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D 'n' Joy


Easy (It's Very Easy) (1994)


D Warren


Don't You Want (1995)

D'Arby (Terence)


D'Ubaldo (Marie-Claire)


Marie Claire (1990)

1.Highway, 2.Changing Faces, 3.The Night Is Always Right, 4.Time, 5.Burning Rivers, 6.I Can Never Believe (What You Say), 7.Going Home, 8.Nothing Left to Hide, 9.Touch,

Marie-Claire D'Ubaldo (1994)

1.The Rhythm Is Magic, 2.My Father's Eyes, 3.Falling Into You, 4.Rachel, 5.Only Human, 6.Carnival In Heaven, 7.Burning Rivers, 8.No Turning Back, 9.Alma De Barro, 10.A Woman's Love, 11.The Outside (Of The Other Side), 12.Venteveo,

Alma De Barro (1994)

1.La Magia Del Ritmo (The Rhythm Is Magic), 2.Los Ojos De Mi Padre (Volveras) (My Father's Eyes), 3.Y Caigo Un Poco Mas (Falling Into you), 4.Nocturna, 5.Heroes De Papel, 6.Hay Un Carnaval (Carnival In Heaven), 7.Tanger, 8.Voces, 9.Alma De Barro, 10.A Woman's Love, 11.Donde Estan, 12.Venteveo, 13.The Rhythm Is Magic,

Songwriting & Duets, Pt. 1 (4th Dec 2009)

1.Il segreto sta nel ritmo (duet With Lola Ponce), 2.Blue Boy (duet With Laura Critchley), 3.Suenos (duet With Gerardina Trovato), 4.Roses of Violence, 5.Lay Down Your Arms, 6.Only One World (with Federico Poggipollini), 7.Don't Suffer, 8.The Rhythm Is Magic 2010 (duet With Dr Feelx),



Time (1990)

The Rhythm Is Magic (1994) 

Alma De Barro (1994)

My Father's Eyes (1994)

Il Segreto Sta Nel Ritmo (15th Jul 2009)

The Rhythm Is Magic '09 (27th Nov 2009)




My Lover (1995)




Give Me More (1994)

Label : Bell records. Members : Mani S., Knote.




The ABC OF Love (17th Oct 1994) 

Label: Weryton




Tell Me What You Feel (16th Oct 1996)




Keep Me Going On (1994)

Life Love & Soul (1994)




Lies (12th Jun 1996)

Label : Due. D-Lies features the voice of the male vocalist Raffa.




Love Resurrection (1996)




You're No Good (1995)




Dr Beat (1995)




Say U Love Me (1996)

1.Make Me Happy (Club radio mix), 2.In Yo' House ! (Boom-di-di-boom), 3.Everybody, 4.Say U Love Me (Summer Hit '96), 5.La-Di-Da (Tell Me), 6.U Cannot Cry (featuring Tina Kaselova), 7.Need Ya Body!, 8.All I Want, 9.Even If..., 10.Make Me Happy (featuring Baby aka Baeata Zamrijova) (Calerab version), 11.Recapitulation,

Uhh Le Leee (1997)

1.D-Intro, 2.Uh Le Leee, 3.Love By Night, 4.Childlude, 5.U.S.S.R., 6.Get You Yet, 7.Your Eyez, 8.Come To Me, 9.Holiday '97, 10.Why Must You Be, 11.Now I Wanna, 12.People (What 'Cha Want), 13.I Need To Feel Somebody,

P.O.U.P.A.T.K.O (1999)

1.Ciao Bambina, 2.P.O.U.P.A.T.K.O, 3.Time Is Up, 4.Dance With Me, 5.Winnetou '99, 6.City Of Light, 7.Say Yeah, 8.Found Love, 9.Feel My Desire, 10.Touch The Sky, 11.Nasty Boy, 12.Life Iz A Stage, Синглы:

Make Me Happy (1996)

USSR 97 (1997)




 Owe You Nothing (24th Mar 1995)

Tell My Why (11th Dec 1995)




I Can't Believe It's Over

Chi Ching (2003)




Time To Dance

Let Me Hear The Music (5th Mar 1994)

Got To Give It Up (2nd Oct 1994)

Love Me Forever (11th May 1995)  

Time (29th Sep 1996)

Mystical Way (21st Apr 1997)

Fly To The Sun (16th Sep 1998)

Tell Me (21st Sep 1999)

Show Stopper (13th Mar 2008)

Damaged (6th May 2008)




Spinning Around (1994)




Radio Night

Show Me The Way (1997)




Take Your Time (30th Aug 1994)




Wild Wild West (1994)


Da Blitz 


Euromanic Trance

1.Movin' On (Power mix), 2.Take Me Back (The mystic cut), 3.Let Me Be (remix), 4.Take My Way (DJ Gabry Ponte verison), 5.Stay With Me (Club mix), 6.I Believe (Happy Core Mix), 7.Movin' On (radio cut), 8.Da Blitz Non Stop Mix, Синглы:

Let Me Be (25th Feb 1994) 

Stay With Me (24th Apr 1994) 

Take My Way (20th Jul 1994) 

Movin' On (10th Apr 1995)

Take Me Back (23rd Oct 1995) 

I Believe (19th Mar 1996)

The Light Of Love (20th Jan 1997)

To Live Forever (19th Mar 1997) 

Love & Devotion (11th May 1998)


Let Me Be (1994)

Movin' On (1995)


Da Buzz 


Da Sound (2000)

1.Let Me Love You, 2.Do You Want Me, 3.Give You All My Love, 4.Your Love Will (Shine On Me), 5.Paradise, 6.Tell Me Once Again, 7.Believe In Love, 8.Love & Devotion, 9.I Wanna Be Free, 10.I'm Alright, 11.Out Of Words,

Wanna Be With Me (2002)

1.Wanna Be With Me, 2.In Your Dreams, 3.Wonder Where You Are, 4.Stronger Than Words Can Say, 5.Sorry Baby, 6.This Night I'm In Love, 7.Together As One, 8.Let The Music Heal You, 9.Keep On lovin' Me, 10.Key To My Heart, 11.I Go Crazy,

More Than Alive (May 2003)

1.Alive, 2.Tonight Is The Night, 3.Wanna Love You Forever, 4.Can You Feel The Same Way Too, 5.Cause I Need Your Love, 6.Stop, Look, Listen, 7.Heaven, 8.I'll Give You All The Love, 9.You And I, 10.Fantasy, 11.Don't Ever Say Goodbye, 12.Wonder Where You Are (remix),

Dangerous - The Album (5th May 2005)

1.Dangerous, 2.How Could You Leave Me, 3.Come Away With Me, 4.Waiting For Me, 5.Stay Forever Young, 6.Lost Without You, 7.Set My Heart On Fire, 8.I Love You, 9.Stuck, 10.I've Been Waiting For Someone Like, 11.Can't Give Up For Love, 12.Magic In The Air,

Alive and Dangerous New Release (2006)

1.Alive, 2.Dangerous, 3.How Could You Leave Me, 4.Tonight (Is The Night), 5.Set My Heart On Fire (U.S. Version), 6.Waiting For Me, 7.Wanna Love You Forever, 8.Heaven, 9.I'll Give You All The Love, 10.You And I, 11.Lost Without You, 12.Stay Forever Young, 13.Come Away With Me, 14.Don't Ever Say Goodbye, 15.How Could You Leave Me (U.S. Version), 16.Alive (U.S. Version), 17.Dangerous (U.S. Version),

Last Goodbye (15th Mar 2006)

1.Last Goodbye, 2.World For 2, 3.Soon My Heart, 4.Give Me Your Hand, 5.Tell Me No Lies, 6.Without Breaking, 7.Life Is Good, 8.Together We Got The Power, 9.The Echo, 10.Live My Life Without You, 11.Here I Am, 12.Last Goodbye (Remix),

Greatest Hits (21st Nov 2007)

1.Take all my love, 2.Dangerous, 3.Do You Want Me, 4.Tonight Is The Night, 5.Wonder Where You Are, 6.Without Breaking, 7.Last Goodbye, 8.Wanna Be With Me, 9.How Could You Leave Me, 10.Paradise, 11.Let Me Love You, 12.Baby Listen To Me, 13.Take A Chance, 14.Don't You Ever Leave Me, 15.Da Buzz Club Mix,


Paradise (Dec 1999)

Do You Want Me (Jun 2000)

Let Me Love You (Oct 2000)

Believe In Love (Mar 2001)

Wanna Be With Me (2nd Feb 2002)

Wonder Where You Are (27th May 2002)

Stronger Than Words Can Say (Jan 2003)

Tonight (Is The Night) (Aug 2003)

Alive (31st Dec 2003) 

Dangerous (Apr 2004)

How Could You Leave Me (Jul 2004)

Last Goodbye (22nd Feb 2006)

Without Breaking (5th May 2006)

Soon My Heart (Jan 2007)

Take All My Love (7th Jun 2007)

Baby Listen To Me (17th Jul 2007)


Da Choice


Make That Move (24th Jun 1994)  


Da Costa (Liza) 


Banana Coco (29th May 2000)


Da Pampa


Call It (1995)


Da Smooth Baron MC


Let's Kick It Off (1991)


Da Tune


Late In The Night (1995)


Dad Jeans


Naked Dreams

Across These Mountains (1996)

Label : Fresh music.


Daddy DJ 


Let Your Body Talk (2001)

1.Daddy DJ, 2.Where Are You, 3.Over You, 4.Let Your Body Talk, 5.Little Baby Girl, 6.U See, 7.In My Dreams, 8.The Girl In Red, 9.Louder, 10.Nightmares, 11.Daddy DJ (J & B trance club mix), 11.Daddy DJ (J & B trance club mix), 12.The Girl In Red (Chico & Tonio feat J & B club mix), 13.Daddy DJ (Mr Manu Underground Mix), Синглы:

Daddy DJ (2000) 

The Girl In Red (2001)

Over You (2001)


Daddy K 


Voulez-Vous Coucher Avec Moi (1995)

Up & Down (1995)

Stand Up (1996)

Et C'Est Comme Ca (1996)

Chacun Fait Ce Qui Lui Plait (1997)




Only For You (1996)




The Spirit (1994)

Boom Chaka (15th Sep 1997)

No Promises (1998)


The Spirit (1994)


Daik (Joanna)


Feel Me (1995)

Mets du funky dans ta vie (1996)


Daisy Chain


Don't Need Your Love (1995)

I Don't Need Your Loving (1996)

I Will Fly (4th Sep 1996)

Label : Not Only Music.


Daisy Dee   


The Album (1992)

1.Crazy, 2.I'm Real, 3.Cool It, 4.Let It Out, 5.Walkin' On That Side, 6.Pump It Up All The Way, 7.Anything 4 You, 8.What Is Dat?, 9.It's Gonna Be Alright, 10.I Got U,

Best Of (6th Jun 1995)

1.Crazy ('95 Wicked Mix), 2.Somebody Real (Vocal Trippy Mix), 3.Back It Up (Club Mix), 4.Pump It Up All The Way (LP Version Remix), 5.I Got You (7' Alternative), 6.I'm Real, 7.What Is Dat, 8.Walking On That Side, 9.Let It Out, 10.It's Gonna Be Alright (Radio Edit), 11.Crazy (Original '91 Chicago Edit), 12.Anything For You, 13.Cool It, 14.This Beat Is Technotronic (Radio Version),

I Am Who I Am (1996)

1.Come Again (Radio Edit), 2.Just Jump (Single Mix), 3.Cool It Down, 4.Natural High (Piano Mix), 5.'Till The End, 6.Angel (Video Edit), 7.Go Bazurk, 8.Delite, 9.Information, 10.Back To Basic, 11.Heaven Says No, Синглы:

Crazy (1991) 

Pump It Up All The Way (1992)

It's Gonna Be Alright (1992) 

I Got U (1992)

This Beat Is Technotronic (26th Feb 1992)  

Walking On That Side (11th Sep 1992)

Headbone Connected (Nov 1994)  

Crazy 96 (1996)

Just Jump (15th Apr 1996)

Angel (10th Oct 1996)

Hey You (Open Up Your Mind) (7th Jul 1997)

Love Is The Answer (10th Jan 2000) 

Open Sesame (1st Sep 2000)

The Summer Is Magic 2009 (Aug 2008)


This Beat Is Technotronic (1992)

Angel (1996)

Just Jump (1996)




Do It (4th Oct 1994)




I Need Your Love (1994)

Label : Blackbeard.


