Antico (27th Sep 1990)
We Need Freedom (8th Mar 1991)  
Twilight Zone / Mambhouse (1992)
What I Gotta Do (15th Apr 1992)
Don't Stop The Rhythm (4th Jul 1992)
Feeling (13th Nov 1992)
Moment (1996)
Dreamer (12th Apr 1996)
Don't You Fly (10th Dec 1996)
We Need Freedom (1991)
What I Gotta Do (1992)
This is a project of the records company Media Records. As usual, it is very hard to know which artists hide behind this mysterious project, which mainly uses voices samples.
What I Gotta Do uses the same voice sample as the Cappella track of the same name. Dreamer is an instrumental dream dance track, with a female voice just singing "Dreamer". The follow-up Just A Moment is in the same style. Don't Stop The Rhythm is a eurohouse track.


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