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A Kay B Jay

If I Can't Have You (1993)
I Hear You (1994)
Sleeping In My Car (19th Jul 1994) 
Why (10th Mar 1995)
Love Reaction (29th Sep 1995)
Everything She Wants (1996)
Funky Town (1997)
Rebel Rebel (1997)
Together Forever (14th Apr 1997)
I Should Be So Lucky (1998)
Destiny (16th Sep 1998)
If Somebody Is Loving (20th Apr 1999)
Only Wanna Be With You (11th May 2000)
Records company : SAIFAM Publishing Group.
A Las 10 En Casa

A Las 10 En Casa (1997)
1.Enamorada Del Novio De Mi Amiga, 2.Tal Para Cual, 3.Enamorada De Ti, 4.Te Ver?, 5.Si Me Miras, 6.Desde Que T? Ya No Est?s, 7.P?deme Salir, 8.Dime Que S?, Dime Que No, 9.Sentimientos De Amor, 10.T? Eres Mi Alma, 11.A Bailar, 12.Celebration,
Las Chicas Son Las Que Ligan (1998)
1.Sube, 2.Con Todo Descaro, 3.Las Chicas Son Las Que Ligan, 4.Mucho Cuidado, 5.Loco De Remate, 6.Celos, 7.Ir? Contigo, 8.Lo Siento, 9.Eres Como Un ?ngel, 10.Los Chicos Son As? (Sweet Intent), 11.La Gata Y El Rat?n (Style),
Te Vere (1996)
Enamorada Del Novio De Mi Amiga (1997)
Enamorada De Ti (1997)
Tal Para Cual (1997)
Con Todo Descaro (1998)
Label : Blanco Y Negro.
A-Kala 3

We Need Friends

Reaction (1995)
AB Free

Go Deeper (1st Jul 1993)
AB Logic

The Album (1992)
1.AB Logic, 2.The Hitman, 3.Get Up (Move Boy Move), 4.Attitude, 5.It Takes Two, 6.Games, 7.You Promised Me The World, 8.Sea Of Love, 9.What's It To You, 10.Top Secret, 11.Turn Up The Music, 12.The Hitman (piano mix),
Get Up (Move Boy Move) (1992)
The Hitman (Jun 1992)
AB Logic (1993)
Real World (15th Aug 1994)
Welcome To My Heart (1996)
Abbouz (Hamid)
Black Diamond - Let Me Be (1994), Go With Love (1995)
Bobbylone - Give Me Your Love
Captive Project - I Need A Fire (1995)
Dolbee - Yes, I Wanna Do (1994)
Ex-Plain - Check Out (1991), Don't You Know (1994)
Jerrell - Tell Me The Secret (1995)
Paradisio - Dime Como (1997), Ritmo Tropical (1998)
V.I.P. - All Right (1992), I Like Chopin (1993)
Artists and groups featuring Abbouz (Hamid)
Bobbylone - Give Me You Love (1995)
Captive Project - I Need A Fire (1995)
Ex-Plain - Check Out (1991), Don't You Know (1994)
Jerrel - Tell Me The Secret (1995)

Feel Good (19th Sep 1994)
1.Smells Like Teen Spirit, 2.Constant Craving, 3.Don't You Wanna Know, 4.How Can You Call It Love, 5.Losing My Religion, 6.Feel Good, 7.Stop The Hands Of Time, 8.Twist In My Sobriety, 9.Don't Tell Me Why, 10.What Goes Around Comes Around, 11.Could It Be Magic, 12.Smells Like Teen Spirit (Original Version),
Nightmoves (25th Dec 1999)
Home... Again (2007)
1.You Came, 2.90 Miles, 3.Songbird, 4.Better With You, 5.It's Not Me, 6.Wide Open, 7.Let It Go, 8.Home Again, 9.Pity The Fool, 10.Shine, 11.Let The Joy Rise,
Constant Craving (1993)
Could It Be Magic (29th Oct 1993)
Losing My Religion (28th Jan 1994) 
Smells Like Teen Spirit (30th Mar 1994)  
Don't You Wanna Know (30th Oct 1994)
Constant Craving 95 (22nd Sep 1995)
Nightmoves (19th Sep 1996)
The Double Take EP (1997)
Let The Joy Rise (17th Mar 1999)
If It Don't Fit (29th Nov 2000)
You Set Me Free (16th Jul 2001)
Falling (2003)
Set Me Free (2004)
Artists and groups featuring Abigail
10 Monkeys - Lay Down
Love Decade - Decadance (album) (1996), I Feel You (1992)

Abrami (Frederico) 
Producer Frederico Abrami is member of the Quasar Team, along with Dario Minca and Paolo Altin.
Artists and groups featuring Abrami (Frederico)
Eden - Fever (1996)
Eryx - Say Goodbye (1996)
Shalima - Don't Let Me Go (1995)

Abrokwa (Nana)

Nana - The Album (19th May 1997)
1.Intro, 2.One Second, 3.Darkman, 4.Why?, 5.My Peeps, 6.Lonely, 7.He's Comin', 8.Darkman Reamaks, 9.Let It Rain, 10.1, 2, 3 Are U Ready?, 11.Mission (Booya),
Father (18th May 1998)
1.Father, 2.Do You Really Think You Know Me ?, 3.Remember The Time, 4.Nigga 4 Life, 5.Dreams, 6.Judgement Day, 7.Too Much Heaven, 8.You, 9.Pocket Full Of Memories, 10.That's The Way Life Goes, 11.God,
All Doors In Flight No.7 (19th Jul 2004)
12Y.O. (5th Sep 2008)
1.My Get Away, 2.Let It Rain '08 (feat. Braheem), 3.Booty Track, 4.Lonely '08, 5.Let'z Get It On (feat. Young Dee), 6.He's Comin '08 (feat. Braheem), 7.Gold Digger, 8.Remember The Time '08, 9.No Sun, 10.Darkman '08, 11.Lonely '08 (feat. Korekt - Romanian Version),
Stand Up! (Dec 2009)
1.Intro Stand Up!, 2.Lost In My Life, 3.The Storm, 4.Stand Up!, 5.Interlude The Light, 6.The Light, 7.Interlude Been Around The World, 8.Been Around The World, 9.Interlude Nightmare, 10.Got To Get Away, 11.The Ferry Man, 12.Interlude Still Lost, 13.Run Away, 14.Can You Hear Him Comin'?, 15.Sacrifice, 16.Run, 17.Why part 2, 18.Stand Up! reprise,
Darkman (Nov 1996)
Lonely (7th Mar 1997)
Let It Rain (Aug 1997)
He's Comin' (1st Sep 1997)
Too Much Heaven (1st Dec 1997)
Remember The Time (Apr 1998)
Dreams (17th Aug 1998)
Father (16th Nov 1998)
I Wanna Fly (Like An Eagle) (15th Nov 1999)
Du Wirst Sehen (14th Apr 2001)
Butterfly/Ride With Me (12th Jul 2004)
Artists and groups featuring Abrokwa (Nana)
Darkness - In My Dreams (1994)
UBF - Bible In My Hand (1997)
Make It (1993)
Dance To The Beat (1994)

Dance To The Music (20th Nov 1995)
The single was produced by P. Bakker and M. Rehatta. The performers are Cedric and Lisa May. The CD includes an extended mix, an Idefix mix and a big-blue mix. It was released under the label SPV.
Acapulco Heat
I Feel The Heat (1995)
Blue Beat - Everybody Look At Me (1994)
DJ Duckpower - Get The Duck Out Of Here (Move It) (1996)
Video Kids - Woodpeckers From Space (1994)


Loloa (Free Your Mind) (Dec 1994)
I'm Alive (29th Jul 1995)
Access II Beat

Love Is On Its Way (7th Aug 1995)
Label : GA Records/SPV.

Technotango (1995)
1.Notch Zatchelovannykh gub, 2.Tango, 3.Voni v Notchi, 4.Napoleon, 5.Dela, 6.Akropolis, 7.Bank, 8.Tchola-tcholar, 9.Tchernaya Zvezda,
Koma (1997)
1.Akropolis intro, 2.Tayna, 3.Ad I Ray, 4.Sneg, 5.Pomogi, 6.Pomogi (edit), 7.Belaya Beda, 8.Lomonosov, 9.Notch Zatchelovannykh Gyb, 10.Inkvizitsya, 11.Ne Umru, 12.Koma, 13.Poslednii Boy,
History (1998)
1.Acropolis, 2.Istoriya, 3.Vse Dlya Tebya, 4.Napoleon (rmx), 5.Hozyain Zemli, 6.Doroga V Oblaka, 7.Vechniy Put, 8.Na Predele, 9.Magellan, 10.Navsegda, 11.Ne Nado, 12.Delo (rmx),
Act Two

Don't You Go Away (1994)
Let The Rhythm Take Control (1996)
Acting Lovers
Hot (2008)
1.Flying Away (Extended version), 2.In Light and Darkness, 3.What You Get Is What You See, 4.Don Juan and Lady K., 5.Crazy about you, 6.Baby I Know It, 7.Gotta get it right, 8.Summer Of Love, 9.Enjoy That, 10.One last kiss, 11.Disqo Dangerous, 12.Flying Away (Verse edit), 13.What you get is what you see (Extended version), 14.Rock my Cock, 15.Flying Away (Rap Radio Edit), 16.Flying Away (Extendet Verse Edit),
Get It While It's Hot (29th May 2009)
1.Flying Away, 2.In Light And Darkness, 3.Crazy About You, 4.I Wanna Ride It (Set Me Free), 5.My Angel Is You, 6.Phil, 7.Tonight, 8.Summer Of Love, 9.Gotta Get It Right, 10.What You Get Is What You See, 11.Disqo Dangerous, 12.Like A Flash, 13.In Light And Darkness (Cookiedealerz Remix Album Edit), 14.Flying Away (Extended Version), 15.Phil (Extended Version),
Thief Of Hearts ()
Flying Away (11th Jun 2007)
In Light And Darkness (16th Jan 2009)
Tonight (24th Apr 2009)
Kingdom Of Love (Nov 2009)
Activ Project

The Octopus
Visions (29th Aug 1994)
1.Visions (Intro), 2.Beat of the Drum, 3.Let the Rhythm Take Control, 4.I Say What I Want, 5.Save Me, 6.Inside And Outside, 7.Tell Me, 7.Hypnotized, 8.Alarma, 9.Fantasy, 10.Shakespearian Play,
Let The Rhythm Take Control (11th Apr 1994)
Beat Of The Drum (22nd Jul 1994)
Save Me (21st Dec 1994)  
I Say What I Want (17th May 1995)
Tell Me (16th Oct 1995)
Fall In Love With You (29th Jan 1997)
Let The Rhythm Take Control (1994)
Active Box

Driving Through The Night (1994)
Love Sensation (23rd Jun 1997)
Sha La Li La (There's a Spirit in Your Mind) (16th Dec 1997)

Get Into The Music ()
Memories And Dreams (1995) 
Zombie (5th Oct 1995)
Adams (Anita)

For Your Love (1990)
Movin' Up And Down (1991)
Everything I Do (I Do It For You) (1991)
All My Love (1992)
Send Me An Angel (1992)
Got To Feel Good (1993)
Cornflake Girl (Remix 94) (1994)
Label : Italian Style Records.