Damage Control


Don't U Feel My Pain (26th Nov 1993)

You've Got To Believe (17th Jun 1994)

Trust (24th Jul 1995)


Don't U Feel My Pain (1993)


Damas (Lorena)


Mi Vida Sin Ti




Gone Away (1992)

Walk Away (25th Mar 1994)


Dance 2 Trance


Moon Spirits (1993)

1.Kayenta, 2.We Came In Peace (Desert Mix), 3.Freaks, 4.Sit Together, 5.Hello San Francisco (Golden Gate Mix), 6.Mr. Cannabis, 7.P.ower Of A.merican N.atives (Ethno Instrumental Mix), 8.Atlantis, 8.Atlantis, 9.Remember Exxon Valdez, 10.Where Is Dag ?, 11.Take A Free Fall (Club Mix), 12.P.ower Of A.merican N.atives (Jam & Spoon Remix),

Revival (19th Jan 1995)

1.Surrealistic Pillow, 2.Purple Onions, 3.Neil's Aurora, 4.Land Of Oz, 5.Enuf Eko (Album Mix), 6.Christopher, who ?, 7.Mrs. Cannabis, 8.Morning Star, 9.Fly, Fly, Dragonfly, 10.Warrior,

Works 1991-1995 (26th Sep 1996)

1.We Came In Peace (Desert Mix), 2.Let's Get Rollin', 3.Where Is Dag?, 4.Hello San Francisco, 5.P.ower Of A.merican N.atives (Vocal Mix), 6.Take A Free Fall (Radio Edit), 7.Remember Exxon Valdez, 8.Warrior [Radio Edit], 9.I Have A Dream (Enuf Eko?), 10.Morning Star (Vocal Mix), 11.Trance-O-Phobia, 12.Deepest Vision, 13.Autumn Dance, Синглы:

Where Is Dag?/Deepest Vision/Atlantis (11th Jul 1990)

Hello San Francisco/Remember Exxon Valdez/Bad Religion (28th Feb 1992) 

Let's Got Rollin'/Trance-O-Phobia (20th Oct 1992)

P.ower Of A.merican N.atives (1st Nov 1992)

We Came In Peace (1993)

Take A Free Fall/Psychedelic Solution (1st May 1993)

Dance 2 Trance/We Came in Peace (7th Oct 1993)

Warrior/Summer Of '94 (7th Nov 1994)

I Have A Dream (Enuf Eko?) (22nd Apr 1995)

P.ower Of A.merican N.atives 98 (2nd Mar 1998)

Power of American Natives 2009 (2009)


Dance 4 Color


More Of The Hot Stuff (1st Mar 1995)


Dance 4 Joy


You Gotta Love Me (1995)

Tell Me The Reason (1996)

Label : DJ Movement records.


Dance Boy


Come And Dance

I Believe

In The Name Of Love


Dance D-Vision


The Evolution (Make It Move) (4th Aug 1994)


Dance Floor Virus 


The Ballroom

1.Message In A Bottle, 2.Dedododo Dedadada, 3.The Bed's Too Big Without You, 4.When The World Is Running Down, 5.Walking On The Moon, 6.Synchronicity, 7.Every Breath You Take, 8.Spirits In A Material World, 9.Don't Stand So Close To Me, 10.Dedododo Dedadada (Policewoman Mix), 11.Walking On The Moon (Floatation Mix), 12.Message In A Bottle (Castaway Mix),


Message In The Bottle (1995)

Don't Stand So Close To Me (1995)

Label : Sony music entertainement (Spain) S.A/ Copyright Control.


Dance Mission


Finally Free (1995)


Dance Nation 


Sunshine (22nd Jun 2001) 

Dance! (15th Apr 2002)

Words (23rd Oct 2002)

You Take Me Away (5th May 2003)

Ridin' High (Aug 2006)


Dance Nation (2)


Dawn (1994)

1.Come On People, 2.True Conviction, 3.Never In My Life, 4.Freed, 5.Let The Rhythm Entrance (Mubla mix), 6.Stellar Symphony, 7.The Eagle Has Landed '94 (Ambient mix), 8.Whirlwind, 9.Subdistorsion, 10.Strange Attractor,


Visitor In the World


Technoflight EP (white label) (31st Dec 1992)

Don't Panic (1993)

Extended Play (1993)

Never In My Life (1994)

Freed (1994)

True Conviction (1994)

This Love (Here For You) (Mar 2003)


Dance Nature


Jungle Fever (Sur mon front coule la fievre) (1994)

Rhythm Of Love (15th May 1995)


Dance Or Die


Satisfy (29th Oct 1993)

Galaxy Of Love (4th Apr 1994)


Dance Revolution


Let Me Feel It (1994)

Dreams (1995)


Dance United


Reach Out (30th Sep 2002)


Dancefloor Syndroma


Can't You See (27th Jun 1994)

Power Of Luv (31st May 1995)

Brand New Way (10th May 1996)




The Beat (1994)




Do It For Love (25th Jul 1997)




Faza (1997)

1.Faza, 2.Jestes Doskonala, 3.Moze Zrozumiesz, 4.Magiczna Rzecz, 5.Mam Chec, 6.Strobomania, 7.Przychodze Co Noc, 8.Jak Magnes, 9.Szalony Doping, 10.Strobomania Jungle, 11.Faza Transmix, 12.Szalony Doping (Crazy Mix), 13.Moze Zrozumiesz (Koncert Mix), 14.Strobomania (70's Version), 15.I Want, 16.Strobomania (Extended Version),


Przychodze Co Noc




Life Is Just A Stage (25th Jul 1997)




I Like Chopin (1997)

Abracadabra (1997)

What Can I Do (1998)

Take Me Tonight (1999)

Flying Away (2000)

Dance (4th Nov 2008)


Dante (Alana)  


Breaking Out (25th Nov 1996)

1.I'm Breaking Out, 2.Back Where We Belong, 3.Attention To Me, 4.The Promise, 5.Think Twice, 6.They Say It's Gonna Rain, 7.The Mirror, 8.Groove Me, 9.One Heart, 10.Feeling O, 11.What I Do For love, 12.How Can I Win Your Love, 13.Attention To Me (Discoround mix), 14.Think Twice (Xclusive mix ),

Disco-Suppa-Girl (1998)

1.Disco-Suppa-Girl (X-clusive Album Mix), 2.Take Me For A Ride, 3.Stay With Me, 4.Breakin Out, 5.Dream Tonight, 6.Why Don't You Write Me, 7.The Life Of The Party, 8.Lost In Dreams, 9.The Promise, 10.Land Of Eternal Love, 11.Think Twice (Bonus track),

As Time Goes By (3rd Dec 2008)

1.I started a joke, 2.Desperado, 3.I wanna be loved by you, 4.If you can read my mind, 5.Vincent, 6.If, 7.Bang Bang, 8.As time goes by, 9.Fever, 10.Crazy, 11.Cry me a river, 12.Send in the clowns, 13.At seventeen,


Think Twice (1995)

Attention To Me (30th Oct 1996) 

Back Where We Belong (1997)

Take Me For A Ride (Oct 1997)

The Life Of The Party (May 1998)

Disco-Suppa-Girl (Oct 1998)

Land Of Eternal Love (1999)

Get Ready For The Sunsand (Apr 1999)

Saturday Baby (25th Jun 1999)

Give You Up (12th Nov 1999)

Star For A Night (2000)

Back In The Summer (2000)

Never Can Say Goodbye (28th Feb 2001)

Sylvia's Mother (2002)

D.I.S.C.O. (2005)




Look At Your Man (1994)

Summertime (1994)

I Wish I Could Fly (1995)

Producer : James Dandu (from Cool James & Black Teacher).




Without You (1995)




In My Dreams (5th May 1994)  


In My Dreams (1994)




Gimme The Love (18th Feb 1994)

Jumping In My Fire (1995)

Label : Italian Style. Members : Diego Abaribi, M. Marcolin & V. Gaffurini. The project featured a solo female vocalist.


Darry Hard


So Much Baby


Dart (Patty)


You Make Me Wanna Cry

Frederick (1994)

Leave Me or Love Me (1995)

Angel (1996)

Breakin' Up (1997)

Love Resurrection (1997)

Label : Lips, Interdance and Union (3 labels of the SAIFAM records company)




Eternity (1993)

1.North Line, 2.Devotion, 3.Passion, 4.Mystic Motion, 5.East Line, 6.Nu Style, 7.South Line, 8.Yerba Del Diablo, 9.The 7th Allucinacion, 10.Eternity, 11.West Line, 12.Fade To Grey, 13.Yerba Del Diablo - Part II (Juca Rosa), 14.Yerba Del Diablo - Part II (Ariki), 15.Devotion (Karma Marga),

Greatest Hits (1998)

1.Fade To Grey (Feat. Steve Strange), 2.North Line, 3.Devotion, 4.Passion, 5.Mystic Motion, 6.East Line, 7.Nu Style, 8.South Line, 9.Yerba Del Diablo, 10.The 7th Hallucination, 11.Eternity, 12.West Line, 13.Fade To Grey (Album Version), 14.Yerba Del Diablo (Part 2), 15.El Sueno, 16.Yerba Del Diablo (Part 3), 17.Devotion (Extended Version), 18.Eternity (Verdana/Datura's Bloom), 19.El Sueno (LIVE Recorded At Cocorico-Riccone), 20.The 7th Hallucination (Live Recorded at Aquafan-Riccone),


Nu Style (1st Oct 1991)

Yerba Del Diablo (Aug 1992)

Devotion (8th May 1993)

Eternity (18th Sep 1993)


Fade To Grey (29th Jan 1994)

The 7th Hallucination (28th May 1994) 

Mystic Motion (1995) 

Infinity (15th May 1995)

Angeli Domini (27th Nov 1995)

From Here To Eternity (1996)

Mantra (14th Jun 1996) 

Voo-doo Believe? (5th Nov 1996)  

The Sign (2nd Jun 1997)

Passion (6th Oct 1997)

I Will Pray (22nd Jun 1998)

I Love To Dance (9th Feb 1999)

Yerba Del Diablo Remix (26th Feb 2001)

Will Be One (25th Jan 2002)

El Sueno (15th Nov 2002)

Summer Of Energy (with Gigi d'Agostino) (25th Sep 2004)

Nu Style (re-release with 2005 mixes) (12th Mar 2005)

Infinity (22nd Sep 2005)

Fade To Grey (Jun 2006)

Infinity 2006 (vs MNS) (18th Dec 2006)


Dav Isa


Hugging 'n Kissing (1994)

Planet Earth (1995)


David Age


Ready For My Love (1998)


Davis (Jesse Lee)


Get Up On This (Jun 1991) 

Is This Love (1993)

Round And Round (11th Nov 1993)

Like a Flame (24th Oct 1994)

Keep Me Comin (19th Sep 1997)


Get Up On This (1992)


Davis (Lana) 


Spendin Good Times

Baby Your Love (1996) 

Dance Dance Dance (1997) 


Dance Dance Dance

Producer : Reigo van Wersch.


Davis (Sonia)


Such A Shame

Love Affair

Bette Davis Eyes (1992) 

Are You Ready To Go (1992)

Music Is My Life (1994)

Label : Paradise Project.




Antifaz (31st Mar 1998)

1.And If Someday You Return, 2.Blue Shades, 3.Antifaz, 4.Volver A Volar, 5.Magia, 6.Luces De Neon, 7.Mirame Bailando, 8.Mas Si Regresas, 9.Pidelo De Corazon, 10.Fuego De Pasion, 11.Jerigonza, 12.Disparame Tu Amor, 13.Amarilli Mia Bella, 14.Antifaz (Blue Eyes Remix), 15.Antifaz (New York Club Remix),


Blue Shades

Antifaz (1997)

Mirame Bailando (1998)

Jerigonza (1998)




Thinking About You (1995)

Through The Night (Dec 1995)

Take Me Away (2000)

Label : Next records (licensed under Red Bullet in NL).




Superheroes (1998)

1.Superhero, 2.Call Girl, 3.Tamagotchi, 4.Be My Lover, 5.In The Middle Of The Night, 6.Toy Boy, 7.Tic Toc, 8.Sea Of Love, 9.Antonio, 10.Sky Is Blue, 11.Land Of The Living,

They Came To Rule (2001)

1.15 Minute Of Fame, 2.SEX 2000, 3.N.Y.C.D., 4.Love Attack, 5.Fire & Flames, 6.Mizz Molly Goes To Cuba, 7.Redlight District, 8.Feliz Navidad, 9.2nd Chance, 10.15 Minute Of Lightforce, 11.Mizz Molly,


In The Middle Of The Night

Superhero (25th Sep 1997)

Toy Boy (1998)

Together Forever (Tamagotchi) (5th Jun 1998) 

15 Minutes Of Fame (Sep 1999)

2nd Chance (2000)


DB Reloaded


Revenge (2004)

Choose Funk (2004)

Catch Me Now (2005)




The Great Awakening (1993)

1.Great Awakening, 2.We Must Go, 3.Waging War, 4.Work The Worx, 5.Can You See The Tears, 6.Hope Of Heaven, 7.Come Soon Lord Jesus, 8.Behold The Lamb, 9.I Want To Be A Holy Child, 10.Are You Ready?,

Shout (1994)

1.Circle, 2.Without Your Love, 3.Peace, 4.Shout, 5.Sea Of Love, 6.YO YO, 7.Never Gonna Give You Up, 8.Purify, 9.Crucified, 10.Dance Remix: Circle, 11.Dance Remix: Purify,

Bubble (1996)

1.Spiritual Woman, 2.Time (The Sound Of Music Mix), 3.Universe, 4.Reason Why, 5.Rhythms Of Grace, 6.I Say A Little Prayer, 7.Planet Love, 8.Kiss The Sky (The Up & Away Mix), 9.3-D, 10.? (The Guessing Game Mix), 11.Universe (The Gabbering Ravey Davey Mix),

Spectrum (2001)

1.Little Old Me, 2.Spectrum, 3.Smiling Girl, 4.Cup Of Tea, 5.Millology, 6.Summers Day, 7.Oceans Of Love, 8.Will You Still Be There, 9.When The Light Has Gone, 10.Go With The Sun, 11.Bunsen Burner, 12.Never Say Bye,

Twister (2002)

1.What Is Love 2002 (The Soaring Vox Mix), 2.Smiling Girl (The Hammerhead Mix), 3.Smiling Girl (The Monalisa Mix), 4.Go With The Sun (The Total Eclipse Mix), 5.Go With The Sun (The Burning Rays Mix), 6.Hidden Force (The Virtual Mix), 7.3D 2002 (The One Mix), Синглы:

Go With The Sun (1998)

Go With The Sun (1999)

Smiling Girl (2000)

What Is Love 2001 (2001)

Hidden Force (2002)


DC Mark


Baby Love (17th Apr 1996)

Close My Eyes (1997)

Label : X-energy.


