eurodance slayder

Punany (1995)
Label : Stealth Records.

Power Of The Light (16th Sep 1994)
The Way It Is (14th Feb 1997)
Power Of The Light (1994)

2 Alive
Take It Away (1998)
Out Of Space (1998)

2 Alive (2)
2 Alive (1996)
1.Vzela Bi Te, 2.Zelja Srca, 3.Nekje Dalec Stran, 4.prosti Mi, 5.Obozujem Te, 6.Ne Verjamem Ti, 7.Tell It To My Heart (Oprosti Mi), 8.In The Sky (Nekje Dalec Stran), 9.Take It Away (Zelja Srca), 10.Megamix,
Cas Za Ljubezen (1998)
1.Cas Za Ljubezen, 2.Izmisljena Slika, 3.Ne Briga Me, 4.Se Eno Noc, 5.Modre Oci, 6.Iluzija, 7.Zivljenje Gre Naprej, 8.Nisem Kamen, 9.Le Kaj Sem Storila, 10.Ko Te Ni, 11.Pojdem S Tabo, 12.Neresnicna Pravljica, 13.Pojdem S Tabo (Rmx),
Tell It To My Heart (1997)
In The Sky (1998)
Iluzija (2000)
Vrni Se (2001)
Vzemi Me (2002)
Noc In Dan (2002)

2 AM 
Waiting For This Moment (18th Nov 1997)
1.One Night Alone With You, 2.If You Believe, 3.Anything For You, 4.Don't Say Goodbye, 5.Show Me The Way, 6.Don't Wake Me Up, 7.Celebrate, 8.Loving You, 9.Waiting For This Moment, 10.Loving You,
Do You Really Want To Hurt Me
Records company : Hot Productions/NSP records.
Dreams (Aug 1994)
1.Dreams (Will Come Alive), 2.Never Alone, 3.I Can't Believe It, 4.Let Me Be Free, 5.Feel So Good, 6.Do It, 7.Dance With Me, 8.Smile, 9.Can't Help Myself, 10.Turn Da Music Up, 11.Dreams (Twenty 4 Seven Trance Mix), 12.Never Alone (Beats 'R' Us Mix), 13.Turn Da Music Up (Beats 'R' Us Mix),
2 (Nov 1996)
1.Come Take My Hand, 2.There's A Key, 3.Fairytales, 4.One Day, 5.Fly (Through The Starry Night), 6.All I Wanna Do, 7.Mirror of Love, 8.Real-X, 9.Euro Megamix, 10.Happy Hardcore Megamix, 11.Come Take My Hand (Cooly's Jungle Mix), 12.Fairytales (Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo Rave Edit), 13.Mirror of Love (Mastermindz Freaky R&B Mix), 14.There Is A Key (Dance Therapy Remixx),
The Remixes Vol.1 (19th Jan 2010)
1.Never Alone (Beats 'R' Us Mix), 2.Dreams (Extended Version), 3.Fly (Atlantic Ocean Dance Mix), 4.Heaven Is Here (Olav Basoski Samplitude Remix), 5.There's a Key (Extended Version), 6.The Sun Will Be Shining (Mark Van Dale With Enrico Mix), 7.Let Me Be Free (Lick Mix), 8.Euro Megamix,
The Remixes Vol.2 (19th Jan 2010)
1.Come Take My Hand (Extended Version), 2.Fairytales (Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo Hardcore Mix), 3.Turn da Music Up (Beats 'R' Us Mix), 4.Mirror of Love (Extended Version), 5.Wonderful Feeling (Sunclub Mix), 6.Living In Cyberspace (Extended Version), 7.One Day (Lipstick Extended Mix), 8.Happy Hardcore Megamix,
The Remixes Vol.3 (19th Jan 2010)
1.Dreams (Twenty 4 Seven Trance Mix), 2.Where You're Going To? (Dance Therapy Clubmix), 3.Fly (Lick Mix), 4.Mirror of Love (2 Fabiola Clubmix), 5.Heaven Is Here (Olav Basoski Remix), 6.I'm Thinkin' of U (Dance Therapy Clubmix), 7.Real-X, 8.Come Take My Hand (Euro Trance Trip),
Best Of (19th Mar 2010)
1.Never Alone, 2.Dreams (Radio Version), 3.Turn da Music Up, 4.Fairytales (Radio Version), 5.One Day (Radio Version), 6.The Sun Will Be Shining (Radio Version), 7.There's a Key (Radio Version), 8.I'm Thinkin' of U (Radio Version), 9.Living In Cyberspace (Radio Version), 10.Heaven Is Here (Radio Version), 11.Do You Know? (Radio Version), 12.Mirror of Love (Radio Version), 13.Wonderful Feeling (Radio Version), 14.All I Wanna Do, 15.Let Me Be Free (Radio Edit), 16.Dance With Me, 17.Can't Help Myself, 18.Feel So Good, 19.Fly (Radio Version), 20.Come Take My Hand (Radio Version),
Can't Help Myself (Jan 1991)
Turn Da Music Up (30th Oct 1991)
Never Alone (3rd Dec 1993)
Dreams (11th Jul 1994)
Let Me Be Free (4th Nov 1994)
Fly (Through The Starry Night) (30th Mar 1995)
Come Take My Hand (4th Sep 1995)
Fairytales (Feb 1996)
Mirror of Love (Jul 1996)
There's A Key (Nov 1996)
Christmas Time (Dec 1996)
One Day (May 1997)
I'm Thinkin' of U (Jul 1997)
Do You Know (Mar 1998)
The Sun Will Be Shining (27th Nov 1998)
Heaven Is Here (5th Feb 1999)
Living In Cyberspace (29th Oct 1999) 
Wonderful Feeling (14th Jun 2000)
Shine Like A Star (Oct 2000)
Stand Up And Live (29th Jun 2001)
Never Alone 2004 (2004)
Never Alone 2 (2007)

