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C and C Dream


I Love You Baby (1996)

Produced by Fulvio Zafret, E. Funkouser and Francesco Contadini



I Want Yo'l

I'm Gonna B Your Fantasy (1995)

Satisfaction (1995)

Allright (1997)


I'm Gonna B Your F (1995)




I'm Feelin' (14th Sep 1995)

Love Is The Way (3rd Mar 1997)

My Favourite Game (1998)

Rome Wasn't Built In A Day (1998)

Surround Me (13th Mar 1998)

Every Time (26th Jan 1999)

Unforgivable Sinner (13th Jul 1999)



The Elements (11th Dec 1995)

1.Intro, 2.Hymn (Sphinx Club Mix), 3.Nanaya, 4.Wonderful World, 5.Love Is The Message, 6.Teardrops, 7.Dancing With Tears In My Eyes, 8.Cabballero's Land, 9.Love Is A Shield, 10.Lover With An Attitude (feat Girltalk), 11.Faith Is Rising, 12.Nanaya (RMX), 13.Hymn (German Rave Remix), 14.Outro,


Gimme Gimme (More And More) (1994)

Hymn (10th Sep 1994)

Dancing With Tears In My Eyes (27th Jan 1995) 

Love Is The Message (22nd Jun 1995)

Love Is A Shield EP (21st Aug 1995)

Nanaya (11th Dec 1995)

Dancing With Tears In My Eyes 2 (30th Oct 2001)

Sleeping (Now That You've Gone) (2004) RemixesHymn (Sphinx Remix) (1994)

Hymn (Mix & Remix) (1994)

Dancing With Tears In My Eyes (1995)

Nanaya (1995)

Remixes done by Cabballero

Ryan Paris - Dolce Vita 95

Samira's When I Look Into Your Eyes

Sonic Beat - I Can Fly

Unlimited Nation - Move Your Body



Rhythm Of Love (24th May 1996)

Get In My Life (24th May 1996)



Fire And Ice

Gimme Your Heart (1995)

Produced by Pat Reiniz (Cool James & Black Teacher; Rednex )

Label: Stockholm records



Take Me To Your Heart (1999)

1.Yes Sir, I Can Boogie, 2.It's My Party, 3.Take Me To Your Heart, 4.You Came, 5.Amore, 6.Heaven Is A Place On Earth, 7.Na na hey hey, kissing goodbye, 8.Don't Break This Heart, 9.Venus, 10.Black Is Black,


Radio Moon (1998)

Amore (1999)

Take Me To Your Heart (1999)

Label : Universal.

Candee Jay 


Electrifying (2004)

1.If I Were You, 2.Back For Me, 3.Lose This Feeling, 4.Every Party, 5.Oh Boy, 6.Without You, 7.Fiesta In Mexico, 8.Forever & A Day, 9.You Don't Seem, 10.I Will Find You, 11.Rising Into Love, 12.Another Year, 13.If I Were You & Back For Me (videos),


If I Were You (2003) 

Back For Me (2004)  

Lose This Feeling (2005)

Candy Girls 


Fee Fi Fo Fum (27th Oct 1995) 

Wham Bam (15th Jan 1996)

I Want Candy (7th Oct 1996) 

Bom Da De (23rd Apr 1999)


Bom Da De (1999)



Technological Heaven (2000)

1.Entrance, 2.Technological Heaven, 3.You're The One (Original), 4.Kicking Tracks, 5.Neverending, 6.Push, 7.Candyman (Radio Edit), 8.Hide And Seek, 9.Fallin', 10.On The Run, 11.The Edge, 12.Free, 13.You're The One (Free Love Mix), 14.Neverending (Brazilian Summer Mix)


The Candyman

You're The One


Rock Ya Body (2001)



Psyche And Eros (1995)



The Real Thing (1996)

Label : Blackbeard

Capital Sound 


Sussex Drive (1994)

1.Promenade, 2.Love Comes Around, 3.On and On (Show Your Love), 4.In The Night, 5.Hardware Desire, 6.Driven Like the Rain, 7.Sussex Drive, 8.Higher Love, 9.I Can't Wait, 10.Desire, 11.Memories, 12.In the Mix, 13.Trance For Me, 14.Dream World (Part III of Life),

And The Party Goes On (1996)

1.Move It, 2.Give A Little Love, 3.Somebody Save Me, 4.The Land Of Thousand Pleasures, 5.Feel The Rhythm, 6.Tell Me, 7.Your Love Is My Energy, 8.The Odyssey, 9.El Jardin De Amor (Part 2 of Life), 10.Boogie Oogie Oogies (Concerto In D Minor Mix), 11.The Real Thing, 12.Love (Eturnite Mix), 13.Paradise, 14.All I Have,

The Best Of (2005)

1.Higher Love, 2.Your Love Is My Energy, 3.Give A Little Love, 4.In The Night, 5.Feel The Rhythm, 6.Tell Me, 7.Sussex drive, 8.Desire (Orlando), 9.Love Comes Around, 10.On and On (Show Your Love), 11.Boogie Oogie Oogie, 12.Higher Love (Radio 2K5 Mix), 13.The Land Of A Thousand Pleasures,

The Best Of (2005)

1.Higher Love (Club Mix 2K5), 2.Feel The Rhythm (Club Mix), 3.Desire (X-tended Mix), 4.Love Comes Around (Premier Club Mix), 5.Your Love Is My Energy (Club Mix), 6.Give A Little Love (Extended Mix), 7.In The Night (Club Mix), 8.The Odyssey (Trance Mix), 9.Tell Me (Club Edit), 10.Higher Love (Club Mix), 11.Boogie Oogie Oogie (Concerto In D Minor Mix), 12.The Real Thing (Party Edit), 13.Desire (Short Short Dub),

The Best Of (2005)

1.Move It, 2.Boogie Oogie Oogie, 3.In The Night, 4.Desire, 5.Higher Love, 6.Give A Little Love, 7.Tell me, 8.Love Comes Around, 9.Feel The Rhythm, 10.The Land Of A Thousand Pleasures, 11.Your Love Is My Energy, 12.El Jardin De Amor, 13.Desire This, 14.The Odyssey, 15.Hardware Desire, 16.Love, 17.Driven Like The Rain,


Love Comes Around ()

In The Night (1994)

Desire (1994) 

Higher Love (1994)

Give A Little Love (1995)

Feel The Rhythm (1996) 

Boogie Oogie Oogie (23rd Oct 1996)

Your Love Is My Energy (1997)


In The Night (1994) Produced by Numuzik



Helyom Halib (1990)

1.Helyom Halib, 2.House Of Alkali, 3.Be Master In One's Own House, 4.House Energy Revenge, 5.Bauhaus/Push The Beat, 6.Get Out of My Case, 7.The Rotation Of The House, 8.Helyom Halib (Remix), 9.House Energy Revenge (Remix),

U Got 2 Know (1994)

1.U Got 2 Know, 2.U Got 2 Let The Music, 3.Don't Be Proud, 4.U & Me, 5.Everybody, 6.What I Gotta Do, 7.Move On Baby, 8.Shake Your Body, 9.The Big Beat, 10.Move It Up,

The Remixes (1994)

1.Move On Baby (Cappella Gigamix), 2.U Got 2 Know (Cappella Gigamix), 3.U Got 2 Let The Music (Cappella Gigamix), 4.U & Me (Underground Mix), 5.U Got 2 Know (A La Carte Paris), 6.Move It Up, 7.Move On Baby, 8.U Got 2 Let The Music, 9.Take Me Away (Techno Mix), 10.U & Me (DJ EFX's Disco Latino Mescla), 11.The Big Beat, 12.Bauhaus,

Remixes (1994)

1.Move On Baby (Extended Mix), 2.U & Me (Mars Plastic Extended), 3.U Got 2 Know (Martini Trance Mix), 4.U Got 2 Let The Music (DJ Pierre Edit), 5.Take Me Away (Techno Mix), 6.Everybody (Techno House Mix), 7.Move On Baby (Tribalism Mix), 8.U & Me (R.A.F Zone), 9.U Got 2 Know (Ephemerals), 10.U Got 2 Let The Music (Brescia Edit), 11.U & Me (Tribal Mix), 12.Megamix,

Move On Baby (25th May 1994)

1.Move On Baby (Original Version), 2.U Got 2 Know, 3.U Got 2 Let The Music, 4.Don't Be Proud, 5.U & Me, 6.Everybody, 7.What I Gotta Do, 8.Shake Your Body, 9.The Big Beat, 10.Move It Up, 11.Take Me Away (Radio Edit), 12.U Got 2 Know (Maxizone Remix), 13.U Got 2 Let The Music (Unreleased Mix), 14.Move On Baby (Definitive Edit), 15.Megamix,

Best Of Cappella (5th Jun 1994)

1.Bauhaus, 2.Heylom Halib, 3.House Energy Revenge, 4.Get Out Of My Case, 5.Be Master in One's Own House, 6.Cappella Megamix Vol I, 7.Everybody, 8.Take Me Away, 9.U Got 2 Know, 10.U Got 2 Let The Music, 11.Move On Baby, 12.U & Me, 13.Move It Up, 14.Cappella Megamix Vol. II,

Remixes (19th Jul 1994)

1.Cappella Megamix Vol. I, 2.U & Me (DJ EFX's Disco Latino Mescla), 3.U Got 2 Know (A La Carte Paris), 4.Big Beat, 5.Move It Up, 6.Move On Baby (X Club & XDub Mix), 7.Take Me Away (Techno Mix) (6:09), 8.Bauhaus (A.K.A. Push The Beat),

Everybody's Free (1995)

1.I Keep Lovin' You, 2.Move It Up (New KM 1972 Remix), 3.Turn Me Now, 4.I Got The Music, 5.It's A Party (Mister Mind Mix), 6.I Believe (Original Mix), 7.Rivoluzione, 8.Everybody's Free (Trawers Remix),

L'album Remix (1995)

1.Everybody (Logic mix), 2.U Got 2 Know (3 AM ultimate mix), 3.U Got 2 Let The Music (DJ Pierre trance mix), 4.Move On Baby (Tribalism mix), 5.U & Me (X-ray cut mix), 6.Move It Up (X-dub mix), 7.What I Gotta Do (Media mix), 8.Megamix (Move On Baby, U Got 2 Know, U Got 2 Let The Music),

The Big Beat (1995)

1.The Big Beat (Special Crazy Mix), 2.Move On Baby (Yokota & Co. Mix), 3.Move It Up (B4 Za Beat Mix), 4.Don't Be Proud (CCQT Mix), 5.U Got 2 Know (Spark Mix), 6.You & Me (B4 Za Beat Mix),

Interactive Multimedia (CD-I) (1995)

1.Video of Move On Baby, 2.Video of U Got 2 Let The Music, 3.Video of U & Me, 4.Video-Karaoke of Move On Baby, 5.Video-Karaoke of U Got 2 Let The Music, 6.Video-Karaoke of U & Me, 7.Don't Be Proud, 8.Everybody, 9.What I Gotta Do, 10.Shake Your Body, 11.The Big Beat, 12.U Got 2 Know, 13.CD-I Menu containing, lyrics, biographies, discographies and exclusive photos,

War In Heaven (1996)

1.Tell Me The Way, 2.I Need Your Love, 3.Back In Your Life, 4.Stay With Me, 5.Another You, 6.Do You Run Away Now, 7.U Took My Heart, 8.War In Heaven, 9.Turn It Up & Down, 10.Music And Harmony,

War In Heaven Special edition (1996)

1.Tell Me The Way, 2.I Need Your Love, 3.Back In Your Life, 4.Stay With Me, 5.Another You, 6.Do You Run Away Now, 7.U Took My Heart, 8.War In Heaven, 9.Turn It Up & Down, 10.Music And Harmony, 11.Helyom Halib, 12.Festival Megamix,

War In Heaven (Netherlands) (1996)

1.Tell Me The Way, 2.I Need Your Love, 3.Back In Your Life, 4.Stay With Me, 5.Another You, 6.Do You Run Away Now, 7.You Took My Heart, 8.War In Heaven, 9.Turn It Up And Down, 10.Music And Harmony, 11.I Need Your Love (X-Tended Mix), 12.Tell Me The Way (House Mix),

War In Heaven (24th Jan 1996)

1.Tell Me The Way, 2.I Need Your Love, 3.Back In Your Life, 4.Stay With Me, 5.Another You, 6.Do You Run Away Now, 7.You Took My Heart, 8.War In Heaven, 9.Turn It Up And Down, 10.Music And Harmony, 11.U Got 2 Let The Music (unreleased mix), 12.Move On Baby (km. 1972 mix), 13.Don't Be Proud (techno kingdom mix),

War In Heaven (1997)

