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BG the Prince of Rap 


The Power Of Rhythm (1991)

1.It's Only A Beginning, 2.The Power Of Rhythm, 3.Wishing For Your Love, 4.Rap The World, 5.Victim, 6.Take Control Of The Party, 7.This Beat Is Hot, 8.Give Me The Music, 9.Move To Love, 10.I'm Real, 11.What 'Cha Gotta Do Is Dance, 12.Be My Girl,

The Time Is Now (1994)

1.Can't Love You, 2.The Colour Of My Dreams, 3.Can We Get Enough, 4.Round And Round, 5.Rock A Bit, 6.Walk Over The Rainbow, 7.The Dancer, 8.Miles Away, 9.Wanna Be Free, 10.Can We Get Enough? (Remix), 11.This Is How We Do It, 12.Bring You The Funk Back,

Get The Groove On (1996)

1.Stomp (Full Party Radio Mix), 2.Get The Groove On, 3.Stronger Love, 4.Jump To This (Allnight !), 5.I Got What You Want, 6.Take Me Through The Night, 7.Move It, 8.Love Will Always Find You, 9.Love Is, 10.Don't Stop - Keep Movin', 11.I Gave You All My Money, 12.What You Feel Like, 13.Disco Fever, 14.Jump, 15.Crazy,


Rap To The World (1990)

Take Control Of The Party (Jan 1991)

The Power Of Rhythm (Apr 1991)

This Beat Is Hot (Jun 1991)

Give Me The Music (Sep 1991)

Can We Get Enough (21st Apr 1993) 

The Colour Of My Dreams (Apr 1994)

Rock A Bit (8th Aug 1994)

Can't Love You (Mar 1995)

Take Me Through The Night (28th Jan 1996)

Stomp (20th Mar 1996)

Jump To This (7th Nov 1996)


Rap To The World (1990)

This Beat Is Hot (1991)

Can We Get Enough (1993)

The Colour Of My Dreams (1994)

Stomp (1996)

Producers : Jam El Mar, Stefan Benz