Can't Help Myself (1990)
Can't Help Myself (1991)
Turn Da Music Up (The Ultimate Rave Mixes) (1992)
Fly (Through The Starry Night) (1995)

2 Colors
Music Of My Life (1994)
I Feel Alive (1995) 
You Look Like The Sun (1996)
Magic World (5th Mar 1996)
Love & Emotion (5th Dec 1996)
La Noche (23rd Jul 1997) 2 Colors (also written 2 Colours) are the vocalist Stefy and the rapper Daniel. They are a project of the label Not Only Music.

2 Dance 2
Feel The Ryhthm (1995)

2 Easy
Summertime (20th Jun 1994)
Label : Bell records

2 Fabiola   
Tyfoon Clubmixes (1996)
1.I'm On Fire (Regg & Arkin mix), 2.Bang To The Rhythm (Sax Mix), 3.Play This Song (Adams & Krimson mix), 4.Show Me The Way (Hi-tech mix), 5.Piano Latino (Extravaganza mix), 6.Fireside (Underground mix),
Tyfoon (1996)
1.Freak Out (Radio mix), 2.I'm On Fire (Radio Mix), 3.Lift Me Up, 4.Universal Love, 5.Show Me The Way, 6.Lift U Up (Emotional Mix), 7.I See The Light (Dreamland Mix), 8.A World For U And Me (Adams & Krimson Atmoz Mix), 9.Piano Latino (DJ Jan mix), 10.Play This Song (Ultimate radio mix), 11.Raise Your Hands (DJ Joan mix), 12.Lift U Up (E-Raver RMX), 13.My Attitude (Jazzy club mix Feat,
Androgyne (2nd Dec 1998)
1.Sisters & Brothers, 2.Stargate 5, 3.Kinky (2 Fabiola remix), 4.Ragazzi, 5.Feel The Vibe, 6.Flashback, 7.I Feel Like U, 8.Trippin On Air, 9.I Hate 2 Love U, 10.Open Your Heart, 11.The Afterparty, 12.Magic Flight,
Androgyne Clubmixes (2nd Dec 1998)
1.Stargate 5, 2.Sisters & Brothers (Oliver Adams Dub Mix), 3.Kinky (2 Fabiola Remix), 4.Feel The Vibe 5, 6.Magic Flight (Blue Monday Mix), 7.I Hate 2 Love U (Zohra In Wonderland Mix) 8,
The Milky Way (1989)
The Milky Way '92 (1992)
Kunta Kinte (20th Nov 1992)
My Attitude (1993)
Mission Of Love (1993)
Play This Song (7th Jun 1995)
Lift U Up (13th Jan 1996) 
I'm On Fire (26th Jun 1996) 
Universal Love (Oct 1996)
Lift Me Up (25th Nov 1996)
Freak Out (18th Mar 1997)
Magic Flight (28th May 1997)
Flashback (31st Mar 1998) 
Sisters & Brothers (2nd Oct 1998)
Feel The Vibe (22nd Dec 1998)
New Years Day (16th Nov 1999)
Summer In Space (5th May 2000)
Straight 2 The Top (3rd Sep 2007)  
We Love The 90's (1st Apr 2008)
Blow Me Away (23rd Jun 2008)
Lift U Up 2009 (30th Mar 2009)
Release Your Soul (6th Dec 2009)
Push It Up (5th Jul 2010)