1.Tell Me The Way, 2.I Need Your Love, 3.Back In Your Life, 4.Stay With Me, 5.Another You, 6.Do You Run Away Now, 7.You Took My Heart, 8.War In Heaven, 9.Turn It Up And Down, 10.Music And Harmony, 11.Turn It Up And Down (Tee's In The House Radio Mix), 12.I Need Your Love (T.S.O.C.), 13.Tell Me The Way (House Mix), 14.Turn It Up And Down (TNT Club Mix), 15.I Need Your Love (Frank 'O Moiraghi Mix), 16.Tell Me The Way (R.A.F. Zone Mix), 17.Turn It Up And Down (Tee's In The House Extended Mix), 18.I Need Your Love (Mediterranean Mix), 19.Tell Me The Way (Tekno Kingdom Mix),

U R My Baby (14th Oct 1997)

1.Be My Baby, 2.Hei Paluppa, 3.Throwin' Away, 4.U Turn Me On, 5.Enough Is Enough, 6.Gimme The Power, 7.Busted Up, 8.Walkin' Away, 9.Ain't No Sunshine, 10.Come On Up And Dance, 11.Can You Feel It Babe, 12.Leave It, 13.U Tore My World Apart,

U're My Baby/Cappella (25th Feb 1998)

1.Be My Baby, 2.Hey Paluppa, 3.Throwin' Away, 4.U Turn Me On, 5.Enough Is Enough, 6.Gimme The Power, 7.Busted Up, 8.Walkin' Away, 9.Ain't No Sunshine, 10.Can U Feel It Babe, 11.U Tore My World Apart, 12.Come On Up And Dance, 13.The Big Beat (Latin Mix),, 14.Cappella Megamix,

War In Heaven (2005)

1.Tell Me The Way, 2.I Need Your Love, 3.Back In Your Life, 4.Stay With Me, 5.Another You, 6.Do You Run Away Now, 7.U Took My Heart, 8.War In Heaven, 9.Turn It Up & Down, 10.Music And Harmony, 11.Helyom Halib, 12.Festival Megamix,

Best Of (+ clips DVD) (29th Aug 2005)

1.Tell Me The Way, 2.I Need Your Love, 3.Turn It Up And Down, 4.Helyom Halib, 5.Move On Baby, 6.U & Me, 7.U Got 2 Let The Music, 8.Move It Up, 9.Be My Baby, 10.U Got 2 Know, 11.Festival Megamix,


Bauhaus (1987)  

Helyom Halib (1988)   

Push The Beat (1988)

House Of Alkali (1989)

Get Out of My Case (1989) 

House Energy Revenge (1989) 

Be Master In One's Own House (1990)  

The Rotation Of The House (1990)

Everybody Listen To It (1990) 

Everybody (1991) 

Take Me Away (7th Nov 1991)  

U Got 2 Know (19th Dec 1992) 

Double Mix (1993)

U Got 2 Let The Music (29th Sep 1993)   

What I Gotta Do (1994)

Special Edition (1994)

Deconstructed Megamix (UK) (1994)

Move On Baby (29th Jan 1994)    

U & Me (13th Jun 1994)    

Move It Up (1st Sep 1994)     

Don't Be Proud (14th Mar 1995) 

Tell Me The Way (28th Jun 1995)     

Back In Your Life (Jan 1996)

I Need Your Love (19th Jan 1996)    

Turn It Up and Down (5th Aug 1996)  

The Big Beat/Be Master In Ones Own House (1997)

U Turn Me On (20th Jan 1997)

Do You Run Away Now (11th Mar 1997)

Be My Baby (3rd Apr 1997)

U Tore My World Apart (26th Nov 1997)

Throwin' Away (Japan) (1998)

People Of Love (1st Jun 1998)

U Tore My World Apart 98 (1st Sep 1998)

U R The Power of Love (22nd Sep 1998) 

U Got 2 Let The Music 98 (Nov 1998) 

U & Me 2001 (2001) 

U Got 2 Know 2002 (2002)

Angel (2004)

U Got 2 Let The Music remix (13th Dec 2004)

U Got 2 Let The Music 2010 (25th Jun 2010)

U Got 2 Know 2010 (25th Jun 2010) RemixesHelyom Halib (1988)

House Energy Revenge (1989)

Everybody (1991)

U Got 2 Know (1992)

U Got 2 Know (revisited) (1993)

Take Me Away (Cappella remixes) (1994)

U & Me (Club mixes) (1994)

U & Me (1994)

Take Me Away (1994)

Move On Baby (1994) 

U & Me (German version) (1994)

U & Me (7 Remixes) (1994)

Move On Baby (Italian Yellow Edition) (1994)

Move On Baby (Italian Red Edition) (1994)

Move On Baby (Italian Blue Edition) (1994)

Move On Baby (Italian Green Edition) (1994)

U & Me remix (1994)

I Need Your Love (1996)

Turn It Up and Down (1996)    

Cappella Double Remix (Feb 1998)Producer : G. Bortolotti

Musical team : Max Persona, Lorenzo Carpella, S. Zucchini, B. Guerrini, S. Paganin, D. Leoni, M. Picotto...

Captain GQ


Here I Come (1995)

1.Welcome Aboard, 2.Rockin' Through The Night, 3.It's Now Or Never, 4.Hot Summer Nights, 5.Love Is The Reason, 6.Turbulence, 7.Captain GQ (Here I Come), 8.Come On And Dance, 9.You're The Woman Of My Dreams, 10.El-Lute, 11.Rockin' Through The Night (GQ Remix), 12.Flight 1995,

Take A Chance (1999)

1.Intro, 2.Don't Be Afraid, 3.Take A Chance, 4.Wakacyjna Milosc, 5.Somebody's Watching Me, 6.Hot Summer Nights '99, 7.Hey Babe, 8.Take A Chance (Smooth groove mix), 9.Spring Love, 10.Don't Be Afraid (Club mix), 11.Take A Chance (Ultimate dance mix), 12.Wakacyjna Milosc (Extended club mix), 13.Somebody's Watching Me (Extended club mix), 14.Hot Summer Nights '99 (Sombrero club mix), 15.Hey Babe (Extended club mix), 16.Spring Love (Dance extended club mix), 17.Spring Love (Freestyle club mix),

Poland Attack (1999)

1.Wakacyjna Milosc, 2.Don't Be Afraid (Club Mix), 3.Easy 2000, 4.Feel So Good, 5.Here I Come, 6.Hot Summer Nights '99, 7.Come On & Dance, 8.Rockin Through The Night (Euro Club Mix), 9.Somebody's Watching Me, 10.Spring Love, 11.Wakacyjna Milosc (Extended Club Mix), 12.Come On & Dance (Radio Mix),


Rocking Through The Night (1995)

Here I Come (1996)

Come On And Dance / Love Is The Reason (1996)

Hot Summer Nights (1998)

Spring Love (1999)

Wakacyjna Milosc (1999)

I Want You (1999)

Easy 2000 (2000)

Hey Seniorita (2000)

Captain Hollywood


Do That Thang (1985)

1.Do That Thang, 2.Hey Girl, 3.Soul Sister, 4.Check The Beat, 5.Crazy Captain, 6.Shirley, 7.Slow Down, 8.Hey You, 9.Happy, 10.Share My World, 11.With That Feeling,

20 years Greatest Hits Album (12th May 2010)

1.Danger Sign, 2.More & More, 3.Impossible, 4.Flying High, 5.All I Want, 6.Afterparty, 7.I Can't Stand It, 8.Only With You, 9.Love & Pain, 10.Everyday, 11.Are You Dreaming, 12.Over & Over, 13.Find Another Way, 14.One Love, 15.The Way Love Is, 16.Homeless (feat Ol' Dirty Bastard), 17.Fly Away, 18.Can't Get Enough Yo Luv (feat Turbo B & Tony Davis), 19.It Hurts With You, 20.All The Tears,


Shirley (1984)

Debora (1984) 

Jaybee / Tribute (1986)

Soulsister (1989)

Do That Thang (1990)

Rock Me (Oct 1991) 

Soulsister remix 93 (1993)

Do That Thing (Remix '93) (1993)

Over And Over (1996)

Love And Pain (5th Mar 1996)

The Afterparty (7th Oct 1996)

Danger Sign (14th May 2001)

Axel F 2003 (2003)

Flying High 2003 (5th Aug 2003)

More And More 2008 (2008)

It Hurts With You (9th Jan 2009)

Captain Hollywood Project 


Do That Thang

1.Do That Thang, 2.Hey Girl, 3.Soul Sister, 4.Check The Beat, 5.Crazy Captain, 6.Shirley, 7.Slow Down, 8.Hey You, 9.Happy, 10.Share My World, 11.With That Feeling,

More And More/Love Is Not Sex (1993)

1.More And More (Single version), 2.All I Want, 3.It's Raining, 4.Impossible, 5.Only With You (video mix), 6.Rhythm Of Life, 7.Love 4 U Love For Me, 8.Rhythm Takes Control, 9.Nothing's Gonna Stop Me, 10.Only With You (Magic remix), 11.More And More (Underground mix), 12.Bonus track: Only With You (Faze 2 edit),

Animals Or Humans (1995)

1.Flying High, 2.The Way Love Is, 3.One Love, 4.I Need A Lover, 5.Animals Or Human, 6.Find Another Way, 7.Odyssey Of Emotions, 8.Relax Your Mind, 9.Sea Of Dreams, 10.Lost In Gravity, 11.Get Hypnotized,

The Afterparty (1996)

1.Intro, 2.Far Away, 3.Over And Over, 4.A Little Bit, 5.Waiting So Long, 6.Love And Pain (Album edit), 7.All The Tears, 8.I Can't Stand It, 9.Up'n'Down, 10.The Afterparty (album mix), 11.Tell Me That I'm Dreaming,

Special Edition (30th Oct 2009)

1.Find Another Way (instrumental), 2.Impossible (instrumental), 3.More & More (instrumental), 4.Only With You (instrumental), 5.Homeless (radio version), 6.Only With You (remix), 7.More & More (Recall 2008), 8.More & More (2008 remix), 9.Axel F 2003,


More And More (29th Jul 1992)

Only With You (8th Jan 1993) 

All I Want (18th May 1993)

Rhythm Of Life (1994)

Rhythm Of Life (20th Apr 1994)

Impossible (1st Oct 1994)

Flying High (1st Nov 1994)

Find Another Way (1995)

The Way Love Is (Apr 1995) RemixesMore And More (1992) 

Only With You (1993)

All I Want (1993)

Impossible (The UK Remixes) (1994)

Find Another Way (1995)

Flying High (1995)

The Way Love Is (1995) Members : Attack II, Giora Schein, Nosie Katzmann, Tony Dawson-Harrison (Captain Hollywood), T. Jacques G. Coin

Producer : Cyborg .

Captain Jack


The Mission (28th Feb 1996)

1.The Mission Intro, 2.Sir Yes Sir (Pt-mix), 3.Captain Jack (Short mix), 4.Soldier Soldier (Short summer mix), 5.Little Boy (bOy oh boy mix), 6.Drill Instructor (short mix), 7.Take On Me (Longplay), 8.Captain's Dream (Instrumental mix), 9.Jack In Da House (Jack da house mix), 10.Back Home (Captain's return), 11.She's A Lady (Sing nanana mix), 12.Captain Jack Remix (Housy grooves from U.K. mix), 13.Drill Instructor Remix (All 4 One mix), 14.Jack In Da House (Old school mix), 15.The Final Countdown (Uuh Baby mix),

18 Soldier's Hits (1997)

1.Together And Forever, 2.Captain Jack, 3.Secret Agent, 4.Soldier Soldier, 5.Summer Summerday, 6.7 Days, 7.Follow Me, 8.Little Boy, 9.Holiday, 10.Drill Instructor, 11.Sing A Song, 12.Back Home, 13.Sir Yes Sir, 14.Take On Me, 15.Summertime (Instrumental), 16.Secret Agent (In Da Bass mix), 17.Another One Bites The Dust (Queen Dance Traxx),

Operation Dance (26th Feb 1997)

1.Operation Dance (Intro), 2.Together And Forever (Radio Mix One), 3.Secret Agent (007 Radio Mix), 4.Summer Summerday (Salsa Mix), 5.Follow Me (303 Radio Mix), 6.Holiday (New Radio Mix), 7.Touchdown (Superbowl Mix), 8.7 Days (Radio Edit), 9.Sing A Song (Short Mix), 10.Summertime (Short Mix), 11.Outer Space (Trance Mix), 12.Secret Agent (In Da Bass Mix), 13.Together And Forever (Underworld Mix), 14.Last Order To Dance (Outro),

The Captain's Revenge (19th Jul 1998)

1.Intro, 2.Dream A Dream, 3.Get Up, 4.The Race, 5.Turn It Up, 6.Set Me Free, 7.2000, 8.I Feel, 9.Where The Party At, 10.What Goes Around, 11.Magic In You, 12.Robotman On Holiday, 13.Cosmic Evolution, 14.The Race (Instr.), 15.Dream A Dream (Dumonde Shortmix), 16.In The Navy (Mix 99), 17.Get Up (Radio Dance Mix), 18.Outro,

The Race EP (8th Oct 1999)

