Aresta (Erik)
1.Cosmic Age (Instrumental), 2.Da Way To Your Heart, 3.DJ K.I.P. (Is On Da Cut), 4.Freedom, 5.Here We Go, 6.Jazz Thing, 7.Land On My Hand, 8.Miss You So, 9.One Day, 10.Real Life (Working Hands DOP Short Mix), 11.Right Funk, 12.R U Ready, 13.So Many Tears, 14.Viem, 15.Co Mam, 16.Real Life (Feat. N.N.P),
Composer and rapper of MC Erik and Barbara
Artists and groups featuring Aresta (Erik)
MC Erik and Barbara - Gold - Zlat? Hity (album) (1999), I'm Free (1995), It's Your Day (1996), Never Gonna/Sen (1996), Save The Jungle (1996), Second And More (album) (1997), Second (album) (1996), Summer Nights '95 (1995), U Can't Stop 96 Version (album) (1996), U Can't Stop (album) (1995), U Can't Stop (1995)
Tell Me (1996)
Take It To The Top (1997)


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