eurodance slayder


B and W


Hello (1993)

Label : 21st Century

B Master J


It's A Party

Come On Yours (1990)

No One Can Do Better (1991)

Let's Go (6th Jun 1991)

Can't Stop (30th Sep 1992)

Get Hip To This (8th Jan 1993)

People All Around (1994)

Dreaming In Your Eyes (1995)

Label : Italian Style



Shame Of (Scemo) (1993)

Label: Dig It.



Send Me An Angel (19th Jan 1994)



This Is My World (1999)

1.This Is My World, 2.Forever Young, 3.Up Side Down, 4.Wake Me Up, 5.The Wind Of July, 6.Summer Has Gone, 7.Never Give Up, 8.The Dream, 9.I Belong To You, 10.Thema, 11.I Couldn't Find A Way,


Wake Me Up (6th Jul 1998)

This Is My World (18th Jun 1999) 


This Is My World (1999)



The Rhythm (26th Apr 1995)

Can't Stop The Boogie (14th Dec 1995)

It's A Shame (20th Jun 1996) 

The Future (10th Feb 1997)

Play The Game (17th Oct 1997)

Voyage Voyage (1998)

Celebrate The Music (2000)



Keep On Movin (1994)

Label : Power Fly



Together (1994)

Label : Up Down.

BA feat Moti Special


Cold Days Hot Nights (15th May 1995

BA Original 


If I Can't Have You (1994)



Toy Boy ()

Impress Me (1994)

Too Easy (1995)

Back 2 Back


Say Yes (29th Nov 1993)

Take Me To A Place So High (1994)


Take Me To A Place So High (Remix 95) (1995)

Back 2 Back (2)


Keep On (1994)

Back 2 Basics


Please Forgive Me

Back In A Box


Feel You (1995)

Back To Mars


Up Down Up (14th Jun 1996)

Back To Nature


Come Back 2 Me (May 1995)

Back To Nature



When The Lights Go Down (1995)
Come Back 2 Me (May 1995)



I Pray (1995)

Label : Lupomannaro records.

Bad Boys Blue  


Hot Girls - Bad Boys (1985)

1.You're A Woman, 2.I Live, 3.Pretty Young Girl, 4.L.O.V.E. In My Car, 5.Kiss You All Over, Baby, 6.Hot Girls - Bad Boys, 7.For Your Love, 8.People Of The Night,

Heartbeat (1986)

1.I Wanna Hear Your Heartbeat (Sunday Girl), 2.Mon Amie, 3.One Night In Heaven, 4.Baby I Love You, 5.Kisses & Tears (My One And Only), 6.Rainy Friday, 7.Lady Blue, 8.Love Really Hurts Without You, 9.Blue Moon, 10.Dance The Night Away,

Love Is No Crime (1987)

1.Come Back And Stay (Maxi), 2.If You Call On Me, 3.Victim Of Your Love, 4.Love Is No Crime, 5.Gimme Gimme Your Lovin' (Little Lady), 6.I Remember Mary, 7.Charlene, 8.Inside Of Me, 9.Why (Misty Eyes), 10.Kiss You All Over, Baby,

My Blue World (1988)

1.A World Without You (Radio edit), 2.Don't Leave Me Now, 3.Bad Reputation, 4.Don't Walk Away, Suzanne, 5.Love Don't Come Easy, 6.Lovers In The Sand, 7.Till The End Of Time, 8.Lonely Weekend, 9.Rain In My Heart, 10.A World Without You (Classical Mix),

Boys Best (1989)

1.You're A Woman, 2.I Wanna Hear Your Heartbeat, 3.Love Really Hurts Without You, 4.Come Back And Stay, 5.Gimme Gimme Your Lovin' (Little Lady), 6.Lovers In The Sand, 7.A World Without You (Michelle), 8.L.O.V.E. In My Car, 9.Pretty Young Girl, 10.Kisses & Tears, 11.Don't Walk Away, Suzanne, 12.Hungry For Love (Extended),

The Fifth (1989)

1.Lady In Black, 2.Someone To Love, 3.A Train to Nowhere, 4.I'm Not A Fool, 5.No Regrets, 6.Where Are You Now, 7.Fly Away, 8.Love Me Or Leave Me, 9.Show Me The Way, 10.A Train To Nowhere (Train Mix),