1.The Race (Formula One mix), 2.In the Navy 99 (XXL Disaster rmx), 3.Dream A Dream (Miami Booty mix), 4.Together And Forever (KCP rmx), 5.Captain Jack (Grandale rmx), 6.Drill Instructor (C. Jah Happy mix), 7.In The Navy (Deep Bass rmx), 8.Get Up (Latino mix),

Top Secret (12th Jul 2000)

1.Top Secret intro, 2.Hi Ho (Radio Video mix), 3.My Generation (Fat beat mix), 4.Oh La La La (Radio Video mix), 5.1-2-3 (Short mix), 6.Up & Away (Holiday Mix), 7.Little Love (Be My Baby mix), 8.Schools Out (Short mix), 9.Fly Away (Sunshine mix), 10.Boyfriend (Take My Hand mix), 11.Kalinka (Russian hit mix), 12.Only You (Radio Twist mix), 13.My Generation (Miami bass mix), 14.1-2-3 (Orwells mix), 15.Outro Beatz (The End mix),

Top Secret (2001)

1.Iko Iko (radio/video mix), 2.Say Captain Say Wot (single mix), 3.It's My Generation (fat beat mix), 4.U Like It (carnival beatz), 5.Yellow Submarine (radio mix), 6.Little Love (be my baby mix), 7.Oh Lalala (radio/video mix), 8.1-2-3 (short mix), 9.Te Quiero (latin mix), 10.Up & Away (short mix), 11.Boyfriend (short mix), 12.Fly Away (sunshine mix), 13.Iko Iko (hello africa clubmix), 14.Top Secret (outro), 15.Don't You Just Know It (Don't Hahaha) (with DJ ?tzi),

Captain's best (8th Aug 2001)Party Warriors (Dec 2002)

1.Heyaaah (Intro), 2.Centerfold (Radio Mix), 3.Give it Up (Radio Mix), 4.Iko Iko (140 BPM Trance Remix), 5.Early in the Morning (We like the Captain), 6.Stand Up ('til We Get Enough), 7.Hai Hai Hai (Thanx Japan and Fuyuki), 8.Party Warriors (Our fight is Glorious), 9.Don't you Just Know it (Don't Ha Ha), 10.Hush (Na-Na, Na-Na), 11.Turn it Up 2002 (The Power Mix), 12.Go West (Fast Mellow Mix), 13.Take Me Out To The BallGame (Captain's Drill Remix), 14.Dancing Pompokolin (Captain's Eurasia Mix), 15.Centerfold (130 BPM Move it Remix), 16.Centerfold (Trance Remix Clubversion) feat. DJ Perplexter, 17.Ahuga (Outro),

Party Warriors (Feb 2003)

1.Heyaaah (Intro), 2.Centerfold, 3.Give It Up, 4.Say Captain Say Wot, 5.Stand Up, 6.Party Warriors, 7.Turn It Up (2002 remix), 8.Hush (Na-Na, Na-Na), 9.Te Quiero, 10.Don't You Just Know It, 11.Hai Hai Hai, 12.Iko Iko, 13.Ahuga (Outro),

Cafe Cubar (Sep 2003)

1.Greatest Summerhits (Intro), 2.Viva La Vida (Radio video mix), 3.Volare (Radio mix), 4.Vamos A La Playa (Mallorca mix), 5.Sunshine Reggae (Radio mix), 6.Miss Ibiza (Radio mix), 7.Holiday (Radio mix), 8.Get Up ft. The Gipsy Kings (The mix), 9.Blame It onThe Boogie (Sunshine mix), 10.Escape (radio mix), 11.Sing Halleluja (DJ Jack mix), 12.Viva La vida (Spanish Guitar clubmix), 13.Miss Ibiza (Gina Wild-clubmix), 14.Copy Kills Music (Outro),

Music Instructor (1st Nov 2004)

1.Music Instructor, 2.Samba Brazil, 3.Drill Instructor 2, 4.Hands Up, 5.Move On Up, 6.The Captain Is Coming, 7.My Friend, 8.Are You Ready For This, 9.Scotland The Brave, 10.Who Has Stolen My Horse, 11.Samba Brazil (Club Mix), 12.Ready For Landing,

Greatest Hits (2005)

1.Captain Jack, 2.Iko Iko, 3.Drill Instructor, 4.Centerfold, 5.Soldier Soldier, 6.Say Captain Say Wot, 7.Give It Up, 8.Capitano, 9.Volare, 10.Viva La Vida, 11.Little Boy, 12.Dream a Dream, 13.In The Navy, 14.Samba Brazil, 15.Get Up (ft. Gipsy Kings), 16.Don't Haha (ft. DJ ?tzi), 17.Ein Bisschen Spass Muss Sein (ft. Roberto Blanco), 18.Back Home,

Captain Jack Is Back (Nov 2008)

1.Mission complete (Intro), 2.Turkish bazar, 3.We will rock you, 4.Push it up, 5.Rainbow in the sky, 6.Free, 7.Dreams, 8.Hit the road Jack, 9.Base Jam, 10.Take me away, 11.Say Captain say wot, 12.I was a fool, 13.Captain Jack, 14.Drill instructor, 15.Soldier soldier, 16.Only you, 17.Turkish bazar (DJ Falk Housemix),


Captain Jack (7th Jul 1995)

Drill Instructor (8th Mar 1996) 

Soldier Soldier (31st May 1996)

Little Boy (13th Sep 1996)

Another One Bites The Dust (11th Oct 1996)

Holiday (1997)

Together And Forever (3rd Mar 1997) 

Dream A Dream (3rd May 1999)

Get Up (23rd Jul 1999)

Only You (11th Nov 1999)

Hi Ho (9th Aug 2000)

Iko Iko (28th May 2001)

Say Captain Say Wot (3rd Sep 2001)

Centerfold (2002)

Give It Up (29th Jul 2002)

Don't Ha Ha (3rd Sep 2002)

Viva La Vida (28th Jul 2003)

Volare (29th Sep 2003)

Hands Up (2004)

Ein Bisschen Spass Muss Sein (6th Feb 2004)

Miss Ibiza (Mar 2004)

Samba Brazil (1st Nov 2004)

Capitano (2005)

Turkish Bazar (10th Oct 2008)

Deutschland schiess ein Tor (14th May 2010) RemixesCaptain Jack (1995)

Drill Instructor (1996)

Little Boy (1996)

Soldier Soldier (1996)

Producers : Udo Niebergall, Richard Witte

Captive Project


I Need A Fire (1995)



Gott Och Blandat (13th Aug 1999)

1.Jag Ser Pa Dig, 2.Skattjakt, 3.Efter Plugget, 4.Mr Cowboy, 5.Om Du Var Min, 6.Bara V?nner, 7.Simsalabim, 8.Telefon, 9.Explodera (Som Dynamit), 10.Som En Saga, 11.Kom Och Ta Mig, 12.Luftballong, 13.Vingar,

Supergott (2001)

1.Caramelldansen, 2.Vad Heter Du, 3.Ooa Hela Natten, 4.Doktorn, 5.I Min Mobil, 6.Spelar Ingen Roll, 7.Diskotek, 8.I Drommarnas Land, 9.Kom Hall Om Mig, 10.Har E Jag, 11.Ett & Tv?, 12.Vild Och Galen, 13.Caramell Megamix,

Supergott Speedy Mixes (2008)

1.Caramelldansen, 2.Vad Heter Du?, 3.Ooa Hela Natten, 4.Doktorn, 5.I Min Mobil, 6.Spelar Ingen RollX, 7.Diskotek, 8.I Dr?mmarnas Land, 9.Kom H?ll Om Mig, 10.Allra B?sta V?nner, 11.Ett & Tv?, 12.Vild Och Galen, 13.Caramell Megamix,


Om Du Var Min (12th Mar 1999)

Efter Plugget (18th Jun 1999)

Jag Ser P? Dig (10th Sep 1999)

Explodera (Som Dynamit) (26th Nov 1999)

Vad Heter Du (2001)

Ooa Hela Natten (25th Feb 2002)

Allra B?sta V?nner (18th Apr 2002)



Caravan Of Love (9th Jan 1995)



Memory (7th Mar 1994)

1.Intro, 2.Passion, 3.Living On Video, 4.Pulstar, 5.Happy Station, 6.The Night, 7.Desire, 8.Self Control, 9.Visitors, 10.Passion (Ragga remix), 11.Living On Video (Hyper space mix), 12.Outro, 13.Toccata, 14.Let The Bass Control Your Mind, 15.Trigger Baby,


Toccata (1992) 

Living On Video (29th Oct 1993)

Happy Station (7th Mar 1994)

Passion (10th Jul 1994) RemixesLiving On Video (1993)

Happy Station (1994)

Passion (1994)



Reality (2003)



Pain In My Heart (1999)



Love Will Last Forever (1996)



Only 4 Luv (1994)

Remember The Time (1994)

Label : Discomagic Records

Carmen Grace 


Self Control '95 remix (1995)



Magic (29th May 1995)



What Is Love (1995)



You And You (1997) 



Enough Ain't Enough (1994) 

Save Your Love (1994)

Carriere (Linda)


She Said (25th Feb 2002)

1.No Introduction Required, 2.The Letter, 3.Do Your Thing, 4.Hold Me Now, 5.Stand Strong, 6.Could Have Had It All, 7.Just Friends (Director's Cut), 8.Don't Worry, 9.The Power Of Love, 10.It Won't be Long, 11.How Can We Hang On To A Dream, 12.New Horizons, 13.Spread Your Wings, 14.Keep The Faith, 15.Higher Ground, 16.They Won't Go When I Go,


Running Up That Hill (1993)

Is This Life (1994)

Hold Me Now (1996)

How Can We Hang On To A Dream (2000)

Higher Ground (2002)

Just Friends (21st Jan 2002)

The Letter (22nd Apr 2002)

Jah Love (Nov 2005)



House Music All Night Long (23rd Jul 1991)

1.Feel The Groove, 2.Let The Music Take Control (Guest vocals by Georgia Jones), 3.I Wanna Dance (Guest vocals by Georgia Jones), 4.It's All About Life, 5.Hold On (Guest Vocals by Georgia Jones), 6.Do Your Thing (Guest vocals by Georgia Jones), 7.Shake It, 8.Got To Get A Party, 9.Feel The Groove (Extended Mix),


Do Your Thing (1991)

Let The Music Take Control (1991)

Hold On (1991) 

Feel The Groove (May 1991)    

Shame (23rd Sep 1993) 

Touch The Sky (16th Dec 1994) 

Feel The Rain (23rd Apr 1996)

Miracles (24th Aug 1996)  

Runnin' Up That Hill (25th Mar 1997) RemixesFeel The Groove (1990)

Shame (1993)

Touch The Sky (1994)

Feel The Groove 94 (25th Apr 1994)



The Truth



Sometimes Your Love (17th Sep 1993)

Never Stop The Rhythm (10th Jun 1994)

In The Rain (15th Apr 1996)

Everybody (17th Jul 1996)



The Remix Album

1.Truly Madly Deeply (Radio Mix), 2.Miracle (Us Club Mix), 3.Ready For Love (Club Mix), 4.One More Night (Club Mix), 5.Love Again (Club Mix), 6.Can't Stop The Rain (Club Mix), 7.Wouldn't It Be Good (Extended Mix), 8.Truly Madly Deeply (Club Mix), 9.Kids In America (Album Mix), 10.A Neverending Dream (Ivan Filini Mix), 11.Ready For Love (Italo Brothers Remix), 12.Love Again (Rob Mayth Remix), 13.One More Night (Dan Winter Remix), 14.Ready For Love (Klubbingman Remix), 15.Truly Madly Deeply (Dj Bomba & El Senor Remix),

Everytime We Touch (21st Feb 2006)

1.Everytime We Touch, 2.How Do You Do!, 3.Bad Boy, 4.Miracle, 5.Another You, 6.Ready For Love, 7.Can't Stop The Rain, 8.Kids In America, 9.A Neverending Dream, 10.Truly Madly Deeply, 11.One More Night, 12.Wouldn't It Be Good, 13.Love Again, 14.Everytime We Touch (Yanou's Candlelight Mix),

Everytime We Touch (31st Mar 2006)

1.Everytime We Touch, 2.Ready For Love, 3.Miracle, 4.How Do You Do, 5.Can't Stop The Rain, 6.Truly Madly Deeply, 7.Wouldn't It Be Good, 8.Bad Boy, 9.Another You, 10.A Neverending Dream, 11.Love Again, 12.Kids In America, 13.One More Night, 14.Everytime We Touch (Yanous Candlelight mix), 15.Everytime we Touch (Club mix), 16.How Do You Do (Original mix), 17.A Neverending Dream (Club mix), 18.A Neverending Dream (Deepforces remix), 19.A Neverending Dream (The Real Booty Babes remix),

The Remix Album (Nov 2006)