DC Project


Mary's Prayer (23rd Aug 1996)


DC Tools Синглы:

Take My Heart


DC Wood



Treat Me The Right Way (2nd Dec 1996)




MayhemSoft & TenderTake OffFlying High (30th Jan 2008)

1.Flying High, 2.Hold Me (Vocal Radio Edit), 3.Poor Romeo (Radio Edit), 4.Knowing Me, Knowing You, 5.Don't Break My Heart (Album Version), 6.Waiting All My Life, 7.Hold On Tight, 8.I Feel Like You, 9.I Will Come Again, 10.Fortune & Fate, 11.The Choice Is Yours, 12.Poor Romeo (Kalsi Radio Edit), 13.Flying High (Cid Inc Radio Edit),

Flying High (30th Jan 2008)

1.Flying High (99 Radio Edit), 2.Hold Me (D-Tune Radio Remix), 3.Poor Romeo (Dance Cut), 4.Knowing Me, Knowing You (Dacia Remix), 5.Don't Break My Heart (Radio Edit), 6.Fortune & Fate (Alternative Mix), 7.Hold Me (Chorale Rmx Cut), 8.Hold Me (Bluebear Project Remix), 9.Flying High (D-Tune Radio Remix), 10.Flying High (Cid Inc Rmx DRD Dub), 11.Video Don't Break My Heart, 12.Video Knowing Me, Knowing You,


And The Base Kicks (1997)

The Real Desire (30th Apr 1999)

Flying High (25th Jun 1999)

Flying High (17th Nov 2005)

Hold Me (12th Dec 2005)

Poor Romeo (9th May 2007)

Knowing Me, Knowing You (20th Jun 2007)

Don't Break My Heart (21st Nov 2007)


DD King


Come To Me (1995)


DDF System


Face Of Love (1993)


De Souza


A Cor Dos Teus Olhos (2005)


De' Ja Vue


Soul To Soul (25th Jul 1995)




Pleasure (1995)

Label : DJ Movement records.


Dea Li


Calling The Angels (1997)

Real name : Dorothy Lapi.


Deadly Sins


Together (1991)

We are Going On Down (1993)

Come Down With Me (1994)

Everybody's Dancing (1994)

Produced by Walter Cremonini, C. Varola and M. Comis.




Feeling Good (1995)


Debbie K


I'm Ready (14th Apr 1994)

Standing Here (1995)

Breath Of Life (26th May 1995)

Danger (21st Jan 1997)




Latin Lover (1st Feb 1994)

Save My Soul (19th Sep 1994)

Bailemos (19th Jul 1995)




Nowhere Girl (1995)

Label : Quality Madrid.




All The Way Up (2000)

Want You To Go (5th Feb 2001)


Dee Dee 


Forever (19th Jul 2002)   

The One (Dec 2002) 

Pour Toujours (Nov 2003)

I Want You Back (Feb 2010)


Deely-B Dine


Love Me Hold Me (26th Mar 1994)




Deep In The Night (22nd Apr 1996) 


Deep Obsession


Infinity (1999)

1.Falling Out Of Love, 2.Cold, 3.One & Only, 4.Vanishing Man, 5.You Got The Feeling, 6.Would You?, 7.Lost In Love, 8.Be Real, 9.The Power In You, 10.Experience +, 11.I Surrender,

Infinity (Remix Album) (1999)

1.One & Only (Brian Rawling Remix), 2.Lost in Love, 3.Cold, 4.I Surrender, 5.Vanishing Man, 6.You Got the Feeling, 7.Be Real, 8.Falling Out of Love, 9.Power in You, 10.Would You?, 11.One & Only (Brian Rawling Extended Remix), 12.Cold (Extended Version), Синглы:

Lost In Love (1999)

Cold (1999)

One and Only (1999)

You Got The Feeling (2000)

I Surrender (2000)

Miracles (2003)


Deep Six


Set Me Free (1997)


Deep Soul System


I'll Love You Forever (1995)


Deep Sound Six


Sport Is Magic (24th Jan 1995)


Deep Vision


Sometimes (The Sun Shines) (1995)


Def Dames Dope 


It's A Girl (4th Nov 1993)

1.Havin' a Good Time (Rap Version), 2.That's Not Enough (Rap Version), 3.Ain't Nothin' To It (Rap Version), 4.You've Got It Wrong, 5.Don't Be Silly (Rap Version), 6.Full Time Lover (Rap Version), 7.It's OK, It's All Right (Rap Version), 8.I'm Gonna Show You (Rap Version), 9.More! More! (Rap Version), 10.Hungry For My Lovin' (Rap Version), 11.It's OK, It's All Right (Remix Version), 12.Havin' A Good Time (Remix Version),

Wicked And Wild (12th Sep 1995)

1.Changes, 2.Out Of My Mind, 3.Take It As It Comes, 4.Obsession, 5.Show Me What U Got, 6.Take Your Time, 7.Feel Free, 8.I've Got The Hots For U, 9.Join The Party, 10.Never Giving In,


It's OK It's All right (1992)

Ain't Nothin To It (9th Jun 1993)

Having A Good Time (8th Nov 1993)

Full Time Lover (1994)

Out Of My Mind (1994)

Don't Be Silly (8th Feb 1994)

The DDD Unity Megamix (5th Aug 1994)

Feel Free (1995)

Take Your Time (1995)

Show Me What U Got (29th Mar 1995)

Never Givin In (1996)

Join The Party (1996)

Beep Beep (2002)

Producers : Phil Wilde and Jean-Paul De Coster (more well-known for the project 2 Unlimited).




Let Me Go (1994)

The project features a solo male vocalist. The single was arranged and mixed by DJ Albyno & Lambi, released unde X-energy in Italy licensed in Spain under Max Music.


Definition of Joy


Stay With Me 4 Ever (Dec 1994)




Wherever You Are (1995)




Anything 4 Love (Mad Universe) / Turn To Me (1994)


Deja vu


Get To You (2000)

1.Get To You, 2.Against All Odds (Definitive Mix), 3.I Don't Want To Miss A Thing (Definitive Mix), 4.Don't Speak (Definitive Mix), 5.My Heart Will Go On (Definitive Mix), 6.To Deserve You (Definitive Remix), 7.Un-Break My Heart (Definitive Mix), 8.When You Say Nothing At All (Fired Up Mix), 9.If I Could Turn Back The Hands Of Time (Definitive Mix), 10.No Rhyme No Reason (Poptastic Radio Edit), 11.Hold Your Head Up High (Definitive Mix), 12.The Best I Can Do (Definitive Mix), 13.Uninvited (Definitive Mix),

Get To You (2000)

1.When You Say Nothing At All (Fired Up Mix), 2.Uninvited (Fired Up Mix), 3.Don't Speak (Definitive Mix), 4.If I Could Turn Back The Hands Of Time (Definitive Mix), 5.The Best I Can Do (Definitive Mix), 6.My Heart Will Go On (Movie Mania Mix), 7.No Rhyme No Reason (Definitive Mix), 8.I Don't Want To Miss A Thing (Definitive Mix), 9.Un-Break My Heart (Definitive Mix), 10.To Deserve You (Mighty Trance Mix), 11.Against All Odds (Definitive Mix), 12.Hold Your Head Up High (Transensual Mix),

Handbag Heaven - Against All Odds (2007)

1.Leave Right Now (Almighty Club Mix), 2.If I Could Turn Back The Hands Of Time (Almighty Anthem Mix), 3.The Best I Can Do (Almighty Definitive Mix), 4.Everybody's Changing (Almighty 12' Anthem Mix), 5.Hold Your Head Up High (Almighty Definitive Mix), 6.You Raise Me Up (Almighty Definitive Mix), 7.All This Time (Almighty Anthem Mix), 8.Stay (Almighty Definitive Mix) (, 9.That's My Goal (Almighty Definitive Mix), 10.Against All Odds (Almighty Definitive Mix),


Un-Break My Heart (1996) 

Don't Speak (1997) 

To Deserve You (1997) 

My Heart Will Go On (1998)  

Uninvited (1998)

I Don't Want To Miss A Thing (1999)

When You Say Nothing At All (1999)

Against All Odds (2000) 

If I Could Turn Back The Hands Of Time (2000)

No Rhyme No Reason (2000)

Stay (2001)

All This Time (2004)

Leave Right Now (2004)

Hold Your Head Up High (2006)

Measure Of A Man (2006)

Rhythm & Rule (2006)

That's My Goal (2006)

The Best I Can Do (2006)

You Raise Me Up (2006) 

Label : Almighty records.




The Promise Of Love (1979)

1.The Promise Of Love, 2.You've Been Doing Me Wrong, 3.Mr. Heartbreak, 4.Let Me Take You To The Sun, 5.Back Door Love, 6.Where Is The Love (We Used To Know), 7.Soul Trippin', 8.Oh Honey, 9.Someone Oughta Write A Song (About You Baby), 10.Love Is Like A Flower,

Eau De Vie (1980)

1.Heartache No. 9, 2.Sho' 'Nuff Sold On You, 3.One More Step To Take, 4.Blue Girl, 5.Darlin' (I Think About You), 6.You And I, 7.Stand Up (Reach For The Sky), 8.Welcome To My World, 9.Put A Little Love On Me,

Delegation (1981)

1.Feels So Good (Loving You So Bad), 2.A2 Dance, Prance, Boogie, 3.In Love's Time, 4.Singing, 5.12th House, 6.The Night, 7.Turn On To City Life, 8.Free To Be Me, 9.I Wantcha Back, 10.Gonna Keep My Eyes On You,

Dueces High (1982)

1.What Took You So Long, 2.I Figure I'm Out Of Your Life, 3.If You Were A Song, 4.Gonna Bring The House Down, 5.Tell Her, 6.Dance Like Fred Astaire, 7.No Words To Say, 8.Would You Like To Start A Thang With Me, 9.Dance-Time U.S.A.,

The Classic Collection (1994)

1.Darlin' (I think about you), 2.Put a little love on me, 3.In the night, 4.Gonna'bring the house down, 5.Where is the love (we used to know), 6.I wantcha'back, 7.You and I, 8.If you were a song, 9.It's your turn, 10.One more step to take, 11.Heartache number 9, 12.Stand up (reach for the sky), 13.Dance, prance, boogie, 14.I figure i'm out of your life, 15.Welcome to my world,

Encore (Apr 1996)Golden Classics Edition (25th Jun 1996)

1.Promise of Love, 2.You've Been Doing Me Wrong, 3.Mr. Heartbreak, 4.Let Me Take You to the Sun, 5.Back Door Love, 6.Honey I'm Rich, 7.Wher Is the Love We Used to Know, 8.Soul Trippin', 9.Oh Honey, 10.Someone Oughta Write a Song (About You Baby), 11.Love Is Like a Fire, 12.You and Your Love,

The Best Of (12th Nov 2003)


Darlin' (l Think About You)

Can't Let You Go

The Promise Of Love (1976) 

Where Is The Love (We Used To Know) (1976)

You've Been Doing Me Wrong (1977)

Honey I'm Rich (1978)

Oh Honey (1979)

Put A Little Love On Me (1979)

You And I (1980)

Heartache Number Nine (1980)

In The Night (1981)

I Wantcha' Back (1981)

Singing (1981)

It's Your Turn (1984) 

Thanks To You (1985)

Where Is The Love '86 (1986)

The Mix (1989)

Wanna Be The Winner (1994)

Call Me (1995)

Searching (1999)

You And I 2000 (2000)


Can't Let You Go (23rd May 1995)


Delicious Love


Love Of My Life (1997)

Label: XSV Music.


Dels (Anita) 


Reality (2000)

1.This Is Reality, 2.Lifting Up My Life, 3.Open Up My Eyes, 4.Only You, 5.Lovin' Every Day, 6.Say What You Mean, 7.Universe (Believe In Yourself), 8.Virtual Love, 9.Enter Love, Delete The Hate, 10.I'm Not Your Fool, 11.Now Is The Time, 12.I've Given You Everything, 13.Why Should I Lie, 14.Every Little Step, 15.Lifting Up My Life (y2k mix), Синглы:

Universe (26th May 1999)

Lifting Up My Life (2000)

This Is Reality (2000)




My House


Dena Bass


If You Were Mine (1994)

Label : 21st Century




...To Be Continued (1993)

1.I Remember You, 2.Tell Me Boy, Tell Me Girl, 3.I Only Wanted To Love You, 4.I'll Never Get Over You, 5.All Cried Out (feat. Collage), 6.One More Shot, 7.Tearshed '93, 8.I'll Never Be The Same, 9.Baby I Love You, 10.I'll Never Get Over You, 11.I Only Wanted To Love You, Синглы:

I Remember You (1993)

All Cried Out/I Only Wanted To Love You (1995)

Love Of A Lifetime (1996) 

I Believe (1998)




Stay With Me (1994)

Label: Benvenuto Ed.