Game Of Love (1990)

1.Queen Of Hearts, 2.Jungle In My Heart, 3.I Don't Know Her Name, 4.Jenny, 5.Chains Of Love, 6.How I Need You, 7.I Need A Woman, 8.I Don't Wanna Lose You, 9.I Am Your Believer, 10.Queen Of Hearts (Remix),

Super 20 (1990)

1.Lady In Black (Radio edit), 2.Come Back And Stay, 3.Gimme Gimme Your Lovin' (Little Lady), 4.Hungry for love (Radio edit), 5.Don't Walk Away, Suzanne, 6.L.O.V.E. In My Car, 7.You're A Woman, 8.A World Without You (Michelle) (Radio edit), 9.I Wanna Hear Your Heartbeat, 10.Pretty Young Girl, 11.Kisses & Tears (My One And Only), 12.Love Really Hurts Without You, 13.Lovers In The Sand, 14.Kiss You All Over, Baby, 15.Hot Girls - Bad Boys, 16.One Night In Heaven, 17.Baby I Love You, 18.Love Is No Crime, 19.Inside Of Me, 20.Blue Moon,

House Of Silence (1991)

1.House Of Silence, 2.Under The Boardwalk, 3.Train At Midnight, 4.Baby Blue, 5.Dancing With The Bad Boys, 6.Deep In My Emotion, 7.Tell It Everybody, 8.Gimme Back My 1ove, 9.When Our Love Was Young, 10.House Of Silence (Haunted House Mix),

More Bad Boys Best (1992)

1.Queen Of Hearts, 2.Save Your Love, 3.Jungle In My Heart, 4.A Train To Nowhere, 5.Kiss You All Over, Baby, 6.Baby Blue, 7.Lady In Black (Live '92), 8.House Of Silence, 9.How I Need You, 10.Deep In My Emotion, 11.You're A Woman (Remix '92), 12.Save Your Love (Classical Mix),

Totally (1992)

1.Have You Ever Had A Love Like This, 2.I Totally Miss You, 3.What A Feeling, 4.Who's That Man?, 5.Warm And Tender Love, 6.Save Your Love, 7.Johnny, 8.I'm Never Gonna Fall In Love Again, 9.Rhythm Of The Night, 10.I Totally Miss You (Remix),

Bad Boys Blue U.S. only (1993)

1.Save Your Love, 2.I Totally Miss You, 3.Have You Ever Had A Love Like This, 4.Come Back And Stay, 5.Show Me The Way, 6.A Train To Nowhere, 7.Under The Boardwalk, 8.Johnny, 9.I'm Never Gonna Fall In Love Again, 10.Rhythm Of The Night,

Dancing With The Bad Boys (1993)

1.Under The Boardwalk, 2.Dancing With The Bad Boys, 3.Lovers In The Sand, 4.Dance The Night Away, 5.L.O.V.E. In My Car, 6.Kiss You All Over, Baby, 7.Love Really Hurts Without You, 8.Rhythm Of The Night, 9.Deep In My Emotion, 10.Hungry For Love, 10.No Regrets, 11.Love Is No Crime, 13.Fly Away, 14.People Of The Night, 15.Blue Moon, 16.Have You Ever Had A Love Like This,

Greatest Hits Vol. 1 (1993)

1.Lady In Black, 2.Come Back And Stay, 3.Gimme, 4.Hungry For Love, 5.Don't Walk Away, Suzanne, 6.A Train To Nowhere, 7.Fly Away, 8.Love Me Or Leave Me, 9.You're A Woman, 10.A World Without You (Michelle), 11.I Wanna Hear Your Hearbeat (Sunday Girl), 12.Pretty Young Girl, 13.Kisses And Tears, 14.No Regrets, 15.Lovers In The Sand, 16.Kiss You All Over, Baby, 17.Where Are You Now, 18.Blue Moon,

Greatest Hits Vol. 2 (1993)