1.Ready For Love (Club Mix), 2.Love Again (Club Mix), 3.Can't Stop The Rain (Club Mix), 4.Miracle (US Club Mix), 5.One More Night (Dan Winter Remix), 6.Ready For Love (Italo Brothers New Vox Mix), 7.A Neverending Dream (Ivan Fillini Remix), 8.Love Again (Rob Mayth Remix), 9.Wouldn't It Be Good (Club Mix), 10.One More night (Club Mix), 11.Can't Stop The Rain (Mainfield Hardspace Remix), 12.Ready For Love (Klubbingman Remix), 13.Miracle (Alex M. Remix), 14.Kids In America (Album Mix),

Everytime We Touch: The Remix Album (2007)

1.Ready For Love (Club Mix), 2.Love Again (Club Mix), 3.Miracle (U.S. Club Mix), 4.One More Night (Dan Winter Remix), 5.Ready For Love (ItaloBrothers New Vox Mix), 6.A Neverending Dream (Ivan Filini Remix), 7.Love Again (Rob Mayth Remix), 8.Wouldn’t It Be Good (Club Mix), 9.One More Night (Club Mix), 10.Can’t Stop The Rain (Mainfield Hardspace remix), 11.Ready For Love (klubbingman remix), 12.Miracle (alex m remix), 13.Kids In America (album version),

Everytime We Touch (2007)

1.Everytime We Touch, 2.Ready For Love, 3.Miracle, 4.How Do You Do, 5.Can't Stop The Rain, 6.Truly, Madly, Deeply, 7.Wouldn't It Be Good, 8.Bad Boy, 9.Another You, 10.A Neverending Dream, 11.Love Again, 12.Kids In America, 13.One More Night, 14.Everytime We Touch (Yanou's Candlelight Mix), 15.Miracle (After Dark Version), 16.Truly Madly Deeply (Slow Version),

Everytime We Touch (2007)

1.Everytime We Touch (Rocco VS. Bass-T Remix Radio Edit), 2.Truly Madly Deeply (2-4 Grooves radio Edit), 3.Miracle (USA Radio Mix), 4.How Do You Do (Rob Mayth Remix), 5.Everytime We Touch (Verano Edit), 6.Truly Madly Deeply (Candy Radio Edit), 7.Miracle (Original Club Mix), 8.Bad Boy (Original Club Mix), 9.A Never Ending Dream (Original Club Mix), 10.Everytime We Touch (Original Mix),

Official Remix Album (7th Mar 2007)

1.Ready For Love (Club Mix), 2.One More Night (Dan Winter Remix), 3.Love Again (Rob Mayth Remix), 4.Miracle (Alex M Remix), 5.Can't Stop The Rain (Club Mix), 6.Ready For Love (Italo Brothers Remix), 7.One More Night (Club Mix), 8.Love Again (Club Mix), 9.Miracle (U.S. Remix), 10.Can't Stop The Rain (Mainfield Remix), 11.Neverending Dream (Ivan Fillini Remix), 12.Ready For Love (Klubbingman Remix), 13.Wouldn't It Be Good (Club Mix), 14.Everytime We Touch (Candlelight Ballad Mix), 15.Everytime We Touch (Club Mix), 16.How Do You Do (Verano Remix), 17.Neverending Dream (The Real Booty Babes Remix), 18.Bad Boy (Central Seven Remix), 19.Miracle (Club Mix), 20.How Do You Do (Tune Up! Remix), 21.Neverending Dream (Club Mix), 22.Bad Boy (Club Mix), 23.Everytime We Touch (Rocco Vs. Bass-T Remix), 24.How Do You Do (Rob Mayth Remix), 25.Neverending Dream (Deepforces Remix),

Perfect Day (2008)

1.What Hurts The Most, 2.Runaway, 3.Who Do You Think You Are, 4.Because The Night, 5.I Will Believe It, 6.Perfect Day, 7.What Do You Want From Me, 8.Sk8er Boi, 9.Could It Be You, 10.He's All That, 11.Just Like A Pill, 12.Endless Summer, 13.What Hurts The Most (Yanou's Candlelight Mix), 14.Runaway (DJ Yoshinori Remix), 15.Everytime We Touch (Styles & Breeze Remix), 16.(I Need A) Miracle (USA Club Mix), 17.Ready For Love (Klubbingman Remix), 18.What Hurts The Most (DJ Uto Remix),

Perfect Day (2008)

1.What Hurts The Most, 2.Runaway, 3.Who Do You Think You Are, 4.Because The Night, 5.I Will Believe It, 6.Perfect Day, 7.What Do You Want From Me, 8.Sk8er Boi, 9.Could It Be You , 10.He's All That, 11.Just Like A Pill, 12.Endless Summer,

Perfect Day (2008)

1.What Hurts The Most (Yanou's Candlelight Mix) (Ballad), 2.What Hurts The Most (Radio Edit), 3.What Hurts The Most (Topmodelz Radio Remix), 4.What Hurts The Most (Spencer & Hill Radio Remix), 5.What Hurts The Most (Original Extended), 6.What Hurts The Most (Extended Club Mix), 7.What Hurts The Most (Spencer  Hill Club Remix), 8.Last Christmas,

Perfect Day (18th Jan 2008)

1.What Hurts The Most, 2.Runaway, 3.Who Do You Think You Are, 4.Because The Night, 5.I Will Believe It, 6.Perfect Day, 7.What Do You Want From Me, 8.Sk8er Boi, 9.Could It Be You, 10.He's All That, 11.Just Like A Pill, 12.Endless Summer, 13.What Hurts The Most (Yanou's Candlelight Mix),

Perfect Day (4th Mar 2008)

1.What Hurts The Most, 2.Faded, 3.Holiday, 4.He's All That, 5.Perfect Day, 6.Dream On Dreamer, 7.Could It Be You, 8.Because The Night, 9.Who Do You Think You Are, 10.What Do You Want From Me, 11.Runaway, 12.What Hurts The Most (Yanou's Candlelight Mix),

Evacuate the Dancefloor (2009)

1.Evacuate The Dancefloor, 2.Hold On, 3.Everytime I Hear Your Name, 4.Ready Or Not, 5.Fever, 6.Hold Your Hands Up, 7.Breathless, 8.Dangerous, 9.Why You Had To Leave, 10.What About Me, 11.Draw The Line (Yanou's Candlelight Mix), 12.Faded,

Evacuate the Dancefloor (2009)

1.Evacuate The Dancefloor (Extended Mix), 2.Evacuate The Dancefloor (Rob Mayth Remix), 3.Evacuate The Dancefloor (Ultrabeat Remix), 4.Evacuate The Dancefloor (Wideboys Remix), 5.Evacuate The Dancefloor (Chriss Orlega Big Room Remix), 6.Evacuate The Dancefloor (Lockout's Mirror Ball Remix), 7.Evacuate The Dancefloor (Cahill Remix), 8.Faded (Extended Mix), 9.Faded (Dave Ramone Remix), 10.Faded (Wideboys Electro Club Mix), 11.Faded (Lior Magal Remix), 12.Faded (Giuseppe D's Dark Fader Club Mix),

Special Club Edition (2009)

1.Faded (Radio Mix), 2.What hurts the most (Spencer & Hill Radio Edit), 3.Because the night (Mondo Radio Edit), 4.What do you want from me (DJ Gollum Radio Edit), 5.Dream on dreamer (Radio Mix), 6.Faded (Dave Romone Radio Edit), 7.What hurts the most (Radio Soft Mix), 8.Because the night (Michel Kovacs Radio Edit), 9.What do you want from me (Original Mix), 10.Holiday (Radio Mix), 11.Cascada Megamix, 12.Last Christmas, 13.What hurts the most (Topmodelz Radio Edit), 14.Because the night (Stylez & Breez Remix), 15.What do you want from me (Samuraj Radio Edit), 16.Truly madly deeply (Stylez & Breez Remix),

Evacuate the Dancefloor (6th Jul 2009)

1.Evacuate The Dancefloor, 2.Hold On, 3.Everytime I Hear Your Name, 4.Ready Or Not, 5.Fever, 6.Hold Your Hands Up, 7.Breathless, 8.Dangerous, 9.Why You Had To Leave, 10.What About Me, 11.Draw The Line (Yanou's Candlelight Mix),

Greatest Hits (3rd Aug 2009)

1.Everytime we touch, 2.What hurts the most, 3.Faded (Radio mix), 4.Truly madly deeply (Radio mix), 5.Because the night, 6.Miracle, 7.Holiday, 8.Bad boy, 9.Perfect day, 10.Sk8er boi, 11.How do you do, 12.Kids in America, 13.Ready for love, 14.I will believe it, 15.Just like a pill, 16.Wouldn't it be good, 17.He's all that, 18.Last Christmas, 19.Who do you think you are, 20.Dream on dreamer,

Evacuate The Dancefloor (21st Oct 2009)

1.Evacuate the dancefloor, 2.Hold on, 3.Everytime I hear your name, 4.Ready or not, 5.Fever, 6.Hold your hands up, 7.Breathless, 8.Dangerous, 9.Why you had to leave, 10.What about me, 11.Draw the line (yanou’s candlelight mix), 12.Faded (wideboyz electro radio edit), 13.Evacuate the dancefloor (ultrabeat radio edit), 14.Evacuate the dancefloor (ph elektro radio edit), 15.Evacuate the dancefloor (the standard club vs jewel remix radio),

Everytime We Touch (Premium Edition) (2010)

1.Everytime We Touch, 2.Ready For Love, 3.Miracle, 4.How Do You Do, 5.Can't Stop The Rain, 6.Truly Madly Deeply, 7.Wouldn't It Be Good, 8.Bad Boy, 9.Another You, 10.A Neverending Dream, 11.Love Again, 12.Kids In America, 13.One More Night, 14.Truly Madly Deeply (pop radio edit), 15.Everytime We Touch (Yanou's Candlelight mix), 16.Everytime We Touch (club mix), 17.Everytime We Touch (Rocco vs Bass-T remix), 18.Everytime We Touch (2-4 Grooves remix), 19.Everytime We Touch (Verano remix), 20.Ready For Love (club mix), 21.Ready For Love (ItaloBrothers New vox remix), 22.Miracle (original mix), 23.Miracle (The Hitmen remix), 24.Miracle (Alex M remix), 25.Miracle (Sunset Crew remix), 26.How Do You Do (original mix), 27.How Do You Do (Megara vs DJ Lee remix), 28.How Do You Do (Rob Mayth remix), 29.Can't Stop The Rain (club mix), 30.Can't Stop The Rain (Mainfield Hardspace remix), 31.Truly Madly Deeply (club mix), 32.Truly Madly Deeply (2-4 Grooves remix), 33.Truly Madly Deeply (Thomas Gold remix), 34.Truly Madly Deeply (Tune Up! remix), 35.Wouldn't It Be Good (club mix), 36.Bad Boy (original mix), 37.Bad Boy (Pulsedriver remix), 38.A Neverending Dream (club mix), 39.A Neverending Dream (The Real Booty Babes remix), 40.A Neverending Dream (Digital Dog remix), 41.A Neverending Dream (Deepforces remix), 42.Love Again (club mix), 43.Love Again (Rob Mayth remix), 44.Kids In America (original mix), 45.One More Night (club mix),

Perfect Day (Premium Edition) (2010)

1.What Hurts The Most, 2.Runaway, 3.Who Do You Think You Are, 4.Because The Night, 5.I Will Believe It, 6.Perfect Day, 7.What Do You Want From Me, 8.Sk8er Boi, 9.Could It Be You, 10.He's All That, 11.Just Like A Pill, 12.Endless Summer, 13.Dream On Dreamer, 14.Faded, 15.Holiday, 16.Last Christmas, 17.What Hurts The Most (Yanou's Candlelight mix), 18.What Hurts The Most (club mix), 19.What Hurts The Most (Topmodelz remix), 20.What Hurts The Most (2-4 Grooves remix), 21.What Hurts The Most (Spencer & Hill remix), 22.Runaway (original mix), 23.Runaway (Manox remix), 24.Because The Night (original mix), 25.Because The Night (The Hitmen remix), 26.Because The Night (2-4 Grooves remix), 27.Because The Night (Mondo remix), 28.I Will Believe It (original mix), 29.Perfect Day (club mix), 30.Perfect Day (Digital Dog remix), 31.What Do You Want From Me (club mix), 32.What Do You Want From Me (DJ Gollum remix), 33.What Do You Want From Me (DJ Cyrus remix), 34.What Do You Want From Me (S&H Project remix), 35.He's All That (original mix), 36.Just Like A Pill (club mix), 37.Dream On Dreamer (original mix), 38.Faded (original mix), 39.Faded (Dave Ramone remix), 40.Faded (Wideboys remix),

Platinum (6th Mar 2010)