Adastra (1994)
1.Satisfied, 2.Sister Ann, 3.Revolution, 4.No Matter, 5.Iaonama, 6.Mixed-up City, 7.Push It, 8.Stay Free, 9.We're Not In Love, 10.Don't Say Goodbye, 11.Summerrain,
Sister Ann (1994)
Iaonnama (11th Aug 1994)
Revolution (1995)
Iaonnama (1994)

Train To Nowhere
Adema (Rene) 
Artists and groups featuring Adema (Rene)

Priority - Time To Unite (1995)

Adler (Thorsten)

Love Is Gone (18th Sep 1995)

Open Your Eyes (1995)
Don't Wanna See You (1996)

Everything (1995)
Savage (1993)
Take Me Back (1994)
Paradise (1994)

Everynight (1994)

Stand Up (1994)
Show Me Baby (1995)
After Touch

Show Me The Way (1994)
She Wanna Dance (1995)
I'm Wild (5th Feb 2001)

Mistyczne Slowa Reactivation 2007 (2007)
1.Into Destruction, 2.Hola Amigo, 3.Barwy Nocy, 4.Zatrzymany Cios, 5.Nie M?w Nie, 6.Wodospad Marzen, 7.Go To Destruction, 8.O Co Walczysz, 9.Ja (I Nasze Miasto), 10.Powstrzymaj Mnie, 11.Sound Of Destruction, 12.Paranoja (Short Mix), 13.The End?, 14.Hola Amigo 2007 (Album Ver.), 15.Hola Amigo 2007 (Remix),
(H)ola Amigo (1995)

Change Of Heart (17th Jul 1996)
Label : ZYX. Change Of Heart was featured on the compilations X-Trance - The Best Of Dream Vol. 2 and The World Of Dream.
Thanks to reBeL
Age Control

Mr Vain (18th Aug 1997)
Stefania Aggio was born in Gattinara (Piemonte, Italy) in 1973. She did vocals on some Italian eurodance Синглы, mostly released under Blackbeard and produced by the Braccagni-Salsotto team : X-fade, Jog, Hybrid Arts. She was also the voice of Gi & Pi I'm In Extasy.
Thanks to Etiney Silva hora
Artists and groups featuring Aggio (Stefania)
Cappella - Take Me Away (1991)
Hybrid Arts - Angels (1997)
Jog - Future (1995)
X-Fade - Dance (1995), Here We Are (1995)


Dance On The Groove (1994)
Label : Union Records
Aguilar (Tony)

Tony Aguilar Y Amigos (2003)
1.Latido Urbano (con todos), 2.Cara O Cruz (con Pablo Puyol), 3.Suave Que Me Quemas (con Efecto Mariposa), 4.Dentro De Mi (con Noel Pastor), 5.Carmela (con Andy & Lucas), 6.C?llate La Boca (con Junior), 7.Casi Un Universo (con El Canto Del Loco), 8.S?lo Quedo Yo (con Nika), 9.La Puerta (con Tony Santos y Miguel ?ngel Mu?oz), 10.Diles Que No (con Carlos Baute), 11.S?lo Soy Un Ser Humano (con David Civera), 12.Quiero Ser Yo (con Los Ca?os), 13.Vuelve (con Natalia), 14.Summerdays Of 51 (con Austin & Siete 7 Black), 15.Hacer Pensar (con Bellepop), 16.Mueve Tu Bombo (con Piercing),
Cara O Cruz
The Crown (1995)
Rap-O-Clap-O (1996)
Latido Urbano (2003)

The Wicked Album (1994)
1.Paparazzi (I Am a Camera), 2.Naomi (Dedicated to Naomi Campbell), 3.Have Fun Feel Good (The Fun Mix), 4.Life Is Love, 5.Girl, 6.Ride Em Cowboy (Billy Da Kid), 7.Move Your Body (Slow Dancin' Mix), 8.Wicked, 9.Dr. Groove, 10.Kickin' (A Tribute to Bob Marley), 11.A Bright New Day, 12.Set Me Free,
Life Is Love (1994)
Paparazzi (15th Oct 1994)
Girl (30th Jan 1995)
T?htikaaren Taa (1995)
1.Intro, 2.Odota, 3.Ei Et Saa, 4.Alla Vaahterapuun, 5.Taas Saan Lent??, 6.Matkustanut Oon, 7.T?htikaaren Taa, 8.Rakkauslaulu, 9.Pikkulintu, 10.Enemm?n, 11.Viikonloppu Jokainen, 12.Oikotie Syd?meen, 13.Taas Saan Lent?? (Victorymix bpm 152, 14.T?htikaaren Taa (Bluebubble club remix), 15.Outro,
Toiseen Maailmaan (1996)
1.Intro, 2.Toiseen Maailmaan, 3.Nti Groove, 4.Ensisuudelma, 5.Opettelen Salaa, 6.Keltainen, 7.Jos Tahdot, 8.Teimme Tarinaa, 9.Kristallipallo, 10.Aarresaari, 11.Maapallon Tie, 12.Ihan Hiljaa,
Maa (8th Oct 1998)
1.Perhosten Y?, 2.Magiaa, 3.Tulisitko, 4.Anna Mun Bailaa (Give me my), 5.Onnencowboy, 6.Valokuva, 7.Aikapy?r?, 8.El Sol, 9.Seis, 10.Hiljaisuus,
Hear Me Now (2001)
1.Wonder Why, 2.Haer Me Now, 3.Glittering Lights, 4.Love Is The Answer, 5.Rock Me Baby, 6.Sunday Undercover, 7.Baby Believe, 8.Give It All, 9.Honesty And Loyalty, 10.Little By Little, 11.Here In The Sunlight,
Pophitit 1995 - 2003 (2003)
1.Odota, 2.Keltainen, 3.Tulisitko, 4.T?htikaaren Taa, 5.Nti Groove, 6.Anna Mun Bailaa, 7.Alla Vaahterapuun, 8.Opettelen Salaa, 9.Magiaa, 10.Taas Saan Lent??, 11.Aarresaari, 12.Perhosten Y?, 13.Matkustanut Oon, 14.Hiljaisuus, 15.Hear Me Now, 16.Wonder Why, 17.Stay, 18.Carousel, 19.Uudet Tuulet,
Greatest Hits (2008)
1.T?htikaaren taa, 2.Taas saan lent??, 3.Alla vaahterapuun, 4.Odota, 5.Matkustanut oon, 6.Keltainen, 7.Nti Groove, 8.Opettelen salaa, 9.Aarresaari, 10.Tulisitko, 11.Perhosten Y?, 12.Magiaa, 13.Hiljaisuus, 14.Anna Mun Bailaa, 15.Vuoristorata, 16.Nostan sut, 17.Karnevaali, 18.Odota - 2008 remix, 19.T?htikaaren taa - 2008 remix, 20.Tulisitko - JM BreaksMix, 21.Anna Mun Bailaa - 99 Remix, 22.Toiseen maailmaan, 23.Seis - Hidas versio, 24.Teimme tarinaa, 25.Ihan hiljaa, 26.Rakkauden L?hetti, 27.Matkustanut oon (Captain-mix), 28.Aarresaari (Save the last dance for me remix),
T?htikaaren Taa (6th Mar 1995)
Taas Saan Lent?? (12th Jun 1995)
Alla vaahterapuun (Aug 1995)
Odota (6th Nov 1995)
Matkustanut Oon (12th Feb 1996)
Kelltainen (29th Aug 1996)
Nti Groove (15th Oct 1996)
Opettelen Salaa (9th Dec 1996)
Time (1997)
Tulisitko (1997)
Aarresaari (14th Mar 1997)
Magiaa (1998)
Aikakone EP (1999)
Little By Little (2000)
Hear Me Now / Baby Believe (2002)
Vuosisadan Rakkaustarina (10th Feb 2010)
Odota (1995)

The Return (1998)
Label : Spyrall Records.

5+1 (In The Summer Sun)
Airbase Recording
666 : Alarma! (1997), Alarma ! Remixes (1997), Dance 2 Disco (2000), Who's Afraid Of ...? ( 2'nd Album), Dance Now! (2004), Diablo (1998), Amokk (1998), Paradoxx (The Album) (1998), Amokk Remixes (1998), Paradoxx 7'' & 12'' Remix (1998), The Omen ( Chapter I, II, III& IV) (1999), Bomba! (1999), D.E.V.I.L. (2000), Hellraiser (The best of...) (2001), Insanity (2003), Policia (2005), Rhythm Takes Control (2002), Supadupafly (2001)
A.M.P. feat. Malorie : Killing Me Softly (1996)
Acti-Vision : Let The Rhythm Take Control ' 96 (1996)
Activate : Let The Rhythm Take Control (1993), Let The Rhythm Take Control (Remixes) (1994), Beat Of The Drum (1994) Visions (the Album) (1994), Save Me (1995), Save Me (Masterboy Remixes) (1995), Megamix (1995), Tell Me (That You Love Me) (1995), I Say What I Want (1995), Daydreamer ( S.O.S. 4 luv) (1995)
A-Trax : A dream within (1997), Sweet Lullaby (1996)
Boys on 33 : Slam The Jam (Da Pumped up funk ) (1998)
Deen : Deep In The Night (1996), Flying High (1996)
DYNO : There's progress (1997)
Eddy.N. : Really On My Mind (1995), Just Be Good To Me (1996)
FloorKiller : Dancefloorkiller (2000), Rebell MC (2000)
In-Motion : Hold Me (1996)
Jump & Joy : Sunny Day & Vamoz everybody (2001), Vamoz everybody (2000), Let's Roll (Raise ya Hands) (1999)
Leroy & Eddy : Careless Whisper (1997) Careless Whisper Remixes (1997), Fallin' in love (1997)
Little Witches : Late 2 Nite (2003)
Marcus Levin : 2 Take Me Away (2005)
Mezziah : 2001 ( Zarathrusta) (2000), Innocent Child (2001)
Noemi : In My Dreams (2002), When Angels Kiss (2002), Y.O.U (2002)
O.Kay : Don't Run Away (1997)
Planet Violet : Velvet Skies (2001)
PSB Project : Paninaro ' 95 (1995)
Rico Bass : Talkin' 2 The Nite b/w Takira (2005)
Stefania) - Don't Break My Heart (1999)
Supanova - Don't Break My Heart (1999)
The Outhere Brothers : Pass the toilet paper ' 98 (1998)
Vaganzza : As I fall asleep (2005), Violence (2004)
Vinylshakerz : One Nite in Bangkok (2005), Club Tropicana (2005)
Virus : Forever in love (1998), The final destiny (1998)
Wayne Samuels : I'm A Callboy (1997)
Dance United : Help! ASIA (Vaganzza & Vinylshakerz Versions) (2005)
DJ Fou : Je Mets le Wai (La Grande 666 Remixes) (1999)
DJ Fred & Arnold T.° : Jungle Spirit 666 Remix(1998)
DJ Silencer meets Dj Zycro : Check It Out (666 Remix) (1998)
GIFT : Yummy Yummy (Vinylshakerz remix ) (2005)
Groove Coverage : Holy Virgin ( Vinylshakerz remix ) (2005)
Layella : Free (666 Remix) (1998)
Pat Jam : The Squeeler (666 Remixes) (1998)
Porn Armada : Fuck! (666 Remix) (2004)
Rednex : The Devil Went Down To Georgia (666 remix ) (2001)
Sunset Strippers : Falling Stars (Vinylshakerz Thrustmode remix) (2005)
Sylver : Why Worry (Noemi remix) (2003)
T.O - Diva (666 Remixes) (1998)
Thanks to Denis "DJ Hooligan" Zhabkine
AK Swift 
13 (2004)
Light In Me (14th Apr 1997)
In The Game (18th Aug 1997)
The Professionnal (Aug 1998) 
It's On (4th Oct 1999)
Do U Wanna Die (May 2000)
Whassup!! (2001)
You Know The Names (5th Mar 2001)
Here We Come (Jul 2003)
Pussycat (2004)
I Growl (Step Back) (2005)
Artists and groups featuring AK Swift
Big 6 - Oh No
Blaxone - Good Times
Cella Dwellas - Hip-Hop Hurra Rap Gegen Rechts (1993), Rugged Discipline (1993)
Cloud 9 - You Spin Me Round (1999)
Cottura Toni - Party Boom (1997)
Jazz Con Bazz - Evolution Of A Mindflow (1993)
M.B.O. - For Your Love (1994)
Magic Affair - Fire (1994), Give Me All Your Love (1994), In The Middle Of The Night (1994), In The Middle Of The Night (1994), Omen III (1994), Omen... The Story Continues (album) (1994), Stigmata (Of Love) (2008)
Playstations - Bust-A-Groove
Simon Collins - One Nation (2005), Sunburn (2005)
The Club - It's A Love Thing (1994)
True Minds - Underground Prophet (1991)
Make It Right Now (13th Aug 1993)
Brothers In The Space (Dec 1993)
Call My Name (1994)
Stay With Me (16th Oct 1995) 
Feel The Fire (2002)
Make It Right Now 2004 (vs DJ Damm) (2004)
Brothers In The Space (1993) 
Label : Italian Style Records

Shake Up My Soul (1996)
Buying A Dream

Move Your Body (1996)
No Needs (Jul 2004)
Past, Present And Future (29th Jun 2006)
1.Everybody (Take Your Chance), 2.Say Your Name, 3.I'm Gonna Make You Mine, 4.Love Is The Power, 5.I can't Forget you, 6.No More, 7.You Don't Have To Be Afraid, 8.Escape From Reality, 9.You Gotta Fight Now, 10.Hold 'em Tight, 11.If You Wanna Get Freaky, 12.I Don't Wanna, 13.I'd Rather Be With You,
Self Control (4th Dec 2009)
1.Put Your Hands Up, 2.The Real Talk, 3.Moonlight, 4.Love Selecta, 5.Upside Down, 6.Interlude, 7.Fight For Revolution, 8.The Human People, 9.Words Can't Hurt Me, 10.Lose the pressure, 11.Make your move, 12.Let me be the one, 13.How I Feel, 14.Lose Control,
Don't Need Your Love (15th Jun 2004)
I Can't Forget You (10th Oct 2005)
I'm Gonna Make You Mine (Jan 2007)
Lose Control (4th Nov 2007)
I'm Burning (31st Mar 2008)
Put Your Hands Up (7th Dec 2008)
Moonlight (31st Oct 2009)
Producer & Rapper : Tony Alexander Entesarian (aka Alex)
Vocalists : Marwa Chebil, William Sandberg, Mikael S?fvestad, Pernilla Eriksson, Ellen Persson, Amelie Lundqvist.
Alex MC