1.You're A Woman (Remix), 2.House Of Silence, 3.Train At Midnight, 4.Baby Blue, 5.Deep in My Emotion, 6.I Totally Miss You (Remix), 7.Save Your Love, 8.Have You Ever Had A Love Like This, 9.What A Feeling, 10.Rhythm Of The Night, 11.Queen Of Hearts, 12.Jungle In My Heart, 13.I Don't Know Her Name, 14.Jenny, 15.Chains of Love, 16.How I Need You, 17.I Need A Woman, 18.I Don't Wanna Lose You, 19.I Am Your Believer,

Kiss (1993)

1.Kiss You All Over, Baby, 2.Sooner Or Later, 3.Kisses & Tears (My One And Only), 4.The Woman I Love, 5.I Do It All For You, 6.I Live, 7.Heart Of Midnight, 8.Where Have You Gone, 9.Aguarda Tu Amor (Save Your Love), 10.I'm Still In Love, 11.I Totally Miss You (U,

Completely Remixed (1994)

1.Come Back And Stay (remix '94), 2.L.O.V.E. In My Car, 3.Jungle In My Heart (remix '94), 4.Kisses And Tears (remix '94), 5.Hungry For Love (remix '94), 6.I Wanna Hear Your Heartbeat (remix '94), 7.Queen Of Hearts (remix '94), 8.Pretty Young Girl (remix '94), 9.Lady In Black (remix '94), 10.You're A Woman (remix '92), 11.A Train To Nowhere (remix '94), 12.Where Have You Gone (remix '94), 13.Kiss You All Over, Baby, 14.How I Need You (remix '94),

Luv 4 U (1994)

1.Luv 4 U, 2.Free (Ozazuvas), 3.Don't Be So Shy, 4.Go Go (Love Overload), 5.Take A Chance, 6.Is It You?, 7.What Else, 8.Grand Illusion, 9.Prove Your Love, 10.One More Kiss, 11.It Was Only Love, 12.Say You'll Be Mine, 13.Love's Not Always Like Paradise, 14.Sooner Or Later, 15.The Woman I Love, 16.Where Have You Gone, 17.Johnny, 18.I'm Never Gonna Fall In Love Again, 19.For Your Love,

To Blue Horizons (1994)

1.Luv 4 U (Radio Mix), 2.Go Go (Love overload), 3.Take A Chance, 4.Is It You?, 5.What Else (Radio Mix), 6.Grand Illusion, 7.Prove Your Love, 8.One More Kiss, 9.It Was Only Love, 10.Say You'll Be Mine, 11.Love's Not Always Like Paradise,

You're A Woman (1994)

1.Love Really Hurts Without You, 2.Kisses And Tears, 3.A World Without You, 4.Kiss You All Over, Baby, 5.Come Back And Stay, 6.Hot Girls - Bad Boys, 7.You're A Woman, 8.Lovers In The Sand, 9.L.O.V.E. In My Car, 10.Pretty Young Girl, 11.One Night In Heaven, 12.Gimme Gimme Your Lovin' (Little Lady), 13.Lady In Black, 14.Hungry For Love (Radio edit), 15.Love Is No Crime, 16.Fly Away,

Bang Bang Bang (1996)

1.Hold You In My Arms, 2.Bang! Bang! Bang!, 3.Anywhere, 4.Keep It In Your Soul, 5.Fly Away, 6.U'n'I, 7.Hold Me Now, 8.Little Girl, 9.Anyway Forever, 10.When I See You Smile, 11.Hold You In My Arms (Extended Version), 12.Little Girl (Extended Version), 13.Don't Be So Shy, 14.Family Beat,

With Love From... The Best Of The Ballad (1998)

1.A World Without You (Michelle), 2.Don't Walk Away Suzanne, 3.Fly Away, 4.Love Don't Come Easy, 5.Save Your Love, 6.I'm Still In Love, 7.Where Are You Now, 8.Show Me The Way, 9.I Don't Know Her Name, 10.I Need A Woman, 11.I Totally Miss You, 12.Johnny, 13.Rhythm Of The Night, 14.Heart Of Midnight, 15.Come Back And Stay (maxi), 16.Kiss You All Over (remix '94),

Back ! (Jun 1998)

