eurodance slayder



On Ice (1998)


1.Typical Tropical, 2.Supermodel, 3.Amigo, 4.Wham Bam Boogie, 5.Let The Sunshine In, 6.Bumble Bee, 7.You Are My Dream, 8.Bam Bam Bam, 9.Baby Baby, 10.Il Ritmo Dell' Amore, 11.Candy Girl (Y2K Mix),

Fairytales (2001)

1.Cowgirl, 2.Dr Doolittle, 3.Seventeen, 4.Fairytales, 5.Red, Yellow, Green & Blue, 6.Spaceman, 7.Do It Like You Do, 8.Watch Out, 9.Online, 10.Caribbean Blue, 11.Paradise, 12.Boom Digi Da, 13.I Wanna Be Wild,


Candy Girl (1997)

Bam Bam Bam (1998)

Typical Tropical (1999)

You Are My Dream (1999)

Seventeen (2001)

Cowgirl (2001)