eurodance slayder

Brown (Jocelyn)


Deep Beats

One From The Heart (1985)

1.Ego Maniac, 2.Love's Gonna Get You, 3.Living Without Your Love, 4.I Cry Real Tears, 5.Caught in the Act, 6.My Time Will Come, 7.True Love, 8.Whatever Satisfies You,

Somebody Else's Guy (1989)

She Got Soul (1992)

1.Take Me Up, 2.Always There, 3.Don't Talk Just Kiss, 4.Gypsy Rhythm, 5.Love's Gonna Get You, 6.Mindbuster, 7.Feel Like Makin' Love, 8.Today And Yesterday, 9.Got To Get Away, 10.My Sun Will Get You, 11.Freedom, 12.Do You Want Me, 13.Living With Tour Love, 14.Somebody Else's Guy, 15.Good Old Fashion Lovin, 16.She Got Soul,

Absolutely / Diva (1996)

1.Mindbuster (feat, 2.Freedom, 3.Somebody Else's Guy, 4.Absolutely, 5.Reach Out, 6.I Want To Know What Love Is, 7.Turn Out The Lights (feat, 8.This Love Is True (feat, 9.Everyday, 10.Feel Like Makin' Love (with Heatwave), 11.Many Rivers To Cross, 12.No Excuse,

The Hits (1998)

1.Ain't No Mountain High Enough, 2.Something's Going On, 3.Somebody Else's Guy, 4.Keep On Jumpin', 5.Fun, 6.Happiness, 7.Always There, 8.Let Love Take Control, 9.She Got Soul, 10.It's Alright, 11.I Am The Black Gold Of The Sun, 12.Somebody Else's Guy (Live), 13.Love's Gonna Get You, 14.The Gospel Truth,

Moment Of My Life : Anthology (1999)

1.Somebody Else's Guy (7"), 2.Ain't No Mountain High Enough (Radio Edit), 3.I Believe(Radio Edit), 4.I Like It Like That, 5.I'm Caught Up (In A One Night Love Affair) (Radio Edit), 6.Take Some Time Out (For Love) (7"), 7.Can't Stop The Rhythm, 8.Keep On Jumpin' (Radio Edit), 9.In The Bush (Radio Edit), 10.Hooked On You, 11.You Are The One, 12.I Wish You Would (7"), 13.Sadie (She Smokes), 14.Moment Of My Life, 15.It's Wonderful, 16.Make It Last Forever, 17.Somebody Else's Guy (M&M Acapella),

Turn on the Hits (2nd May 2000)

1.Somebody Else's Guy, 2.Absolutely, 3.So Sensational, 4.Mindbuster, 5.Everyday, 6.This Love Is True, 7.Physical Attraction, 8.Get Down Saturday Night, 9.I Wanna Know What Love Is, 10.Tighten Me Up, 11.Freedom, 12.Turn Out the Lights, 13.You're Number One, 14.Reach Out,

Unreleased (29th May 2006)

1.She'd Call, 2.Buttaflies, 3.Find Someone To Love, 4.That's Just Me, 5.Not Yet, 6.It's You, 7.Real Thing, 8.Hey You Over There, 9.Forever, 10.Don't Make A Mistake, 11.Sweet Fine Baby, 12.Vacation Time, 13.I Love You, 14.I Will Wait For You,

Circles (2008)

1.Doing It My Way, 2.Ohana (Family), 3.He Said So, 4.Next Phase, 5.What I Wouldn'T Do, 6.One, 7.80'S Party, 8.Sing, 9.Something'S Gotta Give, 10.Blessings, 11.Silent Night,



Somebody Else's Guy (1984)

I Wish You Would (1984)

Picking Up Promises (1984)

Too Through (with Bad Girls) (1984)

Love's Gonna Get You (1985)

Ego Maniac (1987)

Whatever Satisfies You (1987)

Caught In The Act (1987)

R U Lonely (1988)

Freedom (1989)

I Wanna Know What Love Is (1991)

My Sun Will Get You (with Ra?l Orellana) (1992)

I'm Caught Up/You Got Me (1993)

No More Tears (Enough Is Enough) (1994)

Gimme All Your Lovin' (1994)

It's Alright, I Feel It (1997)

Ain't No Mountain High Enough (1998)

Black Skin Blue Eyed Boys (with Tatjana Orff?) (Dec 2004)

Better Life (3rd Jun 2009)

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