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Black Box  


Dreamland (1990)

1.Everybody Everybody, 2.I Don't Know Anybody Else, 3.Open Your Eyes, 4.Fantasy, 5.Dreamland, 6.Ride On Time, 7.Hold On, 8.Ghost box, 9.Strike It Up,

Remixland (1990)

1.Bright on time, 2.Fantasy (Big band mix), 3.I don't know anybody else (Soul remix), 4.Ride on time (Piano mix), 5.Megamix, 6.Everybody everybody, 7.Get down (Rapmix), 8.UK megamix,

2 + 2 (1991)

1.Everybody everybody, 2.I don't know anybody else, 3.Open your eyes, 4.Fantasy, 5.Dreamland, 6.Ride on time (remix), 7.Hold on, 8.Ghost box, 9.Strike it up, 10.10. Megamix : Ride on time with Magic atto II (featuring Lelewel), 11.I don't know anybody else (Megaremix),

2 + 2 (1991)

1.Bright on time (The come back mix), 2.Everybody everybody (Freak remix), 3.Fantasy (Psyche remix), 4.Get down (Radio remix), 5.Ride on time (Garage trip), 6.I don't know anybody else (Remix), 7.Black Box megamix (Hot club version), 8.Black Box the UK megamix,

Mixed Up (1991)

1.Strike it up (Dance mix), 2.Ride on time (Bright on mix), 3.Everybody everybody (Le freak mix), 4.Open your eyes (Mirko's mix), 5.Fantasy (Club mix), 6.Everybody everybody (Rockapella), 7.I don't know anybody else (Funky mix), 8.Ride on time (Massive mix), 9.Strike it up (Original remix), 10.Get down (Party remix),

Remix Hits (Japan) (1991)

1.Bright on time (The come back mix), 2.Everybody everybody (Freak remix), 3.Fantasy (Psyche remix), 4.Ride on time (Garage trip), 5.I don't know anybody else (Remix), 6.Ride on time (Massive mix),

Party Mix (Japan) (1991)

1.Open your eyes (Mirko's mix), 2.Strike it up (Dance mix), 3.I don't know anybody else (Funky mix), 4.Everybody everybody (Rockapella), 5.Strike it up (Original mix), 6.Get down (Party remix),

Mixed Up 92 (1992)

1.Open your eyes (Daniele's mix), 2.Strike it up (Sensitive mix), 3.Fantasy (Big band mix), 4.Get down (Afro mix), 5.I don't know anybody else (Remix), 6.Megamix, 7.Strike it up (Original mix), 8.Open your eyes (Valerio's mix), 9.Bright on time (Single mix), 10.Everybody everybody (Club mix), 11.UK Megamix, 12.Ride on time (Piano mix),

Positive Vibration (Japan) (1995)

1.Rockin' To The Music, 2.Not Anyone, 3.Fall Into My Love, 4.Be What You Want, 5.So Long, 6.Think it Over, 7.A Positive Vibration, 8.The Beat Of Your Heart, 9.Don't Give In, 10.What Is Love, 11.So Long (Reprise), 12.Rockin' To The Music (Gemolotto One remix), 13.Not Anyone (Chicco Secci Miami By Night Part 1&2),

Positive Vibration (1996)

1.Rockin' to the music, 2.Not anyone, 3.Fall into my love, 4.Be what you want, 5.So long, 6.Think it over, 7.A positive vibration, 8.The beat of your heart, 9.Native new yorker, 10.Don't give in, 11.What is love, 12.So long (Reprise), 13.Not anyone (Kamasutra radio edit), 14.I got the vibration (Lelewel freak radio), 15.Native new yorker (Steve Silk Hurley R&B mix),

Hits and Mixes (Jun 1998)

1.Ride On Time, 2.Ghost Box, 3.Everybody Everybody, 4.Fantasy, 5.I Don't Know Anybody Else, 6.Strike It Up, 7.Open Your Eyes, 8.Hold On, 9.Get Down (Party Remix), 10.Strike It Up (Dance Mix), 11.Bright On Time '94 Remix, 12.Everybody Everybody, 13.Fantasy (Extended Mix), 14.Total Mix Including Ride,


Ride On Time (12th Aug 1989)

I Don't Know Anybody Else (17th Feb 1990)    

Everybody Everybody (Jul 1990)    

Get Down (Sep 1990)

Fantasy (3rd Nov 1990)  

Megamix (1991)   

Ride On Time + The Total mix (1991)

Bright On Time (Apr 1991) 

Strike It Up (Jun 1991)  

Open Your Eyes (Sep 1991) 

Hold On (Jun 1992) 

Rockin' To The Music (Dec 1993)

Ride On Time '94 (Apr 1994) 

Not Anyone (1995)   

A Positive Vibration (Nov 1995)  

I Got The Vibration (1st Apr 1996)  

Native New Yorker (27th Jan 1997)  

Fall Into My Love (Apr 1997)

Bright On Time '98 (1998)

Ride On Time 2003 (2003) 

You Got The Love (2005)

Everybody Everybody 2007 (2007)


Ride On Time (1989)

Fantasy (1990) 

I Don't Know Anybody Else (1990)

Strike It Up (1991)

Open Your Eyes (1991)

Not Anyone (1995)

Native New Yorker (1997)