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T 42


Free Your Mind (24th Oct 1994)


T rex


Looking Over (1996)


T Seven


Hey Mr President (26th Feb 2001)

Passion (17th Sep 2001)

Copa Cabana (2003)




There Is A Time (1996)

All I Wanna Do (18th Apr 1997)








Tiger Style (2002)

1.Intro, 2.Cand Te Uiti In Ochii Mei (feat. Elena), 3.Nobody, 4.Sa Fii Doar A Mea (feat. Novac), 4.C1 Roll (feat X-Mann), 5.Dude (feat. Sorin), 6.Ma Voi Gandi (feat. Novac & Elena), 7.Boys Wanna (feat. K1), 8.BBT, 9.Let's Get It On (feat McNirris), 10.As Putea ( inghet) (feat. Sorin), 11.Cand Totul s-a Sfarsit (feat. Elena), 12.Te Port In Suflet (feat. Elena & Novac), 13.Stiu (feat. Novac), 14.Spune-mi Cine (feat. Elena), 15.Cand O Vad (feat. Novac), 16.Prayer, 17.Mama, 18.Outro,




Joy, Life And Pain (Oct 1994)

1.Where R U Now, 2.Take Me 2 The Limit, 3.See The Light, 4.Fly Away, 5.Mercedes Benz, 6.No Time 2 Waste, 7.Where R U Now (Club Mix), 8.Louise, 9.Take Me 2 The Limit (Club Mix), 10.Open Up 2 U, 11.Say No More, 12.TheMega Mix (DJ Version),

Joy, Life And Pain - The Ремиксы: (1995)

Lexicon Of Melody (1996)

1.Fly Away, 2.A Part Of My Life, 3.Rain In June, 4.Someone Loves YouHoney, 5.Smiling, 6.Higher Higher, 7.Nine Years From Home, 8.Down WithSaskia ft, 9.Hello Kitty!, 10.Rockstar, 11.It's About Time, 12.Your Way, 13.A Part Of My Life (Red Monster 12" Vynil), 14.Smiling (HurricaneRadio Mix),

The Hit Collection (1997)

1.Sex On The Beach, 2.Mercedes Benz, 3.See The Light, 4.No Time 2 Waste '97 (Axel's Remix), 5.Your Way '97 (Dorian's Remix), 6.Say No More, 7.Take Me 2 The Limit, 8.Hello Kitty!, 9.Where R U Now, 10.A Part Of My Life, 11.Smiling, 12.Rain In June (Original Mix), 13.Fly Away (Fantasy Club Mix), 14.Rockstar, 15.Someone Loves You Honey '97 (Hot Summer Remix), 16.No Time2 Waste, 17.Message Of Love (One Look At You), 18.Tom's Party (Japaneseversion only),

T-Spoon (Apr 1999)

1.Got 2 Get U Back, 2.Go!, 3.Boom Boom, 4.Come And Get My Love, 5.Delicious, 6.In Loving Memory, 7.I Want To Be Your Man, 8.One In A Million, 9.If ICould Turn Back Time, 10.Summer Love, 11.I'll Be Missing You, 12.HeavenIn My Hand, 13.Make It Funky,


No Time 2 Waste (4th Nov 1993)

Take Me 2 The Limit (24th Jun 1994)

Where R U Now (Oct 1994)

Mercedes Benz (25th Jan 1995)

See The Light (Apr 1995)

A Part Of My Life (Oct 1995)

Rockstar (Apr 1996)

Someone Loves You Honey (Jun 1996)

Keep On Smiling (Sep 1996)

Fly Away (Feb 1997)

Sex On The Beach (30th Jun 1997)

Message Of Love (Oct 1997)

Merry Christmas (Dec 1997)

Tom's Party (Apr 1998)

Got 2 Get U Back (Mar 1999)

Summer Love (Aug 1999)

I Want To Be Your Man (Oct 1999)

Delicious (Oct 1999)

Delicious/F.O.O.T.B.A.L.L. (May 2000)

Sexy Lady (Apr 2001)

Alive & Kicking (2002)

No Time 2 Waste 2k3 / Alive & Kicking (2003)

Sex on the Beach 2004 (2004)

No Time 2 Waste 2009 (1st Oct 2009)

Krush! (3rd Nov 2009)

The Beat Goes (21st Jan 2010)

The Final Countdown 2010 (25th Feb 2010)

Bouncing In New York (22nd Mar 2010)

Sweet Child O Mine (22nd Apr 2010)

Big Booty Bitches (20th May 2010)

Club On Fire (planned for 3rd Nov 2010)




Check Out (10th Dec 1993)

Movin Up And Down (1995)

Do You Know Where You're Going To (14th Jun 1995)

Don't Let Me... (1996)

Body Rock (10th Dec 1996)

Reach Out (6th Nov 1997)

I Will Survive (12th Jan 1999)

Nutbush City Limits (21st Sep 1999)

Turn The Beat Around (5th Feb 2000)

Radio Ga Ga (27th Nov 2000)




Every Life Unfolds (1997)

Children Voices (1998)

Star (1998)

Melody Blue (Movin On) (1999)

Run To You (2000)

Find Time (2001)

Set Me Free (19th Apr 2002)

Too Much (21st Jul 2003)




I Dream Of You Tonight (10th Feb 1995)

Label : Dance Pool.


Take Twice


It's True (17th Jul 1995)

Label : NRT




Sweet Nature (1994)




Whatever Happened Lately (1999)


Living For Love (1990)

Baby Don't Stop (1992)

Falling In Love (1994)

I Found Luv (12th Oct 1994)

Let Me Be (2nd Feb 1995)

Burning Up (6th Jun 1995)

Jambalaya (on the Bayou) (1996)

I Wanna Give (1997)

Internet Love (1997)

You And Me (1998)

Kisses, Kisses, Bye-Bye (1998)

Over You (2003)

(Emanuella Gubinelli)




Feel It (1996)

My Life Is House (1997)

My Destiny (1998)


Talk 2 U


Bodytalk (6th Nov 1995)


Tama Tata


Power Of Love (1994)

Label : Welcome.




