl (11th Nov 1993)

Mallorca (1997)




Dolce Vita (1997)

1.Funtasy, 2.Shubidobe Love, 3.Relax ( The Beat), 4.The Bird Song ?97, 5.No School, No Job, No Problem..., 6.Dolce Vita, 7.Up And Down (Teke It Easy) Intro, 8.Up And Down (Lullaby), 9.So Many Times, 10.Can U Feel...., 11.The Light Go Down,


Funtasy (1997)


Funny Girl


Woman In Love (1997)




Bee In My Bonnet (1994)


Funtime Club


Sunny Side Of Life (6th May 1994)

Label : Abfahrt Records.




Rescue Me 


Future Beat


Destiny (27th Jun 1994)

1.X-Tasy (Original), 2.Destiny (remix), 3.Dance to the Rhythm, 4.The Only One, 5.Faith the Night, 6.Destiny (original), 7.For Your Love, 8.X-Tasy (LP - mix), 9.It's My Party, 10.Trancenations Chillout, 11.Power of Dancing,


It's My Party (23rd Sep 1993)

Faith The Night (4th Nov 1993)

Destiny (1994)

Power Of Love (16th Jan 1994)

X-Tasy (16th Aug 1994)

Dancin Factory (26th Apr 1996)

100% Pure Love (28th Jan 1997)


Destiny (1994)


Future Brain


Get Ready (1994)

One Two Three Four (1994)

Label : Z'UP Records/Proprio Records


Future City


Let Your Body Free (26th Nov 1993)

Infactuation (6th May 1994)

Only Love (1995) 

Label : Extreme Records


Future House


Be My Lover 


Future Nation


I'm For Real / Rhythm In Rapture


Future Tone


I Feel Alive (2002)

1.I Feel Alive, 2.This Is The Night, 3.Enjoy the Music, 4.Mysterious Ride, 5.Out Of Control, 6.Colour My Love, 7.I Need Your Love, 8.Set Me Free, 9.This Is My Dream, 10.Just For You,


I Feel Alive 


Future Trend


Tonight (1996)


FX Box


I Want You