1.Everytime We Touch, 2.Truly Madly Deeply (2-4 Grooves Edit), 3.How Do You Do, 4.Miracle, 5.What Hurts The Most (radio edit), 6.Because The Night, 7.Bad Boy, 8.Who Do You Think You Are, 9.Kids In America, 10.Perfect Day, 11.Just Like A Pill, 12.Sk8ter Boi, 13.Runaway, 14.What Do You Want From Me, 15.Last Christmas (Radio Edit), 16.Everytime We Touch (Candlelight Mix), 17.What Hurts The Most (Candlelight Mix), 18.Nick Skitz (Minimix), 19.Truly Madly Deeply (Stylez & Breeze Mix), 20.Everytime We Touch (Rocco Vs Bass-T Mix), 21.A Never Ending Dream (The Real Booty Babes Mix), 22.Because The Night (Alex K Mix), 23.Endless Summer, 24.One More Night, 25.Miracle (Northstarz Mix), 26.What Do You Want From Me? (K Klass Mix), 27.What Hurts The Most (Spencer & Hill Mix), 28.LIZ KAY - When Love Becomes A Lie (Cascada Mix), 29.MANIAN - Heaven (Cascada Mix),


Miracle (18th Mar 2004)

Bad Boy (31st Aug 2004)

Everytime We Touch (28th Feb 2005) 

How Do You Do (30th Sep 2005)

A Neverending Dream (2006)

Ready For Love (2006)

Truly Madly Deeply (2006)

Truly Madly Deeply (Nov 2006)

Everytime We Touch 2006 (4th Dec 2006)

One More Night (2007)

Miracle (Jun 2007) 

What Hurts The Most (10th Dec 2007)   

Last Christmas (10th Dec 2007)

What Do You Want From Me (7th Mar 2008) 

Because The Night (16th May 2008) 

Faded (26th Aug 2008)

Evacuate The Dancefloor (29th Jun 2009)

Dangerous (Sep 2009)

Fever (2nd Oct 2009)

Pyromania (Mar 2010) RemixesMiracle (2004)



Do What You Wanna Do (1992)

Don't Stop The Music (1995)



Day After Day (1996)

Castellari (Melody)


I Don't Know Why

You Are My Destiny (2002)



The Summer Of Love (1995)



Walk On Water (2002)

Keep On (Singing La La) (2002)



Games That We Play (14th May 1998)

CB Milton


It's My Loving Thing (5th Apr 1994)

1.Send Me An Angel, 2.No One Else, 3.It's A Loving Thing, 4.Asking For Trouble, 5.If I Stumble, If I Fall, 6.Hold On (If You Believe In Love), 7.Open Your Heart, 8.Stand And Deliver, 9.Tell Me Something, 10.You've Got The Very Best Of Me, 11.No, Nobody Knows, 12.So Much Emotion, 13.Whatever You Say,

The Way To Wonderland (20th May 1996)

1.Show Me The Way, 2.A Real Love, 3.Time Is Up, 4.Automatic, 5.How Do I Know, 6.Do Me, 7.The Rhythm Of Life, 8.Take You High, 9.Surrender Your Love, 10.If You Say High, 11.Living In A Dreamworld,

From Here To There (19th Oct 1998)

1.Get Into My Life, 2.Don't Stop (Get On Top), 3.What About Me, 4.Secret, 5.Redemption Song, 6.Carry On, 7.We Are The One, 8.I Need Your Love, 9.This Love Is Real, 10.Money,


Send Me An Angel (15th Mar 1993)

No One Else (6th Sep 1993)

It's A Loving Thing (17th Jan 1994) 

Hold On (29th Apr 1994)  

Open Your Heart (29th Aug 1994)

A Real Love (4th Sep 1995)

Show Me The Way (18th Feb 1996)

Time Is Up (13th May 1996)

If You Leave Me Now (21st Oct 1996)

How Do I Know (19th Aug 1997)

Get Into My Life (27th Apr 1998)

What About Me (17th Sep 1998)

Carry On (23rd Nov 1998)

We Are The One (15th Feb 1999)

Friendly Morning Sky (2002)

CC Waite


Painted Moon (1995)

CD Family


Shadows (1993)



Don't Stop (1991)

All I Need Is Love (1997)



Dance (Till Ya Dance No More) (1994)



Alpha Centory (23rd Jan 1995)

1.Centory Intro, 2.Take It To The Limit (Radio Version), 3.The Spirit, 4.Eye In The Sky, 5.Can I Hear You More, 6.Make A Wish (Close Your Eyes) Part 1, 7.Feel Alright, 8.Point Of No Return, 9.What's On Your Mind, 10.Make A Wish (Close Your Eyes) Part 2, 11.Take It To The Limit (No Limit Remix), 12.Feel Alright (Unplugged),


Point Of No Return (20th Aug 1994)

Take It To The Limit (28th Oct 1994)

The Spirit (2nd Feb 1995)

Eye In The Sky (5th May 1995)

Girl You Know It's True (14th Jun 1996) RemixesPoint Of No Return (1994)

Take It To The Limit (1994)

The Spirit (1995)Rapper: Turbo B

Gary Carolla (Writer, Singer),

Sven 'DELgado' Jordan (Producer, writer),

Alex Trime (Producer, writer)

Chambers (Sandra)  



Words Of Love

Everybody's Dancing (1994)

Bad Boy (1995)

Give It Time (2005)

Play My Music (Apr 2007)

Break The Wall (2008)

This Is Me (15th May 2009)

Cloud 9 (2nd Jun 2010)



Keep Holding On (1994)

Upside Down (1995) 



Bonbony (under Michala Jiraka) (1995)

1.Champagne - Save Me, 2.Champagne - Way to Paradise, 3.Champagne - Problem of My Heart, 4.Champagne - One Night in Motion (Private Remix), 5.Champagne - In the Name of Your Love (Space Mix), 6.Magic Keys - Magic Keys, 7.Magic Keys - Angelica (Acoustic), 8.Magic Keys - MSE, 9.N-Sonic - Dream 2, 10.N-Sonic - Bells In My Head (Across the Bridge Mix),


Problem Of My Heart

Save Me (1994)

Channel 1


Wake Up From Your Trance (22nd May 1995)

Label : Domino records.

he producer were Al Barbero and Ross Battista, vocals were done by Lory L.

Channel X 


To The Top (Japan) (1994)

1.Take It To The Top (Energy Mix), 2.I Need Somebody, 3.Free Falling, 4.Feel My Love, 5.Keep On Movin', 6.You're An Angel, 7.Groove To Move, 8.Live Is Everything, 9.Rave The Rhythm, 10.Touch My Soul, 11.All Your Love, 12.A Million Colours, 13.So Strong, 14.Take It To The Top (Spacecake Mix),

Tuned In Turned On (1996)

1.Take It To The Top, 2.I Need Somebody, 3.Free Falling, 4.Feel My Love, 5.Keep On Movin', 6.You're An Angel, 7.Groove To Move, 8.Love Is Everything, 9.Rave The Rhythm, 10.Touch My Soul, 11.All Your Love, 12.A Million Colours, 13.So Strong, 14.Rave In The Key Of X,


Groove To Move (1991) 

Rave The Rhythm (1991) 

A Million Colours (1992)

Take It To The Top (1994) 

Love Is Everything (1995)

Feel My Love / Rave In The Key Of X (1996)

I Feel So Free (Japan release) (1996)

Rhythm Of The Night (1996)

Keep On Movin' (1997)



Grace In Your Face (1993)

Label : Meet records.

Charisma (2)


Cherry Lady (1995)

Label: Five O' Clock Record. Vocals were done by Sandy Chambers

Charlemagne (Diane)





Where We Are (6th Jun 1995) 

Label : Volumex.

Chart Houz


Take Your Love Away (26th Mar 1994)

Chary T


Love's Gonna Get The Feeling



Barefoot (1997)

1.Barefoot, 2.Gotta Love Of Love, 3.Stay With Me, 4.Obsession (Original Version), 5.Wrong Or Right, 6.I'll Be Light, 7.Cul De Sac Of Love, 8.Fly Like The Wind, 9.Give Me A Kiss, 10.Spoiled Girl Dreams, 11.Obsession Remix, 12.Stay With Me Remix (Bonus Track),


Beggin For More (1993)

Music Is My Life (Jan 1993)

Love For The Future (26th Nov 1993)

Take My Soul (7th Sep 1994)

To The Top (30th Mar 1995)

Obsession (1997)

Stay With Me (26th Sep 1997)

Gotta Lot Of Love (1998)

Shadows Sail (1998)

I Imagine (1999)

Reflections (2000)RemixesLove For The Future (1993)

Music Is My Life (1993)

Cherry Moon


Take It Easy (1994)

Everybody Get Down (1995)

Everybody Get Down (1995)RemixesTake It Easy (Remix 95) (1995)



If You Leave Me Now (1992)

Follow You (1993)

I Need You (Curious Love) (1993)



The Money Man (1995)

Love Resurrection (1995)

Chic Desire


Say ! Say ! Say ! (I'm Your Number One) (1995) 

Label : Ramdam factory / Wotre Music Distribution.



I Was Made For Loving You (1994)

Nana (1995)

Chill Out


Drunken Sailor (1997)

The single was produced by Ulrich Weichler. Label: CDL - Cologne Dance Label.



The Adventures Of Chipz (Feb 2004)

1.Cowboy, 2.Captain Hook, 3.Bang Bang, 4.Chipz In Black, 5.Say I'm Ur No 1, 6.Milky Way, 7.Haunted House, 8.4 Who U R, 9.The Happy Hook, 10.Jungle Beat, 11.Slay Slay, 12.Timeriders,

World Of Chipz (18th Mar 2005)

1.One Two Three, 2.1001 Arabian Nights, 3.I Wanna See, 4.Kiss Me, 5.Holiday, 6.This Is How We Do It, 7.In The Game (The Football Song), 8.It's So Easy, 9.Rhythm Of The World, 10.Superhero, 11.Happy Song, 12.Carnival (bonus), 13.Kung Fu Beat (bonus), 14.Moviestar (bonus),

Past Present Future part 1 (26th Jun 2006)

1.Waikiki Beach, 2.High School Love, 3.Gangstertown, 4.A Little Bit, 5.Olympia, 6.Veni Vidi Vici,

Past Present Future part 2 (1st Nov 2006)

1.Studio 54, 2.One Day When I Grow Up, 3.Mama, 4.1929, 5.Walking On The Moon, 6.Christmas Time Is Here,

H!tz Collection (4th May 2007)

1.Chipz In Black (Single Version), 2.Bang Bang, 3.Captain Hook, 4.Rockstar, 5.Mama, 6.Carnival (Album Version), 7.Waikiki Beach, 8.1001 Arabian Nights, 9.The Biggest Show On Earth, 10.Gangstertown, 11.One Day When I Grow Up, 12.Studio 54, 13.One Two Three, 14.Cowboy (Single Version), 15.Never Saying Goodbye, 16.Chipz In Black (Remix),

CDX (12th Sep 2008)

1.Ch!pz Dance Experience, 2.Rock Steady, 3.Rock Around The Block, 4.Lambada Song, 5.I Like Watcha Do 2 Me, 6.Honky Tonk Hero, 7.Come To Bollywood (Boom Shakalan), 8.All The Way, 9.Ain't Nobody, 10.Body's Poppin', 11.Fiesta,


Cowboy (2003)

Chipz in Black (2003)

1001 Arabian Nights (2004)

Captain Hook (2004)

One Two Three (2005)

Carnival (2005)

Chipz in Black (24th Jan 2005)

Cowboy (25th Apr 2005)

Captain Hook (5th Sep 2005)

1001 Arabian Nights (26th Jan 2006)

Gangstertown (28th Apr 2006)

Carnival (28th Apr 2006)

Waikiki Beach (Jul 2006)

One Two Three (4th Aug 2006)

One Day When I Grow Up (Sep 2006)

Christmas Time Is Here (Nov 2006)

Studio 54 (2007)

Dance Xperienz (2008)



I Show You All My Lovin (28th Nov 1994)



Rhythmflowerbeats (1990)

1.Introducing: Chocolate, 2.Brazil! Brazil!, 3.Fiesta Tropical, 4.Shine On, 5.Do De Samba, 6.Ritmo De La Noche, 7.Satin Sheets & Silver Guns, 8.Let The Music Take You Higher, 9.Amazon, 10.La Luna, 11.Let The Music Take You Higher (Spanish Guitar Special),


Re Quiero Si Te Quiero No () 

Brazil! Brazil! (1990)

Ritmo De La Noche (1990)  

Everybody Salsa (1991)

La Ola (1991)

Megamix '92 (1992)

It's Raining Men (1993)

Ritmo De La Noche 99 (1999) RemixesRitmo De La Noche (1990)



Unimaailma (9th Feb 2005)

1.Intro, 2.Univiidakko, 3.J?tit yksin, 4.Kuin eilinen, 5.Minne katosit, 6.Voit mua koskettaa, 7.Sade, 8.Katson t?htien taa, 9.Huominen, 10.Shamaaninainen, 11.L?hdit luotani, 12.Halki avaruuden, 13.Revef yah, 14.Huominen (Slovari), 15.Sade (Oldskool remix), 16.J?tit yksin (Mark Vera remix), 17.Univiidakko (H4Z remix),


Univiidakko (10th May 2004)

Dirlanda (5th Jul 2004)

Sade (25th Oct 2004)

Chou Project


Jungle In My Heart (13th Mar 1998)

A Love Like This (20th Jul 1998)

Production : SAIFAM Publishing Group.