Mystery (1996)

Sunrise (1998)

World's Emotion (1999)

Take Your Time (2001)

Seven Lonely Days (2002)

Another Night (May 2003)




More More More (12th Sep 1995)


More More More (1995)




Feed My Love (1994)




Feel Good (1993)

1.Feel Good, 2.Fly away, 3.Just when I needed you most, 4.Takes a little Time, 5.Never never, 6.Don't you want me baby, 7.Can't take my eyes off you, 8.He's my man (from the original sountrack 'Flodder in America'), 9.Gimme all your loving, 10.Na Na Na Na (Come on let's go out), 11.You and Me, 12.Chica Cubana, 13.Awaka boy,

Santa Maria (1996)

1.Santa Maria (Radio Edit), 2.Your Love Is Magic, 3.The First Time, 4.Searching For You, 5.Sweet Sweet Smile, 6.Let's Go Round Again, 7.Nothing To Me, 8.Boy I Know, 9.Loving On My Mind, 10.Ain't Gonna Cry, 11.Show Me, 12.Santa Maria (Wah-Hey Mix), 13.Santa Maria (Harry Ola Mix), 14.Santa Maria (Y&Co. Mix),

New Look (22nd Mar 1997)

1.Calendar Girl (Brasil Version), 2.Santa Maria, 3.Your Love Is Magic, 4.The First Time, 5.Searching For You, 6.Sweet Sweet Smile, 7.Let's Go Round Again, 8.Nothing To Me, 9.Boy I Know, 10.Loving On My Mind, 11.Ain't Gonna Cry, 12.Show Me, 13.Santa Maria (Way-Hey Mix), 14.Calendar Girl (Disco Version),


O Baby I

Awaka Boy (1988)

Chica Cubana (1988)

You And Me (1991)

Can't Take My Eyes Off You (1992)

Just When I Needed You Most (1992)

Feel Good (1993)

Never Never (1993)

Don't You Want Me Baby (1994)

Santa Maria (1995)

Calendar Girl (1995)

The First Time (1997)

Crazy Way About You (1999)

Wait And Wonder (1999)

Baila Baila (2000)

Be There In Time (2000)

Beautiful (2000)

Santa Maria 2003 (2003)

Ik Laat Je Gaan (Jan 2008)




Wild (1995)

Label : Discomagic.


Tayio to Ciscomoon


Taiyo & Ciscomoon 1 (27th Oct 1999)

2nd Stage (27th Sep 2000)


Tsuki To Taiyou (21st Apr 1999)

Gatamekira (23rd Jun 1999)

Uchuu De La Ta Ta (23rd Jul 1999)

Everyday Everywhere (25th Aug 1999)

Magic Of Love (29th Sep 1999)

Marui Taiyou (8th Dec 1999)

Don't Stop Ren'Ai Chu (19th Apr 2000)

Hey! Mahiru no Shinkirou (19th Jul 2000)


Tears N'Joy


Enjoy (1995)

1.Take My Life (Ragga version), 2.Taste Of Love, 3.Enjoy, 4.That's The Way (I LIke It), 5.Jungle Nite, 6.Make Your Decision, 7.Time, 8.Ain't Nobody (But You), 9.Go, 10.You Take My Heart Away, 11.Brand New, 12.Take My Life (Maxi Version),


You Take My Heart Away

I Will Always Love You (1993)

Go Before You Break My Heart (1993)

Take My Life (1995)




Reaction (1994)

Keep On Movin' Baby (1995)


Techno Cop


The Best And More (1992)

1.Stop The Police (Arrest The Bitch-Mix), 2.Axel F. (U-Boot-Mix), 3.Das Condom... Pump It Up! (Domina-Mix), 4.James Bond Theme (Radio-Active-Mix), 5.Give Me X.T.C. (Maxi-Remix), 6.Axel F. Rap (Megaphone Mix), 7.The Cat (Batmix), 8.Mary's Talking Vol. I, 9.Cops In Trance, 10.Road To Nowhere, 11.Mary's Talking Vol. II (The Laws Of Gravity),


Axel F (1992)

Stop The Police (1992)

The Vision (1994)

Axel F remix (1994)

Miracle of Life (1995)

Drifting In Illusions (1996)




Vamos Techno (1991)

Warm Me Up (25th Feb 1994)




Best Ремиксы: (1989)

Pump Up The Jam (1989)

1.Pump Up The Jam, 2.Get Up (Before The Night Is Over), 3.Tough, 4.Take It Slow, 5.Come On, 6.This Beat Is Technotronic, 7.Move This, 8.Come Back, 9.Rockin Over The Beat, 10.Raw, 11.Wave, 12.String,

Trip On This - The Ремиксы: (1990)

1.Techno Medley (Pettibone mix), 2.Spin That Wheel (Morales Spinetermix), 3.This Beat Is Technotronic (Dust mix), 4.Get up (Happy Jack mix), 5.Raw Update, 6.Turn It Up/Rockin Over The Beat (Rockin Over Manchester Hacienda mix), 7.Pump Up The Jam (Terry Dome mix), 8.Take It Slow (FabBibulous mix), 9.Megamix (Hit radio version),

Technotronic - The Ремиксы: (1990)

1.Pump Up The Jam (Top FM Mix), 2.Get Up (Before The Night Is Over), 3.This Beat Is Technotronic (Get It On Club Mix), 4.Megamix (Club Version), 5.Megamix (Radio Version), 6.Move This (Re-Edit Version),

Body To Body (1992)

1.Move That body, 2.Work, 3.Release Yourself, 4.Cold Chillin', 5.Voices, 6.Money Makes The World Go Round, 7.Gimme The One, 8.Yeh-Yeah, 9.Body To Body, 10.Get It Started, 11.Bogaert's Breakfast,

The Greatest Hits (1993)

1.Pump Up The Jam, 2.Get Up! (Before The Night Is Over), 3.This Beat Is Technotronic, 4.Rockin' Over The beat (Rockin' Over Manchester 7" Remix), 5.Megamix, 6.Turn It Up (Three Men + A Mix), 7.Move That Body, 8.Work, 9.Money Makes The World Go Round, 10.Move This (Bogaert's 7" Remix), 11.Voices, 12.Hey Yoh, Here We Go, 13.One Plus One, 14.CD Bonus Track Get Up (7"Remix),

Recall (1995)

1.Move It To The Rhythm, 2.Recall, 3.Saving All Your Love, 4.It's Allright, 5.I Want You By My Side, 6.2 U X, 7.Are You Ready, 8.NowhereTo Run, 9.NRG Flow, 10.Can't Live Without You, 11.It's Just The Way It Is, 12.Club Thang,

This Beat Is Technotronic: Hits & Mixes (6th Mar 1998)

Pump Up The Hits (23rd Nov 1998)

1.Pump Up The Jam, 2.Get Up, 3.Move That Body, 4.Rockin' Over The Beat, 5.This Beat Is Technotronic, 6.Move This, 7.One Plus One, 8.Turn It Up, 9.Work, 10.Hey Yoh, 11.Money Makes The World Go Round, 12.Megamix, 13.Pump Up The Jam (Original Single Mix), 14.Get Up (Original Single Remix), 15.Rockin' Over The Beat (Original Single Remix),

Back 2 Back Hits (18th Oct 1999)

1.This Beat Is Technotronic (Single Mix), 2.Pump Up The Jam (Vocal Attack), 3.Get Up (Before The Night Is Over) (12' Mix), 4.Move This (Bogaert's 7' Remix), 5.Rockin' Over The Beat (7' Rockin' Over Manchester Mix), 6.Hey Yoh, Here We Go, 7.Work (7' Mix), 8.Turn It Up (Three Men + A Mix), 9.Move That Body (Bruce Forest 12' Mix), 10.Voices (Jam & Spoon Mix), 11.One + One, 12.Megamix (7'),

Greatest Remix Hits (2006)


Pump Up The Jam (28th Nov 1989)

Get Up (Before The Night Is Over) (Jan 1990)