Groove Me (1995)
The project featured the rapper Marco Cattaneo. Vocals on Groove Me were done by Janaina Rickli, and on Everytime by Sonja Schneider. The single was released under EMC (Euromix Company).
Thanks to DarkSideOfDream
Alex Party  
Alex Party (21st Oct 1996)
1.Read My Lips, 2.Simple Things, 3.Spirit Of Love, 4.Don't Give Me Your Life, 5.I Am The One, 6.Wrap Me Up, 7.Cause I Can Do It (Right), 8.On My Mind, 9.What Fool Am I, 10.Once Upon A Time, 11.Alex Party (September Party),
Saturday Night Party (1993)
Alex Party (1993)
Alex Party 2 (Nu-Nu-Now) (1993)
Alex Party (Read my lips) (1993)
Don't Give Me Your Life (1994)    
Wrap Me Up (11th Sep 1995)
Read My Lips (1st Aug 1996)
Read My Lips Remix 97 (24th Apr 1997)
Simple Things (30th Oct 1997)
U Gotta Be (2000) 
You Can't Escape My Love (2000)
Don't Give Me Your Life (1994)
Wrap Me Up (1995)
Read My Lips (1996)

Alexa (1997)
1.Amor Sideral, 2.De Prisa, 3.M?tame Muy Suavemente, 4.Pr?ncipe Azul, 5.Qu? Me Das, 6.Sombras, 7.T? Y Yo En El Amor,
De Prisa ()
T? Y Yo En El Amor
FanClub/The Party - The Megamixes ()
Fan Club (May 1997)
1.Uh La La La, 2.Number One, 3.Virtual Reality, 4.Because I Miss You, 5.Summer Is Crazy, 6.Another Way, 7.Me And You, 8.Hold On, 9.Looking for My Baby, 10.Beat Of The Night, 11.Number One (Spanish Version), 12.Make You Happy,
Remix Album (1998)
1.Uh La La La (Beach mix), 2.Number One (Club Short Mix), 3.It's Christmas Time, 4.Virtual Reality (Extended Virtual Mix), 5.Summer Is Crazy (Classic Euro Mix), 6.Me And You (Ice Frain Mix), 7.Uh La La La (Cellular Mix), 8.Looking for My Baby (Original Version), 9.Number One (Spanish Version), 10.Summer Is Crazy (Dado Flying Mix), 11.Beat Of The Night (Original Version), 12.Uh La La La (Club Mix), 13.Uh La La La (Fargetta's Mix),
The Party (1st Jun 1998)
1.Keep On Movin, 2.Gimme Love, 3.Bad Boy, 4.The Music I Like, 5.Crazy For You, 6.Claro De Luna, 7.Everything, 8.Feelings, 9.Every Day, 10.I Love My Boy, 11.Don't Love Me Baby, 12.If You Say Goodbye, 13.Dame Amor,
Happy (Aug 1999)
1.Goodbye, 2.Happy, 3.Change Your Life, 4.Baby Baby Baby, 5.Let The Music Play, 6.Te Amo, 7.The Rain, 8.Close To You, 9.Giddy Up, 10.I Want You, 11.Save A Prayer, 12.Shake You Up,
Uh La La La - Japanese version (4th Aug 1999)
1.Uh La La La (Almighty Edit), 2.Gimme Love, 3.The Music I Like (Metro Club Edit), 4.Keep On Movin, 5.Bad Boy, 6.Crazy For You, 7.Claro De Luna, 8.Everything, 9.Feelings, 10.Every Day, 11.I Love My Boy, 12.Don't Love Me Baby, 13.If You Say Goodbye, 14.Dame Amor, 15.The Music I Like (Radio Edit), 16.The Music I Like (Radio PM Project in Ibiza), 17.Uh La La La, 18.Uh La La La (Fargetta's Mix), 19.Uh La La La (Almighty's Mighty Mix),
The Hits (6th Jun 2000)
1.Ti Amo Ti Amo, 2.Me And You, 3.Summer Is Crazy, 4.Number One, 5.Uh La La La, 6.Gimme Love, 7.The Music I Like, 8.Keep On Movin, 9.Goodbye, 10.Happy, 11.Baby Baby Baby, 12.Shake You up, 13.Save A Prayer, 14.Claro De Luna, 15.Uh La La La (Allmighty edit), 16.Gimme Love (Club Short Edit), 17.Happy (2K Noki Short Edit),
Mad For Music (25th Sep 2001)
1.Money Honey, 2.The Real Thing, 3.In The Name Of Love, 4.Summerlovers, 5.The One For Me, 6.Lucky In Love, 7.Whenever You Want Me, 8.Little Sister, 9.Sometimes, 10.It's Not The End,
Alexia (8th Mar 2002)
1.Dimmi Come, 2.Dira Dare, 3.A Casa Di Jerry, 4.Senza Di Te, 5.Non Lasciarmi Mai, 6.Se Un Giorno, 7.Hasta La vista Baby, 8.L'Amore Vince, 9.Blues, 10.Don't You Know (Dimmi Come),
Alexia (24th Aug 2002)
1.Don't You Know, 2.Power Flower, 3.Jerry, 4.This Is My Life, 5.Don't Leave Me This Way, 6.Whenever You Want Me, 7.Hasta La Vista Baby, 8.The Real Thing, 9.Blues, 10.It's Not The End, 11.Sometimes, 12.Senza Di Te, 13.Se Un Giorno,
Il Cuore A Modo Mio (7th Mar 2003)
1.Intro Alexia, 2.Cuore Non Hai, 3.Preludio 1, 4.Saturday Night, 5.Preludio 2, 6.Per Dire Di No, 7.Crazy War, 8.Four Jumps, 9.Egoista, 10.C'est La Vie, 11.Freddo Nell'Anima, 12.Fatti Insegnare Dalla Mamma, 13.Qualcosa Di Forte, 14.Tu Mi Fai Vivere, 15.I never Loved A Man (The Way I Love You), 16.Per Dire Di No (Reprise),
Gli Occhi Grandi Della Luna (5th Jul 2004)
1.Funky Al Cuore, 2.Quello Che Sento, 3.Se Te Ne Vai Cosi (I Want It To Be Me), 4.Brutta Notizia, 5.Gli Occhi Grandi Della Luna, 6.Come Tu Mi Vuoi (You Need Love), 7.Una Donna Sola, 8.In Volo Noi, 9.Senza Gravita, 10.Senza Un Vincitore, 11.You Need Love,
Da Grande (14th Mar 2005)
1.Da Grande, 2.Dimmi Come, 3.Non Lasciarmi Mai, 4.Hasta la vista baby, 5.Per dire di no, 6.Egoista, 7.Cuore non hai, 8.Come Tu Mi Vuoi, 9.Una Donna Sola, 10.Quello Che Sento, 11.Funky Al Cuore, 12.Mai Dire Mai, 13.Don't You Know, 14.You Need Love, 15.Money Honey,
Le Piu Belle di Alexia (2007)
1.Me And You, 2.Summer Is Crazy, 3.Number One, 4.Uh La La La, 5.Gimme Love, 6.The Music I Like, 7.Happy, 8.Goodbye, 9.Ti Amo Ti Amo, 10.Dimmi Come, 11.Non Lasciarmi Mai, 12.Blues, 13.Egoista, 14.Per Dire Di No, 15.Quello Che Sento, 16.Funky Al Cuore, 17.Mai Dire Mai, 18.Da Grande,
Ale' (27th Jun 2008)
1.Grande coraggio, 2.Occhi negli occhi, 3.E non sai, 4.Guardarti dentro, 5.Il branco, 6.Estate, 7.Mio padre, 8.Il folletto, 9.Ale, 10.Un attimo nell'infinito, 11.L'immenso,
Ale & C (20th Feb 2009)
1.Biancaneve (feat Mario Lavezzi), 2.We Is The Power (feat Bloom 06), 3.E non sai (feat Madame SiSi), 4.Guardarti dentro, 5.Grande coraggio, 6.Mio padre (feat Annamaria Aquilani), 7.Il folletto, 8.Ale, 9.Nowhere, 10.Il Mio Mondo,
Stars (2010)
1.Star, 2.Non Tentarmi, 3.I Dreamed A Dream (feat. Angelo Branduardi), 4.L'Amore In Superficie, 5.Perfect Day, 6.It's Love, 7.Star (Almighty Version), 8.Perfect Day (The Night Version),
Boy (1989)
Gotta Be Mine (1991)
Let You Go (1991)
Me And You (29th Aug 1995) 
Summer Is Crazy (6th May 1996)
Hold On (1997) 
Looking For My Baby (1997)
Number One (11th Mar 1997) 
Virtual Reality (14th Apr 1997) 
Uh La La La (16th Jun 1997)  
Gimme Love (27th Mar 1998) 
The Music I Like (26th Jun 1998)  
Goodbye (9th Jul 1999) 
Keep On Movin (16th Nov 1999) 
Happy (16th Nov 1999) 
Ti Amo Ti Amo (26th May 2000)
Non Ti Dimenticher? (19th Oct 2000)
Life With Me And You (2001)
Money Honey (May 2001) 
Summerlovers (28th Oct 2001)
Dimmi Come (2002) 
Non Lasciarmi Mai (24th Jun 2002)
Don't You Know (Jul 2002)
Per Dire Di No (Mar 2003)
Egoista (15th May 2003)
Come Tu Mi Vuoi (1st Jun 2004)
Une Donna Sola (16th Jul 2004)
Da Grande (2005)
Mai Dire Mai (29th Apr 2005)
Du Du Du (13th Jul 2007)
Guardarti Dentro (2008)
Grande Coraggio (30th Mar 2008)
Biancaneve (18th Feb 2009)
Come Nessuno (19th May 2009)
"WE" Is The Power (12th Jun 2009)
E Non Sai (18th Oct 2009)
Star (4th Jun 2010)
Me And You (1995)
Number One (1996)
Summer Is Crazy (1996) 
Number One (Happy Remix And Spanish Versions) (1996)
Uh La La La (Fathers Of Sound Remixes) (1997)
Uh La La La (1997) 
The Music I Like (1998)
Alexia (2)

Carry On (A Night Electric Rhythm) (1995)

Love Trip (1994)
Move Me (2007)
Alexis Dragby is a famous DJ and drag artist based in Denmark. He defines himself as a werewolf. He nowadays lives in Frederiksberg.
Thanks to Abelito
Artists and groups featuring Alexis
Alexis - Love Trip (1994)

Walking On Sunshine (1992)
The Children Blue Eyes (4th Apr 1995) 
Producer : Franco Diaferia
Walking On Sunshine, released in 1992, was engineered by Riki Mazza, concepted by DJ Alex B., written by F. Diaferia and P. Ponzo. Label : Effective Sound.
The single The Children Blue Eyes, released in 1995, was arranged by F. Diaferia and R. Sansone. It was recorded and mixed at Synthesis Studio Black in Turin (Italy). Label : Decade Records.
Algo Rhythm

Stays The Same (1997)
The only single of this Canadian project was released under Popular records (Nonstop Music International).

Woman In Love (1994)
I Try (1995)
Alhogena is a project of Atomic Energy records. Producer : J. Bonazzoli (aka JB Sound).
Alice Deejay 
Who Needs Guitars Anyway ? (Apr 2000)
1.Back In My Life, 2.Better Off Alone, 3.Celebrate Our Love, 4.The Lonely One, 5.Who Needs Guitars Anyway?, 6.Will I Ever, 7.Elements Of Life, 8.Fairytales, 9.Waiting For Your Love, 10.No More Lies, 11.I Can See (See It In Your Eyes), 12.Everything Begins With An E, 13.Got To Get Away, 14.Alice Deejay,
Better Off Alone (May 1999) 
Back In My Life (11th Jan 2000)
Will I Ever (29th May 2000)
The Lonely One (11th Sep 2000)
Life With Me And You (2001)
Celebrate Our Love (Jan 2001)
Who Needs Guitars Anyway / Megamix (Jun 2001)

Alisha (1986)
1.All Night Passion (Original Version), 2.Stargazing, 3.Baby Talk, 4.Too Turned On, 5.Boys Will Be Boys, 6.One Little Lie, 7.All Night Passion (Special Album Remix),
Nightwalkin' (1987)
1.Into My Secret, 2.Love You Up, 3.Girls Don't Lie, 4.Play With Boys, 5.Let Your Heart Make Up Your Mind, 6.Nightwalkin', 7.I Don't Know What Comes Over Me, 8.Do You Dream About Me, 9.Save a Little Love, 10.Into the Night,
Bounce Back (1990)
1.Wrong Number, 2.Everything You Do, 3.You've Really Gotten To Me, 4.Love Will Talk, 5.(Ain't No) Better Love, 6.Bounce Back, 7.Rescue Me, 8.Kiss Me Quick, 9.Don't Let Our Love Go, 10.I Need Forever,
All Night Passion (1984)
Baby Talk (1985)
Stargazing (1985)
Too Turned On (1985)
Into My Secret (1987)
Let Your Heart Make Up Your Mind (1987)
Wrong Number (1990)
Wherever The Rhythm Takes Me (1996)
You Wanna Be A Star (Superstar) (1999)

Remember (1996)

Instint (1995)
Generation A the album (May 1995)
1.Vuosisadan raggaustarina, 2.Tuttu, 3.Robootti, 4.Leikkikaluj?ppinen, 5.Jokin paha, 6.Reilukerho kokoontuu, 7.Kosminen siitin, 8.Ei pysty joraan, 9.Nen? pyllyyn!, 10.Tosi tarttuva t?ytebiisi, 11.Ei pysty joraan (n.i.komix), 12.Leikkikaluj?ppinen (cncd junglemix), 13.Ei pysty joraan (luomisen tuskaa),
Leikkikalujappinen (1995)
Tuttu/Ei pysty joraan (1995)
Tosi Remixattu T?ytebiisi (1995)
Alley (Tanja K)
Tanja K. Alley was vocalist for the German eurodance project Face_II_Face. She appeared on the Синглы You're Livin' In My Heart and I Want You, along with the rapper Eric Singleton.
Thanks to Necronomic.
Artists and groups featuring Alley (Tanja K)
Eternal City - Get What You Want (1996)
Face II Face - I Want You (1994), You're Livin' In My Heart (1994)