Denny (Simone) 


Cliche (2004)

Luv Sick (2009)


Der Zar


Heino Wir Geh'n Nach Kairo




In The Colour (1st Jan 1995)

Label : Discomagic




When I Lose Control (31st Dec 1997)

Music: David Brandes, John O'Flynn

Lyrics: Thea Austin, D. Labarile

Label: Intercord




On The Loose

1.Call It Love, 2.On The Bible, 3.No Surrender, 4.Talk To Me, 5.Be What You Wanna Be, 6.Rumours, 7.Let's Call It A Day, 8.I Need You, 9.Boyfriend Girlfriend, 10.I'll Be There For You, 11.I Was Wrong, 12.Kiss It,

On The Loose

1.Deuce Megamix, 2.On The Bible (Wand 12' remix), 3.No Surrender (Ace extended dance mix), 4.Call It Love (JX kissy kissy mix), 5.I Need You (Red man city vocal mix),


Call It Love (23rd Jan 1995)

I Need You (21st Apr 1995)

On The Bible (25th Aug 1995)

No Surrender (22nd Jul 1996)


Call It Love (1995)




Makes Me Feel (1994)

Move Me (1995)

Higher (1995)


Makes Me Feel (1994)


Devotion (2)


Fadin' Away (9th Nov 1995)




Set Me Free (1995)




Keep In My Way (11th Feb 1994)

Label: In Out




The Hustle

Ou Ee Ou (1994) 

Me Lay Lo (1996) 

Beat Of The Night (1997)


Ou Ee Ou (1994) DFS are Ricky Oss & Alex Schiefke.




Keep On Movin (24th Jun 1994)




Quiero Respirar (2000)

1.Quiero Respirar, 2.Shut Up, 3.Dha Dha Tune, 4.Street Life, 5.I Wanna Be Free, 6.Love For Love, 7.Somebody To Touch Me, 8.One Day In Paradise, 9.Ride On, 10.What You Do to me?, 11.Ready To Fly, 12.Quiero Respirar (Extended version), 13.Love Is Here, 14.I Need Your Love, 15.One Day In Paradise (Gamba club extended rmx),

E-motions (2007)

1.Miles Of Love (Radio edit), 2.Your Extasy, 3.Let It Go, 4.Back It On Up, 5.U & I, 6.Come Back Home, 7.Promised Land, 8.Live Today, 9.Wherever You Will Go, 10.Saturday, 11.Miles Of Love (B-side digital version), 12.Let It Go (B-side digital version), Синглы:

Dha Dha Tune (1998)

One Day In Paradise / Quiero Respirar (1999)

Shut Up (2000)

Miles Of Love (24th Jul 2006)

Let It Go (2007)

U & I (15th Feb 2008)

Break The Wall (17th Mar 2008)




Love Song (1995)




You Are My Babe (1998)


Di Bart (Tony) 


Falling For You (1996)

1.Falling For You, 2.The Real Thing, 3.Secrecy, 4.Turn Your Love Around, 5.Do It, 6.Father, 7.Why Did Ya, 8.What Am I Gonna Do, 9.We Got The Love, 10.Stay A Little While,

Falling For You (Dance Rmx) (1996)

1.The Real Thing, 2.Do It, 3.Why Did Ya, 4.Turn Your Love Around, 5.We Got The Love,


The Real Thing (28th Mar 1994) 

Do It (19th Jul 1994) 

Why Did Ya (18th Apr 1995)

Turn Your Love Around (11th Jan 1996)

Love U More (21st Apr 1997)

We Got The Love (21st Nov 1997)

The Real Thing Remix '98 (11th Sep 1998)

I'll Take You There (29th Nov 2000) 

Breaking My Heart (18th Apr 2002)

I Live For You (Jul 2005) 


The Real Thing (1994)


Di Bronx and Natali 


Zona Vsemirnoi Vecherinki (1996)

1.Intro: Klyuch Na Start, 2.Find The Feelings, 3.Energia Lyubvi (Energy Of Love) (Album Version), 4.Pochuvstvui Ritm (Find the rhythm), 5.Fight 2 Right, 6.Dva Serdza, 7.Energia Lyubvi (Dance 2 Trance remix), 8.Poliet - World of XTC, 9.Tvoya Zvezda (Your Star) (Album Version), 10.Pokolenie Svobody, 11.Ulitsy Bronksa (Streets Of Bronx), 12.Jivesh Tolko Dvajdy, 13.Outro: Otboi, 14.Tvoya Zvezda (Up-Down mix),

Zemlya Mechti (1997)

1.Prolog, 2.Izo Vseh Sil, 3.Zemlya Mechti (The World Of Dreams), 4.Ya Khochu Byt Zvezdoi (I Wanna Be A Star), 5.Dvigaisya, 6.Ya Lyublyu Lyubit' Teba (I Love To Love You), 7.Vozvrashchayas' V Te Dni, 8.Balalaika, 9.Na Linii Ognya (In The Line Of Fire), 10.Ne Ostanavlivai Menya, 11.Trance Dance, 12.Epilog, 13.Ya Khochu Byt Zvezdoi (Groove mix),

Potomu Shto (Because) (2002)

1.Intro, 2.Begi Ot Slyoz (Run Away From Tears), 3.Potomu Shto My Vernulis' (Cause' We're Back), 4.Lyubov' Idet Domoy (The Love Goes Home), 5.Budesh (You'll Be), 6.My Byli Vmeste (We Were Together), 7.Navsegda (Forever), 8.Ne Ostanavlivay Menya (Don't Stop Me), 9.Sneg Na Ladon' (Snow on a Palm), 10.Tam, Za Gorizontom (There Behind The Horizon), 11.Kupalinka, 12.My Byli Vmeste (ClubZone Remix), 13.Koda,

Potomu Shto (2002)

1.Intro, 2.Begi Ot Slyoz (Run Away From Tears), 3.Potomu Shto My Vernulis' (Cause' We're Back), 4.Lyubov' Idet Domoy (The Love Goes Home), 5.Budesh (You'll Be), 6.My Byli Vmeste (We Were Together), 7.Navsegda (Forever), 8.Oblaka MM, 9.Ne Ostanavlivay Menya (Don't Stop Me), 10.Sneg Na Ladon' (Snow on a Palm), 11.Tam, Za Gorizontom (There Behind The Horizon), 12.Kupalinka, 13.My Byli Vmeste (ClubZone Remix), 14.Koda,


Energia Liubvi (Energy Of Love)

Noviy God Zovyot



Balalaika (1996)

Vremya Bystree Vetra (2003)

Bez Tebya (2003)

Balalaika '04 (2004)

Sever I Yug (2004)


Diamond Dogs


Honked (1994)

As Your Greens Turn To Brown (2000)

Too Much Is Always Better Than Not Enough (2002)

That's The Juice I'm On (2003)Black River Road (2004)


Blue Eyes Shouldn't Be Cryin' (1993)

Good Time Girl (1994)

Honked (1994)

Need Of Ammunition (1996)

Among The Non Believers (2000)




All I Need Is Love (1995)

You Are My Angel (1996)


All I Need Is Love (1995)


Diesel Action   


D.O.Y.M (Dance Of Your Mind) (1995)

1.Over The Heavens (Intro : Fly Vision), 2.U Gotta Keep, 3.Acceleration, 4.Speed House (Instrumental), 5.Get Up ! (Jam version), 6.UGK (6-TH mix), 7.Dance Of Your Mind, 8.Music 4 Me (Woman single), 9.Go On, 10.Outro, 11.U Gotta Keep (Tance mix), 12.Sample human,

Toplivnyy Bit (1999)

1.Move It Now (Raod mix), 2.U Gonna... (Guitar mix), 3.Always Believe, 4.Go On, 5.Feel The Groove, 6.Boom Boom (House mix), 7.Slow It Down, 8.Stand On, 9.Party, 10.Music 4 Me (radio mix),


Ty i Notch


Iron Men


Dif (Rene)


Let It All Out

The Uuh Uuh Song




Let The Night Take The Blame (15th Feb 1993) 

Give You Love (29th Oct 1993) 

Touch Me (22nd Dec 1994)  


Digital Circles


You (1994)


Digital Dictator


I Can't Wait

Label : Atomic Energy records.

Thanks to Astralys


Digital Explosion


Take Me Away To Paradise

Electric Dreams


Digital Service


Back Bone (In The Air)


Digital Soul


Misery (1995)




After The Storm (1989)

Tuxedo (16th Apr 1992)

Sound Of Magic (1994)

In Spirit (1996) 




Nature (1996)




The Only One

Give Me Your Lovin (30th Nov 1994)

Do It Higher (1995)


Direct 2 Dance


Burning Up (23rd Mar 1995)  


Burning Up (1995)


Direct Input


Big Lips Baby (1994)


Dirty Mind


The Killer (LP) (1991)


The Killer (1990)

The Dream (1990)

What Time Is It? (1991)

Everybody Let's Go (1991)

Alleluja (1991)

Mamamello (1993)

Back To The Future (1993)

Transiberiana (1994)

Make It Funky (1995)

Millenium (Dj Dado Remix) (6th Nov 1997)

Label : Italian Style




All Around My Hand

Heat It Up (1991)

Set Me In Motion (1995)


Heat It Up (1991)

Set Me In Motion (1995)

LABEL: Upfront Music/ZYX Music




Move On Now (1994)




Guru (1993)




74-75 (1995)

Never Gonna Say Goodbye (1997)

Thinkin' About You (1997)

Label : Italian Style.


Diss Miss


Show Me (15th Oct 1994)




The Sun Always Shines On TV (1994)

Stand And Deliver (1995)

Everybody (Move Your Body) (1996)




Hot Stuff Fever (1986)

You'll Be Mine (1993)

Spacer (20th Jan 1997)

Free 4 Love (25th Jul 1997)

Time To Go (Que Basilon) (19th Jan 1998)

Tweedle Dee Tweedle Dum (2nd Jul 1998)

Around My Heart (15th Jul 1999)

In The Night (10th Apr 2000)


Dixie's Gang


Run Away

El Ritmo Tropical (22nd May 1998)

Party Time (13th Apr 1999)


DJ Alba


Night Power '95 (1995)


DJ Andre and DJ Renzo


Get The Funky Beat

At Midnight (1993)

Get Up (1995)

What A Feeling (1996)


DJ Black


Movin Up (1994)

Medley Movin' Up With If You Have Let Me Down (1994)

You Catch My Broken Heart (1995)

Label : Dig It International.


DJ Bobo 


Dance With Me (7th Oct 1993)

1.Intro, 2.Somebody Dance With Me, 3.Take Control, 4.Everybody, 5.Keep On Dancing, 6.I Want Your Body, 7.Uh Uh, 8.Let's Groove On, 9.Somebody Dance With Me (Italian Remix), 10.Music, 11.Move Your Feet, 12.Keep On Dancing (New Fashion), 13.Somebody Dance With Me (DMC Remix), 14.BoBo ID 1 (English), 15.BoBo ID 2 (German),

Live And Remixes: (1994)

1.Intro (Live), 2.Music (Live), 3.Take Control (Live), 4.Everybody (Tribe Mix), 5.Somebody Dance With Me (Heaven Trouble Mix), 6.Take Control (DMC Mix), 7.Keep On Dancing (New Fashion Mix), 8.Everybody (Nasty Mix), 9.Somebody Dance With Me (DMC Mix), 10.Take Control (Trime'n'Delgado Mix), 11.Keep On Dancing (DMC Mix),

There Is A Party (21st Oct 1994)

1.Technology, 2.Let The Dream Come True, 3.There Is A Party, 4.Everything Has Changed, 5.Freedom, 6.Give Yourself A Chance, 7.What About My Broken Heart, 8.I Know What I Want, 9.I Feel It, 10.Love Is All Around, 11.You Belong To Me, 12.Deep In The Jungle, 13.Too Many Nights, 14.There's A Paradise,

Just For You (6th Oct 1995)

1.Everything Has Changed (Raggadag Mix), 2.There Is A Party (A&R House Mix), 3.Love Is The Price, 4.Freedom (Feel the Spirit Mix), 5.Let's Come Together, 6.Love Is All Around (Hyper NRG Mix), 7.Let The Dream Come True (Luke's Mix), 8.It's Time for Christmas (Christmas Mix), 9.DJ Bobo Megamix,

Limited Editon (1996)

1.Intro (German), 2.Let The Dream Come True, 3.There Is A Party, 4.Everything Has Changed (Raggadag Mix), 5.I Know What I Want, 6.Give Yourself A Chance, 7.Deep In The Jungle,

World In Motion (30th Sep 1996)

1.Respect Yourself, 2.Pray, 3.World In Motion, 4.It's My Life, 5.Let Me Feel the Love, 6.We Are Children, 7.Midnight, 8.Shadows Of The Night, 9.Don't Stop the Music, 10.For Now and Forever, 11.Tell Me When, 12.The Colour of Freedom, 13.Interlude, 14.Wonderful World, 15.World in Motion (Gira el Mundo),

World In Motion - Winter Edition (7th Oct 1997)

1.Shadows Of The Night (Extended Version), 2.Can You Hear Me, 3.Pray (B & B Remix), 4.Respect Yourself (Extended Mix), 5.World In Motion, 6.It's My Life, 7.Radio Ga Ga, 8.Don't Stop The Music, 9.For Now And Forever, 10.The Colour of Freedom, 11.We Are Children, 12.Let Me Feel the Love, 13.It's Time for Christmas (Christmas Mix),

Magic (6th Apr 1998)

1.Where is Your Love, 2.Around The World, 3.Love Of My Life, 4.Black Rain, 5.Mystery (Interlude), 6.Heyamama, 7.This World Is Magic, 8.Here Comes Tomorrow, 9.I'll Be There, 10.Another Night Without You, 11.Jealousy, 12.Return To Silence, 13.Open Your Heart, 14.Happy Birthday,