Kunta Kinte (1992)
Play This Song (1995)

Remixes done by 2 Fabiola
2 Brothers On The 4th Floor - Mirror Of Love (1996), There's A Key (1996)
Paradisio - Bailando (1997)
Pat Krimson - Tapas Chichi (1996)
Vanessa-Mae - Storm (1997)
2 Fabiola homepage
Antler-Subway Dance Site
M's 2 Fabiola Page
2 Fabiola at Dancevibes Belgium
Thanks to Anton "MC Kasper" Skaletsky, Ubaldo, Paris Gayzine and John

2 Fade
Gotta Believe (1995)
This project only released one eurodance track entitled Gotta Believe. The label was Kiwi.

2 Fast 4 You  
Forever Dance (1997)
1.First Minute, 2.Cold As Ice, 3.A Better Love, 4.Blame It On The Sun, 5.Stand Up, 6.Lover On The Line (Album version), 7.End Of The Sea, 8.In The Beginning, 9.Only You, 10.Forever Mine, 11.Life Is Going On, 12.Move To The Rhythm, 13.Until We Meet Again (Classic long jam),
Blame It On The Sun (1996)
Lover On The Line (1997) 2 Fast 4 You features Antony Chimento (aka Tony, 25 in 1997), the founder of the project, Alexandra de Rosa (aka Lola, the blond gir, 22 in 1997) et Zelka Cobrda (aka Cherry, the red-haired girl, 21 in 1997). On stage they performed with 3 dancers.

2 For Good
You And Me (13th Jan 1997)
I'll Be Waiting For You (14th May 1997)

2 For Love
Ding Ding (O Na Na) (1st Jun 1994)
Only For Love (7th Nov 1994)

2 Heads
Do You Really Want My Love (20th Jan 1995)
You Don't Know (17th Jul 1995)
 2 Hot 4U 
U Gotta Listan 2 Da Muzak (1994)
No Tekno No Love (1995) The project featured the vocalist Miss Ketty and US-born rapper Mackee Johnson.

2 In a Tent

When I'm Cleaning Windows (Turned Out Nice Again) (1994) Produced by Andy Pickles

2 In Paradise
I Call You (1995)
Can't You Forgive Me (1996)
Label: Megafont Records (licensed in Germany under ZYX). The vocals were done by Viviana.

2 Kind
Wakin' Up (1995)

2 Mistakes
Sweet Little Boy (10th Sep 1994)
Holiday (5th May 1995) Sweet Little Boy, released in 1994, is the first single from this very mysterious eurodance project from DJ Movement label. It was written and composed by by P. Rossini & P. Peroni.