Her real name is Annerly Gordon. She is one of the vocalists of the duo Ally & Jo.
Ally and Jo

The Lion Sleeps Tonight (19th Feb 1995) 
Holding You (26th Jun 1996)
Nasty Girl (1997)
In The Zodiac (Stars Say You'll Be Mine) (6th Apr 1998)
Producer : Davide Riva .
Almighty Records
EuroDance Company
Records company based in London, they stand behind the projects Jackie O, Rochelle, 4-2 the Floor, and Obsession.
Alpha Beta

Love And Extacy (1994) 
Produced by Tony Dawson-Harrison (more well-known as Captain Hollywood) together with Rico Sparx. Love & Exstacy was also released under the name D.Vision with other groupname and other mixes, and remixed by Antonio Catania and Ingo Kays.
Thanks to Vision
Heaven Help My Heart (15th Jan 1996)
Heaven Help My Heart released in 1996, was written & composed by Regis Ducatillon (SACEM France). Published by Polygram/ EAMS. Executive Producer : Latitude Records
Thanks to Dean M Nakanishi - Eurodance Rage
Alter Ego
America! (What Are You Doing?) (1993)
Dance (If You Cannot Dance) (1994)
Dance (If You Cannot Dance) (1994)
The female vocalist is Daisy Dee. Alter Ego is Gabriele Cerlini, more well-known as DJ Cerla. Alter Ego is the name of a disco in Reggio Emilia (Italy). A CD containing remixes by Two Men was released afterwards.
Heaven Help My Heart (15th Jan 1996) 

Producer : Latitude Records

Alto Rango

No Puedo Seguir As? (1999)
1.No Puedo Seguir As?, 2.Sigo Pensando En Ti, 3.T? Por Mi, Yo Por Ti, 4.La Ley Del Amor, 5.Amigas, 6.Te Vas A Arrepentir, 7.El Verano, 8.Se March?, 9.La Voz Del Coraz?n, 10.Locos De Amor, 11.H?roes De Hoy,
No Puedo Seguir As? (1999)
La Ley Del Amor (1999)
Amigas (1999)
El Verano (1999)
Sin Fronteras (2000)
AM Morales
I'd Do Anything For Love Medley Castillo Del Fuego (1994)
Label: Max Music (Spain).

Move Your Way (18th Oct 1994)
The projects featured the rapper Amadeus (also featured by DJ Filo) and vocalist Lila Pearl. The single was produced By Fun Box Productions, composed and written by Amadeus, Math Blauenstein, Lila Pearl, S. Battiato, recorded and mixed at Fun Box Studios.

Take Me Up (Alrabaiye) (1993)
U Make Me Feel Alright (1994) 
Fonky (1995)


Amarildo (1997)
Amber Undanced
This is Your Night (25th Nov 1996)
1.This Is Your Night, 2.Move Your Body, 3.Colour Of Love, 4.You Are The One, 5.One More Night, 6.Push It To The Limit, 7.Being With You, 8.Hold My Body Tight, 9.Can You Feel the Love, 10.Losing Myself in Your Love, 11.Let it Rain, 12.This is the Right Time, 13.This Is Your Night (House Mix), 14.Colour Of Love (House Mix),
Amber (21st Sep 1999)
1.Above The Clouds, 2.Love One Another, 3.Spiritual Virginity, 4.Object Of Your Desire, 5.Sexual (Li Da Di), 6.Without You, 7.I Found Myself In You, 8.If I'm Not The One, 9.Let's Do It For Love, 10.Don't Wanna Stop, 11.If You Could Read My Mind (Stars Of 54), 12.How Can I Tell You, 13.I'm Free, 14.Sexual (Li Da Di) (Thunderpuss 2000 Edit),
The Hits Remixed (7th Nov 2000)
1.Taste the Tears (Thunderpuss Original Mix), 2.Love One Another (Pathos Original Mix), 3.Sexual (Li Da Di) (Deep Dish Cheez Wiz remix), 4.Above the Clouds (Eric Kupper Remix), 5.If You Could Read My Mind (Eric Kupper Remix), 6.One More Night (Hani Remix), 7.7.This Is Your Night (Mousse T Remix), 8.Colour of Love (Mousset T Remix), 9.If You Could Read My Mind (Hec Hector Epic Piano Mix), 10.This Is Your Night (Junior Vasquez Sunday Night Bump Extended Mix), 11.Above the Clouds (Thunderpuss Remix), 12.Taste the Tears (Thunderpuss Remix), 13.Love One Another (Mystic Remix), 14.Sexual (Li Da Di) (Plasma Trance Mix),
Naked (20th Aug 2002)
1.Yes, 2.The Need To Be Naked, 3.Anyway (Men Are From Mars), 4.You're Sent From Heaven, 5.Dirty Thoughts, 6.He, 7.Sex Without Sex, 8.Love On You, 9.If There Would Be No Tomorrow, 10.Heavenly Proximity, 11.Sex & The City, 12.Don't Say Goodbye, 13.Sexual (Li Da Di) (Afterlife Chillout Remix), 14.The Smile Of My Child, 15.The Need To Be Naked (Thunderpuss Remix Bonus Track),
My Kind Of World (5th Oct 2004)
1.Crucified Solitude, 2.You Move Me, 3.Voodoo, 4.Same Old Paradise, 5.Sacrifical Lamb, 6.Private War, 7.When a Love Grows Cold, 8.Just Like That (Romeo and Juliet), 9.City of Pain, 10.You Kind of World, 11.More Time for a Child, 12.Don't Follow Me Home,
This Is Your Night (15th May 1996)
Losing Myself In Your Love (only in Japan) (1997)
Colour Of Love (5th Mar 1997)
One More Night (19th Sep 1997)
Do That To Me One More Time (16th Jun 1999)
Sexual (Li Da Di) (26th Apr 2000)
Love One Another (4th Sep 2000)
Above The Clouds (18th Nov 2000)
I Found Myself In You (23rd Apr 2001)
Yes ! (6th Aug 2001)
The Need To Be Naked (4th Jun 2002)
Anyway (Men Are From Mars) (14th Oct 2002)
You Move Me (Sep 2004)
Voodoo (2005)
Just Like That (10th Jan 2006)
Melt With The Sun (Nov 2006)
This Is Your Night 2008 (12th Feb 2007)
I don't Believe in Hate (Drip Drop) (21st Jul 2009)
This Is Your Night (1996)
Colour Of Love (1997)
Do That To Me One More Time (1999)
Above The Clouds (2000)
Love One Another (2000)
Love One Another (Remixes 1 Of 2) (2000)
Love One Another (Remixes 2 Of 2) (2000)
Anyway (Men Are From Mars) (2002)
The Need To Be Naked (2002)
Anyway (Steve Porter's Unreleased Mixes) (14th Jul 2003)
Anywhere Is (1995)
Anyone But You (1996)
Vivimos Siempre Juntos (1996)
El Club De Los Humildes (1998)
Music Lover
Sweet Music (24th Jun 1994)
Only Saw Today / Instant Karma (1995) 
Let Love Shine (1995)
Church of Freedom (1995)
Come Away (1996)

El Ritmo Del Universo (1993)
La Magia De Mi Musica (1994)


Got To Believe (1996)
Here In Paradise (1997)
Anah? (1992)
1.El Rat?n P?rez, 2.Apaguen El Despertador, 3.No Le Tengo Miedo Al Doctor, 4.Hay Un Chico Que Me Gusta, 5.Los Dos Al Agua, 6.Pastel De Chocolate, 7.Somos Amigos, 8.A Bailar La Conga, 9.El Blues De La Paleta, 10.El Twist De Mi Hermano, 11.Un Casamiento En El Zool?gico, 12.Te Doy Un Besito,
?Hoy Es Ma?ana? (1996)
1.Descontrol?ndote, 2.Por Volverte A Ver, 3.Soy Como Soy, 4.Bailar, 5.M?scaras, 6.Fin De Semana, 7.Historia Entre Amigas, 8.Coraz?n De Bomb?n, 9.Tel?fono Suena, 10.No Me Comparen, 11.Por Volverte A Ver (Remix),
Anclado En Mi Coraz?n (1997)
1.Salsa Reggae, 2.Anclado En Mi Coraz?n, 3.Para Nada, 4.Sexy, 5.A Un Metro Del Suelo, 6.Porci?n De Amor, 7.Con Los Brazos En Cruz, 8.Qu?mica, 9.Esc?ndalo, 10.Salsa Reggae Remix, 11.Anclado En Mi Coraz?n (Energy Mix Radio),
Baby Blue (2000)
1.Es El Amor, 2.Como Cada D?a, 3.Tranquilo Nene, 4.Super Enamor?ndome, 5.Primer Amor, 6.Aqu? Sigues Estando T?, 7.Tu Amor Cay? Del Cielo, 8.Volver?s A M?, 9.Desesperadamente Sola, 10.Sobred?sis De Amor, 11.Interactivo,
Antolog?a (2005)
1.Coraz?n De Bomb?n, 2.Anclado En Mi Coraz?n, 3.Super Enamor?ndome, 4.Descontrol?ndote, 5.Salsa Reggae, 6.Juntos (a d?o con Kuno Becker), 7.Bailar, 8.A Un Metro Del Suelo, 9.Aqu? Sigues Estando T?, 10.Fin De Semana, 11.Con Los Brazos En Cruz, 12.Desesperadamente Sola, 13.No Me Comparen, 14.Sexy, 15.Primer Amor, 16.Por Volverte A Ver, 17.Para Nada, 18.Tu Amor Cay? Del Cielo, 19.Tel?fono Suena, 20.Porci?n De Amor,
Una Rebelde En Solitario (4th Jul 2006)
1.Desesperadamente Sola, 2.S?per Enamor?ndome, 3.Es El Amor, 4.Aqu? Sigues Estando T?, 5.Tu Amor Cay? Del Cielo, 6.Como Cada D?a, 7.Volver?s A M?, 8.Tranquilo Nene, 9.Sobred?sis De Amor, 10.Primer Amor,
Antes De Se Rebelde (2007)
1.Descontrol?ndote, 2.Esc?ndalo, 3.Soy Como Soy, 4.Qu?mica, 5.Fin de Semana, 6.Sexy, 7.Coraz?n De Bomb?n, 8.Salsa Reggae, 9.Por Volverte A Ver, 10.Anclado En Mi Coraz?n, 11.Historia Entre Amigas, 12.No Me Comparen, 13.Para Nada, 14.Tel?fono Suena, 15.Bailar, 16.Porci?n De Amor,
Mi Delirio (2009)
1.Para Qu?, 2.Ni Una Palabra, 3.Me Hipnotizas, 4.Pobre Tu Alma, 5.Gira La Vida, 6.Te Puedo Escuchar, 7.Mi Delirio, 8.Hasta Que Me Conocistes, 9.Qu? Mas Da, 10.?l Me Minti?, 11.Hasta Que Llegues T?, 12.Un Minuto M?s, 13.Quiero,
Mi Delirio (2009)
1.Para Qu?, 2.Ni Una Palabra, 3.Me Hipnotizas, 4.Pobre Tu Alma, 5.Gira La Vida, 6.Te Puedo Escuchar, 7.Mi Delirio, 8.Hasta Que Me Conocistes, 9.Qu? Mas Da, 10.?l Me Minti?, 11.Hasta Que Llegues T?, 12.Un Minuto M?s, 13.Quiero,
Desconotrol?ndote (1996)
Coraz?n De Bomb?n (1996)
Por Volverte A Ver (1996)
Anclado En Mi Coraz?n (1997)
Esc?ndalo (1997)
Salsa Reggae (1998)
Qu?mica (1998)
Primer Amor (2000)
Super Enamor?ndome (2000)
Es El Amor (2000)
Como Cada D?a (2000)
Tu Amor Cay? Del Cielo (2001)
Desesperadamente Sola (2006)
Breathe (Respirar Por La Vida) (2008)
Mi Delirio (2009)
Te Puedo Escuchar (2009)
?l Me Minti? (2009)
Hasta Que Llegues T? (2009)
Analogic System

Slave To Time (1994)
The single was written by Chris Mathiot with special collaboration of Dave Lapassade, recorded at SCX Studio, supervised by Florent Sallet, produced and published by Disagn' Records, distributed by Number One DJ.
Thanks to Astralys
Analogic Tribe
Want You Baby (1994)
Do You Wanna Mine (1995)
I'll Take You There (1996)
To Be With You (1997)
Sign O' The Times (1998)
Label : Union Records.

