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A Kay B Jay

If I Can't Have You (1993)
I Hear You (1994)
Sleeping In My Car (19th Jul 1994) 
Why (10th Mar 1995)
Love Reaction (29th Sep 1995)
Everything She Wants (1996)
Funky Town (1997)
Rebel Rebel (1997)
Together Forever (14th Apr 1997)
I Should Be So Lucky (1998)
Destiny (16th Sep 1998)
If Somebody Is Loving (20th Apr 1999)
Only Wanna Be With You (11th May 2000)

Records company : SAIFAM Publishing Group.
A Las 10 En Casa
A Las 10 En Casa (1997)
1.Enamorada Del Novio De Mi Amiga, 2.Tal Para Cual, 3.Enamorada De Ti, 4.Te Ver?, 5.Si Me Miras, 6.Desde Que T? Ya No Est?s, 7.P?deme Salir, 8.Dime Que S?, Dime Que No, 9.Sentimientos De Amor, 10.T? Eres Mi Alma, 11.A Bailar, 12.Celebration,
Las Chicas Son Las Que Ligan (1998)
1.Sube, 2.Con Todo Descaro, 3.Las Chicas Son Las Que Ligan, 4.Mucho Cuidado, 5.Loco De Remate, 6.Celos, 7.Ir? Contigo, 8.Lo Siento, 9.Eres Como Un ?ngel, 10.Los Chicos Son As? (Sweet Intent), 11.La Gata Y El Rat?n (Style),
Te Vere (1996)
Enamorada Del Novio De Mi Amiga (1997)
Enamorada De Ti (1997)
Tal Para Cual (1997)
Con Todo Descaro (1998)
Label : Blanco Y Negro.

A-Kala 3

We Need Friends


Reaction (1995)

AB Free

Go Deeper (1st Jul 1993)

AB Logic

The Album (1992)
1.AB Logic, 2.The Hitman, 3.Get Up (Move Boy Move), 4.Attitude, 5.It Takes Two, 6.Games, 7.You Promised Me The World, 8.Sea Of Love, 9.What's It To You, 10.Top Secret, 11.Turn Up The Music, 12.The Hitman (piano mix)
Get Up (Move Boy Move) (1992)
The Hitman (Jun 1992)
AB Logic (1993)
Real World (15th Aug 1994)
Welcome To My Heart (1996)
Feel Good (19th Sep 1994)
1.Smells Like Teen Spirit, 2.Constant Craving, 3.Don't You Wanna Know, 4.How Can You Call It Love, 5.Losing My Religion, 6.Feel Good, 7.Stop The Hands Of Time, 8.Twist In My Sobriety, 9.Don't Tell Me Why, 10.What Goes Around Comes Around, 11.Could It Be Magic, 12.Smells Like Teen Spirit (Original Version),
Nightmoves (25th Dec 1999)
Home... Again (2007)
1.You Came, 2.90 Miles, 3.Songbird, 4.Better With You, 5.It's Not Me, 6.Wide Open, 7.Let It Go, 8.Home Again, 9.Pity The Fool, 10.Shine, 11.Let The Joy Rise
Constant Craving (1993)
Could It Be Magic (29th Oct 1993)
Losing My Religion (28th Jan 1994) 
Smells Like Teen Spirit (30th Mar 1994)  
Don't You Wanna Know (30th Oct 1994)
Constant Craving 95 (22nd Sep 1995)
Nightmoves (19th Sep 1996)
The Double Take EP (1997)
Let The Joy Rise (17th Mar 1999)
If It Don't Fit (29th Nov 2000)
You Set Me Free (16th Jul 2001)
Falling (2003)
Set Me Free (2004)
Artists and groups featuring Abigail
10 Monkeys - Lay Down
Love Decade - Decadance (album) (1996), I Feel You (1992)

Abrami (Frederico) 

Producer Frederico Abrami is member of the Quasar Team, along with Dario Minca and Paolo Altin.

Artists and groups featuring Abrami (Frederico)
Eden - Fever (1996)
Eryx - Say Goodbye (1996)
Shalima - Don't Let Me Go (1995)

Abrokwa (Nana)

Nana - The Album (19th May 1997)

1.Intro, 2.One Second, 3.Darkman, 4.Why?, 5.My Peeps, 6.Lonely, 7.He's Comin', 8.Darkman Reamaks, 9.Let It Rain, 10.1, 2, 3 Are U Ready?, 11.Mission (Booya),
Father (18th May 1998)
1.Father, 2.Do You Really Think You Know Me ?, 3.Remember The Time, 4.Nigga 4 Life, 5.Dreams, 6.Judgement Day, 7.Too Much Heaven, 8.You, 9.Pocket Full Of Memories, 10.That's The Way Life Goes, 11.God,
All Doors In Flight No.7 (19th Jul 2004)
12Y.O. (5th Sep 2008)
1.My Get Away, 2.Let It Rain '08 (feat. Braheem), 3.Booty Track, 4.Lonely '08, 5.Let'z Get It On (feat. Young Dee), 6.He's Comin '08 (feat. Braheem), 7.Gold Digger, 8.Remember The Time '08, 9.No Sun, 10.Darkman '08, 11.Lonely '08 (feat. Korekt - Romanian Version),
Stand Up! (Dec 2009)
1.Intro Stand Up!, 2.Lost In My Life, 3.The Storm, 4.Stand Up!, 5.Interlude The Light, 6.The Light, 7.Interlude Been Around The World, 8.Been Around The World, 9.Interlude Nightmare, 10.Got To Get Away, 11.The Ferry Man, 12.Interlude Still Lost, 13.Run Away, 14.Can You Hear Him Comin'?, 15.Sacrifice, 16.Run, 17.Why part 2, 18.Stand Up! reprise
Darkman (Nov 1996)
Lonely (7th Mar 1997)
Let It Rain (Aug 1997)
He's Comin' (1st Sep 1997)
Too Much Heaven (1st Dec 1997)
Remember The Time (Apr 1998)
Dreams (17th Aug 1998)
Father (16th Nov 1998)
I Wanna Fly (Like An Eagle) (15th Nov 1999)
Du Wirst Sehen (14th Apr 2001)
Butterfly/Ride With Me (12th Jul 2004)
Artists and groups featuring Abrokwa (Nana)
Darkness - In My Dreams (1994)
UBF - Bible In My Hand (1997)
Make It (1993)
Dance To The Beat (1994)