2 Raff
Don't Stop The Music (22nd Apr 1994)
Don't Stop The Music (Remix) (1994)
Get Ready (24th Feb 1992)
1.Get Ready For This, 2.Twilight Zone, 3.The Magic Friend, 4.Contrast, 5.Rougher Than The Average, 6.Workaholic, 7.Delight, 8.Get Ready For This (Rio & Le Jean remix), 9.Twilight Zone (Instrumental), 10.The Magic Friend (Instrumental), 11.Rougher Than The Average (Instrumental), 12.Workaholic (Instrumental), 13.Delight (Instrumental), 14.Desire, 15.Eternally Yours,
No Limits (10th May 1993)
1.No Limit, 2.Tribal Dance, 3.Mysterious, 4.Faces, 5.Maximum Overdrive, 6.The Power Age, 7.Break The Chain, 8.Kiss Me Bliss Me, 9.Throw The Groove Down, 10.R.U.O.K., 11.Let The Beat Control Your Body, 12.Invite Me To Trance, 13.Where Are You Now, 14.Shelter For A Rainy Day,
Power Tracks (Japan) (1994)
1.No Limit (Rio & Le Jean remix), 2.Get Ready For This (800 mix), 3.The Magic Friend (Rio & Le Jean remix), 4.R.U.O.K., 5.Workaholic (Hardcore remix), 6.Twilight Zone (Rapping rave version), 7.Tribal Dance (Extended), 8.Mysterious, 9.Faces (Trance-automatic remix), 10.The Power Age, 11.Juliana's Global Dance Network mix,
The US Remixes (very limited edition) (1994)
1.Throw The Groove Down (Album Rap Version), 2.Throw The Groove Down (Album No Rap Version), 3.Throw The Groove Down (12" Club mix), 4.Throw The Groove Down (Defstrumental mix), 5.Throw The Groove Down (Euro Extended mix), 6.Throw The Groove Down (House Mix), 7.Throw The Groove Down (D.S.K. Du Du Vocal mix), 8.Throw The Groove Down (Roach's Ultimix), 9.Throw The Groove Down (Roach's Ultidub), 10.Throw The Groove Down (Voice Of The Underground mix), 11.Throw The Groove Down (Monster mix), 12.Throw The Groove Down (Nite Beat Club mix), 13.Throw The Groove Down (Doctor's In The House dub), 14.Throw The Groove Down (11 Minute excursion), 15.Throw The Groove Down (Mixmaster's Jazzvibe), 16.No Limit '94 (Planet Beats), 17.No Limit '94 (Planet N.Y. Mix), 18.No Limit '94 (Planet Miami mix), 19.No Limit '94 (Freestyle Drumappella), 20.No Limit '94 (Cultured Club mix), 21.No Limit '94 (Cultured Dub mix),
Sin Limites (1994)
1.Caras, 2.Deja El Ritmo Controlar Tu Cuerpo, 3.A Toda Maquina, 4.Ritmo Tribal,
Real Things (6th Jun 1994)
1.The Real Thing, 2.Do What I Like, 3.Here I Go, 4.Burning Like Fire, 5.Info Superhighway, 6.Hypnotised, 7.Tuning Into Something Wild, 8.Escape In Music, 9.Sensuality, 10.No One, 11.Face To Face, 12.What's Mine Is Mine, 13.Nothing Like The Rain, 14.The Real Thing - Tribal Edit,
Hits Unlimited (30th Oct 1995)
1.Do What's Good For Me, 2.No Limit, 3.Get Ready For This, 4.Twilight Zone, 5.No One, 6.Jump For Joy, 7.Tribal Dance, 8.The Magic Friend, 9.Workaholic, 10.Let The Beat Control Your Body, 11.Nothing Like The Rain, 12.Spread Your Love, 13.The Real Thing, 14.Here I Go, 15.Maximum Overdrive, 16.Faces, 17.Radio Megamix,
II (20th Apr 1998)
1.Wanna Get Up, 2.The Edge Of Heaven, 3.Never Surrender, 4.Closer 2 U, 5.Back Into The Groove, 6.Someone To Get There, 7.I Am Ready, 8.Move On Up, 9.Let's Celebrate, 10.Be Free Tonight, 11.II Unlimited Megamix, 12.2 Unlimited Multimedia,
Best Unlimited (Jan 1999)
1.Wanna Get Up, 2.No Limit, 3.Get Ready For This, 4.Let The Beat Control Your Body, 5.The Edge Of Heaven, 6.Jump For Joy, 7.Closer 2 U, 8.Back Into The Groove, 9.Workaholic, 10.Never Surrender, 11.Tribal Dance, 12.Twilight Zone, 13.The Real Thing, 14.Wanna Get Up (Sash ! Edit), 15.The Edge Of Heaven (Sharp Funky Driver Remix), 16.II Megamix,
Nonstop Mix Best (Apr 1999)
1.Get Ready For This (800° Remix), 2.Twilight Zone (Rapping Rave Version), 3.The Magic Friend (Rio & Le Jean Remix), 4.Workaholic, 5.Delight, 6.Tribal Dance (Extented), 7.Wanna Get Up (Sash ! Extented Remix), 8.Move On Up, 9.The Edge Of Heaven, 10.Let's Celebrate, 11.I'm Ready,, 12.Never Surrender, 13.Be Free Tonight, 14.No Limit (Rap Edit), 15.Let The Beat Control Your Body, 16.The Real Thing,
Greatest Hits Remixes (2001)
