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Movin' Melodies (1999)
1.Killin' Time, 2.The First Tones, 3.Emotion 4, 5.Zwischenst?ck 6, 8.Too Much Rain by United Deejays for Central America (ATB vs Woody van Eyden mix), 9.Don't Stop, 10.Obsession, 11.My Dream, 12.Kayama, 13.Beach Vibes By EFF, 14.Movin' Melodies, 15.Sunburn, 15.9 PM (Till I Come) (Signum mix),
Two Worlds - The Relaxin (2000)
1.First Love, 2.Feel You, 3.The Summer (Ibiza Influence Version), 4.Engrossing Moments, 5.Timeless, 6.Repulse, 7.Enigmatic Encounter (ATB and Enigma), 8.Sensuality, 9.Endless Silence,
Two Worlds - The World Of Movement (2000)
1.See U Again, 2.Love Will Find You (ATB and Heather Nova), 3.The Summer, 4.Loose The Gravity, 5.Feel You Like A River (ATB and Heather Nova), 6.The Fields Of Love, 7.Let U Go (ATB with The Wild Strawberries), 8.Bring It Back, 9.Hypnotic Beach, 10.Fall Asleep, 11.Klangwelt,
Dedicated bonus CD (2002)
1.Hold You (Svenson & Gielen Remix), 2.The Fields Of Love (Public Domain Club Mix), 3.Killer (Lost Witness Remix), 4.9 PM (Till I Come) (Bent Remix),
Dedicated (Feb 2002)
1.Dedicated, 2.Hold You, 3.Get High, 4.You're Not Alone, 5.Halcyon, 6.Let U Go, 7.I Can't Stand..., 8.Hero, 9.I See It, 10.Basic Love, 11.I Wanna Cry, 12.Remember,
Addicted to Music (2003)
1.In Love With The DJ, 2.I Dont Wanna Stop, 3.Everything Is Wrong, 4.Long Way Home, 5.We Belong, 6.Gentle Melody, 7.I Will Not Forget, 8.Break My Heart, 9.Sunset Girl, 10.Do You Love Me, 11.Peace Illusion, 12.Trilogy, 13.Cabana Moon,
Silence (24th Aug 2004)
1.Marrakech, 2.Ecstacy, 3.Autumn Leaves, 4.Here With Me, 5.Black Nights, 6.Mysterious Nights, 7.Collides With Beauty, 8.Sun Goes Down, 9.After the Flame, 10.Intencity, 11.Swells, Eternal, 12.Wait for Your Heart, 13.Circular Symetry,
No Silence (24th Aug 2004)
1.Ecstacy, 2.Making of Marrakech and Interview, 3.Marrakech (Alex M.O.R.P.H.'s Synthetic Empire Mix) (Multimedia Track), 4.Marrakech (live), 5.Marrakech (Alex M.O.R.P.H.'s Synthetic Empire Mix) (Multimedia Track), 6.Ecstacy (Chill Mix) (Multimedia Track), 7.DVD Bonus Materials,
Seven Years (2005)
1.9 pm (Till I Come), 2.Don't Stop, 3.Killer 200, 4.The Summer, 5.The Fields Of Love, 6.Hold You, 7.Let U Go, 8.You're Not Alone, 9.I Don't Wanna Stop, 10.Long Way Home, 11.Marrakech, 12.Ecstasy, 13.Believe In Me, 14.Humanity, 15.Take Me Over, 16.Here With Me (prev. unreleased on MCD), 17.Let U Go (New Version),
Trilogy (27th Apr 2007)
1.Justify, 2.Desperate Religion, 3.Renegade, 4.Beautiful Worlds, 5.Stars Come Out, 6.Feel Alive, 7.Made Of Glass, 8.Alcarda, 9.These Days, 10.Better Give Up, 11.Some Things Just Are The Way They Are, 12.The Chosen Ones,
Future Memories CD 1 (1st May 2009)
1.L.A. Nights, 2.What About Us, 3.Swept Away, 4.A New Day, 5.My Everything, 6.Summervibes with 9PM, 7.Gravity, 8.Luminescence (feat Josh Gallahan), 9.Behind (feat Flanders), 10.Future Memories, 11.Still Here, 12.My Saving Grace, 13.Terra 260273, 14.Communicate (feat Jades),
Future Memories CD 2 (1st May 2009)
1.Talismanic, 2.Missing, 3.Horizon, 4.Voices, 5.Behind (ATB's ambient version) (feat Flanders), 6.Authentic Reaction (feat Apple&Stone), 7.Careless, 8.Twilight, 9.Listen To Me, 10.Living Life Over, 11.Silent Meaning, 12.Malibu Road
9 PM (Till I Come) (30th Sep 1998)
Don't Stop (15th Mar 1999)   
Killer (1st Jun 1999) 
The Fields Of Love (2000)
The Summer  (20th Apr 2000) 
Let U Go (May 2001)
A Whiter Shade Of Pale (21st Aug 2001)
Hold You (Nov 2001)
You're Not Alone (Aug 2002)
I Don't Wanna Stop (2003) 
Sunset Girl / In Love With The DJ (2003)
Long Way Home (13th Jun 2003)
Marrakech (19th Mar 2004)
Ecstasy (18th Jun 2004)
Believe In Me (2005)
Humanity (7th Jul 2005)
Let U Go Reworked (7th Nov 2005)
Summer Rain (Jun 2006)
Justify (Jan 2007)
Renegade (Mar 2007)
Feel Alive (27th Jul 2007)
Wrong Medication (2008)
What About Us (May 2009)
Behind (Jul 2009)
9 PM Reloaded (2010)
Could You Believe (2nd Jul 2010)
Eurodance songs remixed by ATB :
Bass Bumpers : Running '97 (1997)
Black Baron : What's Your Name (1994),
Damage Control : You've Got To Believe (1993)
Fun Factory : Pain (1994), I Wanna B With U (1994)
General Base : Apache (1993), Poison (1993), Base Of Love (1993), I See You (1993), Thank You (1995), On & On (1997),
Haddaway : Fly Away (1995),
Sash! : Colour The World (1999),
Real McCoy : One More Time (1997),
666 : Alarma (1997)
Thea Austin : Magic Touch (1994), Let Go (1996)
U 96 : Movin' (1995)
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