1.You're A Woman (Original Remix 1998), 2.Love In My Car '98, 3.Don't Break My Heart, 4.From Heart To Heart, 5.B By Your Side, 6.Lady In Black '98, 7.Pretty Young Girl '98, 8.From Heaven To Heartaches, 9.Lovers In The Sand '98, 10.I Wanna Hear Your Heartbeat '98, 11.A World Without you (Michelle) '98, 12.All About You, 13.Come Back And Stay '98, 14.Out Of The Blue, 15.I Believe, 16.Megamix Vol,

Continued (1999)

1.Jungle In My Heart '99, 2.I Totally Miss You '99, 3.Never Never, 4.House Of Silence '99, 5.Can't Live Without You, 6.Baby Don't Miss Me, 7.Save Your Love '99, 8.The Power Of The Night, 9.Queen Of Hearts '99, 10.Stay With Me, 11.Wouldn't It Be Good, 12.How I Need You '99, 13.Kiss You All Over, Baby, 14.Lady Of Hearts, 15.Don't Walk Away Suzanne (Et Cetera Remix), 16.A Kiss In The Night, 17.There Is Nothing That Compares, 18.I'm Your Believer '99,

Follow The Light (1999)

1.Follow The Light, 2.Thinking About You, 3.When I Kiss You, 4.I Can't Live, 5.Under The Boardwalk, 6.Back To The Future, 7.Listen To Your Heart, 8.Hungry For Love (rap version), 9.Sweet Love, 10.Baby Blue, 11.Rhythm of Rain, 12.I'll Be Around, 13.Ride On a Star, 14.Love Is No Crime, 15.Have You Ever Had A Love Like This, 16.Back To The Future (Extended version),

Pretty Young Girl (1999)

1.Pretty Young Girl, 2.You're A Woman, 3.Love Really Hurts Without You, 4.Train To Nowhere, 5.Lovers In The Sand, 6.Come Back And Stay, 7.Love Don't Come Easy, 8.Rhythm Of The Night, 9.Love Is No Crime, 10.Gimme Gimme Your Lovin' (Little Lady), 11.Kisses & Tears (My One And Only), 12.Don't Walk Away, Suzanne, 13.Queen Of Hearts, 14.One Night In Heaven, 15.Baby I Love You, 16.Till The End Of Time,

Tonite (2000)

1.I'll Be Good, 2.Do What You Do, 3.S, 4.Waiting for Tonight, 5.Somewhere in My Heart, 6.I Wanna Fly, 7.Take a Piece of My Heart, 8.You Take Me to the Light, 9.Close Your Eyes, 10.Heaven Must Be Missing You, 11.You're The Reason, 12.Love Really Hurts Without You, 13.S, 14.Do What You Do (Rap Edit),

Bad Boys Best 2001 (2nd Jul 2001)

1.You're A Woman '98, 2.Back To The Future, 3.L.O.V.E. In My Car '98, 4.Jungle In My Heart '99, 5.From Heaven To Heartache, 6.Lady In Black '98, 7.Don't Walk Away Suzanne (Et Caetera Remix), 8.I'll Be Good, 9.A World Without You (Michelle) '98, 10.Queen Of Hearts '99, 11.Come Back And Stay '98, 12.Lovers In The Sand '98, 13.Do What You Do, 14.Save Your Love '99, 15.Had You Ever Had A Love Like This, 16.Hungry For Love (Rap Version), 17.Kiss You All Over, Baby '99, 18.S.O.S. For Love, 19.Love Really Hurts Without You, 20.House Of Silence '99, 21.Don't Want Your Love, 22.Sweet Little Things,

In The Mix (2003)

1.You're A Woman, 2.Pretty Young Girl (Extended Version), 3.Kisses And Tears (Remix 94), 4.I Wanna Hear Your Heartbeat - Sunday Girl (Maxi Version), 5.Come Back And Stay (Dance Mix), 6.A World Without You - Michelle (Dance Mix), 7.Hungry For Love (Club Mix), 8.Lady In Black (Shakespearean Mix), 9.A Train To Nowhere (Club Mix), 10.The Turbo-megamix,

Around The World (23rd Jun 2003)

1.Around The World, 2.Cold As Ice, 3.Baby Come Home, 4.Think About You, 5.Lover On The Line, 6.A Bridge Of Heartaches, 7.Join The Bad Boys Blue, 8.Babe, 9.Heaven Or Hell, 10.I'm Your Lover, 11.I'm Living For Your Love, 12.Only One Breath Away, 13.Around The World (Remix), 14.Lover On The Line (Extended Version),

