eurodance slayder



For Those About To Rave... We Salute You (24th Aug 1992)

1.Welcome, 2.Spiderman, 3.Godfather, 4.S.O.S., 5.Cloud 9, 6.Living In Ecstasy (Chr Rave Mix), 7.Talkin' Bout Love, 8.Psychological Warfare, 9.FM, 10.Ambient Ecstasy, 11.Can We Dance, 12.Living In Ecstasy (House Mix),

Dreamcatcher (1st Sep 1993)

1.Dreamcatcher, 2.Take It While You Can (Reconstruction Mix), 3.Living In Ecstacy (House Mix), 4.When You Love Somebody, 5.Can We Dance (The Legion Of Boom Interpretation), 6.The Message (Molly J's Market Mix), 7.I'm In Love With You (The City Of Love Club Mix), 8.Talkin' Bout Love (Morning Show Rave Mix), 9.The Moons Of Saturn (The Abbeywood Trance Mix), 10.Five Hours From... (Acen & The House Crew Long Journey Mix), 11.Do It Again Vivaldi (Cevin Key VS Dogwhistle VS The Guru), 12.Talkin' Bout Love (Joey Beltram's Tribal Hoover Mix), 13.Living In Ecstacy (U.S. Club Mix), 14.Take It While You Can (Darryl James & David Anthony Dubmental), 15.When You Love Somebody (Peter Piper's Pickled Pepper Mix),

Astroplane (20th Jun 1996)

1.Astroplane, 2.Take Control, 3.4 Your Love (City Of Love), 4.Dreamcatcher 2000, 5.Read My Lips (George Acosta's Planet Soul Mix), 6.The Square Dance Song, 7.Swamp Thing (Live With Ashley MacIsaac), 8.Halogen, 9.You Gotta Run, 10.Everybody Say Love, 11.Kenya Chill, 12.Majic, 13.4 Your Love (Todd Terry's Rubber Room Remix),

The Best of BKS (1998)

1.Astroplane (BKS City Of Love Radio Mix), 2.I'm In Love With You (The City Of Love Club Mix), 3.Take Control (Matrix Extended Edit), 4.Living In Ecstasy (CHR Rave Mix), 5.Dreamcatcher (Original Mix), 6.The Square Dance Song (Riprock 'N' Dash Hi Noon Radio Mix), 7.4 Your Love (Airplay Edit), 8.Talkin' Bout Love (Original Mix), 9.Godfather (Original Mix), 10.When You Love Somebody (Original Mix), 11.Welcome (Dogwhistle Meets The Guru Mix), 12.Living In Ecstasy (City Of Love Rave), 13.When You Love Somebody (Peter Piper's Pickled Pepper Mix), 14.Dreamcatcher 2000, 15.4 Your Love (Todd Terry's Rubber Room Remix),


Living in Ecstacy (1992)

Talkin' Bout Love (1992)

Dreamcatcher (1993)

Swamp Thing (1994)

I'm In Love With You (1994)

Square Dance Song (I Wanna Go Higher) (1995)

Take Control (1995)

Astroplane (1996)

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