Without You (1995)
I'll Give You My Heart (1996)

You Will Be Mine (1995)
Vocals : Sandy Chambers. Produced by Rino Facchinetti (Carlo Fath ?) and Franco Tripodi. Label: Clown Records
Different (Aug 1989)
1.Love Of My Own, 2.On My Way, 3.Turn On The Light, 4.Living On The Edge, 5.You Are My Life, 6.One Thing, 7.Soldier, 8.Someone New, 9.Close Your Eyes To Heaven, 10.Fool If I Think It's Over, 11.True Love, 12.You Are My Life (Classical Mix),
Whispers (1991)
1.The Sweet Hello, The Sad Goodbye, 2.Whispers Of Love, 3.The echo of my heart, 4.Maybe I'm Dreaming, 5.For All That We Know, 6.Can't Give You Anything (But My Love), 7.For Your Love, 8.True Love, 9.Don't Say You Love Me, 10.Hungry Hearts,
For Your Love (1992)
1.The Sweet Hello, The Sad Goodbye, 2.On My Way, 3.Whispers Of Love, 4.One Thing, 5.Can?t Give You Anything (But My Love), 6.For Your Love, 7.Love Of My Own, 8.The Echo Of My Heart, 9.Close Your Eyes To Heaven, 10.Turn On The Light, 11.Living On The Edge, 12.Someone New,
Down On Sunset (1st Sep 1992)
1.How Deep Is Your Love, 2.You Have Rescued Me, 3.My One And Only, 4.Across The World Tonight, 5.Standing Alone, 6.Laughter In The Rain, 7.Turn Around, 8.If You Could Only See Me Now, 9.A Little At A Time, 10.Thru With Love, 11.Cruising Down On Sunset,
When Will I See You Again (1993)
1.When Will I See You Again, 2.Dangerous Lies, 3.I'll Love You Forever, 4.Midnight, 5.Marathon Of Life, 6.Is It My Love, 7.The Love In Me, 8.Stay A Little Longer, 9.Dance In Heaven, 10.Shipwrecked, 11.Hold My Hand, 12.When Will I See you Again (Unplugged),
Barcos De Cristal (19th Apr 1994)
1.Tonterias, 2.Luna De Plata, 3.Miedo De Ti, 4.Tu Chica Es Mi Chica, 5.Barcos De Cristal, 6.Una Ma?ana De Sol, 7.Para Sonia, 8.Con Palabras, 9.Sue?os, 10.Mi Chica Prohibida,
Souled (5th Apr 1995)
1.Souled In, 2.Michelle, 3.Never Knew Love Like This Before, 4.Will You Let Me Know, 5.The Heat Between The Girls And The Boys, 6.Look At The Tears, 7.Feel To The Physical, 8.Carry You With Me, 9.Road To Higher Love, 10.South Of Love, 11.A little Bit Of Lovin', 12.Point Of No Return, 13.Souled out,
Live Concert (1997)
1.Paradise Caf?, 2.Can't Teach My Old Heart New Tricks, 3.Just Remember, 4.Fly Me To The Moon, 5.When October Goes, 6.How Do You Keep The Music Playing, 7.Night And Day, 8.Beyond The Sea, 9.Moonlight In Vermont,
This Time (23rd Feb 2004)
1.King Of Love, 2.Independent Girl, 3.Tonight Is The Night, 4.Live Your Dreams, 5.Nothing's Gonna Stop Me Now, 6.Playing With Dynamite, 7.Every Little Thing, 8.World Of Stars, 9.Night To Remember, 10.This Time, 11.In Your Eyes, 12.How Deep Is Your Love, 13.Paradise,
Songs Forever (3rd Mar 2006)
1.Songs That Live Forever (Album Version), 2.Cry For Help, 3.For Your Eyes Only, 4.Have I Told You Lately, 5.All Around The World, 6.Some People, 7.Tell It To My Heart, 8.Do You Really Want To Hurt Me, 9.Is This Love, 10.Sweet Dreams, 11.Arthur's Theme, 12.You're My Heart, You're My Soul, 13.True, 14.Songs That Live Forever (Special Grand Prix Version),
Strong (7th Feb 2010)
1.Why do you cry?, 2.Stay with me, 3.Make You, 4.Stop, 5.You will be mine, 6.Suddenly, 7.Music Dance, 8.My Angel, 9.I'll be Strong, 10.Clear sign, 11.One more chance, 12.I wanna, 13.Sorry, Baby, 14.Why do you cry (Acoustic Piano Version),
Judy (1980)
Du weinst um ihn (1980)
Es war die Nacht der ersten Liebe (1981)
Ich will nicht dein Leben (1982)
Was macht das schon (1983)
Hei?kalter Engel (1983)
Wovon tr?umst du denn (1983)
Endstation Sehnsucht (1984)
Es geht mir gut heut' Nacht (1984)
Love Of My Own (May 1989)
One Thing (Jul 1989)
Soldier (Nov 1989)
The Sweet Hello The Sad Goodbye (1991)
Can't Give You Anything (1991)
True Love (1991)
Standing Alone (1992)
How Deep Is Your Love (Jul 1992)
When Will I See You Again (23rd Jul 1993)
I'll Love You Forever (22nd Sep 1993)
The Love in Me (21st Jul 1994)
Road To Higher Love (Nov 1994)
Never Knew Love Like This Before (1995)
A Little Bit Of Lovin' (1995)
Independent Girl (10th Nov 2003)
King Of Love (2nd Feb 2004)
Tonight Is The Night (3rd May 2004)
Just Dream (18th Oct 2004)
Kisses For Christmas (2008)
Ibiza Baba Baya (Aug 2008)
Kisses For Christmas (Dec 2008)
Good Karma (2009)
Make You (2010)
Anderssen (Annie)

Insensitive (1994)
The song Insensitive was also covered by Miura.

Make My Heart Beat (1990)
That's The Way My Love Is (1991)
I Need You So (1992)
Tell Me (1993)
Let The Night Away (3rd Jul 1993)
Cause I Love You (1994)
You (1994)
Andrea (2)

Nada (1997)
Andrea True

Lovin' You (1995)

Don't Stop the Motion (4th Sep 1993)
We've Got To Live Together (7th Jan 1994)
Sending All My Love (15th Jul 1994)
Do You Wanna Right Now (18th Nov 1994)
Up In The Sky (29th Mar 1995)
Heaven (21st May 1996)
Everytime You Go (20th Feb 1997)

Happy (1996)
The single was produced, arranged and mixed by Domenico Andy Nicosia, written by K. Etienne, E. Legato and D. Nicosia, published by Wax Production licensed from Evidence records
Angel Eyes

Stay With Me (1994)
Bend Me Shape Me (Aug 1994)
Angel Ice
Day By Day (1995)
Day By Day featured Sandy Chambers. It was mixed by Alex J. Label : No Colors
Angel (Simone)

When Love Rules The World (1991)
Makes Me Wanna Dance (1991)
Let This Feeling (12th Aug 1993)
Walk On Water (10th Jul 1994)
Contact (27th Apr 2000)

?ventyr i Natten (1992)
1.?ventyr I Natten (Listen to the music), 2.Kom, Om Du Vill Ha Mej, 3.Cabriolet, 4.Ge Och Ta, 5.Hall? Hej Minns Du Mej, 6.Sommaren I City, 7.Bilder Av Dej, 8.Venus Butterfly, 9.Flyget Till Stockholm, 10.Kommer Aldrig Att F? Dej, 11.?ventyr I Gryningen (postludium),
Somaren I City (1991)
?ventyr I Natten (Listen to the music) (1992)
Bend Me, Shape Me (1994)
Label: Virgin Records Sweden AB.

A Contratiempo (1997)
Thanks to Abelito
In My Mind (1994)
Label : Discomagic

Destiny (1995)
Bridge Over Troubled Water (8th Nov 1999)
Gimme Gimme Gimme (18th Apr 2000)
So Small (2nd Nov 2007)
Defying Gravity (20th Nov 2007)
Don't Stop The Music (20th Nov 2007)
Shut Up & Drive (20th Nov 2007)
Stronger (20th Nov 2007)
We Ride (18th Jan 2008)
One Night Only (22nd Feb 2008)
Alone (Eurotrance remix) (19th Mar 2008)
A Public Affair (27th Mar 2008)
Unfaithful (8th Apr 2008)
The Stars Are Blind (15th Apr 2008)
In The Evening (18th Apr 2008)
Just Fine (6th May 2008)
Be Without You (20th May 2008)
Faithfully (24th Jun 2008)
She Will Be Loved (2nd Dec 2008)
Come With Me (14th Jul 2010)
Records company : SAIFAM Publishing Group.

Power Of Love (1995)
(Wondercat/ M. Boscolo/ L. Moretti)
Not to be confused with Angelina, an American artist produced by Upstairs Records, who released a whole album freestyle/R&B oriented.
The single Power Of Love was produced, arranged and mixed by El Zigeuner, Mr. Max, Luca Moretti and Steffano Lucconi. The original release was on vinyl in Italy by Volumex / Dancework S.R.L. in 1995. Later it was licensed and released on CD single by ZYX in 1995. The CD single is very hard to find but it was definitely worth it, since it has 6 tracks on it and every single one of them is outstanding ! This is an absolute must-have for any eurodance collector.
Thanks to Dean M Nakanishi - Eurodance 'N Other Stuff
Come On And Jump
Angie C

In The Name Of Love (1994)
Angy DJ System

Technotime 130
Was Going On (1993)
Down On My Level (1994)
Anima Latina

Music Is My Life (1994)


Na Na Na Everybody Wake Up (1995)
Label : Structura.
Boom Boom Boom (1995)
Ann Bell Fell

We Come We Go (1996)
1.Around & 'Round, 2.I Feel It Coming, 3.Dogheart, 4.We Come We Go, 5.Rainy Dayz, 6.Remembrance, 7.Pooh Pooh The Past, 8.Dark Side Of The Blue Balloon, 9.Believers, 10.Salvation, 11.Alone, 12.The Universe, 13.Around & 'Round (Rake's Revelation: Conversion X-perience), 14.Dogheart (Slow Version), 15.We Come We Go (Swinging Club Mix),
We Come We Go (1996)
1.Around & 'Round, 2.I Feel It Coming, 3.Dogheart, 4.We Come We Go, 5.Rainy Dayz, 6.Remembrance, 7.Pooh Pooh The Past, 8.Dark Side Of The Blue Balloon, 9.Believers, 10.Salvation, 11.Alone, 12.The Universe, 13.Around & 'Round (Rake's Revelation: Conversion X-perience), 14.Dogheart (Slow Version), 15.We Come We Go (Swinging Club Mix), 16.Around & 'Round (The Sir Family House Mix),
Annbellievable! (1998)
1.Heart Goes Boom, 2.Frost - Snowman, 3.If U Walk Out, 4.Running In The Rain, 5.Steppin' Out, 6.Stars Must Die, 7.Lost With You, 8.Rythm Of Life, 9.I Was So Lonely, 10.Reaching Out, 11.This Time, 12.Receiver,
Frost - Snowman ()
My Life (1994)
Taste Of Difference (1994)
Something In The Horizon (1994)
Around & 'round (1996)
I Feel It Coming (1996)
We Come We Go (1996)
Dogheart (1996)
Heart Goes Boom (1998)

Ann Lee 
Dreams (16th Jun 1999)
1.2 Times, 2.Smooth And Sweet, 3.Voices, 4.Ring My Bell, 5.In You, 6.I Love You So, 7.Come To Me, 8.So Deep, 9.Helpless, 10.Looking For, 11.Top Of The World, 12.2 Times (Snapshot Mix), 13.2 Times (Masterboy Club Version),
So Alive (2007)
1.Catches You Love, 2.Everyday Everytime, 3.She Wants To Be, 4.Just An Hour, 5.Every Single Day (Slow), 6.This Is Wath You Need, 7.So Alive, 8.Moonlight Dancing, 9.Stop-Go, 10.Hold The Key, 11.Every Single Day, 12.Hold My Hand Tonight (Bonus Track),
Voices (12th Oct 1998)    
2 Times (21st Dec 1999)    
Ring My Bell (21st Mar 2000) 
So Deep (26th Feb 2001)
No No No (7th Jul 2003)  
Catches Your Love (2007)
2 Times 2007 (9th Jun 2007)
2 People (2009)
2 Times (1999)
Ring My Bell (2000)
Ring My Bell (Remixed again) (2000) 
Voices (2000)
Let Me Be The One
Annabell K 
Let It Shine (24th Mar 2001)
No More I Love You's (1995)
...With Love (Mar 2008)
1.Boy For The Moment (I Only Wanna Be With You), 2.Take Me To You Heaven (Single Version), 3.Summer In Your Eyes (Radio Edit), 4.Feel My Love (David Epic's Cut), 5.Maybe Maybe Maybe (Original Version), 6.Be My Baby (Club Edit), 7.No Longer Friends, 8.Stars Above, 9.There In Your Arms, 10.Never Ever Let You Go, 11.Back To You, 12.My Favourite Waste Of Time, 13.Take Me To Your Heaven (Club Remix), 14.Boy For The Moment (Extended Dance Mix), 15.Summer In Your Eyes (Deshore Remix), 16.Boy For The Moment (Overland Remix), 17.Megamix Of Hits, 18.Video: Take Me To Your Heaven, 19.Video: Summer In Your Eyes,
Be My Baby (Jul 2006)
Boy For The Moment (Nov 2007)
There In Your Arms (May 2008)
Ride On A Meteorite (27th Jan 1995)
You Belong To Me (19th Sep 1995)
Let Me Be Your Fantasy (6th Feb 1996) 
Whenever You Want Me (15th Oct 1996)
I Want Your Love (1st Apr 1997)
Ride On A Meteorite (vs Bigroom Society) (Aug 2006)
Musical team : Walter Cremonini, Alessandro Gilardi and the D.J. Riccardo Romanini
Label : Italian Style Records
Never Survive (1996)
Label : DJ Movement. It was written by A. Cunniberti, DJ Roberto Meo and DJ Aldo Gualea, vocals were done by Paola Bianchini (Dance 4 Joy). It was recorded at DJM Studio.
Thanks to reBeL and Mihail
Antenn MC
V Nebesakh (1996)
1.You Belong to Me, 2.Bona Sera '96 (Live in XTC Dreams), 3.V Nebesakh (Fast Food Mix), 4.Dreams (Industrial Lullaby), 5.Give Me the Light, 6.K Tebe, 7.V Nebesakh, 8.If, 9.Blues No..., 10.You Belong to Me ('Be' Long Version),
One More Time (1995) 
Love Is For Everyone (1996)
Producers : Laurent Istel, P. Beaureperre
Goodtime Tonight (1994)
Anthonisamy (Elsbert)
Elsbert is from Indian origins. She sung for the vocal group Unforgettable. She also did duos with the artists Stefania Del Prete, Letizia Mongellli, Sara Berni, and some other Italian TV-vocalists. She is a good friend of Corona.
Under the name of Gala, she was the voice of Cheyenne first and best single Money Man.
Thanks to Alex Sullivan
Artists and groups featuring Anthonisamy (Elsbert)
Cheyenne - The Money Man (1995)