Ultimate Megamix 99 (1999)

1.Intro, 2.There Is A Party, 3.Everybody, 4.It's My Life, 5.I Feel It, 6.Around The World, 7.Respect Yourself, 8.Deep In The Jungle, 9.Radio Ga Ga, 10.Where is Your Love, 11.Somebody Dance With Me, 12.Celebrate, 13.Pray, 14.Take Control, 15.Love Is All Around, 16.Everything Has Changed, 17.Freedom, 18.Let The Dream Come True, 19.Shadows Of The Night, 20.Love Is The Price,

The Ultimate Megamix'99 (8th Sep 1999)

1.Freedom, 2.Celebrate, 3.Pray, 4.Everything Has Changed, 5.Take Control, 6.Let Me Feel The Love, 7.Where Is Your Love, 8.Somebody Dance With Me (Version '98), 9.Radio Ga Ga, 10.There Is A Party, 11.Around The World, 12.It's My Life, 13.Everybody (Version '97), 14.Respect Yourself, 15.I Feel It, 16.Deep In The Jungle, 17.Another Night Without You, 18.Keep On Dancing (Version '98), 19.The Color Of Freedom, 20.Too Many Nights, 21.Shadows Of The Night, 22.I Know What I Want, 23.Love Is All Around, 24.Let The Dream Come True, 25.Love Is The Price,

Level 6 (Oct 1999)

1.Together, 2.Lies, 3.Music Is My Life, 4.Do You Believe, 5.I'll Be Waiting, 6.I Want You Back, 7.Indestructible, 8.Last Day Of 1999, 9.Mystasia, 10.Summertime, 11.Best Of My Life, 12.Invincible, 13.Don't Break My Life, 14.Come Take My Hand,

Hits & Remixes: - The Remixes: (2000)

1.Intro (Live), 2.Music (Live), 3.Take Control (Live), 4.Everybody (Tribe Mix), 5.Somebody Dance With Me (Heaven Trouble Mix), 6.Take Control (DMC Remix), 7.Keep On Dancing (New Fashion Mix), 8.Everybody (Nasty Mix), 9.Somebody Dance With Me (DMC Remix), 10.Take Control (Trime'N Delgado Remix), 11.Keep On Dancing (DMC Remix),

Hits & Remixes: - The Hits (2000)

1.Intro, 2.Somebody Dance With Me, 3.Take Control, 4.Everybody, 5.Keep On Dancing, 6.I Want Your Body, 7.Uh Uh, 8.Let's Groove On, 9.Somebody Dance With Me (Italian Mix), 10.Music, 11.Move Your Feet, 12.Keep On Dancing (12"), 13.Somebody Dance With Me (DMC Remix), 14.Bobo ID 1, 15.Bobo ID 2,

Planet Colors (2001)

1.Let The Party Begin, 2.What A Feeling, 3.Hard To Say I'm Sorry, 4.Man In The Mirror, 5.Colors Of Life, 6.Moscow, 7.Say It Again, 8.Top Of The World, 9.Way To Your Heart, 10.Tell Me Why, 11.Dreaming Of You, 12.Time To Turn Off The Light, 13.What About (Hidden track),

Celebration (2002)

1.Celebration, 2.Somebody Dance With Me (2002 Version), 3.Everybody (with Emilia), 4.Tell Me Why (with Gola), 5.Where Is Your Love (with No Angels), 6.Pray (2002 Version), 7.Love Of My Life (with Melanie Thornton), 8.Together (with ATC), 9.There Is A Party (2002 Version), 10.Freedom (2002 Version), 11.Love Is The Price (Spanglish Version), 12.Respect Yourself (2002 Version), 13.What A Feeling (with Irene Cara), 14.It's My Life, 15.Lonely 4 You (feat Tone), 16.Let The Dream Come True (2002 Version), 17.Around The World, 18.Wonderful Day, 19.Shadows Of The Night (with Vienna Symphonic Orchestra Project),

Celebration (2002)

1.Colors Of Life (Pure Mix), 2.Take Control (New Version), 3.Radio Ga Ga, 4.Celebrate (Latin Version), 5.Come Take My Hand (The New Atlantis Version), 6.Love Is All Around (UK Radio Version), 7.Lies (Video Version), 8.Keep On Dancing (New Version), 9.I'll Be There (Single Version From Spain), 10.Hard To Say I'm Sorry (Video Version), 11.Nightfly, 12.B&B Megamix,

Visions (24th Feb 2003)

1.I Believe, 2.Rock My World, 3.Do You Remember, 4.One Vision One World, 5.Chihuahua, 6.Discovery, 7.Visions, 8.Change The World, 9.Let Me Be The One, 10.Let's Come Together (We Are Family), 11.Angel, 12.Music Is My Passion, 13.I'm Living A Dream, 14.Like A Bird, 15.I Believe (Pop Version),

Chihuahua Summer Edition (Jul 2003)

1.Chihuahua, 2.Rock My World, 3.I Believe, 4.Everybody, 5.What A Feeling (with Irene Cara), 6.Around The World, 7.Let The Party Begin, 8.Together, 9.There Is A Party, 10.Celebration, 11.Angel (with Patricia Manterola), 12.One Vision One World, 13.Music Is My Life, 14.Do You Remember, 15.Where Is Your Love,

Live In Concert (8th Sep 2003)

1.Rock My World, 2.Pray, 3.Change The World, 4.I'm Living A Dream, 5.It's My Life, 6.Celebrate, 7.I Believe, 8.Your Heart Is My Home, 9.Do You Remember, 10.One Vision One World, 11.Somebody Dance With Me, 12.Take Control, 13.Let The Dream Come True, 14.Around The World, 15.Chihuahua, 16.Everybody, 17.Together, 18.Love Is The Price, 19.What A Feeling, 20.There Is A Party, 21.Celebration,

Pirates Of Dance (2005)

1.Pirates Of Dance, 2.Amazing Life, 3.Pura Pasion, 4.Dance Into The Light, 5.No Matter What People Say, 6.Give Peace A Chance, 7.Hey Nanana, 8.One Night In Heaven, 9.Ghost Ship, 10.Garunga, 11.I need Your Love, 12.1000 Miles, 13.Live Medley, 14.Album Megamix, 15.Amazing Life (Commander Tom Remix),

Pirates of Dance (Jan 2005)

1.Pirates Of Dance, 2.Amazing Life, 3.Pura Pasion, 4.Dance Into The Light, 5.No Matter What People Say, 6.Give Peace A Chance, 7.Hey Nanana, 8.One Night In Heaven, 9.Ghost Ship, 10.Garunga, 11.I Need Your Love, 12.1000 Miles, 13.Party Delight, 14.BONUS Live Medley, 15.BONUS DVD Making Of 'Pirates Of Dance' Show,

Greatest Hits (2006)

1.Chihuahua, 2.Secrets of Love feat. Sandra, 3.Love Is All Around, 4.Freedom, 5.Celebration, 6.Everybody, 7.What A Feeling feat. Irene Cara, 8.I Believe, 9.There’s A Party, 10.Pirates Of Dance, 11.Pray, 12.Let The Dream Come True, 13.Games People Play, 14.Amazing Life, 15.Somebody Dance With Me, 16.Respect Yourself, 17.Feels Like Heaven, 18.Together, 19.It’s My Life, 20.Where Is Your Love, 21.Shadows Of The Night,

Greatest Hits (2006)

1.Chihuahua (XTN Remix), 2.Radio Gaga, 3.Take Control, 4.Freedom 2002, 5.Pray 2002, 6.Let The Dream Come True 2002, 7.Shadows Of The Night (Radio Remix), 8.Chihuahua (Rikki & Daz vs. JJ Mason Remix),

Greatest Hits (17th Mar 2006)

1.Secrets Of Love, 2.Freedom, 3.Everybody, 4.What A Feeling, 5.I Believe, 6.There's A Party, 7.Pirates Of Dance, 8.Pray, 9.Chihuahua, 10.Love Is The Price, 11.Let The Dream Come True, 12.Games People Play, 13.Amazing Life, 14.Somebody Dance With Me, 15.Respect Yourself, 16.Feels Like Heaven, 17.Together, 18.It's My Life, 19.Where Is Your Love, 20.Shadows Of The Night,

Vampires (basic edition) (May 2007)

1.Vampires Are Alive, 2.Rock The Night, 3.Because Of You, 4.Vampires Celebrate, 5.We Gotta Hold On, 6.Dangerous, 7.I'm Crazy, 8.We Are What We Are,

Vampires (11th May 2007)

1.Vampires Are Alive, 2.Welcome To Eternal Youth, 3.Vampires Celebrate, 4.Because Of You, 5.Creatures Of The Night, 6.We Gotta Hold On, 7.I'm Crazy, 8.Rock The Night, 9.Dangerous, 10.Angels Of Darkness, 11.We Are What We Are, 12.Beautiful, 13.Blood On Fire,

Ole Ole - The Party (11th Apr 2008)

1.Ole Ole, 2.The Sun Will Shine On You, 3.The Last Vampire, 4.Let The Games Begin, 5.Chihuahua, 6.It's My Life, 7.Pura Pasion, 8.Everybody (Summer Sunshine Mix), 9.There Is A Party, 10.Together (Unreleased Version), 11.Let The Music Take Control, 12.Vampires Are Alive (EAPM Remix), 13.Party Hitmix, 14.Allez Allez,

Greatest Hits Chile (5th Feb 2010)

1.Freedom, 2.Everybody, 3.What A Feeling, 4.Take A Control, 5.There Is A Party, 6.Pirates OF Dance, 7.Pray, 8.Amazing Life, 9.Where Is Your Love, 10.Let The Dream Come True, 11.I Believe, 12.Vampires Are Alive, 13.Chihuahua, 14.Somebody Dance With Me, 15.Respect Yourself, 16.Because Of You, 17.Together, 18.It's My Life, 19.Shadows Of The night, 20.Love Is All Around,

Fantasy (26th Feb 2010)

1.This Is My Time, 2.The Voice Of Freedom, 3.Roll Up, 4.Superstar, 5.Take Me To The Top, 6.Tarzan Boy, 7.Ready To Fly, 8.Forever, 9.Tonight, 10.Fantasy, 11.A Good Heart, 12.Upside Down, 13.A Moment To Remember,



I Love You (1990)

Let's Groove On (1991)

Ladies In The House (1991)

Somebody Dance With Me (Feb 1993)

Keep On Dancing (1st Aug 1993)  

Take Control (Nov 1993)   

Everybody (6th Jun 1994)

Let The Dream Come True (Sep 1994)

Everything Has Changed (1st Dec 1994)

Love Is All Around (23rd Jan 1995) 

There Is A Party (19th May 1995)

Freedom (6th Sep 1995) 

Love Is The Price (1996)

Pray (1996) 

Respect Yourself (18th Feb 1997) 

It's My Life (28th Apr 1997)

Shadows Of The Night (22nd Aug 1997)

Where is Your Love (30th Mar 1998)

Around The World (31st Aug 1998) 

Celebrate (1st Oct 1998) 

This World Is Magic (1999)

Together (27th Aug 1999)

Lies (19th Nov 1999)

What A Feeling (19th Jan 2001) 

Hard To Say I'm Sorry (4th May 2001)

The Way To Your Heart (Jul 2001)

Colours Of Life (6th Aug 2001) 

Chihuahua (2002)

Celebration (Apr 2002) 

I Believe (17th Jan 2003)

Chihuahua (Mar 2003)   

Chihuahua (Apr 2003)

Pirates Of Dance (Jan 2005)

Amazing Life (4th Apr 2005)

Secrets Of Love (3rd Mar 2006)

Vampires Are Alive (Mar 2007)

We Gotta Hold On (6th Jul 2007)

Because Of You (17th Oct 2007)

Ole Ole (11th Apr 2008)

Superstar (5th Feb 2010)

This Is My Time (7th May 2010)


Somebody Dance With Me (1993) 

Take Control (1994)  

Let The Dream Come True (1994)

Chihuahua (2003) Dancers : Curtis J. Vincent (Kurt Burger), Dani Burkart


DJ Carlos


Still Can't... (1996)

End Of The Road (1997)

I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight (1997)

Still Can't... / I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight (1998)

Label : Chin Chin Pum Records


DJ Cellulitis


Popo Streicheln (2000)


DJ Choice


Don't Try To Tease Me (1991)


DJ Company


DJ Company - The Album (1995)

1.Holiday In The Land Of Love 2, 3.Hold Me Now Forever, 4.Fly Away, 5.Cybersex-Lovegame, 6.Do You Believe In Dreams, 7.Can You Feel The Spirit, 8.Hey Everybody, 9.Number One, 10.Rhythm Of Love (Groovecult Maranello Mix), 11.Let It Go With The Flow,

Rhythm Of Love (30th Sep 1997)

1.Intro, 2.Forever Young, 3.Hey Everybody, 4.Rhythm Of Love, 5.Wishing On The Same Star, 6.I Can Be Your Lover, 7.Fly Away, 8.Can You Feel The Spirit, 9.Number One '97, 10.Holiday In The Land Of Love, Синглы:

Hey Everybody (Out Of Control) (14th Feb 1994)

Rhythm Of Love (27th Sep 1994)

Fly Away (1995)

Cybersex-Lovegame (11th May 1995)

Holiday In The Land Of Love (4th Sep 1995)

Rhythm Of Love '97 (1997)

Forever Young (1997)


Hey Everybody (Out Of Control) (1994)


DJ Cornelius


Down Town (1992)

Make Me Fly (1995)

Label : Italian Style Production.


