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Asher Senator

Born To Chat (1986)
1.Lyrics Protecting, 2.Talk Like The Animals, 3.Exercising, 4.Mek Dem Talk, 5.Duck And Head Out, 6.Whole World's Goen Digital, 7.Live Musicians, 8.Rule Over England, 9.Thank You Jah, 10.End In Jah,
Senator No Skin Up ()
Lively Up Yourself / Work It Out ()
Abbreviation Qualification (1984)
The Big Match (1985)
Bubble With I (1985)
Harder They Fall (1994)
One Bible (1995)
Artists and groups featuring Asher Senator
Antares - Let Me Be Your Fantasy (1996), Ride On A Meteorite (1995)
Copernico - I Believe (1995)
Country - Italy
Deadly Sins - Everybody's Dancing (1994)
JJ Brothers - I Got The Vibe (Shake It Shake It) (1996), Move It Up (1996)
Molella - See The Difference (1996)

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