Anticappella (1998)
1.2V231 (House Mix), 2.Everyday (7- Edit), 3.Movin' To The Beat (Mars Plastic), 4.I Wanna Love You (Single Version), 5.Move Your Body (Radio Mix- Kcd Edit), 6.Express Your Freedom (Radio Mix), 7.Deep (Extended Mix), 8.I Need To Tell Everybody, 9.I Want Ur Love, 10.Bring Me Down, 11.I Need A Hero, 12.Baby 2 Day, 13.Get Faster (Extended Mix),
2 Square Root 231 (1991) 
Everyday (1992)
Movin' To The Beat (22nd Oct 1992)
I Wanna Love You (16th Aug 1993)
Move Your Body (14th Feb 1994)
Express Your Freedom (1995)
2v231 / Move Your Body 96 (1996)
Get Faster (22nd Oct 1998)
Move Your Body (1994)
Everyday (1995)
Antico (27th Sep 1990)
We Need Freedom (8th Mar 1991)  
Twilight Zone / Mambhouse (1992)
What I Gotta Do (15th Apr 1992)
Don't Stop The Rhythm (4th Jul 1992)
Feeling (13th Nov 1992)
Moment (1996)
Dreamer (12th Apr 1996)
Don't You Fly (10th Dec 1996)
We Need Freedom (1991)
What I Gotta Do (1992)
This is a project of the records company Media Records. As usual, it is very hard to know which artists hide behind this mysterious project, which mainly uses voices samples.
What I Gotta Do uses the same voice sample as the Cappella track of the same name. Dreamer is an instrumental dream dance track, with a female voice just singing "Dreamer". The follow-up Just A Moment is in the same style. Don't Stop The Rhythm is a eurohouse track.
LP (Jun 1996)
1.Intro, 2.In My Mind, 3.Purpose In Life, 4.I Love You (Beauty And The Beast), 5.Nowhere To Hide, 6.Analogue Relaxation, 7.Trespasser, 8.At The Rebels Room, 9.Liding' Hills 909303, 10.In Your Face, 11.Theme of Antiloop (B&B Remix), 12.Signing off,
Remixed (1998)
1.Radio Antiloop (Intro), 2.Believe (Single version), 3.In My Mind (Stoney's Ganstaz 2000 remix), 4.Trespasser (Radio edit), 5.Polythene, 6.Nowhere To Hide (Blue cocteau remix), 7.This Is The Night (Long Re-construction), 8.I Love You (Original/alt demo version), 9.Purpose In Life (Tower of Babel mix), 10.Believe (Dub version),
Fastlane People (2000)
1.Start Rockin, 2.Autoload, 3.Only U, 4.So Good, 5.Let Your Body Free, 6.Catch Me (feat Timbuktu), 7.Fantasy, 8.Fastlane People, 9.Speak 'n Spell, 10.Sound,
At The Rebel's Room (2002)
1.Only U (Radio Version), 2.Believe (Radio Version), 3.Trespasser (Radio Version), 4.In My Mind (Radio Version), 5.Purpose In Life (Radio Version), 6.Fantasy (Album Version), 7.So Good (Album Version), 8.Start Rockin' (Radio Version), 9.Let Your Body Free (Album Version), 10.Nowhere To Hide (Album Version), 11.I Love You (Radio Version), 12.Signing Off (Album Version),
At The Rebel's Room (2002)
1.Believe (Swain & Snell New Tribe Mix), 2.Trespasser (Robbie Rivera's Twisted Mix), 3.Start Rockin' (Filterheadz Remix), 4.Fantasy (Marc O'Tool Fantasy Dub), 5.I Love You (Antiloop 2001 Mix), 6.Fastlane People (Kaygee Remix), 7.Only U (Sa Han N?nting Om Mig, Eller?), 8.Speak 'n' Spell (Album Version), 9.In My Mind (Hiver & Hammer Remix), 10.So Good (Album Version), 11.Sound (Album Version),
NSFMC (29th May 1995)
Purpose In Life (1996)
In My Mind (Feb 1997) 
I Love You (Beauty And The Beast) (May 1997)
Nowhere To Hide (Aug 1997)
Trespasser (14th May 1998)
Believe (25th Sep 1998)
Start Rockin (7th Feb 2000)
Only You (Apr 2000)
Catch Me (Nov 2000)
Waitin' 4 U
Opa Opa (13th Oct 1999)
1.Mystique Antique, 2.Dinata Dinata, 3.Opa Opa, 4.Mera Meti Mera, 5.Se Thello, 6.I Zoi Ine Tora, 7.No Time To Play, 8.Ellatho, 9.Set Your Body Free, 10.Mou Lipis, 11.The Earth, 12.Westoriental Trip,
Mera Meti Mera (May 2001)
1.Mystique antique, 2.Dinata Dinata, 3.Opa Opa, 4.Mera Meti Mera, 5.Se Thelo, 6.I Zoi Einai Tora, 7.No time to play, 8.Ela Do, 9.Set your body free, 10.Mou leipeis, 11.The earth, 12.Westoriental trip,
Die For You (19th Jun 2001)
1.(I Would) Die For You, 2.Follow Me, 3.Athena, 4.Ligo Ligo, 5.Agapi Ine Zali (Na Moto Pis),, 6.Tell Me, 7.Lonely Nights, 8.Filla Me, 9.Something About You, 10.Kalimera, 11.Why (Mellan), 12.(I Would) Die for You (Greek Version), 13.Tabla Dreams, 14.Video Clip (I Would) Die For You,
Me Logia Ellinika (Nov 2001)
1.Follow me (Oti theleis), 2.Me logia ellinika, 3.Kainourgia agapi, 4.Vima vima, 5.Adiko kai krima (with Kaiti Garmpi), 6.Oti po, 7.Ligo-ligo, 8.Mera meti mera, 9.Dinata dinata, 10.Opa Opa, 11.Follow me (Oti theleis) video clip, 12.(I would) Die for You video clip,
Alli Mia Fora (Dec 2002)
1.Moro Mou, 2.Ela Do (Come 2 Me), 3.Alli mia fora, 4.Tora Tora, 5.Girna ksana, 6.Kardia Mou, 7.Pes Mou, 8.Moiazoume, 9.Den m'agapas, 10.Ti Sou Dosa Ti Mou Doses, 11.Pou eisai matia mou, 12.Anoihti pligi (why ?),
Blue Love (Jun 2003)
1.Moro Mou, 2.List Of Lovers, 3.Ela do (Come To Me), 4.Girna Ksana, 5.Matia Mou (Where Are You), 6.Tora Tora, 7.Time To Say Goodbye, 8.Kardia Mou, 9.Den M'agapas, 10.Ti Sou Dosa Ti Mou Doses, 11.Pes Mou, 12.Welcome To My World, 13.Moro Mou (greek version), 14.Matia Mou (greek version), 15.Why (Greek version),
Collector's Edition (Alli mia fora) (Dec 2003)
1.Moro mou, 2.Ela do (Come 2 Me), 3.Alli mia fora, 4.Tora tora, 5.Gyrna xana, 6.Kardia mou, 7.Pes mou, 8.Moiazoume, 9.Den m'agapas, 10.Ti sou'dosa, ti mou'doses, 11.Pou eisai matia mou, 12.Anoihti pligi (why ?),
Collector's Edition (Me logia ellinika) (Dec 2003)
1.Follow me, 2.Me logia ellinika, 3.Kainourgia agapi, 4.Vima, vima, 5.Adiko kai krima (mit K. Garbi), 6.Oti po, 7.Ligo ligo (Eric S extended), 8.Mera me ti mera (extended version), 9.Dynata dynata (Jones S club mix), 10.Opa opa (extended version), 11.Follow me (video clip), 12.I would die for you (video clip),
Collector's Edition (Mera Meti Mera) (Dec 2003)
1.Mystique antique, 2.Dynata dynata, 3.Opa opa, 4.Mera me ti mera, 5.Se thelo, 6.I zoi einai tora, 7.No time to play, 8.Ela do, 9.Set your body free, 10.Mou leipeis, 11.The earth, 12.Westoriental trip,
The Very Best Of (2004)
1.Mystique Antique, 2.Opa Opa, 3.Dinata Dinata, 4.I Would Die For You, 5.Moro Mou, 6.Follow Me, 7.Time To Say Goodbye, 8.List Of Lovers, 9.Mera Meti Mera, 10.Se Thello, 11.Ela Do, 12.Matia Mou, 13.Ligo Ligo, 14.Na Moto Pis, 15.I Zoi Ine Tora, 16.Mou Lipis, 17.Kanoria Agapi, 18.Antique Mix Of Hits,
The Very Best Of (2004)
1.Me Logia Ellinika, 2.Rythmos, 3.Follow Me, 4.Opa Opa, 5.Alli Mia Fora, 6.Kardia Mou, 7.Die For You,
Opa-Opa (5th Jul 1999)
Dinata Dinata (11th Nov 1999)
Mera Meti Mera (25th Feb 2000)
Antique Ep (18th Oct 2000)
(I Would) Die For You (14th May 2001)
Ligo Ligo (27th Aug 2001)
Follow Me (2002)
Antique Dance (Jul 2002)
Moro Mou (2003)
Time To Say Goodbye (2003)
Matia Mou (2004)
Ligo Ligo (2001)
Say No More (1994)
This single sounds a little like DJ Bobo Dance With Me.
It's Love (1st Feb 1994)
Don't You Want Me? (1995)
Any Second

Right Here Waiting
Wanna Be With You (1997)
Tonight (1998)
Eagle Fly (1st Mar 1995)
Spirits Of Nature (18th Apr 1998)
In Aeternum (29th Jan 2001)
Prison Of Passion (7th Aug 2001)
I'm In Love ()
Let Me Be (10th Feb 1997) 
Tell Me
Somebody Loves You (13th Jun 1995)
Ombumbratta (1992)
O Fortuna (1992)
Dance the Night Away (1993)
Put Me In A Trance (1993) 
Got You Groovin (1994)
Return To Birth (1994)
No More (1996)
Side By Side
Appolo 5

