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Bingo Boys 


The Best Of The Bingo Boys (3rd May 1991)

1.How To Dance, 2.Get Up, 3.Borrowed Love (featuring Arnold Jarvis), 4.Welcome To The Love Connection, 5.No Woman No Cry, 6.The Dancer (featuring Melissa Bell), 7.Bla-Bla, 8.Adventures In Funk Space, 9.Set The Mood, 10.Hey D.J. (featuring Papa Linley),

Color Of Music (1994)

1.Ten More Minutes, 2.Sugar Daddy, 3.No Communication, 4.That Girl, 5.Knock Knock, 6.Gimme Love, 7.Peace of Mind, 8.Color of Music, 9.Logical, 10.Get It Together, 11.Magic Number, 12.Discard After,


How To Dance (6th Mar 1991)  

Borrowed Love (5th Jun 1991)

No Woman No Cry/Hey DeeJay (3rd Aug 1991)

Chartbuster (1992)

10 More Minutes (1993)

No Communication (1994)

Sugar Daddy (5th Apr 1994)