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Walking On A Rainbow (1987)

1.Gangster Love (Maxi Version), 2.Sorry Little Sarah (Maxi Version), 3.She's A Lady (Maxi Version), 4.Voodoo Nights, 5.Love Me More (Maxi Version), 6.Emanuelle (Maxi Version), 7.Big Boys Don't Cry (Maxi Ver.), 8.G.T.O.,

Body Heat (17th Oct 1988)

1.Under My Skin, 2.Do You Wanna Be My Girlfriend, 3.Titanic 650604, 4.Love Suite, 5.Body Heat, 6.My Bed Is Too Big, 7.Too Young, 8.Sorry Little Sarah, 9.(New York Dance Mix), 10.Silent Water (aus dem Schimanski-Tatort 'Moltke'), 11.I Want To Be Your Brother,

Twiligth (9th Oct 1989)

1.Magic Symphony, 2.Love Me On The Rocks, 3.Save Me, 4.Nobody Makes Me Crazy (Like You Do), 5.Madonna Blue, 6.Call Me Dr.Love (A New Dimension), 7.Little Jeannie, 8.Carry Me Oh Carrie, 9.Big Yellow Taxi, 10.Everything I Own,

Obsession (8th Oct 1990)

1.Love Is Such A Lonely Sword, 2.When Sarah Smiles, 3.Behind The Silence, 4.2000 Miles, 5.Two Hearts Beat As One, 6.48 Hours, 7.I'm Not That Kind Of Guy, 8.Try The Impossible, 9.Another Lonely Night, 10.I'm The Pilot Of Your Love,

Seeds Of Heaven (8th Apr 1991)

1.La Serenata (Overture), 2.Lucifer, 3.Testamente D'Amelia, 4.Is She Really Going Out With Him?, 5.Read My Lips, 6.Is It A Shame, 7.Sad Girl In The Sunset, 8.Lisa Said..., 9.The Wind Cries (Who Killed Norma Jean), 10.Don't Tell Me...,

Deja Vu (30th Sep 1991)

1.D?j? vu, 2.It's All Over (Duet With Dionne Warwick), 3.New York - Berlin - Paris, 4.Mrs. Jones, 5.Sexy Thing, 6.Praying To The Aliens, 7.Dressed In Blue, 8.Better Than The Rest, 9.Is It Love?, 10.Just Say No,

Hello America (23rd Mar 1992)

1.Romeo & Juliet, 2.Crossing The River, 3.I Will Survive, 4.I Like Your Sexy Body, 5.Satellite To Satellite, 6.Hello America, 7.Vampire, 8.Wonderful World, 9.Heartache No. 9, 10.Unfinished Rhapsodie, 11.Bonus Track: Final,

Backstreet Dreams (19th Apr 1993)

1.History, 2.Operator, 3.Backstreet Heaven, 4.You Are An Angel, 5.I'm So Excited, 6.Dirty Money, 7.Ballerina Girl, 8.Lovers In A Missing World, 9.Talk To Me, 10.Michael Has Gone For A Soldier, 11.Don't You Want My Foolish Heart,

21st Century (21st Mar 1994)

1.Welcome To The 21st Century, 2.6 Years - 6 Nights, 3.Venice In The Rain, 4.If I Will Rule The World, 5.Sacrifice, 6.When Bogart Talks To You, 7.That's Love, 8.Lady Unforgettable, 9.This Old Town, 10.21st Century, 11.Sister Cool, 12.See You In The 22nd Century,

X-Ten (31st Oct 1994)

1.Dr. Mabuse, 2.If There Is A God In Heaven, 3.How Will I Know, 4.Goodnight Marielin, 5.Don't Knock Me Out, 6.You'll Be My Hero, 7.Does Your Mother Really Know, 8.When You Are Lonely, 9.The Earth Will Move, 10.Don't Stop To Dance, 11.Crying Game,

Forever Blue (9th Oct 1995)

1.Laila, 2.I Wanna Smile, 3.Baby Jealousy, 4.Taxi Girl, 5.All What I Need, 6.Marvin's Song, 7.Love Is Not A Tragedy, 8.Here I Go Again, 9.Une Chambre Pour La Nuit, 10.It's Ecstasy, 11.It's More,

Body To Body (14th Oct 1996)

1.Body To Body, 2.Only With You, 3.For The Children, 4.It's For You, 5.Dam, Dam, 6.Can This Be Love, 7.On And On, 8.Freedom, 9.Deeper Deeper, 10.Oh, I Miss You, 11.Thank God, It's Friday Night,

Here I Am (17th Nov 1997)

1.Love Will Drive Me Crazy, 2.Anything, 3.I Miss You, 4.I Love The Way You Are, 5.Don't Do That, 6.Baby Believe Me, 7.You Are Lyin', 8.C'est La Vie, 9.Every Day, Every Night, 10.Shame Shame Shame, 11.I Believe You Are An Angel,

When You Are Lonely - The Greatest Love Ballads (1998)

1.When You Are Lonely, 2.Sorry Little Sarah, 3.Silent Water, 4.When Sarah Smiles, 5.Big Boys Don't Cry, 6.Sad Girl In The Sunset, 7.Hello America, 8.Backstreet Heaven, 9.Lisa Said..., 10.Two Hearts Beat As One, 11.I'm Not That Kind Of Guy, 12.It's All Over, 13.I Love The Way You Are, 14.Michael Has Gone For A Soldier, 15.Crossing The River, 16.It's More, 17.Lady Unforgetable, 18.Venice In The Rain, 19.Ballerina Girl, 20.For The Children (Feat. Children United),

Das beste aus 40 Jahren Hitparade (20th Feb 2009)

The Very Best Of (13th Mar 2009)



Sorry Little Sarah (1987)

Big Boys Don't Cry (1988)

My Bed Is Too Big (1988)

She's A Lady (1988)

Under My Skin (1988)

Silent Water (1988)

Love Suite (1989)

Magic Symphony (1989)

Love Me On The Rocks (1989)

Magic Symphony Remix (1990)

48 Hours (1990)

Love Is Such A Lonely Sword (1990)

When Sarah Smiles (1990)

Lucifer (1991)

Testamente D'Amelia (1991)

It's All Over (1991)

D?j? vu (1991)

Romeo And Juliet (1992)

I Will Survive (1992)

History (1993)

Operator (1993)

6 Years - 6 Nights (1994)

That's Love (1994)

Dr. Mabuse (1994)

Laila (1995)

Body To Body (1996)

Only With You (28th May 1996)

For The Children (9th Jul 1996)

Love Will Drive Me Crazy (1997)

Anything (1997)


Laila (remixes by Masterboy Beat Production) (1995)