eurodance slayder



Global (1993)

1.I Know (Love Decade Remix), 2.San Andreas, 3.Song Of Earth, 4.Rude, 5.Into The Future, 6.Water, 7.Fiore (Bandito Mix), 8.Bass (One Little Bit), 9.Solaris, 10.Take Off Some Time (Love Decade Remix), 11.Sunshine Creed, 12.Life Spirit,

About Time (1996)

1.The Sunshine After The Rain, 2.Show Me Love, 3.I Just Can't Get Enough Of Your Love, 4.Got To Get Away, 5.Cross Your Heart, 6.Confession, 7.Heaven, 8.Shine Like A Star, 9.Take Me To The River, 10.Free Your Mind, 11.Come And Get My Lovin, 12.The Sunshine After The Rain (Ken Doh's brewed up vocal mix), 13.Shine like a star (Dancin' Divaz Mix),


I Know (1991)

Into The Future (1992)

Take Off Some Time (1992)

Flore (1993)

The Sunshine After The Rain (1995) 

Shine Like A Star (1996)

I Know '99 (1999)