Heart And Soul (2007)

1.Tonight Is The Night, 2.I Don't Wanna Know, 3.In His Heart, In His Soul, 4.Make My Dreams Come True, 5.Hold Me In The Night, 6.Matador, 7.Still In Love, 8.Show Me (The Way To Your Heart), 9.You And I, 10.Queen Of My Dreams, 11.Sometimes, 12.Pictures Of You, 13.Russia In My Eyes, 14.Those Were The Days,

Greatest Hits (Apr 2008)

Heart And Soul (13th Jun 2008)

1.Still In Love, 2.In His Heart, In His Soul, 3.Matador, 4.Queen Of My Dreams, 5.I Don't Wanna Know, 6.Make My Dreams Come True, 7.You And I, 8.Tonight Is The Night, 9.Sometimes, 10.Show Me (The Way To Your Heart), 11.Hold Me In The Night, 12.Pictures Of You, 13.Russia In My Eyes, 14.Those Were The Days, 15.Still In Love (Almighty 12 LM Edit), 16.In His Heart, In His Soul (Extended Mix), 17.Queen Of My Dreams (Extended Mix),

The Single Hits (Greatest Hits) (17th Oct 2008)

1.L.O.V.E. In My Car, 2.You're A Woman, 3.Pretty Young Girl, 4.I Wanna Hear Your Heartbeat (Sunday Girl), 5.Kisses And Tears (My One And Only), 6.Love Really Hurts Without You, 7.Come Back And Stay, 8.Gimme Gimme Your Lovin' (Little Lady), 9.A World Without You (Michelle) (Radio Edit), 10.Don't Walk Away, Suzanne, 11.Lovers In The Sand, 12.Hungry For Love, 13.Lady In Black, 14.A Train To Nowhere, 15.How I Need You, 16.Queen Of Hearts (7' Mix), 17.Jungle In My Heart (7' Mix), 18.I Totally Miss You (7' Mix), 19.Save Your Love (7' Mix), 20.A Love Like This (Radio Edit),

Remixes & Rarities (Jun 2009)

1.Jungle In My Heart 2009, 2.Fly Away 2009, 3.How I Need You 2009, 4.Someone 2 Love 2009, 5.Love Me Or Leave Me 2009, 6.Save Your Love 2009, 7.Till The End Of Time 2009, 8.House Of Silence 2009, 9.Waiting For Tonight 2009, 10.Follow The Light 2009,

25 (Oct 2009)

1.Come back and Stay 2010, 2.Kisses And Tears (My One And Only) 2010, 3.Hungry For Love 2010, 4.A Train To Nowhere 2010, 5.You're A Woman 2010, 6.I Don't Know Her Name 2010, 7.I Totally Miss You 2010, 8.Gimme Gimme Your Lovin' (Little Lady) 2010, 9.A World Without You (Michelle) 2010, 10.Heart Of Midnight 2010, 11.I Wanna Hear Your Heartbeat (Sunday Girl) 2010, 12.Lonely Weekend 2010, 13.Lady In Black 2010, 14.When Our Love Was Young 2010, 15.Don't Walk Away, Suzanne 2010, 16.From Heart To Heart 2010, 17.House Of Silence 2010,

25 (Oct 2009)

1.I'm Not A Fool 2010, 2.Queen Of Hearts 2010, 3.Don't Leave Me Now 2010, 4.Pretty Young Girl 2010, 5.Hold You In My Arms 2010, 6.Lovers In The Sand 2010, 7.Baby Blue 2010, 8.Save Your Love 2010, 9.Come Back And Stay 2010 (Almighty Remix), 10.A Train To Nowhere 2010 (Andy Matern Remix), 11.You're A Woman 2010 (Dj Moraz Remix), 12.A World Without You (Michelle) 2010 (Hideout Remix), 13.Pretty Young Girl 2010 (Alex Twister Remix),

Unforgettable (30th Oct 2009)