This Beat Is Technotronic (Apr 1990)

Move This (19th Sep 1990)

Megamix (Oct 1990)

Technomedley (Nov 1990)

Rocking Over The Beat (Jan 1991)

Turn It Up (Apr 1991)

Move That Body (Jun 1991)

Work (Sep 1991)

Voices (Apr 1992)

Move This Remix 92 (Sep 1992)

Money Makes The World Go Round (18th Nov 1992)

Hey Yoh, Here We Go (30th Nov 1993)

One + One (6th Mar 1994)

Move It To The Rhythm (28th Sep 1994)

Recall (12th Apr 1995)

I Want You By My Side (4th Mar 1996)

It's Alright (Jun 1996)

Pump Up The Jam Remix 96 - The Sequel (17th Sep 1996)

Get Up Remix 97 - The Sequel (1st Apr 1997)

Crazy (11th Jun 1997)

Pump Up The Jam '98 (1998)

Get Up (the '98 Sequel) (14th Oct 1998)

Get Up Remix 99 (Jan 1999)

Like This/Get Up da 2000 Sequel (14th Sep 1999)

The G-Train (Feb 2000)

The Mariachi (26th Jun 2000)

Runaway Blues (May 2001)

The Circle Unbroken (2002)


Tee Green


What Is Love (1993)

Love Will Come (1994)

Don't Hold Back (20th Jun 1994)




The Man With The Background (1998)

1.Introduction, 2.The Man With Background, 3.Love Somebody, 4.Hey Ho, 5.Take Me Up, 6.The Beat Of The Year, 7.Get Em Up (Boom), 8.Feel It, 9.This Is Yummy, 10.Are You Ready (To Have A Party), 11.Megamix, 12.The Dub Megamix, 13.On Our Way Out, 14.Exit,


Pump Up The Volume (1st Feb 1995)

Get Em Up (Boom) (17th Nov 1995)

Are You Ready (To Have A Party) (1996)

Hey Ho (15th Jan 1996)

The Man With Background (1997)

The Beat Of The Year (1997)

Love Somebody (1998)

Take Me Up (1998)




Virtues of Life (1995)

1.Virtues Of Life, 2.Craving Your Love, 3.Never Let You Go, 4.Too Young For Promises, 5.You Make Me Happy, 6.Spelling Bee, 7.Everything, 8.Let Me Take You Away, 9.Lost In Love, 10.Come Mek Wi Dance, 11.Never Say Goodbye, 12.I Never Needed, 13.Never Say Goodbye (Interlude), 14.Forever Young, 15.Music Is My Life, 16.Feed The World, 17.Do They Know It's Christmas?, 18.Never Let You Go (Jj's Remix),

If You Don't Know (1999)

1.Hands Of Time, 2.Dancing in the Key of Love, 3.Before You Never Call Me Again, 4.It's Your Move, 5.Believer, 6.Chains of Love, 7.If You Don't Know, 8.Something About You, 9.Always, 10.If I Could See Through Your Eyes, 11.Until You Opened Your Mouth, 12.Out of My League, 13.Hands of Time (NYC Magic Remix), 14.Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now Feat. Mystah Monroe, 15.If You Don't Know (Epic 2000 Remix),



Obsessive EP (1992)

Phantasy EP (1992)

Music Is My Life (1994)

Let Me Take You Away (1995)

Never Let You Go (1995)

Lost In Love (1996)

Forever Young (16th Dec 1996)

Universal Dream (1997)

Hands Of Time (1998)

Dancing In The Key Of Love (1998)

Chains Of Love (1999)

Believer (1999)

If You Don't Know (1999)

Before You Never Call Me Again (2000)

My Sentiments Exactly (with Mystah Munroe) (2001)




Keep The Secret (1995)

Label : Alabianca Records




What's Going On (30th Apr 1996)

Everybody Get Up (2000)


Ten Minutes


Let It Be (25th Nov 1993)

Love (1995)

Your Toy (28th Mar 1995)

It's Your Love (18th Jan 1996)




Movin (1994)

You Got to Fight (5th Mar 1994)




Tell Me (1995)

Let Me Love You For Tonight (1997)




Dance Dance Dance (1995)




One Love To Justify (2000)

1.Intro, 2.One Love, 3.Justify My Love, 4.Viva L'Amore, 5.Stay, 6.In My Dreams, 7.Get The News, 8.Crazy, 9.Confusion, 10.Story Of My Life, 11.Dope Groove,


Justify My Love (2000)

Viva L'amor (2000)

One Love (2000)

The Second You Sleep (16th Jun 2004)

Breathless (2005)




Crackcorn (1994)




Always (24th Jul 1993)

Power Of Love (21st Jan 1994)

Take A Chance On Me (10th Feb 1995)

Over The Night (5th Feb 1996)

Girl Just Wanna Have Fun (1997)

Do You Really Want To Look For My Love (10th Mar 1997)


Power Of Love (1994)


TF 99


Everybody Love (7th Jan 1994)




Final Countdown (1993)




Technoforte (1991)

Just Keep In Your Love (1992)

Mekanika (1992)

Give It To Me (29th May 1993)

Magic (1994)

Soul & Body (27th May 1994)

Never (1995)


TH Express


Love 4 Liberty (1996)

1.Missing In The Rain, 2.Love 4 Liberty, 3.Crazy For Love, 4.Nite Away, 5.I'm On Your Side, 6.I Love To Dance, 7.Love Hate Love, 8.Coming Up, 9.Luv Luv Luv, 10.Lonely Mind, 11.Missing In The Rain RMX, 12.Love 4 Liberty RMX, 13.I'm On Your Side RMX, 14.Nite Away RMX, 15.Love Hate Love RMX,

Love 4 Liberty 2002 (2002)

1.Coming Up (First Mix), 2.Love Hate Love (Deep Club Mix), 3.I'm On Your Side, 4.Lonely Mind, 5.I'll Be Your Number One (Radio Edit), 6.Luv Luv Luv, 7.Missing In The Rain (Attack Fm), 8.Bahia - Todos Cantares (Mi Tiera Edit), 9.Love For Liberty (Radio Edit), 10.I Love To Dance, 11.Nite Away (Prodigy Mix), 12.Angel Of Love (Ocean Drive Mix), 13.Crazy For Love, 14.I'm On Your Side (Remix Y2K), 15.Video Clips,


Fix Me



You're The First

Runaway Train (Apr 1994)

I'm On Your Side (4th Oct 1994)

Missing In The Rain (17th Jul 1995)

Love 4 Liberty (29th Jul 1996)

I'll Be Your Number One (16th Dec 1996)

Bahia (Todos Cantares) (12th Jun 1997)

Tierra Del Sol (May 1998)

I'm On Your Side 2000/Bahia 2000 (1999)

Angel Of Love (26th Oct 1999)

Love 4 Liberty 2000 (Apr 2000)

Whatever I Do Wherever I Go (Jan 2008)

Frozen (Jun 2008)

Records company : SAIFAM Publishing Group


That's NRG


All Nite 2 Nite (1995)

Label : Ra.Re.