Label : Chin Chin Pum



My Name Is Chris (1990)

1.Two By Two, 2.My My My, 3.First Time, 4.Growin' Up, 5.Me To The Top, 6.Two By Two (Rock Edit), 7.Crazy Cat, 8.Lucky Boy, 9.Sandy E L'Amor, 10.Party Time,


Not For Money ()

Viva L'Amour ()

Hey Dee Jay ()

Victory (1987)

My My My (1988)

Two By Two (1988)

First Time (1989)

Lucky Boy (13th Apr 1989)

Take Me To The Top (1990)

Crazy Cat (1990)

I Love P.R. (1991)

La Pinga (1994)

All Nite Long (9th Feb 1994)

Venus (4th Sep 1994)

Over The Sky (5th May 1995)

Walk In The Daylight (29th Sep 1995) 

Power Of My Love (1997)

Tchen Tchen (2001)

Christensen (Alex) 


Euphorie (8th Feb 2008)

1.Doktorspiele, 2.Du Bist So Porno, 3.Setz Die Segel, 4.Du Hast Den Schoensten Arsch Der Welt, 5.Euphorie, 6.Nachts Zum Strand Gehen, 7.So Geil So, 8.Sex An Der Bar, 9.Zuviel Liebe Killt Mich, 10.Erdbeben, 11.Traumfaenger, 12.Ein Bisschen Nymphoman, 13.Heute Nacht, 14.Tienes El Culo Mas Bello Del Mundo (spanische Version),


The Rhythm Of The Night (2002)

Amigos Forever (2002)

Angel Of Darkness (2003)

Du hast den sch?nsten Arsch der Welt (Oct 2007)

Liebe Zu Dritt (2008)

Doktorspiele (18th Jan 2008)

Du Bist So Porno (25th Mar 2008)

Dancing Is Like Heaven (27th Nov 2009)

Remixes done by Alex Christensen

Berri - Sunshine After The Rain '96 Remixes

Bloodhound Gang - The Bad Touch (1999)

Mark 'Oh - Tell Me

Matiz / AC 16 - Dance Chaos (1993)

Right Said Fred - MoJive (2001)

Rockstar - Du Hast (1999)

Rollergirl - Close To You (2001)

Scatman John - Scatman (Ski-Ba-Bop-Ba-Dop-Bop) (1994)

Artists and groups featuring Christensen (Alex)ATC - I'm In Heaven (When You Kiss Me) (2001), New York City (2003), Set Me Free/Call On Me (2002), Thinking Of You (2000), Why Oh Why (2001)

Dea Li - Calling The Angels (1997)

Hand In Hand For Children - Children Of The World (1998)

Marky Mark - No Mercy (The Fist Of The Tiger) (1995)

Panel 4 - Say Dance! (1993)

Pech - Blinded By The Light (1995), Smile On Your Face (1994)

Prince Ital Joe feat Marky Mark - Babylon (1995), Happy People (1993), Life in The Streets (1994), Rastaman Vibrations (1995), United (1994)

Rednex - Football Is Our Religion (2008)

Rollergirl - Close To You (2001), Dear Jessie (1999), Geisha Dreams (2002), Luv U More (1999), Superstar (2000), You Make Me Feel Like Dancing (2000)

U96 - A Night To Remember (1996), Beweg Dich, Baby (1998), Boot II (1995), Club Bizarre (1994), Das Boot 2001 (2000), Energie (1998), Heaven (1996), I Wanna Be A Kennedy (1992), Inside Your Dreams (1994), Love Religion (1994), Love Sees No Colour (1993), Movin' (1995), Mr. DJ Put On The Red Light (2006), Night In Motion (1993), Seven Wonders (1997), Venus In Chains (1996), Vorbei (2006), We Call It Love (2003)

Wave Kid - Baby I Need Your Lovin' (1995)

Christensen (Jeanette) 


Whenever We Kiss (Oct 2001)

Sascha Busch Christine


Into The Fire (1996)

Chuping Dance


Banzai Chupa Chups (1996)



American Pie (1995)

Church Sisters


Rock Your Body (1994) 



Future Boy (Sep 1992)

1.That Loving Feeling, 2.Heaven Must Have Sent You Back To Me, 3.My Middle Class Life, 4.Cloud 9, 5.Love Is Everywhere, 6.Then As Time Goes By, 7.Sonic Malfunction, 8.The Butcher Of Bucharest, 9.Future Generations,


Heaven Must Have Sent You Back To Me (12th Aug 1991)

Love Is Everywhere (Dec 1991)

That Loving Feeling (6th Apr 1992)

Live For Today (2nd Nov 1992) 

Don't Worry (1996)

Say Hello Wave Goodbye (1996)

Summertime (1997)


Heaven Must Have Sent You Back To Me (1991)



Crazy For You (1999)

CJ Anderson


Strange Way To Love (1st Jul 1996)

CJ Wilson


Dai La Li La La (1994)

Dai La Li La La '95 (1995)

Clark In The Dark


Tears Of The Tiger (1995)

Clarke (Rozlyne) 


Gorgeous (1990)

1.Gorgeous, 2.Still Waiting For Your Call, 3.Dancin' is Like Makin' Love, 4.Stepping Out Of Line, 5.Eddy Steady Go, 6.Single Again, 7.Certain Nights, 8.The Wizard Of Roz,

Faithful To You (5th Jul 1996)

1.Knockin' Me Out, 2.Word Of A Lie, 3.I Wanna See You, 4.Givin' Up Givin' In, 5.Finally Respectable, 6.Run To Me, 7.Take My Hand, 8.Hold On Tight, 9.Doin' It, 10.Faithful To You,


Eddy Steady Go (Jan 1991)

Gorgeous (Mar 1991)

Dancin Is Like Makin' Love (Feb 1992)

Eddy Steady Go '93 (1993)

The Wizard Of Roz (Sep 1993)

Dancin Is Like Makin' Love '93 (1994)

Givin' Up Givin' In (Jan 1995)

Take My Hand (Jun 1995)

Knockin' Me Out (Sep 1995)

I Wanna See You (12th Mar 1996)

I Need You (Feb 1997)

I'm On Fire (Apr 1997) RemixesGivin' Up Givin' In (1995)

I Need You (1996)

Class X


We Can Find A Way (1996)



Another Dream

Dance With Me (1995)

Brand New Day (1995)

Sexuality (I Feel So Young) (1997)



Sailing (1994)

Where Is My Life (1995)

Day After Day (1996)

Take My Love (1996)

Label: Not Only Music.

Cleo And Marcus


I've Got The Music In Me (24th Jun 1995) 

Move Your Body (1997)



Sleeping In My Car (1994)

Sleeping In My Car was composed and written by Per Gessle, F. Zafret, S. Portaluri, C. Zennaro,



It's Time... (1995)

1.Intro, 2.Axel F, 3.Whoomph! (There It Is), 4.Everybody, 5.Holding On 4 U, 6.In The House (Live Version), 7.Keep The Fires Burning, 8.The Rhythm, 9.Holding On, 10.Keep Pushin', 11.Clock Carnival, 12.Secret (Instumental), 13.Clock Ten To Two Megamix,

Whoomph (1997)

1.Intro, 2.Axel F, 3.Whoomph! (There It Is), 4.Everybody, 5.Holding On 4 U, 6.In The House (Live Version), 7.Keep The Fires Burning, 8.The Rhythm, 9.Holding On, 10.Keep Pushin', 11.Clock Carnival, 12.Secret (Instumental), 13.Clock Ten To Two Megamix, 14.Whoomph ! (The visa treatment),

Oh What A Night (1997)

1.Fly Away, 2.Oh What A Night, 3.You Give Me Love, 4.Come On Everybody, 5.Everybody Jump Around, 6.Gave You My Love, 7.September (Clocked Up Mix), 8.Holding On 4 U, 9.On The Beach, 10.The Lonely Snowman, 11.The Visa Megamix, 12.John Beats The Clock,

About Time 2 (27th May 1997)

1.Oh What A Night, 2.It's Over, 3.Whoomp (There It Is!), 4.Everybody, 5.You Give Me Love (Rap Version), 6.Axel F, 7.Everybody Jump Around, 8.Fly Away, 9.C'mon Everybody, 10.Don't Go Away, 11.September, 12.The Finest, 13.On The Beach, 14.Holding On 4 You (Visa Radio Mix), 15.Gave You My Love, 16.The Lonely Snowman,

Boogie Sound (1999)

1.Blame It On The Boogie, 2.Tonights The Night, 3.Hey You (Come To Me), 4.Rock Your Body, 5.U Sexy Thing, 6.Private Eyes, 7.Gonna Get Your Love, 8.Take It Off, 9.You, 10.That's The Way (I Like It), 11.Call Me, 12.Rock Your Body, 13.Blame It On The Boogie, 14.Private Eyes,

Hits Around The Clock (Feb 2000)

1.Whoomph! (There It Is), 2.Blame It On The Boogie, 3.Everybody, 4.Time Goes By, 5.That's The Way (I Like It), 6.Sunshine Day, 7.Everybody Jump Around, 8.September (Clocked up mix), 9.Oh What A Night, 10.Rock Your Body (SP Class radio mix), 11.Axel F, 12.Private Eyes, 13.In The House (Live version), 14.Whoomph! (There it is) (Y&Co.remix), 15.Time Goes By (Y & Co.remix "R taste"),


Holding On (4th Nov 1993)

The Rhythm (24th Mar 1994)

Keep The Fires Burning (29th Sep 1994) 

Axel F (26th Jan 1995) 

Whoomph! (There It Is) (8th May 1995) 

Everybody (21st Aug 1995)

In The House (15th Nov 1995)

Holding On 4 U (12th Feb 1996)

Holding On 4 U/Holding On '96 (13th Feb 1996)

Fly Away (28th May 1996)  

Oh, What a Night / You Give Me Love (28th Aug 1996) 

It's Over (25th Apr 1997) 

Don't Go Away (30th May 1997)

U Sexy Thing (3rd Jul 1997) 

That?s the Way (I Like It) (23rd Feb 1998)  

Rock Your Body (15th Sep 1998)

Sunshine Day (19th Jul 1999)

Blame It On The Boogie (7th Dec 1999)

Everybody 2009 (2009)



La Cinta Rosa (1996)

Club B4


Queen Of Rain

Composer: Axel Breitung.

Club Factory


Lovergirl (1997)

1.Lovergirl, 2.I Think I Wanna Rock, 3.Why, 4.Rock With You, 5.Rave The Night Along, 6.Time After Time, 7.Boom (Hey Nana Hey), 8.Why (Extended Version), 9.Rave The Night Along (Extended Version), 10.Why / Rave The Night Along / Lovergirl (Mega Mix),


I Think I Wanna Rock (27th Jun 1994) 

Love 4 Lovin (1995) 

Club Soul


I'll Be The One (1996)

Club X


Sweet Talk (1993)



Nimm'n (1994)

Was Guckt'n Die (1996)



Nowhere Land (1995)

1.Nowhere Land, 2.Light My Fire, 3.Take Your Time, 4.You And I, 5.All By Myself, 6.Feeling Better, 7.Endless Love, 8.Living In The Sunshine, 9.No One Like You, 10.I'm Falling Too, 11.World Of Your Dreams, 12.Nowhere Land (Aquarium Mix),

Nowhere Land (1996)

1.Nowhere Land, 2.Light My Fire, 3.Take Your Time, 4.You And I, 5.All By Myself, 6.Feeling Better, 7.Endless Love, 8.Living In The Sunshine, 9.No One Like You, 10.I'm Falling Too, 11.World Of Your Dreams,


World Of Dreams

Do It Again / Billie Jean (1983)

Superstition / Good Times (1983)

I'm A Man / Yeke Yeke (1989)

I'm Alone (1989)

Deep In My Heart (1991) 

I'm Falling Too (6th Jun 1992)

Take Your Time (5th Feb 1993)

Light My Fire (3rd Jul 1993)  

Living In The Sunshine (28th Jun 1994) 

Nowhere Land (21st Feb 1995)

All By Myself (19th Jul 1995) 

You & I (4th Oct 1995)

Don't Stand So Close To Me (1996)

Endless Love (11th Apr 1996)

So Nice (1998)

Speed Of Sound (15th Feb 2006)

2K6 EP (Mar 2006)


Light My Fire (Cappella remixes) (1993)

Take Your Time (1993)

Nowhere Land (1994)



Hands Up (12th Dec 1994)

Passion Of The Night (6th Nov 1995)



The Album (1993)

1.Temptation, 2.4 Your Love, 3.Because The Night, 4.I Break Down And Cry, 5.Over And Over, 6.I Just Died In Your Arms, 7.Get Over It, 8.There's Something Going On, 9.Was It So Bad For You, 10.Mirror Man, 11.Dorian Gray (The Painting),


Because The Night (2nd Jul 1992)

There's Something Going On/I Break Down And Cry (1st May 1993) 

4 Your Love (15th Oct 1993)

I Just Died In Your Arms (1994)

Temptation (18th Mar 1994)

Run Away (31st Jan 1995)

Life On Mars (14th Jun 1995)

Do Run To Me (6th Sep 1996)

Lovely Toy (18th Feb 1998)

Message (1st Mar 1999)

Coast 2 Coast


Run Baby Run (1994)



Look At Me (25th Apr 1995)



Born To Love You (26th Oct 1995) 



Keep On Dancing

I Had A Dream (8th Aug 1994)

Young Hearts Run Free (9th Mar 1995)

Everyone (One Nation Under One Groove) (9th Aug 1995)

Coco (2)


I Need A Miracle (20th Jun 1997)

Get Over You (Jan 2008)

Настоящее имя: Sue Brice

Coenen Annemie 


Ready-To-Dare (21st Jun 2010)

1.Ready To Dare, 2.Let The Feelings Go, 3.Celebration, 4.Don't Let Go, 5.You Do Want Me, 6.Should Have Known Better, 7.Love Keeps Calling, 8.To Be Loved, 9.No More, 10.Beat Of My Heart, 11.Paradise, 12.You Make Me Feel,


You Make Me Feel (2008)

Let The Feelings Go (2009)

Love Keeps Calling (18th Dec 2009)

Celebration (Apr 2010)

Coleman (Silvia)


Into The Night (Taira Taira) (1991)

Get On Up (1992)

Allright (1993)

Feeling Now The Music (1994)

All Around The World (1994)

Take My Breath Away (1994) 

Label : Italian Style.

