eurodance slayder

Ava and Stone

All I Want
All Aboard (20th Jul 1994) 
Bye Baby (18th Nov 1994)
Yeh Yoh (9th Dec 1994)
Sunshine (1995)
Rainbow (1996)
Good Morning (1997)
Bye Baby (1994)
Yeh Yoh (1994)
Marie Debbie Hannibal (Ava) & Igor Campaner (Stone) are the members of this Italo-dance project produced by Graziano Pegoraro and Marco Biondi. Igor Campaner had previously contributed to Gianna Nannini's Hey Bionda lyrics and released an EP with Luca Moretti entitled Tutti Frutti.
Bye Bye Baby was released under the label Expanded Music, produced by Graziano Pegoraro, arranged and mixed by Graziano Pegoraro & Marco Biondi
Sunshine was released under Dance Factory. Good Morning was produced by Alex Natale, released under the label Dance Factory.

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