The 1 And Only


My Dreams


The Beat Alls


Runaway (1994)


The Beat Experience


Raggadaggadadiggidingdinggidong (1994)

I Wanna Feel The Music (1994)


The Beat Runners


Do It To Me, Babe (1993)


The Boom Beat


Touch The Fire (30th May 1997)


The Cave Gang


Make Me Feel (1994)

You Set Me Free (1994)

Spirit Free (1995)

I Need Your Passion (1995)

Dancin' In The Fire (1995)

Lolly Pop (1996)


The Club


Waste Your Time (1995)


The Company


Open Your Eyes (1996)


The Corporation



One Night In Bangkok (1993)

Return To Innocence / Kyrie (1994)

Everywhere (1995)

You're My Man (1995)


The Creatures


Call Me

Believe In Yourself (1995)

Believe In Yourself 2002 (2002)


The Dog


Come On Let's Go (1995)

Without You (23rd Jul 1997)


The Dream


True Love (1996)


The Elite Club


Don't Stop The Music (1993)


The End


Explosion (1992)

1.Humanitas, 2.Rebel Song (Datura Remix), 3.Explosion, 4.Phil Song, 5.Extasy Express ('92 Remix), 6.X-2OR, 7.You Drive Me Wild (DBM Remix), 8.Techno Latino, 9.People, 10.Extasy Express (Original Mix), 11.Walkman,


Extasy Express (1991)

Rebel Song! (1991)

You Drive Me Wild (1991)

Elastador (1992)

Humanitas (1992)

You Got Me Burning (1993)

Feel The Vibe (1994)


Extasy Express (1991)

You Drive Me Wild (1991)

Label: Flying Records.


The Flex


Robotic Trance (1995)

Producer : Ian Flex


The Free


Crazy World (11th Mar 1996)

1.Lover On the Line (Radio Edit), 2.Shout ! (Extended Version), 3.Good Girls, 4.Born Crazy (Radio Edit), 5.Loveletter from Space, 6.Happy, 7.Dream, 8.Anna, 9.Children of the Night, 10.Dance the Night Away (Extended Version), 11.Lover On the Line (Offbeat Remix), 12.Shout ! (DJ Quicksilver Remix), 13.Dance the Night Away (Struck by Sunlight Remix),


Born Crazy (10th Oct 1994)

Dance the Night Away (7th Feb 1995)

Lover On the Line (9th Sep 1995)

Loveletter from Space (1996)

Shout (26th Feb 1996)


Born Crazy (1994)

Dance the Night Away (1995)

Lover On The Line (1995)

Loveletter from Space (1996)

Shout (1996)


The Great Family


Somebody To Love (22nd Aug 1995)

The Name of the Game (25th Jun 1996)


The Gush


Stop This Dream (1995)


The Hard Concert


Rhythm Is Hard (1993)

Get The Power (1994)

Break It Up (1995)

Save Me (1995)

Music Is My Life (1996)


The K-Melody


The Reason Of My Life

The project features a solo female vocalist. Label: MAX Music



House Group


The Black Room

What The Fuck Is Going On? (15th Jun 1987)

1.Hey, Hey We Are Not The Monkees, 2.Don't Take Five, 3.Rockman Rock [parts 1 and 2], 4.Me Ru Con, 5.The Queen And I, 6.All You Need Is Love, 7.Next,

The White Room Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (1988)

1.Kylie Said To Jason (Edit), 2.3 A.M. Eternal (Original), 3.Go To Sleep, 4.Make It Rain, 5.Church Of The KLF, 6.No More Tears, 7.Build A Fire, 8.Lovers Side, 9.The White Room, 10.Born Free, 11.What Time Is Love (Monster attack mix), 12.Madrugada Eterna (Original), 13.Primal Megamix, 14.Kylie Said Trance, 15.Kylie In A Trance (Extended + hidden tracks),

Chill Out & Space (Feb 1990)

1.Brownsville Turnaround On The Tex-Mex Border, 2.Pulling Out Of Ricardo And The Dusk Is Falling Fast, 3.Six Hours To Louisiana, Black Coffee Going Cold, 4.Dream Time In Lake Jackson, 5.Madrugada Eterna, 6.Justfied And Ancient Seems A Long Time Ago, 7.Elvis On The Radio, Steel Guitar In My Soul, 8.3AM Somewhere Out Of Beaumont, 9.Wichita Lineman Was A Song I Once Heard, 10.Transcentral Lost In My Mind, 11.The Lights Of Baton Rouge Pass By, 12.A Melody From A Past Life Keeps Pulling Me Back, 13.Rock Radio Into The Nineties And Beyond, 14.Alone Again With The Dawn Coming Up,

The White Room (4th Mar 1991)

1.What Time Is Love ?, 2.Make It Rain, 3.3 A.M. Eternal, 4.Church Of The K, 5.Last Train To Trancentral, 6.Build A Fire, 7.The White Room, 8.No More Tears, 9.Justified & Ancient,


This Is What KLF Is About

All You Need Is Love (Feb 1987)

Burn The Beat (5th Mar 1988)

Doctorin' The Tardis (23rd May 1988)

What Time Is Love (17th Oct 1988)

Kylie Said To Jason (31st Jul 1989)

What Time Is Love (Live at Trancentral) (30th Jul 1990)

3 A.M. Eternal (7th Jan 1991)

Make It Rain (Feb 1991)

Last Train To Trancentral (22nd Apr 1991)

America : What Time Is Love? (Oct 1991)

It's Grim Up North (28th Oct 1991)

Justified & Ancient (25th Nov 1992)

The Magnificent (1995)

Fuck The Millenium (1997)

Waiting For The Rights Of Mu (1997)


The Laurel and Hardy Song


Honolulu Baby


The Lovers


Love Me To The Limit (12th Sep 1995)

Go Just Get It (1997)

Hey Hey Let's Go (2001)


The Master


The Master (1995)


The Medicine Factory


Enjoy (1993)

Vocals were done by Vince Lancini. Label : Cut Records


The Mins


Dreams (1997)


The Musketeers


All For Love (1994)


The Olivia Project


Magic (1998)

1.Have You Never Been Mellow (KCP Remix), 2.You're The One That I Want, 3.Hopelessly Devoted To You, 4.Suddenly, 5.Have You Never Been Mellow, 6.Make A Move On Me, 7.Twist Of Fate, 8.Heart Attack, 9.Magic, 10.Xanadu, 11.Physical, 12.You're The One That I Want (Funky Weaponry Mix), 13.Physical (High Cholesterol Mix), 14.Xanadu (Definitive Mix), 15.Magic (Funky Weaponry Mix), 16.Physical (ZIP-Version),

The Dance Hits (2007)