1.No Limit (RM radio edit), 2.Twilight Zone (R-control mix), 3.Get Ready For This (K-groove mix edit), 4.Maximum Overdrive (KC radio mix),, 5.Let The Beat Control Your Body (I.O. Sonic remix), 6.Workaholic (B4's Reconstruct mix), 7.Tribal Dance (Almighty mix radio), 8.The Real Thing (B4 za beat single mix), 9.The Magic Friend (MST radio mix), 10.Delight (PKG remix edit), 11.No Limit (Starfighter vocal edit), 12.Twilight Zone (DJ jean edit), 13.Get Ready For This (Sunclub radio mix), 14.The Magic Friend (3 drives on a vinyl radio edit), 15.No Limit (Razor & guido remix), 16.Twilight Zone (Sharp maniac remix),
No Limit - Complete Best of (3rd Mar 2003)
1.Wanna Get Up, 2.Edge of Heaven, 3.Never Surrender, 4.Closer 2 U, 5.Back into the Groove, 6.Someone to Get There, 7.I Am Ready, 8.Move on Up, 9.Let's Celebrate, 10.Be Free Tonight, 11.2 Unlimited Megamix, 12.No Limit (Automatic Remix), 13.Twilight Zone (Rapping Rave Version), 14.Get Ready for This (Rio & Jean Remix '92), 15.Let the Beat Control Your Body (X-Out in Trance Remix),
Very Best of (25th Aug 2003)
1.No Limit (Rap Version), 2.Twilight Zone, 3.Get Ready For This, 4.Workaholic (Vocal Edit), 5.Tribal Dance (Single Version), 6.The Real Thing, 7.Let The Beat Control Your Body (Single Version), 8.The Magic Friend (Single Version), 9.Maximum Overdrive (Single Version), 10.Do What's Good For Me, 11.Wanna Get Up (SASH Radio Edit), 12.Here I Go (Single Version), 13.Faces (Single Version), 14.No One, 15.The Edge Of Heaven (Sharp Funky Driver Remix Edit), 16.No Limit (2003 Version), 17.Twilight Zone (Rave Version), 18.Get Ready For This (Orchestral Mix), 19.Workaholic (Extended Mix),
Very Best of (25th Aug 2003)
1.No Limit, 2.Get Ready for This, 3.Twilight Zone, 4.No One, 5.Tribal Dance, 6.Magic Friend, 7.Workaholic, 8.Let the Beat Control Your Body, 9.Jump for Joy, 10.Do What's Good for Me, 11.Maximum Overdrive, 12.Faces, 13.Nothing Like the Rain, 14.Spread Your Love, 15.Real Thing, 16.Here I Go, 17.Hits Unlimited Megamix,
Trance Remixes (Dec 2003)
1.No Limit (Moon Project Mix), 2.Twilight Zone (PK Hard Trance), 3.Tribal Dance (Tribal Trance Mix), 4.Maximum Overdrive (KG Hitman Remix), 5.Get Ready For This (Yves DeRuyter Remix), 6.Let The Beat Control Your Body (Mistral Remix), 7.Workaholic (K-Groove Trance Mix), 8.The Real Thing (Trance Mix - Edit), 9.The Magic Friend (Black Joker Trance Mix), 10.Maximum Overdrive (Horny Horns Vocal Radio), 11.No Limit (PUSH Trancendental Mix), 12.Twilight Zone (PK Hard Trance Remix), 13.Twilight Zone (R-C Extended Club Mix),
The Complete History (2004)
1.Tribal Dance (Rap Edit), 2.No Limit (Radio Edit, 3.The Real Thing (Radio Edit), 4.Faces (Radio Edit, 5.Twilight Zone (7' Vocal, 6.Maximum Overdrive (Radio Edit, 7.Let The Beat Control Your Body (Airplay Edit, 8.Get Ready For This (Radio Edit, 9.No One (Radio Edit), 10.Shelter For A Rainy Day (Extended Mix), 11.Desire (Album Version, 12.Eternally Yours (Album Version), 13.Tribal Dance 2.4 (Revil O. Rmx), 14.No Limit 2.3 (Master Blaster Rmx), 15.Murphys Megamix (Faces), 16.Faces (Breakbeat Rmx),
The Hits (Feb 2006)
1.Tribal Dance, 2.No Limit (No rap), 3.The Real Thing, 4.Faces, 5.Twilight Zone, 6.Maximum Overdrive, 7.Let The Beat Control Your Body, 8.Get Ready For This, 9.No One, 10.Shelter For A Rainy Day, 11.Desire, 12.Eternally Yours, 13.Tribal Dance 2.4 (Revil O. Rmx), 14.No Limit 2.3 (Master Blaster Rmx), 15.Murphys Megamix part 2, 16.Faces (Automatic Breakbeat Rmx),
Throw The Groove Down (US only) ()
Get Ready For This (1st Sep 1991)    
Twilight Zone (13th Jan 1992) 
Workaholic (21st Apr 1992) 
The Magic Friend (3rd Aug 1992)  
No Limit (18th Jan 1993)  
Tribal Dance (26th Apr 1993)   
Faces (20th Aug 1993) 
Maximum Overdrive (8th Nov 1993) 
Let The Beat Control Your Body (21st Jan 1994)  
The Real Thing (9th May 1994)   
No One (19th Sep 1994)
Kids Like You And Me (1995)
Here I Go (6th Mar 1995)  
Nothing Like The Rain (6th Jun 1995)  
Do What's Good For Me (28th Sep 1995)   
Jump For Joy (22nd Jan 1996)  
Spread Your Love (29th Apr 1996)
Wanna Get Up (16th Mar 1998)    
The Edge Of Heaven (15th May 1998) 
Never Surrender (19th Aug 1998)
No Limit 2000 (4th Apr 2000)
Twilight Zone 2000 (8th Sep 2000)
Get Ready For This (Deruyter remix) (May 2001)
Get Ready For This (Robbie Riviera remix) (Aug 2001)
No Limit 2.3 (10th Jul 2003)
Tribal Dance 2.4 (Nov 2003)