Dance To The Music (20th Nov 1995)
The single was produced by P. Bakker and M. Rehatta. The performers are Cedric and Lisa May. The CD includes an extended mix, an Idefix mix and a big-blue mix. It was released under the label SPV.
Acapulco Heat

I Feel The Heat (1995)
Blue Beat - Everybody Look At Me (1994)
DJ Duckpower - Get The Duck Out Of Here (Move It) (1996)
Video Kids - Woodpeckers From Space (1994)


Loloa (Free Your Mind) (Dec 1994)
I'm Alive (29th Jul 1995)

Access II Beat

Love Is On Its Way (7th Aug 1995)
Label : GA Records/SPV.

Technotango (1995)
1.Notch Zatchelovannykh gub, 2.Tango, 3.Voni v Notchi, 4.Napoleon, 5.Dela, 6.Akropolis, 7.Bank, 8.Tchola-tcholar, 9.Tchernaya Zvezda,
Koma (1997)
1.Akropolis intro, 2.Tayna, 3.Ad I Ray, 4.Sneg, 5.Pomogi, 6.Pomogi (edit), 7.Belaya Beda, 8.Lomonosov, 9.Notch Zatchelovannykh Gyb, 10.Inkvizitsya, 11.Ne Umru, 12.Koma, 13.Poslednii Boy,
History (1998)
1.Acropolis, 2.Istoriya, 3.Vse Dlya Tebya, 4.Napoleon (rmx), 5.Hozyain Zemli, 6.Doroga V Oblaka, 7.Vechniy Put, 8.Na Predele, 9.Magellan, 10.Navsegda, 11.Ne Nado, 12.Delo (rmx),

Act Two

Don't You Go Away (1994)


Let The Rhythm Take Control (1996)
Acting Lovers

Hot (2008)
1.Flying Away (Extended version), 2.In Light and Darkness, 3.What You Get Is What You See, 4.Don Juan and Lady K., 5.Crazy about you, 6.Baby I Know It, 7.Gotta get it right, 8.Summer Of Love, 9.Enjoy That, 10.One last kiss, 11.Disqo Dangerous, 12.Flying Away (Verse edit), 13.What you get is what you see (Extended version), 14.Rock my Cock, 15.Flying Away (Rap Radio Edit), 16.Flying Away (Extendet Verse Edit),
Get It While It's Hot (29th May 2009)
1.Flying Away, 2.In Light And Darkness, 3.Crazy About You, 4.I Wanna Ride It (Set Me Free), 5.My Angel Is You, 6.Phil, 7.Tonight, 8.Summer Of Love, 9.Gotta Get It Right, 10.What You Get Is What You See, 11.Disqo Dangerous, 12.Like A Flash, 13.In Light And Darkness (Cookiedealerz Remix Album Edit), 14.Flying Away (Extended Version), 15.Phil (Extended Version)
Thief Of Hearts
Flying Away (11th Jun 2007)
In Light And Darkness (16th Jan 2009)
Tonight (24th Apr 2009)
Kingdom Of Love (Nov 2009)

Activ Project



The Octopus


Visions (29th Aug 1994)
1.Visions (Intro), 2.Beat of the Drum, 3.Let the Rhythm Take Control, 4.I Say What I Want, 5.Save Me, 6.Inside And Outside, 7.Tell Me, 7.Hypnotized, 8.Alarma, 9.Fantasy, 10.Shakespearian Play
Let The Rhythm Take Control (11th Apr 1994)
Beat Of The Drum (22nd Jul 1994)
Save Me (21st Dec 1994)  
I Say What I Want (17th May 1995)
Tell Me (16th Oct 1995)
Fall In Love With You (29th Jan 1997)
Let The Rhythm Take Control (1994)
Active Box

Driving Through The Night (1994)
Love Sensation (23rd Jun 1997)
Sha La Li La (There's a Spirit in Your Mind) (16th Dec 1997)


Get Into The Music
Memories And Dreams (1995) 
Zombie (5th Oct 1995)

Adams (Anita)

For Your Love (1990)
Movin' Up And Down (1991)
Everything I Do (I Do It For You) (1991)
All My Love (1992)
Send Me An Angel (1992)
Got To Feel Good (1993)
Cornflake Girl (Remix 94) (1994)
Label : Italian Style Records.

Adastra (1994)
1.Satisfied, 2.Sister Ann, 3.Revolution, 4.No Matter, 5.Iaonama, 6.Mixed-up City, 7.Push It, 8.Stay Free, 9.We're Not In Love, 10.Don't Say Goodbye, 11.Summerrain
Sister Ann (1994)
Iaonnama (11th Aug 1994)
Revolution (1995)
Iaonnama (1994)


Train To Nowhere

Adema (Rene) 

Artists and groups featuring Adema (Rene)
Priority - Time To Unite (1995)

Adler (Thorsten)

Love Is Gone (18th Sep 1995)


Open Your Eyes (1995)
Don't Wanna See You (1996)

Everything (1995)

Savage (1993)
Take Me Back (1994)
Paradise (1994)