1.Physical (Tyme Radio Edit), 2.Xanadu (Millenium Mix Radio Edit), 3.Xanadu (Video Mix), 4.Physical (Original 7 Mix), 5.Xanadu (Deep South Radio Edit), 6.Xanadu (Radio Mix), 7.Physical (Tyme Club Mix), 8.Xanadu (Definitive Mix), 9.Xanadu (I Live In Newtown John Mix), 10.Physical (Muscle Mary Mix), 11.Xanadu (Millenium Mix), 12.Xanadu (Mount Olympus Mix), 13.Physical (Tyme Club Instrumental Mix), 14.Xanadu (Boys With Tyme Remix), 15.Xanadu (Dub Instrumental Mix), 16.Unconditional Love, 17.Xanadu (Deep South Mix),


Xanadu (1996) 

Physical (1997)

Magic (1998)

Twist Of Fate (1998)

Suddenly (1998)

Hopelessly Devoted To You (1998)

You're The One That I Want (1998)

Make A Move On Me (2008)

Have You Never Been Mellow (2008)

Heart Attack (2008)


Xanadu (2007)


The Piano Project


Love 2 Love (1995)

Piano Choons (1995)

Label : Reach. The Piano


The Professor


Rockin Me (Sep 1994)


The Riders


Bang (1993)

Burning Up (17th Mar 1994)

Bonkers (1995)


The Right Thing


We All Need Love (1995)

Label : Not Only Music.


The Snatch


Dreams Of My Life (23rd May 1996)


The Sun Company


In The Name Of Love (1995)

Looking For Love (29th May 1995)


The Tatjana


Handle With Care (1996)

Label : Da Music.


The Underdog Project

Dance Group


It Doesn't Matter (2000)

1.Summer Jam, 2.Vibin', 3.Saturday, 4.I Can't Handle It, 5.4am, 6.Half A Woman, 7.Trippin', 8.For The Ladies, 9.Tonight, 10.No More (Accapella Skid), 11.Selecta, 12.All Night, 13.Summer Jam (Unplugged),

It Doesn't Matter (Greatest Hits vol 1) (2004)

1.Saturday Night, 2.I Can't Handle It, 3.Summer Jam 2003, 4.Endless Love, 5.Miami, 6.For The Ladies, 7.Tonight, 8.Friend, 9.Get On Up, 10.Saturday, 11.High, 12.24,7, 13.Winter Jam,


Summer Jam (2000)

Tonight (2000)

I Can't Handle It (2001)

Saturday Night (2002)

Summer Jam 2003 (2003)

Winter Jam (2004)

Remember (2004)

Girls Of Summer (2006)

Unbelievable (2007)

Miami (2007)


The Young Generation


Real Love

The song Real Love was featured on the compilation DJs Killer vol 1


The Zambo


I'll Drop (Anything For U) (26th Nov 1993)

The group features the voice of Kytra Williams. Label : Dominion Records.


Thelenius (Peter)

EuroDance Member


Trust Then Pain (1997)

1.China In Your Hand, 2.I Really Want To, 3.Swing Ya Hips, 4.Morning Light, 5.Listen To Your Heart, 6.Bright Light City, 7.Who's That Boy, 8.Getting Beat Up, 9.Take Your Time, 10.A Prayer For The Dying, 11.Bring Me Joy,


Listen To Your Heart (1998)

Peter (alias Petrus)


Think Big


Wouldn't It Be Good (1993)

Without You (17th May 1994)




France (5th Oct 1992)

Feel So Good (1994)

So Big (1995)

France (2000)




To Cut A Long Story

When My Heart Is Weak (Oct 1994)

Can You Feel The Love Tonight (1995)

My Sharona (29th Jan 1995)

The Promise (1996)

Float On (11th May 1996)

Carry On (1997)


Thorn (Max)


Mr Jones (1994)


Thornton (Melanie)


Ready To Fly (30th Apr 2001)

1.Love How You Love Me, 2.No Tears, 3.Heartbeat, 4.Oooh Oooh (Talking About Love), 5.Back On My Feet Again, 6.I Wish I Was Love, 7.Intoxicated, 8.Walk On By, 9.Memories, 10.It's Alright, 11.Too Late, 12.I Apologize, 13.Forever, 14.Love How You Love Me (Chicago Radio Remix),

Ready To Fly 2nd edition (26th Nov 2001)

1.Love How You Love Me (Original Radio Version), 2.Wonderful Dream (Holidays Are Coming) (Radio Version), 3.No Tears, 4.Heartbeat (Radio Version), 5.Makin' Oooh Oooh (Talking About Love) (Brand New Radio Version), 6.Back On My Feet Again, 7.I Wish It Was Love, 8.Intoxicated, 9.Walk On By, 10.Memories, 11.It's Alright, 12.Too Late, 13.I Apologize, 14.Forever, 15.Love How You Love Me (Chicago Radio Remix), 16.Heartbeat (Chicago Radio Remix),

Memories - Her Most Beautiful Ballads (1st Dec 2003)

1.Wonderful Dream (Holidays Are Coming), 2.Love How You Love Me, 3.Sweet Dreams (Ballad Version), 4.Heartbeat, 5.Walk On By (Remix 2003), 6.Fallin' In Love, 7.Forever, 8.Memories, 9.I Wish It Was Love, 10.A Moment Of Love, 11.Straight From The Heart, 12.Say You'll Be Mine, 13.Say It With Love, 14.Take Me To Heaven Tonight, 15.Wonderful Dream (Holidays Are Coming) (Remix 2003),


Love How You Love Me (Oct 2000)

Heartbeat (18th Mar 2001)

Makin' Oooh Oooh (Talking About Love) (3rd Sep 2001)

Wonderful Dreams (Holidays Are Coming) (25th Nov 2002)


Three Some


Dangerous (26th Aug 1996)

Waves Of Love (24th Mar 1997)

Label : BMG. Three Some features 3 boys.




Can U Feel The Passion (19th Sep 1994)

This single was released under the X-PLO label. It contains 4 different mixes


Ti Pi Cal


Colourful (1996)

1.The Colour Inside, 2.Do You Really Want This, 3.Illusion, 4.Why Me, 5.Slow Burn, 6.It Hurts,, 7.I Would Like, 8.Round And Around, 9.Who Can I Turn to, 10.Illusion (Unplugged),


I Know (23rd Sep 1993)

Illusion (1994)

Round And Around (1994)

It Hurts (15th Feb 1995)

The Colour Inside (2nd Oct 1995)

Why Me (24th Jun 1996)

Hidden Passion (1997)

Live For Today (1997)

Follow Your Heart (1998)

Music Is My Life (1999)

Is This The Love (2001)

What I Like (3rd Jul 2006)


It Hurts (Alex party remix) (1996)

Round And Around (remix) (Feb 1996)




Fairytales (1997)

1.Intro, 2.Warrior, 3.Simsalabim, 4.Ring A Ling, 5.Waiting, 6.It's Over, 7.Give Me, 8.Why, 9.Daddy Boom, 10.Crusader, 11.Children Of Paradise, 12.Mr, 13.You're The Hero Of My Heart,

Tiggy (1998)

1.Hooked On A Feeling, 2.Do It Again, 3.Take My Hand, 4.Abracadabra, 5.Fly, 6.Captain Karaoke, 7.Century, 8.Falling, 9.All This Love, 10.Victim Of Love, 11.Jamaican Bay, 12.Chou Chou, 13.Hooked On A Feeling (Dreamworld's Alternative radio mix), 14.Hooked On A Feeling (Dreamworld's Hardcore Habana mix), 15.Abracadabra (Extended mix), 16.Abracadabra (Nitro remix),




Waiting (1997)

Ring A Ling (29th Jan 1997)

Simsalabim (16th Apr 1997)

Daddy Boom (25th Jul 1997)

Hooked On A Feeling (2nd Sep 1998)




In The Name Of Love (1995)




High Energy (1993)


Time Beat 4


Feel Good

Feel The Rhythm (2001)


Time Cut


El Verano (20th May 1994)


Time Machine


Run Away (1996)

Label: Dolphin Records, licensed under DPD in Denmark.