Get Ready For This (1991)
Twilight Zone (1992)

2 X-Treme 4 U
What U Want (1993)
21st Century Records
EuroDance Company

Stop The Lightning (29th May 1995)

2nd Nature
Crazy World (20th Jul 1994)
 2wo Shell
Feel The Beat (1994)
Every Day In Love (1996)

3-II One
Make Love (26th Aug 1994) The musical team includes Manirock, Riffi, Masong, D Source and M. Simons.

Senerata (1995)
Success (2nd Dec 1994)
Hand In Hand (12th Apr 1995)
All I Want Is You (8th Aug 1995)
Success (Lucifer's Remixes) (1994)
Hand In Hand (1995)

4 AM
Words On Wax (4th Aug 2003)

4 Explore
Shake It (1994)

4 Logic
Heartbeat (1996)

4 Love
I Just Called To Say I Love You (1995)

4 NF
I Wanna Be Your Love (1995)
 4 Non Bonds
Never Say Bond (1994)
Label : DJ Movement Records.

4 People
Look To The Future (1994) This single Look To The Future, a powerful eurodance track, was released under the X-Energy label. It was produced, arranged and performed by Andrea Buttignon, Max Suligoi, Robert Miklus and female vocalist Vesna Lavrencic.

4 Pleasure
Johnny and Mary (1995)

4 Rhythm
Maniac (1995)

4 To Explore
Magic Love
4 U
European Spirit Man (1996)European Spirit Man was included on the compilation Hit News Vol. 2 '96. The project featured a female vocalist and a rapper.

4 Without You
Are You Ready For The Summer Nights.

4 You
Hold Me (1994)The project features the raps of Tony Dyer and a female vocalist. The track was recorded at Dance Master Records (Germany).
Thanks to Necronomic

4-2 The Floor
What Have You Done For Me
Future Love (16th Mar 1994)