1.Why (Misty Eyes), 2.Show Me The Way, 3.I Wanna Hear Your Heartbeat (Sunday Girl), 4.Lady Blue, 5.The Woman I Love, 6.Mon Amie, 7.Warm And Tender Love, 8.Kisses And Tears (My One And Only), 9.L.O.V.E. In My Car, 10.Dancing With The Bad Boys, 11.Warm And Tender Love (Remix),



L.O.V.E. In My Car (1984)

You're A Woman (1985)

Pretty Young Girl (1985)

Kisses And Tears (My One And Only) (1986)

Love Really Hurts Without You (1986)

I Wanna Hear Your Heartbeat (Sunday Girl) (1986)

Gimme Gimme Your Lovin' (Little Lady) (1987)

Come Back And Stay (1987)

Don't Walk Away, Suzanne (1988)

Lovers In The Sand (1988)

A World Without You (Michelle) (1988)

Hungry For Love (1989)

A Train To Nowhere (1989)

Lady In Black (1989)

Megamix (1990)

How I Need You (1990)

Queen Of Hearts (1990)

Jungle In My Heart (1991)

House Of Silence  (1991)

Save Your Love (1992)

I Totally Miss You (1992)

A Love Like This (1993)

Kiss You All Over, Baby (1993)

Go Go (Love Overload) (1993)

Luv 4 U (1994)

What Else (Apr 1994)

Hold You In My Arms (Jun 1995)

Anywhere (Feb 1996)

You're A Woman '98 (Apr 1998)

The Turbo Megamix (Jul 1998)

From Heaven To Heartache (Oct 1998)

The Turbo Megamix part 2 (Dec 1998)

The-Hit-Pack (1999)

Hold You In My Arms (1st Feb 1999)

Back To The Future (14th Sep 1999)

I'll Be Good (Aug 2000)

Lover On The Line (7th Jul 2003) 

Still In Love (15th Feb 2008)

Queen Of My Dreams (2009)

Come Back And Stay 2010 (2010)Produced by Coconut Records /Intercord



Piano On (1990)

Milestones (1992)

Dance X (1992)

Somebody To Love (1993)

Rush To The Moon (1994)

Luna De Rio (1994)

Love Explosion (1996)

I Wanna Free My Soul (1996)


Somebody To Love (1993)

Bailey Carol


Understand Me (Free Your Mind) (1992)

Dreams (1993)

Feel It (1994)   

Fever (Oct 1995)

I Can't Make You Love Me (5th Mar 1996)  

Under My Skin (25th Nov 1996)


Understand Me (Free Your Mind) (1992)

U96 - Movin' (1995)

Voodoo Suite - Spirit of Life (1993)



On Ice (1998)


1.Typical Tropical, 2.Supermodel, 3.Amigo, 4.Wham Bam Boogie, 5.Let The Sunshine In, 6.Bumble Bee, 7.You Are My Dream, 8.Bam Bam Bam, 9.Baby Baby, 10.Il Ritmo Dell' Amore, 11.Candy Girl (Y2K Mix),

Fairytales (2001)

1.Cowgirl, 2.Dr Doolittle, 3.Seventeen, 4.Fairytales, 5.Red, Yellow, Green & Blue, 6.Spaceman, 7.Do It Like You Do, 8.Watch Out, 9.Online, 10.Caribbean Blue, 11.Paradise, 12.Boom Digi Da, 13.I Wanna Be Wild,


Candy Girl (1997)

Bam Bam Bam (1998)

Typical Tropical (1999)

You Are My Dream (1999)

Seventeen (2001)

Cowgirl (2001)

Bamble B


Crime Of Passion (21st Mar 2000) 

Coming Through The Light (18th Dec 2000)



Sister Golden Hair (1996)



Like The Way I Do (1995)

I Drove All Night (18th Jan 1996)  

California Dreaming (17th Jun 1996)

I Wanna Dance With Somebody (15th Sep 1997)

Get Into The Groove (13th Mar 1998)

Wouldn't It Be Good (27th Jul 1998)

For Sale (2nd Feb 1999)

All Night Long (2001)

Vamos Amigos (Apr 2001)

Show Me (2003)



Slave To The Music (1995)

Producers were Antonio Nunzio Catania and Ingo Kays.



You Know I Know (30th May 1994)

Bang Gang


Bang Gang Night (1995)

Love Is The Message (1995)

Banks (Christopher)


Everybody (1995)