Time Out



Harden My Heart (16th May 1994)


Harden My Heart (1994)


Time Spirits


The Palace (30th Sep 1996)


Time Squad


Make Me Move (1996)




Don't U Feel The Beat (24th May 1994)

Crazy 4 U (1995)

Queen Of Clubs (1995)

Dancing In The Sun (7th Sep 1995)

I Wanna B (1996)




You've Got It Maybe (1994)

Original singer was called Martina Fehlmann.




Come And Get It (1996)

1.Come And Get It (Optical 2 Radio Mix), 2.Dance In The Rain (Optical 2 Radio Mix), 3.She Wants Me, 4.Maxium Energy, 5.Intoxication, 6.Why Did You Do It, 7.Burning Up, 8.Nice And Smooth, 9.Dig It Up, 10.Rising Sun, 11.Come And Get It (Mixmaster K Hard Club Mix),

Liberation (aka Get Serious) (1998)

1.Liberation, 2.Don't Push It, 3.Funky Ride, 4.It's Too Late, 5.Summertime, 6.Body Talk, 7.Get Serious, 8.(We're Gonna) Party, 9.Abracadabra (Featuring BuBuMan), 10.I Know It's Wrong,


Dance In The Rain (1996)

Come And Get It (1996)

Maximum Energy (1997)

Passi Ja Hammasharja (1997)

Don't Push (1998)

Liberation (1998)


Tit 4 Tat


That's a Miracle (1995)




Lady Marmelade (Voulez-Vous Coucher Avec Moi) (1993)

Label : EastWest Records GmbH.




Do You Still Care (1991)

Low Mass EP (1991)

Trip Men (1991)

Beam E.P. (1992)

Educate The Masses / Paris (1992)

I Want To Be Free (1993)

Depart EP (1993)

Dream Team EP (1993)

Mad Situation / Be Straight (1994)




Discovering Paradise (1997)

Ages (2001)

Hans Em Schnaugaloch (2002)


Corinne Dreams (1994)

Far Over The Seas (1994)

Voyager (1994)

Zak's Experiences (1994)

Corinnology (1995)

Logarithmic Digressions (1995)

Sub Oceanic Shuttle (1995)

Across the Galaxy (1996)

Aphteur Daisse (1996)

Attack on Solaris 7 (1996)

Corinne In Fall (1996)

Escape from SQ-Hell (1996)

Fun In The Sun (1996)

Galactic Journey (1996)

Heroes - Analog Wastelands (1996)

Heroes - Caeros (1996)

Heroes - Moon Message (1996)

It's Assembly Time ! (1996)

La veuve Mouillet (1996)

No Gravity - Gravitational Trance (1996)

No gravity - Interspatial (1996)

No Gravity - Neptunian Winds (1996)

No Gravity - Quasar Exploer (1996)

Powerbooster (Main Theme) (1996)

Discovering Paradise (1997)

Lightflower (1997)

Wonders Of The Oceans (1997)

Ascii-Matic (1997)

Corinne in Spring (1997)

Electric Dream (1997)

Heroes - Neo Caeros (1997)

Heroes - Siderurgy (1997)

Heroes - Volcano Wastelands (1997)

Netsurfin' (1997)

No Gravity - Destination : Andromeda (1997)

No Gravity - My Trip To Vega (1997)

No Gravity - System Check (1997)

Okavango (1997)

Persian Voyage (1997)

Phasm Mania (1997)

Sea of Tranquillity (1997)

You Are Not Dreaming (1997)

Age of Analogia (1998)

Alien Lifeforms (1998)

Are You Logarithmic ? (1998)

Biosphere (1998)

Carribean Fantasies (1998)

Fly With Me (1998)

Goackery (1998)

Goackery 2 - Schwabbelritty (1998)

Heroes - Metal Master (1998)

Lina Gotta's Yatting Quest (1998)

Paradise Bird (1998)

Storms In Arboria (1998)

Vintage Dreams (1998)

Age of Analogia (Extended mix) (1999)

A Song For Corinne (1999)

Close To Corinne (1999)

Crystal Waves (1999)

Distant Heavens (1999)

Dreamflower (1999)

Escape From Area 51 (1999)

King Of The Rainforest (1999)

Land of Cederoms (1999)

Land Of Enlightment (1999)

Starship Contact (1999)

Stranded In Wonderland (1999)

Tales Of Epic Times (1999)

The Power Of Dreams (1999)

Journey To Micronesia (2000)

Far From Corinne (2000)

Are Droids In Love (2000)

Forgotten Forests (2000)

Dreaming Of Corinne's Eyes (2000)

Follow Your Dreams (2000)

Inca Dream (2000)

Journey to Synesthesia (2000)

Je vais bouger pendant le jingle (aka "L'hymne Baffiste") (2000)

Age of Tribes (2001)

Starwraith 2 Intro Track (2001)

Hans Em Schnaugaloch (2002)

Radioactive Waves (2003)

Kiffe le son ! (enjoy da sound!) (2003)

L'ete a Quackery plage (radio edit) (2003)

Will I find the one ? (2003)

Antares Rising (2003)

Age of Nostalgia (2003)

Dreams For Tomorrow (2003)

Dancing On Uncatchy Songs (2003)

Unknown Galaxies (2003)

Meis People (2003)

Invisible a tes yeux (2003)

Looposphere (2003)

Mon ame soeur (2003)

On avait tout pour vivre (2003)

Rebelle a deux balles (2003)

Space Caravan - Alien Menace (2003)

Space Caravan - Early Mornin' Sports (2003)

Space Caravan - Investigation (2003)

Space Caravan - Mental Voyage (2003)

Space Caravan - Military Theme (2003)

Spam Mania ! (2004)

Turn The Sky All Blue (2004)

Altair (2004)

Avancer (2004)

Canopus (2004)

La teuf a Village-Neuf (2004)

Quelques tours autour du soleil (2004)

Vers l'horizon (2004)

Achernar (2005)

Be My Bodyguard (2005)

La puissance de l'amour (French version of Be my Bodyguard) (2005)

N'eteignez pas le soleil (2005)

TNK is the scene name of Philippe Meisburger.