49Ers (1989)
1.Touch Me, 2.I Need You, 3.I Will Survive, 4.Die Walkure, 5.Don't You Love Me, 6.How Longer, 7.Shadows (Remix), 8.Girl To Girl, 9.Die Walkure (Extended Remix), 10.Touch Me (Extended Hard Core Remix),
The Remix Album (1991)
1.I'll Survive (1991 Remix), 2.I Need You (Red Zone Remix), 3.Girl To Girl (Soul Remix), 4.Die Walkure (Remix 89), 5.Touch Me (Sexual Remix), 6.Don't You Love Me (Atomic Remix), 7.How Longer (Molella Remix), 8.Underground Megamix,
Playing with My Heart (12th Aug 1992)
1.Move Your Feet (Overture), 2.Got To Be Free, 3.The Message, 4.Every Beat Of My Heart, 5.Take Time, 6.Knock At Cage Of Love, 7.Move Your Feet, 8.Wild Town, 9.Keep Your Love, 10.Everything, 11.Walking Down,
Greatest Hits 1990-2002 (2004)
1.Don't You Love Me, 2.Touch Me, 3.I Need You, 4.Girl To Girl, 5.Believe In Me, 6.Move Your Feet, 7.Got To Be Free, 8.The Message, 9.Everything, 10.Keep Your Love, 11.Rockin'my Body, 12.Hangin'on To Love, 13.Loving You, 14.Baby I'm Yours, 15.I Got It, 16.Let The Sunshine In, 17.All I Want For Christmas Is You, 18.Taking My Heart,
Greatest Hits 1990-2002 (2004)
1.Move Your Feet (Fargetta Rmx), 2.Music Is Movin' (With Fargetta), 3.Lovin' You (House Mix), 4.Music (With Fargetta), 5.Baby I'm Yours (Van's Hard Radio), 6.Dancin' Throught The Night (As Sharada House Gang), 7.I Got It (Mauro Picotto Rmx), 8.You're Deep In My Heart (As Sharada House Gang), 9.My Heart (Take Love Dub), 10.Walk On Water (With Simone Angel), 11.Move Your Body (With Anticappella), 12.Music (Music Beat Remix With Fargetta), 13.Express Your Freedom (With Anticappella), 14.Move Your Body (Radio Rmx As Anticappella), 15.Don't You Love Me (Dj Herbie Rmx), 16.Touch Me (Mars Plastic Rmx), 17.I Need You (Fargetta Rmx),
Die Walk?re (Nov 1988)
Shadows (1989)
How Longer (1990)
Touch Me (Feb 1990) 
Don't You Love Me (Apr 1990)  
I Need You (1991)
Girl To Girl (1991)
Move Your Feet (17th Oct 1991)
Got To Be Free (7th May 1992) 
The Message (29th Jul 1992)
Everything (16th Feb 1993)
Keep Your Love (Jul 1993) 
Rocking My Body (1st Sep 1994) 
Hanging On To Love (26th Jul 1995)
Lovin' You (2nd Feb 1996)
Baby, I'm Yours (9th Apr 1997) 
I Got The Music (1st Dec 1997)
Let The Sun Shine In (Oct 1998)
My Heart (28th Oct 2002)
Touch Me 2010 (25th Jun 2010)

How Longer ()
Die Walk?re (1988)
Touch Me (1989)
Don't You Love Me (1990)
Girl To Girl (1990)
Move Your Feet (1991)
The Message (1992)
Everything (1993)

You're In My Heart Forever (1994)
Label : Discoid corporation (which was also the label of FR Connection).

Inside (26th Jul 1994)

