eurodance slayder


Anticappella (1998)

1.2V231 (House Mix), 2.Everyday (7- Edit), 3.Movin' To The Beat (Mars Plastic), 4.I Wanna Love You (Single Version), 5.Move Your Body (Radio Mix- Kcd Edit), 6.Express Your Freedom (Radio Mix), 7.Deep (Extended Mix), 8.I Need To Tell Everybody, 9.I Want Ur Love, 10.Bring Me Down, 11.I Need A Hero, 12.Baby 2 Day, 13.Get Faster (Extended Mix),
2 Square Root 231 (1991) 
Everyday (1992)
Movin' To The Beat (22nd Oct 1992)
I Wanna Love You (16th Aug 1993)
Move Your Body (14th Feb 1994)
Express Your Freedom (1995)
2v231 / Move Your Body 96 (1996)
Get Faster (22nd Oct 1998)
Move Your Body (1994)
Everyday (1995)