DJ Cube


Love Me (1996)

Label : Benvenuto Ed.


DJ Dado 


The Films Collection (1995)

1.X-Files, 2.Mission impossible theme, 3.Metropolis, 4.The legend of Babel, 5.Once upon a time in america theme, 6.Dreaming, 7.Twin peaks theme, 8.Temple of fire, 9.Solar wind, 10.Dreamscape, 11.Broke your heart, 12.Desert of sadness, 13.Floreal world, 14.The end of journey,

The Album (1996)

1.Metropolis, 2.The Legend Of Babel, 3.X-Files, 4.Dreaming, 5.Mission Impossible Theme, 6.Temple Of Fire, 7.Solar Wind, 8.Dreamscape, 9.Broke Your Heart, 10.Twin Peaks Theme, 11.Desert Of Sadness, 12.Floreal World, 13.Once Upon A Time In America Theme, 14.The End Of Journey,

Greatest Hits & Future Bits (1998)

1.Shine On You Crazy Diamond, 2.X-Files Theme, 3.Revenge, 4.Mission Impossible Theme, 5.Metropolis, 6.The Legend Of Babel, 7.Hour By Hour, 8.Dreaming, 9.Desire, 10.Give Me Love (Antiqua Club Mix), 11.Coming Back (Club Mix), 12.More Than A Woman, 13.I'm In Love, 14.Angels,

Greatest Themes '99 (1999)

1.X-Files theme, 2.Shine on you crazy diamond, 3.Revenge, 4.Mission impossible theme, 5.Give me love (Antiqua club mix), 6.Metropolis, 7.The legend of Babel, 8.Hour by hour, 9.Dreaming, 10.Desire, 11.Coming back (Club mix), 12.I'm in love, 13.More than a woman, 14.Angels, 15.Ready or not, Синглы:

The Same (15th Apr 1994)

Face It (6th Nov 1995) 

Dreaming (1996)

The X-files (25th Mar 1996)

Metropolis (11th Jun 1996)

Mission Impossible (9th Oct 1996)

Revenge (30th Dec 1996)

Shine On You Crazy Diamond (15th Jan 1997)

Coming Back (7th Jul 1997)

Give Me Love (22nd Jun 1998)

Ready Or Not (9th Jan 1999)

Forever (3rd May 1999)

Where Are You (18th Sep 2000) 

You & Me (14th May 2001)

One & Only (2002)

X-Files Theme 2002 (22nd Apr 2002)

Theme From The Warriors (5th Mar 2004)


The X-files (1996)


DJ Duckpower


Get The Duck Out Of Here (Move It) (8th Jan 1996) 


DJ Edo


I Need Your Love (1993)


DJ Encore 


Intuition (1st Oct 2001)

1.Intro, 2.Open Your Eyes, 3.I See Right Through To You, 4.High On Life, 5.Talk To Me, 6.Intuition, 7.You've Got A Way, 8.Walking In The Sky, 9.Chemistry, 10.Out There, 11.Show Me, 12.Stay, 13.Another Day, 14.You've Got A Way (DJ Encore Pop Mix), 15.High On Life (UK Single Mix), 16.Walking In The Sky (DJ Encore Pop Mix), 17.Contradictions (You've Got A Way),

Unique (May 2007)

1.You Can Walk On Water, 2.Sweeter Than Beauty, 3.Falling, 4.Wanna Fly?, 5.Follow In Your Footsteps, 6.On Your Own, 7.Nobody Wants To Try, 8.Catch Me, 9.Point Of No Return, 10.You Make Me Feel Alive, 11.Changes, 12.Out There - (Bonus Track), 13.Liquid Sky - (Bonus Track), Синглы:

Walking In The Sky (2001)

I See Right Through To You (Mar 2001)

High On Life (Nov 2001)

You've Got A Way (2002)

You Can Walk On Water (2005)

Out There (2008)

Falling (2008)


DJ Filo


The Time Is Right (1994)

Feel Your Soul (23rd Mar 1995)


DJ Fruchtzwerg


Hanschen Klein (1995)

Label : Dino Music.


DJ Galaxy


Tell Me Why appeared


DJ Heat


Sometimes (1996)

Label : Chin Chin Pum.


DJ Hush



Never Mind

Encore Une Fois

Everytime We Touch

Everytime We Touch

Keep Control

Meet Her At The Love Parade

Fire (1999)

Your Loving Girl (2003)

Rollerblade Disco (4th Jan 2008)

Phat Bass (28th Jan 2008)

Let's Dance (7th Feb 2008)

Pulp Fiction (3rd Mar 2008)

Message In A Bottle (15th Apr 2008)

Supernature (15th Apr 2008)

Some Kinda Rush (6th May 2008)

Got No Reason (20th May 2008)

Something To Make You Feel Allright (20th May 2008)

Bad Boy (10th Jun 2008)

Feels Good (24th Jun 2008)

I Like The Way (28th Aug 2008)

Don't You Want It Right Now (23rd Sep 2008)

Lift Me Up (1st Oct 2008)

Forbiddens Colours (14th Oct 2008)

Menergy (11th Nov 2008)

Gipsy Woman (11th Sep 2009)

Sing Hallelujah (7th Mar 2010)

Something Good (22nd May 2010)

Go Right For (23rd Jun 2010)

Take On Me (21st Jul 2010)

Young Forever (22nd Jul 2010)

Back & Forth (planned for 7th Aug 2010)

After Love (planned for 7th Aug 2010)


DJ Igo


Freude Herrscht (Ohne Wenn Und Aber) (1994)

Far Away (1994) 


DJ Jane


In Visible Touch (1994)

Label : S.O.B. (Sound Of The Bomb)


DJ Martin


Explosive Melody (1995)

More And More (Apr 1996)


DJ Max V


Children Of The Revolution (1993)

Feel For Me (1994)

On My Mind (1994)

Technological Experience EP (1997)

Label : Wicked Rhythm Records.


DJ Maxx


In The Army Now (1996)


DJ Miko 


The Last Millenium (1999)

1.What's Up 2000 (The Ultimate Mix), 2.My Sharona, 3.Keep On (BPM 140 Mix), 4.Sky High, 5.Superboy (Factory Team Dance Mix), 6.Lovely Lullaby (LP Version), 7.Radio Star, 8.Dreaming (Original Mix), 9.Hot Stuff (Factory Team Edit), 10.Clementine, 11.Rhythm, 12.What's Up (Original Mix),

The Last Millenium (9th Sep 2002)

1.What's Up 2000 (The Ultimate Mix), 2.My Sharona, 3.Keep On (BPM 140 Mix), 4.Sky High, 5.Superboy (Factory Team Dance Mix), 6.Lovely Lullaby (LP Version), 7.Radio Star, 8.Dreaming (Original Mix), 9.Hot Stuff (Factory Team Edit), 10.Clementine, 11.Rhythm, 12.What's Up (Original Mix), 13.What's up 2000 (the ultimate mix), 14.Sky High (Extended version),


What's Up (30th May 1994)     

Rhythm (11th Jun 1994) 

Hot Stuff / Lovely Lullaby (10th Feb 1995) 

Clementine (5th May 1997)

Superboy (1998)

What's Up 2000 (8th Jun 1998)

Dreaming (1999)

My Sharona (10th May 1999)

Ruby Tuesday (2000)

Shout (1st Aug 2000)

Sky High (2001)

Forever Young (18th Jan 2002)


DJ Panda 


Dreaming Of Fantasy (21st Nov 1995)

My Dimension (15th Jul 1996)  

True Life (10th Apr 1997) 

Listen part II (1998)

Listen part I (16th Mar 1998)

It's A Dream '98 (21st Jul 1998)

Paradise Motel (1999)


My Dimension (1996)


DJ Play


Song For Me (1993)

I Wanna Dance All Night (1994)

Memories (1995)

Label : DJ Movement records.


DJ Professor


We Gotta Do It (1991)

Runner (27th Sep 1991)

Rock Me Steady (10th Dec 1991)

Public Demand EP (1992)

Rockin' Me (1994)

Everybody (10th Sep 1997)

Walkin'on Up (21st Oct 1997)


DJ Project


You Came (1996)


DJ Quinn



Everybody (1994)


DJ Ricci 


1995 EP (1995)

The X-Clone (1997)


DJ Sammy 


DJ Sammy At Work (1999)Life Is Just A Game (1999)

1.Intro, 2.Prince Of Love, 3.Golden Child, 4.Sueno Complido, 5.Magic Moment, 6.Find A Way, 7.Allegria, 8.You Can Run, 9.Wait, 10.Life Is Just A Game, 11.You're My Angel, 12.Prince Of Love (Accapella), 13.Golden Child, 14.Bruce Lee, 15.Outro, 16.Loona - Bailando,

Heaven (2002)

1.California Dreaming, 2.Heaven, 3.Sunlight, 4.The Boys Of Summer, 5.El Condor Pasa, 6.Beautiful Smile, 7.Unbreakable, 8.Paradise Love, 9.Vive El Presente, 10.Take Me Back To Heaven, 11.Sunchild, 12.Sunlight, 13.Heaven (Candlelight mix),

Heaven (2002)

1.Sunlight, 2.Heaven, 3.The Boys Of Summer, 4.California Dreaming, 5.Beautiful Smile, 6.El Condor Pasa, 7.Paradise Love, 8.Unbreakable, 9.Vive El Presente, 10.Take Me Back To Heaven, 11.Sunchild, 12.Sunlight (Bossa Nova Vibes), 13.Heaven (Candlelight), 14.Bonus Sunlight And Heaven Videos,

The Rise (Apr 2005)

1.The Rise, 2.Rise Again, 3.Long Way To Go, 4.Follow My Star, 5.Why, 6.Highest Mountain, 7.Place On Fire, 8.Lbby Haba, 9.Summers Here, 10.Key To My Castle, 11.Living In A Daydream, 12.Cheba, 13.Timm Will Show, 14.Little Girls Lullaby,


Life Is Just A Game (7th Nov 1995)

You're My Angel (18th Mar 1996)

Prince Of Love (19th Apr 1997)

Golden Child (27th Oct 1997)

Magic Moment (18th Apr 1998)

In 2 Eternity (Jan 1999)

Heaven (21st Nov 2001)

Sunlight (14th May 2002)

The Boys Of Summer (18th Nov 2002) 

Rise Again (2004)

Why (2005)

L'bby Haba (Nov 2005)

Everybody Hurts (Oct 2007)

Feel The Love (19th Jun 2009)

Animal (2010)


You're My Angel (1996)

The Boys Of Summer (2002)


DJ Scott


Do You Wanna Party '93 (1993)

Do You Wanna Party '94 (1994) 

Sweet Dreams (1995)

Let's Make It Happen (1996)

Tinseltown In The Rain (1997)


DJ Sonic


Turn On The Music (1995)


DJ Space'C


Forever Young (11th Jan 1993)

West End Girl (4th Oct 1993)

Fox On The Run (8th Oct 1993)

I Need You (14th Jan 1994)

Love 4 Liberty (13th May 1994)

Love Train (18th Oct 1994)

Jump (1995)

Don't Break My Heart (1st Mar 1995)

Through The Clouds (6th Jun 1995)

Deep Inside (21st May 1996)

Could It Be Magic (18th Nov 1996)

Swiss Boy (1997)

Chery Chery Lady (1997)

Spice Up Your Life (7th Nov 1997)

Stop (17th Apr 1998)

We Don't Talk Anymore (2nd Jul 1998)

Cruel Summer (16th Sep 1999)

I Belong (21st Sep 1999)

I Feel The Earth Move (21st Sep 1999)

Don't Ask Me Why (2000)

Jump For My Love (25th Sep 2000)

The Sun Always Shines On TV  (14th May 2001)

Walking On Sunshine (2005)

Cruel Summer 2005 (2005)

There Must Be An Angel (30th Jul 2010)


DJ Spy


Go To Your Heart (15th May 1993)  

Label : Pirate Records (Italy), Urban (Germany).



DJ Tururu


Countdown (17th Jul 1995)

Take My Love (1996)

Calm The Rage (1996)

Weight Of The World (1997)

Love Dreams (1998)

Countdown 2006 (Oct 2006)


DJ Valium


The Album (15th Apr 2002)


Keep Da Clubstyle (22nd Apr 1999)

Ruff Beat (Sep 1999)

Go Right For (1st Dec 1999)

Omen III (8th May 2000)

Doin' It Again (21st Dec 2000)

Sci-Fi EP (4th May 2001)

Bring The Beat Back (5th Feb 2002)

Let's All Chant (Jul 2002) 

Spirit Of Yesterday (20th Jan 2004)


DJ Wondermike


Take Me Away (1994)




Move Your Love (1991)

I Like It (1991) 

Think About (1991) 

We Love It (1992)

You (Don't You Stop) (1992)

Party Time (1992)

Come On Boy (15th May 1992)

My Body (1993)

I Like It 2000 (2000)


Move Your Love (1991)

My Body (1993)




Making Again (1994)

Label : Discoid Corporation.