Paradoxx (1998)
1.Cathedral Of Sin, 2.Amokk, 3.Get Up 2 Da Track, 4.La Vasca Se Mueve, 5.Apocalypse (Backwards), 6.La Tierra Ya Destruida, 7.Alarma, 8.Paradoxx, 9.Los Ninos del Demonio, 10.The Demon Attacks (Interlude), 11.Diablo, 12.I'm your Nitemare, 13.666 Devilmix, 14.Diablo (Radio Premier), 15.Alarma (Gabba Bootleg Mix), 16.Apocalypse (Forwards),
Nitemare (1999)
1.Far East Intro, 2.The Demon (Pulsedriver Remix), 3.Alarma! (Untidy Remix), 4.Confusion (Album Mix), 5.Bomba! (X-tended Mix), 6.Amokk (X-tended 666 Mix), 7.I'm Your Nitemare (Extended Mix), 8.Diablo (Club Mix), 9.Get Up 2 Da Track (Austin's Power Mix), 10.Paradoxx (Klubbirds Remix), 11.Alarma! (Let's Go Gabba Bootleg Mix), 12.The Fab 666 Megamix (Diablo / Amokk / El Fuego / Paradoxx / La Tierra Ya Destruida / Alarma!),
Who's Afraid Of... (19th Jun 2000)
1.Welcome Back To The Grave, 2.D.E.V.I.L. (Break The Spell Mix), 3.2 The Maxx, 4.Ruido Sintetico, 5.Bomba!, 6.Prince Of Darkness, 7.The Demon, 8.Mueve (Go), 9.Dance 2 Disco, 10.Return of 666 (Interlude), 11.Salute!, 12.Feel The Omen, 13.D.E.V.I.L. (What The Hell Mix), 14.The 666 New Millenium Megamix),
Hellraiser (2002)
1.Amokk, 2.Supa Dupa Fly, 3.D.E.V.I.L., 4.Bomba!, 5.The Demon, 6.Alarma, 7.Paradoxx, 8.Dance, 9.Disco, 10.Diablo, 11.The Maxx, 12.I'm Your Nitemare, 13.Los Ninos Del Demonio, 14.The Millenium Megamix,
Hellraiser (2002) section on DVD,
Hellraiser (Special edition) (2002)
1.Amok, 2.Supa Dupa Fly, 3.D.E.V.I.L., 4.Bomba!, 5.The Demon, 6.Alarma, 7.Paradoxx, 8.Dance 2 Disco, 9.Diablo, 10.2 The Maxx, 11.I'm Your Nitemare, 12.Los Ninos Del Demonio, 13.The Millenium Megamix, 14.Confusion (Bonus), 15.Get Up 2 Da Track (Bonus), 16.La Vasca Se Muev (Bonus), 17.La Tierra Ya Destruida (Bonus), 18.El Fuego (Bonus),
The Ways Are Mystic - Best Of... (Dec 2006)
1.Dance Now! (Screen Cut), 2.Amokk (Video Edit), 3.Policia (Alerta Edit), 4.Confusion (El fuego Edit), 5.Bomba (Video Edit), 6.Alarma (Sequential One Edit), 7.Dance 2 Disco (Dj Piccolo Full Vocal Edit), 8.The God (Kingdom Edit), 9.Insanity (Flashback Edit), 10.Rhythm takes control (666 screen cut), 11.Supadupafly (On Air Mix), 12.The Demon (Pulsdriver re-mix edit), 13.Paradoxx (New Radio Edit), 14.Get Up 2 The Track (666 is back) (Album re-cut), 15.D.E.V.I.L (Club Caviar Edit), 16.I'm Your Nitemare – Nello re-cut, 17.La Formula (Chemico Edit), 18.Diablo (Radio Devil), 19.Superstar DJ (Global Cut), 20.Back On Demand (Screen Cut), 21.Le Bruit De La Porte (666 on stage Edit),
Alarma (29th Nov 1997)
Diablo (8th Jan 1998)
Amokk (29th May 1998)
Paradoxx (2nd Nov 1998) 
I'm Your Nitemare (10th Feb 1999) 
The Demon (8th Jun 1999)
Bomba!  (7th Sep 1999)
Dance 2 Disco (2000)
D.E.V.I.L. (29th Mar 2000)
The Millenium Megamix (14th Aug 2000)
Salute (Apr 2001)
Supa Dupa Fly (12th Nov 2001)   
Rhythm Takes Control (24th Jun 2002)  
Insanity (May 2003) 
Policia (2005)  
Atencion (with DJ Bonito) (Nov 2005) 
Abracadabra (2007)
Ritmo Fatal (2010)
Whoomp! Supadupafly (15th Jan 2010)

Alarma! (Remixes From Deep Down) (1997)
Amokk / Alarma! (1998)
Rhythm Takes Control (2002) 

7 Company
Get This Party Slammin' (1995)
Label : City Limits.

7 Seas
Dolphin Love (1994)

72 Crew
Damm'it (15th Jul 1994)
Hey Sweat Dance (26th Oct 1995)
I Want Your Love (1995)

94 Sale
Feel Free
Move On
Are You Ready / Cosmic Generation (1994)
Success (1994)
Are U Ready (1994)
Label : Sound & Vision.

99th Floor Elevators
Rain Your Kisses (1994)
I'll Be There (1995)
Hooked (1995)
Hooked re-release (1997)
Hooked (Disc Two) (2000)