La Cucamarcha (1993)

La Cucamarcha (re-release) (1994)

AyAyAy Cielito (1994)

La Cucamarcha 98 (1998)




Criminal Mind

Kiss The Ground (1994)

Better Than Better (14th Dec 1994)

Let's Get Together (1995)

Ass In The Air (1995)


TNT Beat


Gonna Dance The Night Away (1995)


TNT Party Zone


Vamos A La Playa '92 (1992)

No Tengo Dinero '92 (1992)

One Night In Bangkok (1993)

Das Omen Teil I '94 (1994)


TO Kool Chris


It's Time 2 Party EP (24th Feb 1998)


Esta Loca

Can You Feel The Beat (1989)

Gotta Make Some Noise (1990)

What Happened To The Beatles? (1992)

Work Your Body (14th Nov 1994)

I Love The Way You Do It (13th Apr 1995)

Return Of The Bass! (1996)

The Roof Is On Fire (Somebody Say...) (25th Apr 1996)

The Rebel (20th May 1997)




Move To The Rhythm Of The Auction (1993)

For Your Love (26th Nov 1993)




Shake Your Body (1994)

Live In Peace (27th Mar 1995)

All Night (18th Sep 1995)

Id & T (4th Nov 1996)

It's Gonna Be Alright (1997)

Show Me (21st Jul 1997)

Novedad (10th Mar 1998)


Togo Togo


The Lion Sleeps Tonight (1995)

The project featured Jerome Leeds. Label : Intercord Tontrager




Fax Me

Big In Japan (1996)




Let's Get This Party Groovin

Label : Fresh music




Do You Like ? (1996)

Label : Happy music.


Toni H


Enough Of Your Love (1994)




Believe (1999)

1.I Don't Wanna Be Your Baby, 2.Right Here Waiting, 3.I Like Chopin, 4.Whine Your Body, 5.Boogie Down, 6.Love It Like That, 7.Want You Back Again, 8.Believe, 9.Serious, 10.Never Needed To Cry,


Too Busy


We Got To Believe It (18th Feb 1994)

I Feel You (5th Jul 1994)

My Only One (28th Apr 1995)

Take My Heart (30th Sep 1996)

Energetic Power (1997)

Label : Italian Style/Union records. All singles were released as vinyl only.


Too Different


Don't Want It Don't Need It (1996)

Destiny (1997)




Fly Away (1994)

Open Your Heart (1995)




Give Me Ecstasy Of Love (6th Jun 1995)


Total Control


Be What You Want To Be (26th Nov 1993)


Total Control (2)


Deep Inside (1994)


Total Error


The World Is Crying (1994)

Label: Rough Trade Germany




Gimme Love (1994)

Label : PRG (Progressive Motion Records).


Touch El Arab


L.R.K. (1988)

1.Live In Cash, 2.Le Droit Chemin, 3.DDResozismus, 4.Save The World, 5.The Man Who Knew Too Much, 6.Militant, 7.Kerbala, 8.Heldentod, 9.Shalom, 10.Wahre Arbeit Wahrer Lohn, 11.Muhammar,


Muhammar (1987)

Volkstanz (1988)

Cosmic Muhammar (1994)

Starship Race (3rd Oct 1994)

Muhammar Remix 1999 (1999)


Muhammar Remix 1999 (1999)




What Can I Do (1995)

Vocals were done by Sandy Chambers

Thanks to Abelito


Toy Boy


Cry 4 Love (1993)

Careless Whisper (1993)



Bubble Gum Group


Fantastic (21st May 1999)

1.Toy-Box Pictures Presents, 2.The Sailor-Song, 3.Best Friend, 4.Tarzan & Jane, 5.E.T., 6.Teddybear, 7.Super-duper-man, 8.I Believe In You, 9.Earth, Wind, Water & Fire, 10.What About, 11.Eenie, Meenie, Miney, Mo, 12.A Thing Called Love, 13.Sayonara (Goodbye),

Fantastic (15th Nov 1999)

1.Toy-Box Pixtures Presents, 2.The Sailor Song, 3.Best Friend, 4.Tarzan & Jane, 5.E.T., 6.Teddybear, 7.Super-duper-man, 8.I Believe In You, 9.Earth, Wind, Water & Fire, 10.What About, 11.Eenie, Meenie, Miney, Mo, 12.A Thing Called Love, 13.Sayonara (Goodbye), 14.So Merry Christmas Everyone,

Toy Ride (28th Jul 2001)

1.Superstar, 2.Russian Lullaby, 3.www.girl, 4.007, 5.Cowboy Joe, 6.Dumm-diggy-dumm, 7.Wizard of Oz, 8.Divided, 9.Prince of Arabia, 10.S.O.S., 11.No sleep, 12.Finally,


Tarzan & Jane (12th Nov 1998)

Best Friend (8th Apr 1999)

Sailor Song (25th Aug 1999)

Teddybear (Nov 1999)

Www.Girl (2001)

Superstar (30th Jul 2001)


Toys and Dolls


Tesko Lovers (5th Feb 1994)


Toys for Boys


You've Got The Power (1994)




Nightlife (10th Dec 1993)

Keep On Doin' (8th Jul 1994)


Track Sk8Ters


You Make Me Feel (Oxygene) (1997)


Tracy Anne


Tonight (1996)


Trade Of Passion


Why Can't You Give Me Your Love (1996)


Traffic Light


No Matter What U Do (19th Sep 1994)




So Nice (2nd May 1994)

Label : Polydor Germany.


Trance Opera


Zombie (1995)


Trance Pose


On A Mission (1994)


Trance X-Press


Turn Up The Power (15th Feb 1994)

Get Up (Oct 1994)




Save Me (1994)




Falling (1994)




Eco System E.P. (1993)

Humanoid '93 X-Po EP (1993)

Let Your Mind Dive (1994)

Lunatic Angel (1995)




It's Gonna Be Alright (1993)

Dance In Paranoid (1994)




Compromise (1995)

1.Colour Of Love, 2.Only You, 3.Reach Out (Part One), 4.Start Feeling Better, 5.Tender Heart (Radio Mix), 6.It's In Your Smile, 7.Give Me Time, 8.Keep Up The Good Work, 9.The Rhythm Inside (Colour Of Love) (P.O.B. Mix), 10.I'll Leave It Up To You (Gregorian Ambient Mix), 11.Reach Out (Part Two), 12.Colour Of Love (Video Mix),


Tender Heart (1994)

Colour Of Love (1995)

I'll leave It Up To You (1995)

Reach Out (1995)


Tender Heart (1994)




Together We're Free (1994)

She's Back (31st Jan 1995)

Label : ZYX. This project features the voice of Maxime.




Don't Cry (Vampires Love) (27th Sep 1993)

The single was released under ZYX label.




Mishale (1995)

Going Back To My Roots (1995)

Gone With The Winner (1996)

Love Is In The Air (1997)

It's Not Unusual (2000)

Time To Wonder (2003)




Come Follow Me (1997)

I Want You Back (1997)




Let Me Know (1995)


Treasure 2


Deeper And Deeper (Jul 1994)

Reality (15th Oct 1994)

Label : Paramusic records




You Cannot Help (1995)

Label : Positive Power.