Fly (1994)
High Level (1998)
In Your Eyes 
Take Me (1995)
Aquarium (1997)
1.Happy Boys & Girls, 2.My Oh My, 3.Barbie Girl, 4.Good Morning Sunshine, 5.Doctor Jones, 6.Heat Of The Night, 7.Be A Man, 8.Lollipop (Candyman), 9.Roses Are Red, 10.Turn Back Time, 11.Calling You,
Bubble mix (1998)
1.Roses Are Red (Club Version), 2.Roses Are Red (Disco 70' Mix), 3.My Oh My (Spike Club Mix), 4.My Oh My (Disco 70' Mix), 5.Barbie Girl (Extended Version), 6.Barbie Girl (Perky Park Club Mix), 7.Barbie Girl (Dirty Rotten Scoundrel), 8.Doctor Jones (Adrenalin Club Mix), 9.Doctor Jones (Antiloop Club Mix), 10.Lollipop (Candyman) (Extended Version), 11.Turn Back Time (Love To Infinity's Classic Radio Mix), 12.Twisted Mega Mix,
Aqua Mania Remix vol 1 (7th Apr 1998)
1.Barbie Girl (Extended Version), 2.My Oh My (Extended Version), 3.Roses Are Red (Club Version), 4.Lollipop (Razor N Go Lick It Mix), 5.My Oh My (H2O Club Remix), 6.Barbie Girl (Dirty Rotten Scoundrel Clinical 12" Mix),
Aqua Mania Remix (25th Jun 1998)
1.Roses Are Red (Disco 70?Mix), 2.Roses Are Red (Club Edit), 3.My Oh My (Spike, Clyde ?N? Eightball Club Mix), 4.My Oh My (Disco 70?Mix), 5.Barbie Girl (Perky Park Club Mix), 6.Doctor Jones (Metro 7" Edit), 7.Doctor Jones (Antiloop Club Mix), 8.Lollipop (Candyman) (Extended Version), 9.Lollipop (Candyman) (Antiloop Club Mix), 10.Turn Back Time (Love To Infinity Classic Radio Mix), 11.Turn Back Time (Metro Scuba Club Mix), 12.Didn?t I, 13.CD-ROM video part,
Aquarium - Limited Christmas Edition (2nd Dec 1998)
1.Happy Boys & Girls, 2.My Oh My, 3.Barbie Girl, 4.Good Morning Sunshine, 5.Doctor Jones, 6.Heat Of The Night, 7.Be A Man, 8.Lollipop (Candyman), 9.Roses Are Red, 10.Turn Back Time, 11.Calling You, 12.Didn't I, 13.My Oh My (Spike & Clyde'n Eightball Mix), 14.Lollipop (Candyman) (Extended Version), 15.Turn Back Time (Love To Infinity's Classic Mix), 16.Doctor Jones (Metro's 7 Edit), 17.Official Megamix,
Aquarius (2000)
1.Cartoon Heroes, 2.Around The World, 3.Freaky Friday, 4.We Belong To The Sea, 5.An Apple A Day, 6.Halloween, 7.Good Guys, 8.Back From Mars, 9.Aquarius, 10.Cuba Libre, 11.Bumble Bees, 12.Goodbye To The Circus,
Greatest Hits (22nd May 2006)
1.Cartoon Heroes, 2.Freaky Friday, 3.Barbie Girl, 4.Roses Are Red, 5.Bumble Bees, 6.Doctor Jones, 7.Around The World, 8.Lollipop (Candyman), 9.Back From Mars, 10.Happy Boys And Girls, 11.My Oh My, 12.Halloween, 13.Calling You, 14.An Apple A Day, 15.Turn Back Time, 16.Cartoon Heroes (Hampenberg Remix),
Greatest Hits (15th Jun 2009)
1.Back to the 80s, 2.My Mamma Said, 3.Live Fast Die Young, 4.Happy Boys & Girls, 5.Barbie Girl (Album Version), 6.Around the World, 7.Doctor Jones, 8.Aquarius, 9.Cuba Libre, 10.Lollipop (Candyman), 11.Cartoon Heroes, 12.Be A Man, 13.My Oh My, 14.Freaky Friday, 15.We Belong to the Sea, 16.Roses Are Red (Original Version), 17.Halloween, 18.Turn Back Time, 19.Goodbye to the Circus (Album Version),
Greatest Hits (Dec 2009)
1.Back to the 80s, 2.My Mamma Said, 3.Live Fast Die Young, 4.Happy Boys & Girls, 5.Barbie Girl (Album Version), 6.Around the World, 7.Doctor Jones, 8.Aquarius, 9.Cuba Libre, 10.Lollipop (Candyman), 11.Cartoon Heroes, 12.Be A Man, 13.My Oh My, 14.Freaky Friday, 15.We Belong to the Sea, 16.Roses Are Red (Original Version), 17.Halloween, 18.Turn Back Time, 19.Goodbye to the Circus (Album Version), 20.Spin Me Your Christmas (Bonus Track),
Greatest Hits - Tivoli Show (Dec 2009)
1.Intro, 2.Back to the 80's, 3.Cartoon Heroes, 4.My Oh My, 5.Doctor Jones, 6.Live Fast Die Young, 7.Turn back Time, 8.Shakin' Stevens, 9.Lollipop (Candyman), 10.Aquarius, 11.Freaky Friday, 12.My Mamma Said, 13.Happy Boys & Girls, 14.Barbie Girl, 15.We Belong to the Sea, 16.Goodbye to the Circus, 17.Around the World, 18.Roses Are Red,
Roses Are Red (16th Sep 1996)   
My Oh My (5th Feb 1997)   
Barbie Girl (15th Sep 1997)  
Doctor Jones (Oct 1997)   
Lollipop (Candyman) (10th Nov 1997)
Didn't I (Only in Japan) (Jan 1998)
Turn Back Time (16th Dec 1998)   
Good Morning Sunshine (1999) 
Cartoon Heroes (31st Jan 2000)
Around The World (17th Apr 2000)
Bumble Bees (9th Aug 2000)
We Belong To The Sea (13th Nov 2000)
Back To The 80's (May 2009)
My Mamma Said (23rd May 2009)
Spin Me Your Christmas (19th Nov 2009)
Aqua (2)

In The Name Of Love (1995)
Aqua Vita
Novaya Igra
1.Menche Naroda, 2.Bez Tebya, 3.Oblaka, 4.Priduma?..., 5.Rvetsya k' Nebesam, 6.Skoro Vetchnoct', 7.Slony Idut Na Sever, 8.Stranny? Mir, 9.Vremya V' 17 Let, 10.Oblaka (remix), 11.Disko, 12.Lyubov',
Neskazani Slova (1994)
1.Ya prodam Lileyu Bolyu, 2.Zoryani kroki, 3.Otche? Tvo?kh Prominnya, 4.Siri? Dien', 5.Dopomoji, 6.Spomin Lyubavi, 7.Sentimentalna razmova, 8.Ti u Kojnomu Dikhanni, 9.Tchi Ti Znala, 10.Pisnya Elfa, 11.Naskazani Slova, 12.I Bude Tak, 13.Kholodni? Viter, 14.Ya poniesu tebe v' duchi na dni,
Tekhnotronutii (1996)
1.Jenmin Jibao, 2.Nevlovimi Sni, 3.Go?dacha, 4.Potcheka?, Kokhannya!, 5.Dubl Nul (Tekhno Stob), 6.I Sam Ne Gam, 7.Tekhnotronutii, 8.Nikoli-Nikoli, 9.Ya Jdu Tebe, 10.Brinit Petchal', 11.Likap A?bolit', 12.Dir-Dir-Dir-Dir (Tekhno Stob),
A Teper Use Inakshe (1997)
1.A Teper Use Inakshe, 2.Kapelyukh (Country mix), 3.Lito Nazavjdi, 4.Mega Mix, 5.Kapelyukh (Dance mix), 6.Khmari Roztanut', 7.Usyake Elo Promachtche, 8.Pole Azartu, 9.Poplatch, 10.Ya idu (remix),
Tilky Ty (1999)
1.Tilky Ty, 2.Tchekayu, 3.Divtchina osin', 4.Ya batchu, 5.Tanu V' Tobi, 6.Pisna-Luna, 7.Son, 8.Ziznannya, 9.Stini,
Vyuga (2002)
1.Zavtra V Rantchi Lito, 2.Na Ivana Kupala, 3.Snova Vmeste, 4.Vyuga, 5.Kara? Tchi Milu?, 6.Ti kokhannya i e, 7.V liven' sentyabrya, 8.Kalimba De Luna, 9.Tilky Ty (remix), 10.Blakitnii Lid, 11.Bez Tebya, 12.Vyuga (remix), 13.Mamo, Ya Pri?du (bonus track),
Poplach ()
Oblaka ()
Blakitnii Lid ()
Dyvna nich ()
Jenmin Jibao (1996)
Khmari roztanut (1997)
Pole azartu (1997)
A teper use inakshe (1997)
Tilky Ty (1999)
Menche Naroda (1999)

It Feels Like Summer (1994)
You Can Buy Me (1995)
Like Your Dancing (1995)
Take A Chance (1996)
Label: Zac Music. Arabella is a project of Matteo Pace and Michele Russo.
Love Addict (1994)
1.Prayer for Africa, 2.Sweet As Candy, 3.Ain't Nobody's Business, 4.Fugitive, 5.Shotgun, 6.Love Addict, 7.Something's Going On, 8.Games, 9.Gimme Love, 10.Society Criminal, 11.Original Sin, 12.Slow Dance,
Woman (1996)
Prayer For Africa (1994) 
Ain't Nobody's Business (1994)
Shotgun (1994)
Sweet As Candy (1994)
Gimmi Love (1995)
Original Sin (1995)
Dirty (1996)
Woman To Woman (1996)
Get Away From Me (1997)
No Man's Land (1998)
One More Night (1994)
Let Me Take You To Another World (1995)
Fly Away (27th Sep 1994)
Into The Arena (7th Sep 1995)
Arena (2)

El Bobo (1994)
La Fuerza Del Ritmo (1994)
I Wish (1995)
Brasilian Night (30th Sep 1996)
Aresta (Erik)
1.Cosmic Age (Instrumental), 2.Da Way To Your Heart, 3.DJ K.I.P. (Is On Da Cut), 4.Freedom, 5.Here We Go, 6.Jazz Thing, 7.Land On My Hand, 8.Miss You So, 9.One Day, 10.Real Life (Working Hands DOP Short Mix), 11.Right Funk, 12.R U Ready, 13.So Many Tears, 14.Viem, 15.Co Mam, 16.Real Life (Feat. N.N.P),
Composer and rapper of MC Erik and Barbara
Artists and groups featuring Aresta (Erik)
MC Erik and Barbara - Gold - Zlat? Hity (album) (1999), I'm Free (1995), It's Your Day (1996), Never Gonna/Sen (1996), Save The Jungle (1996), Second And More (album) (1997), Second (album) (1996), Summer Nights '95 (1995), U Can't Stop 96 Version (album) (1996), U Can't Stop (album) (1995), U Can't Stop (1995)
Tell Me (1996)
Take It To The Top (1997)
Ars Nova

Somedays (1993)
I Don't Want Your Love (1993) 
Let Me Do It (1995)
Artists and groups featuring Ars Nova
House Traffic - I Got You Run (1992)

Art Of Beat

Moments In Love
Artemova (Natalia)
Par-del? les fronti?res (2008)
Slova Lyubvi (2001)
Artists and groups featuring Artemova (Natalia)
Di Bronx and Natali - Zona Vsemirnoi Vecherinki (album) (1996)

Arts (Monique)

Dancin' All Night Long (1997)
En Movimiento (1992)
1.Ke No Pare, 2.Baby We're Gonna Love Tonight, 3.Bahia, 4.Jesus Power, 5.Muevelo, 6.We're The Family, 7.Dejate Llevar, 8.I Feel Good, 9.MegASAP mix,
Transmission (1994)
1.Intro, 2.No Cambies, 3.Ruido, 4.La Noche Es Mia, 5.Ke Es Amor, 6.Por Fin Ya Voy A Verte, 7.Tu Me Mentias, 8.Van A Por Ti, 9.Baile, 10.Salta A La Pista, 11.Tocame, 12.Siguela, 13.Esa Gente Como Mola, 14.Subete Al Tren De La Marcha, 15.Keep On (English version of No Cambies),
Tu Eres La Bomba (1996)
1.Bievenido A HispASAP, 2.Nena Tu Eres La Bomba, 3.Ponle Ritmo, 4.Deeper Love, 5.Jardin Secreto, 6.Oberture To The Planet, 7.Tu Planeta, 8.Menealo, 9.Libres, 10.Estoy Aqui, 11.La Edad Del Amor, 12.Madre, 13.Quiereme, 14.MegASAP, 15.El Futuro Esta Aqui,
Grandes Exitos Y Remezclas (1999)
1.Ke No Pare 99, 2.Nena Tu Eres La Bomba, 3.Mu?velo (D&P Remix Single Radio), 4.No Cambies, 5.Libres, 6.Tu Planeta, 7.Ponle Ritmo, 8.Muevelo, 9.Libertad, 10.Menealo, 11.Imag?nate, 12.Baila, 13.Ruido, 14.Megasap,
Estoy Aqu?! ()
La Edad Del Amor ()
Libres ()
Tam Pronto Como Puedas (1991)
Bahia (1991)
I Got You I Feel Good (1991)
Todo Enfasis (1992)
Ke No Pare (1992)
Mu?velo (1992)
No Cambies (1994) 
Nena Tu Eres La Bomba (1996)
Ponle Ritmo (1996)
Menealo (1996)
Imag?nate (1997)
Libertad (1998)
Ke No Pare '99 (1999)
J.J. Tribute (1990)
Everything (1991)
J.J. Tribute (1995)
Asher Senator
Born To Chat (1986)
1.Lyrics Protecting, 2.Talk Like The Animals, 3.Exercising, 4.Mek Dem Talk, 5.Duck And Head Out, 6.Whole World's Goen Digital, 7.Live Musicians, 8.Rule Over England, 9.Thank You Jah, 10.End In Jah,
Senator No Skin Up ()
Lively Up Yourself / Work It Out ()
Abbreviation Qualification (1984)
The Big Match (1985)
Bubble With I (1985)
Harder They Fall (1994)
One Bible (1995)
Artists and groups featuring Asher Senator
Antares - Let Me Be Your Fantasy (1996), Ride On A Meteorite (1995)
Copernico - I Believe (1995)
Country - Italy
Deadly Sins - Everybody's Dancing (1994)
JJ Brothers - I Got The Vibe (Shake It Shake It) (1996), Move It Up (1996)
Molella - See The Difference (1996)


