eurodance slayder


LP (Jun 1996)
1.Intro, 2.In My Mind, 3.Purpose In Life, 4.I Love You (Beauty And The Beast), 5.Nowhere To Hide, 6.Analogue Relaxation, 7.Trespasser, 8.At The Rebels Room, 9.Liding' Hills 909303, 10.In Your Face, 11.Theme of Antiloop (B&B Remix), 12.Signing off,
Remixed (1998)
1.Radio Antiloop (Intro), 2.Believe (Single version), 3.In My Mind (Stoney's Ganstaz 2000 remix), 4.Trespasser (Radio edit), 5.Polythene, 6.Nowhere To Hide (Blue cocteau remix), 7.This Is The Night (Long Re-construction), 8.I Love You (Original/alt demo version), 9.Purpose In Life (Tower of Babel mix), 10.Believe (Dub version),
Fastlane People (2000)
1.Start Rockin, 2.Autoload, 3.Only U, 4.So Good, 5.Let Your Body Free, 6.Catch Me (feat Timbuktu), 7.Fantasy, 8.Fastlane People, 9.Speak 'n Spell, 10.Sound,
At The Rebel's Room (2002)
1.Only U (Radio Version), 2.Believe (Radio Version), 3.Trespasser (Radio Version), 4.In My Mind (Radio Version), 5.Purpose In Life (Radio Version), 6.Fantasy (Album Version), 7.So Good (Album Version), 8.Start Rockin' (Radio Version), 9.Let Your Body Free (Album Version), 10.Nowhere To Hide (Album Version), 11.I Love You (Radio Version), 12.Signing Off (Album Version),
At The Rebel's Room (2002)
1.Believe (Swain & Snell New Tribe Mix), 2.Trespasser (Robbie Rivera's Twisted Mix), 3.Start Rockin' (Filterheadz Remix), 4.Fantasy (Marc O'Tool Fantasy Dub), 5.I Love You (Antiloop 2001 Mix), 6.Fastlane People (Kaygee Remix), 7.Only U (Sa Han N?nting Om Mig, Eller?), 8.Speak 'n' Spell (Album Version), 9.In My Mind (Hiver & Hammer Remix), 10.So Good (Album Version), 11.Sound (Album Version),
NSFMC (29th May 1995)
Purpose In Life (1996)
In My Mind (Feb 1997) 
I Love You (Beauty And The Beast) (May 1997)
Nowhere To Hide (Aug 1997)
Trespasser (14th May 1998)
Believe (25th Sep 1998)
Start Rockin (7th Feb 2000)
Only You (Apr 2000)
Catch Me (Nov 2000)

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