DJs at Work


Teamwork (29th Apr 2002)

1.Intro, 2.Time 2 Wonder (Video version), 3.Someday (Short version), 4.Activated, 5.I Feel Free, 6.Sunrise, 7.Fly With Me (To The Stars), 8.Where I Belong, 9.Free My Mind, 10.Don't Stop And Listen, 11.Low Noize, 12.From My Heart, 13.You Are Real, 14.A Part Of Me,

Past Was Yesterday (2004)

1.Past Was Yesterday (Club Mix), 2.Free Your Mind, 3.Let Me Be, 4.The Final Dance, 5.Some Years Ago, 6.Spin Me, 7.Rock Da Beat, 8.Will Be Free, 9.Give In Tonight, 10.Do You Remember, 11.You Take Me Away, 12.My Mind, 13.Houze Muzik, 14.Tell Me Why, Синглы:

Someday... (2001)

Rhythm And Drums 2001 (2001)

Fly With Me (To The Stars) (2002)

Time 2 Wonder (Mar 2002)

Past Was Yesterday (12th May 2003)

Some Years Ago / Will Be Free (2004)

Your Love (11th Apr 2005)

Come Back And Stay (Nov 2005)

No Easy Way Out (Feb 2006)




Jump (9th May 2005)

1.Hide And Seek (Pak Me Dan), 2.Call Me, 3.Made To Love You, 4.Going Up, 5.Get Out, 6.Bye Bye Bye, 7.Know My Name, 8.Eyahe (Ik Wil Met Jou), 9.On My Own, 10.Time-Out, 11.The Djumbo Jump, 12.Lullaby, 13.Hide And Seek (Catch Us If You Can), 14.Eyahe (Wanna Be With You),

Spotlight (9th Nov 2007)

1.Dit Is Real, 2.Boya Boya Bay, 3.Abracadabra, 4.Who Do You Wanna Be?, 5.Let Me Love You, 6.Undercover, 7.Magic Beat, 8.Let's Play, 9.Boy I Like Ya, 10.Djumpin', 11.I Do I Do, 12.I Wanna Thank You, 13.Boya Boya Bay video, 14.Undercover video, 15.Boy I Like Ya video, 16.Dit Is Real video,

Magic (14th Nov 2008)

1.Boyz & Girlz, 2.Best Friends, 3.Anything, 4.Party Party, 5.I Want You To Know, 6.Locomotion, 7.Djumbo Medley,


Hide And Seek (6th Sep 2004)

Eyahe (3rd Feb 2005)

The Djumbo Jump (24th Jun 2005)

Made To Love You (21st Oct 2005)

Boya Boya Bay (28th Jul 2006)

Undercover (17th Nov 2006)

Boy I Like Ya (20th Jul 2007)

Dit Is Real (2nd Nov 2007)

Abracadabra (25th Apr 2008)

Boyz & Girlz (26th Sep 2008)

Summertime in Dubai (2009)




Hypnotize (1996)


Doc Franz


Don't You Want Me (1994)

Label : In Out Records




Yes I Wanna Do (1994)

Label : Freaky Records.


Dolce Vita



All To Make This Love Forever (1992)

Love Invasion (1993)

I.O.U. (1994)

Clap Your Hands (And Stamp Your Feet) (1996)


Dolphin Crew


Light Is (30th Nov 1994)




Set Them Free (1996)




Reach For The Stars

Spread This Love

I Hear Voices (1995)




Disco Dance (1999)

Dolce Marmellata (Jan 2000)

Rock Steady Crew (28th Aug 2000)




Love On Love (Shut The Door) (1993)

Somebody (1993)

Can't Give Up (25th Feb 1994)


Don Felix


Hallo Hallo (1995)

I've Got It (1995)


I've Got It (1995)


Donald Duck


That's Donald (23rd Aug 1995)




Just A Dream (1998)

Touch My Body (1998)


Donna J


Donna J (1995)

1.I'm Walkin' In The Sunshine, 2.Don't Stop, 3.People In The Night, 4.Heartbeat, 5.Talk To Me, 6.You Make Me Feel So Good, 7.Dreamin', 8.Nobody Knows, 9.One Night One Lover, 10.I'm Walkin' In The Sunshine (Join Dub), 11.People In The Night (Slow Motion), Синглы:

Step By Step (11th Jun 1994)

People In The Night (12th Dec 1994)

Walking In The Sunshine (1995)


Donovan (Sonia)


Fallin In Love (1997)

Label : Decade Records.




You Can Do It (1996)


Double AA


Dancers In The Night (11th Nov 1994)


Double Active


Light My Fire (15th Oct 1994)

Hocus Pocus (26th Jun 1995)


Double Bubble


Dancing In The Rain


Double Dare


I Believe (17th Jun 1994)

This Is The Night (1995)

Take Me To The River (1996)

We Belong (5th Feb 1996)

Believe In Me (1997)


I Believe (1994)


Double Divine


Your Loving (1994)

Label: Capitol Records / EMI-Medley (Denmark) 1994.


Double Fox


Party Lions (14th Mar 1994)

Nice Life (11th Aug 1994)


Double Impact



My House

Let The Music Set Me Free (1996)

Nineteen (1996)

House Traxx (2001)


Double Key


Life Is The Rhythm (6th Jun 1996) 


Double Nation 


Trance Champion (11th Jul 2005)

1.Dance Nation - Sunshine (Japan Exclusive Mix), 2.Cyber X feat. Sean - Season In The Sun, 3.Cyber Nation feat. Sean & Kim - Beach Time, 4.Cyber Nation feat. Sean & Kim - WA Ni Na, 5.Cyber X feat. Sean - Livin' On A Prayer, 6.Dance Nation - You Take Me Away, 7.Double Nation - Move Your Love, 8.Sean & Kim - Please Don't Go, 9.Double Nation - I'm Gonna Get You, 10.Sean & Kim - Rise & Shine, 11.Dance Nation - Dance, 12.Sean & Kim - Celebrate Your Life, 13.Dance Nation - Words, 14.Sean & Kim - Fallin For You, 15.Double Nation - Move Your Love, 16.Dance Nation - Sunshine (Wippenberg Remix), 17.S.T.F. feat. Sean & Kim - Aa Natsuyasumi,

One Nation (14th Nov 2006)

1.Zip, 2.Sunshine 2006(Shohei matsumoto remix), 3.Reach For The Light, 4.Ridin' High, 5.Everybody's free, 6.In The Summertime, 7.Pump This Party, 8.Higher Than Love, 9.Ret Love Shine, 10.You Lift Me Up, 11.Fired Up, 12.Bring Back Your Love, 13.Move Your Love (sham-poo remix), 14.Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas, 15.Livin' On A Prayer, 16.Ridin' High (Hi_tack remix), 17.Footloose,

Around The World (23rd Jul 2008)

1.Sunshine 2008, 2.Superstar, 3.Set me free, 4.Move your love (Soul Avengerz), 5.Sunlight, 6.Beautiful, 7.Rush, 8.V.I.P., 9.Take me, 10.I Believe, 11.Feel the power, 12.Reach for you, 13.One million reasons, 14.Sunlight (hypertrance mix), 15.Move your love (Shohei Matsumoto remix), 16.Real thing (DJ Tora feat. Sean & Kim)


I'm Gonna Get You (28th Jun 2004) 

Move Your Love (Mar 2005) 


Double S


Something Going On (1994)


Double U Fresh


Music Non Stop (17th Jun 1994)


Double Vision 


Unsafe Building (1996)

1.Knockin' (Original), 2.All Right (Extended), 3.Unsafe Building, 4.Money, 5.Sara (Remix), 6.When Love Breaks Down, 7.Knockin' (Extended club-mix), 8.Unsafe Building (Ken Oakland mix), 9.All Right (Mike Nero mix), 10.All Right (Monitor one house mix), 11.Knockin' + All right (Megamix), Синглы:

Sara (1993)

Honey Be Good (1993)

Unsafe Building (1993)

Knockin' (4th Sep 1995)

All right (31st Oct 1995)

Alone Again Or... (Nov 1996) 

Sara / Unsafe Building (1997)

Knockin' 2000 (2nd Jun 1998)

Love Me Now (31st Jan 2000)


Allright (1995)

Knockin' (1995)


Double Vision (2)


Free Your Mind (1995)


Double X


Stay By Me (1995)


Double You 


We All Need Love LP (1992)

1.Please Don't Go, 2.We All Need Love, 3.Drive, 4.Why, 5.Who's Fooling Who, 6.Walking On The Chinese Wall, 7.Going Back, 8.With Or Without You, 9.Looking At My Girl, 10.You Are My World, 11.Please Don't Go (Dub reprise),

The Remixes: (1993)

1.Who's Fooling Who (Organ Mix), 2.We All Need Love (Extended Mix), 3.Drive (Extended Mix), 4.Walking On The Chinese Wall (Long Mix), 5.Looking At My Girl (Club Mix), 6.With Or Without You (Long Mix), 7.Missing You (Radio Mix), 8.Looking At My Girl (Funk Mix), 9.Please Don't Go (Club Mix), 10.Why (Let's Make It Christmas), 11.Megamix, 12.Missing You (Club Vocal), 13.Looking At My Girl (Piano Mix),

The Blue Album (4th Feb 1994)

1.Run To Me, 2.She's Beautiful, 3.Wonderful World, 4.Part-time Lover, 5.What Did You Do (With My Love), 6.Missing You, 7.Heart Of Glass, 8.I Gave You All, 9.Got To Love, 10.You Are The One, 11.What Did You Do (With My Love) (Live mix), 12.Rebel Rebel, 13.She's Beautiful (Sunmix), 14.Part-time Lover (E, 15.Missing You (Summer remix),

CD Especial UAU (1995)

1.She's Beautiful, 2.What Did You Do (with my love), 3.Looking At My Girl, 4.I Gave You All,

The 12''

Remixes: (1st Feb 1995)

1.Part Time Lover (e.u.r.o. Mix), 2.Who's Fooling Who (piano Mix), 3.We All Need Love (us Club Remix), 4.Please Don't Go (hot Tracks Mix), 5.With Or Without You (mind 150 Mix), 6.Missing You (summer Remix), 7.Heart Of Glass (club Mix), 8.Run To Me (original Extended Mix), 9.Drive (extended Mix), 10.Walking On The Chinese Wall (long Mix), 11.Megamix, 12.Please Don't Go (us Rave Mix),

Forever (1996)

1.Because I'm Loving You, 2.Gonna Be My Baby, 3.Dancing With An Angel, 4.Stay, 5.Send Away The Rain, 6.That's The Way, 7.Loving You, 8.Gimme All Your Love, 9.Stay With Me, 10.And You Know, 11.La Di Da, 12.If You Say Goodbye, 13.Only In A Dream, 14.The Alien Song, 15.Because Loving You,

The Best Of (1996)

1.Please Don't Go, 2.Looking At My Girl, 3.She's Beautiful, 4.Run To Me, 5.We All Need Love, 6.With Or Without You, 7.What Did You Do (With My Love), 8.In The Name Of Love, 9.Drive, 10.Gonna Be My Baby, 11.Who's Fooling Who, 12.Heart Of Glass, 13.Part-Time Lover, 14.Beacause I'm Loving You, 15.That's The Way (I Like It), 16.Megamix,

Heaven (1998)

1.Desperado, 2.Forever And Ever, 3.Do You Wanna Be Funky, 4.You And I, 5.Ain't No Stopping Us Now, 6.Sexy, 7.More Than A Friend, 8.That's The Way Love Is, 9.Everytime, 10.Music In Me, 11.Ready To Go, 12.Love Never Dies, 13.Let's Do It Together,

Studio Live (2001)

1.Gonna Be My Baby, 2.She's Beautiful, 3.What Did You Do (With My Love), 4.Looking At My Girl, 5.Run To Me, 6.Please Don't Go, 7.We All Need Love, 8.With Or Without You, 9.Who's Fooling Who, 10.Somebody, 11.Because I'm Loving You, 12.Dance Anymore, 13.Dance Anymore (Unreleased Studio Track), 14.What Am I Supposed To Do (Unreleased Studio Track),

Perolas (Brazil only) (2004)

1.That's The Way, 2.Megamix, 3.Heart Of Glass, 4.Part Time Lover, 5.Because I'm Loving You, 6.Drive, 7.Gonna Be My Baby, 8.Who s Fooling Who, 9.With Or Without You, 10.What Did You Do, 11.In The Name Of Love, 12.She's Beautiful, 13.Run To Me, 14.We All Need Love, 15.Please Don't Go, 16.Looking At My Girl,

Live in Brazil (2007)

1.Please Don't Go (Live In Brazil), 2.She's Beautiful (Live In Brazil), 3.Who's Fooling Who (Live In Brazil), 4.Looking At My Girl (Live In Brazil), 5.Heart Of Glass (Live In Brazil), 6.We All Need Love (Live In Brazil), 7.Part Time Lover-Funky (Live In Brazil), 8.Gonna Be My Baby (Live In Brazil), 9.What Did You Do (With My Love) (Live In Brazil), 10.Run To Me (Live In Brazil), 11.You Are Everything, 12.That Look In Your Eyes, 13.Can't Go On, 14.You Are Everything (Baco's Mix),


It's The Summertime/'88 To Mandela (1988)

Double Mix (1992)

Megamix (1992)

Please Don't Go (11th Feb 1992) 

We All Need Love (30th Jun 1992) 

Who's Fooling Who (16th Oct 1992)

With Or Without You (11th Feb 1993)

Missing You (27th May 1993)

Part-time Lover (30th Oct 1993) 

Why (Let's Make It Christmas) (2nd Dec 1993)

Heart Of Glass (4th Feb 1994)

Run To Me (13th May 1994) 

Dancing With An Angel (22nd Apr 1995)

If You Say Goodbye (1996)

Gimme All Your Love (1996)

Send Away The Rain (1996)

Because I'm Loving You (15th Jan 1996)

Somebody (9th Jun 1997)

Do You Wanna Be Funky (26th Jan 1999)

Ain't No Stopping Us Now (26th Apr 1999)

Desperado (26th Oct 1999)

Music (Is The Answer) (7th Jun 2000)

Please Don't Go 2001 (28th Jun 2001)

Dance Anymore (2002)

Please Don't Go 2002 (2002)

Eazy 2 Luv (2002)

Everything I Do (I Do It For You) (21st Jul 2003)

Please Don't Go 2005 (2005)

Get Up (2005)

You Are Everything (2005)

Beat Goes On (2006)

Everything I Do (2006) 

Planet Electro (2007)

You, My Love (2008)

Lose Control (2008)

Change (2nd May 2008)

Please Don't Go 2009 (2009)

If I Could Fall (2010)


Please Don't Go (1992)

We All Need Love (1992) 

Please Don't Go (The Techno Remixes: (1992)

Missing You (1993) 

Part-time Lover (1993)

Somebody (1997)




Call Me (1995)

Hit The Floor (1995)

Label : Future Tell Records (FT-1916).