Silvia Coleman is produced by W. Cremonini, A. Gilardi, C. Varola, and G



Chapter One (6th Jun 1994)

1.I'll Be Loving You, 2.Gangster Of Love, 3.Tell Me Boy/Tell Me Girl, 4.Angel, 5.Diana, 6.Cheap Thrills, 7.From Here To Eternity, 8.Here We Go Again, 9.Diana - (house), 10.Tell Me Boy/Tell Me Girl - (house), 11.Gangster Of Love - (street),

Chapter Two (1999)

1.Angel, 2.Love of a Lifetime, 3.Falling in Love, 4.When I Look into Your Eyes, 5.Love Me or Leave Me, 6.Maria, 7.Let's Fall in Love, 8.I'll Always Love You, 9.When I See You, 10.I Feel Love, 11.Close to You, 12.Buzz Buzz, 13.All That I Want,

Chapter 3 (2001)Collage And Friends: The Greatest Hits CD (24th May 2005)

1.I'll Be Loving You, 2.Diana, 3.Jocelyn (with 1 AM), 4.I Remember You (with Denine), 5.Dance With Me (with T.P.E.), 6.Symphony Of Love (with Stephanie Marano), 7.One Way Love (with A'Klan), 8.Can't We Try (with Denine), 9.All Cried Out (with Denine), 10.Then Came You (with T.P.E.), 11.My Love, 12.Gangster Of Love, 13.In And Out Love (with Sergio), 14.I'll Be There For You (with Stephanie Marano), 15.Summer Night With You (with Shayme), 16.Forever And A Day (with T.P.E.), 17.I Can't Wait (with Judy Torres), 18.Back In Your Arms (with Lil Suzy), 19.Love Of A Lifetime (with Denine), 20.Seduction (Forever More) (with Johnny Budz/Adam & Stephanie),


Gangster of Love ()

Love Of A Lifetime (1989)

I'll Be Loving You (1993)

Diana (22nd Nov 1994)

You Are Everything / I Can Make You Feel (1995)

Angel (20th Apr 1999)

Tonight (2001)

Collage (2)


The World of Carmen (1995)

Do The Can Can (1995)



Heat Of The Night (1994)

Label : MKS records.

Coloured Vision


Violet Rain (1993)

Virtual Reality (1993)

Art Vision (1994)

Fly Away (Garden Of Eden) (1994)

Coloured World


Everyday Life (1993)

Producer : Mr. Cobra

Colours Of Fantasy


Fantasy (24th Apr 1995)



Fantasy Dreamworld (1998)

1.I like what you do (UK), 2.Barbados, 3.Sweet kisses, 4.Fantasy dreamworld, 5.Lovely day, 6.Fancy Star, 7.Paradise (Mr. Wize), 8.Mr. Bambolero, 9.Give me love, 10.Broken heart, 11.Na Na Na (Higher), 12.Free,

Fantasy Dreamworld (1998)

1.I like what you do (UK), 2.Barbados, 3.Sweet kisses, 4.Fantasy dreamworld, 5.Lovely day, 6.Fancy Star, 7.Paradise (Mr. Wize), 8.Mr. Bambolero, 9.Give me love, 10.Broken heart, 11.Na Na Na (Higher), 12.Free, 13.Round N' Round, 14.I Like What You Do (Latin Version), 15.I Like What You Do (Japan Radio Mix),


I Like What You Do (1997)

Fantasy Dreamworld (1998) 

Sweet Kisses (1999)



I Love You (1994)



Please Mr Postman

Scooby Dooby Boy (1998)



I Surrender To Your Love (27th Oct 1994)

Vocalist : Melanie Thornton. Rapper : Turbo B.

Comico Base


Chico's Dream (20th Jun 1994)

Common Sense


Live It Up



A Girl Like You (1995)

Concept Of Sound


Take Me Away (1995)

Share A Piece Of Your Heart (1996)



It's Magic Away (14th Dec 1995)

Connie Nice


Dancing In The Night (29th May 1995) 

Heaven (9th Oct 1996)



What Is In Love (6th Aug 1996)

My Heart Is Always Open (8th Nov 1996)

Call Me (1997)

Contact One


Play My Games (1992)

Continental Breakfast


Music In My Mind (5th May 1995)

Cool And Cool


Can You See The Night (1994)

Cool James


Sukuma Land

1.Nitakupiga Risasi, 2.Sina Makosa, 3.Hallo, Hallo, Hallo Papa, 4.Tutarudi Kenya, 5.Jumping, 6.Mabele Kombina, 7.Mr. DJ, 8.Pole-pole Mama, 9.Maisha Ni Safari Ndefu, 10.Passed Away Love,

Soft Like A Pillow Mwana Maria

1.Bwana Na Bibi Harusi, 2.Labamba, 3.Malaika, 4.Uwasemehe, 5.Love For Love, 6.I Just Can't Stop Loving You, 7.Part Time Love, 8.Back To The Motherland, 9.Dippy Dippy Dayz,

African Millennium (1999)

1.Nitakupinga Risasi, 2.Sina Makosa, 3.Hallo Hallo, Hallo Pappa, 4.Tutarudi Kenya, 5.Jumping, 6.Mabele Kombina, 7.Mr. DJ, 8.Pole-pole Mamma, 9.Maisha Ni Safari Ndefu, 10.Passed Away Love,

Karubandika (2001)

1.Karubandika '2001' Mix, 2.Mrema Wa Impala, 3.Diana, 4.Mabele, 5.Pole pole, 6.Dunia Siyo Mbaya, 7.Maisha, 8.Dunia Siyo Mbaya (Chakacha Mix), 9.Songa Mbele,


Sina Makosa

Excuse Me Mr Someone (1996)

Telephone Man (1996)

Cool James and Black Teacher 


Dippy Dippy Days Undercover Lovers (1992)

1.Thinking About You, 2.Let's Stay Together, 3.You Make Me Feel, 4.Freeride, 5.Mal Contre Moi, 6.Undercover Lover, 7.Thank You, 8.I Got the Feeling, 9.Definitely Swing Thing, 10.Golden Chain, 11.Somebody Gonna Get It Wrong, 12.Wonderchild, 13.Thank You Thank You (Swing Remix), 14.Thinking About You (Ragga Remix),

Zooming You (1994)

1.To The Max, 2.Godfather, 3.Knockin' You, 4.Dr Feelgood, 5.Innocent Children, 6.Zooming You, 7.The Rhythm Of The Tribe, 8.Blue Moon, 9.Hey Girl You Make Me Feel, 10.Mr Wonderful, 11.Fire Boom Boom, 12.You're The One, 13.Madame For Me, 14.Coocoo You,


Undercover Lovers (1993)

Thank You, Thank You (1993)

Let's Stay Together (1993)

Dr. Feelgood (1994)

Godfather (1994)

The Rhythm Of The Tribe (1994)

Zooming You (1995)

Comala Wessa (1995)

Free (1998)

Cool Passion


Partyzone (1994)

Cooper (Eleonora)


When I Give My Love (1994)

Coorp Donde Estamos


In The Year 2525 (1996)



Facts (1995)



Good Morning (28th Nov 1992) 

I'm Your Memory (23rd Apr 1993)

Got The Power (19th Nov 1993)

I Believe (21st Mar 1995)



Children Of The Revolution (1995)

Paradise (1996) RemixesChildren Of The Revolution (1995)

Cordova (Meyra) 


Intensamente (14th Jul 1998)

1.Vivir Intensamente, 2.D?melo, 3.Dime Que Me Quieres, 4.Con Un Coraz?n, 5.Amor De Mi Vida, 6.Oa-Oa (Puede Ser...), 7.Quiero Ser Tu Amor, 8.Soy Para Ti, 9.Malicia De Mujer, 10.En Mi Propia Piel, 11.Viento, 12.Final Feliz,


Vivir Intensamente

Con Un Coraz?n



The Rhythm Of The Night (Apr 1995)

1.Baby Baby, 2.Try Me Out, 3.Get Up And Boogie, 4.I Don't Wanna Be A Star, 5.I Want Your Love, 6.In The Name Of Love, 7.I Gotta Keep Dancin', 8.The Rhythm Of The Night, 9.Baby I Need Your Love, 10.Don't Go Breaking My Heart, 11.When I Give My Love, 12.Do You Want Me, 13.You Gotta Be Movin', 14.The Rhythm Of The Night (Rapino Bros 7'' Single), 15.Baby Baby (Dancing Divaz Club Mix), 16.The Rhythm Of The Night (Lee Marrow Space Mix),

Walking On Music (26th Jun 1998)

1.Walking On Music, 2.Magic Touch, 3.The Power Of Love, 4.If You Wanna Dance, 5.Deeper And Deeper, 6.Go Home And Get Back, 7.Lift Me Up, 8.The Spy, 9.I Belong To You (80's), 10.Feel So Real, 11.Eternally (The Whistle Song), 12.The Devil Is Loose,

And Me You (Jun 2001)

1.Volcano, 2.Everything You Need, 3.Good Love, 4.And Me U, 5.Thinkin About You, 6.Step Right Up, 7.Let Me Share Your Secret, 8.Baby Give It Up, 9.On A Day Like Today, 10.All I Ever Wanted Was You, 11.I Only Came To Dance, 12.Fired Up, 13.Volcano (Seismic mix),

Y Generation (Jul 2010)

1.Welcome, 2.Angel (Libex Edit), 3.I Can't Wait, 4.Gimme Love (feat. S. Del Gado), 5.Fly Away, 6.My Song (Lai Lai Lai), 7.Black Cinderella, 8.Saturday, 9.Beat and Shake, 10.Beating, 11.Angel (Extended Mix), 12.Angel (Libex Extended Mix),


The Rhythm Of The Night (5th Nov 1993)   

Baby Baby (17th Mar 1995)

Try Me Out (3rd Jul 1995)   

I Don't Wanna Be A Star (27th Nov 1995) 

Megamix (5th Jun 1996)   

The Power Of Love (16th Jul 1997)  

Walking On Music (16th Mar 1998) 

Magic Touch (21st Dec 1998) 

Good Love (9th Oct 2000)

I'll Be Your Lady (2006)

Baby I Don't Care (2006)

Back In Time (16th Jan 2006)

La Playa Del Sol (14th Sep 2007)

Rhythm Of The Night (Aug 2008)

Angel (2010) RemixesThe Rhythm Of The Night (1994)  

The Rhythm Of The Night (re-remixes) (1994)  

The Rhythm Of The Night (UK Remixes) (1994)

Baby Baby (The Unity Mixers Remixes) (1995)

Try Me Out (1995)

The Power Of Love (1997)

Walking On Music (1998)



Baaghe Afsaane (2003)

1.Sarab, 2.Ghafas, 3.Hamnafas, 4.Baaghe Afsaane, 5.To, 6.Jaaddeye Entezaar, 7.Rooze Didaar, 8.Tanhaee, 9.Bahaar, 10.Raaze Eshgh,

Cosmic Base


See The Light (20th Jul 1995)

Cosmik Space Club


Cosmik Space (1996)

Label : Land-of-Oz. Cosmik Space was written by Tee Gee (real name : Martin G?nther) & G. Marini (aka Johannes Lowien). vocals were done by April L. Moore.