Trevisan Iris






Trey D


Trey D (21st Sep 1999)

1.I'll Do Anything, 2.Push Your Hands Up, 3.Make It Better, 4.Little More Time, 5.I Wanna Be with You, 6.Makin' Love on the Dance Floor, 7.Infatuation, 8.Ba da Way Yo, 9.Mirror Mirror, 10.Wait Until Tomorrow, 11.Saturday Night, 12.Ghost Town, 13.Round N Round (We Come to Party),


Higher And Higher (1st Apr 1997)

Summertime (25th Sep 1997)

Mirror Mirror (19th Dec 1997)




Don't Go

Don't Tease Me

Dance The Night Away (1995)

So In Love (31st Oct 1995)


Tribe DC


Come My Way (1994)

Tribe DC is a X-Energy records project.




Let Us Dream Away

The project features a solo female vocalist.




Gotta Go (1995)


Trivial Voice


Movin' Over (8th May 1993)

Dance To The Beat (Oct 1993)

Anything For You (1994)

The Beat Of The Flamenco (1995)

Ridin On The Night (20th Feb 1997)

Stay With Me (5th May 1997)

Label : Italian Style.


Tru Matic


Two Tribes / Hold On Me To Me (1994)

So Far Away (1997)




Heart & Soul (1995)

Baby I Love You (1996)


TT Fresh


Shake It

Get Loose (1995)


Tuff E Nuff


Good Life (18th Oct 1993)

Yo Yo (19th Sep 1994)

Just The Way You Like It (14th Aug 1995)


Turbo B

EuroDance Member


Get Wild

1.Maniac, 2.Don't Hold Back, 3.Nice & Smooth, 4.Best Of My Love, 5.Lyrical Jesse James, 6.I'm Not Dead, 7.Shake Em, 8.Chaos, 9.Get Wild, 10.What You See, 11.I'm Not Dead (Reincarnation mix),

Make Way For The Maniac (1993)

1.Maniac, 2.Don't Hold Back, 3.Nice & Smooth, 4.Best Of My Love, 5.Lyrical Jesse James, 6.I'm Not Dead, 7.Shake Em, 8.Chaos, 9.Get Wild, 10.What You See, 11.I'm Not Dead (Reincarnation mix),

Top of the Food Chain (1999)


Witness The Strength (1990)

Pump Up This Party (1990)

Maniac (1992)

Lyrical Jesse James (1992)

I'm Not Dead (1993)

Nice & Smooth (1993)

What You See (2nd Oct 1993)

Get Wild (1995)

New Day (26th Sep 2005)


Get Wild (Plutone Remix) (12th Jan 1995)

(Maurice Darron Butler)

Rapper of Snap and Centory


Tusk (Dana)


Come On (Make My Day) (1994)


Tuti Kanta


Wal Wazil Wal Wa (1994)




Superboy (8th Jun 1997)


Twenty 4 Seven


Street Moves (1990)

1.I Can't Stand It, 2.Whom Do You Trust?, 3.In Your Eyes, 4.Are YouDreaming, 5.Help 'em Understand, 6.Living In The Jungle, 7.You Can Make Me Feel Good, 8.Show Me Your Love Tonight, 9.Find A Better Way, 10.I Can't Stand It (Bruce Forest Remix),

Slave to the Music (22nd Nov 1993)

1.Slave To The Music, 2.Is It Love, 3.Take Me Away, 4.Keep On Goin', 5.Music Is My Life, 6.Leave Them Alone, 7.What Time Is It, 8.Take Your Chance, 9.Let's Stay, 10.Slave To The Music (Ferry & Garnefski ClubMix), 11.Is It Love (Dancability Club Mix),

I Wanna Show You (9th Dec 1994)

1.Intro, 2.Gimme More, 3.Keep On Tryin', 4.I Wanna Show You, 5.On The Playground, 6.Paradise, 7.Breakin' Up, 8.Oh Baby ! (Album Version), 9.Words Of Wisdom, 10.You Gotta Be Safe, 11.Runaway, 12.Oh Baby ! (Atlantic OceanDance Mix),

24 Hours A Day, 7 Days A Week (Sep 1997)

1.We Are The World, 2.Here Is My Heart, 3.Friday Night, 4.Free, 5.Angel, 6.If You Want My Love, 7.Gimme Lovin', 8.We Are The World (Ruyters & Romero Remix), 9.Friday Night (Paradisio Club Mix), 10.If You Want My Love (Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo Remix),


I Can't Stand It (Sep 1989)

Are You Dreaming (Dec 1989)

It Could Have Been You (11th Sep 1992)

Slave To The Music (13th Aug 1993)

Is It Love (14th Nov 1993)

Take Me Away (28th Feb 1994)

Leave Them Alone (30th Jun 1994)

Oh Baby ! (15th Oct 1994)

Keep On Tryin (8th May 1995)

We Are The World (30th Aug 1996)

If You Want My Love (27th Mar 1997)

Friday Night (Aug 1997)

Ne Ne (Sep 1999)

Like Flames (Sep 2007)


I Can't Stand It (1991)

Leave Them Alone (the Italian Ремиксы:) (1994)


Twin Control


U and Me (30th May 1994)




Twist (1999)

1.Late Mi Corazon, 2.Hello, Hello, 3.El Se Muere Por Ti, 4.Necesito Aire, 5.Provocame, 6.Dance, 7.Rindete, 8.El Primer Beso, 9.I.E.I.O, 10.Un Amigo En Lo Alto,


Late mi corazon


Y el se muere por ti


Two 4 You


I'll Be In Your Dreams (12th Apr 1995)

Baby I Love You (5th Feb 1996)

Two 4 You features 2 handsome boys.

Label : BMG.


Two Boys


You (1994)

1.Don't You Know, 2.I Need You, 3.Just The Two Of Us, 4.Hold You, 5.Should've Been You, 6.I Wont Let You Down (Ragga Mix), 7.Trust Me, 8.5th Avenue, 9.What You Want, 10.Move Your Body Up, 11.I Won't Let You Down, 12.Calling For Affection,


I Won't Let You Down (1992)

Just The Two Of Us (1993)

What You Want (1993)

Don't You Know (1993)

Calling For Affection (1994)

I Won't Let You Down '98 (Mac Zimms mix) (1998)


Two Colours Project


The Power Of My Heart (1996)


Two Faces


In The Middle Of The Night (1995)


Two Girls


Musical Passion (1995)


Two In One


You Never Done (1995)


Two Powers


Someone, Somewhere (1995)

Tinseltown In The Rain (1996)

Label : One-Way records.


Two Trousers


Work Your Body (7th Apr 1994)


Two Vision


Love Is A Missing Child (1994)




Tzumo de Naboo (1994)

La Casa De Tzaboo (1996)


Mi Generacion

Boom Boom (1994)

Quien Quieres Mas (1994)

Quien Soy (1994)

La Secta Del Baile (1994)

No Hay Color (1996)

Estas Son Las Cosas Que Yo Pienso (1996)

Da Da Ska (1996)