Dr Alban 


Hello Afrika (Oct 1990)

1.The Alban Prelude, 2.U & Mi, 3.No Coke, 4.Sweet Reggae Music, 5.Hello Afrika, 6.Stop The Pollution, 7.Our Father, 8.Proud! (To Be Afrikan), 9.Groove Machine 2, 10.U & Mi Remix, 11.No Coke (Float Remix),

One Love (May 1992)

1.Introduction, 2.It's My Life, 3.One Love, 4.Sing Hallelujah, 5.Mataohaeh, 6.Raggae Gone Ragga, 7.Om We Rembwe Ike, 8.Hard To Choose, 9.Cash Money, 10.Roll Down Di Rubber Man, 11.It's My Life, 12.One Love,

Look Who's Talking (1994)

1.It's My Life, 2.I Feel The Music, 3.I Said It Once, 4.One Love, 5.Proud! (To Be African), 6.Sweet Little Girl, 7.Away From Home, 8.Cash Money, 9.So Long, 10.Rock Steady (Pupulala), 11.Alabalaba (Woman'a'sexy), 12.Let The Beat Go On, 13.Go See The Dentist, 14.Hard To Choose, 15.Fire, 16.Look Who's Talking,

Look Who's Talking (1994)

1.Hard Pan Di Drums, 2.Look Who's Talking, 3.Free Up Soweto, 4.Away From Home, 5.Gimme Dat Lovin, 6.Let The Beat Go On, 7.Fire, 8.Home Sweet Home, 9.Go See The Dentist, 10.Sweet Little Girl, 11.Plastic Smile, 12.Awillawillawillahey, 13.Look Who's Talking (Stones's Radio Edit),

Born In Africa (1996)

1.Born In Africa, 2.Riddle Of Life, 3.Alabalaba, 4.Hallelujah Day, 5.Rock Steady, 6.I Feel The Music, 7.Then I Fell In Love, 8.I Said It Once, 9.Rich Man/Poor Man, 10.This Time I'm Free, 11.So Long, 12.Feel Like Making Love, 13.Rock The Woman Shake It, 14.This Time I'm Free, 15.Born In Africa,

I Believe (1997)

1.Intro, 2.Guess Who Coming To Dinner, 3.Mr DJ, 4.Soon Come, 5.Feel The Rhythm, 6.Enemies, 7.Long Time Ago, 8.I Believe, 9.Oh Baby, 10.Show Me, 11.Mountains, 12.Humpty Dumpty, 13.Love Affair, 14.Honey Bunny, 15.Ain't No Stopping, 16.Raggamuffin Girl, 17.Oh Baby (Sly & Robbie Rmx), 18.Mr DJ (R N B Mix), 19.Long Time Ago (Bundes Rad Rmw),

The Best of Dr. Alban 1990-1997 (1997)

1.Hello Afrika (Fast Blast), 2.Stop The Pollution, 3.U & Mi, 4.One Love, 5.Sing Hallelujah (Short), 6.It's My Life, 7.Look Who's Talking (Long), 8.Let The Beat Go On, 9.Away From Home, 10.This Time I'm Free (Rmx), 11.Hallelujah Day (Radio), 12.Born In Africa, 13.It's My Life (Sash! Rmx), 14.Sing Hallelujah (DJ Steve Rmx), 15.Hello Afrika ('97 Rmx), 16.No Coke (Klanghouse Rmx),

It's My Life (1998)Prescription (29th May 2000)

1.Because Of You, 2.What Do I Do, 3.I Like To Know, 4.Looking For Something, 5.Beautiful Day, 6.Talk About Love, 7.Rebel, 8.Born A Winner, 9.Telephone Love, 10.Get Up, 11.Fuel 4 Love,

Back To Basics (2007)

1.Don't Joke With Fire, 2.Street Vibes (feat. Eeka Mouse ), 3.Push It, 4.I Wanna Know (feat Efti), 5.Work Work (feat Jose Chameleone) (Africa Recall Mix), 6.Give Me Lovin, 7.Single Searching, 8.Push It (Ragga Dub Mix), 9.Don't Joke With Fire (Club Breeze Mix), 10.The One, 11.It's My Life 2007 (Neomaster Bonus Track), 12.Habibi (feat Melissa), 13.Habibi (feat Melissa) (Marocane Remix), 14.Chiki Chiki (Starclub Video Mix),


Hello Africa (Jul 1990)

No Coke (Sep 1990)

Sing Shi-Wo-Wo (Stop The Pollution) (1991)

U & Mi (Jan 1991)

It's My Life (Apr 1992)

One Love (Aug 1992)

Sing Hallelujah (Jan 1993) 

No Coke '93 (Sep 1993)

Look Who's Talking (Feb 1994)

Away From Home (May 1994)

Let The Beat Go On (Aug 1994)

This Time I'm Free (Aug 1995)

Born In Africa (Feb 1996)

Hallelujah Day (May 1996)

Mr DJ (Aug 1997)

It's My Life '97 (12th Sep 1997)

Long Time Ago (Nov 1997)

Feel The Rhythm (Apr 1998)

Sing Hallelujah '98 (Apr 1998)

Guess Who's Coming To Dinner / Enemies (22nd Apr 1998)

Papaya Coconut (Oct 1998)

Because Of You (Feb 2000)

What Do I Do (Apr 2000)

Work Work (Jun 2003)

Sing Hallelujah Recall (Dec 2003)

Habibi (2007)

I Love The 90's (31st May 2008)

Hello South Africa (2010)

Remixes:It's My Life (Raggadag Remix) (1992)

One Love (1992)

Sing Hallelujah (1993)

Away From Home (1994)

Look Who's Talking (The U.S. House Remixes:) (1995)

This Time I'm Free (1995)


Dr Funboy


Teach Me How To Live (1993)


Dr Iggy 


Tragovi Ljubavi - Hitovi (Best Of)

1.Oci Boje Duge, 2.Nikad, 3.Pusti Me Da Zivim, 4.Kao pre, 5.Samo Ti, 6.Kada Dode Kraj, 7.Tragovi Ljubavi, 8.Navika, 9.Kada Reci Nisu Potrebne, 10.Da Si Tu, 11.Plasim Se, 12.Zbog Tebe, 13.Plasim Se (Alien rmx), 14.Jos Ovu Noc, 15.Gde Da Krenes Sada,

Najlepse Dance Pesme I Balade

1.Pusti Me Da Zivim, 2.Nikad (Euro dance mix), 3.Kada Spavam, 4.Samo Ti, 5.Da Li Znas, 6.Zasto Ja, 7.Voli Me, 8.I Ove Noai, 9.Kada Dodje Kraj, 10.Navika, 11.Ne Zelim, 12.Kada Reci Nisu Potrebne, 13.Plasim Se, 14.Tragovi Ljubavi, 15.Kazi Mi (Team remix), 16.Kao Pre, 17.Oci Boje Duge,

Oci Boje Duge (1995)

1.Nikad, 2.Zasto Ja, 3.Voli Me, 4.Oci Boje Duge, 5.Bicu tu, 6.Ko Sam Ja, 7.Ljubavi, 8.Kazi Mi,

Kao Pre (1996)

1.Pusti Me Da Zivim, 2.Kao Pre, 3.Samo Ti, 4.Tvoj Dodir, 5.Kada Spavam, 6.Uzalud Se Trudis, 7.Kada Dode Kraj, 8.Tragovi Ljubavi, 9.Megamix,

Kada Reci Nisu Potrebne (1997)

1.Navika, 2.Sada Odlazim, 3.I Ove Noci, 4.Kada Reci Nisu Potrebne, 5.Zasto Ja, 6.Koliko Puta, 7.Zadnji Trag Nade, 8.Volim Te,

Zbog Tebe (2000)

1.Intro, 2.Da Si Tu, 3.Svet Bez Tebe, 4.Da Li Znas, 5.Ne Zelim, 6.Plasim Se, 7.Trebas Mi Ti, 8.Jednom Kad Ostanes Sam, 9.Zbog Tebe, 10.Plasim Se, 11.The Legend Of Dance Music,

Live (2000)

1.Oci Boje Duge, 2.Samo Ti, 3.Kada Dode Kraj, 4.Pusti Me Da zivim, 5.Nikad, 6.Tragovi Ljubavi, 7.Zasto Ja, 8.Kao Pre, 9.Kada Spavam, 10.Tvoj dodir, 11.Kazi Mi, 12.Uzalud Se Trudis, 13.Bicu Tu, 14.Oci Boje Duge,

Sve (2002)

1.Intro, 2.Trazim Te, 3.Sada Sve Je Nevazno, 4.Kad Volim, 5.Svakog Dana, 6.Sve, 7.Ljubis Me, 8.Sada Sam, 9.Ja Ne Mogu Bez Tebe,


Koliko Puta


Dr No 


In The Middle Of The Night (1996)

Nightrain (1996)

How Do You Do (1998)

Stand By Me (1998)


Dr Rhythm


Touch Me (1994)

Label: MKS Records

Thanks to EuroRama


Dr Robert


Ele Mele Muh (7th Nov 1994)


Dr T


Down On The Road

Do You Feel It (1994)




Taxi Fantastique (Nov 1994) 

The Secret Of My Body (1995)

Up & Down (1996) 

Meteor Man (1997)


Dream Age


Your Paradise (1996)

Label : Drohm.


Dream Beat


Everybody Move (1995)


Dream Community


Mixed Emotions


Dream Factory


Hands Up (1995)


Dream Project


Take A Chance (1996)

Label : Italian Style Production.


Dream Squad


Can't You Feel The Beat (1995)

Relax Yourself (1996)




Get On Up (7th Mar 1994)

Anything For U (1st Feb 1995)  

Can't Get Enough (25th Oct 1996)

Summer Is Here (1999)

Get You (2000)

Label: FMR productions


Dreamland (2)


Indian Power (1994)




Heaven Sent (1996)

1.Holdin' On, 2.Wish This Rain, 3.Heaven Sent, 4.Waiting For The Sun..., 5.Movin' Up, 6.Stay 'Til The End, 7.It's Over, 8.Unreal, 9.Still In Your Heart, 10.Know My Name, 11.Why Do I Feel So Good, 12.Reach Out


Movin' Up (1995) 

Unreal (16th Oct 1995)

Everytime I Fall (1996)

Holdin' On (1996)


Movin' Up (1995)


Dreski (Jill)


Same Emotions (1994)

Let Me Know (1995) 

Heartbreaker (1995)  

This Is My Time (1996)

Summer Night City (1996)




Jump Party (20th Feb 1993)

Make It Together (11th Jan 1994)

In Your Face (11th Feb 1994) 

Pleasure (13th May 1996)




I Thank You (1994)


DSP Project


Freedom (1995)


Ducros (Valentina) 


Segretamente Amanti (2002)




Love Is Not The Same (1994)

Under The Same Sun (25th Feb 1994)




Fantasy (1995)

1.Introduction, 2.Inside My Fantasy, 3.Through The Fire, 4.Power And Passion, 5.Nothing Can, 6.Back And Forth, 7.I'm The One You Need, 8.Don't Stop ('95 Remix), 9.Heaven Will Be There, 10.Give In To Me, 11.Transformation, 12.Can't Fight The Feeling (feat Hazell Dean), 13.Move Into The Rhythm (Feel Free Mix),


Don't Stop (1993)

Give In To Me (1994)

Power & Passion (1994)

Inside My Fantasy (1994)

I'm The One You Need (12th Dec 1994)

Move Into The Rhythm (26th Sep 1995)


Dynamic 2


Guilty For Love (1998)


Dynamic Base


Africa (4th Sep 1993) 

Make Me Wonder (27th Sep 1994)

Your Lover (4th Jul 1995)

All Of My Life (6th Nov 1995) 


Dynamic Power


Believe (1993)


Dynamic Work


I Need

Dynamic Work EP (1992)

Out Of Mind (No Te Pares) (1994)

Show Me (30th Oct 1994) 

Label : No Limits.


Dynamite P


Let Me Hear (1993)

Call Me Dancer (14th Jan 1994)




Vision Of Love (1994)

Label : RamsHorn records.


Dynamo (2)


Party People (Jump)




Get Up (Keep The Fires Burning) (17th Jun 1994)

Free Your Mind (1995)