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Bass Culture


B.C. Nation (1993)

1.You've Got A Friend (feat. Kate Ceberano) (Disc One), 2.Love Will Find A Way (feat. Suzie Ahearn), 3.So Strong (feat. Toni Pearden), 4.B.C. Nation (feat. Ruffnek), 5.Love The Life (feat. Geena a.k.a. Gina G.), 6.Inner City (feat. Scott Carne), 7.I've Learn To Cope (feat. Lisa Maxwell), 8.Echo Point, 9.I'll Make You Happy (feat. Geena a.k.a Gina G.), 10.You've Got A Friend (Club Remix), 11.I've Learned To Cope (12' Main Mix) (Disc Two), 12.Love Will Find A Way (12' Dance Mix), 13.I've Learned To Cope (Life & Love Dub), 14.B.C. Nation (Bass Culture/Pee Wee Ferris Remix), 15.Love Will Find A Way (All The Way In Mix) Flux, 16.Love The Trance (Original Mix), 17.I've Learned To Cope (Ground Level Remix), 18.Love The Life (Original Dance Mix), 19.Love Will Find A Way (Most Of The Way In Mix) Flux, 20.I've Learned To Cope (New Acid Generation Mix), 21.Flight Of The Condor, 22.I've Learned To Cope (Grinstretcher Mix),


Love Will Find A Way ()

Facts Of Life (1990)

Show Me Love (1993)

Love The Life (1995) 

Producer : Pee Wee Ferris (Australian DJ and remixer)