Happy To Be (24th Feb 1995) 
Hallelujah (1996)
Let's Live (1996)
Take Me Away (1999)
Artists and groups featuring Asia
Digital Boy - Mountain Of King (1994), Mountain Of King (1994)
Asia Gang
Party Time (1990)
Roppongi Suicide (1990)
Afrika (1991)
Happy Birthday (1991)
Dedicated To Freddie (1992)
Hippy Ah Oh (1992)
Beautiful Boy (1993)
Lonely Time (1993)
You're The One That I Want (1997)
Ever 2000 (2000)
In The Heat Of The Night (1st Oct 2009)
Ask And Answer

Movin' On (1994)
Label : Gamma Records. The project featured a female vocalist and a rapper.
Aso Mamiko

Drive Me Crazy To Love (1995)
Label : Great Dance records.
Romeo Ja Julia
Ritmo Andino (1990)
1.Ultimo Imperio, 2.A Tambor Batiente, 3.Linda Paisanita, 4.La Furia Y El Condor, 5.Pio Pio, 6.Andino, 7.Ultimo Imperio (Tendenthia), 8.Cultivos, 9.Camino A La Huaka, 10.Luna De Sangre,
Ritmo Andino Amazonas (1992)
1.Atica, 2.Chan Chan, 3.Toca Las Congas, 4.Danza, 5.Suavidad, 6.Bajo El Sol, 7.Isabela, 8.Vives En Mi, 9.Amazonas, 10.Islas,
Ultimo Imperio (1990)
La Furia Y El Condor (1990)
Amuletos (1991)
Luna De Sangre (1991)
Eldorado (1992)
Toca Las Congas (1992)
In Nomine Patris (1993)
El Cobra (1995)
Sacramento (5th Jun 1996)
Ultimo Imperio rmx (14th Jun 1999)
El Divino (22nd Mar 2000)
In Nomine Patris (1993)
Movin' Melodies (1999)
1.Killin' Time, 2.The First Tones, 3.Emotion 4, 5.Zwischenst?ck 6, 8.Too Much Rain by United Deejays for Central America (ATB vs Woody van Eyden mix), 9.Don't Stop, 10.Obsession, 11.My Dream, 12.Kayama, 13.Beach Vibes By EFF, 14.Movin' Melodies, 15.Sunburn, 15.9 PM (Till I Come) (Signum mix),
Two Worlds - The Relaxin (2000)
1.First Love, 2.Feel You, 3.The Summer (Ibiza Influence Version), 4.Engrossing Moments, 5.Timeless, 6.Repulse, 7.Enigmatic Encounter (ATB and Enigma), 8.Sensuality, 9.Endless Silence,
Two Worlds - The World Of Movement (2000)
1.See U Again, 2.Love Will Find You (ATB and Heather Nova), 3.The Summer, 4.Loose The Gravity, 5.Feel You Like A River (ATB and Heather Nova), 6.The Fields Of Love, 7.Let U Go (ATB with The Wild Strawberries), 8.Bring It Back, 9.Hypnotic Beach, 10.Fall Asleep, 11.Klangwelt,
Dedicated bonus CD (2002)
1.Hold You (Svenson & Gielen Remix), 2.The Fields Of Love (Public Domain Club Mix), 3.Killer (Lost Witness Remix), 4.9 PM (Till I Come) (Bent Remix),
Dedicated (Feb 2002)
1.Dedicated, 2.Hold You, 3.Get High, 4.You're Not Alone, 5.Halcyon, 6.Let U Go, 7.I Can't Stand..., 8.Hero, 9.I See It, 10.Basic Love, 11.I Wanna Cry, 12.Remember,
Addicted to Music (2003)
1.In Love With The DJ, 2.I Dont Wanna Stop, 3.Everything Is Wrong, 4.Long Way Home, 5.We Belong, 6.Gentle Melody, 7.I Will Not Forget, 8.Break My Heart, 9.Sunset Girl, 10.Do You Love Me, 11.Peace Illusion, 12.Trilogy, 13.Cabana Moon,
Silence (24th Aug 2004)
1.Marrakech, 2.Ecstacy, 3.Autumn Leaves, 4.Here With Me, 5.Black Nights, 6.Mysterious Nights, 7.Collides With Beauty, 8.Sun Goes Down, 9.After the Flame, 10.Intencity, 11.Swells, Eternal, 12.Wait for Your Heart, 13.Circular Symetry,
No Silence (24th Aug 2004)
1.Ecstacy, 2.Making of Marrakech and Interview, 3.Marrakech (Alex M.O.R.P.H.'s Synthetic Empire Mix) (Multimedia Track), 4.Marrakech (live), 5.Marrakech (Alex M.O.R.P.H.'s Synthetic Empire Mix) (Multimedia Track), 6.Ecstacy (Chill Mix) (Multimedia Track), 7.DVD Bonus Materials,
Seven Years (2005)
1.9 pm (Till I Come), 2.Don't Stop, 3.Killer 200, 4.The Summer, 5.The Fields Of Love, 6.Hold You, 7.Let U Go, 8.You're Not Alone, 9.I Don't Wanna Stop, 10.Long Way Home, 11.Marrakech, 12.Ecstasy, 13.Believe In Me, 14.Humanity, 15.Take Me Over, 16.Here With Me (prev. unreleased on MCD), 17.Let U Go (New Version),
Trilogy (27th Apr 2007)
1.Justify, 2.Desperate Religion, 3.Renegade, 4.Beautiful Worlds, 5.Stars Come Out, 6.Feel Alive, 7.Made Of Glass, 8.Alcarda, 9.These Days, 10.Better Give Up, 11.Some Things Just Are The Way They Are, 12.The Chosen Ones,
Future Memories CD 1 (1st May 2009)
1.L.A. Nights, 2.What About Us, 3.Swept Away, 4.A New Day, 5.My Everything, 6.Summervibes with 9PM, 7.Gravity, 8.Luminescence (feat Josh Gallahan), 9.Behind (feat Flanders), 10.Future Memories, 11.Still Here, 12.My Saving Grace, 13.Terra 260273, 14.Communicate (feat Jades),
Future Memories CD 2 (1st May 2009)
1.Talismanic, 2.Missing, 3.Horizon, 4.Voices, 5.Behind (ATB's ambient version) (feat Flanders), 6.Authentic Reaction (feat Apple&Stone), 7.Careless, 8.Twilight, 9.Listen To Me, 10.Living Life Over, 11.Silent Meaning, 12.Malibu Road,
9 PM (Till I Come) (30th Sep 1998)
Don't Stop (15th Mar 1999)   
Killer (1st Jun 1999) 
The Fields Of Love (2000)
The Summer  (20th Apr 2000) 
Let U Go (May 2001)
A Whiter Shade Of Pale (21st Aug 2001)
Hold You (Nov 2001)
You're Not Alone (Aug 2002)
I Don't Wanna Stop (2003) 
Sunset Girl / In Love With The DJ (2003)
Long Way Home (13th Jun 2003)
Marrakech (19th Mar 2004)
Ecstasy (18th Jun 2004)
Believe In Me (2005)
Humanity (7th Jul 2005)
Let U Go Reworked (7th Nov 2005)
Summer Rain (Jun 2006)
Justify (Jan 2007)
Renegade (Mar 2007)
Feel Alive (27th Jul 2007)
Wrong Medication (2008)
What About Us (May 2009)
Behind (Jul 2009)
9 PM Reloaded (2010)
Could You Believe (2nd Jul 2010)
Eurodance songs remixed by ATB :
Bass Bumpers : Running '97 (1997)
Black Baron : What's Your Name (1994),
Damage Control : You've Got To Believe (1993)
Fun Factory : Pain (1994), I Wanna B With U (1994)
General Base : Apache (1993), Poison (1993), Base Of Love (1993), I See You (1993), Thank You (1995), On & On (1997),
Haddaway : Fly Away (1995),
Sash! : Colour The World (1999),
Real McCoy : One More Time (1997),
666 : Alarma (1997)
Thea Austin : Magic Touch (1994), Let Go (1996)
U 96 : Movin' (1995)
ATB Music
Kontor Records
ATB The Big One
ATB Movin Melodies
Eurodance 'N Other Stuff
Thanks to Shimon O'Hana for the charts positions
Thanks to Duck, Denis "DJ Hooligan" Zhabkin, Gabriel ?lvarez, Carver and Nicolas for the latest informations
Planet Pop (6th Feb 2001)
1.Introducing ATC, 2.Around The World (La La La La La), 3.My Heart Beats Like A Drum (Dam Dam Dam), 4.Thinking Of You, 5.Until, 6.Mistake No, 7.Why Oh Why, 8.Without Your Love, 9.So Magical, 10.Notte D'Amore Con Te, 11.Mind Machine, 12.Let Me Come & Let Me Go, 13.Lonely, 14.Lonesome Suite, 15.Love Is Blind, 16.With You, 17.Heartbeat Outro, 18.Bonus: My Heart Beats Like A Drum (Dam Dam Dam) International Radio Edit, 19.Bonus: Planet Pop Multimedia Track,
Touch The Sky (23rd Mar 2003)
1.Call On Me, 2.Star, 3.I'm In Heaven (When You Kiss Me), 4.New York City, 5.Set Me Free, 6.No Place Like Home, 7.Secret World, 8.Touch The Sky, 9.Moment In Time, 10.I'm Gonna Make You Mine, 11.Maybe, 12.Baby, Bye Bye,
Around The World (La La La La) (17th Jul 2000) 
My Heart Beats Like A Drum (4th Sep 2000)
Thinking Of You (4th Dec 2000)
Why Oh Why (12th Feb 2001)
I'm In Heaven (When You Kiss Me) (15th Oct 2001) 
Set Me Free/Call On Me (6th Mar 2002)
New York City (3rd Mar 2003)
River Of Love (1995)
River Of Love appeared on the Polish compilation Promotion Dancehits Of December in 1995.
Secret Of The Night (20th Jun 1996)
Atisha is produced by Dieter Bohlen (Modern Talking). The single was recorded by Thorsten Br?tzmann.
ATK Project
Age of Atlantis ()
Age of Enjoyment ()
Age of Explorations ()
Age of Scientists ()
Age of Starflight ()
Age of Tribes ()
Always Higher ()
Age of Vibrations (2000)
Age of Energy (2001)
Don't Stop
What Can I Do (1997)
Where Have All The Cowboys Gone (1997)
Little Elli Is Breaking My Heart (Sep 2004)
Online Love Affair (2009)
Feel Atlanteex In Your Heart (Jan 2009)
Enchanting Girl (Jan 2009)
Tak Jak Chciales ()
Atlantis 6

Life Is A Mistery (1998)
The New Style (1998)
Give It To Me (1999)
Set Me Free (2000)
Life Is A Mistery (1998)
Records company : Byte records.
Up In The Sky (27th Nov 1995)
Drive Me Crazy (1996)
World In Motion (1993)
Audio Cult

Higher (1997)
Producers : Lenny Bertoldo, Gary Storm and Ewart A. Wilson Jr (who were also the remixers).
Your Love Is Magic (1998)
Label : Dig It.
Austin (Thea) 
Let Go (1996)
Broken Wings (2004)
Ava and Stone
All I Want ()
All Aboard (20th Jul 1994) 
Bye Baby (18th Nov 1994)
Yeh Yoh (9th Dec 1994)
Sunshine (1995)
Rainbow (1996)
Good Morning (1997)
Bye Baby (1994)
Yeh Yoh (1994)
Marie Debbie Hannibal (Ava) & Igor Campaner (Stone) are the members of this Italo-dance project produced by Graziano Pegoraro and Marco Biondi. Igor Campaner had previously contributed to Gianna Nannini's Hey Bionda lyrics and released an EP with Luca Moretti entitled Tutti Frutti.
Bye Bye Baby was released under the label Expanded Music, produced by Graziano Pegoraro, arranged and mixed by Graziano Pegoraro & Marco Biondi
Sunshine was released under Dance Factory. Good Morning was produced by Alex Natale, released under the label Dance Factory.
AVM Project
Life Time (1997)
Ayla J
Real name : Alida Johnson. She replaced Iris Trevisan as female vocalist for The Free.
Nowadays, Ayla is married and lives in the US.
Like A Rainbow (1996)
Label : Egg Records.
Let's Dance (1996)
1.Intro, 2.Could It Be Love (Radio Edit), 3.Feel That Body Moving, 4.Music Is The Key, 5.Rhythm Is A Dancer, 6.Move, 7.Show Me, 8.Shake That Party, 9.Summernights, 10.My Mind, 11.Move It, 12.Do U Wanna Be, 13.No Fears, 14.Starfield Simulation, 15.Please Me, 16.Bjorne (Aztecca Dance Mix), 17.Move (Aztecca Remix), 18.Could It Be Love (Dub Remix),
Could It Be Love (1996)
Show Me EP (1996)
Azuure Pekan

Take Me Out (1995)
Label : Solid records (licensed under Numuzik in Canada).
Azzuro Project

Deep Down Inside
Don't Ever Stop (1996)
Azzuro Project is made of Ivo Donckers, Johan Gielen and Nikkie Van Lierop.

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