Count 3



Walk Down (1995)

Producers : B. Paul (R?my St Jacques) and F. Fisher

Cousins (Tina) 


Killin' Time (1998)

1.Killin Time, 2.Pray, 3.Angel, 4.Live & Breathe, 5.Forever, 6.Breathless, 7.Nothing To Fear, 8.Turn Back Time, 9.The Fool Is Me, 10.Until The Day, 11.Mysterious Times,

The Remix EP (2000)

1.The Fool Is Me (GBH Radio mix), 2.Forever (Klubbheads Dutch FF Mix), 3.Killin' Time (Original Extended), 4.Pray (WIP In The Church Dub), 5.Angel (Fishhead Extended Vocal Mix'), 6.Nothing To Fear (Groove Peddlers Club Mix), 7.The Fool Is Me (GBH Club Mix), 8.Killin' Time (Grant Nelson Club Mix),

Killing Time - Remix Tour Edition (2000)

1.Killin' Time, 2.Pray, 3.Angel, 4.Live & Breathe, 5.Forever, 6.Breathless, 7.Nothing To Fear, 8.Turn Back Time, 9.The Fool Is Me, 10.Until The Day, 11.Mysterious Times, 12.Killin' Time (Under The Influence Mix), 13.Forever (WIP Manana Mix), 14.Pray (WIP In The Church Mix), 15.Angel (WIP Mix), 16.Killin' Time (Nelson's Filthy Dub),

Mastermind (7th Aug 2005)

1.Queen Of The World, 2.Wonderful Life (Dance Version), 3.Move In Time, 4.Mastermind, 5.Pretty Young Thing, 6.Hypnotise Me, 7.Hymn, 8.Come To Me, 9.Increase The Dose, 10.Tomorrow's Tomorrow, 11.Rip It Up, 12.Alive, 13.Wonderful Life (Ballad Version),


eeper Shade of Blue (1997)

Killin' Time (21st Apr 1997) 

Angel (1st Sep 1997) 

Pray (26th Oct 1998)

Forever (1999)

Killin' Times ('99 re-release) (1999)

Nothing To Fear (8th May 2000)

Hymn (2004)

Wonderful Life (30th May 2005)

Come To Me (Aug 2005)

Pretty Young Thing (May 2006)

Everlong (Apr 2008)

Sex On Fire (Sep 2009)



Power Generator (1995)

Crazy Heaven


Looking for You (1996)



Arriba (27th Mar 1995)

Creative Partners


You Make Me Feel

Dreaming Of You

It Takes Two (1996)

Crewz Control


So Into You

I Need Your Love Tonight (1996)

All The Way (1997)



Favourite DJ (1994)

Label: Phantom. Producer and rapper : Tony Catania.



Follow Me (1995)

Label : Drohm.



Again (1996)



Crosstalk (1999)

1.Det G?ller Dej Och Mej, 2.Goodbye Little Angel, 3.Play With Me, 4.Holding On For You, 5.Mary Had A Little Baby, 6.Movin' On, 7.Always Be With You, 8.Let Your Love Be Free, 9.Love Is The Reason, 10.Love Somebody, 11.(Baby, Baby) Let The Sunshine In,


Det G?ller Dej Och Mej (1999)

Love Somebody (1999)

Stronger (2003)



Fly Over The Rainbow (1995)

Love Is Like Oxygene (1995)

Crystal B


I Don't Wanna Be (24th May 1994)

Crystal Dreams


Every Woman (1995)

Cult of Viva!


Fascinated (1992)

Label : Abfahrt Records.

Culture Beat



Horizon (8th Mar 1991)

1.Horizon, 2.It's Too Late, 3.The Hyped Affect, 4.Tell Me that You Wait, 5.Black Flowers, 6.I Like You, 7.No Deeper Meaning, 8.Serious, 9.Der Erdbeermund, 10.One Good Reason, 11.Tell Me that You Wait (Airdrome Club Mix), 12.Horizon (Reprise),

Serenity (3rd Jun 1993)

1.Serenity (Prolog), 2.Mr Vain, 3.Got to Get It, 4.World in Your Hands, 5.Adelante, 6.Rocket to the Moon, 7.Anything, 8.Key to Your Heart, 9.The Other Side of Me, 10.The Hurt, 11.Mother Earth, 12.Serenity (Epilog), 13.ID Tania, 14.ID Jay,

The Remix Album (21st Sep 1994)

1.Der Erdbeermund (Get into Magic Mix), 2.No Deeper Meaning (Technology Mix), 3.I Like You (Zulu-Mix), 4.Tell Me that You Wait (First Class Mix), 5.Mr. Vain (Mr. House), 6.Got to Get It (Hypnotic Mix), 7.Anything (Trancemix), 8.World in Your Hands (MKM's Danish Flex Mix, 9.Adelante! (MKM's Danish Flex Mix), 10.Adelante! (Butcher Mix), 11.DMC-Megamix,

Inside Out (3rd Nov 1995)

1.Intro, 2.Walk The Same Line, 3.Get It Right, 4.Troubles, 5.Nothing Can Come..., 6.Take Me Away, 7.Miracle, 8.Inside Out, 9.Crying In the Rain, 10.Do I Have You?, 11.Under My Skin, 12.Worth The Wait, 13.In The Mood, 14.Inside Out (Not Normal Mix),

Metamorphosis (11th May 1998)

1.Pay No Mind, 2.You Belong, 3.Faith In Your Heart, 4.Blue Skies, 5.Rendez-Vous, 6.Guardian Angel, 7.Electrify Me, 8.Pray For Redemption, 9.This Is My Time, 10.Do You Really Know, 11.Language Of Love, 12.Metamorphosis,

Best Of (30th Jun 2003)

1.Serenity (Prolog), 2.Mr Vain, 3.Got To Get It, 4.Anything, 5.World in Your Hands, 6.Walk The Same Line, 7.Inside Out, 8.Take Me Away, 9.Crying In the Rain, 10.Pay No Mind, 11.Rendez-Vous, 12.I Like You, 13.No Deeper Meaning, 14.Der Erdbeermund, 15.DMC-Megamix,


Der Erdbeermund (1989)

Cherry Lips / Les Levres Cerise (1990)

I Like You (Jan 1991)

Tell Me That You Wait (Apr 1991) 

No Deeper Meaning (Oct 1991)

Mr Vain (Jun 1993)

Got To Get It (Sep 1993) 

Anything (1st Dec 1993) 

DMC Megamix (1994)

World in Your Hands (18th Mar 1994)

Adelante (Sep 1994)

Inside Out (3rd Nov 1995)

Crying In the Rain (26th Feb 1996) 

Take Me Away (17th Jun 1996) 

Under Pressure (Mar 1997)

Walk The Same Line (27th Sep 1997)

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas (1998)

Pay No Mind (16th Feb 1998)

Rendez-Vous (8th Jun 1998)

You Belong (28th Oct 1998)

Insanity (27th Jul 2001) 

Mr Vain Recall (2nd Jun 2003)

Can't Go On Like This (2004)

Your Love (2008)


Der Erdbeermund (1989)

I Like You (1990)

No Deeper Meaning (1991) 

Tell Me That You Wait (1991)

Anything (1993)

Got To Get It (1993)

Mr. Vain (1993)

World in Your Hands (1994)

Inside Out (1995)

Crying In the Rain (1996)

Take Me Away (1996)

Walk The Same Line (1997)

Producer : Torsten & Frank Fenslau, Peter Gr?ber

Culture Shock


Culture Shock (1994)

1.My Enemy, 2.Satisfy The Groove, 3.Subculture, 4.Amor Serenade, 5.Here I Come, 6.Culture Shock, 7.One Love, 8.Discovery, 9.Feel U, 10.And I Like It, 11.Sexplore, 12.My Enemy (Hard Trance Mix 153 BPM), 13.Satisfy The Groove (Peewee's Glamourised 7' Mix With Melody),


Satisfy The Groove (1994)

My Enemy (1994)

Culture Traxx



Cybersound (1994)



Historias de Amor (18th Oct 1996)

Cure 4 Pain


The First Picture Of You (Your Picture) (1995)

Label : Domino Records.



Get serious (1991)

1.Cut 'N' Move Theme, 2.Get Serious (Take No Crap), 3.How To Allow It, 4.Spread Love, 5.Message Of Love, 6.Girl You Got Me Working, 7.No Connection, 8.Cyclone Zone, 9.Say It Loud, 10.Jazz House, 11.Cut 'N' Move Theme (Bass Race Mix), 12.Get Serious (Take No Crap) (Basement Boys Ground Level Mix),

Peace, Love & Harmony (1993)

1.Cut'N'Move Theme Part II, 2.Give It Up, 3.Sunshine, 4.Peace, Love & Harmony, 5.Feel So Right, 6.Good To Go, 7.Upside Down, 8.All I Ever Wanted, 9.Somewhere In Between, 10.Take The Money & Run, 11.Lover's Choice,

The Sound Of Now (1995)

1.Cut'N'Move Theme Part III, 2.I'm Alive, 3.Get Yourself Together, 4.I've Been Waiting, 5.Real Emotion, 6.Saved By The Bell, 7.Nuttin' But A Groove, 8.I'm Free, 9.As Long As There's Music, 10.Special Love, 11.Keep The Funk Alive, 12.All My Lovin', 13.Magic In The Air,

Into The Zone '91-'96 (1996)

1.Cut'N'Move Theme (Mega-Mix), 2.Get Serious (Take No Crap), 3.Give It Up, 4.Missionary Man, 5.Missionary Man (Dub Reprise), 6.Real Emotion (Real Version), 7.I'm Alive (Tin Tin Out Radio Edit), 8.Peace, Love & Harmony, 9.U & I, 10.Get Yourself Together (Thumpin' Club Mix), 11.Feel So Right, 12.Spread Love (Radio Remix), 13.Rock Da House, 14.Upside Down ('96 Version), 15.Cyclone Zone, 16.Jazzhouse ('96 Remix), 17.Magic In The Air (Late Nite Version),

Hits n Remix (2003)

1.Get Serious, 2.Give It Up, 3.Spread Love, 4.I'm Alive, 5.Peace, Love & Harmony, 6.Real Emotion, 7.Missionary Man, 8.Sunshine, 9.Feels So Right, 10.Nuthin But A Groove, 11.Upside Down, 12.Girl You Got Me Working, 13.Keep The Funk Alive, 14.Cyclone Zone, 15.Take The Money And Run, 16.Say It Loud, 17.Cut'N'Move Theme, 18.Musikk vs. Cut'N`Move -Get Serious 2003,

Hits n Remix (2003)

1.Cut 'N' Move the part 3 (club version), 2.Real emotion (Greed's euphorik club mix), 3.I'm alive (Vinny Vero's refreshing breath mint mix), 4.Spread love (G-Man master mix), 5.Missionary Man (Tabu's missionary position mix), 6.Nuthin but a groove (old school version), 7.Musikk: Get serious 2003, 8.T?sedrengene - Indianer (Wigwam Mix), 9.Moonjam - Baby, Du Har Det (Cut Club Mix), 10.Fielfraz - Let Your Head Fall Down On Me (Ext. Remix), 11.Michael Falch: K?rlighedens lysthus (ext. remix), 12.Johs: Elsker dig (just-another-love-you-mix), 13.Gnags: Lygtemanden (Cut 'N' Move remix), 14.Lav sol over Aarhus (lav dub over Aarhus),


Get Serious (1991)

Spread Love (1991)

Give It Up (1993)

Peace, Love & Harmony (1993)

Sunshine (1993)

Real Emotion (1995)

Nuttin? But A Groove (1995)

I'm Alive (3rd Oct 1995) 

Missionary Man (1996)

Megamix (1996)


Spread Love (1991)

Take No Crap (Get Serious) (1991)

Peace, Love & Harmony (1993)

Give It Up (1993)

Peace, Love & Harmony (1993)

I'm Alive (1995)



Don't Stop (1993)

1.Intro, 2.Life Is A Game (TnT Party Zone Remix), 3.Power And Energy, 4.Don't Stop, 5.Gonna Lose My Mind, 6.Move (La La La), 7.Rise Up !, 8.Give It Up, 9.Come On People, 10.Celebrate, 11.Friendship, 12.Life Is A Game (Acoustic Version),


Life Is A Game (11th Jul 1993)

Don't Stop (13th Nov 1993)

You And Me (1994)

Move (22nd Apr 1994)

Cyber Force


Jump! (1996)



In The Name Of Your Love EP (2003)

1.In The Name Of Your Love, 2.Things You've Never Seen Before, 3.A Night Is The Scene, 4.Never Ever, 5.In The Name Of Your(Club mix),


Point Of No Return / Hey World (2002)



Round & Round (1995)



I Wanna Be With You (5th Mar 1994)



Magic Touch (1995)

Let Go (1996)

Vibe (Sending Messages) (1996)



Don't Say Goodnight (1998)

Label : Dance Factory.

Cyro and Gyro


Electric Eye (1993)



Queen 4 A Nite (1994)

Label: Mister Owl Recordings / Bianco & Nero.